Kevin's Queer Dilemma

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, youthful, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006


Kevin's Queer Dilemma

Rodney's black hair used to be long but for some reason he cut it all off. Maybe it was less of a problem. Not quite old enough to shave, he had recently acquired the faintest peach fuzz on his upper lip and chin along with a mild case of acne. He was not exactly good looking but his savage appearance could grow on you. I was a year younger and was what you might call a little scrub.

He came up behind me and put his arm over my shoulder and across my chest, holding me in place. He was not only one of the bigger kids but also one that you had better watch your step around because if he got it in for you it was trouble. His best quality was his piercing eyes that took hold of you making you his captive.

"Hey Kevin, you and me are buds, aren't we?"

I tried to act relaxed to ward of any taunts. His unwashed jeans were oversized and boxy. The tee shirt was white and even more oversized. On top of his head was a yellow trucker's hat, planted sideways. I wasn't sure if he really cared about his appearance or it was carefully designed for affect. All this outer wear concealed a compact, randy body that I would learn needed dirty work more than once a day. Couple all of this with his sly, unpredictable and at times, explosive temperament and you had a real piece of work.

Standing behind me and holding me close, he whispered in my ear. "I heard you was gay. Any truth to that?"

A shock of fear went through me. You didn't want someone as menacing as Rodney asking you questions like that.

He said, "Well, are you?"

I must have told the wrong person. There was no other way for him to know.

I stumbled on my words. "I don't know. I'm not sure."

He was moving in for the kill. "Well, either you are or you aren't, which is it?"

If I admitted it, it would be all the excuse he needed to kick my ass.

"Come on, admit it, I won't think any less of you if you are."

We were face to face and he narrowed his eyes. "Have you fucked around, you know, done queer stuff?"

I shook my head, no. I was on the verge of panicking. I looked around to see if there was some place I could run to. Sensing this, he held me tighter.

He continued. "So you think you might be gay but you haven't done nothing?"

He saw the fear in my eyes.

He smiled and said, "Well how would you know if you hadn't done nothing yet?"

I didn't know how to answer his questions.

"Relax, if I wanted to kick your ass, I would have already done it. I'm just tryin to get some information. Now let me ask you again, are you gay or not?"

Hoping to make it all go away, I said, "No."

He said, "No what?"

I suddenly developed a stutter out of nowhere. "No, n-n-no, I'm not gay."

Hearing me made him laugh. "Well how about you getting some experience so's you could make up your mind. I could get you some if you want it."

He was staring at me and it made me want to look away but he was holding my attention.

"You interested in getting some real experience?"

I looked down and saw him tugging at his baggy jeans.

"You ever suck dick?"

I shook my head no.

"Comon." He pulled me along with him to an enclosed area where no one could see us.

Rodney said, "Take a look."

He had taken out his cock and was flipping it up and down. I froze. It was much larger than I would have thought and unfamiliar to me because it was uncircumcised.

"You like it? Comon, don't be afraid, take hold of it, I want you to."

As soon as I put my hand around his stiff cock it cast a spell on me. It became the center of everything.

He smiled at me and his menacing nature became friendly. "Yeah, like that, I want you to get me off."

I was afraid and thrilled at the same time. His cock was completely stiff and it stood straight up in my hand. I felt his hand on the back of my neck pulling me closer to his dick. He took my hand off of his cock and started stroking himself and continued to force me closer.

"Comon, blow me."

I looked up at him and said, "I never done nothing like this before."

He said, "Its easy, just say ahhh and I'll do the rest."

He pulled his foreskin back and slid it into my open mouth. He pushed it all the way and then pulled it out only to push it back in. I didn't think something that big could fit into my mouth. Then he held my head in place with both hands and began an urgent hump. My eyes were wide open and I was looking up at him while he did it to me. He looked so fierce. When I was in class and thinking that I might be gay, was this what it meant?

"Get plenty of spit on it, it's gonna need it."

He pulled me off his cock and I saw it spring up and down. I stood up and Rodney turned me around so that he was in back of me. Still holding me in place, I felt him pull down the back of my pants. My eyes opened wider when I realized what was going to happen. I felt his finger going up my butt then I heard him spit and he did it again. He had total control over me and I just went along with anything he wanted to do. He pushed two wet fingers in and out of my butt hole. There could be no doubt about it. I was going to be butt fucked. Then holding me firmly, he started pushing his cock up my ass. My protest was no more than a helpless whimper but it didn't bother him, he just pushed it up further. He wrapped both arms around me and start to fuck. It was painful and I saw stars. He was grunting and moaning and started to go faster. I was grateful when he quickly came up my butt hole.

I stood there in ruins.

Rodney said, "That was great!"

He dusted me off and then he just walked away. I was on my way home when I realized that my underpants were soaked. I lay in bed that night puzzling over my conflicted feeling about what had happened. If that's what being gay is, then I don't want any part of it.

Rodney must have followed me to find out what my usual routes were because I ran right into him the next day. He was dressed in the same clothes only his hat wasn't on cockeyed, it was on straight forward.

He said, "Comon."

If I don't go with him will he tell everyone what I let him do to me? I stood there while he walked off.

He stopped turned around and said louder, "Comon!"

I trailed after him towards the place where we were yesterday. My whole body seemed to tingle. This time, it wasn't fear, it was anticipation. He took it out and I got down on my knees in front of him and opened my mouth.

He said, "That's good, yer learning."

The experience was just as spellbinding. I was beginning to think I could like doing this. It was the other part that bothered me. Getting butt fucked was a scary proposition. My worst fears were realized when he started preparing me for it. This time he brought some goop that he used on his cock and stuck up my butt.

He whispered into my ear. "You need to relax, that's why it hurts."

Then he started. Like the day before, he held me tight as if I was going to try to get away and started a serious fuck. The goop made it easier but I had trouble letting go of the shock that was happening to me. It was dirty and disgusting and Rodney was a thug. What would my parents think? He did it much longer this time experimenting with all different positions and pushing his cock as far up my butt hole as it would go. Then he started grunting and plunging even deeper into me. When it was over, he put me back together and behaved as if he liked me,...just a little.

The cocksucking part of it began to take hold of me. I lay in bed that night thinking about it. I jerked off my modest dickie and went to sleep.

The next day when I ran into him I didn't say anything, I just followed him to wherever it was he wanted me to go. It turned out to be his Dad's house. No one was home. He turned around and locked his bedroom door. He took off all his clothes and I did what I was told. I was starting to like cocksucking. There was something about it that was so wicked and mysterious. And there was also something about Rodney. He was so cocky and bold. He thought nothing about sticking his big boner into my mouth.

Rodney said, "Use your tongue and play with my balls."

He took off all my clothes. "We're going to do it right this time."

He laid me on my back and pushed my legs back as far as they would go. It would be the first time I felt a tongue up my butt. I was beginning to think that Rodney was capable of anything. It was this that kept me always on a thrilling edge. This time it felt so good. Slowly at first his cock went all the way up inside of me and he waited until it was easy before he began to fuck me. He was huffing and puffing and now even I was hard. I never imagined that someone's sweat could smell so good. I began to love how it felt going in and out of me and I didn't want it to stop. He came inside of me and then started all over again. I think that I was beginning to fall in love but I didn't say anything.

Next Day

"Have you seen Rodney?"

The guy looked at me and said, "You mean that kid that's always in trouble? No, but if you see him, tell him I don't to see him around here no more."

I got to find him so we can do it again. Just the thought gave me a warm feeling up my butt, but where is he? I went to all the usual place and he wasn't there. The image of Rodney pushing his stiff cock up my ass appeared in my mind. It seems like I have a boner all the time now.

Finally I went to his house. I knocked and knocked and no answer? I walked around the side of the house and looked up at his bedroom window.

"Rodney, Rodney!"

I went back around and sat near the front door just to think. Where could be? Then I started thinking about all the things he would do to me when we got together. Sucking his cock is so exciting and then let him fuck me is the best thing in the world. Where is he?
I went back and stood under his window and called again. I was starting to get depressed when his window slid up.

He poked his hatless head out. "Wot?"

I said, "Hi."

I've never had to say more than that.

I said, "What are you up to?"

He said, "I'm busy doing things."

That was a puzzling answer. Then someone else poked their head out the window. He was cuddled up next to a shirtless Rodney and he was even younger than me. He had a cute and mischievous smile on his face.

Rodney was untroubled with this confrontation. "I'm busy doing things, you know what I mean. I'll see you tomorrow, maybe."

Both heads disappeared and the window slid down. I was stunned to the point of being dizzy. I couldn't quite understand what happened. Almost in a trance I slowly walked home. Once in my room I began to cry and couldn't stop.

Is this what being gay is all about?