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Kyle and Geoff



    It's only 10:00 a.m., and it's already hot as blazes outside. Today's the day that Geoff and his parents are coming back, and my uncle John and I are going to meet them there. I put on a pair of nice cargo shorts (not too baggy), and a good polo shirt. I even comb my hair, just so I'll look good for Geoff.

   John is driving my mother's wagon, having switched cars with her earlier in the morning. We get to the airport, and parking is a mess. O'Hare has to be the most crowded airport in the world! John grabs a space a good distance from the terminal, but at least it's a straight shot to the door. We get into the terminal just about the time Geoff's plane is due to land. A quick glance at the arrivals board tells us that it is on time. I look out the window, just as a 777 lands-no doubt the one Geoff is on.

   Well, it used to be possible to meet people at the gate, but not anymore. John finds a seat right near the security exit, while I wait, looking down toward the gates, waiting to see my lover. The plane gets to the gate a few minutes later, and I start seeing people departing the gate. I could see Geoff almost immediately-his red hair really is noticeable at a distance!

   Just before leaving the secure area, Geoff sees me. Once he's through the gate, he comes running toward me. He wraps his arms around me, and gives me a big, long kiss. I wrap my arms around him, holding him tight against my body. The whole world seems to disappear as I hold Geoff in my embrace, even here, in a crowded, noisy airport terminal. I'm sure we made quite a spectacle of ourselves, but I don't care.

   "God, I've missed you, Geoff", I tell him, quietly in his ear. He smiles.

   "I've missed you too, luv", he responds, "I've thought of you every day."

   Of course, I also greet his parents, and introduce John to Geoff's father. They seem to hit it off well. The group of us walks slowly to the baggage claim, catching up on the latest news, and Geoff fills me in on some of the details of the court proceedings he went through.

   It takes about 15 minutes for the baggage to get through. Geoff and his parents get cleared through customs, and we head for the car. We get about 20 feet outside the door, and Geoff stops.

   "Blimey, it's effing hot!!" he exclaims, putting his bags down. He unbuttons his sleeve cuffs, and starts rolling them up. I unbutton a couple more buttons on the front of his shirt, just to make him more comfortable. He looks so... butch with his sleeves rolled up like that.

   "Come over for a swim later-we'll cool off then", I whisper to him.

   Geoff gets a silly grin on his face. "I want to do something new with you tonight", he says with a wink "So, let's say I stay over, then". I hope that he means he's finally decided to try being a top with me. I'm excited about the idea, but a bit scared, too. Still, I've wanted to feel him inside me for the longest time.

   Geoff picks his bags up, and we walk the rest of the way to the car. We load everything into the wagon, and head off to Geoff's house. When we get there, Geoff tells his parents that he's going to go over to my place later, and spend the night. First, though, he has to unpack, so I go home with John, and wait for Geoff's return.

   About an hour later, Geoff arrives on his nice road bike, with his overnight stuff in a backpack. He really looks sexy in his black Lycra shorts. He removes his helmet. We kiss, of course.

   "Hey, get your kit on and let's go for a spin" he says. Mom and John got me a nice road bike for me to keep up with Geoff and his dad, and I've hardly used it since they went away.

   "Sure thing-come with me while I get dressed", I reply. I bound up the stairs, while Geoff walks carefully up, wearing those awkward cycling shoes. He enters my room, and closes the door behind himself. "Let me dress you", he says. He comes over to where I'm standing, and pulls my shirt up over my head. Then he gives me a little peck on one cheek, then the other. Next, he unbuttons my shorts, and unzips them. They fall to the floor. Bending over, he kisses my chest, each side, and then sinks to his knees. He gives me a little kiss on my stomach.

   Finally, he slides his fingers under the waistband of my shorts. First, he slides it down, over my buttocks, then moves his fingers to the front. Slowly, he slides the waistband over my rock-hard penis. When he gets to the end, my dick bounces up, slapping him on the chin. He then kisses the top of the shaft of my erect penis.

   He look up, smiling, and says,"I'd really like to do more right now, but let's wait for later, ok?" He stands up, then pulls me close to him. My naked flesh against his sleek, smooth Lycra feels strange, almost electrifying. He kisses me again. "Now, where are those shorts?" he asks. I show him the drawer, and he picks out a pair. I sit on the bed, and he slides one foot, then the other into the leg openings. I stand up, allowing him to pull them up to my waist. Once up to my waist, he slides his hand under the shorts to arrange my package better.

   "I'd like to go shirtless today, Geoff. Will you put sunscreen on my body?" I ask.

   Geoff smiles. "Sure. In fact, I'd like to go shirtless, too. Do you have any SPF 30?"

   "I thought that you'd need at least 50-weight with your pasty British skin! Are you sure that 30 is enough?", I ask.

   "You silly little git! Of course 30 is good enough.", he replies.

   We have a lot of fun putting the sunscreen on, but I'm sure you knew that. I notice that Geoff's chest is getting more muscular, and better defined. His shoulders are less bony now, too, and his thighs are really getting strong. Still, the word thin is the best way to describe him, but he sure isn't as scrawny as he was when we first met. In fact, he's really becoming extremely beautiful, at least he is in my eyes.


   I must admit that I was a bit out of shape for the ride. I thought I was going to die trying to keep up with Geoff. I just kept watching his bare, freckled shoulders, and somehow that was enough to motivate me to keep up. By the end of the ride, we're both covered with sweat. We park our bikes in the garage, remove our cycling shoes, and head straight to the pool. Mom just had an outdoor shower added to the pool area, and we both go to spray off. I turn on the water and get under the spray, still wearing my shorts. Geoff joins me.

   After a couple of minutes hosing the sweat from our bodies (and making out, too), I shut the water off and peel my shorts off. Needless to say, my dick is hard and horizontal, as is Geoff's when he pulls his shorts off, too. I run to the pool, followed closely by Geoff, and jump straight into the cool water. We splash around a bit, until we unite in an embrace, kissing each other and holding our bodies tightly together. "Kyle, I've really missed you the last 3 weeks", he tells me, adding "and I've thought about all the things that I want to do with you. I'd really like to shag you tonight, if you're ready for it".

   I look straight into his beautiful blue eyes, and say, "Geoff, I've been hoping for a while that you'd ask me that. Yes, I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me.  I'd do anything for you." Geoff smiles, then responds, "I'll be gentle-I know that your experiences haven't always been pleasant. I guarantee that you'll enjoy it this time."

   A few minutes later, the phone rings-It's John, asking us if we'd like to have pizza tonight for dinner. Geoff and I both say yes, and John says he'll pick it up on his way over. We splash around in the pool for a few minutes longer, then get out, dry ourselves off, and lay out in the sun. John shows up about 1 hour later.

   When we hear John's car coming up the drive, Geoff and I get up and move over to the kitchen, and sit down on a couple of chairs at the dinette. "Hey, boys", John says as he comes in through the door, "naked as usual, I see. You really should wear clothing more, or your balls are going to hang down to your knees by the time you're 30!" Geoff gives me a grin, and I accuse John of having a case of penis envy, which makes him laugh. It's really good to have an uncle that's so cool, even if he is a pain in the ass sometimes.

   We start eating the pizza almost immediately, neither Geoff nor I bother to put any clothing on, either. I know that I'm going to need to loosen up later, so I ask John if it's OK to have some of the cheap Chianti that mom keeps in the cupboard. John looks at me, and I wink at him, so that he understands what I'm planning to do with Geoff later. John understands, says that it's OK, and I pour myself a good-sized glass. Geoff sticks with Coke, though. I negotiate with John to use mom's room, since it has the Jacuzzi, and he says that it's OK, too. He was planning to sleep in the guest room, anyways. Geoff and I finish off that pizza in record time.


   Once we are both in the big bedroom, I close the door behind us, and put the lights down to low. I place my hand on Geoff's freckled shoulders and lead him to the Jacuzzi. We slowly sink into the warm bubbling waters, holding each other's bodies as we watch the sun slowly set. I kiss Geoff as passionately as possible, enjoying every moment of his company.

   After several minutes, Geoff feels a bit overheated and lifts himself out of the water to sit on the edge. His penis is already hard and the head is sticking halfway out of his foreskin. I lower my head between his legs, and run my tongue between his foreskin and glans, all the way around. "Oooh, that feels sooo good", he says, "but I'm going to spooge if you keep that up too long. Here, let's dry up, and go over to the bed, OK, luv?" I climb out of the water and we dry each other's bodies off, then lay down on the big king-size bed together.

   Geoff and I have made out before, but today is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I've never seen Geoff so horny, or so assertive. I know it sounds strange, but having Geoff being so aggressive with me was really turning me on!

   I'm laying on my back, with my knees up in the air, and Geoff starts licking my balls, then running his tongue up and down my crotch. He lifts my legs up in the air for better access, then runs his tongue along my anus. Wow-what a feeling! I really wasn't expecting him to rim me, but it was something I've always kinda wanted to try. Anyway, he doesn't spend too long on that-he continues back up, then turns his attention to my penis. Slowly, he runs the tip of his tongue up and down the underside of my pole, lingering at the tip, nearly sending me into orgasm.

   After a few more minutes of this foreplay, he asks me if I'm ready. "Oh, shit yeah, I'm ready!!", I tell him, trying to be clear.

   "How do you want to do it-with me on top, and you laying on your face, or with me on my back?", he asks.

   "Ummm.....let's try it with you on your back. That way, I'll ease it in at the speed I want. Once I'm loosened up, you can do me in any position you want", I respond.

   So, with that, Geoff reaches over to the dresser and grabs one of the condoms that I had left there earlier, sliding it on over his long, thin, hard penis. Then he picks up the tube of lube and puts a bit on his finger. "Want some inside you first?", he asks me. "Sure", I say, turning around. I bend over, on my knees, then feel him smear a little bit of lube on my anus. Slowly, he slides a finger deep inside me, then slowly slides it out. He does this 2 or 3 times, then slides 2 fingers inside. I can feel them stretching me out, and I concentrate on loosening my sphincter to allow the intrusion. In a few seconds, I'm feeling rather loose. "OK, I'm ready", I say, and Geoff pulls his fingers out.

   I turn around and straddle Geoff's chest with my knees while he greases up his long, thin pole. Holding his dick upright with his fist, he says to me "Right, now. Ready when you are". I lower my butt down to meet his dick. I feel the head touch my hole, so I slowly lower my weight down onto it. There is a bit of resistance,  I loosen a bit more, then he slides quickly inside, stretching me out and filling me, sliding down to where his hand is. I don't feel any pain, but the sensation is a bit uncomfortable at first. Once I feel OK, I lower myself farther down, until I can feel his entire penis inside me. It feels so firm and warm. I try clinching my sphincter around his dick. "Wow", he says, "This feels great. Squeeze me again with your arse muscle-that was wonderful!" I do it again, and I see that he's really turned on by that.

   I loosen up again and then slide slowly up and down his pole a few times, getting myself used to the sensation of the friction. Geoff looks intently at me as I raise and lower my body. "You ready to try another position yet?", he asks me. I tell him that I am, so I raise myself up, letting Geoff's erect penis slide out of me. Geoff moves the towel over to the center of the bed, having me lay on my side on it. He puts my right leg over his left shoulder, with his left knee behind my back, and enters me again. I know it sounds uncomfortable, but since we're both fairly limber it really isn't.

   He starts to slowly pump his dick in and out of me, ever so smoothly. His thrusts are long and slow, accelerating just a bit as he progresses. With is spare hand, he strokes my dick, slowly and carefully. I close my eyes, enjoying the smooth, warm feeling of Geoff's penis exploring my insides while his hand pleasures my external appendage. It's almost like he's playing me the way he plays the piano-smoothy, softly and sometimes even a bit forcefully. I notice that his thrusts are getting faster, as are his strokes on my penis, too. I open my eyes, and look at Geoff. He smiles at me, and runs his other hand along my thigh. I look over at the full-length mirror on the wall, and can see Geoff's dick sliding in and out of my body from that angle.

   When I look back at Geoff, he starts to bite his lower lip, meaning that he's just about ready to cum. I tighten my sphincter a bit, and Geoff closes his eyes. The sensation of his hard dick quickly sliding in and out of me, along with the stimulation from Geoff's smooth, talented fingers brings me to orgasm. "Oooh-I'm...I'm..." is all I manage to say before Geoff closes his hand around the head of my dick and I ejaculate into his hand. Just then, I can feel Geoff's penis erupt deep within me, shooting several volleys as he pushes his dick as far inside me as it can go.

   Geoff lets go of my penis and lowers his torso against mine. We kiss each other as Geoff manages his last few spasms inside me. I wrap my arms and legs around his back, and we lay there, kissing, forcing our tongues inside each other while Geoff's penis remains deep inside me. I think we kiss for 5 minutes, maybe longer. I squeeze my sphincter again, but Geoff is fairly flaccid by now, still buried inside me. He sits up, holds the base of the condom between his fingers, and then slides himself slowly out of my tender hole. He removes the condom, throwing it in the trash, then he give me a little kiss. "Let's get cleaned up, OK, Kyle?" he says.

   After that, we shower off, then go back to the Jacuzzi. We hold each other closely, talking, kissing, feeling each other's bodies, until we tire out. I tell Geoff  how wonderful he was, and just how much I enjoyed having him entering me. "I wasn't too brutal with you, was I?", he asks me, with obvious concern on his face, "I don't think that I've ever been so aggressive before".

   I hold his hand in mine, and respond; "Geoff, you were absolutely wonderful. I didn't think that I'd enjoy it as much as that, but I did. Actually, I really liked you being firm with me. I know you wouldn't hurt me, and It was really a real turn on. Damn, you were hot tonight, Geoff!" He smiles, and says "Kyle, you are the greatest! I love you so much."

   Eventually we go to bed, our bodies embracing, our souls together. I drift off to sleep, holding Geoff's beautiful naked body against my own as I slide into dreamland. I dream that Geoff is a gallant knight, and that I am a poor servant. He is protecting me from a fearsome dragon that is trying to capture me. The dragon had stipped my clothes away, and is carrying me off  when Geoff weilds a heavy sword and saves me. We ride away on his stallion, Geoff holding me tightly against his armor. Afterwards, we stop in a beautiful valley, and make sweet love in the grass.

   I have a feeling that our lives are now joined forever.

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