Notice: All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. This story contains sexual acts between boys. If this bothers you, go soak your head in the water.

Kyle and Geoff

    Hi. My name is Kyle, and I'm 15. This is a story about me and my friend, Geoff. His name is really Geoffrey, but he prefers Geoff, and pronounces it "Jeff". He's 14.

    First, let me give you some stats. I'm about 5'9" tall, have gold-blond hair, and am fairly muscular, although not overly so. My dick is about 6" long hard, fairly wide, and I'm not circumcised. I have a decent amount of pubic hair (same color), and my balls are round and average-sized. Oh, yeah, I'm gay, too.

    Geoff is about 5'10" tall, quite thin, and has red hair. I'm talking like medium-red, not strawberry-blond or auburn red. He is uncut too, and his dick is about 7" hard, but kinda thin. His balls are nice and round, and he has red pubic hair, but not very much of it.


    Last spring, while I was still in boy scouts, the scoutmaster asked me to teach another boy how to swim. I used to be on a swim team, and had swum since I was very small, and had taught a couple of younger scouts how to swim before. The boy had recently moved here from England, the scoutmaster told me, and had failed in learning to swim before. I agreed to help this boy, even though I had just about given up on the scout troop. The scoutmaster told me that the boy was named Geoffrey, and he would meet me at the local pool on Friday evening.

    Well, I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out. People say that I'm pretty patient, but it sounded like this guy was gonna be a sinker. I figured that he would be some little 11-year-old pipsqueak, and that he would end up clinging to me for the next 2 hours. Imagine my surprise when he showed up!

    I arrived early, and was just finishing diving off the 3 meter springboard when the most gorgeous red-haired boy came up to me, and asked:

    "Are you Kyle? I'm Geoff".

    God, was he beautiful! He was still dry, and his body, while not terribly muscular, was very well defined. His stomach was absolutely hard and flat, and his 13-year-old chest was just beginning to develop. His red hair was kinda short, and parted in the center. I was glad at that moment that I hadn't worn my Speedo, because my dick was now hard as a rock.

    "Uh, yes, I'm Kyle" I said, trying hard to look only into his eyes, "glad to meet you".

    We sat down to talk for a minute, and he told me that he used to be terribly afraid of the water, but was confident that he could manage to learn to swim. His noticeably British accent had me enthralled, and his quiet, friendly demeanor was refreshing. His skin was light, his arms and shoulders covered in freckles. His eyes were a beautiful shade of green. I was completely smitten.

    We went into the water (something he hadn't done since he was 9, it turns out), and he did quite well. I was able to get him to do a back float after a while, by holding his back as he stretched out in the water. Of course, my dick was still hard. While Geoff was floating, I noticed a fairly conspicuous bulge in his trunks, too.  `Hmm, maybe this is a good sign,' I thought to myself. I made a point of concentrating on the task at hand, though, and managed to get Geoff to the point where he could dogpaddle across the width of the shallow end, without touching bottom.

I was really happy with his progress. When he got to the other side, he stood up, put his arm around my shoulder, and said, "I really like you. Nobody was ever able to get me from the edge before. Thank you".

 I smiled (and probably blushed, too), and said, "You're welcome. I like you too".

Oh, my god! Did I really say that? I really wasn't trying to hit on him so quickly, or so obviously!

He smiled back at me, and said, "I'm glad you do". He was certainly blushing.

    "Hey", I said, "You've learned more than I could've ever imagined already, so why don't we end this lesson?"

Geoff agreed, and said to me "Let's go get changed".

More to come later.........

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