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Kyle and Geoff

Chapter 10:

    I saw a notice in the locker room on Thursday that the pool would be closed all day Friday, so it looked like Geoff and i were going to have all evening together. At dinner on Thursday night, my mom told me that she would be out of town over the weekend, leaving Chicago the next morning and not returning until Sunday morning. Of course, this meant that my uncle John would be here to watch over us, and that was just fine by me. John came by later that night, and I asked him up to my room so that we could talk, privately.

    "OK, Kyle, what's on your mind? Relationship questions, or sex questions?" he asks me. "Well, John, it's like this, Geoff wants me to fuck him for the first time this weekend-probably tomorrow night. I really want to do it, too, but I'm still worried about hurting him. You know how wide my dick is, and I'm afraid that he won't be loose enough to enjoy it. What can I do to make sure he's not only loose enough to not be injured, but also to enjoy it?"

    John sat still for a minute, thinking, then says, "Kyle, first, you have to get him relaxed. A nice sensual massage will probably help. Soaking in the Jacuzzi will help, too. In fact, I'll let you two have the master bedroom all to yourselves. Umm..., I guess setting the right mood is important, too, like putting candles around, and playing some nice, relaxing music."

    "John, is there anything he could take that will relax him? Nothing illegal, of course, just something to loosen him up. What's with these things called poppers? Could I get some?"

    "I don't think that's a good idea, Kyle. Poppers can cause problems if overused, and I'm not going to get any for you", John tells me. He looks down, then he looks at me. In a soft voice, he says "Tell you what, Kyle, I'll get you guys a bottle of wine. It's romantic, it goes well with hors d'oeveurs, and the alcohol will loosen him up. Just promise that you never tell anybody that I did this for you, and don't ask me for another, OK? I'll take care of the wine and cheese for you-consider it a gift."

    I smile, put my arms around him, and say "Thanks, John! You're the best uncle a guy could ever have! I love you." I give him a little kiss on the cheek, and he blushes. "No problem, Kyle" he tells me, "Just be gentle with him, OK?"

    Friday evening. It's finally here. I've just spent the last hour getting the bedroom and the Jacuzzi ready, putting candles everywhere, putting the tube of lube out where it's handy, having clean-up towels next to the bed, etc., etc. I check the temperature of the water in the Jacuzzi, and John loads the CD's into the stereo. He tells me "I've put enough music in here for you to have 3 hours of foreplay, in case you are wondering. I'll put it on random, and on replay, in case you go for doubles or triples. I know how horny teen-age boys can be." The doorbell rings, and John says "It's the pizza delivery guy-I'll get it." A minute later, he comes back to the kitchen with our dinner in his hands.

    We dig into the pizza, and I eat 3 slices in record time. John says to me "Hey, slow down, kid! You're going to get cramps if you eat too fast. You don't want that, do you?" I tell him that no, I don't, and that I will slow down. Man, I am so nervous. John then says "Kyle, I have a little surprise for the two of you. I rented a video-it's called getting it right, or something like that, and it's a very graphic informative video about gay sex. It's probably illegal for me to be letting a couple of minors see this video, but I think it will answer just about any question you two have."

    I look up at John and ask, "What does it show? Everything?"  "Yes, it does," he replies, adding "and in quite a bit of detail, too. The two guys in the video are kinda tough looking, and Geoff might appreciate the fact that they are British, but they don't hide anything. If you do still have any questions when the video is over, please, ask me."

    We finish eating, and I clean up the kitchen. I'm in my room, changing into a pair of boxers and a robe when the doorbell rings. "I'll get it!!!" I yell as I run out of my room, down the stairs. I open the door, and there he is, Geoff, my love. He smiles broadly, and says "Hey, Kyle. I'm here, and I'm queer! I put my bike in the garage, so you can close the door now." He comes inside the door and puts his gym bag on the floor. He's still dressed in school clothes; a pair of Docker's and a white, collared shirt. He's wearing the necklace I gave him, too. He is so beautiful.

    I just can't keep my hands off of him. I grab him by the waist and pull him close to my body. I whisper in his ear, "I've been waiting for you, honey, and boy am I horny tonight! I can't wait to get my hands on your nice little arse, you little studmuffin." Geoff squeezes me tightly and says, "I can hardly wait to feel your big tool up inside of me, Kyle. I've wanted it since the first day we met. You know how bad I want it."

    We go to the master bedroom, and once there, Geoff pulls his shirt and jeans off. He's wearing flannel boxers, even though I know he doesn't like them-he's just wearing them because I like to see him in them. We kiss, for a long time, actually, until I break it off. "Geoff, I have a surprise. John got us a gay sex-education video, and he wants us to watch it first, before we actually do anything. It sounds really hot, too." "Sounds great", Geoff says, "but I doubt it's as hot as you are. You are so sexy, Kyle. I love you." We kiss a few more times, and finally we end up in the TV room, wearing only our boxers.

    John comes in and starts the tape for us. We cuddle together, Geoff in front of me, both of us on the sofa. John excuses himself to take care of preparing the bedroom for us, lighting candles, starting the music, and putting the wine glasses, bottle and hors d'oeveurs out. We watch the video, and John was right-these guys do everything! While Geoff and I are watching the guys fucking, Geoff pulls his penis out of his fly and retracts his foreskin completely. I lightly stroke it with my left hand, but he tells me "No, please don't. I don't want to spunk up now-it was just feeling too constricted in my sorts-I had to let it stretch out." I nibble gently on the lobe of his ear, and whisper to him, "OK, I won't, but just wait until we get into bed. I want to try that position these guys are doing-you on your back, facing me, jerking off while I fuck your ass. Does that sound good to you, honey?" I kiss him lightly on the nape of his neck. "Oh, yes, that sounds wicked" he says.

    John comes back into the room, and says, "How's it going...OH,MY...Well, I see at least Geoff is enjoying the video." Geoff looks at John, then down at his erect penis lying on top of his boxers. He moves his hand over it, only partially covering it, and, blushing, says, "Sorry, it was just too tight inside my shorts." John replies, "Oh, don't be embarrassed. I've seen bigger, although never on a guy so young. Heck, I wish I was that big. Kyle, you must be very pleased." Geoff responds, saying, "Actually, Kyle is bigger, but I'm just a bit longer."

    The video ends, and John tells us, "Guys, whatever you end up doing, just go really slow the first time. Don't be surprised if there is some pain, but stop, relax, and wait until you are ready to continue." We both assure him that we will, and we both get up and walk to the bedroom, Geoff with his dick still hanging out. As soon as we close the door behind us, we both get naked.

    In a matter of seconds, we are in the Jacuzzi, making out. Geoff is hornier than I've ever seen him before. We stop only to have a drink of the wine, or one of the crackers with melted Brie on top. Geoff holds one of the crackers in his teeth, and then straddles me, one knee on either side of my thighs, putting us face-to-face. I bite the other end of the cracker, chew my part, then kiss Geoff. Next, he lifts my glass to my lips, and I drink out of it. We continue like this, feeding each other crackers and wine, until all the crackers are gone.

    With the munchies all finished, Geoff starts to nibble on my ear, then he kisses me, then he nibbles some more. By now, he is sitting lower, his hard dick touching mine under the water. "I can't believe that you fancy a skinny, pasty, red-haired little git like me, Kyle. You are so handsome, and I love you so much", he tells me, just before we lock our lips again.

    After another couple of minutes French-kissing him, I say, "Hey, Geoff, lets go over to the bed. If I sit here with your skinny, pasty little red-haired dick touching mine any longer, I'm gonna cum!" Geoff finishes his glass of wine, and then we both get out of the water. I use a big towel to dry his lean, long body, being careful to dry him completely, but not to get him off yet. He responds by drying my body off quite thoroughly, too.

    Before we get into bed, Geoff pulls the dildo I lent him out of his bag, along with the tube of KY, and puts it on the bedside table. He then flops down, ass-up on the bed, and says, "OK, lets get my arse loosened up, shall we?" I climb onto the big bed, straddling his firm ass cheeks with my knees. I start to massage him, beginning with his bony, freckled shoulders, then working my way down his freckled back, all the way to his hips. Geoff enjoys the massage immensely, and I decide that we are ready for the next step-fingering his ass.

    I ask Geoff to spread his legs, and he does, allowing access to his virgin asshole. I put a big glob of KY on my index finger, then slide it slowly up his anus. His ass is hot and tight, but after a minute of slow fingering, it loosens up quite a bit. "Let's go to the dildo-I'm ready", he tells me, so I pull my finger out and wipe it off on a towel.

    The dildo gets a good coating of KY, along with another glop on the tip. I put the end up against Geoff's pink hole, then while twisting, slowly push it inside. It goes in amazingly smoothly, with only slight resistance. I manage to insert it more than ¾ of the way in before I slide it back out. I repeat this action 3 more times, slowly.

    After the 4th slide, Geoff says, "OK, Kyle, I'm ready for the real thing now. Do you want to lay on your back, and let me control the pressure?" I pull the dildo out of Geoff's little hole, and I say to him, "Sure, honey. Once you are loose, though, I want to switch positions, OK? I really want to be able to see your dick while I fuck you."

    Geoff likes the idea, so he gets up onto his knees, while I lay on my back. I unroll a condom over my solid, hard penis and cover it liberally with KY, adding a little extra on the tip. Geoff straddles my chest with his knees. I hold my dick straight upright while Geoff positions himself, with his anus touching my penis. He hesitates for a second, then he says "OK, I'm ready." With that, he presses slowly downward onto my penis.

    I watch as my dick slowly pushes into Geoff's body, feeling his asshole opening up around the head of my penis. Suddenly, with the crown of my glans past Geoff's sphincter, I slide about halfway inside him, and he stops. I can see he is feeling discomfort-his eyes are closed, and he is biting his lower lip lightly. His erection has diminished, and his long, thin dick is curving noticeably downward. "Oh..uhhh....ahh", he says, as he gets used to my large penis inside his rectum. His ass is as hot as fire, and his sphincter is as tight as a rubber band around my penis. Slowly, I feel the tension lesson as his expression lightens. His dick stiffens a bit, the curve becoming less noticeable. He is breathing in slow, deep breaths.

    Finally, no longer biting his lip, he smiles a bit. "Much better", he says. He slowly moves his body, sliding his ass up my rigid pole, then down again. We do this several more times, until I have to say, "Geoff, I'm gonna cum in about 30 seconds if you keep doing that. God, you feel so good! Stop for a minute, then let's reposition, OK?"  Geoff smiles in agreement. He slowly lifts himself up, releasing my rock-hard dick from his love-tunnel.

    Geoff rolls onto his back, draws his knees up to his chest, and raises his feet in the air. I press my dick against his anus, and slide it easily in, all the way, until my pubes are firmly against his crotch. He watches intently as my penis slides inside him, then he looks up and smiles. "Shag me, Kyle. I want to feel your balls slap up against my bum. I can feel you pressing on my prostate right now, too. It feels really good."

    I start sliding my dick in and out, slowly at first, then quicker. Geoff slides his foreskin slowly up and down with one hand, while caressing my leg with his other. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back. I lean forward, and kiss his lips while still fucking him. Just at that second, Geoff ejaculates. I can feel his sphincter tighten and pulse as his semen pumps out onto his cute, skinny chest. He wraps his legs around my back, and I slide my hands under his shoulder blades. I slide in and out deeply another 3 or 4 times, but the sensation is just too much, and I cum too. We continue to kiss while our penises pump copious quantities of spunk, Geoff's onto his chest, and mine inside of Geoff's tight little ass. The feeling is sensational, and we keep kissing even long after we both have pumped our balls dry.

    We must've spent another 5 minutes kissing each other, our chests pressed together, all wet and sticky. My dick is still pressed all the way up Geoff's ass, even though I'm no longer completely hard, and Geoff's legs are still wrapped around my back. Finally, we disconnect out lips and look into each other's eyes. Geoff has such beautiful green eyes, and he is smiling, too. "That was just awesome, Kyle. I wish you could keep inside me all night, but I can't stay in this position much longer."

    "You were pretty hot yourself, Geoff. I'm glad you enjoyed it-I sure did." I kiss Geoff once more, and we pull our selves apart before the spunk on our chests has a chance to harden. I slowly pull my dick out of Geoff's ass and remove the semen-filled condom. Geoff stretches his legs out, then wipes the cum off his chest. I stand up, extend my hand to Geoff, and say "Come on, let's shower off, then we'll get back in the Jacuzzi."