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the Kyle and Geoff series,

by Alexx

The Gay Boy's Club :

    I wake up the next morning, Saturday morning, with Geoff cuddled up against me. The sun is shining in through the curtains, so I get up and open them. It looks like today will be the first really nice day of the season. The sun shines on Geoff, lighting up his beautiful red hair, his light skin, and making the freckles on his shoulder even more noticeable than usual. He rolls over onto his back and put his hands behind his head. "Good morning, lover", he says to me, smiling.

    I crawl back onto the bed, on top of the covers until I'm over him, on all fours. I kiss him gently on the lips and say to him, "Good morning, sunshine. Did you sleep well?" "Oh, yes, Kyle, I slept very well, thank you. How about you?"

    I sit my rear down on his thighs and run my fingers through the fine red hairs of his underarms. "I dreamt of you all night, about the two of us, together, some time in the future. It was really nice. We had a house and everything together, and you were still the most beautiful guy in the world." Geoff smiles, saying to me, "Gee, thanks. I'm flattered, though I'm sure there are many guys in the world more beautiful than me."

    "Not to me, there aren't", I tell him. "You are so special to me, Geoff, and I really do think that you are beautiful. What you did for me last night couldn't have been easy, and I'm glad you love me enough to let me inside you. I hope you are allright this morning."

    "Don't worry, Kyle, I'm fine. You know how bad I wanted to have your big willie inside my bum, but I'm glad you made me wait and prepare for it first. I was a bit surprised how big you felt inside me, but I don't regret that we did it. I want to have you inside me again, really soon, but just not today. Kyle, that was the greatest thing that ever happened, last night. I feel that now, no matter what happens, that you will always be a part of me. Thank you."

    We kiss each other, and not just a little peck, either, more like one of those "rolling around on the bed and swapping saliva" types of kisses. Finally, I break off the kiss, and pull the covers off Geoff. "OK, now, let's get up, and get these boners down", I say, referring to our 2 hard members, "We gotta eat something, then we both have practicing and homework to do before we meet Sean and Andrei for the movies. Let's go make some breakfast." I open the door to the hallway, and walk toward the kitchen, still naked. Geoff follows me.

    I open the fridge, pull out some eggs, and get a skillet from the pan rack. "Hey, Kyle, do you always cook in the nude?", he asks me, as he sits his bare white cheeks onto the stool at the kitchen counter. While filling the coffee pot, I respond. "Geoff, I told you that my dad's family were nudists, didn't I? I used to spend weeks each summer doing everything naked at my grandpa's nudist resort. Some of the people in the group even used to ski and snowmobile nude in the winter, but I always thought that was just kinda silly." Geoff just sits there smiling as I tell him about my summers at the nudist camp, while the coffee brews.

    John comes into the kitchen, having just woken up, wearing only a pair of gym shorts. "Good morning, Kyle, Geoff. Clothes all in the wash?", he says, smiling. "Not that I have a problem with you guys walking around in your birthday suits, though. Kyle certainly never was shy about his body, and it seems you don't have much inhibition, either, Geoff. I assume Kyle has told you that his mom and dad were nudists?"

    "Oh, yes, John, he has", Geoff tells him, adding "Actually, I've always wanted to do that, too. When I was about ages 8 to 11, my mum used to date a guy that was French. We used all go on holiday to a beach in France where most all the boys went starkers on the surf. My mum made me wear a suit, but I took it off when I joined some of the French boys swimming. They all made comments on how big I was even then. Mum nearly died of an aneurysm when she saw me running around nude, but he told her that it wasn't a big deal, so she let me go naked. Of course, she made me put sunblock on my willie and my bum. We kept going back with him to that beach every summer, until he died of cancer."

    "Wow, that sounds nice", I tell him, "You never told me that before. You know, I usually swim nude here in the pool, too. Mom still lets me, but usually she requires me to wear a suit if company is over. Unless, of course, it's my cousin Billy. They're nudists, too."

    "Ah, yes, Billy-I remember him", John says, "Remember the time I had to baby-sit the two of you? God, was he a hellion! A little boy with a big dick. I remember the two of you running naked and wild around the house, wrestling with each other. I also remember him beating you once, sitting on your chest, and telling you to suck his dick before he would let you go. I was afraid that you would be irreparably traumatized by it, so I broke you two up. He was awfully horny for a 10-year old boy, wasn't he? I think he had a crush on you, Kyle, I really do."

    Well, that was certainly embarrassing! John talking about my fist gay crush right in front of my boyfriend. I gave him a look that would kill, and I'm sure he saw it, too. Geoff asks me, "So, did you and your cousin anything?" I took a deep breath, and exhaled. Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, I figure, what the heck?

    "Yeah, we did. Actually, when he pinned me, I wanted to suck his dick, and I did, too, later that night, in my room. Actually, we sucked each other's dick, and yes, it was hard getting that big dick of his in my mouth. I don't know what it meant to him, but after that experience, I was certain that I was gay. I think he is, too. We actually jerked off together once, when he was 12 and had some pubes, even though I didn't. He squirted a few drops of cum, but I was too young. I think he had a crush on me, too. I don't think his father is cool about gays, though. I heard that he was mad that mom left us with you that day. I guess he knew that you were gay."

    John looks up at me, then says, "Kyle, there will always be people like that. If I was going to `corrupt' you guys, I probably wouldn't have stopped your wrestling match. I could tell, even then, when you were, what, 9, that both of you were either gay or at least were going to be bi. If I remember, you both had erections. It just seemed to be that he was forcing you to do something, and that wasn't good. You weren't doing anything wrong, and I hope you realize that."

    The coffee finishes brewing and I pour Geoff a cup. He stands up to get the cup, and I notice that he has a partial erection! "Geoff, honey, I hope that story didn't make you too horny, did it?", I say, looking at his boner. He smiles, sits down, and very casually says, "I just couldn't help thinking of you and your cousin wrestling and getting it on together. I thought that my experiences at age 10 were pretty young, but you were actually doing oral before I was! You are more experienced that I thought."

    "Oh, really, Geoff! We were just kids fooling around. I never really liked him that much, either. I didn't fool around with another guy besides him until I met Todd, and that was really only in the summer, maybe on holidays. You were having a sexual relationship when you were 11, weren't you? And you've actually had sex with a man, too! Maybe I actually put another boy's dick in my mouth before you did, but you really lived a gay life before I ever did."

    John looks over at Geoff and says, "Is that true? You were sexually active at 10? That's awfully young, isn't it? What about the man you were with? What's the story there?" Geoff tells John about his relationship with Simon, back in London, and the `trick' they both did together. John listens, and when Geoff is finished, says, "Well, Geoff, I'm not going to say that your relationship with Simon was wrong, since it sounds fairly mutual. I get the feeling that you were pretty mature about it, even then, and that's rare at the age you were. That older guy you had sex with, though, that sounds a bit wrong, even though you were a willing partner. I'm not saying that you were wrong, only that the situation was not good. Still, you seem remarkably well-adjusted for a gay boy your age. Maybe it has something to do with your upbringing in England?"

    I serve the eggs that I've been cooking to Geoff and John, and then I sit next to Geoff at the counter. After a couple of minutes, John asks us "Oh, by the way, I hope everything last night turned out OK. Any problems?" I glance at Geoff, and he winks at me. "Well, John", I say, trying to sound a little pompous, "I'm fine, but Geoff's ass must be sore as hell!!" Geoff nearly spews coffee out his nose from laughing, and he swats me hard on the butt. He coughs a few times, due to the liquid in his windpipe, then he stands up and reaches for a napkin to wipe the spilled coffee off his chest and groin.

    "You know, you shouldn't be drinking coffee, anyway", John says, "It stunts your growth." I watch Geoff as he wipes the spilled coffee off his penis, and say, "Well, I hope it will stunt the growth of that appendage, at least. I don't think I could handle one any bigger!" Geoff looks over at me. "Ahh, your just a bloody size queen, anyway! You'd like it even if it were twice as big! Seriously, John, my arse is just fine today. Kyle went really slow, and it hardly hurt at all."

    "That's good to know, boys", John says, as he finishes his breakfast. "I'm going to have a soak in the Jacuzzi now, then I'm going out to the mall. What are your plans?"

     "Well, Geoff and I are meeting Sean and Andrei, and then we are going to the movies, " I tell him, adding, " We'll probably end up back here afterward. Could you ring if you are going to come back before, say, 5:30? We may be in the Jacuzzi, and I'm not sure how shy Andrei is. Sean probably wouldn't be embarrassed if you came in on us, though."

    "Sure thing, Kyle", John says, as he gets up from the table and places his dish by the sink. I turn to Geoff and say, "Well, honey, let's get busy with homework and stuff." We wash the dishes and go up to my bedroom. We spend the next 2 hours working on our assignments, and I help Geoff with his math.

    After we finish, we go for a soak in the Jacuzzi, then we shower off together. After drying our bodies off, we put on clothing for the first time since last night. It's a bright, sunny, reasonably warm day, so I put on some heavy shorts and a long-sleeve shirt. Geoff puts on a sweater, with no t-shirt underneath, and a pair of jeans. He looks so handsome; I just have to kiss him. After smooching with Geoff for several minutes, I call Sean, and he says that he and Andrei will meet us at the park, somewhere around 11:30. It's still 10:30, so we decide to head out early.

    After walking around for a while, we arrive at the park and we sit on a bench together, waiting for Sean and Andrei, and just basically watching the world go by. A cute, brown-haired boy I used to know from my scout troop walks by and waves at us. "Hi, Geoff! Hi Kyle!" he says, and he turns to come over to us. Geoff turns to me and asks, "Do you know Martin, too? I think he has a crush on me." "Yeah, I know him.  He was in my scout troop", I tell him.

    Martin comes up to us and asks me, "Hey, Kyle, are you still a member of the scout troop? I haven't seen you there lately." I respond, saying "No, I kinda got tired of those jerks in the troop, and there just wasn't much to do after I got my Eagle, so I kinda dropped out. I see you know Geoff. How did you meet?"

    "Geoff and I are in a few classes at school together. How did the two of you meet?" Geoff answers him, saying, "Well, Kyle and I met at the pool. My stepdad called somebody about teaching me how to swim, and that man suggested Kyle as a good teacher. That's how we met." Martin seems to be at a loss for words, which is unusual for him. I assume that Geoff knows what Martin is thinking, so he adds "And...umm..we're boyfriends, now, actually."

    Martin smirks, looks down at the ground, then says "I kinda thought so. I guess I was right, then; you are gay." He seems a bit hesitant, so I ask him, "Martin, would you like a seat?" He nods yes, then he sits down. He doesn't say anything for a few seconds, until, staring out into space, he says softly, "I'm gay, too. I...I've never said that to anybody. Can you keep it a secret, please?" He looks at me, then at Geoff. "Of course we will, Martin", Geoff says, "We don't want to cause you any problems. I promise." "Thanks, guys", he replies, "My folks don't know, and I think they'd freak if they found out. Not to mention that I'd get my ass pounded at school, too." We both put our arms on Martin's shoulders. "Hey, Martin, you're safe with us. I promise", I say to him. "Thank you", he replies.

    "Hey," Geoff says, "we're going to see Lord of the Rings at the theater. Would you like to come along with us? We're waiting for a couple of friends to join us; they should be here any time now." Martin looks at Geoff, smiling, and says, "Yeah, that'd be neat! I gotta call my mom, though, let her know I'll be late. What time will we be done?" I reply "Well, the movie will probably be over by 2:30, at the latest, but we'll all probably go over to my place and soak in the Jacuzzi afterward, if you'd like to come along."

    Martin looks at me, then says "But, I'll have to go home and get my swimsuit, first." Geoff taps him on the shoulder, and tells him "We won't be wearing any. Kyle's mother is out of town, and his uncle won't be back before 5:00. I know that you aren't shy, so come along, if you can."

    Martin smiles at Geoff, and says "Wow, that sounds nice. Are the other guys gay, too?" Geoff nods in agreement, so Martin replies "I'll be there. Let me call my mom. Be right back!"

    "So, Geoff", I say, "what's the story about Martin?" Geoff smiles. "He's in my gym class, and he's one of only about 3 other guys that regularly shower after class. I've seen him looking at me in the shower before, and he smiles at me whenever we are in there together. He sprouted a woody one time when just he and I were in the shower together. He's really nice, and he's adequately hung, too. One time, we wrestled together in class, and he was hard then, too. I think he likes me. You aren't jealous, are you?"

    I look into Geoff's eyes, and say "No, honey, I'm not jealous. Yeah, he's nice, and he's cute, but I know you love me as much as I love you. In fact, maybe we can all fool around together, later? I'll be he hasn't had much experience." Geoff smiles, then says "Sure, that sounds good. He's got a really nice bum, too. I'm not sure if Andrei will feel allright about it, though, although Sean probably would. Lets's see what develops, shall we?" "OK, agreed", I say, just as Martin returns.

    "Everything's OK, I just have to be home by 5:30, at the latest", Martin tells us. Just then, Sean and Andrei approach from the other side of the park.

    "Hey, Sean, Andrei", I say to them, "This is Martin, he's a friend of ours. He knows about us, too, so don't be concerned." They both introduce themselves to Martin, and he responds likewise. "Well, we had better get to the movie", I tell the gang, so we start walking to the theater.

    It's a bit after 2:00 when the movie lets out. I didn't think it was a very great movie, but Andrei and Geoff did, so most of the way home, we discuss the movie. About the only thing we all agree on is that Elijah Wood had just about the cutest eyes of any guy in the world. Geoff tells us that the actor that plays Gandolph is gay, but Andrei and Martin don't believe him. Finally, after about 20 minutes and 10 disagreements, we arrive at my house.

    As soon as I let everybody inside, I go to the Jacuzzi and turn it on. "The water will be ready in about 10 minutes", I tell the guys, then add, " Take your shoes off, and put them on the mat. If you want a coke, I'll pour some for you." Everybody seems to want one, so I pour 5 glasses. We stand around, talking, drinking our cokes, killing time.

    After about 10 minutes, I tell them that the water is ready, so we all go over to the sunroom, where the Jacuzzi is located. Geoff pulls his sweater off quickly, then his jeans and underpants come down together, in one motion. Lastly, he pulls his socks off, and is the first to be naked. I, of course, follow quickly, and we both get in the bubbling water. Sean and Andrei take a bit more time, but are soon nude, also, and join us.

    Martin, though, is still wearing his boxers, and has an obvious erection underneath. "Come on, Martin", Geoff says, "We can all see you have a woody. There's nothing to be embarrassed about." Martin looks at Geoff, then me, then at Sean and Andrei. "Oh, what the hell!", he says, as he pulls his waistband down, across his rigid dick. Once it stops bouncing, we can see all 5" of it, pointing a few degrees above horizontal. Martin climbs in, and slides in between Sean and me. "By the way, Marin, nice dick!", I say. "I agree", adds Sean. "Pfft-another penis with no foreskin", says Andrei, "there are many others like it". I can see that Martin looks embarrassed, so I put my arm over his shoulder. "Let's be nice to this boy here. He just came out today."

    "Well, congratulations, Martin!", Sean says. "And your dick really is nice. In fact, I'm hard now, too", he adds, standing up, showing a similar 5" woody. "I bet we're about the same size, too." Martin stands up, and faces Sean. They stand with both rigid penises next to each other. Sean puts his left hand down, and cups both dicks in it. "Y-Y-You're right, S-S-Sean. We are both the s-s-same size." Sean lets go of their dicks, and chuckles. "Sorry, I didn't want to make you shoot all over Kyle's hot tub. I'm sure he doesn't want to clean that up."

    Andrei stands up, and his dick is also stiff, poking most of the way out from under his foreskin. Geoff then stands up, likewise rigid, as do I. We form a circle around Martin. Martin turns to Geoff, and says, "Your dick is so beautiful. You don't know how bad I've wanted to suck it and to play with it." He turns to me, then says "I like yours, too. Actually, I'd love to suck all of your dicks."

    "Hey, maybe we could make this like an initiation to a club", I say to the group, "Let's all surround him in a big group hug." All 4 of us surround Martin, our stiff dicks all touching him, and we join arms around each other-one on Martin, the other on the boy next to us. I speak first, saying "Let's all promise to help each other when we need to. We are all brothers now, and we are all family. Welcome to our family, Martin." He smiles, then, barely audibly says, "Thanks, I...I don't know what to say." He clears his throat, then continues; "You guys are really great. I don't know how to thank you. This has been really awesome. Really."

    "Oh, shit-we gotta go, Andrei", Sean suddenly says, adding "I told mom that we'd be back by 4, so that we could help get dinner ready for tonight. Andrei is staying over with me tonight, you know." Sean and Andrei get out of the Jacuzzi, and dry off. We all wish them a nice evening, and they leave a couple minutes later, leaving Martin, Geoff and I alone in the bubbling tub.

    After a couple of minutes, Geoff asks Martin, "Are you still stiff?" Martin smiles, and says, "Yes, I am, as a matter of fact. I guess sitting in here naked with you guys is just too...erotic." Geoff looks over at me, and he grins. I ask Martin, "Umm...we could fool around a bit, if you'd like to. I'm sure Geoff would like that, too."

    Martin swallows hard, then asks "Y..Y..You mean, all 3 of us? Wow, that sounds wild!" "Sure", I tell him, "and since you are our guest, you get to chose what we do together, too." Martin looks at me, then at Geoff. "You know, Geoff", he says, "I've had this fantasy about sucking your dick and making you cum, Would you like to do that? Maybe while Kyle sucks me off, too?" Geoff says that he'd like that, and I tell them that it sounds fine to me, also.

    Martin gets out of the water, followed by Geoff and me. We all dry our bodies off, then Martin gets on his knees in front of Geoff, who is standing. I squat on my knees under Geoff's spread legs, so that I can get to Martin's dick. Martin open's his lips, and manages to take about half the length of Geoff's long, hard dick into his mouth. I open up, and swallow Martin's hard 5" dick whole. His dick is just about as wide as Geoff's but it feels harder and hotter than Geoff's, too. I reach one hand around to hold Martin's firm buttocks, and I notice that he has done the same with both of his hands, squeezing Geoff's white cheeks. Rolling my eyes upwards, I notice that Martin still can't take more than about half of Geoff's dick, but he's doing a really good job on it nonetheless. I probe my finger around between Martin's cheeks, and lightly run my finger over his anus. At that very second, I hear him grunt, then he tenses his body, and a split-second later, he cums forcefully in my mouth. I force his dick as far back down my throat as possible, then swallow hard several times. Finally, spent, he stops ejaculating, and I pull away from his dick.

    I stand up, behind Geoff, and place my hands on his bony, freckled shoulders. Drawing my body close to his, I slide my erect penis up between his cheeks, and start sliding it up and down. He obviously likes this, so I continue sliding my dick between his buns, doing a wiener in the bun with him. I'm so horny that I'm ready to cum, and so is Geoff. I wrap my hands on his hip, then he says "I'm going to shoot!" Martin pulls away from Geoff's dick, and stands up, squeezing his body chest-to-chest with Geoff, and wrapping his arms around all 3 of us. I can feel Geoff ejaculate between their abdomens, and I quickly reach orgasm, too, shooting my sperm over Geoff's back and buttocks. I wrap my arms around the 3 of us, too.

    Finally, exhausted, he pull apart. "That was truly awesome!" Martin says, adding, "Sorry, I was going to warn you when I came." "Oh, that's fine. I kinda like swallowing semen, anyway", I say. We both look at Geoff, standing there with spunk on his front and back sides. Geoff says to us, "That was neat, but I've got to clean all this stuff off me-you want to share a shower?" We both agree that we need cleaning, too, so we all walk over to the bathroom.

    Luckily, my mom's shower is big enough for 3 people, so we all got inside together, and lather up under the warm water. I soap Geoff's body thoroughly, and Martin asks if I might do the same to him, so I do. I lather nearly every square inch of his firm body, especially his still-solid penis and firm, round balls. His meaty, muscular buttocks feel rather nice, too. Finally, Martin asks to lather my body.

    He obviously enjoys the experience, seeing that his is the only dick still hard. He carefully pulls my foreskin back, then slides it over his index finger. "I wish my foreskin was still there-this feels really neat", he says, staring intently at my penis. I reach down, cup my hand around his hard dick, and stroke it several times. He closes his eyes, and in just a few seconds, grunts, and squirts a small amount of semen inside my fist. Catching his breath, he says, "Man, I've never cum twice in a day before! Thanks!"

    Not wanting Geoff to feel left out, I ask him, "What about you? Can you spunk again?" "Sure", he says, "You want to?" "Certainly", I say. I stand behind Geoff's back, with my dick touching his crotch, and reach around front to stroke his dick. I pull his foreskin back and forth, slowly at first, but more quickly as he nears orgasm. Marin intently watches my lover's long dick being jacked, pointing straight at him, but Geoff's eyes are closed, lost in the experience. I feel Geoff's body tense, as once again, he shoots a load of spunk onto Martin's stomach, 3 or 4 volleys, in fact. Martin smears it over his firm stomach, the turns toward the water to wash it off. Geoff turns toward me, and we kiss.

    After showering, Martin tells us that he has to get going, so we dry each other's bodies off, then sit while Martin dresses himself. "You guys were great", he says, "I've never done this before, and doing it with both of you was just awesome. Man, I gotta get me a boyfriend, too!" Geoff looks at Martin, and asks him, "What about that deaf guy at school? He really seems to like you, you know."  "You mean Sam? I kinda think he may be gay-maybe I should ask. He is really cute, too. He does share a lot of things with me, too, but he's really shy. I think maybe I should let him know."

    Martin finally gets dressed, thanks us, we all kis, and he leaves. Geoff and I go into the TV room, and recline on the couch, with a blanket wrapping us together. "So, Kyle, were you jealous that Martin wanted my dick first?"

    "Oh, of course not, honey. You really are beautiful, you know. Martin wasn't bad, either. Are you jealous that I sucked him off?"

    "No, not really. I'm glad that you came behind me and grinded up between my cheeks. I was thinking about you the whole time that Martin was sucking me, you know. He wasn't really doing a great job of it, either, and I'm not sure that I would've cum without you rubbing against me from behind."

    "Can I ask you something, honey? If I had sex with another guy without you, would that make you angry?", I ask Geoff.

    Geoff thinks for a second, then says, "No, not unless you make a habit of it, I guess. Or, as long as it doesn't have any emotional connection. I mean, we love each other, but sex with someone else doesn't have to be for love, does it? If it's just sex, I don't mind, as long as you can still perform when we're together."

    I say to Geoff, "My uncle John says that we should have different experiences while we are young, but need to be safe about it, too. Geoff, can you promise me something? If you do ever have sex outside our relationship, always use a condom, OK? And let me know if there was any chance of being exposed to anything, you know, like if a condom broke or something? I love you, but I realize that I don't own you. I won't be jealous if you have sex with other guys, either, I promise."

    "Well, Kyle, I'm not planning on sleeping around, but who knows what the future will bring. I do know, though, that I really love you, and I would never risk your health on account of an error on my part. You can trust me, Kyle. You know, after today, and that experience a couple of weeks ago with Sean, I think we might just get enough sexual variety together, as a couple. I mean, I wouldn't want to shag with 3 guys involved, but 3 guys together makes oral sex interesting, doesn't it?"

    "Yeah, I guess you're right. Still, I know that you are going to London this summer for a couple of weeks, and your old friend Simon will be there. Geoff, I won't mind if you do stuff together. You knew him before you knew me, and I really don't mind at all. I guess I'm just not the jealous type. I know that you still love him, at least a bit, and I can live with that. I know that you love me more, that's the important thing."

    "I do, Kyle, I really do. True, I did love Simon, but he never loved me. I'm not sure if sex with Simon would really be good, now. I've found all that I wanted from him, but never got from him, here with you. Maybe sex with Simon would just make things worse-I don't know. I do know that I'm going to tell Simon exactly what he used to mean to me, though. I just need to know if he felt the same about me, or if I was just a forlorn little bairn imagining something that wasn't there. Regardless of the outcome, Kyle, be assured that it is you that I love now, and that won't change. Not for any reason."

    I move my head closer to Geoff's, and we lock our lips in a long, slow, passionate kiss. God, I love this boy!