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Kyle and Geoff
chapter 12

    It's early in on Friday morning, and I'm laying in bed with Geoff cuddled up against my chest, asleep. School is over for both of us, Geoff having finished his classes just the day before. I run my fingers through his soft red hair. A quiet knock on my door interrupts the moment. "Kyle? Geoff? Are you boys awake yet? Can I come in?" I hear my mother ask. I softly respond to her, saying "Come on in".

    She enters the room, and Geoff begins to stir. He sees my mother, and, half-awake, says "Hello" to her. "Boys, I'm going into work early today. Don't forget that we're going with Geoff's mom this afternoon to get you both some nice suits. Don't horse around too much in the pool, if you decide to use it. Also, since it's going to be sunny and hot, I want both of you to put on sunscreen, especially Geoff. There is food in the fridge, make yourself some lunch. I think that I can trust you two during the day, so please don't disappoint me, OK?" I smile at her, and say "Mom, you can trust us. Have a nice day at work." She kisses both of us on our foreheads, says goodbye, then leaves. Geoff goes back to sleep quickly, and I slide in behind him, with his back against my chest. Eventually, I fall back asleep, too.

    At 9:30, the alarm rings, and we both wake up. Geoff gets out of bed first, and I watch his skinny body as he stretches himself. He's partially erect, as am I. We go to the bathroom together, both nude. Geoff closes the door to the toilet while I shave, then he goes to the shower while I use the commode. Finally, my bowels emptied, I join Geoff in the shower.

    I hug him as we stand under the warm water. We both become fully erect, then I sink to my knees and take Geoff's penis in my mouth. It only takes about a minute to bring Geoff to orgasm, and he shoots a load down my throat, as usual. I'm jerking myself off while he's ejaculating, and suddenly my dick erupts with cum, shooting upward, hitting Geoff in the crotch and thighs.
We then clean each other's body thoroughly. Geoff even uses his tongue to rim me while we shower, getting me erect once again. He is just so damn horny in the morning! Finally, we finish showering, we dry off, and we leave the bathroom.

    I lead Geoff downstairs, still naked, to the kitchen. I make coffee for him (I don't  really like coffee), and he prepares bowls of cereal for both of us. We sit down and eat breakfast together.

    "Wanna go for a swim right away?", I ask him, adding "the water should be nice and warm by now." "Sure," Geoff says, " but first you really must pour sunscreen all over my pasty white bullocks and arse, you know!" The way he says this, with a really heavy cockney accent, causes me to start giggling, uncontrollably. Geoff smiles, then leans over and kisses me on the cheek. He strokes my bare chest, and my uncovered penis immediately stiffens, poking out of my foreskin. Geoff looks down, and says "Looks like I've made you excited!" as he squeezes my penis gently between two fingers, sliding my foreskin the rest of the way down. I reach over, grabbing Geoff's long, thin member in my curled fingers. We kiss while we jerk each other.

    I break off the fun before we both end up shooting the second load of the day, which probably would've happened soon, at the rate we were going. "Hey, I'll get the sunscreen and meet you out there, OK?", I say, kissing him lightly on the lips. "Sounds super! I'll get us some towels", he replies. Geoff runs up the stairs, while I go to the medicine cabinet. I get one bottle of SPF 15 for me, and one SPF 30 for Geoff's light skin. I walk out through the sliding screen, to the pool deck, and sit on a lounge chair. In a minute, Geoff joins me, striding across the deck, his long, limp penis bouncing left and right.

    Geoff lays face down on the next chair, spreading his legs, showing his pink anus to me. "Well, better get on with it!", he commands me, so I put a large amount of sunscreen in my hand, then slather it all across Geoff's freckled back and shoulders. I rub it in evenly, down his back, to his buttocks. I add a bit more, then rub it carefully into his firm muscular buns. I continue down his downy-haired thighs, his calves, then lastly, his feet. Finishing, I give his cheek a slap, and say "OK, now turn over".
Of course, when he does, his penis is hard, but then, so is mine. Still, I concentrate on the job I'm doing, and start on his chest muscles. Working my way down his stomach, to his abdomen, and finally, to his penis. I cover it with lotion very carefully, not wanting to cause him to ejaculate. I cover his testicles well, too, then continue down his legs. Once I finish the job, Geoff coats my body with lotion, too.

    We go into the pool almost as soon as we finish coating our bodies with sunscreen. Geoff has become a fairly accomplished swimmer by now, even being able to swim underwater for great lengths of time. We both immerse ourselves in the cool water, then embrace. We kiss, while we hold our naked bodies tight against each other's.

    I say to Geoff, "I'm going to miss you when you go on your trip, you know. When do you leave, anyway?"  Geoff looks down, and says, almost in a whisper, "Monday. Mum says that we'll be there 10 days, maybe longer."

    Geoff is not looking forward to the trip, since the primary objective is to petition the court in England to sever his familial relationship with his father. He's looking forward to being adopted by his stepdad, but his father is challenging for some reason. "You know, I'm going to be staying with Simon again, don't you?", he asks, adding, "I hope that doesn't make you nervous."

    "I'm not worried about Simon and you", I tell him. "I know that you feel something very deep toward him, and I think that there is some unfinished business between the two of you. It's not a big deal with me if you have sex with him, Geoff. I know that you still love him, and that you love me, too. I can accept that." Geoff smiles at me, and says, "Thank you, Kyle. I really do love you the most, you know. I think that we were meant for each other."

    It's such a beautiful day, Geoff and I play around in the water for hours, stopping only to lay in the warm sun, drying our naked bodies off in the process. Looking at Geoff's beautiful, thin body, I'm reminded just how lucky I really am to be in love with him. We are enjoying each other's company so much, we lose all track of time.

    I'm dozing when I hear my mother saying "I'm home, boys!" She comes right out to the pool, where Geoff and I are sunning our naked bodies. Geoff stirs, and instinctively covers his dick with his hand. Of course, I'm not embarrassed to have my mother see me naked, so I stand up. "Mom!! You're embarrassing Geoff!!", I tell her. Just then, Geoff speaks up, saying, "No, no-it's allright-I was just startled. It's no big deal." Geoff stands up, next to me, puts his arm around my shoulder, and kisses my cheek.

    I notice that mom is looking at Geoff's penis, and it's not entirely soft, either. She notices me seeing her, then says "Oh, I'm terribly sorry, Geoff. That was terribly rude of me." Geoff smiles, then replies, "It's OK. Everybody looks at me that way the first time they see I don't mind. Really, I don't." There is an akward moment of silence, until I speak up. "Well, if you're done checking out my boyfriend's hardware, maybe we can get dressed?" Geoff starts to laugh uncontrollably, as does my mom, once the shock wears off.

    Geoff and I quickly shower (together, of course), then put some nice shorts and shirts on. We get into my mother's car, then we stop at Geoff's house to pick up his mom. We drive over to the store, a rather nice one, actually.

    A very nice man at the store helps us by finding suits in our sizes, and we go to the dressing rooms to try them on. Both are fairly plain, mine being a nice dark-grey, and Geoff's being a more formal black suit. We decide to share a large dressing room rather than use two smaller ones. Geoff puts his suit on, and he looks so handsome in it, I just have to say to him "Wow! You look really hot in that!" the suit fits him perfectly, accenting his tall, lean build. His red hair makes such a nice contrast with the black fabric, it is really striking. "It really shows off your best features", I tell him, adding "well...except one, that is!"

    Geoff blushes, then, unzipping his fly, he pulls his penis out. "OK, now does it show off ALL my best features?", he asks. "Oh, yes, it does", I tell him, as I sink to my knees and take his organ in my mouth. In about 5 seconds, he is as hard as a rock, and I suck him quickly and furiously. He puts his fingers on the back of my head. In a few seconds, he taps my shoulder a couple of times (a sign that he is about to ejaculate), then, letting out a very quiet, discreet moan, he shoots his load down my throat. Luckily, it wasn't very big, since we had done this only a few hours before.

    After Geoff opens his eyes again, I stand up, slide his dick back inside his fly, and say to him, "That was great. Umm...we'd better get dressed, before our moms wonder what we're up to in here." Geoff kisses me on the lips, and says "OK, but it's my turn when we get home, you horny little git!"

    Our mothers have been waiting for us to show them the suits, and they are both pleased with the results. Even the salesclerk is pleased, especially with my suit. I'm sure he is gay, since he checked out my body quite well while he measured me. His approving look tells me that he realizes that Geoff and I are a couple, too. I'm sure the way I fussed about Geoff's tie in front of him made that rather obvious, though.

    Well, we buy the suits, and we each pick out a couple nice shirts and ties, as well. The salesclerk rings up the sale, and he gives us a little wink as we leave the store. We put the stuff in the car, and head home. All the way home, Geoff lays with his head in my lap. Only 2 more days until he goes away. God, I'm going to miss him when he's away!

    We go back to my house, and we have dinner with my mom and uncle. After dinner, Geoff and I go for a ride on our bikes, then we come home and shower together. After changing into shorts and t-shirts, we come downstairs, where my uncle is playing the piano. He's playing a waltz. Geoff turns to me, and asks "Would you like to dance?"

    At that moment, I was glad that mom had made me take those dumb dance lessons a few years before. I put an arm around Geoff's waist, then ask him "Shall I lead?" He smiles, and we start to dance, holding each other closely together. Luckily, Geoff knows how to waltz as well, and actually is quite good at it. He smiles at me, and we kiss each other.

    After we finish dancing, Geoff and I sit down with my uncle. Geoff has to meet his piano teacher downtown tomorrow, and we are planning to make a day of it, just the 3 of us. We also discuss our plans for later in the summer, when Geoff has his performance in Toronto. After we finish that, Geoff and I are going to be a guest of him and his new boyfriend, up at a cottage in the upper peninsula of Michigan for 10 days. Geoff and I are overjoyed at hearing this. We thank him (and my mom, too) for this gift, and give each of them a kiss.

    After about an hour, Geoff and I decide to go to bed, so we say goodnight, then head upstairs. As soon as we close the door, we remove our clothing, and embrace each other. I kiss him on the lips like I've never done before. I continue down his body, kissing him on his nipples, his chest, his stomach, on down to his penis. By now, his dick is quite hard, and standing out at a better than horizontal angle. I kiss his fuzzy balls, then run my toungue up the underside of his rigid member.

    As I run my tongue over the tip of his penis, he says to me, "No..not yet, love. I'll shoot my load if you keep doing that, and I don't want to do that just yet." He sinks to his knees, then says "I want you inside". He gently pushes my shoulders away, then lays me on the floor, with my penis sticking straight up into the air. Opening my drawer, he pulls out a condom, which he opens, then rolls over my throbbing dick. He then pulls out a tube of lube, and slicks my latex-covered member down with it.

    Next, he straddles me, his own penis still hard, pointing straight at my face. I hold my dick upright, and he lowers his body down onto me. My penis presses onto his anus, and slips inside very easily. Within a few seconds, my dick is completely inside Geoff's hot body. I run my fingers along Geoff's hairy scrotum, and he starts to slide up and down my pole. As he continues to pleasure me, I slide the foreskin forward and backward on his long, hard dick, bringing him closer to orgasm. Suddenly, not being able to take any more, I ejaculate, at exactly the same intant that Geoff does. He shoots volley after volley of his thick, sweet cum on my chest as I pump my load deep inside his bowels. He leans forward to kiss me, as he shoots his last bit of semen on my chest. I wrap my arms around him, and hold him tighly against my body.

    We remain like that, 2 lovers entwined, connected, kissing each other for what seemed to be an eterinty. When we finally disentangle, the cum on our chests has stuck, and our dicks are fairly limp. We go to the bathroom and shower again, washing each other's bodies, dry off, then go to bed together, all naked and clean.

    The next morning, we wake early, eat breakfast, then go downtown with my uncle. Geoff meets with his teacher, and I spend a couple of hours alone with my uncle, window shopping in downtown Chicago. We spend the rest of the afternoon together, walking along the lakefront, visiting the aquarium and the museum of natural history. It is a truly lovely day, and I'm so glad to be with my Geoff.

    Eventually, even the best day ends, as today does. We have dinner at a nice restaurant, then my uncle takes us home, first to Geoff's house. I give him a long kiss, then hug him, and wish him a safe voyage. With tears in his eyes, he reminds me that it will only be 3 weeks until we are back together. I kiss him once more, and say to him, "I'll be waiting for you. I love you, Geoff."