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Kyle and Geoff
chapter 13
Diary Entries

Dear Diary:

(Kyle's diary entry)

Well, it's been about 3 weeks since my last entry, which was the day that Geoff left for his trip to England. Lots of stuff has happened with me since then, so I guess it's about time to write about it.

Sean has been a regular guest here, stopping by almost every day. His boyfriend, Andrei, is visiting relatives in Russia all summer, and Sean really seems lonely. We've jerked off together quite a few times, and have sucked each other off, too. Of course, I always think about Geoff when I do this, even if Sean's body is really hot.

My mom took her trip to California, and I spent a few days at my uncle John's place in the city, but we always spent the weekends here, at my house. John's been really cool about letting me and my friends hang out together at the pool. John's also showed me around the gay areas in Chicago, and I've met several other gay guys my age there, too.

Martin came by one day with his new boyfriend, Carl. He's pretty hot looking, nice muscles and all, even if he cuts his hair too short. Also, Carl is deaf, but Martin knows sign language. His aunt is deaf, and Carl was the only other student in his class that could speak with him. Martin tells me that Carl is a year older than the other students, but he's doing well in classes now.

Carl really enjoys coming here to swim. He likes showing off his body, too. His dick is cut, but it's kinda big and fat. One afternoon when I had the house alone for a few hours, Sean, Martin, and Carl were all here, swimming nude. Martin started talking about sex, and how he and Carl wanted to try some group sex. I was a little surprised at this, since I always thought that Martin was a bit more restrained than that. I guess not!

Well, one thing led to another, and before long, Martin was laying on one of the lounge chairs, with his feet up in the air, and Carl was sliding his big, fat dick into Martin's ass. Directly, without even being loosened up first! He didn't even wince, and kept his hard-on, too! Sean and I watched this, and we both got hard-ons. Once Carl got going good, Martin asked us both to come over. Carl sucked on Sean, while Martin did me.

I was a bit surprised at how well Martin did me-he licked my balls, ran his tongue up the bottom of my dick, and then took nearly all my length inside his mouth. I could here Sean being pleasured behind my back, and could tell when he came, too, shooting his cum all over Carl's chest and Matin's abdomen. I knew that I was going to come, too, so I pulled out, backed off a bit, and shot my semen all over Martin's smooth chest. Then, Sean and I moved over to the side, and watched them finish each other off. Carl pulls his dick out of Martin's ass, removes the condom, then he strokes both their dicks together. In a few seconds, they both shot their loads simultaneously, all over Martin's belly. That was so hot to watch!

A few days later, I saw Marcus around the neighborhood. He asked me if I had seen Todd recently, and I told him that I hadn't. Marcus looked a bit concerned, so I asked him what was wrong. He tells me that Todd has been drinking and smoking pot, and that he was getting worried about him. It seems that Todd's parents are worried, too. Marcus told me that Todd was supposed to start some therapy in the next week, but he was worried that Todd would screw up before then. I told him that I'd let him know if I saw him.

Well, tomorrow is the day that Geoff comes back, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him again. Yeah, I fooled around a lot these last 3 weeks, but it was always Geoff that I was thinking about in my mind. I think that when he gets back, I'm going to dedicate myself to only him. I guess that, since it's him that I really want, anyway, then maybe I should be with only him. I hope he feels the same way, especially after seeing Simon again.

Dear Diary:

(Geoff's Diary entry)

June 8:

  Our flight was rather nice, and it was great getting back to England again, too. Every place looked the same, but somehow, everything felt different. It's only been less than 2 years since we left, but I feel like a tourist here.

  We spent the first couple of days seeing all the sights of old London, and we stayed at a downtown hotel. After that, we went to the old neighborhood, to stay at a less expensive hotel. We had reserved a room with 2 beds, but somehow the room only had one. Rather than sleeping on the floor, my mum arranged for me to stay with her old friend and her son, Simon.

  I was surprised when I saw him for the first time in so many months. He had grown, a bit in height, but more in the chest. Even though he's nearly 18 now, he seems more feminine than I had remembered him. I used to be so in love with him, but now he seems so different.

  Monday, we go see the magistrate for the first visit. This will be just us, not my dad. I'm really nervous about this, but our solicitor tells us to not worry.

June 10:

  Today we met with the magistrate for an initial meeting. He met with my parents first, then with me alone. When I was in the chambers with me, he asked about my stepdad, about my real dad, and about my mum. Then, he mentioned that my father had said some not very nice things about me in his statement to the court, stuff about my sexuality. I told the magistrate that I was gay, and that it wasn't a problem for me or my parents. The magistrate put his hand on my shoulder, and told me that he was gay, too. He assured me that my father's attempt to embarrass me was only going to hurt his own case, and that he was not going to let my father waste the court's time with his own bigotry. He also said that he was glad to see that I was being open and honest about it, and suggested that I should consider being an advocate for those less able to be openly gay.

  After that, the magistrate met with all 3 of us. He commended my parents for being so supportive and understanding. He scheduled a hearing for the next Monday to determine parental access, and said that my stepdad's application for adoption could be accepted as soon as there was a ruling, probably later that week.

June 17:

  We went to the magistrate's court today for the official hearing. My dad didn't even show up, and my parents brought with them a private detective, who had an associate that was following my father. It turns out that he was at a pub, drinking! The magistrate took a recess, called the pub, and determined that my father was actually there. When court came back from recess, the magistrate then nullified all my father's parental rights, and cleared the way for my stepdad to officially adopt me.

  After dinner, I was talking with my mum, wondering why my father wouldn't even show up. She told me that they had hired the detective a couple of weeks earlier, and the detective had gathered evidence of my father dealing in illegal narcotics. In exchange for not taking this information to the police, he had agreed to miss the court proceedings, and sit in a pub, drinking, at that hour.

  Well, I guess that I should be glad about it, but something about the way they handled this situation bothers me. Maybe I wanted to have the chance to tell my father how terrible he was, straight to his face. At least I would've had the chance to look him straight in the eye, and show him that I was somebody-not the scared little boy he wanted me to be. I wanted to have the chance to tell him what I thought of him!

  I started to cry, and mum held me in her arms. She said that this was the best way, and certainly was the quickest way to get him out of our lives. I guess she was right.

June 21:

  Tomorrow I go back to Chicago, and to Kyle. We've talked online almost everyday, and I've even called him a couple of times, but I'll really be looking forward to holding him in my arms again. I really love him.

  A couple of days ago, Simon and I were alone, and we started talking about the old days. I told him how much I loved him, and he admitted that he really liked me, too. He said that he always figured that I'd become a rather handsome lad. He also said that, now that I was older and more experienced, he'd like for me to shag him.

  This really caught me by surprise, since I'd always imagined Simon shagging me, but now I see that he's strictly a bottom. I've been waiting for the right time to be a top with Kyle, but I've always been afraid that my lack of experience would ruin the moment. So, I thought to myself, why not? I'll try it with Simon first.

  We went to Simon's bed and stripped our clothing off. I laid Simon on his stomach, just like Kyle had done with me, slipped a condom on my penis, and lubed it up well. Of course, Simon is quite experienced, so my willie slid right up his arse without any resistance.

  After a minute, Simon wanted to flip over, so we reconfigured ourselves, with Simon's hairy legs on my shoulders. Simon urged me to go a bit faster, slide in a bit deeper, and generally be a bit more aggressive, which I did. I really was enjoying this, and so was Simon. In fact, Simon reached orgasm, and shot semen all over his chest. I closed my eyes, and imagined that I was sliding my penis into and out of Kyle's arse. I was imagining Kyle looking at me, smiling. I was imagining that it was Kyle's willie in my hand, his legs that I was caressing, not Simon's. When I finally came, it was the strongest orgasm I'd ever had.

  After we finished, Simon told me that I did quite well, but he could tell that it was my first time. Also, I had called him Kyle when I ejaculated, so he knew that I wasn't concentrating on him. He was OK about it, though, and said that this was something we probably needed to do, anyway. I think he's right, because I now know that I'm not in love with him, and that I really love Kyle.

  I feel a bit guilty about doing this with Simon first-I don't know why I was so reluctant to try it first with Kyle. I don't think that Kyle needs to know about it, though, and I'm definitely going to try being a top with Kyle when we get back.