the Kyle and Geoff series, by Alexx
Notice: All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. This story contains sexual acts between boys. If this bothers you, go soak your head in the water.

I'd like to thank those who sent me mail. Yes, there are several more chapters either finished (or partly finished), but I'm going to take my time editing them.I'm hoping to raise the bar on the quality of stories posted here, and I'm hoping that others will do the same.

The Shower:

    We pick up our towels from the wall in front of the bleachers, and walk into the locker room. Geoff hangs his towel on a railing outside the shower room, and so did I. We both walk into the showers, chosing 2 nozzles that are next to each other. I am just thinking about whether or not to strip my trunks off when Geoff undoes his drawstring, sticks his thumbs under his waistband, and slithers out of his suit. His dick is already at least half-hard, so it bounces up a bit as the waistband slides past it. Wow! It isn't't very thick, but it's longer than mine! He's uncut, like me, too! He pulls one foot, then the other out of his trunks, then hangs them from the valve. He looks at me, and says,

 "Aren't you going to go starkers, too?"

 Not being familiar with the term, I ask, "What does that mean?"

 "Oh, sorry. It means naked!" he says, with a big smile.

"Oh, you mean bare assed?" I say, as I try to undo the drawstring on my trunks.

"Well, in England, we say bare-arsed, but it means the same thing" he replies, as he pulls back on his foreskin, revealing his dickhead.

   I untie my drawstring (which isn't't easy to do, being distracted as I am), and waste no time pulling my swimtrunks off. Well, as soon as my dick is free of the waistband, it springs up. There's no mistaking it, I have a boner. My penis is at least halfway out of it's foreskin, and is standing nearly horizontal. Geoff's dick is hard, too, but he still has a bit of a downward curve left in it.

"Yours is certainly a big one", he says, with a slightly wicked smirk on his face, "and stout, too!"

"Yeah, it is", I say, as I pull my foreskin the rest of the way back, exposing the head underneath. "But I'll bet that yours is longer!"

"Lets check" he says, as he comes near me, holding his now nearly erect penis in his left hand.

    He stands directly in front of me, less than a foot away, and places his thin rigid member directly on top of mine. With his right hand, he holds the bottom of my dick,  sliding his penis forward until the head is against my pubic hair. The head of my dick is just barely touching his scrotum, making it about 1" shorter than his.

     Now, I'm about 6" when hard, and a bit wider than the average guy my age. I'm only 15, but, compared to the guys in those gay magazines my uncle buys, I'm really not that much smaller. My dick isn't much to look at soft, but it really grows! Geoff, on the other hand, looked even longer than the 7" he actually was due to the thinness of his penis. I remember seeing photos of some blond kid posted on a newsgroup once that had a dick like this.  

"It looks as though you are correct" Geoff says, smiling, "but mine is much narrower. I notice that you still have your foreskin. Is that common here inn the US?" He runs his hand down the bottom of my penis, then wraps his hand around both, and adds,  "Not many of the lads in Britain have theirs cut off anymore".

    At this point, my dick is about as hard as it has ever been. I'm just about on the verge of ejaculating, and I'm really trying hard not to. I'm breathing heavy, and my heart is racing in anticipation. I want to make this last a while longer,  not just pop-off quickly.

"No, not really" I say to him, slowly, trying to keep from stuttering, "only a f-few
guys around hhhere are uncut".

    Geoff looks up at me, lets go of my penis, and steps back a few inches. I guess he senses my nervousness. He looks directly into my eyes and says to me,

"I'm sorry if I'm making you nervous. I didn't mean to, really. I'll stop, if you want me to."

"No, no, I do like it" I blurt out, "I-I-I'm just a bit surprised at how direct you are."

    He smiles,  blushes, and looked down.

"Would you like to wank off...umm,..I mean jerk off?... together?" he says, localizing his accent slightly when saying jerk off. He lifts his head, looks at me, and smiles.

"Sure", I say, and we both start stroking our dicks.

    After a few seconds, Geoff reaches over with his left hand, and startes to stroke both his penis and mine. I decide to return the favor, stroking Geoff's thin, long, hard member. By this time, it's as hard as a steel pipe, and as straight as one, too. His foreskin feels fairly tight against the head, giving resistance every time I pull it fully back. I notice that Geoff is lightly biting his lower lip, and has stopped stroking my piece. He's close to climax, so I stroke him faster and hold his penis at a more upright angle. Suddenly, his body tenses, and I feel a swelling in his shaft.

    The first volley of his spunk hits me right in the middle of my chest, and is followed quickly by 2 more, smaller squirts. It isn't a lot, but hey, he's only 13! He stands motionless for a few seconds, then opens his eyes, looks at my chest, and says:

"My, what a mess I've made!" He giggles and adds " I hope you make just as big a mess on me! Just warn me when you are close, OK? "

    As soon as he finishes saying that, he gets on his knees and takes my dick into his mouth. I am so surprised that I'm speechless. It is a tight fit, but he manages to take it all, better than halfway down to the base. He sucks on it with all his might, and I put my hands on the back of his head, running my fingers through his short, wet red hair.

"I'm getting close", I say, so Geoff pulls away from my penis, stands up, and starts to stroke me quickly with his left hand.

    I arch my back, and shoot 1, 2, 3, 4 quick volleys, and a few smaller ones as well. I watch as my first 2 shots hit Geoff s chin, and the next 2 hit his pecs. The rest of them hit his chest and abdomen at progressively lower regions. It feels like I have ejaculated about a gallon of spunk.

"Wow! I've never seen so much spooge!" Geoff exclaimes, as he smeares my semen all over his cute little chest. I smile, put my hands on his shoulder, pull him closer, and kiss him on the lips.

 "Thank you", I say, as I hold him, "You were wonderful!"

"So were you", he says, as he moves his hand onto my buttocks. "Would you like to do this again, sometime?"

"Sure", I tell him, "but right now, we gotta get washed up"

    We spend the next few minutes washing each other's bodies VERY thoroughly. He spends a lot of time exploring my penis, running his thin finger under my foreskin and cleaning every last nook of it. I take an inordinately long time soaping his incredibly firm buttocks, down his ass crack, and even inserting my index finger very slightly into his anus. This is something that he finds very enjoyable.

    It seems like it takes forever, but we do finally finish washing off. After showering we dry off our bodies, collected our trunks, and walk to the lockers. It turns out that Geoff has chosen a locker almost next to mine, so we are able to talk while dressing.

    While he is dressing, I admire Geoff's wonderfully lean body, and he makes a point of showing it off for me. He bends over to dry his feet, giving me a clear view of his anus (which is pink and ringed with a light amount of red pubic hair). He sits on the bench, legs apart, penis lying on the wood, and proceeds to dry every last bit of his body. While he has his feet up, drying his legs, I sit staring at his lightly haired crotch. He notices my attention, and says

"So, do you want to do this again next week? Maybe you can come and sleepover afterwards? I have a nice, private bedroom."

"Oh, man, would I ever!!" I exclaim. Trying not to sound quite as enthusiastic, I add, "Yes, I would like that very, very much. Do you think your parents will be O.K. with it?"

"I don't think there will be a problem", he says, and asks "Will there be a problem with yours?"

"No, I'ts just my mom, anyway, and she doesn't have any problem with it" I say, "I've done sleepovers lots of times".

    He asks if I would like to come by his house the next day, meet his "mum" and dad, and maybe do a little bike riding. Of course, I say yes, so Geoff gives me his address, phone, and even his e-mail. It looks like tomorrow is going to be very interesting.

More to come later.........

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