Note: This story contains sex between minor boys. If this bothers you, I suggest that you do not read it.
All characters are fictional, any resemblance between anybody living or dead is purely coincedental.

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the Kyle and Geoff series, by Alexx


    I ride up the driveway to his house, and Geoff is sitting on a lawn chair in his garage, waiting for me. It's one of those common-looking houses you see all over the place here in the Chicago suburbs, nice, but nothing fancy. I ride up into the garage, lower my kickstand, and dismount the bike. He stands up, walks over to me and says,

"I'm really glad you came over", giving me a wry smile as he speaks. "My mum and stepdad are out right now," he tells me," and sis is in town, so ...I guess we are alone. Would you like to come in and see my bedroom?"

    Wow! I've only been here 2 minutes, and he's already trying to get me into his bed! Of course, I agree, and quickly follow him through the garage door, into the kitchen, and down the basement stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, around a corner, is a plain door, which he opens. His room. He has a queen-size bed, a nice small stereo, a computer and a TV. The windows are small and high up.Tthere is little ornamentation on the walls. He even has a small bathroom all to himself. Man, this room is big!

"Do you, want know?" Geoff says to me, tugging at the elastic band of his sweatpants, and pulling his long penis out.

"Ummm, yeah, I-I'd l-like that" I stammer. I take a deep breath, and say "Yes, I would. Shall we get naked??"

    Geoff smiles, kicks off his sneakers, slides his sweatpants and under shorts down, pulls his t-shirt up over his head, and in about 20 seconds is standing completely naked, 3 feet in front of me. Of course, I waste no time stripping off all of my clothing as well.

     Now we are both naked, both erect, our hard dicks sliding against each other. Geoff put his hands on my hips, and I put mine on his freckled shoulders. We look into each other's eyes, slowly coming together, until our lips touch. We both close our eyes and embrace each other. Geoff's firm, warm body up against me, his long, had penis pressing against mine. My hands wander down his back, onto his firm, muscular buttocks. His tongue and mine meet. Our breathing gets deeper, our dicks get harder, our squeezing gets stronger.

    It seems like 5 minutes must've passed before our lips part. Geoff opens his eyes, looks at me, and lets out a small giggle. We pull apart. Geoff looks down at our 2 hard members, then gently strokes my shaft. My foreskin is fully retracted, but Geoff's is still only halfway back. I take Geoff's dick between 3 fingers and slowly slide his foreskin all the way back.

"Come, let's wank off together" Geoff says, as he sits down on the floor.

    He pulls a towel from under his bed, places it under his dick, and says "Scoot up, so that our willies are together" . I comply with his request, sliding forward until our balls are against each other's, our rigid penises pointing upward. Geoff's legs are wrapped around my buttocks, on the floor, while my knees are squeezing his sides, my ankles crossed behind his hips. Geoff's arms are over my shoulders, his hands holding around the nape of my neck.

    I reach down between our abdomens and lightly squeeze our dicks together. Geoff's dick, thinner, longer, and lighter, and mine, thicker,  more veiney, sticking further out of it's foreskin. His dick, hard as a rock and hot as fire, and mine, pressed together. Slowly, I pull down on our shafts, revealing the heads of both our members, then push up. Geoff moans slightly, closes his eyes, and gently bites his lower lip.

    We continue in our embrace, Geoff holding my shoulders, and me sliding our foreskins rhythmically up and down. I look at Geoff's face, that sweet, cute face, and the most beautiful boy body attached to it. I look downward at his beautiful, long dick in my hand, and feel myself ready to ejaculate. Closing my eyes and tilting my head backward, breathing heavier, I prepare to spurt. Just as I'm about to send the first jet skyward, I feel Geoff's dick spew a volley, followed a split-second later by my own. The next 3 or 4 spurts feel like they are synchronized, both of us ejaculating in unison, as if from one being. I wrap my arms around Geoff's back and pull him closer. Our lips meet, and we kiss again.

    Several minutes pass, lost in the lust for each other, lips joined, penises together, legs entangled, until we finally pull apart. Geoff opens his eyes, looks down at all the semen on our chests and abdomens, our now deflated penises laying against each other's, then he looks up at me and smiles.

"Wow! That was absolutely the best wank ever!", he tells me, "I can't believe how much spunk we made!"

I look into his eyes, and say softly, "I can't believe how beautiful you are. I feel like, any minute now, I'm gonna wake up from this dream."

Geoff looks into my eyes, seriously, and says "No, Kyle, I'm real. This isn't a dream. I'm really here."

We sit, looking into each other's eyes for a minute, then Geoff states "We'd better wash up, before we start to smell. Let's do that now, before we start snogging again."

    Geoff turns the water in his shower on, and we both enter the stall. It's a tight squeeze, being built for one person, but that just makes the experience better. We soap each other's bodies all over, including our now flaccid dicks. I pull the foreskin back on Geoff's long penis and work the soap in beneath the fold. Holding his dick in my hand, I notice how long it still is, even limp. Mine is now about half the length it was hard, and my foreskin is completely covering the head, but Geoff's dick is nearly as long as it was erect. His foreskin doesn't completely cover his glans.

"Yeah, it's long all the time", he sighs, "I can't wear boxers `cause it falls out! You're lucky, not having a hose like mine."

I laugh, and say "Gee, it looks so good on you!"

I continue washing Geoff's body, now concentrating on his freckled shoulders. I massage the muscles on the top of his shoulders, which make him moan slightly.

"My shoulders and lower back are kinda stiff from holding us together", he tells me, "I'd really appreciate a massage there."

"Tell you what", I reply, "I'll give you a real, whole-body massage on the bed, as soon as we dry off."

"That sounds nice. I haven't had a good massage since the last time me and Simon were together" he says.

I'm intrigued by his comment. I ask "Who's Simon?"

"Simon was the first guy I ever fooled around with", he says, "He was the son of of the woman my mum shared an apartment with back in London. He was about 3 or 4 years older than me, and we started fooling around when I was just 10. We used to wank off together, give each other head, stuff like that. I had my first ejaculation with him. I really liked him, but he didn't want us to be boyfriends, you know?"

"Did you ever have, umm.... anal sex?", I ask.

"No,... but I wanted to", he replies, pausing a few seconds, then adds, "..especially after the time I saw him being buggered. He looked like he was really enjoying it, too. I asked him to fuck my arse a few days later, but he said that I was still too small, and that I should wait a few years."

"How old were you then?", I inquire.

"I think that was about a month after my 12th birthday", he says, "I remember because I shot my first load of spunk only a few days after turning 12. Simon was quite surprised when I spooged on his chest! I only had a few hairs on my scrotum and the base of my willie at the time."

"Gee, you guys in England must sart early! I didn't mess around with another guy until I was 13", I tell him.

I turn my soaping attention to his muscular buttock, massaging them in my hands. Man, are his buns firm! He turns around, facing me, and I put my hands around his hips, holding his buttcheeks behind his back.

"At least your friend Simon was concerned about you. When I got fucked, the guy wasn't very gentle with me", I tell him, continuing , "He just used me, then didn' want to talk with me later. It really hurt, too. My uncle tells me that it shouldn't hurt if you do it right, though."

Geoff hugs me, looks directly into my eyes, and says softly, "Don't worry-I'm not going to hurt you, and I know that you aren't going to hurt me, either."

I look back into his eyes, and say "Do you promise? I will if you will."

"Yes, I promise" he says. We lock our lips, and kiss once again.

    By this time, we are both quite well washed and rinsed, so we turn off the shower nozzle, dry our bodies off, and go over to Geoff's bed. He lays down on his face, arms out to the side, legs slightly apart. I straddle his body, one knee on either side of his hips, and start working on massaging his shoulder muscles. While doing this, I lower my buttocks down onto his thighs, where my penis rests in the valley between his cheeks. As I work my way down his firm, slight, freckled back, down toward his hips, I slide backwards slightly. I notice that my penis is erect once again, and is rubbing against Geoff's crotch as I move. This seems to please him as much as my massage does.

"You can put that thing inside me, if you really want to", he says, as he reaches behind his back and touches my dick.

"Believe me, I want to!," I tell him, softly, " But not just yet. If I just shove it in, I'm going to hurt your sweet little ass. I'd want to talk with my uncle first. He's gay, and he's a nurse. He knows I'm gay, too."

    I start massaging the muscular mounds of his buttcheeks, gently separating them, making geoff's virgin hole visible. I slide my penis up between his cheeks,  rubbing the head over his little pink hole. Geoff moans ecstatically.

"I can hardly wait until you decide to put that inside me", he whispers, adding " I've put a dildo about your size in me before, and didn't have any problem."

"I want to make sure that the time is right, and the occasion is special", I tell him, "Once you lose your virginity, you can't get it back. I want your first time to be something you remember with joy. I wish that I had waited."

"Yeah, you probably are right", he says, "Sounds like that guy who buggered you was a real git! What was his name?"

"His name was Todd", I tell him, " He's 3 years older than me, and I thought he was just a god! Turns out he was more like a devil. My uncle says the guy raped me, but I'm not sure if it was really all that. I really wanted to do it with him, It's just that he didn't really give a shit about me. Once I started going to the high school, he never talked to me again. I gave him my heart, and he treated me like dirt."

"I'm sorry", Geoff says, "I didn't mean to bring up anything so painful. For what it's worth, I promise that I'll never treat you like that."

"That's OK", I say, "It's all in the past. I'm over him, and now we're together. I trust you, and I never really trusted him-this is different."

    I move back a bit further, in order to massage his thighs. As I've said, he's not very bulky, but his muscles are firm and well defined. His legs are covered with a fine, soft, light red hair that at a distance looks like no hair at all. I work on his thighs, all the way up to his balls. After a few minutes, I roll  him onto his back.

    His penis is once again hard, sticking about halfway out of his foreskin. I bend over and start running my tongue around his balls. They are nice round, firm sacs, covered with the same light, soft hair that he has on his legs. I continue with my tongue up the bottom of his shaft, to his red tip. I slide his foreskin down, and run the tip of my tongue along the bottom of the head, up to the slit. Getting to the end, I hold his dick upright, then slide it into my mouth, and close my lips around it. I suck his member as hard as I can,  sliding my lips slowly up and down on the shaft. In only a few seconds, I feel him tense up, followed by a small spurt of semen as he reaches orgasm. I swallow several times, and slide his dick out.

"Gee, I didn't think you could cum again so soon", I say, adding "I'm gonna get some water, if you don't mind."

    I get up from the bed, and walk into the bathroom. I fill the cup with water, and drink it all down, washing the semen down my throat. I return to the bed, and lay next to Geoff. He reaches over, and we hug each other.

"I hope that didn't gross you out", he whispers to me, "Have you ever swallowed spooge before?"

"No, actually, I haven't", I tell him, "but it wasn't as gross as I thought it was going to be. Besides, that's a risk you gotta take, I guess."

"I'm sorry. I should've given you some warning first", he says, apologetically.

"Don't worry about it! It was a pleasure. I'll probably do it again sometime", I say  back to him.

    We lay there silently for a few minutes, then Geoff turns to me and says,

"Were you really being truthful when you said that you thought I was beautiful? Nobody has ever said that about me before."

"Geoff", I reply, "You are, to me at least, the most beautiful guy I've ever known. I really mean that, too."

    He rolls onto his back, looks up at the ceiling, and continues,

"I've always thought that I'm far too thin. I can't really gain much muscle, my hair is red, and my skin is too light. People see my freckles and they think I'm like 10 years old. I get called names like carrot top, and some people say I look pasty. You, on the other hand, would be considered extremely good looking by just about anybody. How can you think that I'm beautiful?"

"Geoff, you may not believe this, but I actually like skinny guys! I love red hair, and your freckles drive me crazy!". I take a deep breath, and continue,"I know that people find me attractive. Hell, even girls want my body! But I've always wanted to be thinner and taller than I am. I don't want a boy that looks like me. I like you the way you are. I really think your body is hot, and I don't care what anybody else thinks."

    He smiles, and kisses me once more. We lay ther on his bed for a few more minutes, looking at each other, carressing our bodies.

"We'd better put some clothes on", he says, "My parents should be back soon."

"Do they know about you?" I ask.

"You mean that I'm queer?" he says, "Maybe, but I've never told them. What about you?"

"Well, I came out to my uncle John last year", I tell him, "and I think my mother may know, but no, I haven't told her, either."

    Geoff picks up the shirt that he had been wearing, and puts it on. I start picking up my clothes, and put them on, also. Just about the time we are finally dressed, We here the garage door opening. I help Geoff comb his hair, and we both go upstairs to meet his parents. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on details, but they are a nice couple. His mother is British, and his stepdad is American, and grew up in the area. We talk for a few minutes, Geoff asks his parents if I can sleep over after his lesson on friday. they both agree, as long as my mother does. Then I ask geoff;

"Can you come over to my house for a couple hours tomorrow?"

"Um.., I'd like to," he says, "But I've got a lot of math homework to do tomorrow. I'm a little behind in that class, and I really need some help with it, so mum and I were going to work on it together."

"Yes, he's having a wicked time with this class," his mother says, "it's completely different than the math they were teaching him in London."

"Hey", I say to Geoff, "I'm taking AP math right now, and I've always made A's in math, so let me tutor you.I probably did the same things 2 years ago, so I can tell you what the teacher is looking for!"

    Geoff and his mother were quite pleased with my offer, and we made plans for him to stop by at about 11:00 the next day. I thank his parents, and tell them that I should be going home, since it is getting kinda late. Geoff walks with me out to the garage, and gives me a peck on the cheek. I return the kiss, we say goodbye, and I ride home. What a day!

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