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The Kyle and Geoff series, chapter 4

by Alexx


I wake up at about 7:30, and my dick is as hard as stone. I've been dreaming about Geoff all night, recalling his body, that marvelous long member of his, his beautiful green eyes, and his cute smirk-like smile. I'm not sure, but maybe I'm in love. Well, I'm certainly in lust, if nothing else! He's coming over at 10:00, and I can hardly wait! I get up from bed, stretch, and look outside my window to see another drab spring day. The clouds are gray, it's sprinkling rain, but at least the temperature is in the low 50's. A day like this would usually get me down, but not today. Geoff is coming over, and that alone makes the day special.

Once my nearly perpetual erection subsides, I put on some clothing, and go down to the kitchen. My mom is at the stove, stirring something in a pot.

"Morning, sweetheart", she says to me, "guess who's here for breakfast?"

I look over at the dinette table, where my uncle John is sitting.

"Hey, squirt! How's it been?" he says, standing up from his chair.

I go over and give him a hug. I'm really glad to see him. He's really been a great friend to me, helping me come to accept what being gay means. He's somebody that I can talk to about things, even things I wouldn't want to share with my mom.

"Your mom and I are going to go out shopping later", John says, "and we've been talking about me taking care of you for about 10 days in July when she has to go out to California."

I remember that mom had said something about this a couple of months ago. Now, though, the prospect of being under the guidance of my gay uncle for more than a week is sounding a lot better, especially since Geoff came into my life. I'm really hoping that Geoff will be able to stay with me during those days. John and I talk a few minutes about the dates that mom will be gone, and John said that he would be perfectly happy to spend most of the time here, rather than back at his apartment in Chicago. This really sounds like it's going to work out well.

We eat breakfast together, and both John and mom notice that I'm happier than usual. Of course, I try to be nonchalant about it, even though I'm just about to bust a vein waiting for Geoff to come over. After eating, John and I are sitting in the den, while mom is out in the back yard, working on the garden.


"So, Kyle," John says to me, "is this boy Geoff your boyfriend now? Sis told me about him, and you seem so happy today, so I just kinda thought you two might already be an 'item'."

"I'm not sure, John. I've only known him a few days, but we both really like each other. We're definitely both gay, and we've already fooled around. He wants to go just about all the way already, but I want to hold back a bit, if you know what I mean?"

"Do you love him?" John asks me.

I hesitate a second, then say "Well, I think I might. This is really kinda new to me, but it's definitely more than I've ever felt for another guy before. I'd be happy being with him even if we didn't have sex. I want to learn more about him. I want to help him any way I can. And I'm scared that if I screw up, he might leave me. Damn, I've never felt so...so... vulnerable, I guess. But...I want to be vulnerable with him, you know? I mean, you know that I don't really like being kissed, but....with him, we kiss a lot, and I don't want it to stop. Am I making any sense here?"

"Oh, boy.", John sighs, "It's worse than I thought. It sounds like you are head-over-heels in love with him. Kyle, don't go overboard. Try to act natural-he'll probably like you just the way you are. Just treat him the way you would like him to treat you. Oh, by the way, don't forget to use the `protection' I gave you, in case you do decide to go all the way with him."

John is referring to the small box of goodies he gave me a few months ago, when I revealed to him that, not only was I gay, but had been deflowered already. Inside this box was about 2 dozen unlubricated condoms (in the larger size that I needed), a large tube of KY jelly, a small container of latex exam gloves, and a smallish dildo. (That dildo, incidentally, had helped me get through many lonely nights last winter! )

Just then, the phone rings. I grab instinctively for the receiver, and answer the call. It's Geoff calling, wondering if he could come over a bit earlier. Of course, I say yes, thank him, and hang up the phone. John looks at me, and says;

"Do you realize that you were stroking your dick while talking on the phone? Trust me, you really do love this boy. Treat him gently and kindly. Finding true love at your age is a rare and wonderful thing-don't forget that! And if you need any `sensitive' advice about sex, don't hesitate to call me, OK, squirt? I am a nurse, after all."

I look up at him and say, "OK, but on one condition."

"What's that, squirt?"

"Stop_calling_me_squirt!" I say, gritting my teeth, "I can't stand it!"

"Sure, Kyle. You are becoming a man, and I shouldn't treat you like a child anymore. I'm sorry", he says, "I've known you since you were a little boy, and sometimes I forget that you've become the handsome young man that you are."

"After last summer, I'm surprised that you would still think of me as being little", I say, smiling, referring to an experience last summer between me and John. I had just come out to him a couple of days before, and I was a mess, after Todd had ravaged me and tossed me away. John convinced me to come out of my room and go for a swim with him. I had always swum nude in our backyard pool (my father had been a nudist, and my mother was one for a while, too), and I convinced him to do likewise. He had swam with me many times before over the years, but he had always worn swimtrunks. This time, though, he relented, and we had a very enjoyable swim together. Well, I guess that I started getting silly, and I suggested that we have a jerk-off contest. Surprisingly, John agreed, so we stood next to each other, stoking our dicks until we shot our loads. John was surprised with the size of my erection, actually being larger than his! I believe that I was the first to cum (hardly surprising), and John shot more and further than I did. Afterwards, we both kinda realized that we had done something that we really shouldn't have, him being my uncle and all, and both agreed to not do this again, or to even mention it.

"I'm sorry, John, I shouldn't have said that", I tell him, remembering our promise to each other.

"That's OK, hon. You're right, I DO know that you aren't a little boy anymore. I probably know better than I should, but still, what happened did happen. I hope you don't hold that against me, Kyle."

"No, I don't, John. I still kinda think of you like a father to me, even after that day. Besides, it WAS me who started it."

"Well, Kyle, don't forget-it WAS my responsibility to NOT let something like that happen, and I blew it."

It only takes Geoff about 5 minutes to ride from his house to mine, through the cool morning drizzle. I see him walking up the steps, carrying a knapsack of schoolbooks over his shoulder. He's wearing a pair of gold-rim glasses, something I haven't seen him do before. I answer the door before he can push the buzzer.

"Hey", I say, trying to act casual, "c'mon in!"

He's wearing denim shorts, a t-shirt and a nylon jacket. He has a baseball cap under his bike helmet.

"Oh,", I tell him, "you'd better put your bike in the garage-it's around the back, and it's open."

"Thanks-be back in a minute!", Geoff says, smiling at me as he wheels his bike up the driveway. John is standing next to me, and once Geoff is out of earshot, he says:

"Hey, Kyle, he's cute! From London, I'd guess. I can tell by the size of his hands that he's probably hung like a horse, too. Is he younger than you?"

"Yeah, he's still 13," I tell him, "and his dick is really long, too, longer than mine, but not wide at all. He's not circumcized, and yes, he's from the east end of London. He's not inexperienced, in fact he's had more sex than I have, but he hasn't had anal sex yet. Why, are you interested?"

"I'm sure you've told me more than I really need to know, mr. smarty pants!", John replies,"And I'm not trying to get into his pants, either, so get your mind out of the gutter! At least I'm glad you aren't robbing the cradle, if you know what I mean. If he wasn't so tall, he could pass for being 11!"

"Do you think he's hot?", I ask.

"Kyle, he's half my age, maybe less. Yeah, I'd get a boner if he was stroking his prong in front of me, but he's far to young for me to consider hot. If I were still 15, though, I probably would...." John tells me, stopping for a few seconds, then adding, "Tell you what, squ...I mean, Kyle, I'll try to keep your mom out as long as possible, and I'll ring you when we are coming back, just so we don't embarass the two of you, OK?"

I smile at John, and say "thanks." I give him a peck on his cheek. He looks at me and says;

"Now, don't you two do anything that I wouldn't. In fact, don't do half the things that I would, either!"

"No, I won't, John. Last time we were together, he offered to let me fuck him, but I declined the offer. I'm going to wait until the time is special, and I'm sure that this will last."

"Kyle", John says, "I wish that I had your restraint when I was 15. I fucked the first ass available, and then the guy never talked to me again. I'm just sad that you had to experience what that guy Todd did to you. Don't get the idea that it's always that way, kid. Done right, sex can be really beautiful. Even anal sex."

While Geoff was putting his bike in the garage, Geoff and my mom met each other, and now they are walking together down the driveway toward the front door. Geoff sees me, and say;

"Hey Kyle, I met your mum back by the garage. You didn't tell me that she was so nice!"

Of course, I'm embarassed, and I'm sure he said this to make me blush. So did my mom.

"Geoffrey," my mom says, "flattery will get you everywhere! Thank You. Well, It's time that John and I get going. My purse is already in the car, so let's go!"

John puts his jacket on and shakes Geoff's hand as he comes out the door. "Nice meeting you, Geoff", he says, then takes his hand, and musses up Geoff's hair. "Play nice, now", he adds, quietly, so that my mother can't hear him.

We go inside, and I shut the door. I go over to Geoff and run my fingers through his red hair, trying to comb it back into place.

"I didn't know you wore glasses-they make you look very sexy" I tell him.

"I really only need them to see far, so I don't usually wear them", he replies, adding, "I've only had them for a couple of months."

I put my hands on his shoulders and draw him close. "I've been waiting for this", I say, just before I plant my lips on his. We embrace each other, and continue kissing for probably 2 or 3 minutes, swapping tongues, feeling each other's bodies, and stopping only for the purpose of catching our breath. I look into his beautiful green eyes and say;

"Geoff...I..I..I've never felt this way about anybody else before in my life. I have to know-do you feel the same way, too? I mean, I've messed around with other boys before, and there's lots of guys I think are really hot, but what I feel for you is so much more than just that."

Geoff looks me in the eyes and says "Yes, I feel the same way about you. I wasn't sure if I should tell you, because I was afraid that it might scare you away. Yes, when we are together, it's much better than it ever was with anybody else. I know this is all happening so fast, but I felt this way shortly after we met. The way you touched me so gently, the way you looked at me, your laugh, I just loved it. And when I noticed that you had a stiffy, too, well....I just knew that you wanted me, too. That's why I risked it in the shower the other night. I just knew that we were meant to be together. I hope that I wasn't being to forward, but I just had to try."

I close my eyes for a few seconds, swallow, and say, "Geoff......I love you."

"I love you too, Kyle", he says, without any hesitation.

After we finish kissing (and groping) some more, I take Geoff's jacket and hang it up. Then, I give him a short tour of the house. I show him the kitchen, the living room, my bedroom, the sun porch and jacuzzi, the pool deck, and all the other rooms. Geoff is quite impressed, never having lived in a detached house before his stepdad moved them to the US.

"Can we use the jacuzzi?", Geoff asks me.

"I've turned the heater up," I tell him, "so it should be nice and warm when we finish doing your homework."

We go over to the dinette table in the kitchen and Geoff pulls out the trig book that's giving him so many problems. He sits down on a chair, and I sit next to him.

"I don't know if I'm going to be able to concentrate with the stiffy I've got inside my shorts", he says.

"For right now, let's concentrate on what's in this book, not what's in our shorts," I reply, "Once we get finished with this, we can do whatever you want, but first, we gotta do math."

I look at the trig problems that he is doing, and I go through all the basics of the subject. Geoff listens intently, and quickly masters the subject. He makes a few small mistakes, which I help him find by himself when he double-checks his answers. We do all the problems in his assignment, and even get ahead to the next assignment. In little more than an hour, Geoff is caught up, he understands the subject, and he's even a little ahead of the course plan.

"OK", I say to him, "Time for some fun. Let's get out of these clothes and go soak in the jacuzzi for a while."

I montion for him to come upstairs, to my room. "We'll leave our togs in my room, just in case we need to make a quick retreat", I tell him. Geoff follows me quickly up the stairs, into my room. He looks at me and asks "Can I undress you?"

"Sure", I say, "and then I'll undress you, too?"

Geoff nods his head, and slowly pulls my shirt up over my head. Next, he slowly unties the drawstring to my sweatpants, loosens the waist, and slides them carefully to the floor. I help by stepping out of them once they are on the floor. My briefs are bulging with excitement, and Geoff slowly pulls the waistband down, uncovering my equipment inch by inch, until it springs free, slapping Geoff on his chin. He lets my shorts drop to the floor, and gently pushes my foreskin back. He parts his lips, preparing to take me in his mouth.

"No, Geoff, wait until we get downstairs. I'm trying to set a little mood, first. It'll be better, trust me.", I tell him. He smiles, and stands up. "Now, it's my turn."

I pull his shirt off, and quickly unbutton his shorts, leaving him standing in his briefs. I pull them off slowly, not letting it bounce up, then drop them to the floor. I run my hand under his fuzzy balls, look at him, and say "OK, were ready. RACE YA!!"

I quickly run out of my room and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, I watch as Geoff jogs down the steps, watching that wonderful, long dick of his bounce up, down, and sideways. I take off toward the sun porch, with Geoff hot on my heels. "Gotcha!", he yells, as he grabs my hips. He grabs me hard, and pulls me up against his body, pressing his erect penis between my buttcheeks. He holds his hands on my front, one on my pecs, and one on my abdomen.

"God, you have a super body!", he exclaims, groping my chest.

"Yeah", I return, "and it's all yours, too!"

He turns me around and plants a kiss right on my lips. "I'm going to get a better look at what you've got tonight", he tells me.

"OK, get in the water!", I tell him, "I'm going to put on some music. I'll be right there."

I turn the circulator on and go into the next room to put a CD on. I decide that some Mozart would be nice, the 'Elvira Madigan' piano concerto, actually. It's one of my favorites, and I'm hoping he will like it, too. I return to the jacuzzi, and Geoff is already in the water. I slowly lower myself into the hot, bubbling water when Geoff says to me;

"Mozart, huh? I didn't know you liked classical music. I really love this piece-I had to play it for a solo once."

"You play the piano?" I ask.

"Yes. I've been taking lessons since I was 6. My mother said that, with long hands like mine, it would be a crime not to teach me the piano. I actually liked it, and I'm still taking lessons."

"Hey, you can play our piano later. How good are you?"

"Well, actually, I'm taking lessons from one of the best pianists in town. He says that I might have a future as a professional. I'm thinking that maybe I should, too. Do you play the piano, too?"

"Well, I took a few lessons, and I can kinda play it", I say, "But I'm a lot better playing the oboe, actually. I play the bassoon, to, but that's only when they need an extra one. Still, I'm not thinking about making it a career, you know. But, I'd really like to hear you play, later."

"Seems as if we have more in common than we thought", he replies, "I wonder what else we have in common?"

"Well," I counter,"maybe we should try to learn as much about each other as possible. Tell you what, I'll ask you a questions,and you must answer it truthfully. Then you ask a question, and so on, and so on,...."

"OK, first question," he starts, "how many guys have you ever had sex with?"

"Two. Todd was the first", I reply, "then I had one time with a boy named Sean. We jerked each other off, he really enjoyed it, but 2 days later he told me that we'd better not do it again. He was cute, but he didn't know what he wanted. What about you?"

"Two, also. Simon, who I told you about, and then once with an older guy. Simon knew him, and he paid Simon to have sex with him. One day, me and him were walking through a local park, and this guy saw Simon, asked him if he was up for one. Simon said that he was taking care of me for the day, and the guy offered double if I joined in with them. Simon asked if it was OK with me, and I said yes."

"Tell me more", I plead, feeling my dick stiffening.

"Well, we go to his flat, and we all get starkers together. He starts sucking Simon, then he sucks me, then he sucks both me and Simon together, taking both our willies in his mouth at the same time. After that, he lays down on the bed, and has me sit on his hips, on top of his dick. He wanks me off, and I spurt cum on his hairy chest, which surprised him 'coz I didn't have much hair then. Anyway, he cleans his chest off, thanks me, then I stay and watch while he buggers Simon in the arse."

"Wow!", I retort, "How old were you?"

"I'd just turned 12 that week. He paid us each 20 pounds, which is like, $30."

"When's your birthday?", I ask.

"Saturday", he says, "I'm turning 14 then. Now for my next question-what's the oddest thing sexual you've ever done?"

"Well, Geoff, you'll have to promise you never tell this to anybody, but my uncle John and I had a jerk-off contest once."

"Who won?", he asks.

"I came first, but he shot farther. Now my question. Have you ever gone naked outdoors?"

"No", he says, adding, "but I guess you have?"

"Yes, actually my Dad's family were nudists. I used to go with mom, then with my grandparents even after dad died. Mom kinda gave up on it, though. I still swim nude most of the time, though, I actually learned how to swim here, with my dad, in the nude."

"Wicked!", he says, "You even go naked in front of your mum? Do you still go to a nudist camp?"

"Yeah, I go naked in front of mom, even today, but no, I gave up a couple of years ago on the nudist camp-just couldn't keep my wee-wee under control."

"Well, since you told me about your dad, I out to tell you about mine," Geoff says, looking down"He's still alive, but I haven't seen him for 2 years. He's a junky. At least you know your dad's gone."

Geoff is trying to be stoic, but I can tell that he's ready to cry. I reach over, bring him closer, and hold his head against me.

"Aww, Geoff, that's too bad. I'm sure he loves you, maybe he just doesn't want to hurt you by bringing his problems into your life." As he sobs a little, I stroke his head, and add "I think you are better off than you think. I was not quite 8 when my dad died in a plane crash. I remember the last time I saw him-there was a school play I was going to be in, and dad said that he was going to take an earlier flight, just to get home in time. That was the plane that crashed. I must've cried for 2 weeks when he died, and I blamed myself for his death. After the shock wore off, I was angry for a long time, and I took it out on my mom, my friends, everybody. I spent a couple of years in therapy, just to get my head together. Be glad that you still have a father-I'd be glad to have dad back, even if he was a junky, or crippled, anything."

"I guess you're right", he says, wiping the moisture from his eye, "I just wish my dad had been even half what your dad was. Still, he is my dad, so I guess he'll have to do."

I pull him closer to me, and position him on my lap, slightly sideways. I look into his green eyes, and see the sadness in them melt, returning to the twinkle that he usually has. He smiles, and puts his hand on my shoulder.

"You know, this jacuzzi is really nice, but man, is it getting hot in here!", he tells me, adding, "I'm not sure how much more I'm going to be able to take."

With his other hand underwater, he reaches for my hand, grasps it, and moves it over to his hardening penis. I run my index finger up the back of his shaft, over his piss-slit, and under his foreskin, making a complete encirclement. I pull his skin back, over the crest, and leave it there while my fingers wamder back toward his furry balls. Our lips connect as my hand continues down his crotch. He speads his thighs to give me better access, and my finger continues down to his anus. I run my finger over his sphincter, and he moans slightly.

"Slip it in, just a little bit, please."

I comply with his request, pushing it slowly in, first one knuckle, then a second. He is warm, almost hot inside, and his hole is not nearly as tight as I had expected. Geoff closes his eyes and bites his lower lip softly. I insert the finger the rest of the way in, then slowly remove it. He arches his head back. I do this a few more times, then finall ask him;

"Do you want to go upstairs and fool around, now?"

"Oh, yes,...I do", he replies.

We hop out of the hot, bubbling water, and dry our bodies off. Geoff is sporting a woody, his dick actually pointing above horizontal. So am I, actually. We jog quickly up the stairs, and jump onto my bed. Geoff positions himself over me, with his dick over my mouth, and his head over my dick. He lightly grabs my penis, pulls my foreskin back, and stuffs my engorged member as far into his moth as he can.

From where I'm laying, I have a great view of Geoff's fuzzy balls and his butthole. I guide his long, skinny dick into my mouth, taking better than half of it before I start to gag. Geoff raises and lowers his hips, and does likewise with his head. I use my hands to explore all over his crotch, ass, and balls, while Geoff's incredible suction work on my dick. I try my best to hold back, but I can feel myself ready to explode. I pull his dick out of my mouth and exclaim, "here I come!!. He continues to suck me with all his might, as I ejaculate more forcefully that I ever have before. Geoff keeps right on blowing me, swallowing several times. Finally, spent and sensitive, I say, "Please-no more-I can't take anymore".

Geoff sits up, turns around, and wipes his mouth. He smiles, and says, "Wow. You really do make a lot of spunk! Now, it's my turn!". He points his skinny rod at my mouth, looking for all the world like a freckled arrow and a red arrowhead. I open my lips, and he plunges it into my mouth, aiming for the bullseye. I suck him like a vaccuum cleaner, and knead his buttocks like they were mounds of bread dough. In about 2 minutes, I here him gasp, "Oh..Oh,..I'm gonna...", just as his dick starts to spurt in my throat. I tilt my head back, and take him all the way, deep-throating him. He squirts 7 or 8 times, then I pull his dick back into my mouth, letting me breath again.

"I..I can't believe you took me all the way! How did you do that?", he asks.

I pull back, letting his dick out, and tell him, "It's called deep-throating. I read about it somewhere, and decided to practice, using a banana, and even with a dildo. It take some getting used to, but it gets most of the cum past my mouth."

"Wow, I've got to try that sometime. Maybe next friday?"

"Sounds like a plan", I tell him, adding, "I'll bring my dildo with me, if that's OK?"

"Sure, Kyle. Just bring some condoms and grease, too. I'll want to try that dildo up my arse, too, and I don't want to put that in my mouth without a rubber over it."

We clean up what little mess we've made, and then head downstairs, still naked. I go to the kitchen to make sandwiches, while Geoff goes to play my mom's piano. He starts playing a nocturne by Chopin, and he plays it beautifully! He is obviously extremely talented. I finish making the sandiches, then walk over to where he's playing. He's now playing a piece by Beethoven, but I can't remember which one it is. His eyes are closed, and he sways gently to the music, obviously lost in the melody. I come up behind him and place my hands gently on his bony, freckled shoulders. He stops, looks up at me, and smiles. "You play woderfully-you are obviously very talented. come, let's eat lunch", I tell him.

We eat the sandwiches, and spend about the next hour talking, getting to know each other better, our similarities, our differences, our likes and dislikes. The more I find out about him, the more I like him. Finally, I suggest that we watch a DVD, a new movie John gave me called "Get Real". Geoff is excited, being that it is a British movie, one which he has not yet seen.

We lay down on the leather couch in front ofthe TV, still naked, and covered with a blanket. We explore the few crevices of each other's bodies that we may have yet missed, and we both enjoy the movie immensely. Finally, just as the movie is ending, I get the call from John. They will be home in 20 minutes. We clean up the place a bit, then go upstairs to put our clothing back on. Slowly, we dress each other, sad in the fact that we will soon be parting, at least for a while. Finally dressed, we embrace each other, kissing passionately. I hear my mom's car come up the driveway, and we go downstairs.

I hope you all have enjoyed this chapter. I'm really busy these days, so it may be a couple of weeks before the next installment. I'm planning on bringing these character ahead at least for a year, maybe longer, so any plot ideas will be considered.