Kyle and Geoff
chapter 5
by Alexx

     I'd like to thank all those who have given me ideas, especially Myka and Peter. This chapter goes a little astray, but comes together at the end. I'm not trying to say that everybody should do things like they do, but sometimes a little variety helps spice things up. After all, sometimes sex is just sex. Well, the usual disclaimers apply here, too, none of the people are real, any resemblance to anybody living or dead is purely coincedental, and don't read this story if you shouldn't or don't want to.

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The Second Lesson :

    Since the last installment, Geoff and I have seen each other several times. Sunday was nice and warm, so we went for a long ride around the neighborhood and through the nearby woods. We spent a lot of time in the woods together, giving each other immense pleasure. Monday, Geoff and I worked on homework over at his house, and on Tuesday, he came over to mine. He played a duet with me, him on the piano, and me on the oboe. My mother was there to hear him playing, and she was very impressed. She even referred to him as a musical prodigy, which he probably is. Of course, he just had to show off by blatantly flattering her, and doing it in nearly fluent French, yet! I just keep finding more interesting things about him every day, it seems!

    Wednesday, he had to go into Chicago for his lesson, so we only talked on-line, but we met again on Thursday. We actually had sexual contact only on Tuesday, just a quick wank before practicing. We decided that it would be nice to 'save ourselves' for Friday.

    Friday is now here, and I've been distracted all day, thinking about Geoff, his cute little smile, those adorable freckles, his nice firm arse, and of course, that impressively long penis of his. Finally, the day ends and I run home as fast as I can. I quickly pack a change of clothing in my gym bag, next to all my swim gear, putting it inside a plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet. I also pack my tube of KY jelly, toothpaste,my dildo, a toothbrush,  a few latex exam gloves and some condoms.  Geoff has told me that he has all the bedding supplies that we need, and that he will meet me at the pool at about 6:30. I start dinner early, since mom said she wouldn't be in before I leave. I eat my dinner, leave mom a note, and head out the door at about 5:45. The weather has turned suddenly cold, and it's starting to snow slightly, so I walk quickly over to the school where the pool is located.

    As I'm walking inside the building, moving toward the pool locker room, I round the corner, and there is Sean. I stop, he looks up and sees me, then says;

    "Hey, Kyle! guess I owe you a big apology.......I'm really sorry about what I said and did to you. I was being a jerk-I hope you don't think that I don't, that I didn't like you." He looks down at the floor, then into my eyes. "I really did enjoy the time we spent together. I still think about you, you know. I-I'm just......ashamed about the way I acted. Can you forgive me, Kyle?"

    He reaches out for my hand, brings it up to his lips, and kisses it. "I'm sorry", he adds, "I didn't mean to hurt you. You really meant a lot to me."

    He looks like he's about ready to shed tears, so I put my arms around him, hugging him. "It's OK, Sean. I think that I understand. Sometimes we do stupid things when we don't know what to do."

    Sean wipes the moisture away from his eyes. He tells me, "You know, my mom had me go to a therapist when she found out that I was gay. This guy really helped me a lot, but my dad still isn't completely accepting. I've been doing group therapy with 4 other gay kids. It's great. I'm not trying to live a lie anymore. I......just wish that things were different when we got together. I can't believe the things I said to you now. So, how have you been?"

    "Well, I'm seeing a really cool guy right now, his name is Geoff. He should be here any minute-I'm teaching him how to swim. I' him a little bit about the two of us, but nothing very detailed, though. I hope that you don't mind."

    "Hey, don't worry-I'm not afraid any longer! I'm gay, and I accept it. I'm really glad you found somebody. I just hope I meet somebody as nice as you again someday. Do you mind if I meet him, or would you, know, me to keep away?"

    "Oh, no, I'd love for you to meet him! And, by the way, with a body like yours, you won't have any problem finding anybody, Sean. Some guys might not be very nice, though...."

    Just then Geoff comes around the corner, his red hair glowing under the fluorescent lights. He's wearing his glasses. "Kyle!", he exclaims upon seeing me. We come together and embrace.

    "Geoff, this is Sean, the guy I mentioned once. Just forget those not-so-nice things I told you about him, though-we've patched things up, now"

    Geoff looks him up and down, and says, "Pleasure to meet you. Kyle's told me a little about you,, you aren't exactly as I had imagined you."

    Sean laughs, saying, "Yeah, after the way I treated him, you probably expected some sort of a 4-headed troll, or something! Well, I was acting like an asshole then, so he was probably right. Gee, Kyle didn't mention that you were damn....cute!"

    Geoff blushes, smiles, and adds, "Trust me, It's not so easy being so damn cute. I wish I could be just plain handsome, or maybe even just plain beautiful, like Kyle." He musses up my hair and smiles at me.

    We make a little small talk, then go into the locker room to change. I ask Sean to join us while we change, so we take 3 lockers right next to each other's. Of course, Sean had seen me naked before, and I'd seen his 4 or 5" circumcised penis before. Standing about 5'6", with sandy blond hair, Sean has a solid, lean, athletic look about him. His balls are bigger now than I remember from 5 months ago, and his sandy pubic hair is thicker, too. He's obviously been exercising a lot, since his stomach is now better defined, a true washboard, in fact, and his chest is better developed than I remember.

    When Geoff finally removes his undershorts, though, Sean gasps audibly. "Wow", he says, "That's quite a package you have there, Geoff". I notice that Sean's dick has grown and stiffened somewhat.

    "Believe me, it's a pain in the arse having a prong this long", Geoff says, "The effing thing's always falling out. There's absolutely no way to stuff this thing into a speedo, either", he adds, bouncing it in his left hand, as if to emphasise it's size better.

    Sean looks at Geoff's penis, and tells us, "My dick's getting hard just looking at it." Geoff smiles, turns to me, and says "Maybe we can help him out a little, after our lesson? Only if you want to, though, Kyle."

    "Would you like to?", I ask them both."It's usually deserted here after the pool closes. Geoff and I had here last week after swimming."

    "Gee, I, uh..I'd really like that, if you really want to, know", Sean stammers, "Um, I hope this doesn't make you two,... you know, uncomfortable, being a couple and all, now. I mean,...we were together before you two met."

    I look a Sean and say, "Sean, I like you, you're a good friend, and you have a real nice body, but I'm never going to love you like I do Geoff. If we have some fun together, the 3 of us, I'm sure Geoff isn't going to leave me for you, either, so I'm not uncomfortable about it. In fact, I think it might be kinda fun."


    We finally get dressed for the pool, stopping off at the showers to rinse off before entering the pool area. Sean excuses himself and goes over to the diving boards. He's on the diving team, so I guess he's here to practice. Geoff and I go to the shallow end and review the things we did the week before. We start working on some new stuff, which Geoff does eagerly. I take him into deeper water, in order to teach him to tread water. We are in water just deep enogh for us to touch bottom with our tiptoes. I show him how to do it, and tell him we're going to tread water for 5 minutes.

    Sean does a head-first dive off the 3-meter board, surfaces, then swims over to us, going under the rope that divides the deep and shallow ends. "Think you're ready for the deep end yet?", he asks my red-haired boyfriend.

    "I don't know", he responds, "You know, being a skinny lad, I sink like a stone. I've probably got to work twice as hard as you guys just to stay afloat."

    "So, how did you two meet, anyway?", Sean inquires, "I don't think I've seen you around before."

    "Well, by stepdad wanted for me to learn how to swim, so he called his old scoutmaster, and the guy put me in touch with Kyle. I'm in 8th grade still, so that's why you haven't seen me before."

    Sean looks over at me and asks "Are you still in scouts? I haven't seen you there for a couple of months now. I thought you had given up. Actually, I'm about to give it up, too-it's just a matter of time before somebody complains about me being a queer, I guess. Some of those guys are getting to be real jerks, too."

    "Yeah, I gave it up, but the scoutmaster keeps trying to get me back. After I finished getting my eagle badge there wasn't much left to do, anyway. Hey, by the way, how did you end up coming out, anyway? I would never have though you would do that, at least not before me! What happened?"

    "Oh, man, was that a mess! My mom found my porn collection. Do you remember that file of pics of that skinny blond guy, you know-the one with the really long skinny dick and the shaved pubes?" I nod my head, recalling the image-a skinny boy, about 14 or so, bleached blond hair, center parted, beautiful blue eyes, and the longest real dick you could imagine. There must've been 50 shots of him, most of him jacking off. It was great, but I wonder why he was posing nude, like that. "Well, mom found it, and she hit the roof. She said that she didn't mind if I was gay, but pornography was something she couldn't accept. She found a therapist for me to see-I couldn't believe it! God, I was so nervous-my parents and me going to see him, having to talk about my sexual fantasies, things like that. ..............But, you know, it's a lot better now. My mom had pretty much figured out about the two of us all on her own, but it's not a big deal. Dad's OK about it too, but it took him a while to accept it. What about you-are you thinking about coming out?"

    "Well, eventually I'd like to", I tell him, "I think my mom already knows, but doesn't want to make, you know, a big deal about it. You know, my uncle is gay, and I've been out to him for almost a year now. What about you, Geoff?"

    "Umm...I'm not sure. My mum's OK with gays, in fact her flatmate's son was a flaming queen when we lived there,....... but I'm not sure about my stepdad. I'd like to, but I'm not ready just yet. I am ready to stand on solid ground, though-are the 5 minutes up yet, Kyle?"

    I look up at the clock. "Oh, shit! Yes, they are-we went 8 minutes-I'm sorry, Geoff. I guess this means you're ready for the deep end. Do you want to try today, or next time?"

    "I'll wait for next time. I want to save my stregth for later", he says, smiling. We swim a few feet over to the shallower water. Sean and I talk for a few minutes while Geoff catches his breath. Other than the lifeguard, we are the only ones in the pool. The lifeguard blows a long note on her whistle-closing time. We get out of the pool, grab our towels, and run into the locker room. She locks the door behind us.

    Geoff and I waste no time in getting naked. We turn on 3 nozzles, all together, and stand under the warm running water. Sean spends a few moments fiddling with the drawstring on his speedo-he seems to have a knot, so he starts to shimmy out of it. We watch the show, remarking on how much he resembles a stripper, so he adds a little hip gyration into the act. Finally, he gets his butt exposed, then starts to slide the waistband over his now-rigid dick. Of course, it pops up when freed, standing nearly perfectly horizontal.

    "Looks like somebody's already horny", I say to Geoff. Sean looks at our semi-hard dicks, and says "Hey, with scenery like this, can you blame me?"

    Geoff walks over to Sean and starts to stroke Sean's dick gently. I come up behind Sean, place one hand on his shoulder, and fondle his nipple with the other. Sean breaths deeply, saying "Oh, yeah. Do it-whatever you want." Geoff gets on his knees and takes Sean's full 5 hard inches in his mouth, while I concentrate on Sean's nipples. I run one hand down Sean's firm, flat stomach, along the fine pubic hairs around his navel, then end up stroking the bottom of his balls, while Geoff slides his lips up and down Sean's pole. Watching my beautiful boyfriend sucking Sean's dick just gets me so excited. My dick is hard now, and so is Geoff's. I slide my dick along Sean's back, resting my balls against his cheeks. Geoff's dick bounces around as he slides back and forth on Sean's tool.

    It only takes a minute until Sean says "Hey, Im gonna cum." Geoff pulls back, and I take Sean's dick in my hand. I wank it up and down about 3 times, then feel him tighten and finally start to explode. I aim Sean's penis at my lover's chest, and watch as Sean squirts a half dozen volleys of semen on him.

    Sean relaxes, his balls now emptied, and reopens his eyes. He looks at Geoff's cum-coverd chest, then turns around to me and says, "Thank you-both of you. That was incredible. If you want, I'll do you, too. I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle all of that, though", he adds, as he looks down at Geoff's hard dick.

    "Sorry, not tonight. Geoff and I are sleeping over at his house, so I don't want to get off here, right now. It's going to be a fun night." I smile and look over at Geoff. He's smiling, too.

    We wash the cum off each other, and I spend a lot of time washing Geoff's body, running my fingers over all the parts that I can. Sean watches me doing this, and gets excited all over again. We kiss, Geoff and me, then Sean asks us:

    "Umm..I was wondering if you 2 could help me. There's this guy iIknow, and, well, we're really getting to be good friends. He says he likes me, and he knows that I'm gay, but....I think he's a bit scared, you know. I was wondering if you'd like to go with us to see a movie together? I'm hoping that he might see the way you two are, and, well, maybe he won't be as worried as he is, you know? Could we do that, maybe?"

    "Oh, sure, Sean. Maybe Sunday afternoon?" I say. Geoff agrees, and Sean thanks us. I'm glad he's finding someone. Actually, I'm glad we just finished fooling around with him, too. It's a lot better than the way we left thing a few months before, and he really has become a nicer person. I look at Geoff's hot, skinny body, and he looks at me. We both smile, knowing what the night has in store for us both.

    We are now dressed and heading over to Geoff's house, walking slowly on a cold spring night. Geoff turns to me and says "You know, Sean is pretty cool. I find it hard to believe he was so nasty to you once."

    I respond, saying "Yeah, he has changed a lot. His body is nicer now, too, but not as nice as yours. I was watching your dick the whole time you were blowing him. I was fantasizing about sucking on your dick, and you sucking mine. You were so hot in there, Geoff."

    "I was imagining you shagging my arse while I was sucking him.", Geoff tells me, adding, "I'm glad he told me he was cumming-I probably wouldn't have noticed until he shot. I just kept thinking about how your prick would feel inside me. I know you want to wait until the time is right, so don't think I'm pressuring you, but I'm really looking forward to that day....."

    I put my arm around his shoulder, and say "Geoff, I love you." He puts his arm over my shoulder, too, and says "And I love you, too, Kyle."

    We're finally in Geoff's bedroom. We say hello to his parents and his sister, bid them all a good night and go down to the basement, where Geoff's bedroom is. Once we lock the door, we throw out coats and shoes in the corner, then come together and kiss. I hold him close to me with one hand, while unzipping his jeans with the other. I reach inside, through the fly of his briefs, and pull his love tool out. I do the same on myself, leaving my pole sticking out, too. We continue kissing, nibbling, caressing, while our rigid members touch each other, rubbing against each other. I slip my hands under Geoff's sweatshirt.

    "Ooh, your hands are cold", he says, then he tells me, "Here, warm them up under my arms." I slide my hands inside his warm armpits and squeezes lightly down on them. The skin under his armpits is soft and warm, as are the few whisps of hair he has there, too. He reaches down for our dicks, holding one in each hand, and he slides each foreskin back. He then  rubs the heads of our penises against each other, until I say "Wait, wait-I'm gonna cum if you do that any longer. Lets hold off a while, OK?"

    Geoff smiles at me, then asks, "Did you bring the toy with you?", referring to the dildo john gave me. "Sure did!", I say, "I'm really looking forward to using it on you tonight, too!".

    "Well, let's get out of these things, then", he says as he unbuckles his waist. I do likewise, and we both drop our pants on the floor, followed by our underwear. "It's kinda cold in here-the heats going to take a few minutes, so lets leave our shirts on", he adds. I walk over to my bag,  pull out the dildo, a couple of latex gloves, and a tube of KY, bringing them over to the bed, where Geoff is already laying downon his stomach,  his legs spread apart. What a nice little ass he has! He looks at the gloves, and asks,"Is that to loosen me up first?" I nod, and say "Yeah, that and also to get some lube inside you, too." I put the glove on my right hand, then caress his nice, firm buttocks with my left. "Ready yet?", I ask him. "Oh, yes, anytime, Kyle", he responds, in a low, breathy voice.

    I take a small glob of KY and put it on my index finger. Slowly, I inset it inside his tight little hole, until it's in all the way. Geoff sighs with pleasure as I slowly work it in and out. I add a bit more lube, then isert my thumb, just like before. He's tight at first, and it's hot inside him. After sliding in and out a few times, he's loosened up quite a bit, so now I try both my index and middle finger. Geoff moans a bit as they slide in, and he's real tight, but he loosens up again, after just a few strokes. I pull my fingers out, and remove the glove.

    "Are you ready?", I ask, as I grease up the dildo, "I promise that I'll go slow". Geoff looks straight into my eyes, and says "Yes, I'm ready, and I trust you. I'll let you know if it gets to be too much, so don't worry about a thing." OK, here goes! I press the tip of the dildo slightly on his anus, then push a bit harder, until it just starts to slide in. Suddenly, it pops in, and I hear Geoff let out a slight gasp. I stop. Geoff arches his back a bit, then says "Oh, that's nice. It hurt just a bit going in, but I'm OK now. Go slow at first, OK?". "Sure, honey", I say to him. I slowly slide it in, further and further, until it is in all the way. Then, I slowly pull it out. We continue this for a few minutes. With my left hand, I caress his firm thighs, feeling his muscles, covered with a light coating of hair. My dick is solid now, standing nearly straight up.

    After a while, Geoff asks for me to pull the dildo out, to let him flip over. We pull our tops off and  reposition ourselves so that Geoff can suck me while I'm sucking him (the old 69 position). Geoff brings his knees up against his chest to allow me to insert the dildo up his ass, too. I slip it in, and while my tongue is expertly working along the bottom of Geoff's penis, I'm also reaming his rectum with the dildo. I alternate between sucking him and tonguing his dick, all the while sliding my toy in and out of his ass, longdicking him with it. While I'm doing this, he's sucking me, and running his fingers along the bottom of my balls, tracing along the line from my asshole to my balls. Finally, as I'm running my tongue along the underside of his penis, from his balls all the way to his glans, he lets out a gasp and shoots his load all over his stomach. I lower my chest onto his dick, just to keep the spunk from getting all over everything. He's sucking my prong exceptionally hard now, and suddenly, feeling myself ready to blow, it gasp, "I'm ..I'". Geoff keeps right on sucking me as I blow my load into his mouth. I feel him swallow hard 3 or 4 times, while still sucking. God, he's wonderful to me!

    Now that we have spent our loads, I turn around so that we are face-to-face, with me on top. The stickiness of Geoff's cum holds our stomachs together while I kiss and nibble all over his cute face, running my fingers through his soft red hair. He squeezes my cheeks as hard as he can, while giving me his tongue in my moth. Man, is he a sex machine! Even though we both just came, we are still hard and horny. I can't believe what this guy does for me, and what I do for him. We roll over, and now Geoff is on top, still all wet and sticky. We continue this, kissing, caressing, nibbling, for about 10 minutes. finally, exhausted, we separate. With Geoff's spunk now solidifying, it's like pulling velcro apart. Geoff giggles. We lay on our backs, staring at the ceiling. Geoff says to me, "If this were a movie, we'd have a cigarette right now." This makes me laugh. and he does, too. "Well, we'd better take another shower and get all this spunk off our bodies-c'mon", he says.

    We get up from the bed and go to the bathroom. Geoff turns on the water, and we both enter. We soap each other's bodies very thoroughly, and I make sure that Geoff's ass isn't left all greasy. Of course, we cant manage to get through a shower without a good bit of snogging, but we don't take too long. We dry off quickly,  run back to his bed, and get under the covers. We turn the TV on, and watch one of those 'police video' shows (the kind with stupid people trying to outrun the police, caught on video). We aren't paying a lot of attention to the TV, because we are concentrating on each other more.

After the show finishes, Geoff gets up to turn off the TV, then goes over to his stereo and inserts a CD. He stands sideways to me, and I look intently at his penis. It's now only semi-rigid, curving downward in a nearly perfect arc from his abdomen. I just can't get over how beautiful he is. The music plays quietly-it's an older album by Bjork-something I didn't know he liked. Geoff gets back into bed and snuggles up to me, spoon-style, with me behind him. I run my hand all over his firm abdomen, feeling his muscles, his hip bone, his bush of soft red pubic hair, his navel. This boy is seriously cute, and I'm amazed thet he loves me, too! After a little while, I notice that he's drifting into sleep, so I quietly and carefully turn off the light. I whisper "Sleep well, my charming prince. I love you." I kiss him softly on his cheek, and he whispers "I love you too, Kyle."

Well, folks, that's all for this week. I hope you have enjoyed this chapter.