Kyleand Geoff
chapter 6
by Alexx

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    All the following characters are fictional. This story includes sex between boys, so don't read it if that bothers you.

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Geoff's 14th Birthday

      I'm laying in bed, next to Geoff, and I'm having a dream. In my dream, we are both dolphins, swimming together in the ocean. I know that the other dolphin is Geoff, because he has freckles (yeah, it sounds stupid, but this is a dream!). We are swimming together, occasionally jumping out of the water and splashing back in. Then, suddenly, we both turn back into human form, but we are still swimming like dolphins. We are both naked, and I'm following behind Geoff, getting quite a nice view. Then, we stop swimming, and we start making love, right there in the water.

    I open my eyes slightly, noticing  that it is already morning. I look at Geoff's bony, freckled shoulder in front of me and run my hand across it, then down his arm. My hand wanders up Geoff's chest to his nipple. My dick is hard again, and I'm pressed up against Geoff's back. Using my index finger, I trace circles around his nipple. Geoff moans lightly as I fondle it.

    "Morning, honey", he croaks quietly to me, "You're making me hard doing that."

    "Happy birthday, Geoff", I say, "You like having your nipple played with, don't you?"

    "Oh, yes. Play with it some more, Kyle."

    "OK, birthday boy. Roll onto your back", I tell him.

    He does, and I straddle him, one knee on each side of his stomach. After manipulating his nipples by hand a bit, I go down onto the left one with my mouth. His breathing is getting heavier as I continue suckling his little pink tit. He puts his hands over his head, and I run my fingers over his armpits, stimulating his sensitive skin, and feeling the soft hairs he has there. Our dicks are both rock-hard by now, rubbing up against each other.

   Geoff says to me, "I have an idea, Kyle. Could you pretend to shag me-you know, bugger me between my thighs? I'd really like that."

    "You mean, like, we lay on our sides, and I slide my dick between your legs, along your crotch? Sure, sounds great!", I respond, trying not to sound too eager, although I've wanted to do something like this for quite a while. He really seems to know what I want.

    We get on our sides, and Geoff puts an old towel on the bed in front of him. I use some of the KY from last night, greasing up my dick really good, pulling back my foreskin. Putting a small glob of KY in the tip of my dick, I slide my dick into the intersection between Geoff's thighs and buttocks, then push up along his crotch, until I hit the backside of his balls. Once in like this, I put a little more grease in the palm of my right hand, then wrap my fist around the tip if Geoff's penis. I slide his skin back, coating his long dick completely, then slide my hand back up to the head. I start moving my hand and my dick in unison, pleasing both Geoff and myself. I slide my left arm under Geoff's side, so that I can stroke his fuzzy round balls while I jerk him off with the right hand.

    It doesn't take long before I'm on the verge of ejaculation, so I slow down and wait for Geoff to catch up. By now, I can tell when he's about ready to shoot, and it only takes about 30 seconds for the tell-tale signs that let me know he's about to cum. I slide my dick quicker while working on only the head of Geoff's dick. We shoot simultaneously once again. I cup my hand over Geoff's piss-hole and catch his spunk in my hand, while my own spunk shoots onto the back of his balls. After we both squirt 2 or 3 times, we are both spent. I rub Geoff's cum over his abdomen, just above his bush of red pubic hair, and he twists his long neck around so that we can kiss.

    "That was fabulous!", he tells me, "The feeling of your dick in my crotch, and the way you stroked my balls. Kyle, you're too good. I can hardly wait to feel you inside me for real."

    "Oh, Geoff, I really do want to get inside you, but first I gotta make absolutely sure that you can handle me. I'm pretty wide, you know. I've already asked my uncle to get me a wider dildo, so you can stretch yourself out, first. Believe me, when I finally do shag you, it's going to be great for both of us. I love you, Geoff, and I don't want to hurt you."

    "I love you too, Kyle. Now, lets jump into the shower, and get this spunk washed off of us!"

    We get out of bed, and go over to Geoff's bathroom, turn on the water, and get in the shower. We soap our bodies first, then rinse, then Geoff gets on his knees and licks my balls. In an instant, I'm hard again. He opens his mouth, and sucks an entire testicle inside, but can't quite manage getting both in. With his right hand, he strokes my shaft, and he probes my ass with his left. After a minute or two of this, I actually manage to squirt another small load of cum onto Geoff's shoulder. Geoff stands up, and we kiss each other passionately.

    After showering, we dry off each other's bodies, then go back to Geoff's bedroom.

    "Wait, don't get dressed yet", I tell Geoff, "I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes, and stay right there."

    I go to my bag, and pull out a small box. Inside the box is a necklace, a silver and copper string, just like one I have. I look up at Geoff, standing in the middle of the room, his eyes closed, completely nude. I marvel at his beautiful light skin, his lean construction, that beautiful red hair, and of course, his well-endowed loins. His dick is about 3/4 soft by now, with just a little stiffness to make it hang slightly away from his thighs. I walk around behind him, and put the necklace around his long freckled neck.

    "OK, open your eyes", I say. He does, then he turns to the mirror and looks at his gift. "I know you liked the one I'm wearing, so I went back to the store, and sure enough, they still had one. Now we have matching necklaces. Happy birthday, my love."

    "Kyle, you're so sweet. I love it, and I'm going to wear it all the time." We kiss once again. Then Geoff asks me, "I'd like for you to stay over tonight, too. Would you like to?". Of course, I say yes.

    We finally get dressed, and Geoff allows me the honor of dressing his body. It's really erotic, dressing my naked boyfriend, especially stuffing his ample penis into his undershorts. Of course, when I'm finished, he's fully dressed, and I'm still naked, but then Geoff dresses me, too. We head upstairs for breakfast.

    Geoff's mother, stepfather, and sister are all at the breakfast table, waiting for us. As we reach the top of the stairs, they all yell "Happy birthday, Geoff!". He blushes quite visibly, and says "thank you". Geoff's mother has made a special breakfast for him, kippered herrings. I've never actually had fish for breakfast, but it does smell good, so I eat it without making any comments. It's actually pretty good. Geoff's mom is really nice, but her cockney accent is a bit thick. His stepdad is from Chicago, and seems rather nice, but a bit stoic. He is well built, like my uncle, clean-shaven, about 6' tall, but not overly muscular. He's kinda hot, if you ask me. His sister is 17, pleasant, and intelligent.Geoff has told me that they aren't really too close, but they never fight, either.

    After we finish breakfast, Geoff's stepdad say "OK, Geoffy, I have a gift for you. It's out in the garage". He gets up out of his seat, and goes over to the door to the garage. He opens the door, and goes over to his gift-a nice new road bike, similar to the one his stepdad has. It's a fairly expensive bike, and Geoff loves it.

    "I..I..I like it, dad. It's beautiful!", he says. Geoff goes over to his stepdad and hugs him. His stepdad looks slightly uncomfortable with the affection Geoff is giving him. "Thank you so much! I'll be able to keep up with you when we ride now. Can I keep my old bike, for going to school? This one's too nice to tool around the neighborhood with."

    "Oh, of course, Geoffy. I wish it wasn't so cold and rainy-I'd like to ride with you today. Unfortunately, I have to go to the office later. By the way, you mother helped me pick out your next gift-it's inside."

    We all go back inside, into the TV room, where there is a large wrapped box in the middle of the floor. Geoff rips the wrapping off and opens the box. Inside is a collection of bike riding shorts, tights, 2 jerseys, socks, and a pair of bike shoes. Geoff smiles, and thanks both his parents.

    "Um, Geoffy, I'd like to show you how the shoes connect with the pedals before you try riding the bike.", his stepdad tells him, adding, "Also, I'm going to have to adjust them, so that they work properly, so don't ride the bike until at least tomorrow, when we can set it up properly, OK?. Well, i have to get to work, and I'm dropping your sister off at her job, so I'll see you later. " He musses up Geoff's hair with his hand, and heads for the door with Geoff's sister.

    "Well, go try your kit on, Geoffrey-Let's see if they fit", his mom says. Geoff and I both go downstairs, into his room. He pulls his shirt off, then drops his pants, then his undershorts. Going through the contents of the box, he finds a couple pairs of lightweight nylon briefs. He holds one up, then asks me "Do you think this'll hold me in?". We both chuckle, and he pulls them on. He has to stuff his dick in sideways, to keep it from flopping out, but otherwise, it fits OK. He then puts on a white, form-fitting undershirt that is also part of the collection. Next, he pulls on the pair of black lycra tights, sliding them up to his waist, and putting the armstraps over his bony shoulders. He finishes off with a bright green long-sleeved jersey, which also fits him tightly. I come over to him, and run my hands down his lycra-covered sides.

    "You look very sleek, Geoffy", I tell him. He stares right into my eyes when I call him by the name his stepdad uses. "You know, I had a dream last night that we were both dolphins. With these tights on, you look just as sleek as you were in my dream. God, you are so sexy!" I run my hand over his fairly apparent bulge, and add "Good thing these are black-they don't leave much to the imagination, do they?"

    Geoff looks down at the mound in his tights. He says "Oh, bugger it! Now I've got to get this stiffy down before going up to my mom. What can I do quickly with you standing here?"

    "Just think about your dullest class at school.", I tell him, "Think about what you covered in the last session-it always works for me when I'm in the shower at school."

    Geoff does, and it works. We go upstairs to his mother. She looks at Geoff, then says:

    "Blimey, look at how you've grown! You're so mature now, and so handsome, too. I guess you're no longer just my little bairn, are you? Well, what do you think about the clothes? Are they OK for you? What about the colors? Do you like them?"

    "Yes, mum, they are fine. They fit good, and the colors are fine. Thanks, mum."

    What she says next catches us both by surprise. She looks at Geoff, and asks:

    "What does your boyfriend think? Are they too bright?" She looks at me, then asks "What do you think, Kyle?"

    We both stand there with our mouths agape, unsure what to say. I think she realizes that she has just spilled the beans. She waits a few seconds, then continues.

    "I'm sorry, boys, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I don't have a problem with you two having a relationship, so don't worry about that. I thought that you were probably more than just friends, but last night, I was in the bath, and I could here you downstairs, through the heating ducts.  I hope you are both informed about sexual safety, and I'm not going to tell you that anything you are doing is wrong. Just be careful, that's all."

    We both sat down together on the sofa. Geoff asks his mother "When did you know that I was...".

    Geoff's mother interrupts: "Gay? I think I first suspected when you and Simon were such pals. Remember when you dyed you hair green? I think you were still 12 then? I know Simon was queer as a 3 quid note, but that was the first time I noticed how you and him related. Then I noticed how you related to other boys, and I guess that's when it came to me. I must say, though, that Kyle is a much nicer boy than Simon was. I'm not worried about either of you being bad influences on each other."

    Geoff sits silent for a minute, then asks "Does dad know that I'm queer?"

    "I don't know, love, but I don't think it would matter to him. He's a kind and understanding man. Don't worry about him-he won't throw you out. We have an agreement-I'm in charge of you and your sister. Even if he can't accept that you are gay, it won't matter to you."

    There is a long silence, so I speak. " case you are worried, my uncle is gay, and he's a nurse. I..I'm out to him, and he and I had a long talk about 6 months ago, you know, what is safe, and what's not, all that stuff. I think my mom put him up to it, though I haven't actually come out to her. My dad is dead, by the way, so my uncle is kinda like a father to me."

    "I'm glad you are well informed, Kyle. I'm not sure what kind of advice to give to young gay boys-it's not something that I really know much about, nor does your stepdad. Geoffrey, I love you, and I'm glad that you found a boy as nice and mature as Kyle to love, too. If you ever need me to buy you..umm..personal things, let me know."

    Geoff and his mother hug each other. There are tears in Geoff's eyes. then Geoff hugs me, then we all three hug each other. Then Geoff kisses me, right in front of his mother, and we embrace. Geoff asks his mother if I can stay over another night, and she agrees, provided that Geoff practices, and gets his homework done. "Well, I'll leave you two alone for a while now. I have to go do the shopping." She gets up, grabs her purse and coat, then leaves. We are alone together, at last.

    We sit together on the couch for a few minutes, holding each other's hands. Finally, I say to Geoff:

    "Well, that was unexpected. How do you feel, Geoff?"

    "Umm..well, this didn't exactly happen the way I had imagined, but...well, I guess that everything's O.K. I still can't believe it-did I really just come out to my mum?"

    "Yes, Geoff, you sure did. Aren't you glad? I'm wondering if I should come clean with my mother, too?"

    "I..I don't know. Ask me again later, after the shock has worn off, Kyle. I guess that I'm relieved that it's over-now I don't have to use any of the excuses that I've been practicing. I can't believe-did she really say that it was O.K. for us to have sex?"

    "Well, not in so many words, Geoff, but yeah, she did. Hey, by the way, did you really dye your hair green once?"

    Geoff chuckles, and says "Yeah, I did. Simon had just dyed his hair blue, so I decided to go green. It was the middle of October, 2 years ago. By the time christmas came, by hair was half green, and half red. It looked rather festive, actually. Mum nearly freaked, though."

    "Well, Geoff", I say, "Its looking nicer outside-maybe we can go over to my place, I can ask my mom about staying another night, and pick up a change of clothing there, too. In fact, maybe I can pick up my bike, too. We can go riding later, and if the weather tomorrow is any good, maybe you, me, and your stepdad can go ride with your new bike?"

    "Sure-sounds like a plan. first, though, I've got to get out of this spandex. Would you like to help me?"

    As you can probably guess by now, we went back to Geoff's bedroom, stripped him nude, had a little touchy-feely, then he got dressed. We head out the door a few minutes later, me carrying my gym bag, and Geoff pushing his old mountain bike.

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