All the characters in this story are fictional. This story contains scenes of sexual encounters between minors. If this bothers you, don't read it!

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    Before I get started, I'd like to send a personal letter to Pete, especially if he is reading this story alone. I haven't talked to you directly before, but I have talked with your boyfriend. I know that your guy acted kinda stupid, but he did it only to protect you. Yes, he can be a fool sometimes, but believe me, you will never, in your entire life, find another guy who loves you as much as he does. He practically worships you, Pete. I know that he can be difficult, but here's a secret that he would never tell you: he needs you more than he wants to admit. It's going to take some work to calm him down, but believe me, it will be worth it.

Kyleand Geoff
chapter 7
by Alexx

Later, on Geoff's birthday:

    We're walking along, Geoff pushing his bike, and me carrying my large gym bag over my shoulder, heading over to my house. Geoff had come out to his mother not even 1 hour before, and he's still in a bit of a daze. After walking silently for a couple of minutes, he speaks to me.

    "Well, Kyle, I guess that went pretty well, didn't it? My parents are OK about me being queer, and mum says it's OK for us to be boyfriends. I never thought that this would happen soon!" He pauses for a minute, then says to me, "Kyle, I'm sorry-I've been rambling on about myself, and I know you wanted to talk. What's on your mind?"

    "Well, Geoff", I say to him, "I was thinking that maybe I should come out to my mom, too, and do it today. I'm almost positive that she already knows, and we've always been honest with each other in the past. I.....I don't want to have to lie about us, Geoff. I love you, and that shouldn't be something to be dishonest about. Maybe she'll think that we are too young to be fooling around, but I'm sure my uncle John will change her mind eventually. I'm willing to take a risk if you are, Geoff."

    Geoff looks at me with those beautiful sparkling eyes of his. He hesitates for a second, but finally says to me, "Kyle, I'd do anything for you, even if it means that maybe your mum won't let us sleep together for a while. Of course, that would be tragic, but nobody can stop us from seeing each other if we really want to. Listen, Kyle, if that does happen, we'll just meet at my house, that's all. Your mum seems pretty cool, and I think that she likes me. I'll  be there with you when you do it, if you want me to."

    "Oh, yes, of course I want you there, Geoff. OK, then, I'm going to do it, and you'll be right there with me when I do. I guess that I'm as ready as I'll ever be-I just wish that I wasn't so damn nervous about it!"

    We round the corner of my street, then up my driveway. My Mom's car isn't there, but my uncle's is.  Geoff parks his bike in the garage, and we enter through the rear door.

    "Hello, John??", I yell. He responds by saying "I'm in the front room, squirt!!". Arrgghh! He called me squirt again, and in front of Geoff, no less! Geoff looks at me with a smirk on this face, and says to me "Squirt??". He chuckles.

    John is sitting on a recliner, reading the Chicago Tribune. Geoff and I sit down on the sofa together, and I speak. "John, I'm going to come out to mom today. Can you be here when I do, in case I need you?"

    John puts down the paper, then says to me "Why, of course, Kyle. Don't be surprised though if she already knows. She hasn't said as much, but, ...well, believe me, she knows. Why are you doing this so suddenly, kiddo?"

    "Because Geoff came out today, and I think that this is probably the best time for me, too. Geoff's mom is cool about us being boyfriends, so I'm hoping that mom is OK with it, too. I just don't want to have to lie about our relationship. I really do love Geoff, you know. It's not just a crush, or just sex, its....well....we seem to.....I don't know....mesh together, you know? Anyway, I'm serious about this relationship, and I hope that mom is understanding."

    John leans back in his chair. "Kyle, I'm envious of you two boys. I think you have found something that I didn't find until I was nearly 30 years old. The empathy and tenderness you have for each other is something I don't think I ever saw in any gay guys when I was growing up, and it is still rare to see today. You boys are both very mature for your age, and that should count for at least something. Yeah, it probably doesn't sound good on the surface, a 15 year old and a 13 year old having a sexual relationship, but you boys are both more like 16 or 17 in maturity. Just don't get too specific about sex with your mom, though. Sis doesn't really need to know about who is fucking who's ass."

    Geoff speaks up, saying, "John, for what it's worth, Kyle has been the one who wants us to wait a while before we do any bugger..I mean fucking, even though I really wanted him to do it. I think that he's probably right, and I'm glad in a way, that he's making us wait until the time is right. Oh, by the way, I turned 14 today."

    "Well, happy birthday, Geoff!", John says. We discuss a bit more about how we are planning on doing  this deed, then John goes back to reading the paper.

    "Hey, Kyle, do you mind if I practice on the piano?", Geoff asks me. " I brought some of the music for my audition next week with me, and your mum's piano is so much nicer than the one we have at home."

    "Of course, Geoff, you can play it anytime you want. Do you mind if I sit here and listen to you play? Maybe we can play something together, later? I have a bassoon solo in a couple of weeks, and I've really got to start practicing for it."

    "What's the piece? Do you have any accompaniment music for it?", Geoff asks. Fortunately, I did, so Geoff asks to see it. It's Tcahkovsky's "Romeo and Juliet", and I tell him so. He turns to the piano, and plays the main theme from memory. "I played a solo piano version of this once. I really like it. Give me a minute or two to read this over, while you get your instrument together, Kyle."

    I run upstairs and retrieve the case with the bassoon. I didn't really like the basson at first, but the school orchestra director needed somebody to play the instrument, so I volunteered. I've actually come to enjoy it, but not as much as the oboe. I set up my music on the stand, next to the piano, and tell Geoff where the part with my solo is. He plays the piano flawlessly, as always, but I make a couple of minor mistakes. "You really do play that bassoon  very well, Kyle", he tells me, adding, "OK, lets start over, from the beginning." We play it several more times, each time with me getting just a little bit better. Geoff gives me suggestions on timing and phrasing, and they really do help. Of course, Geoff doesn't let me stop until I finally get it right. "I really want to hear your solo, Kyle. You've got the piece down perfectly."

    Just then, my mother drives up the driveway. Geoff looks at me and says, "Well, are you ready?" I nod my head and swallow. "Ready as I'll ever be, Geoff. Come on, I'm sure she's going to need a little help bringing the groceries in, first." We kiss quickly, and Geoff wishes me good luck. We go out to the garage.

    Between the three of us, we are able to bring all the bags of groceries in with only one trip. Mom quickly puts all the frozen and refridgeables away. Geoff takes a seat, and so do I.

    "Mom", I say, "We need to talk about something. Do you have a couple of minutes?"

    "Of course, honey", she says in response, "What's on your mind?"

    "Well...uh...I just want to make sure that I'm honest with you about myself. We used to always be really open with each other, but I haven't been as open lately as I used to be. I guess that I've known for a couple of years now that I'm....well...that I'm gay. I guess that I figured that you just knew, but I haven't really felt comfortable talking with you about it until now."

    I pause for a few seconds, then mom says "Well, Kyle, I wasn't completely sure, but yes, I assumed that you were gay. I even asked John to have a talk with you, and to provide you with anything you needed to know. I also asked him to not tell me what he knew, but rather to let you tell me yourself, if that was what you wanted to do. I'm glad you finally feel comfortable talking with me about this. Now, I'm assuming that your next revelation will be that Geoff and you are boyfriends?"

    "Yes, mom, we are, and I love Geoff very much. I hope that you don't have a problem with that. And, for what it's worth, Geoff's mother knows, too, and she says that it's OK that we are boyfriends."

    "Well, Kyle, I don't have a problem with the two of you seeing each other. I'm sure John taught you enough about sexual safety, so I'm not going to set any limits, other than those which I think you would follow anyway. I've always been able to trust you before, Kyle, and I'm not going to change the way I feel about you now that I know you are gay. Geoff-I hope that I can trust you, too."

    Geoff looks at my mother and says, "Yes, you can, ma'am. Kyle is the single most important thing in my life. I love him dearly, and I realise that a relationship is a big responsibility. Thank you for being so kind."

     I can see a tear come to my mother's eye. "I can see why you love Geoff so much. He really is a very sweet boy, and so handsome, too. I like you, Geoff. You two make a very beautiful couple. I feel like my baby is growing up so fast, but at least he's brought someone as nice as you into our lives." Mom wipes her eyes, and continues, "Well, I'm not going to get all emotional and make you boys feel uncomfortable. I'm going to make some lunch, so if you could get some soup bowls out, we can eat together."

    I look at my mom, and say to her "Thanks, mom." I give her a little kiss on her cheek, then I turn to Geoff, and say to him, "And thank you, too." I kiss him on the lips, right in front of my mom. Just a short kiss, but boy, it felt good! We get up from the table and get the bowls out of the cupboard. I let mom know that Geoff wants me to stay another night, and she gives her permission.

    A few minutes later, Geoff, mom, John and I are all sitting down for lunch. Geoff and I are sitting next to each other. John says to mom, "Gee, sis, don't they make a nice couple?" Geoff giggles, and looks at me. He smiles at me, and I smile at him. I move my chair a little closer to him, and put my arm over his shoulder. I wipe a little bit of soup off Geoff's chin with my napkin, then I kiss him on his cheek. Of course, this makes Geoff blush.

    It's several hours later, and we're back at Geoff's house. Geoff's stepdad had a little talk with us, too, saying that he had known all along that Geoff was gay, and telling us that it doesn't matter to him. He was a bit uncomfortable about us having a relationship, but agreed that it wasn't his decision to make. Geoff's sister was also there, and she's cool about it, too. So now we are out to all our parent, save Geoff's real father.

    It's nearly 9:00 p.m., when the phone rings. Geoff's mother answers it, and I can hear her saying into the phone, "Blimey, couldn't you have called earlier? It must be 3:00 a.m. in London! Yes, yes, I'll put him on." She comes over with the phone in her hand, and says "Geoff-it's your dad."

    Geoff looks a little shocked. Apparently, this is the first time he's even acknowleged Geoff's birthday in years. Geoff takes the phone, and goes into another room. They talk quietly for a long time. Finally, Geoff comes back in. I can tell he's been crying.

    Geoff's mother sees him, and says "Is everything alright, love?". Geoff just nods his head. He comes over to me, and hugs me. Then, he takes me, holding my hand, downstairs, to his room. He shuts the door behing himself, then hugs me once again. He starts to cry again.

    After a few minutes of sobbing, Geoff calms down. He turns his face up, and says to me "You know what he said to me? He said he couldn't believe that I was a fucking faggot. My own father called me a fucking faggot! And then he hung up! The worthless druggy bastard! Calling me a fucking faggot! He hasn't even given me the time of day for years, but now he can call me a fucking faggot." He starts sobbing again, and I hold him close to me, letting his tears soak through my shirt.

    I move both of us to the bed, and hold him tightly. We lay there silently for several minutes, until there is a light knock at the door. "Tell her I'll talk in the morning, not now", Geoff says softly to me, "Just tell her to leave us alone for now."

     I get out of bed, and unlock the door. It's his mother, looking very concerned. I go into the hall, closing the door behind me, and say to her, "He'll be okay in the morning, but he really doesn't want to talk right now. Could you please leave us alone until then, please?? I'm sure you are very worried, but he's going to be allright. Thank you." I open the door, go back into Geoff's room, and lock the door behind me. I get back into bed to cuddle with Geoff.

    After maybe half an hour passes, Geoff sits up, and says to me "Thank you, honey, for being here. I didn't mean to lean on you so hard, but I'm glad you were here for me. I should've expected that my dad would act like a complete pillock when I told him, But I guess that somehow I thought that maybe he would become a real father, just for once. Well, I always knew that he was an idiot, and this just confirms it. I'm not going to cry about the way he treats me anymore, and I'm not going to ruin our night together, either."

    Geoff stands up, pulls his shirt off, unbuckles his jeans, and lets them fall to the floor. He then quickly removes his undershorts, then standing naked in front of me, he says "I'm not his boy anymore. I'm all yours, Kyle." I stand up and remove all my clothes, too. I tell him "And I'm your boy, too." We kiss passionately, then get back into bed together.

    Geoff is all over me, kissing me, nibbling on my ear, my nipples, my lower lip. His long, hard penis keeps rubbing up against my erection as he straddles my body, ravaging me like a tiger. A cute, freckled, red-haired tiger, hungry for affection and filled with lust. He goes down on me, taking my entire dick in his mouth, managing to swallow it whole, all the way down to my pubic bone. He pulls up, to about halfway, then starts to suck me with more suction than a vaccuum cleaner. His head bobs up and down at frenzied pace, his red hair flopping around, and it is only a matter of seconds until I'm ready to explode. I let out a couple of grunts, but, as usual, Geoff just continues sucking me, swallowing hard as I ejaculate into his mouth. Finally, after I've shot my load, he stops, wipes his mouth with a kleenex, and looks up at me, smiling.

    "Well, Kyle, maybe I can't please my father, but at least I know that you are happy. Maybe I can be the best fucking faggot in the world, too, if I set my mind to it. I'm glad that I'm gay, and I'm glad that you are, too. Thank you, honey".

    We embrace each other once again and kiss. I tell him that I love him, and pledge my love to him for all eternity.