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Kyle and Geoff
    chapter 8
    by   Alexx

Sunday morning:

    Geoff didn't sleep very soundly last night. He tossed and turned for most of the night, and even started sobbing at one point. Of course, I put my arm around him, and he held it, until he finally fell back to sleep.

    In the morning, I open my eyes to find him looking at me, his sparkling eyes looking quite sad. Once he realizes that I'm awake, though, he smiles and the twinkle returns to his eyes.

    "Hey, sunshine. How are you feeling?" I ask him. He sighs, and then says, "Oh, I guess that I'm allright. You probably are wondering how somebody could manage to function after his own father treated him like dirt, but unfortunately, I've had lots of experience in that regard."

    I'm initially at a loss for word, but after thinking about it, I say to him, "You know, Geoff, maybe I was wrong. Even though my dad is dead, at least the memories I have of him are nice. I still wish that he was here, and I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't have a problem with me being gay. He was always there for me, right until the day he died. We had a great time together, and he never hurt me intentionally. It's too bad your dad can't see the same beautiful person that I see in front of me. You really are one of the nicest, kindest people that I've ever known, and if he can't accept you for who you really are, then he must be blind. You deserve much better, Geoff. You really do."

    Geoff sits quietly for a minute, then says, "I know that you're right, Kyle, and I know that he's the one who is wrong, but it just seems so damn unfair. He barely even knows me anymore, he's made it obvious that I rate somewhere lower in importance than the drugs he uses and the junkies he hangs out with, and yet he thinks that he has the right to judge me on my sexuality. Fuck him! As far as I'm concerned, he's not my father anymore. My stepdad has been more of a father to me in only 1 year than my dad ever was. I'm going to ask him to adopt me, Kyle. He said that he would like to, but mum was afraid of dad fighting it in court. Now, after last night, I actually want to fight him in court."

    He stops talking, sighs, looks down, then looks into my eyes. "I'm really sorry about shoveling all these problems on you, Kyle. Lets not talk about my good-for-naught father anymore, okay? And thank you for listening. I really must stop rambling on so."

    Geoff kisses me lightly on my lips, and then throws the covers off our naked bodies. He stands up, raises his hands over his head, and stretches, touching the ceiling. Of course, the first thing I look at is that wonderfully long tool of his, hanging only semi-soft from his abdomen. He wiggles his hips slightly, just to make his penis slap his thighs for my benefit. I look up at his long bony neck, noticing the necklace that I had given him yesterday-the only article adornment on his body. He puts his hands behind his neck, the looks at me, smiling, and says, "Well, lazy boy, aren't you going to get up and ravage my body?"

    How could I pass up an invitation like that one? Already, my dick is hard, straining to extend the last bit past my foreskin. I pull the skin past the head of my dick to relieve the tension, and then get up on my knees, still on the mattress. I reach over with both my arms, bringing Geoff's body up against mine, pressing his impressive penis against my stomach. Geoff leans over to connect his lips with mine. We kiss, passionately, tongues and all.

    Breaking off his kiss, I lower myself down to his penis, and lick the top of it until he is completely erect. Once it is past the horizontal plane, I run my tongue over his soft, hairy scrotum, too, then up the bottom of his dick. I slip his impressive, long dick into my mouth, and start working away on it. With one hand on each buttock, I slide my mouth down as far down his pole as I can without it entering my throat, then back out to the tip, suckling it all the way. As I increase my speed, Geoff puts his hands on my head. In a minute, he says with a trembling voice, "Oh, Kyle...I'm going to cum..I...unnhhh...aaaahh". I can feel that he's just about to spurt, so I take a deep breath, then force his hard dick all the way down my throat, until my nose is buried in his red pubic fur, my chin against his balls. I wrap my arms firmly around his waist while he rests his hands lightly on my shoulders.

    He spurts 3 or 4 times, straight down my throat. Finally, needing to be able to breath, I pull his penis completely out of my mouth and take a few deep breaths. His penis, with his foreskin still fully retracted, dribbles a little semen on my chin and chest. After finally catching my wind, I once again wrap my arms around his skinny waist and rest my head on his abdomen, just above his loins. I inhale deeply, enjoying the smell of him, the feel of his firm body, the softness of his body hair, and the gentle caress of his fingers through my hair. "Oh, Kyle, that was just fantastic!" Geoff tells me, adding, "You are so good to me. I really love you-you are just wonderful. I just don't know where I would be without you." We hold each other for a few minutes.

    "Hey, Geoff," I say to him, "Let's shower and go upstairs. Your folks were awfully concerned last night, and we really should go upstairs fairly soon. We can always fool around later, if you would like". Geoff agrees, so we go to the bathroom together.

    Of course, we fool around a little bit while we shower, but not a lot. We towel each other's bodies off, help each other with our hair (I even convince him to use a little hair gel, for once), and shave. We play our little game of dressing each other's bodies, with Geoff dressing me completely, before I dress him. He really seems to like me feeling his naked body and holding him against my fully clothed body. I guess maybe that's a fetish he has. I pick out a nice collared shirt for him, mostly because he looks so neat when he dresses kinda square.

    We go upstairs, to the kitchen. Geoff's mother, stepfather, and sister are all sitting at the dinette, eating breakfast. There is only one empty chair, but Geoff's sister is just finishing up, so she offers her chair to me, right next to the chair where Geoff sits down. The meal consists of cereal and toast, with a nice strawberry jam.

    Geoff is pouring his milk into his cup of coffee when his mother says, "Well, luv, do you want to talk about it now?" Geoff looks up at her, sighs, and says, "Yeah, now's as good a time as any. I told him that I was gay, and so he called me a fucking faggot-that's why I was so upset. He actually hung up on me, too."

    Geoff's mother looks like she is in shock. His stepdad looks like he's about to bust a blood vessel, he's so mad. "Why, that...that...damn..." Geoff's mother says, not knowing what to say next. Then she starts to cry. Geoff stands up and hugs his mother. She wipes her eyes, and then continues, "Oh, darling, you know what an imbecile he can be. I'm so sorry, luv. He obviously doesn't see the wonderful young man that you are. Geoff, be certain that I would never call you such a thing, nor would your stepdad. We both love you, and we don't want to to change, even a little bit. We love you just the way you are."

    Geoff's stepdad gives him some words of encouragement, too, and they talk about the possibility of actually adopting Geoff as his own son. Geoff smiles and thanks him, then hugs him, too. "Hey, Geoffy", he says to him after the hug, "It looks like today's gonna be nice and sunny and warm. Maybe you and your friend,..er, sorry, your boyfriend would like to go for a bike ride this afternoon? Has he seen your bike duds yet?"

    Geoff looks slightly embarrassed about the subject, but I just had to add my thoughts. "Yeah, Geoffy put his tights on yesterday, and they really look good on him, too!" Geoff blushes, but replies, "That's only because they were tight enough to show my bum off really well." Geoff's stepdad looks like he's about to lay an egg, but then he just chuckles. Geoff's mom does, too, and Geoff smiles, even as he blushes.

    "Geoff, luv", his mother says, "don't forget to practice your piano this morning. I know that you played on Kyle's piano yesterday, but I'm sure that you didn't spend nearly enough time on it. Don't forget about that competition in Toronto this August."

    Geoff turns to me, and explains, "I'm entered in a big piano competition in August. My teacher thinks I'm ready, and he says that I'm probably one of the best pianists my age in the Chicago area. I'm really nervous about it, though. I'm playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, which I really love, but the third movement is really difficult. I hope that I will have it mastered by August. I hope you don't mind me practicing for about 2 hours this morning."

    "Of course not, Geoff", I tell him, "I still have some calculus homework to do myself, so maybe I'll just work on it while you play."Geoff smiles, then says, "I'd love to have you there while I practice".

    We end up over in his living room, where the piano is. Geoff spends many minutes on scales and warm-up exercises, while I work on my calculus homework. Finally, after maybe 45 minutes, Geoff starts playing the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata. It's such a beautiful piece, and he is playing it with such emotion and finesse. I put my books down and walk quietly over to the piano. Geoff's eyes are closed as he plays. His mom sees me, and she motions me over to where she is. She whispers into my ear, "He doesn't know we are watching him-he's lost in his music again. Wait until he opens his eyes again, or you'll give him a startle."

    The movement is only about 5 minutes long, so I watch him play from a safe distance. It's such a sad but beautiful melody, and I notice a tear in Geoff's eye run down his cheek. Finally, he finishes, wipes his cheek, and opens his eyes. "Were you watching me play?", he asks me. "Yes, I was", I respond, "I hope you don't mind. You really play that piece beautifully".

    "Thank you, Kyle. There's something about the first movement that just speaks to me. I don't know if you can understand that, but it's like Beethoven was speaking directly to my heart. The second movement is quite nice, too, and much more upbeat."

    He plays the second movement, although he keeps his eyes open as he does so. I watch how he moves his body, how his long fingers hit the keys, how his head moves as he plays. I really love watching the way he plays, and I actually find that I'm getting aroused, too. He plays the second movement extremely well, not making a single mistake. If he can play this well at age 14, I wonder how well he will play at 20, or at 30?

    "OK, Kyle," he says, nervously, "Now for the third movement-the really hard part." He takes a couple of deep breaths, and then he starts to play. The movement starts out very fast and loud, and Geoff puts all his body into his playing. This is a very difficult piece for anybody to play, being very fast, and going from soft to loud many times. I can tell that he is putting all the effort ha can into his playing, performing at the limit of his ability. He does an incredibly good job of it, not making anything more than some very minor mistakes. Finally, after about 7 minutes, he finishes. His body is covered in sweat, and he is breathing quite heavily. "That was awesome!!", I tell him. He just smiles and blushes.

    "Well", he tells me, "I'm getting better at it, but I'm still not ready for the competition. My teacher says that I'm capable of it, but I'm really nervous about it. I'm going to be playing this piece in front of a larger audience that I have ever played for before, maybe several thousand people. I hope that I perform well. My future could depend on it, Kyle." Geoff closes his eyes and takes a deep, slow breath. He continues, saying, "I'd really like for you to be there when I perform. I feel more confident when you are with me. I've never played that movement so well before, you know. I think your being here helps me relax a bit."

    "Hey, that's still 5 months away, Geoff. I'm sure you will get better at it, and yes, I'd love to come see you perform. I've been wondering what you would look like in concert tails, anyway." He smiles, and then he puts his arm around my shoulder. I continue, saying, "You know how talented you are. I'm sure that you will be great when you perform. I just hope that you won't go away to New York or some place when they find out how good you are. I'd really miss you, you know."

    Geoff looks up at me, then says "I don't think that I will go to New York any time soon. My teacher says that i can get all the education I need here, in the local school, and at the music school. Actually, he suggested that I take a couple of extra classes as a sophomore, so that I could graduate 1 year early, then take a year off to prepare for admission to Julliard. If I decide to do that, we can graduate together, you know. I just hope you can stand being boyfriends with a music queen all that time."

    "Oh, Geoff, of course I can. I wish that I had the kind of talent you do, and I realize that you will need to work very seriously at your technique. Besides, I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. I just hope that you can me when I'm at my worst."

    I leaned over to kiss Geoff on the lips. Just about that time, his stepdad walked into the room. He says to us, "Hey, you two lovebirds, would you like to go for a bike ride? It's beautiful outside, even if it is a bit chilly. I'm sure Geoffy can finish his practicing later". Geoff looks up at his stepdad and says, "Sure, I'd love to go for a ride with you. First, though, I'll have to get changed. Kyle, do you want to get ready?"

    Of course, I say yes, so we both get up, and run down to Geoff's room. I only need to put my jacket on, but Geoff decides to wear his new cycling clothes. In preparation, he removes everything except his undershorts. He puts his hands behind his head, then says to me, "Would you like to have the honors?" I walk over to wear he is standing, then slowly pull the waistband of his briefs downward, revealing his red pubic hair. sliding it a bit further down, his already nearly rigid penis spring up. I run my fingers along the length of the shaft.

    "You really love my dick, don't you?", Geoff says to me. I look up at his smiling face, then reply, "Geoff, I love your whole body, your personality, your smile, and everything about you. Your dick is beautiful, but so is the rest of you. I love all of you, honey, honestly. I really do." I stand up slowly, then place one hand on the middle of his back, and the other on his firm buttocks. I hold Geoff's nude body lightly against me, and I look into his eyes."You are so beautiful, Geoff", I say, just before kissing him.

    Geoff runs his fingers through my hair then says, "And I love everything about you, too, Kyle. I really, really love you. I want to feel you inside me, too. I wanted for you to bugger me last night, but then that phone call got me upset. Can we do it next weekend, please? I want to feel your dick inside me so bad it hurts!" Geoff is so hard that I can feel his hard dick throbbing against my jeans.

    I hesitate for a second, not sure if I'm ready to make this kind of commitment, but then I say to him, "Yes, Geoff, I'll fuck you next time, but you have to practice, first. I'll leave my dildo and lube with you so that you can loosen yourself up a few times first. I don't want to cause you any pain when I shove my big dick up your tight little arse."     "OK. I will. I don't want to get hurt, either, but I don't mind if it does hurt. I love you, Kyle, and I'd do anything to make you happy.", Geoff says, adding, "Now, I've got to get suited up here, so let's not fool around, OK?" I agree, and Geoff picks up a pair of nylon undershorts. He slips them on, barely being able to stuff his still-firm penis into them. Next, he puts on a tight fitting nylon undershirt, then he slides the padded tights on. These are the type that have 'braces' on them, which he slips over his shoulders. Finishing off, he pulls a long-sleeve cycling jersey on over the top, then he puts his cycling shoes on.     "Well, how do I look?", he asks me. I look at his thin, sexy body, the neat outline of his penis under the tights, and I tell him, "Geoff, you look very sexy."

    We go up to the garage, where Geoff's stepdad is waiting. "Come over here, Geoffy, and let me set the bike up for you", he says, holding Geoff's new bike in his hands. Geoff approaches the bike, holds the bars, and swings his leg over the saddle. "OK, now stand there, with your feet on the ground while I set the saddle height", his stepdad continues, as he raises the seat up against Geoff's buttocks. Once he finishes, he asks Geoff to sit on the saddle, then explains how the shoes clip in to the pedals. Geoff connects them together, then his stepadad says to me, "Can you hold Geoff up, while I check the cleat adjustment?"

    I hold Geoff by his shoulders and by the bars of the bike while his stepdad checks each foot. Finally, satisfied that the shoes are properly adjusted, he gives Geoff a short talk about how to disconnect the shoes when stopping, then has him ride down the driveway. I mount my bike and follow, staying behind Geoff, and watching his thin, lean little butt. His stepdad catches up with us, and leads the way for our ride.

    Stopping once, Geoff finds it a little difficult to unclip his shoes, but manages to do so before toppling over. He then practices a few times, clipping and unclipping, as we ride down the wide, level street. He's really happy about this new bike. His stepdad is happy, too.

    We ride around for a few miles, enjoying the cool sunshine, and then we decide to stop by my house, giving my mother a quick visit. We park the bikes out back, then go inside. "My, my, this is a surprise", my mom says, and I introduce her to Geoff's stepdad. My mom and Geoff's stepdad exchange greetings to each other, then they talk together, while we sit over on the couch, talking to each other and kissing a bit. I lean back on the couch, and Geoff cuddles up next to me. I run my hand over his lycra-covered thigh, then kiss him on the nape of his neck. "You know, Kyle," he says quietly, "some days, life is really good, isn't it?"