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Kyle and Geoff
chapter 9

    Every good thing must come to an end eventually, even a great weekend like Geoff and I had. Yeah, I know it wasn't all peaches and cream for Geoff, but all in all, it was pretty fantastic. Before Friday, I used to worry about one of our parents forbidding our relationship, and now, we can kiss in front of them and everything! Even sex is OK with them. All except for Geoff's dad, that is.

    Maybe it's because of his father that our bond seems even stronger. I don't know. It does seem to have strengthened his bond with his mom and stepdad, though. I guess maybe it's because of his father that he really wants to cement our relationship like he does. I've been looking forward to the day that we finally had "real" sex, but now that he really wants it bad, I'm just a little scared. I'm glad that I have an uncle like John.

    After Geoff and I said our goodbyes on Sunday, John stopped by, and we had a long private talk. I still vividly remember the pain that I experienced the first time a guy entered my ass, and, as that wasn't bad enough, I actually bled! It scared the living shit out of me! John told me that it was a good idea to have Geoff "practice" with my dildo during the week, and he gave me some pointers on what to do, and what not to do. He also mentioned that there was a video dealing with just this sort of thing for young gay men, and that he would try to get a copy for us to watch.

    That night, I sat awake for a long time, remembering the first time I had sex, with Todd. God, his body was beautiful! I remembered how bad I wanted to feel him inside me, how nice his straight, circumcised dick was, how strong his legs and arms were, and how much he liked me. Me, of all people! A horny, barely 14 year old kid, and this hunky 17 year old jock. I was in heaven, and I would've done anything for him!

    Which, actually, is what I did. When Todd pushed his dick up my asshole, it hurt so much that I thought I was going to die. He asked if I was OK, and I lied, telling him that I was fine. Then, he started fucking me, and hard. I kept hoping that it would get easier, but it didn't. I should've told him to stop, but he was just enjoying it too much. Until he saw the blood.

    "HOLY SHIT!!!" Todd  yelled, "You're bleeding!!"  He freaked out. It looked like a lot of blood, but it probably wasn't. Todd kept saying things like "Why didn't you TELL me? What am I going to tell anybody if you end up in the hospital? Why didn't you say stop or something?" He was scared that he had injured me, and that he would be charged with rape, or something. Really, I wouldn't have done anything like that, and I tried to tell him, but he was just too upset about it. Well, my ass hurt for about a week, and Todd kept calling me for a few days, making sure that I wasn't going to need a doctor. Once it was clear that I was all right, he stopped calling me. We haven't talked since that time, late last summer. When he blew me off on the first day at high school, I cried all night. It was then that I really started hating him.

    Monday started out OK, and I was able to concentrate enough to ace my calculus test. Later, Sean and I sat together at lunch, and we talked about how things were going with him and his new boyfriend. "His name is Andrei", he told me, "and he slept over on Saturday. He really seems to like me. We did fool around a bit, but nothing more than just jacking each other off. He's really cute and sweet. You'll like him, and so will Geoff". We talked about going together on a double date, to see a movie. Just then, Andrei sits down next to Sean.

    I immediately recognized him as that really brainy kid in my math class-the one who knew absolutely all the answers-the one that I had drooled over most of the winter. His hair was black and straight, but his skin was very pale. He had a thin, sharp nose, but his eyes were what you remember about him. Those eyes-they were a stormy blue-gray, with a dark outer borders. When he looked at you, it felt like a laser was shining straight into you. It didn't hurt that he was 6' tall, fairly well built, and handsome, too.

    "Kyle, this is Andrei. Andrei, this is Kyle" Sean said. Andrei shook my hand, looked at me, and said, "Are you surprised?" I looked at him, then at Sean, then said "Umm, not really. I always kinda thought that you were," Andrei smiled (he had a beautiful smile). Then, in typical Russian style, he said, very non-chalantly, "Of course, I always knew that you were." Sean looked shocked. "Andrei!", he said, "Geez!"

    Of course, I just chuckled. When I did, so did Andrei. I've known Russians before, and knew that it was meant as a joke, not as an insult, but I guess Sean didn't. Finally, after we both laughed about it, Sean realized the humor and he chuckled too.

    Tuesday was one of those days that every gay high school boy has to go through, at least once in a while. It was one of those days when you are reminded that some people just hate you for no reason at all. I was walking down a hallway, carrying too many books under my arm, when one of them slipped. In my attempt to catch it before it fell to the floor, I accidentally banged into somebody in the crowded hallway. "Sorry", I said, as I bent down to pick the book up.

    Just then, a foot steps on top of the book.. "Hey, faggot, watch where you're going!" I heard. I looked up. Oh, shit! It was Dan and George, the school bullies. Dan was a real mean asshole, a junior, and George was this big, dumb Greek guy. Dan was the brains of the outfit, and George was the muscle. Together, the two of them were real trouble, probably the only real bullies in the school. Dan pushed me up against the wall. "Did you here me, you little fairy? Huh?" I was too shocked to say anything, afraid that anything I did say would be rewarded with a knuckle sandwich. "Whatsa matter, pussy boy? You gonna cry?" he said. I nearly did, but suddenly, everything changed.

    "Hey, Dan!! Leave him alone!!" I heard a voice say. I looked over to see who it was that was rescuing me. I couldn't believe it-it was Todd! Oh, man, he looked as hot as ever, too. "Dan, I told you, leave him alone!!" he yelled, loud enough for teachers inside of classrooms to hear. Everybody in the hallway stopped and looked. Dan suddenly looked nervous, and he let go of my collar. "Fag lover!" is what Dan called Todd, as he and George walked away. Todd stood, watching them as the walked down the hall.

    My heart was pounding. Todd asked me "Are you OK, Kyle?" I took a deep breath, then managed to blurt out "Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks" Todd looked at me, with an expression of compassion that I'd never seen on his face before. "Kyle, I'm sorry about what happened. I treated you very badly, and I'm ashamed about what happened. I owe you a lot, and I hope that you can someday forgive me."

    I was surprised by his apology. "Yes, I forgive you, Todd. I tried to hate you, but I just couldn't" I said, looking at my feet, "It wasn't all your fault, anyway". Todd put his finger under my chin, and lifted my head up. "Yes, it was", he said, "and I'd like for us to discuss what happened sometime. Maybe after school, in the parking lot? There are a lot of things I need to say, but not here, Kyle." I agreed to meet him after school in the parking lot, in exchange for a ride home.

    When school finally ended, I went out to the lot, and there was Todd, leaning up against a minivan. He waved when he saw me, and motioned me to come over. I looked around, making sure that it wasn't a trap, then went to where he was standing.
"Well, Kyle, you sure are looking good. Is there anybody special in your life now?" I smiled, and said "As a matter of fact, yes, there is. His name is Geoff. What about you?" "Yes, Kyle, I'm seeing a guy named Marcus. He really loves me, and I love him, too. God, I used to be a real asshole until I met him." Todd stopped, and stared into space for a minute before continuing, "Kyle, I know that I really hurt you. I didn't mean to, but I did. That time we was the first time I'd done that. I know that I was too rough, but when I saw the blood, I guess I just went crazy. I thought that I'd get locked up for raping you. You don't know how bad I felt about it, but I was just too damn scared to apologize to you. I'm sorry, Kyle, I'm really sorry." Todd was actually crying. "Come on, let's sit inside the car" he said, as he fumbled for his keys.

    We sit in the front seats, and Todd continues, "Kyle, I thought you were so hot. I really loved you, but just couldn't say so. You know, I was still jacking off thinking about you even when I was telling you to get away from me. I was pretty fucked up, huh?" I put my arm around him, and say "That's OK, Todd. I've hurt people before, too. I understand, and for what it's worth, I was still jacking off and thinking about you, too."

    Todd wipes the tear from his eyes, then asks, "So, tell me about this boyfriend of yours." I tell him "His name is Geoff, he's British, he's a musical genius, he's in the 8th grade still, he's skinny, has red hair, and he's hung like a horse. Now, tell me about this Marcus you are seeing."

    "Well, Marcus is a sophomore, he's sweet. He's black, was born in Jamaica, but grew up in England. He's got a really nice personality, and a really hot body, too. I never really looked at black guys before, but Marcus really opened my eyes up. He's really a beautiful person, and I really love him." Todd stops, looks out the window, and continues, "Here he comes, now."

    Yes, Marcus was all that Todd had said. His skin was dark, but not as balck as some guys are. His hair was short, and he had a really nice smile. He hops into the back of the car, then, says "Hey, Todd. Can you introduce us? My name is Marcus." His accent was more British middle-class than Jamaican, but you could tell that he had been born on the island. "Marcus, this is Kyle. I told you about him before, didn't I?" Marcus looks at me, then says "Is this the poor boy you treated so badly? I'm surprised that he would even talk to you. Kyle, I think you will find that Todd has grown up a considerable amount since you last met him." I chuckle, and so does Todd. "Yes, I have, Kyle" Todd tells me.

    We talk for a while, and I mention Geoff to Marcus. "Ooh, is he that cute, skinny redhead that lives on the next street from me? His mother is a cockney, and his stepdad is American? I just knew he was a queer boy from the first time I met him. Oh, he is just so adorable! You must be the luckiest boy in town! He's got really long hands-is he well endowed, too?" "Yes, as a matter of fact, he is. He has a very long penis" I tell them. Todd adds, "Considering how big Kyle's dick is, then Geoff must be huge!" I'm sure  that I blushed when he said that.

    Todd and Marcus drive me home, and I invite them in. About 10 minutes after we arrive, Geoff stops by on his way home, as he usually does. I bring him inside, and introduce him to Todd and Marcus. I make it clear that Todd and I are OK again, and that Marcus is Todd's boyfriend. He recognizes Marcus right away, and they hug. "I never thought that you were gay!" Geoff tells Marcus. Marcus smiles, and says, "Well, I knew that you were. Seems like we had more in common than we first though, right? Maybe we can teach this lot of queers here to play cricket?" Geoff laughs, looks down at the sweater he's wearing, and says, "You know, I really hate cricket. I do have this cricket sweater, though, and Kyle says I look sexy in it, so I wear it for him, but I don't actually play cricket anymore. I was never any good at it, anyway."

    I hug Geoff, and thank him for wearing the sweater just for me. We kiss each other on the lips. Todd tells us "You guys look like you were made for each other. You know, I really liked you, Kyle, but we never would've been like you guys are, or like Marcus and I are. I guess I just wanted you for sex, that's all."

    "Todd, there's nothing wrong with that", I tell him, "I wanted sex, too. I wouldn't have let you fuck me if I didn't. I just thought you were more experienced than you were, that's all." Marcus looks at Todd, then says, "Well, Todd's more experienced now, thanks to me! These American boys just don't know how to shag properly, do they?"

    Geoff speaks up, saying, "Yeah, I have to agree. I think I had more sex by age 12 than either these yanks have had yet. Still, I'm glad Kyle is so conscientious when we get together. I've been wanting him to fuck my arse for weeks!"

    Todd's jaw dropped. I felt a bit embarrassed, too, but I'm getting used to Geoff's more open way of talking. Marcus looks at Todd, and says "What's the matter, luv? You fuck my arse all the time. And you're good at it, too!" Poor Todd, he's still a bit of a prude, and all this talk about intimate sexual practices embarrasses him. Finally, Todd says, "umm..Yes, I do like fucking your ass, but it's usually so damn tight!" Marcus looks at him, then laughs. "Looks like I finally loosened your tongue, now. That's good, luv. You yanks need to loosen up a bit more, you know."

    Marcus leans over to kiss Todd, on the lips. You can tell by the way they kiss that they really love each other. I'm glad. It looks like I made a couple new friends today, and got one old one back, too.