A little tale about a boy's first holiday abroad. I hope you enjoy. Translations? I used Babelfish, it's a long time since I did Spanish at school. Please tell me if you liked it, or have ideas for me to continue it. Sunbeamtb@yahoo.com

Las Vacaciones Españolas

(The Spanish Holiday)

Colin was 14 and enjoyed wanking. He enjoyed it so much now, he did it four times a day, at least. Hard cock, rub rub rub, cum. Pleasure. He did it wherever and whenever he could, at home, in the garden hidden by the bushes, in school in the gym showers, even in class a few times. Upstairs on the bus, on a train, even in the toilet on the plane when they went to Spain on holiday.

Ah, the Spanish holiday! Colin's parents had hired a villa by the beach for two weeks and Colin was going to make use of the free time for his favourite hobby. He'd showered after the journey, and the cool tiled floor of the shower room felt nice to his feet as he stood under the hot spray and sprayed his own hot liquid as well.

That evening was so hot, he got permission to go for a walk on the beach by the villa, on his own. Colin was wearing just white cotton shorts and a thin t-shirt, and he was hard before he'd even closed the door behind him, knowing what he wanted to do. He walked along the empty sandy beach, the sand still warm from the day's sun, stood facing the sea, lifted his shorts leg and wanked again.

"¿Qué usted está haciendo?" The voice made him jump and he spun round to face it, still holding his hard cock.

"Ahh, puedo ver lo que usted está haciendo!" a smiling gorgeous blond boy of his own age stood there, wearing a pair of blue Adidas shorts and a cropped t-shirt. Colin watched as the boy tweaked his own cock through the blue silky material of his shorts.

"¡Déjeme hacer eso!" the boy said, holding his hand forward.

"What?" Colin regained his voice. "What did you say?"

"Dije, yo haré eso! You don't have Spanish?"

"No, I can't speak Spanish -- can you speak English?"

"Only some. Lo aprendemos en la escuela. ¿Escuela? School?"

"Oh, you're learning English at School. I do French. Français."

"¿Français? Ah, Francés! ¡Hago eso también! Bonjour!"

"Bonjour!" They both laughed.

The boy wagged his hand at Colin's cock, still in his own hand.

"Déjeme - laissez-moi!" Colin looked down at the boy's hand, and at his cock. "Oh -- oh -- yes, oui!"

The boy took Colin's cock delicately and rubbed it. Colin sighed, this was the first time another boy had touched him there, although he'd wanted it for so long.

"El alzar con el gato apagado!" the boy said. "Branlez, en francaise!"
Colin laughed. "Wanking, I call it, but it's branlez in French, eh? I din't know that! And what did you call it in Spanish?"

The boy's actions stifled any further conversation. Colin savoured the feeling of being wanked.

The boy took Colin's hand and put it into his shorts waistband.

"Haga el míos -- faites le mien!" Colin's fingers wrapped round the boy's hard cock. Pulling the elastic of the waistband down with his other hand, he took it out and wanked it.

"Eso es! C'est ca!"

Colin came first, shooting cum far down to the sand.


"¡Fantástico! ¡Usted tira lejos!"


"¡Mucho! Beaucoup!"

"Oh, lots! Yes, that was a good one! C'était bon!"

The Spanish boy stiffened and shot his spunk in four ropes, shuddering as he came. "Aaaahhhh!"

The two boys looked at each other in the bright moonlight, then suddenly the Spanish boy leaned in to Colin and kissed him. On the lips.

"Mi amigo!" he said. "Mi buen amigo -- mon bon ami!"

"You're my friend, too. My name's Colin!" he held out the hand that had just wanked his new friend, and they shook.

"Mi nombre es Juan -- Mon nom est Juan!"

They walked along the beach for a while, talking as best they could, mostly in French. Colin told Juan the English words for lots of things, the beach, the sea, the sky, the moon, sand.

Juan told Colin the Spanish words, la playa, el mar, el cielo, la luna, arena. They stopped, and Juan touched Colin's hair.

"Pelo." he said.

"Hair." Said Colin. Juan continued, touching the parts of Colin he wanted to know the words for.

"Ojos." "Eyes."

"Oidos." "Ears."

"Niriz." "Nose"

"Boca." "Mouth."

And so on. Then he tweaked Colin's cock through his shorts.


"Penis. Or cock!"


"Cock, you know -" and flapped his elbows, and made a cock a doodle doo sound.

"Ah, El Martillo!" Juan laughed. But he kept his hand on Colin's shorts, rubbing the growing organ inside.

"Otra vez? Encore?"

Colin smiled, and nodded. He reached out and felt Juan's hard-on, already tenting his shorts.

"Desnudo!" he said, pushing down his own shorts and taking off his t-shirt.

"Si!" said Colin, already picking up some of the new language and stripping.

The boys faced each other, and wanked each other's cocks. Harder and faster this time, trying to get the other off first. They glanced at each other's faces, and Juan blew Colin a kiss. Colin blew his load, and Juan aimed it at his own chest, the five streams of cum landing squarely on him and running down to the few wispy hairs above his cock. When Juan shot, Colin did the same and proudly stood with Juan's thicker cum on his chest and stomach. They laughed, and Juan kissed Colin again, but more lovingly this time. When they were ready to move, Juan grabbed Colin's shorts and ran off, then stopped and pulled them on. With little alternative, Colin pulled on Juan's blue shorts and picking up their t-shirts, ran up to Juan.

"Why?" he asked.

"Diversión!" Juan said. "Rizado!" and laughed.

They walked back towards the villa, then Juan sat on the sand. He'd been teasing his cock as they walked, and it made a tent in Colin's shorts.

Colin sat beside him, and lay back on the sand. He was hard again, too, and Juan's looser shorts allowed it to stand right up, pointing at the sky. Juan leant over and took hold of the silky material, gently wanking Colin.

Colin put his hand down to stop Juan. "I'll come in them!" he warned. There was already a damp patch where Colin had leaked a bit of pre-cum, caused by the silky material rubbing on his erection as he'd walked.

Juan jumped up and pushed down Colin's shorts, and kicked them off. Then he sat on Colin's hips, forcing Colin's cock down the left leg. Juan reached behind himself, moved the silky fabric up and held Colin's cock. His thumb ran over the tip, spreading Colin's pre-cum over the head and down the shaft. Then Juan lifted himself up a bit, and lowered his sphincter onto Colin's cock, and relaxed.

Juan knew what he was doing, he'd practiced this with his school friend, Salvador Martinez, until the Martinez family had moved North to San Salvador.

As Juan lowered himself, Colin gasped. He felt his cock force its way into Juan's arse, the tight pain was tremendous, but fantastic.

"OH -- MY -- GOD!" he called out as Juan bounced his way fully onto Colin. Juan gasped and sat still for a moment, allowing them both to get used to it, and then rocked his hips back and forth, making Colin rock automatically in rhythm.

Juan ran a finger over Colin's lips.

"Mi amigo hermoso" Juan whispered. "Mi amante."

Juan held Colin as he rolled the two of them over, then pulled Colin on top of him.

"Cójame, Colin, cójame!" Juan called out. Colin didn't know the word, but knew what he meant. He fucked Juan hard, his cum spewing deep inside when he came less than two minutes later.

Colin rolled off Juan, exhausted. Juan stood, wiped a finger of cum from his buttock and popped it into his mouth.

"La semilla de mi amante!" he sighed.

"COLIN! COLIN, ARE YOU THERE?" Colin's mother's voice called out from the villa.

"Shit! Ma mere!" Colin gasped as he jumped up, stripped off Juan's cummy shorts and hobbled into his own.

"Demain? Ici?" asked Juan, in the schoolboy French that they both understood.

"Oui, dans la apresmidi!" Colin said, and, taking the lead for the first time, kissed Juan deeply. Tongues and all.



"Demain, amigo!" Colin said in parting, and ran back to the villa.

"MAÑANA, MI AMANTE! JE T'AIME!" Juan shouted after him.

Je t'aime! I love you! Colin thought as he reached the sliding picture window where his mother was waiting.

"Where have you been? I was worried about you!" she asked.

Colin looked back at Juan, standing on the beach.

"Sorry, I met a local boy and we walked up the beach a bit. We're both doing French at school, and used that to speak. He's taught me some Spanish, though!"

Juan waved at them, and they both waved back.

"That's nice, Colin. You must invite him here one day if you're going to be friends, we'd like to meet him. I'll bet you're a lot alike, share similar interests and things. I'm glad you're getting into some Spanish, your father and I are thinking of buying a house in the village for holidays, and to retire to later. We like it a lot here, we honeymooned here when we got married, in the actual house that's for sale now, they used to take in guests. In fact, Colin, you were conceived there!"

"Ooohh, mum, that's gross! Too much information!" Colin laughed.

`But there's a boy here with my babies inside him, too!' he thought. `That's some Spanish I'm going to want to get into a lot!'

"That's great news, mum, I'll enjoy living here, there's something about the place I love already!" Colin looked out over the moonlit sea and dreamed of his future home.