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From the Clear Lake Capers

~The Last Days at Fallen Leaf!~

By Cody Snowe!

Chapter 1

Butterfly Summer!

~The Last Days at Fallen Leaf~ (1) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 1

It was an old Dodge that my Grandparents owned, carrying me up here to the camp. I think I recall Gramps said it was a 64 with a 383, and a push-button transmission....whatever all that means?

I'm a little bit of a shy boy, if you were rating me on a scale for sixth and seventh grade boys' personalities. There was a time before my parents death that I was much more outgoing, but too much of that has been stifled over the past couple of years, being handed off from one older relative to another.

For my part, I do have a few older brothers and sisters, but they had left the nest pretty much before I was even six or seven, me being a Vegas trip and all. At least that's the way my sister closest in age to me had explained it to me one day, when I asked her why she was twelve years my elder.

I would have to say I led a life of isolation up until the time of my parents death, but still had a spark, spirit, and pleasant personality.

Our town was small, and we lived in a nice cabin style house on a hill, a ways from any neighbors. Seeing as there were no close local kids to hang-out with, I just invented ways to amuse myself by building forts, or my tree-house, or mostly wandering around the mountains above our home searching caves and swimming naked in streams or beaver ponds. I didn't so much mind the isolation, and thinking about it, I assume it's only because I never knew any other way.

I guess if one turns a corner at stages in their development, or throughout their lifetime, one would never suspect how bad they might have had it, as I said, never knowing any other way?

As for me, I was a small kid actually compared to my classmates, but by no means puny. Just maybe an inch or two under the average in height, and a little on the thin side. An oval face, with girlish characteristics, and long eyelashes. My ribs did show a little, and my tummy was sunk in a little too, with no fat in the picture what so ever.

I guess I was one of those kids that would have to run around in a thunderstorm just to get wet. My hair was long past my collar, light brown in color, and as straight as a horses tail.

One might think me a girl if not looking very closely, with such soft features, and such a quiet, relaxed disposition. But believe me when I tell you, there is no mistaking that I am one hundred percent American boy, and can play the part with just about anyone.

I excelled at sports, but that was because of speed, never to be confused with size or strength, because I did not carry enough girth to be confused with the jocks.

But just the same, I was a wiry kid, surprising many a friend over the years, wrestling and fooling about as boys often do. I'd have to say I'm not a natural fighter, having been in very few, yet fairing well when I did.

I mostly avoided fights, yet seemed to have a pleasant personality, and peaceful disposition that seems to work for me in a charming way. To where others took a liking to me almost immediately, sparing me from bullies and other such altercations.

That is till my run-in with a pasty-faced asshole named Tanner, but maybe I'll get more into him later? And to think, all because I asked her, er, I mean him, in the Troutburger food line in town if she went to Saint Mary' all girls school?

How the hell was I to know he was a boy, I didn't do it on purpose. And I suppose he wasn't to upset seeing the honest guilt on my face when he turned to look at me with a bitter look. But when the others from my camp began to laugh and heckle him, he had a meltdown not seen since Chernobyl!

Just glad my friends separated us on the ground shortly after he tackled me, and no real harm but for a few bruises and cuts from the concrete.

Of course before he stormed off red-faced, he told me I was one to talk, and I myself should look in the mirror. And to think, that was only my second day at Camp Fallen Leaf, and our groups first trip into town.

Anyway, my names Porter, and I just turned twelve a few days before school let out. And this is the story of my summer, the beginning of that summer, at Camp Fallen Leaf, and my adventures that magical summer between my sixth and seventh grade years.

Or as I like to call it, “Butterfly Summer,” where most every boy experiences a metamorphosis in his mental and physical being, transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly. A journey that makes all other transition periods in ones life, pale in comparison!

Yes, I am now a big believer in just where that twilight occurs in a boys life, where a boy or tween passes through that portal into adolescence. No matter his size, height, weight, personality, physical development, or much less his sexuality, it occurs that summer between sixth and seventh grade. It is by all means the most magical time in a boys life, that will not ever be duplicated or reinvented.

I suppose that puberty plays a large part in the equation, but there again, it's not so much defined physically, like I had said, but more so how society and those younger and older than we, see us.

It's more or less a time-stamp, that marks us with new feelings, physical developments, as well as new bedtimes, and responsibilities. For the most part, it's the single most celebrated transition period in a boys life, and the lions share of that is mostly brokered in fact due to our own curiosity, and sense of adventure.

By all accounts, we are still seen as boys in the sense that we do not have to behave or act mature, thereby still getting away with childish behavior, and more easily forgiven blunders. But our thinking is on scale much more adult like in our need for self discovery, in our attitudes about firsts.

Things such as sex, alcohol, even weed for some. For the first time in our young lives, we have that new-found itch to see whats behind that next hill, down that next road, and what's lies beyond the borders of our own town, as well as our own imaginations.

Puberty is by all means an embarkation point of adolescence, as much as it is a debarkation point from childhood!

This is a story of self discovery, and tearing down myths and walls as to questions that concern sex, physical development, and how we as boys see ourselves, as well as how society sees us. Not to mention the grandiose feelings and breakthroughs of fitting in, and not feeling so much like an island, when it comes to fears held within every boys head and heart. When it comes to questions concerning our fitting in, our feelings of self doubt, concerning everything from the size of our endowment, to physical changes taking place within us, masturbation, even to the size of our own egos and self esteem.

And those magical euphoric feelings a boy gets when those walls are broken through, and those myths are shattered, when he bonds with his first real new friends of the same age, and we mutually discover that we are not alone in our pessimistic opinions of ourselves, and we indeed are brothers in arms.

And to be honest, as much as I was scarred and reluctant to go to camp, being such a loner. And even more so compounded by the loss of my parents at such an early age, there was part of me that also couldn't help but feel that maybe, just maybe it was my time to shine? That just maybe there were lifetime friends out there to be made, and important new lessons to be learned, as well as new experiences to discover.

I for one had already made a few important discoveries this past year, and I kept them all in my diary that I began at the start of sixth grade. I even made some about some of my school friends, of course depending whom I was living with at the time dictated what school I attended”

I did make note of any and all physical changes I went through, as for some unknown reason, I had begun to become obsessed with my body at the start of sixth grade. I knew for a fact, that I had no idea whether I was gay, bi, or straight, and furthermore I could care less, because I was seriously intent on trying everything.

I know being off on our own property, and having to keep to myself, I was by default a loner. And where as other boys have epic first encounters with friends, like show and tell and mutual jerk-offs, my only real such sexual encounters came from camming with cyber-friends from other States or even Countries.

For instance, I knew through them that I was very attractive to both males and females, and that for being this skinny and a little small, I was at least average in the junk department. And also was below average to average in the body hair department too. A few in the pits, a couple dozen above the toy, and a dusting of silky soft blond hairs on the arms and least enough to feel I'm a boy. And much lighter than the light brown mane that hung from my head.

These changes had not appeared on the canvass, until near the very end of the school year. And just in time too, if I'm going to be in naked situations with the other kids at camp, such as showers and changing clothes. At least I felt a little more like a older boy now, and not so much a elementary school kid.

In other words, the physical development Cavalry arrived just in time to save me from the savages that I would be bunking with. I guess what I mean is, I know boys can have a cruel way of picking out the odd boy with the least development, and make an example out of him. And I did not want that to be my lot for the coming weeks I'd be spending here at camp.

I guess most boys have been there once or twice, and it can quickly turn a fun adventure, to give a shy boy hope and confidence, to a summer nightmare of further isolation and self-doubt.

But luck be a lady.......or boy anyway, as my fuzzies seemed to appear just in time for all to see, to show that I am at least physically on par with the others, even if I could stand to slap ten or twelve pounds of hamburgers, hotdogs, and potato salad onto my frame in the coming weeks!

Anyway, old Gram and Gramps dropped me off, signed me in, and kissed and hugged me goodbye with sincere smiles on their faces. Wanting me to have a great time, and encouraging me to do so.

It's as if I could see their minds working overtime, focusing, and trying to think back to a time, searching their memories to look back to a place, where they were in a similar setting, where new discoveries was the days objective. Watching them, I couldn't help but feel a little saddened, and wish I could turn back the clocks of time for them. And give them both a second chance at the happiness, that for them is so allusive, and faded into the distant memories of summers long gone by.

In any case, I threw my duffel bag over my shoulder, and looked up at the director, and asked just were and what direction I should be heading off to?

He asked my last name again, having to enter so many of us into the ledger all in the same day, so I told him, “Piper, sir. Porter Piper!”

He looked at the computer screen, and said, “Piper, huh? Let's see, that would put you in Cabin Cutthroat, Porter.”

I gave him an odd look, and said, “Jeez Mister, what kinda camp is this, Friday the 13th? Jason's not gonna escort me to my he?”

The old gent just chuckled a bit, as he said, “No son, don't wet yourself now. All the cabins at the camp are named after fish, see here,” as he walked around the counter, and pointed to a map of the lake and campground on the wall, and said, “This is your cabin, in trout. And over here is Brook, and Rainbow, Golden, and even Brown!”

I laughed, looking up at him, and said, “Ewwww, yuk! I'm glad I didn't get that one!”

He chuckled again, and said, “Yes, well it just so happens to be the one closest to the latrine, and showers......but just a coincidence really.”

It was my turn to chuckle, as the old timer did have a pretty good sense of humor, and I was accustomed to being around older people since it was Gram and Gramps turn to take me in.

We let me see,” he said as he scanned around the main cabin. I would guess he was looking for a counselor to aid me with checking into my cabin, to get situated. “I don't see anyone about, you may have to wait a few minutes for someone to get back here so they can take you......”

But before he could finish, I heard a very sweet voice behind me say, “I can take him Mr. Max, I'm going that way anyway.”

I turned around, and there was perhaps one of the cutest boys I'd ever seen, standing directly behind me, with a rounded face, and the sweetest smile on that beautiful rounded face. I looked at him with my head cocked sideways, when Max said, “Oh, Toshi, very well, I didn't see you standing there.”

Toshi, “Yes sir, it's my cabin too, and I'm already checked in Mr. Max.”

Max, “Alright then, perfect timing. Thank you Toshi, and it's just Max, OK?”

Toshi, “Not a problem then Max!

Max, “Alright, I have things to do, so off with you two little Ragamuffins,” as he laughed again, turning back to resume his work and check in the next boy.

Toshi on the other hand, said, “Hey, what's your name?”

Of course I was frozen, still looking into his beautiful brown eyes, not having heard a word he had just said. So I was a little startled when he waved his hand in front of my face a couple times, and said, “Helloooo, Hellooooo, is anyone in there?”

I snapped out of my infatuation-gaze, and said, “Ughhh, oh, yah,....”

Toshi spoke, “Are you alright?”

I replied, “Ughhh, yah, of course I am, it's just you're, uhh........”

Toshi, giggling, “Japanese? Yes, I am aware of that. Is that OK with you?”

I smiled a bit, on the borderline of laughing, when I replied, “No, no, I meant to say that you're in my cabin! Yah, of course it's OK you're Japanese, I mean, that's not a problem, is it?”

Toshi giggled, and said, “Oh, now it's your cabin? Just so you know, I got here first. And no, no problem that I've ever been aware of.”

Porter, “I know, that's not what I meant.”

Toshi, “It's OK, ummmmmmm?”

I was confused, and said, “Ummmmmm, what?”

Toshi, “Hahaha, your name dummy, I was just asking for your name?”

I felt like I was eight again, talking to a twelve year old, but truth is, he could be eleven or thirteen as well, because he had the same size and frame as myself. I said, “Ohhh, oh it's Porter.”

Toshi, looking confused, “Porter?”

I knew what he meant and replied, “I know it sounds more like a waiter on a train or a ship, but yah, Porter.”

He kept smiling at me, and I felt he could see straight through me, saying, “No, it's OK, I like it..........Anddddd?”

I said back to him, “Andddddd what?”

Toshi, “Boy you make meeting someone difficult, does Porter have a last nameeee?”

I said nervously, “Hahaha, yah of course. It's Piper.”

Toshi laughed pretty good, and said, “Wow, Porter Piper?

I nodded my head and said, “Yes, that would be it.”

Toshi's eyes got bigger, and he asked the inevitable question whenever I meet someone new, “You mean as in, Porter Piper picked a peck.......”

I jumped in, and finished speaking for him, “Of pickled peppers.....yah, like I've never heard that one before!”

Toshi, still giggling, “Ohh, I bet. Sorry, but it is kinda funny!”

I smiled and said, “I guess it is, but he was Peter by the way! Soooooooo?”

Toshi, “Oh yah, what manners after getting up in your grill about your name, huh? I'm Toshi Takada.”

I looked confused and said back to him, “Toshi Takada?”

He squinted his beautiful eyes, even more so then they were naturally, having come from the factory that way, and said, “Yah, is that a problem for you? Do you need help saying it, Porter Piper?”

I wasn't sure what to say, “No, no, in fact it kinda sounds like one of the Admirals in the movie Midway.” Holy shit, what did I just say? Talking about a nervous reaction going south, this kids bound to hate me. I felt my face flush, and I stood frozen, fearing I had just started an international incident. Kinda like Pearl Harbor in reverse. I held my breath awaiting his reaction.

I was totally shocked by his response, not sure whether I was more surprised or relieved when he started laughing really, really hard, saying through his laughter, “You're really, really funny! I think I like you Porter Piper!”

The relief on my face was no lie, as I started to relax and laugh myself, saying to him, “You can just call me Porter, unless you really, really like my last name that much?”

Toshi, “Sure, that's fine Porter!”

Thinking about my nicknames, and what my friends call me at school, I said, “Or P2, or P-squared, or even Pickled Pepper, or just Pepper!”

Toshi began laughing even harder, and said, “Hahahahaha, no, now I'm really, really sure I like You Porter Piper..........I mean P2!”

Porter, “OK, thanks.”

Toshi, “Ummm, why P2 though?”

I laughed back at him and said, “Porter Piper.....two P's!”

Then he said back to me, “Then you can call me, Toshi, or T2?”

I looked at him oddly, and said, “As in Terminator 2?”

He completely lost it at this point, as tears where forming in his eye's, as he held his skinny tummy, and said between the laughs, “Hahahaha haha, no dummy, haha, Toshi Takada........haha, you know, two T's? Yup, I really, really do like you Porter Piper!”

Well, blushed face time again, but this time from stupidity, as I let out a nervous laugh and said the only thing I could think of, “I'm not always like this Toshi.”

He continued to laugh, and said, “Ohh, that's too bad, I think I like you this way. But common, we better get goin so we can get you a good bunk, before they're all gone.”

Not thinking before I speak isn't unusual for be by any means, and, unable to stop in time, I said, “You mean one next to yours Toshi?”

That just pretty much kept my face red, and kept him laughing, saying, “Hahaha, if that is what you want Porter Piper? Now I'm really, really, really sure I like you Porter Piper! Common, let's go!”

Well, I'd like to conclude this first chapter, with me redeeming myself, and making some sort of comeback, if just to save a little face (very important in Japanese Culture I hear).

But truth be told, as we made ready to leave, we both reached down for my duffel bag at the same time, and our hands touched. I'm not sure what happened, or what it was, but a warm feeling swept over me like I had never felt before. I completely froze, and whatever it was, Toshi recognized it too, because he immediately stopped laughing, and we looked at each other, holding our eye contact.

He studied my face, as my knees went weak and buckled on me, then I started to fall. Of course he reached out and grabbed me, holding me up, and as he held his gaze into my eyes, he said, “And now I have a feeling, that you really, really like me as well, Porter Piper!!!”

That concludes this chapter of “Last Days at Fallen Leaf” This is my second (posted anyway) attempt at writing so any feedback, direction, or comments are appreciated. Please forward comments to the address below:


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