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From the Clear Lake Capers

~The Last Days at Fallen Leaf!~

By Cody Snowe!

Chapter 2

First Flight from the Cocoon!

~The Last Days at Fallen Leaf~ (2) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 2

He continued to laugh, and said, “Ohh, that's too bad, I think I like you this way. But common, we better get goin so we can get you a good bunk, before they're all gone.”

Not thinking before I speak isn't unusual for be by any means, and, unable to stop in time, I said, “You mean one next to yours Toshi?”

That just pretty much kept my face red, and kept him laughing, saying, “Hahaha, if that is what you want Porter Piper? Now I'm really, really, really sure I like you Porter Piper! Common, let's go!”

Well, I'd like to conclude this first chapter, with me redeeming myself, and making some sort of comeback, if just to save a little face (very important in Japanese Culture I hear).

But truth be told, as we made ready to leave, we both reached down for my duffel bag at the same time, and our hands touched. I'm not sure what happened, or what it was, but a warm feeling swept over me like I had never felt before. I completely froze, and whatever it was, Toshi recognized it too, because he immediately stopped laughing, and we looked at each other, holding our eye contact.

He studied my face, as my knees went weak and buckled on me, then I started to fall. Of course he reached out and grabbed me, holding me up, and as he held his gaze into my eyes, he said, “And now I have a feeling, that you really, really like me as well, Porter Piper!!!”

I felt flush by what he'd said, and felt severely embarrassed by it as well. I mean, that he knew that I liked him that is. And of course when paranoia sets in, you always assume the worst. And for me, my mind had bypassed that he meant I liked him just as a friend, and jumped straight to the conclusion that I liked him, liked him!

Of course, it was his reaction yet again that had a little bit of a calming effect on me. As his personality, one of inclusion, and outright acceptance, once again soothed my fears that he thought the worst of me.

I could easily tell, if not already aware of the fact, that he was not raised here in the States.

And his personality, and attitude in regards to others, is one of not being judgmental, and willing to overlook peoples differences. Vastly superior to that of most of my fellow American friends.

I could not be sure what he thought my feelings towards him were, as I myself was painted with confusion at this moment. That is, my attraction towards him, and the various ways I was thinking of what that attraction might be, or might mean? But one thing that I was sure of, is that in the way he bleed innocence, it would not have made a difference to him how I felt towards him, one way or the other!

I was looking down again, scarred to look him in the eyes, focused on the thought of what my Gram and Gramps always drilled into me, that, “Ones eyes are the windows to ones soul!” And I was afraid as to what he might see, and hell, discover what and who I am.

Along with the knowledge of what and how I felt for this possible Soul-mate, and what's worse, that he would make that discovery, even before I had a chance to do so myself?

And “Soul-mate,” I wondered if he even believed in such a thing? And if he did, is it even possible that I am his and he is mine? I mean, we live on opposites sides of the Earth, so what are the chances of this coming true? And the fact that we click so well, the strange way I feel about him, the bizarre fact that we’re about the same age, and the chance that we'd even meet in the first place? All in a little mountain lake camp, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

God, please give me some kind of message if he is my Soul-mate, and that we are real close in age. Please show me a sign about these two things, so I know I have a chance of making something wonderful happen?

Anyway, back to the situation at hand. Further complicating my feelings is the fact that I had no template to reach for, to guide me in picking out a previously coined, canned response to him.

I had never in my twelve short years, found myself in such a awkward predicament. Not being sure what to blame, whether it be hormones, or just genuine respect for beauty. Either way, I was faced with the reality that I may just be confronted with my first affliction of puppy-love!

My mind was a whirl as to what to do, what to say, and how to act? I felt like crying from embarrassment, knowing full well that I was not prepared for this confrontation, no, situation. And I knew for a fact that I had already waited too long to reply to him, making the situation even that much more awkward

What a hell of a time for my first crush to take place, and I could only hope Toshi was judging me on a curve, because I knew inside that I had failed this first test. As I was nervously trying to mouth out something, anything, I felt a finger touch my chin, as my eyes were begining to well up just a little. Lifting my head with that finger, I heard him say, “Hello, hello there anyone in there? You're doing it again Porter Piper.”

He had stopped laughing, seeing my discomfort and shame, and as my head was lifted, and we made eye contact, he looked into my glassy eyes. I was shaking a bit from nervousness, and he said, “Hey, it's OK Porter Piper, you have nothing to fear from me,” as he tilted his head to the side a little, and then straightened it back out.

Then getting a better look and feel for me, before smiling a gentle and warm smile of reassurance, he said, “The war was over long ago Porter Piper.....and your side won,” before letting out a gently half laugh.

I can't be sure what it is, or how he did it, but this Japanese boy had a calming, soothing effect on me, that just made me feel warm, fuzzy, and comforted. I said, “Ahh, sorry Toshi, I'm not sure what's going on with me today.”

Then he did something that caught me completely off guard, something completely unexpected, as he simply stepped up into my personal zone, and embraced me, whispering into my ear, “That's OK, because I think I know what's going on with you, Porter Piper.......and you know what else?”

I, hesitantly at first, but convinced he was being genuine and sincere, and reassured by the smell and warmth of his very essence, his very aura, whispered back, “What's that, Toshi?”

I closed my eyes at this point, hoping for the best, as he whispered into my ear, “That you have feelings for me, and it's OK with me that you feel this way......Porter Piper!”

I relaxed and loosened up at this point, while a couple of tears streaked my face, and I laughed a little. Then he pulled back from me and studied my face, while reaching up with his arm, and wiping those two tears away with his shirt sleeve. Then he said to me, while tilting his head a little again, and smiling at me, “Are you sure that you are not always like this, Peter Piper?”

That was all I could take, as I began to half laugh and half cry, feeling one hundred percent better about the situation, saying back to him, “It's Porter, Porter Piper........OK, Sushi Takada?”

Then he began to laugh really hard, actually we both began to laugh really hard. And I knew I was over the hump, but regardless of whatever my feelings are, that betrayed me, he expected me to relax, and calm down.

Then he reached down to pick-up my dufflel bag, and said, while grabbing hold of my hand with his free hand and pulling me along with him, “Common Porter Piper, let's show you around!”

I said back to him, as I followed along, “Thanks, thanks a lot!”

Toshi replied, “You are welcome P2, oh, and Porter?”

Porter, “Yes Toshi?”

Toshi, “It's Toshi, not Sushi.”
Porter, “I know, and I'm sorry.....I was just kidding, payback is all.”

Toshi, “I know you were, and it's alright. It's not the first time American boys have tagged me with Sushi. And you can call me that if you wish, it does sound a little like Toshi.”

I thought about it, and what a terrible thing to say, or stick him with, and replied back to him, “Hell no! No way, I like Toshi! And besides, no one could never ever confuse you with cold fish!”

He let that beautiful little half laugh, half giggle escape his thin red lips again, and said, “I know Porter, it obvious.”

I was curious, and said, “What is obvious, Toshi?”

Toshi, “What you just said, little American dummy.”

I laughed and asked, “What did I just say that's obvious, Toshi?”

He laughed even more and said, “That you like Toshi,” as he pushed me backwards and onto my ass and ran down the trail towards our cabin.

I shouted “Hey, that's not fair, you got a head start,” as I stepped on the literal “Gas Pedal,” and tore out after him. I just followed the abundance of squeaks and giggles that where escaping his sweet lips.

He was hella-quick too, but his eventual downfall and doom was dragging a forty pound duffel bag along with him, filled to the zipper bulging maximum, with just about everything I could fit into it.

It took a minute or so, but I eventually caught up to him. And it felt great, this early summer day, the warm sun, the summer breeze, and the fresh scent of pine. Once I got close enough to him, I just paced him, as he kept looking behind, turning his head, to see how close I was and what I was doing. But I just continued to pace him, having seen a patch of lawn twenty or thirty yards up ahead.

And when we reached that yard area with the lawn, and I knew the moment was right, I lunged forward towards the grass, and clutched onto him, pulling him down from behind, shouting, “BONZIIIIIIIIII!!!”

We both hit the lawn, as the duffel bag went sailing into the air, rolling onto the lawn. Once we hit the ground, we began rolling around on the grass, grabbing at each other, tying to pin the other, laughing and giggling feverishly.

I had vast knowledge of wrestling, seeing as even though I was not on the schools team, some of my chums were. So it equated in my mind that I'd make quick work or my friendly little Samurai, seeing as I helped my friends out with practice and training.

I just about had him in the hold I wanted, just about to pin him, when I arrogantly laughed at him and said, “American Wrestling........Toshi Takada!”

When out of nowhere he pulled some move out of his ass, so fast and so hard, that I felt a rush of blood to my head. A look of shock appeared across my face, having been flipped over hard onto my back, with him knelling over me.

He was straddling my body with his knees, smiling and laughing at the same time, looking down at me face to face. Sweat was dripping off his forehead onto my face, he was huffing and puffing for air, the same as me, then he said, “Tae Kwon Do............Porter Piper!!!”

I was flabbergasted, and laid my straining, sweaty head back against the grass, conceding defeat, and closing my eyes, shouting to him, “Dammit, Tae Kwon Do,” then pausing, while breathing furiously, “I forgot about you being...........Japanese, Toshi!”

He just started shaking, and laughing intensly, looking down at me, with his long sleeve button down white shirt, sweater vest with a school insignia on the right side, and blue shorts with black dress shoes. Oh, and a brightly colored pendant pinned to his vest.

He continued laughing without stopping, so I finally said, “OK, what gives Toshi.....what's so funny?”

He paused and said, “You Americans are sooo funny,” then he stopped laughing, and wiped the sweat off his forehead with one sleeve, then the sweat of off my forhead with the other, and looked back down on me, saying, “What do you mean what's so funny, Porter Piper?”

I replied back, “Why are we Americans so funny, Toshi?”

He smiled and chuckled a couple more times, and said, “Because, Tae Kwon Do is Korean, not Japanese silly.......that's why Porter Piper,” as he began to laugh at me again.

I again felt like an ass, and properly so. I mean I'm not thin-skinned at all, and any other boy, I wouldn't care less, but I was quickly determining that Toshi is not just any other boy.

When his laughter faded to a smile, he jumped up off of me, and leaned down to pull me back up upon my feet. We smiled as we stared at each other for a few seconds. Then he lifted his hand, and using his fingers, he picked some dried grass and pine needles from my hair.

Then he pointed down and twirled his finger around in circles, directing he to turn around. I immediately complied, and felt him brushing off my back and butt, then picking some more grass off the back of my head.

Once done, I motioned him to turn around in the same fashion, then tended to his back, bottom, and hair. Dislodging the remnants from him being tackled onto the lawn, as I said, “Now what Toshi?”

He glanced off toward a three way fork in the trail, and pointed to the left side trail that led up the hill to a couple large bunk cabins. I said, “Are those our cabins, Toshi?”

He replied, “Two of them P2, Cutthroat and Rainbow.......we're in Cutthroat.”

As he was saying this, I heard someone casually say, “Hi Toshi,” from behind us on the trail. I didn't really pay too much attention to it, as I just gave a quick glance to see a long haired blond boy and two others walk past us down the trail. They were taking the left fork and heading up the hill towards the cabins, as we were still a few feet off of the trail, on the lawn. Then I heard Toshi say back to them, “Oh, hi Tanner.”

At that moment, I snapped my head back up and focused more clearly as to who had walked past us. And there I saw my nemesis from the fight at Troutburger, as the kid had also spotted me, and we overheard him say to his friends, “Dammit, I shoulda known,” as they continued to walk away from us, and up the hill.

Toshi's smile disappeared, as he said, “Huh, I wonder what that was all about?”

I will have to admit, that for being such a dickhead, he is pretty fuckin cute, and curiosity was getting the better of me, as I inquired to Toshi, “Who is he Toshi (already knowing full well who he is)?”

Toshi responded, “Oh, just my friend Tanner, and a couple of the other guys.”

I was starting to get the jitters, thinking about how awkward it would be bunking with him, and said, “Is he in our cabin Toshi,” afraid of what his answer might be, “No, he's in Rainbow, the cabin across from ours. The other cabins are down closer to the lake.

We both reached down again for my duffel bag, and once again our hands met, but neither of us attempted to pull away. Instead, I grabbed ahold of the handle, with Toshi's hand on top of mine, holding it firmly, as Toshi said “This way, we can still hold hands P2, without it appearing so, unlike we were doing before.”

I said, “Does it matter, Toshi?”

He smiled and said, “Not now, and not here, but when we get up towards the cabins and other boys, yes, it may.”

I had to give it to him, as I replied, “Ahh, I see you point, T2.”

Then we hopped back on the trail, and began walking up the left fork towards the two cabins on the hill, when out of nowhere, Toshi said, “Do you believe in Soul-mates Porter Piper?”

I lost my breath, and was almost in shock, as I stammered out, “Uhhh, yah, sure I do Toshi,” while all the while wanting to shout from the tree tops, “FUCK YES I BELIEVE IN SOULMATES, TOSHI!!!”

I couldn't help but wonder if this was the sign that I asked for earlier? And as we continued to walk, Toshi was looking down on his vest, fiddling with something, as I said to him, “Something wrong with your vest, and are those your school clothes, Toshi?”

Toshi glanced up for a second, and said, “Yes, they are, it's what I dressed in for the flight here. And no, it's not my vest, it's my little pendent that's hanging from it. I think it became loose during our struggle on the lawn.”

I said, “Where did you get it, Toshi?”

Toshi, having reattached it, said, “It's a birthday present, P2. I just turned twelve.”

Wow, I thought to myself, what an opening. First the Soul-mate question, and now I can see that we're close in age, as I said to him, “Oh yah, kool, I'm twelve too.......Happy Birthday!”

He said, “Thanks,” and then we both said simultaneously. “When's your Birthday?”

After laughing at ourselves for a moment, we both answered simultaneously, “June 2nd!”

I just about shit a pine cone, as my brain raced, and I couldn't believe this was happening. Was this the sign I'd been looking for? Was this a message to me?

Toshi, used his arm sleeve to wipe some dirt off of his pendent, and looked back up at me, and said, “There, now that's better,” as he readjusted it, and smiled.

I couldn't help but ask him, “Your pendent, what is it Toshi?”

He smiled again, and said, “My mom gave it to me before I left for America, it's my butterfly. She said this is my summer to morph into a handsome young man.”

I couldn't argue with that, as I replied back to him, “Well, she's got that part right, Toshi!”

He smiled at me, blushing a little, “Thanks P2, she gave it to me at the airport as I was boarding the plane. She kissed me and said she had saved my best present for last, and said it was a symbol for my.........well, my first flight from the cocoon, Porter Piper!”

My heart was set aglow, and there was no doubting it now, as I looked up at the sky, and whispered, “Thank you God!”

That concludes this chapter of “Last Days at Fallen Leaf” This is my second (posted anyway) attempt at writing so any feedback, direction, or comments are appreciated. Please forward comments to the address below:


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