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From the Clear Lake Capers

~The Last Days at Fallen Leaf!~

By Cody Snowe!

Chapter 3

Race Among the Ruins!

~The Last Days at Fallen Leaf~ (3) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 3

He said, “Thanks,” and then we both said simultaneously. “When's your Birthday?”

After laughing at ourselves for a moment, we both answered simultaneously, “June 2nd!”

I just about shit a pine cone, as my brain raced, and I couldn't believe this was happening. Was this the sign I'd been looking for? Was this a message to me?

Toshi, used his arm sleeve to wipe some dirt off of his pendent, and looked back up at me, and said, “There, now that's better,” as he readjusted it, and smiled.

I couldn't help but ask him, “Your pendent, what is it Toshi?”

He smiled again, and said, “My mom gave it to me before I left for America, it's my butterfly. She said this is my summer to morph into a handsome young man.”

I couldn't argue with that, as I replied back to him, “Well, she's got that part right, Toshi!”

He smiled at me, blushing a little, “Thanks P2, she gave it to me at the airport as I was boarding the plane. She kissed me and said she had saved my best present for last, and said it was a symbol for my.........well, my first flight from the cocoon, Porter Piper!”

My heart was set aglow, and there was no doubting it now, as I looked up at the sky, and whispered, “Thank you God!”

We held hands, well sort of anyway, as we both held my duffel bag between us. But as we each looked down at our own hands upon one another, we both knew it symbolized something much more important than just carrying a duffel bag up a hill. Or a new friendship for that matter. We were both aware that it symbolized a destiny, a fateful encounter that was meant to be, written in the stars a millennia before our unlikely encounter.

We both walked up the hill, stealing glances at one another, neither able to take our eyes off the other for any extended period of time. Giggles escaped our lips, as we continued our journey. Both fully aware by now, that this friendship would continue to blossom and grow.

But what was much, much, more exciting and magical, was the clandestine love affair that we where both somehow sure was going to emerge these coming two weeks. Filling our young hearts and our young lives, with our very first wants, needs, and physical foreplay and couplings!

We could both sense that magic had descended down upon our minds and our hearts, much like fairy dust. And our feelings and passions were both shouting at us to throw caution to the wind, and dive into this molten pool of bubbling lust head first!

We made it to the top of the hill, and the two cabins, Cutthroat and Rainbow. They were both raised about five feet off the ground, with the wooden and concrete foundation surrounded by criss-crossed strips of wood, making a weaving pattern to prevent anyone or anything from getting under the cabins.

Both of the cabins were painted white, with green trim. Wooden stairs led up to the cabin entrance in the front, and a ramp in the back, as the cabins were shaded from the hot sunlight, being surrounded by Pine trees. I looked at a hole on the right side of the cabins base, and wondered what could have caused that.

And as if Toshi had read my mind, he pointed to the hole and said, “This place is closed for the winter months P2. And Max told me when he brought me up here earlier to unpack, that a Black Bear Mother and her cubs broke into that foundation this year to wait out the winter.”

I said, “For real Toshi?”

He replied, “Yes, really! They had to chase them away with dogs when they began prepping the camp about two weeks ago, for this years kids. He said the camp handyman would be along sometime this next week to make the repairs, and seal the basement off. Sounds kind of scary.....huh Porter Piper?”

I laughed at him and said, “No Toshi, Black Bears aren't dangerous. It's Grizzly Bears that are scary!”

He looked at me confused, and said with his head cocked, “Are you sure P2, I mean a bears a bear.....right?”

I laughed again, and said, “No Toshi, are you afraid of a Koala Bear?”

He laughed, and said, “Noooo! We learned in school that they aren't even really a bear.......silly!”

Then I explained, “I believe you Toshi, but although a Black Bear will eat meat, they're not really hunters, but eat mostly nuts, berry’s, and anything that they can get out of a garbage can.”

Toshi, “Garbage.....really?”

Porter, “Yah Toshi, haven't you ever seen an episode of Yogi Bear?”

Toshi, “Haha, no P2, but I'm sure it's a cartoon.....right?”

I said, “Yah Toshi, Google it sometime. Now it's the Grizzly Bears that you have to be careful of, they are dangerous. They're about three times larger than the Black Bears, and hunt for food. Even kill a human for food if you get to close.”

Toshi looked scared, and said, “Is anyone here to protect us from them?”

I couldn't help but laugh at him again, but realizing again that he is Japanese, said, “No Toshi, they are not native to this State.”

He looked at me again rather oddly, “Native, Porter Piper?”

I said, “Yes, it means that this isn't their habitat. Well, actually it was, as the California Grizzly Bear was the biggest of all the Grizzlies. But they were all hunted to extinction since around the turn of the Century.”

Toshi, “So they're all gone then?”

Porter, “Yes, the California Grizzly, but there are still plenty of Grizzly Bears left. Mostly in Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska, and a few other Western States. So don't you be scared or worried Toshi!”

He laughed at me, and said, “Oh no, not with you here to protect me Porter Piper,” with a good hint of sarcasm.

Then I said, mocking him back, “Besides, I'm sure you had your share of run-ins with Panda Bears over there in Japan, right Toshi?”

He completely lost it again, laughing at me, as I said to him, “What, what did I say now......what's so damn funny Toshi?”

He stopped laughing, and said, “OK P2, you've already learned that Tae Kwon Do is from Korea, right?”

I said, “Yah, so?”

Toshi, “Now it's time to learn, that Panda Bears are from China!”

I acknowledged what he had said, then we turned our attention back to Cutthroat, our cabin. The cabins looked as if they were built possibly in the 1940's or 1950's, right out of a Walt Disney episode, possibly even Spin and Marty. Or a corny old Boy Scout special.

You could tell just by looking at them, that they were weathered, and had been beaten down by the elements for many a decade, only to be built and rebuilt back up, and carefully attended to and preserved.

I just stood there and stared in awe, at the vision in front of me. I just couldn't get enough of it.

I also couldn't wait to get inside and look around, and see what it was that it looked like inside. Toshi could both sense and see my excitement, and I was breathing hard in anticipation of my coming weeks bunking in this throwback to the pop culture era of Leave it to Beaver!

Toshi picked my duffel bag back up with one hand, and took my hand in his other, and pulled me along, saying, “Common P2, let's go inside and get you situated before you start growing moss.”

That broke my concentration on the cabin, and I laughed, as we stepped up the creaky wooden stairs. At the top was a wooden patio laid down with two by fours, where you could see the weather proofing stain was cracking and peeling of the planks, like a boys skin peeling after being out in the sun too much.

It was a rather large deck, with rickety old wooden chairs, and a wooden railing about up to our middle, between our nipples and our belly buttons. With just two wooden beams situated horizontally from corner to corner, so as when you sat in the old wooden chairs, you could see between them to the lake below.

I was once again caught staring, and just taking in the rustic beauty of it all. We had a beautiful view of the lake from our deck and it was breathtaking. Toshi once again pulled on my hand, turning me towards the front door. And as we walked up to it, there was a wooden sign to the right of the door, about at eye level that had Cutthroat written on it, and a picture of a Cutthroat Trout as well.

The screen door looked thirty years old, and made a clanking sound when it snapped closed. The screen was torn in places, and was actually metal, as opposed to the nylon screen used now a days.

We walked inside, and I just about popped wood (no pun intended). The smell was a pungent cross between the fresh scent of a wooden cabin, and a boys locker room. I guess seeing that it housed a dozen or so boys, I wasn’t surprised. But it got me to thinking, “How many of us does it sleep Toshi?”

He said, “Twelve P2, thirteen is you count our Counselor I guess. But the other boys said that most of the Counselors don't sleep in the cabins anymore. They prefer the big house down next to the office for Max and his staff. It has new beds, cable TV, refrigerator, and all the modern stuff.

I walked over to the first bunk-bed and sat down. It felt like a ultra soft, lumpy mattress that had been there since the place opened. I said, “But there's a dozen bunk-beds in here Toshi, that's twenty four beds total. So what do they only sleep twelve of us.”

He said, “Haha, that's exactly what I asked Max, and he told me for two reasons. One was that the beds were really old, and they wanted to make sure there was no accidents. And the other had something to do with insurance purposes. So no one is allowed on the top bunks.”

I stood back up, and said, “Yah, and no one on the bottom bunks need to worry about the boy on the top wetting the bed. Hahaha, I love bunk-beds!”

Toshi said, “That's funny P2, let me show you around the rest of the place.”

I saw directly to my right was a door to a little closet sized room with a double bed and a little hutch with a small lamp on it, as if for reading or something. Then as I looked down to the other end of the cabin, there were twelve bunk-beds evenly spaced on both the left and right sides, six per side.

And another door at the far end on the right that went down a ramp, leading to the outside. And in the center at the end, was another door.

I asked Toshi, “What is that door for Toshi?”

He grabbed my hand again, and walked me down the length of the cabin, with windows between each bed on both the right and left sides. When we got to the end of the cabin, Toshi pushed the creaky door open. There was a bathroom, with one rusty metal urinal that looked like it could accommodate two, or at the most, three boys. And a old toilet stall that had a half door on it. Next to it was what looked like a newer handicapped stall with a cheesy particle board half wall in between. And on the other side, was a single old metal shower spout, with a curtain to pull closed, and a drain on the floor.

I said to Toshi, “I bet there's hardly any hot water, if any at all? Are you telling me that all twelve of us are supposed to share this one shower, let alone these gross urinals and toilets?”

Toshi again laughed at me, and said, “Only if we want to Porter, only if we want to.”

I said, “Or what, just smell bad, and shit outside for the next two weeks?”

Toshi, “Hahaha, haha, you are soo funny the way you get so excited P2, I can tell you need a vacation. We have bathroom and shower facilities at the bottom of the hill situated among the other cabins, Porter. I overheard our counselor tell a couple of the boys earlier about them when they asked him. He said they were only built about ten years ago, and have plenty of hot water, and new accommodations. While these are the originals when the place was first built. Except for the handicapped stall, and ramp that replaced the back stairs. He said they were just installed a few years back, because of a State law.”

Porter, “Well, they certainly didn't spend much money, did they Toshi?”

Toshi, “No, but speaking to Max earlier, he said the camp doesn't have that much money to spend, as they try to keep the prices as low as they can, so all different boys can attend. Common Porter Piper, let's throw your bag on the bunk next to mine, so that no one else can claim it........unlessss?”

I smiled and said, “Unless what Toshi?”

He said, “Unless you want to share mine P2?” As he began to laugh, while I stuck my finger in his ribs, and laughed as well, while he bent over and away from me, protecting his ribs.

Then I said, “I'm super glad that they are bunk-beds Toshi.”

Toshi, “Why is that P2?”

Porter, “Because ever since I met you in the office, I haven't stopped thinking about sleeping on top of you Toshi!”

Toshi, “Hahaha, haha, you are sooo funny P2.....and such a pervert too! But I just told you no one can sleep on the top bunks.”

I said, “Hey, you're the one that asked me to share your bunk, Toshi!”

He said, “Haha, I know P2, just having fun I suppose.”

I then leaned into him, and whispered into his ear, “Would you, Toshi?”

His breathing changed, and his face became serious, as he whispered back to me, “Would I what Porter Piper?”

I said quietly to him, “If we were both alone here, with no bunk-mates, would you share your bunk with me, Toshi Takada?”

He thought for a moment or two, and then looked down at the floor and nodded his head a couple of times, and quietly said, “That depends, on what of yours you are willing to share with me Porter Piper!”

We both looked up into one anothers eyes, smiling, mutually understanding full well, the meaning behind what he had just said!!!

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