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From the Clear Lake Capers

~The Last Days at Fallen Leaf!~

By Cody Snowe!

Chapter 4

Bunkmates & Bedtimes!

~The Last Days at Fallen Leaf~ (4) by Cody S.

Disclaimer: This story involves homosexual acts between two or more under-age boys. If this offends you, or is illegal for you to view, or you are too young to read it, leave now and do not return. This story is entirely fictitious, and any similarity to persons living or dead, or to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright is to me, and this story may not be reproduced anywhere without my prior permission.

Chapter 4

He said, “Unless you want to share mine P2?” As he began to laugh, while I stuck my finger in his ribs, and laughed as well, while he bent over and away from me, protecting his ribs.

Then I said, “I'm super glad that they are bunk-beds Toshi.”

Toshi, “Why is that P2?”

Porter, “Because ever since I met you in the office, I haven't stopped thinking about sleeping on top of you Toshi!”

Toshi, “Hahaha, haha, you are sooo funny P2.....and such a pervert too!”

I said, “Hey, you're the one that asked me to share your bunk, Toshi!”

He said, “Haha, I know P2, just having fun I suppose.”

I then leaned into him, and whispered into his ear, “Would you, Toshi?”

His breathing changed, and his face became serious, as he whispered back to me, “Would I what Porter Piper?”

I said quietly to him, “If we were alone here, and no bunk-mates, would you share your bunk with me, Toshi Takada?”

He thought for a moment or two, and then looked down at the floor and nodded a couple times, and quietly said, “That depends, on what of yours you are willing to share with me Porter Piper!”

We both looked up into one anothers eyes, smiling, mutually understanding full well, the meaning behind what he had just said!!!

We were shaken from our hypnotic trance gazing into one another by the sound of approaching voices. I panicked a little and said to Toshi, “OK, OK, just act natural Toshi, like nothing happened or we weren’t doing anything!”

Toshi snicked at me and put his hand on my shoulder, saying, “Hahaha, relax Porter Piper.......we weren’t doing anything!”

I began to calm down when I realized that Toshi was right. Thinking something and doing something aren't the same thing. So I said to Toshi, who was still looking at me questioningly, “Yah, you're right Toshi, but boy if they caught us doing what I was thinking.”

Toshi, “Hahaha, I was right Porter, you are funny and you are a pervert!”

I sighed and said, “Ummm, sorry Toshi.”

He squeezed my shoulder and said, “Don't be Porter Piper, those are two of the three things I like most about you.”

I was confused, and asked Toshi, “Two of the three things Toshi?”

He said, “Yes P2, two of the three things.”

I was anxious, and asked, “And what's the third thing Toshi?”

Toshi smiled at me and said, “Those are the second and third things Porter Piper.”

I smiled back, just overcome with falling in love with him, and how he speaks and thinks, and said, “Then what is the first thing Toshi Takada?”

Toshi leaned in and whispered into my ear, “The very first thing is how beautiful you are Porter Piper. Your face and your looks are everything I have ever dreamed of......for my soul-mate.”

I immediately went weak in the knees, as I reached my arms out towards him to hold him in an embrace and kiss his soft red lips, when Toshi reached out to me with his two arms as if to hold me up. saying softly, “Not here and now P2,” just as a group of four or five other boys entered the cabin, catching us in a somewhat compromising position. But nowhere near of what they would have if not for Toshi interrupting my emotional advance towards him.

The boys appeared unaware that anyone was inside the cabin, and somewhat perplexed by our appearance and slightly compromising position, and immediately halted their motion towards us. Looking at us both, and then at one another, not knowing what to think, one of them began to speak up. But not before Toshi wisely said to me, “Are you OK now Porter, or are you still feeling a little sick?”

Then the boy who was about to speak squinted his eyes, as if not knowing what to think, and thought to himself for a few seconds, and then said, “What's going on in here Toshi?”

Toshi snapped his head up, as if to look at him and the others with the appearance that he wasn't aware of their presence, and said, “Oh, hi Logan just getting one of our new bunk-mates situated, and maybe lay him down for a little while till he feels better.”

Logan appeared to have reevaluated the situation, and it was easy to tell that what he thought mere moments before of what might be considered hanky-panky or funny-business, may just be something else entirely. He then said to Toshi, “What'sss wrong with him Toshi?”

Toshi, wise beyond his twelve meager years upon this Earth, squinted his eyes a little as if deep in thought, shaking his head a little, as he sat me on the bed, “I'm not sure Logan, but he's feeling a little sick to his stomach and even weak in the knees. I had to catch him just now so he didn’t hit the floor.”

Logan walked over and looked into my eyes, and said, “His eyes are kind of glassy, you think he has the flu? He better not be contagious!”

I took the opportunity to help Toshi with his act by leaning over and holding my stomach. Toshi then put his hands on my shoulder and said, “Have you been sick to your stomach yet P2?”

I nodded my head yes, as Logan and the others looked at one another, and Logan said, “P2 Toshi?

Toshi said, “Oh that, yes well I forgot to introduce you. Logan, this is Porter Piper, and his nickname is P2 cause of the two P's. And Porter, this is my friend Logan.”

We both said our “how do you dos” while I thought how diplomatic and endearing it was that Toshi introduced Logan as “my friend,” as they had just met earlier today at some point, as this was the first day. I wondered if he did it just because of how honest and how sweet he truly is, of if it was a calculated move to win Logan over, or hell, for that matter a mixture of both.

Well, for whatever the reason, it worked, because Logan immediately said to the other boys, “Cary, Danny, get his shoes off, and Vonni, you go down and ask Max to send the Doctor or Nurse up here. Let's see if he can get a little sleep, as lights out and our bedtime isn't till eleven.”

OK, neither Toshi or I expected it to go this far, and I began to sweat and panic, which only made me appear more sick to them, cementing our alibi even beyond which we had wished. But Toshi being the quick thinker he is, jumped in and said, “Wait a minute you guys,” then he looked down at me and said, “Porter, did you get sick to your stomach earlier and vomit already today,” as he was facing me with his back to the others. I looked up and could see him silently mouthing something to me, which I could most likely make out to be “car.”

I made the connection immediately, and said to him in a somewhat whiny voice, “In the car, just before we pulled in here.”

Toshi then said, “Ahhh, OK. The others looked a little confused, and Toshi asked me, “Do you often get car sick Porter Piper?”

I sealed the deal by nodding my head a couple times before quietly saying, “Yes, quite often really, but mostly on long trips.”

Then Logan laughed and said, “Haha, he's just carsick Toshi! Get his shoes off anyway you guys, and Vonni, forget the Doctor and Nurse, here's a dollar, go get him a bottle of Seven-Up from the vending machine at the bottom of the hill.”

I was indeed beginning to feel sick now, just from nerves I suppose, as my face began to sweat more and my mouth began to water like crazy. I've always been a stress case in moments like these. I held my stomach tighter, and let out a little moan, when Toshi asked, just as Cary and Danny had removed my shoes and socks, “Are you going to be sick again Porter?”

I really felt as if I were, as I tried to swallow all the thin saliva that was flooding my mouth, when Logan, the obvious leader and alpha male of the group, said, “Hell yes he is,” then he looked down at Cary and Danny, as Vonni was on his way to the soda machine, “Quick you two, get him to the bathroom.”

No sooner was he finished saying that, when the two boys both grabbed me under each the arm, and whisked me towards the back of the cabin. We were about ten feet from the bathroom door, when I felt a burning acidy liquid churn up from my stomach, and I spurt a small amount out of my mouth and onto my shirt, before I could swallow the rest back down.

Logan and Toshi were trailing behind, when Logan said, “Whoopsss, there she blows,” and Cary said, “Oh man, that's gross.”

But they did manage to get me to the handicapped stall, as the toilet was newer and less dirty and stained, when I fell to my knee's with them holding me steady so as I didn't hit the floor too hard. And no sooner was I in position, when I vomited hard three or four times into the bowl.

I could hear Logan say to Toshi, “Just clear liquid and bile, he should be fine,” then Toshi said back to Logan, as Cary and Danny were pulling me back up to my feet, and wiping my mouth with some toilet tissue, “Let's get him back to his bunk then so he can rest for a little while. I'm sure he'll be fine.”

Logan had turned on the sink, and cupped his hands filling them with cold water, then he approached me and held his hands up to my mouth, saying, “Here, drink this and rinse your mouth out Porter, I know it has to taste pretty gross right now.”

I did as he asked, and swished the water around a few times, and spit it into the bowl. Logan then said to Toshi, “We can get him to his bunk in a little while, but lets get his shirt (covered in vomit) and the rest of his clothes off and get him showered first, he's covered in sweat.”

I saw Toshi kind of smile, while Cary and Danny began undressing me, just as Vonni ran in breathing hard with a bottle of 7-up in his hands, handing it over to Logan. The other two boys had my shirt off and were working on my button and zipper when Logan twisted open the cap, and walked up to me and lifted the bottle to my lips, as I took a couple of sips and burped, Logan brought the bottle back down, and said, “Slowly Ace, don't need you puking on me too,” as Toshi and the three other boys laughed.

My pants were now off, and all that remained was my boxer briefs, and I began to feel a bit embarrassed, as Danny and Cary began to reach inside the sides to get a grip as to pull them down, and I squirmed a little from shyness. This caused the two boys to pause, and look up to Logan, who just nodded at them to proceed, saying, “He ain't got anything that we don’t have.”

Then Toshi walked up to me, and said, “It's OK Porter Piper. You'll be seeing them the same way tonight or tomorrow morning in the showers and for the next two weeks, you're just the early show.”

Everyone laughed as Cary and Danny stripped me down the rest of the way, and my cut cock and balls appeared on stage, for all the audience to see. Along with a rather meager patch of nearly new pubes, silky and soft, having recently arrived just this school year.

All the boys were now giving me a good look, just like all boys do, especially Toshi and the Vonni kid, as Logan turned on the ancient shower. He waited for the water to heat up, while saying to the others, “At least pretend your not looking you pervs, the guys been through enough the last few minutes.” And with that, everyone laughed, as Logan pulled me under the water, saying to his newly acquired friends, “Someone get him a bar of soap, and a towel.”

Vonni, a wildly curly blond haired Italian boy (yah, kinda unique) brought me in a bar of soap, a towel, and his shampoo, saying to me quite affectionately and proudly, “Here, use this Porter, it's excellent on my naturally curly hair.”

He kinda talked with a little bit of a lisp, or just possibly it was sort of feminine maybe, as I'm not quite sure yet. However he did pay special attention to me as I showered and washed myself. He never closed back the curtains after handing me the items, and kind of just stood there as if assisting me, and wanting to aid me. I could tell by the tent in his shorts that he was boned up and liked what he saw.

I was actually flattered, and not as embarrassed as at first being naked in front of the others. As I stole glances at Vonni, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the soft silky blond hairs on his arms and legs looked as the afternoon sunlight from the windows reflected off of them. I felt myself boning-up as Vonni watched me, fascinated, with his right hand in his pocket squeezing, while smiling at me as if he had discovered that we shared a secret.

I wouldn't panic if the curtains were closed, but they weren’t, so I closed my eyes and concentrated on baseball, which I always do in class when I start to spring one. That seemed to help, as I felt the blood that had started to engorge my cock began to flow back out. Then when I opened my eyes, I saw Toshi standing there now asking if I was alright, with him sporting a tent as well, and Vonni checking it out. I motioned to Toshi with my eyes, and he quickly pulled his long sleeve dress shirt out of his pants and covered himself up with it.

Vonni, short for Giovanni I would come to find out later, made no attempt to hid his excitement, and just stood and watched. I could tell right off that he was a boy that would enjoy summer camp for his own reasons, which would include a lot of time in the shower-rooms down below.

As I finished washing and turned off the water, Vonni peppered me with questions about if I liked his shampoo, what grade I was in, and of all things. when I started growing my pubes?

I answered the best I could as the other boys just sat on the bench and snickered amongst themselves, occasionally pointing at Vonni and giggling. I could tell that he was without a doubt what one would call a bottom-boy, but because of his beautiful looks and very loving and tender personality, that he somehow manages to survive and even flourish among the other boys, even with his obvious sexual preference.

And what's more, I knew without a doubt that he would definitely be getting what he came here for these next two weeks, even if mostly in private, secretly being led away to a quiet place by some of the straight boys that would be in need of his lustful talents.

It seems that every summer-camp, or bunk house always seemed to have at least one boy who was willing to step-up as the bottom-boy and service some of his bunk-mates. For that matter, sometimes it's even a straight boy that's just curious and a little smaller or more submissive than his friends. But in this case, make no mistake, Vonni appeared to be the real deal.

As I turned off the water and got out of the shower, I began drying myself off with the towel, and Vonni rushed up to me with another towel also padding me dry in places, starting with my smooth lean butt. I jumped at his initial contact, and as I looked up, I saw Toshi giggling, and Logan and the others shaking theirs heads and laughing. I wrapped the towel around my waist and gently moved his hand away with mine, smiling at him so he knew I wasn't mad, and said, “Thanks Vonni, but I got it covered.”

I thought it sweet, but I didn't want the stigma of sharing his reputation, and here on the first day. He smiled, looking a little embarrassed, as Logan walked over and put his hand on Vonni's shoulder, while guiding him back to the bench the others were sitting on, saying, “Common Vonni, just relax, you have two weeks and this is only the first day!”

I kinda giggled a little as I saw the sun reflect off his soft silky arm and legs hairs and my dick immediately got hard under my towel. Toshi seemed aware of my predicament as he had been studying me the whole time. and just smiled. I smiled back, and I have to admit that I sure wouldn't mind taking Vonni for a test drive, but that unfortunately will never come to fruition, as my lust and love had already been conquered and claimed by another, and his name is Toshi Takada!

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