This story is fiction, "inspired," as they say on TV, by recent news events -- which means, as you surely know,it's pure, unadulterated crap. If you are not allowed to masturbate to pervy stories wherever you happen to be right now, keep your hands out of your pants.

(Mormons should not be offended by this offensive story because they're not allowed to read this kind of shit. I'm upping this in just one very long piece -- no sequels -- so if you "respond" early, set a bookmark so you can "respond" again later or the next day.)


The story begins:

It is very hard to be a gay boy in Utah. Mormons are kind of hard on gay boys, so we mostly don't come out until we've graduated from Brigham Young, finished our missionary work, and moved to San Francisco. Well, mostly we never come out at all -- just marry some dumb Mormon girl and think about other guys while we get her pregnant five or six times. Just the same, you don't have to come out to get your cock sucked. Getting your cock sucked is not hard at all. That is to say, your cock is hard. Getting it sucked, though, is not. Some of the guys who used to marry 12-year-old girls seem to have noticed, these days, that 12-year-old boys are every bit as hot. Maybe more.

Luckily, I was fourth from the youngest in a family of fourteen, so nobody in the family much noticed what I did. Anyway, I became a Boy Scout like most LDS boys, mostly so I could be off on my own several nights a week. Dad wanted me to make Eagle, like he did; and win a palm or two, like he did. "Matthew," he told me, "Scouting will make a man of you, but you have to give it your all." Dad is not a bad guy, but he's kind of an asshole. I guess his troop was not much like mine.

Our Scoutmaster, Mr. Yenmor, understood boys. Mr. Yenmor left the little ones alone until their balls dropped -- and since he always looked in on our showers after swimming, he could notice exactly when our balls dropped. Knowing the kind of guy he was, he probably took notes. I was twelve when my balls finally dropped. Mr. Yenmor had Jacob, our Senior Patrol Leader, playing with my little dickie pretty much the very next day. I liked Jacob. He was a real leader. When he led me out of the showers and into a room I thought was just for storing the styrofoam floats that separated non-swimmers from swimmers, I happily followed. I was feeling special, since Jacob didn't seem to bother much with us littler boys. When you're little, you don't alway notice all that much.

Well, he bothered with me -- and quite a few other boys, as I learned, eventually. I couldn't believe it when he took my dickie in his mouth and started sucking on it -- but I wasn't complaining. It was the best thing I ever felt in my life, at least up until then. Then when he wanted to stick his dickie in my mouth, how could I say no? And as soon as he started shoving it in and out of my mouth, I just did to him what he did to me, and ran my tongue all around the end of it until he squirted his stuff right into the back of my throat. I didn't know what the stuff was then, and I almost choked -- but after I swallowed it, it felt much better; and Jacob was stroking my fuzzy blond crewcut head, and telling me how soft it was, and what a beautiful boy I was too.

Some people say you're born gay. I'm not sure. I never even heard of gay when Jacob first got my pants down. I mean, I wasn't much of anything until Jacob and I started sucking each other's dickies -- but after that, well, I've never even had a thought about girls.

Okay, it's kind of babyish to call it a dickie -- and Mr. Yenmor told me to call it his staff -- but I kind of like being a little babyish. Maybe a little girly. Yes, it was Mr. Yenmor who got me to wear those lacy pink underpants under my Scout uniform, but I never complained. They had to feel much nicer than Mr. Yenmor's Temple garments -- that is, his special Mormon underwear -- and Mr. Yenmor said my pink panties were even more holy. He sure liked it a lot when he pulled down my Scout shorts and rubbed his face against my bottom. He always said, over and over, what a cute bottom I had.

Well, my bottom stuck out maybe a little more than I might have liked, and it was just a little bit softer than I might have liked, but it probably felt pretty nice through the panties. And I felt pretty good when he rubbed his face all around it -- and even better when he pulled my panties down and ran his tongue up my crack. Are boys supposed to like getting their holes licked? Are you supposed to like it when he sticks his tongue right into your little pink pucker?

I eventually learned that most Mormons think pucker licking is especially sinful, but I thought it felt especially nice -- and Mr. Yenmor seemed to like it a whole lot. He just turned me around, pulled down my lacy pink underpants, licked me for a while, and then stuck his tongue up my butt. Okay, it wasn't quite as good as when he sucked my dickie -- but I liked, well, being special. He said I was his special boy, and we would love each other forever.

The story continues:

He didn't love me forever. When Ezra's balls dropped, I was out on my pink pantied ass. When the next school year began, though, we got a new bunch of Webelos graduating into the troop, and one of them was prettier than you could imagine. He had these soft blond curls all around his face, and a little turned up nose, and pink, pouty lips, and a beautiful round bottom that I knew Mr. Yenmor could never resist. I mean, I had a pretty nice behind, but Joseph's was perfect. The night of the first meeting he came to, I went home to bed and yanked at my dickie, just thinking about how I'd like to be Mr. Yenmor and get my nose up there. And, especially, my tongue.

I was thirteen. Yes, I was at that point in my life when I had boners all the time -- but when I saw Joseph, they got stiffer, and harder, and almost too hard to hide in my Scout shorts. Good thing they were Scout shorts, which are cut full to help hide all those boners.

I was Patrol Leader for the Eagles that school year, and Joseph was assigned to my patrol, so I got to see him in the showers the first time we went swimming. I was kind of relieved to see his balls hadn't dropped yet, because I knew Mr. Yenmor would be on him as soon as they did, but -- I'll just say it -- I was in love. I wanted him first. Well, as a Patrol Leader, I was allowed to talk to Senior Patrol Leader Jacob without him talking to me first. (The rules in our troop were kind of strict.)

"Forget it," he said. "Mr. Yenmor already wants him -- and when his balls drop, which will probably be any day now, I don't think even I'll get to break him in first. Kind of makes your mouth water, though, doesn't he? Don't let it bother you, though -- by next year, Yenmor'll get tired of him just like he got tired of you. You can have him then -- and after a year of getting tongue fucked by Mr. Yenmor, his hole will be stretched enough to take your dick without any problem."

Take my dickie? I hadn't even thought about anyone putting his dickie up there! By the time I got into bed that night, I couldn't think of anything else. What would it feel like to stick my dickie up Joseph's hole? What would it feel like to get somebody else's dickie up mine? The only person I could think of to ask about it was Jacob, and I probably wouldn't see him again until the night after next, when we'd both be at at a meeting for the Aaronic Priesthood's Young Men organization. At twelve, I was one of the youngest -- and at sixteen, he was one of the oldest -- but that meant he was supposed to guide me. I really needed guidance then.

I told Mom and Dad he would be driving me that night, and they thought is was okay because he was the Senior Patrol Leader and all, even though Dad always said it was funny that he stayed in our Boy Scout troop and never went on to Explorers -- but Mom told him that Mr. Yenmor was probably Jacob's role model, or something. Anyway, he gave me a ride that night. He gave me what was the ride of my life up until then.

I was a little embarrassed, but I got up the nerve to ask him if he ever had a dickie up his hole. He made me swear never to tell, and I did (so if you ever meet him, don't tell him I told you) -- and he said he tried it once when he was thirteen with Mr. Yenmor's oldest son Tugg -- but he didn't much like it because Tugg's dick was both too short and too fat. Just the same, he liked sticking his up other boys' holes, and most of them liked it because his dick was kind of normal size. It was skinny enough not to hurt, and just long enough to hit their "tickle spots."

"What's a tickle spot?" I asked him.

Jacob told me it was hard to describe, especially since he hardy ever "bottomed," but it was a place up your hole where it felt really good when it got rubbed. And then he asked me if I wanted to try it with him.

I didn't know what to say. I was thinking how my hole was not especially big, even if Mr. Yenmor's tongue might have loosened it up a little -- and, anyway, how far up can a tongue go? I was very undecided. I knew I never would want Mr. Yenmor's dickie up there -- especially if it was short and fat like Tugg's -- but the way I remembered it, maybe Jacob's dick might not be that bad. Sucking it had been, well, nice. Still, I wasn't sure I wanted it up there.

In the meanwhile, Jacob had pulled off into a scenic overview parking lot. It was too dark to see the scenery, so nobody else was likely to pull in. And, right away, Jacob opened his belt and yanked down his pants. His dickie -- actually, he usually called it his cock -- was hard as, well, wood. I guess that's why he called it "a woody" sometimes.

"Don't you want that woody up inside you?" he asked.

"I don't know," I told him. "I mean, you know I'll suck it for you, but... I don't know. How's that gonna fit up my ass?"

"Aw, come on," he said. "You've crapped out bigger turds that that."

It was true. I'd crapped out a bigger turd just before we left for the Young Men meeting, so it seemed like there ought to be enough room for Jacob's "woody" up there. All I could do was kind of nod at him. I guess I might have smiled at him too.

It is not all that easy to do that kind of stuff in a compact car, and I wished he'd been driving his mother's SUV, but we worked it out. We put the front passenger seat all the way back and all the way down, and he lay back in it. I had to take my pants and my underpants all the way off to keep from getting everything all tangled up (and lucky neither of us had our Endowment ceremonies yet so we still didn't have to wear Mormon underwear.) He reached under the driver's seat and pulled out a can of Crisco. I didn't even know what it was.

"My Mom uses it for making pies," he said. "You'll like it."

Crisco is white greasy stuff. Jacob grabbed a little with his middle finger, reached through my legs, and rubbed it on my hole. Then he started to push his finger inside me. I guess I kind of tightened up, because he told me to relax, and then before I knew it his finger was sliding in and out of me. It didn't hurt, but I didn't think much of it because he wasn't hitting my tickle spot. It wasn't bad, though.

Then he took some more Crisco and rubbed it on his woody. It was awkward getting his woody lined up with my hole in that little car, and I wished it was a convertible so I wouldn't have to bend forward so far to fit under the roof, but I managed. Jacob said I should push like I was taking a dump when he started putting it in me, and that made it pretty easy.

After just a few pushes, he was way up inside me, pumping in and out, and that's when I found out what a tickle spot was. That was also the first time I squirted sperms. I was harder than I'd ever been, and it was such a great feeling that I was kind of half moaning and half yelling every time he rammed his thing up me, and then this amazing feeling came over me that was even better than when Jacob sucked me, and I squirted hard, four or five times in a row.

That was just about when Jacob let out a long moan and pumped his goo up my butt. Right then, it was was kind of a shame we were still too young for Temple garments, which is what we call our Mormon underwear, because it would have soaked up mine where I squirted on his chest and soaked up his as it leaked out of my hole all through the Young Men meeting. Well, he had to keep his jacket on and I had to stay sitting down until the meeting was over and we could leave. On the way home, I told Jacob he could do it to me again, but he had to find someplace more comfortable than his car -- and bring a towel.

Hiking merit badge:

It's hard to get any privacy in a Mormon household because there are too many kids, everybody has to share a bedroom unless you're really rich, and your mom thinks she can just walk in on you whenever she likes -- so nothing much happened for over a week. Anyway, I had one merit badge to go for Life Scout, and Jacob said I should do hiking because you don't have to read a bunch of stuff for hiking, you just have to take enough hikes. Also, the two of us could hike up into the mountains and find a good place where he could stick his woody up my hole. I told Mr. Yenmor I was going to work on hiking with Jacob, and he said fine.

So the next Saturday, we went in Jacob's car to the trailhead. Each of us brought a little day pack to carry the stuff we would need, like lunch and emergency rain gear, and a first aid kit, and Jacob's can of Crisco. We hiked up the mountain for a little over an hour, and my pedometer said we'd gone two-and-a-half miles. You might think that's slow, but the trail was pretty steep. I asked him if we could rest a while, but I guess I kind of blushed when I said it, because I made him laugh.

We decided we'd better get a ways off the trail in case any other hikers came by, and we found a perfect place where sand had built up between two really big rocks. Not only would the rocks keep anybody from seeing us, we even had a little shade. Jacob got out a tarpulin and pegged down the corners, and we both just kind of collapsed on it. I was smiling at him and he was smiling at me, and all of a sudden he rolled over to me and took me in his arms and kissed me right on the mouth.

I was pretty surprised, and I pulled back and asked him, "What was that for?"

He said, "I don't want to just fuck you, Matty, I want to make love to you. Wouldn't you like that?"

I thought about it, and decided I would like it, so when he kissed me again, I kissed him back. That was when I learned about sticking your tongues in each others' mouths. At first I thought it was kind of gross, but then I remembered how I wanted to stick my tongue up Joseph's ass, so thinking Jacob's mouth was gross didn't make any sense at all. Then he pulled up my t-shirt, and I let him take it off me. I was glad, again, that neither one of us was old enough to have to wear Mormon underwear. They make that magic underwear hard to get out of (although some people call that "Mormon foreplay.")

Anyway, he kissed me and licked me all over my chest, and his tongue made my little nipples get hard. It felt so good, I was shaking. Then he opened my shorts and was going to pull them down when I asked if he didn't think we ought to take off our hiking boots first. We both did that, in a real hurry, and then I lay back down so he could keep on undressing me. And then there I was, laid out in front of him, naked except for my socks, which he kind of forgot.

It was so nice just being there for him -- me all naked and him still with all his clothes on. I remember thinking how it might be even better if he tied me down, but I don't think Jacob had thought about it back then. Anyway, I just liked the way he was looking at me, all up and down, like I was -- I don't know -- like I was a really fancy dessert or something. He had his head propped up on one of his hands, and then he took his other hand and just touched me all over. I said, "Jacob, please use both hands -- so it feels twice as good."

He did better. He used both hands and his face and especially his tongue. When he took my dickie in his mouth and rubbed his tongue all around the tip I thought I would squirt right then, but I held it back -- even though he did it so much better than Mr. Yenmor. I was saving my squirt for when he fucked me, so I rolled over, pulling my dickie away and showing him my butt cheeks, which he kissed and licked and kind of nibbled on. It felt real nice, but I was ready for him to get naked, and I told him so.

He stood up and yanked off his clothes super fast. It was the first time I got to see him all naked, and he was beautiful. His body was kind of long and hard, his belly flat, but he didn't have the kind of muscles that, you know, stick out like on movie heroes. The only places he had hair were a couple of tufts in his armpits and right over his woody. I like that, because I really don't like hairy guys. I know some boys do, but not me.

Mostly, though, I remember his dick was so hard it was kind of, you know, vibrating. I wanted it in me so bad, but he wasn't ready yet. First he wanted me to suck him, and I did, with him standing up and me on my knees. "Matty," he said, "you know you look really cute with my dick in your mouth." I wished he'd had a camera, because I really wanted to see how cute I looked. I was kind of surprised when he squirted his stuff into my mouth because I thought he would save it for my ass -- and after I swallowed, I told him so. He just kind of laughed and said not to worry, because there was more where that came from. Since I had only squirted one time in my life up until then, I figured he knew better than me.

Well, his woody kind of drooped a little, but it didn't get all soft, and after we got to lying down again and hugging and rubbing up against each other and kissing some more, his woody got just as woody as before. I knew what he meant by "making love," because he was squeezing me so tight it was like he wanted to squeeze us together into one person. Know what I mean? I just loved him so much right then.

After a while he turned me over so he could put his nose and his tongue and as much of his face as would fit between my butt cheeks, and I got so tingly knowing what would happen next. "Jacob," I moaned, hardly able to talk, "Crisco!" He opened the can.

We did it different that time, much better. He had me on my back with my legs up in the air so he could get at my hole. I liked being like that, with my stiffie and my hole both where he could see them at the same time, but while he was fingering the Crisco up my butt he was looking at my face, and smiling. "Matty," he told me, "you're just so beautiful. You're just so beautiful, and I love you so much!"

You know how I felt. I was smiling so hard I thought my face would break.

Then he rubbed a little more Crisco on his woody and put it against my hole. "Ready?" he asked me.

I was ready. I was so ready, you can't imagine how ready I was. I pushed like he taught me in the car, and he slid right in. It was much better with me on my back, instead of riding him, because we could kiss while he fucked me. I also figured out, later, that having him squirt in my mouth earlier meant he could last longer while he was up my ass. And he lasted, stroke after stroke, so far up that his balls made a kind of a slapping noise when he rammed it in all the way.

I was going crazy trying to hold back, but after a while I didn't know if I could hold my legs up any longer, so I just let go and let all that tingly goodness take me over, and I felt my dickie pumping hard against Jacob's belly, and that was that. I squirted my second squirt of my life, and it was even better than the first. Jacob kept pumping for another minute or so, and then I felt his whole body stiffen up and his woody kind of pulsing inside me, and I knew I had his sticky stuff up my ass again.

After, we just lay together, hugging and touching and kissing much more gently than before. I thought it probably would be the best day of my life, and maybe it was.

Camping out:

It was about a week later they told us we were having a new Scoutmaster. The Church Elders had decided to send Mr. Yenmor to manage a farm the Church owned somewhere in Africa. I couldn't figure out why they would do that until Jacob heard the story from his friend, who was the big brother of Ezra, Mr. Yenmor's current pink panty boy. It seems that Ezra's mother found the pink panties, and Ezra blabbed. I guess the Elders thought they would punish Mr. Yenmor by sending him someplace where the only butts he could get to lick were black.

I don't know how Mr. Yenmor felt about black boys, because we didn't have any in our troop. Me, I think black boys' butts are kind of nice -- you know, the way they stick out like that. Well, most Mormons -- especially the older ones -- don't think much of black people at all. Back when my father was my age, they wouldn't even let them be priests -- and I think they only changed it so they could convert more of them and collect their tithes. I used to really wonder if Mr. Yenmor was out there in Africa, licking little black boys' holes

Our new scoutmaster was Mr. Scott. He was really old -- probably seventy -- and he didn't bother with us boys much. Jacob became our true leader, which most of us thought was just fine. Also, Mr. Yenmor being gone meant nobody was going to stop me from being much better friends with Joseph.

When Mr. Scott announced the camp-out, I was really excited, figuring Jacob and me could share a tent so he could love me for the whole night. That didn't happen, though, because Mr. Scott wanted Jacob to share his tent with Ezra -- so he could start teaching Ezra to be a man again. I was a little jealous of Ezra until it hit me that I could put Joseph in my tent. I wished I had some pink panties for him.

We went to a drive-in camping place because Mr. Scott was so old, so our tents were kind of close together -- but me and Joseph had our tent next to Jacob and Ezra, down at the end of the row. We had lunch, and some activities like knot tying and fire building, and supper, and a campfire where Mr. Scott told us stories about Brigham Young and the first settlers at Salt Lake. It wasn't bad, but I couldn't wait to be in a tent alone with Joseph.

It was when we finally crawled into our tent that nignt when I learned that Joseph wasn't even a Mormon. He was wearing these little underpants with Mickey Mouse printed on them, and when I asked, he said he was a Methodist. I didn't know what a Methodist was, but I thought it was neat they got to wear Mickey Mouse underpants while all my underpants had to be white. I was thinking that a boy who wasn't LDS ought to be even more inclined toward sin than me, so I stripped down to the skin, not bothering to hide my stiffy.

"Wow," he said, shining his flashlight on me, "you got a big one."

Well, I wasn't all that big except for having a stiffy, but I still said, "Thanks." He kept his light pointed at it a little longer, until I said "you can touch it if you want." He wanted. He took it in his hand and bent his head all the way down until I could feel his soft, warm breath on me, and I was feeling so, so sexy that I put my fingers through his soft blond curls, and just pushed him the tiniest bit, and before I knew it he was rubbing his face on me.

Right away, though, he pulled his head back and said, "I'm sorry, Matthew. You won't tell anybody, will you?" It was sad because he had tears on his face, so I grabbed him in my arms and told him not to worry because it was just the kind of thing Boy Scouts always did. And I kissed his salty tears, and they tasted good. And a little while later I told him about Mr. Yenmor and the pink girlie underpants, and how me and Jacob messed around -- although I didn't mention the sticking his thingie up my hole part -- and I said how Jacob and Ezra were most likely doing stuff right now over in the next tent. "Be really quiet and listen," I said.

Well, they weren't being exactly noisy in the next tent, but we could hear some hard breathing and Jacob saying "Oh! Oh!" and Ezra letting out a little giggle. Then I pointed my flashlight, and I could see that his Mickey Mouse underpants had kind of a bulge up front. So I told him to just lay back and I'd give him a sex lesson -- only he had to keep it real quiet.

We turned off our flashlights, and I kind of felt around for him although I didn't have to feel all that far in our little two-boy tent -- but right away I knew I had Mickey's nose between my lips and it was growing like Pinocchio's when he told lies. You know, Jacob never really smelled bad, except a little after he'd had it in me, but Joseph just smelled so good I could hardly believe it. I wanted to know what he tasted like too.

Even hard, his dickie was still pretty little even compared to mine, much less Jacob's, but his balls were bigger than I thought they would be. Just the same, I could get his dickie and his balls in my mouth all at the same time, which is what I did, and rubbed my tongue around all of it. After half a minute or so, he let out a moan I thought was a little too loud, and I had to spit him out so I could tell him, "Shhh!"

When I went back to his dickie I left his balls out of my mouth and just ran my lips up and down his little stiffy, with my tongue tickling its top, and he started making that noise again. Since then, I have learned that some people just can't keep quiet while they're getting done, and Joseph was one of those. I pulled my towel out of my pack and told him to hold it over his mouth and nose so nobody would hear him. I also got him to turn over so I could play with his ass.

I will never forget how beautiful that ass was. I flicked on my flashlight for a couple of seconds just to get a look, and it was the cutest ass I ever saw, before or after. Then, in the dark, I squeezed his cheeks with both my hands. They felt so soft and smooth, and I couldn't resist sticking my face down between them and rubbing it all around, kind of like Mr. Yenmor did to me, but gentler, I think. Boy Scouts almost never crap while they're out on overnight hikes -- stay more than two nights and they usually get kind of constipated -- so he wasn't stinky at all.

Then I finished the Mr. Yenmor routine, licking him, rubbing the end of my tongue around his hole and sticking it just a little way in. I would have loved to put my dickie right up there, but I didn't because I was thinking we ought to talk about it first. But his crack was so slick with my spit I figured it would be okay to rub myself up and down it, so I climbed up on him and that's what I did. He squeezed his butt cheeks together around me, and it was so good that maybe I made a little too much noise myself, but nobody came. Well, that's not right -- I came, which was what Jacob said it is called when you squirt.

Joseph never saw boy stuff before, so I had to scoop some out of his crack with my fingers and shine a flashlight on it. "Did you ever taste it?" he asked me.

"Yes," I told him. "Maybe it's a little slimy, but not bad."

He took my hand, leaned over, and licked it a little. Then he licked it a lot, getting a good wad in his mouth, and I heard him swallow. "Now," he said, "I've got a little bit of you inside me."

"Next time," I told him, "you can suck on me like I did you, and then you can swallow the whole thing. And if we go to sleep now, we can wake up before anybody else does tomorrow morning."

"Matthew," he said, "would it be okay if I stayed in your sleeping bag tonight?"

It was okay.

"With both of us naked?"

That was even more okay.


Well, I guess it wasn't exactly morning because it wasn't exactly light yet -- and we hadn't had much sleep because we were feeling each other up all night, and eventually kissing too -- but he said "Now?" and I said "Uh huh" and he scrunched down into the bottom of my sleeping bag and grabbed onto my ass cheeks like a hawk on a prairie dog, and started sucking on my dickie like one of those starving African babies on a full tit. I had to push him off me and tell him to be more gentle, because it hurt. If I'd let him keep going, though, I bet my dickie would have been nearly an inch longer by sunrise.

Anyway, he had to let go so we could open the zipper on my sleeping bag and I could flip him around, with my head between his legs and my tongue up his hole while he was sucking me. I loved his little ass so much, and it turned out he was, well, kind of sensitive there. Even with my dickie in his mouth, he was making too much noise, though, so between the noise and how sensitive his tight little hole was, I figured it was time to try something different.

Not that it was easy, but I pushed his head off my dickie and crawled around so we were face to face. He looked like he was going to cry. "You said I could swallow the whole thing," he complained.

"Not if you make so much noise," I told him. "We'll do that another time. Now you have to put the towel on your face, and we'll do something different."

"What?" he asked, looking doubtful.

"What if," I said, "instead of putting it in your mouth I put it up your hole?"

"You would do that?"

"If you think it's okay," I answered.

Joseph turned right over on his side, with his back to me, and covered his face with the towel. I didn't have any Crisco in the tent, but it really didn't matter. My dickie was so slick with his spit, and his hole was so slick with mine -- and also with some other stuff I later found out that holes make when you play with them -- that no Crisco was needed.

As I said, I wasn't especially big -- maybe just a little over four inches -- and I was a little worried that I wouldn't be long enough to reach his tickle spot. Well, it didn't matter. Joseph's whole hole was a tickle spot. The biggest problem was that whenever I started pumping at him hard, my thing would fall out of him -- and then I'd have to get it lined up again to stick it back in. It didn't take long, though, before I worked out a short stroke better suited to my kind of short dickie.

Even through the towel, he was making too much noise -- that's how much he loved it. "Joseph," I whispered in his ear, "even if you just made Tenderfoot, you're going to start working on hiking merit badge."

Four on the Floor:

I was still inside Joseph, but going soft after an amazing squirt, when Harwood from the Flaming Arrows Patrol started tooting on his bugle. Mr. Scott was more enthusiastic about his priesthood than Mr. Yenmor ever had been, so we had to have worship even before we had breakfast. Jacob sat next to me.

"It sounded like you and Joseph had a little fun last night," he whispered, "and maybe a lot of fun this morning."

Maybe I blushed a little, but I didn't answer him, not wanting Mr. Scott to notice.

"It sounded," he continued, "like he loved it."

We got to talk more privately while we were burning our breakfast flapjacks over the usual smoky fire. "Jacob, I fucked him. He actually let me fuck him, and he wants more."

Something like a smile passed over Jacob's face. "Poor Mr. Yenmor, out there in darkest Africa while you're screwing the hottest boy we ever had in our troop."

"Well," I said, "it sounded like you were getting pretty sweaty with Ezra last night."

"Okay, we messed around a little. But you're the one I really love."

"Oh, Jacob," I said, "you know I love you too!"

"Then," he replied, "we really ought to share."

The next weekend, Joseph and Ezra signed up for hiking merit badge, and the four of us headed up into the mountains. We went straight to the spot Jacob and I had found on our previous hike, staked down our tarp, and just sat there grinning at each other for a minute or two. Then Jacob jumped on Ezra and held him down. "Strip search!" he shouted. I'd heard about strip searches on television, and I guess Joseph had too, because both of us knew exactly what Jacob wanted.

Ezra was just a little past twelve years old, and I have to admit he was pretty cute -- well, cute enough for Mr. Yenmor, that's for sure. Mr. Yenmor always wanted cute boys, but they had to be exactly the right age -- which meant pretty soon after their balls dropped. Anyway, Ezra had dirty blond hair and a kind of round face with sort of wide lips that looked good for kissing. When we got his clothes off, which took less than a minute, I saw that his body was very nice too. It had just a little softness to it, and his skin was very fair except for his face and his arms and his legs below his shorts line.

"We have to confine the prisoner," Jacob announced, and I really didn't know what he was talking about until he got out some nylon rope and started tying Ezra's wrists and ankles to the stakes holding down our tarp. Joseph was looking kind of upset, and I didn't know what was going on.

"Don't worry," Jacob told us, "this is how he likes it."

I guess he liked it, because his little dickie was sticking up as hard as you can imagine. Well, it wasn't that little, because it looked pretty much the same size as mine, even though he was a year younger. I decided to have a closer look. And a feel. It felt really good in my hand, and I decided it was a little bit smaller than mine was. Also, he didn't have any hair on it at all. It wasn't much less than I had, but at least I had something.

Joseph was still looking kind of confused, so I let go of Ezra and went to him. I took his curly head in my hand and put my mouth right up against his ear. "Don't worry," I whispered. "Jacob wouldn't do anything bad."

Actually, I think I might understand what was going on with Ezra. Being a Mormon, he probably was convinced that sex was bad unless you were making children, and boys couldn't have children -- so Ezra liked to pretend that he didn't really want it. I didn't figure that out until much later, though. In the meanwhile, I thought having Ezra naked and tied down was very sexy, but I didn't want Joseph to be upset. Really, though, I didn't have to worry.

"Do you think," he whispered back to me, "he can make that sticky white stuff like you do?"

I really didn't think so, but I told Joseph it would be okay if he tried to find out. A couple of seconds later, he was on his hands and knees sucking Ezra's weenie, and I had a woody that really had to come out of my Scout shorts. I guess Jacob must have figured that out, because a second after that he was undoing the clasp on my belt, opening my button and zipper, and taking my pants and underpants down. I really would have liked to have my boots off, so my pants could have come all the way off, but I guess he was in a hurry. He lay me down next to Ezra, pushed my legs back, and licked me from my hole to my belly button and then back again.

It was nice, I suppose, but I was distracted trying to get my shoelaces undone. By the time my boots were off, Ezra was moaning and wiggling and pulling against the stakes holding him down. Now that I think of it, though, he couldn't have been pulling that hard, because the stakes were just stuck in sand, and wouldn't have been that hard to pull out.

Jacob had a plan in mind. First, the rest of us had to strip. Jacob and I did it for ourselves, but Joseph didn't want to stop sucking on Ezra's weenie, so Jacob and me pulled off his pants and made him spit out Joseph long enough to get off his t-shirt. Then Jacob started giving more orders.

First, Joseph had to stop sucking Ezra so he could sit on Ezra's face. Joseph didn't really want to let Ezra's dickie out of his mouth, but since Jacob was the Senior Patrol Leader, he did. Once he was sitting on Ezra's face, though, he started acting like he liked it again. I guess Ezra must have been tonguing him pretty good.

Then Jacob ordered me to get on my hands and knees between Ezra's legs and start sucking him -- which was okay with me because his dickie was really, really cute and juicy looking. I was just getting going real good when I felt the Crisco being stuffed up my butt. If I hadn't been concentrating so hard on Ezra's woody, I would have been yelling, "Oh, Jacob, fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

I didn't have to yell it, because he did anyway. I reached forward and grabbed Joseph's soft and sweet butt cheeks, which were on either side of Ezra's face, and for a couple of minutes my life was perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, because I might have thought of some other arrangement that might have been a little better, but I couldn't swear to it.

Jacob and I both squirted, and, in my mouth, Ezra's dickie was throbbing like it ought to be squirting, but I guess he couldn't do that yet. I think I tasted a little salty stuff, though. In the meanwhile, Joseph seemed to get tired of having his hole licked, so he turned around and stuck his dickie in Ezra's mouth. Now I know Joseph couldn't make sperms yet, but he was bouncing around like maybe he did.

Well, that kind of did it for Jacob. His cock swelled up in my hole bigger than you could imagine, and started throbbing so hard I knew I'd have a whole lot of his creamy stuff leaking out of me not long after. Well, what can I say? I got that real Scout spirit right up my ass, and I kind of got it in my mouth except Ezra was not quite ready to do that for me. I was still hard, though, so I really wanted to fuck Joseph, especially while his hole was still slick with Ezra's spit.

Joseph thought that was a good idea, I guess, except he had a better idea. He flipped around so he could suck on Ezra's weenie while Ezra sucked on his, and I climbed on top and stuck my dickie up Joseph's hole. One of the stakes one of Ezra's hands were tied to had come loose, but he never move the hand, and acted like he was still all tied up. I really liked Ezra then, and thought it was not such a bad thing that he got Mr. Yenmor sent to Africa.

Jacob was kind of used up by then, and he looked kind of amazed at how us younger boys could still keep going, but when he saw my stiffie pumping in and out of Joseph's behind, he got kind of hard again and rubbed himself -- but he didn't join in. It wasn't long before I shot my sperms up Joseph's bottom, though, and maybe Ezra and Joseph each got to taste a drop of saltiness.

It was supposed to be a ten-mile hike that day, and we hiked all ten miles, eventually. You just don't cheat on merit badges.


There were not nearly enough hikes required for hiking merit badge, as far as I was concerned, but Joseph got it around the same time he made Second Class and Ezra used it to make Star Scout. Me, I'd made Life, and I'd finished all the Citizenship badges I needed for Eagle -- and those are the hard ones. Jacob, of course, already was Eagle -- but Brigham Young University really looks for silver and gold palms, so he was still working on merit badges. We decided we'd all work together on Mammals, which was pretty funny because the mammals we were most interested in were each other.

The next school year went by fast. Mr. Scott said it was real Scouting when boys of different ages tried so hard to help each other, and how we all did so well. Mr. Scott didn't know how well, because Ezra started shooting stuff, and Joseph got stretched enough to take Jacob real easy, and maybe even have taken Tugg Yenmore except he wasn't invited.

It was sad at the end of that next school year, though. Joseph's father got transferred on his job to St. Louis, so I lost my shining boy. Jacob graduated high school. Since he was still just seventeen, the Church Elders decided he ought to do some missionary work before he went to Brigham Young, and they sent him to San Francisco. I'm pretty sure he won't be back. He wrote me that he's made some very cool friends, and that he's thinking of going to college out there. Maybe Berkeley, if they appreciate Eagle Scouts with pretty good grades. Definitely not Brigham Young.

Me and Ezra still fool around, and we like doing the thing Ezra found out is called a "sixty-nine" -- but since neither of our dickies is big enough to hit the other one's tickle spot, so we hardly ever do that anymore. Mine is growing pretty fast, though, and there's this really cute Webelos whose name is Willard...

(not to be continued... contact -for a week or two --