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Learning How to Kiss

As previously mentioned, Paulo was a confident boy, while I was the insecure one. However, since we started experimenting with each other, he became a lot more timid, not as much as I was, but nowhere near his usual behaviour. But now, catching him stroking his exposed penis before he had the chance to cover up seemed to have a strong effect on him. Probably it was the realization that there was nothing else to hide, no reason to restrain his impulses, that was responsible for his change. He was from that moment on back to his old self: uninhibited, playful.

I just stood there staring at his penis, incapable of doing anything. But there was no need. Without even bothering to pull his shorts back on, he stood up and started kissing me, so passionately that it took me a few seconds to recover from the shock and start to kiss him back. His hands were now reckless fondling and groping my butt, nothing like his uncertain attitude from a few minutes ago.

He eventually got so carried away that in a sudden movement he pulled down my shorts and then my briefs, leaving me completely naked from the waist down, just like he was!

Our dicks were pressing against each other with nothing between them. His hands were now directly touching my butt. His curiosity was dictating the way things would develop, he had a lot more freedom now: he spread my butt cheeks, squeezed them, he started thrusting his hips forward rubbing his dick up and down against mine... each time he tried something new I flinched, all excited.

Since he jumped on me so eagerly my arms were just hanging there motionless such was my surprise and embarrassment. But as the excitement started to build up, I had to give in to the urge to touch my penis. As it couldn't be any different with our dicks pressed together so tightly, I accidentally grabbed his instead of mine. It was a very fortunate accident, as I wanted to touch it so badly since I saw it. I was a little hesitant though, I wasn't sure if I should keep touching his penis. As soon as he noticed my hesitation, he held my hand in position, wrapped around his cock, assuring me that was what he wanted me to do, and then he made me stroke it. For a moment I grabbed my own penis with my other hand and masturbated both of us at the same time, but then I let mine go to enjoy his with both hands. It was the first time I held another boy's dick and it felt great!

Paulo was now sure I wouldn't let his penis go no matter what, so he went back to exploring my ass. After so much spreading and poking around, one of his fingers finally slid all the way inside my anus!

That moment I stopped kissing him, opened my eyes and stared at him. He stared back, with a charming and naughty smile, still fingering my ass. I stopped kissing him not because I disliked what he was doing, quite the contrary, it was a wonderful sensation, nevertheless, a strange one. But there was something else: the guilt. My parents weren't exactly tolerant about homosexuality and they raised me to see it as something wrong. Not that kissing another boy, what I had been doing so far, was something incredibly straight, but with some effort, I still could rationalize it with the "just practicing in order to kiss girls" thought. But taking his finger up my ass while stroking his cock pretty much sealed the deal.

All those thoughts went through my mind very quickly: it had been only a few seconds from the instant he stuck his finger in until we heard the sound of the front door being unlocked. I can't remember whether my mom arrived earlier than she was supposed to or if we just had lost track of time, we just started running while pulling our pants up. We went upstairs and got into my room, I closed the door behind us. I turned on my video game console and just as we sat down on my bed to play, my mom knocked and walked in.

"Are you boys alright?", she asked.

"Yes mom." I replied, nervously, as I had never been a good liar.

Paulo was very calm though, he greeted my mother and waved at her. Mom greeted him back and left us with a pleased smile, probably thinking: "What a polite boy". His confidence saved us.

We were now all by ourselves again, sitting on my bed, with the door closed. That was like an invitation for Paulo to jump on top of me and start kissing me again while trying to get his hands inside my shorts. As much as I wanted to surrender and let him take control, I had to push him away and tell him why it wasn't a good idea. My mother had the bad habit of barging in immediately after knocking. We were by no means safe, even with the door closed. Looking back nowadays I realize how much my behaviour resembled that of a prudish girl with a new boyfriend, but it couldn't be any different, I couldn't afford to be caught by my mom.

We agreed to keep playing video games, or rather, pretend to play them, exchanging a few casual kisses while I would subtly massage his penis over his shorts. Every once in a while I would stand up at his request so he would be able to play with my butt.

We spent roughly one hour like this and then he was supposed to go back home. We said goodbye with a brief kiss and hurried intimate caresses.

Before I could sleep that night, all I could think of was those two new and wonderful sensations: feeling his finger inside my anus and his penis in my hands. I was feeling guilty, but the pleasure was so much more intense...

The next day at school dragged on forever. We were by now pretty much used to act with discretion in public, but after that one hot encounter it felt like the first time all over again: trying hard not to blush and not to be too giggly around each other, etc... Most of it was probably inside our heads, though. Nobody noticed anything. When that school day was finally over, it wasn't a matter of "if" but "where" we were going to meet after lunch.

"Is your mom going to be out today?" he asked.

"No, she's staying home all day", I answered.

As such, we decided I should go to his house. His mother hardly ever wanted to go into his room, and when she did, she always waited until Paulo let her in.

The previous night and the morning at school let us cool down a little. As I entered his room, he stood up and walked towards me. We kissed gently and hugged. The heat started to build up slowly, more sensually this time. Little by little his hands went where they should, and once more his finger penetrated my ass. This time I didn't stop kissing him, I just flinched a little. The great thing about taking things slow is that it all goes on so smoothly and naturally... I was so focused on our kiss and on how my anus contracted with every little movement his finger did inside of it, that I didn't even notice when he took my pants off.

We took a little break from kissing, smiling at each other. He took me by the hand and walked me to his bed. I had a great sensation of freedom being able to walk his room with no pants without having to worry about it. We both sat but he immediately stood up to take his pants off. His erect penis popped right in front of me. I had spent the entire morning thinking of his lovely boner and how I wished to touch it again. I didn't even wait for him to sit down again, I grabbed it right away.

I didn't realize I was holding his cock so close to my face, well, I did realize it, since I was having a close look while stroking it, literally enjoying the view, I just had no idea what was about to happen. Paulo, in a demonstration of his playful spirit, thrust his hips forward repeatedly, rubbing his dick all over my face. I was very surprised, but in a good way. We giggled a lot together!

He didn't even need to ask, with each movement I gave it a little kiss... on its tip, along its length, even his balls. We laughed delighted. He then stopped rubbing it over my face and just pointed it at my mouth. Once again, I needed no directions, I was anxious for it! I just opened my mouth and he put his entire preteen cock inside it. Even though it seemed a little large back then (larger than mine anyway) it fit in nicely.

Just like everything else that afternoon, it happened naturally: I sucked and licked his penis as if we had been doing it for months. And to think the day before I was greatly aroused just by holding it! Even though I did not anticipate this, the thought of having my lips wrapped around his cock hit me as very natural and desirable. The look on his face made it clear he was enjoying it thoroughly. He wasn't able to ejaculate yet, though, so we could go on forever! I sucked him until he was tired of standing, then he sat beside me. I bent over to his side and kept sucking him until I was tired of that position, then I got on my knees, between his legs, each one of my hands lying on his thighs. I gave him more head like that until I was tired of kneeling, and so he sat with his legs on his bed and his back against the headboard, while I laid belly down.

From that position, he had a privileged view of my exposed butt facing up, while my head was buried between his legs. That was enough to make him want to play with it and so he asked me to stand up. As much as I was reluctant to give up that delicious cock inside my mouth, I was pretty anxious to get a little more fingering. I stood up with my butt turned towards him and waited. Instead of the expected finger, I felt soft kisses on my butt cheeks that sent shivers down my spine! He wanted to compensate me for the oral favours in a similar fashion.

Just as he was about to proceed, his mother knocks on the door and calls:


"What, mom?" he asked, while we were panicking and stumbling around to get dressed.

"It's getting late, why doesn't your friend call his mother and ask to sleep over?"