Date: March 25, 2004

Title: Little Rich Boy

Author: Sage Kelly <>

First off I would like to thank all of you who wrote in and gave such great responses to the story. I hope that the follow up holds true to the 1st story. Now on with the legal stuff.....if you are too young yadda, yadda, yadda, if you don't wanna be here, then it is simple...don't. But if you have read this far then it is because you want enjoy the story.

Chapter II: Friend or Foe?

I had nothing but peace and quiet while in my room. With my sister downstairs and Jake not due back from his job for about another hour or two, I had the whole place to myself. I had to get some things straight about the way that I felt about Shane. In my head, even though we both stared at each other often, I still didn't know if he felt the same way for me that I felt for him. I think that I will play it cool for now. Though I didn't know

exactly how to phrase how I felt for him, I knew that I wanted to be around him. Sometime while I was in my room in deep thought, I dozed off. The dream that I had was so vivid. It was me and Shane playing video games at his place. Just like early, only this time, when he touched me with his leg, we just stopped playing and stared at each other. I could feel myself being drawn near him. The next thing I knew I could feel his breath on my face. It smelled like candy, so sweet. We were so close. I could feel the heat off of his body. I felt the soft touch of his hand on my check as he touched me. Just his touch made my body tingle. I could feel my crotch begin to get tight. Just as it seemed that we were ready to kiss, he spoke.

"...Seth...." I couldn't answer him back as I wasn't breathing at the time....

"..Seth...wake up...."


"...Seth wake up....."

I slowly began to open my eyes and saw my sister standing over me smiling down on me.

" okay kid..?"


"..well dinner is hungry...?"

"..I could eat...."

"..well come and get it while it's hot...."

It was only a dream. I couldn't believe seemed so real. The smell of his breath. The feel of his soft warm hands as he touched me. The slight tremble that I felt. His warm smile as he came so close to me. As I continued to come to my senses, I could no longer deny the attraction that I felt for Shane. Good thing I was lying on my stomach at the time, or I think my sister would have realized how I felt also. At dinner that night Martha and Jake were busy talking about their respective days at work. I must have missed my cue again, because she had to jar me out of a dream again.

"..Didn't you hear me Seth.....?"

"...No....I'm sorry...what did you say?"

"..I asked where you were know you came in late, I didn't know where you were."

"..Just hanging out at a friends that's all...."

" time, give me a call and let me know if your gonna be late..."


That was pretty much all that was mentioned about my afternoon at dinner. My sister and Jake both just carried on with their own conversations. I was quite exhausted. Right after dinner I just went straight to my room.

Shane and I didn't see each other for the next few days. But we did talk to each other on the phone. We made plans for me to meet up with him at his house on Friday. I didn't have to work at the shop and would have the afternoon free. I told my sister that I was going by a friends house afterschool on Friday, and that I would be back by dinner time, with a promise that she would get a phone call with a really good excuse if I was gonna be any later than dinner time. I was really excited to see Shane on Friday. But it seemed to me that the clock on the wall in school was going extra slow. Slower as the time came for me to meet up with Shane.

As I arrived at Shane's building on Friday, he was waiting out front for me. As soon as he saw me he smiled, ran up to me and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me into the building. We ran up the stairs playing tag until we got to his apartment. He was like a drug and I was hooked. I know that I was a little worried about how I was gonna approach this whole thing with him, but as soon as I saw him smile at me, it was like everything was going to be okay. The laughing continued as we went into his room and began to wrestle. Just some harmless playing around. But at the same time everytime that I touched him I noticed how soft and warm his skin was.

I could feel the heat rise from his body as we played around, he felt as if he was on fire. It had it's effects on me. I had to stop this really quickly. I submitted and told him that I had to go use the bathroom. I just needed some time to adjust everything, so it didn't look as if I was as excited as I was. The last thing I needed was him to think that I was hard as we played around. When I got back to the room, he was sitting on the floor playing the video game. I sat down next to him to play. The same thing that happened the last time happened again. He began to move around, getting into every punch and kick that happened on the screen, until we were touching on every single movement that he made. The game that we were playing I didn't know that much about, he did a move on the game that I didn't know, and got a 24 hit combo off on me and killed me in the game.

"...I'm sorry that I'm not that good at this game...." I said, seeing as he beat me every game we played.

"'s okay...all my other friends beat me at's fun to win sometimes..."

" you just like beating up on me in the game right...."


" could you tell me how to do that last move that you did..?"

" it like this...."

With that he dropped his controller and grabbed mine. While doing so he grabbed my hands. It was ias if an electric current went through me. They felt exactly as I had dreamed them. Soft and warm. I could smell him. He smelled clean. I could tell that his smell was on me. My first reaction was to look down at his and my hands touching, then back to him. He was looking me right in my eyes. It wasn't a lustful look or anything like that, it just that I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I could see that he had hazel speckels in his eyes. I saw the full lips as they were slightly parted. I could smell of watermelon on his breath, probably from some candy that he had eaten earlier. I could feel the heat from his body as I was slowly being pulled in close to him. Then my vision began to get blurry as I couldn't see him so clearly anymore. I closed my eyes waiting for the soft touch of his lips on mine. It wasn't even a long and passionate one. We just came together and our lips touched. He tasted so good. I felt his hand touch my face. Our mouths began to part to allow more access to each other. I could taste the candy and the heat of his breathe in my mouth. It was MY GOD! What am I doing. I think those were the first thoughts that came to my mind as I broke the kiss. I just sat back and looked into his eyes. It seemed to me that he was just as stunned as I was when I looked into his eyes. I was searching for something in his eyes that told me what we had just done was okay. Looking back on it now, I know that I wasn't searching his eyes to try and find out what he was thinking. I was trying to find the answer as to what I thought of it. The only thing that came to mind was Greg. I didn't want to be him. I didn't want to be labeled a queer. I didn't want to have to go through what he did.

He was in the same boat as me. His family didn't have the money to just pick up and move because their son was being ridiculed in school. Picked on endlessly. But unlike Greg, where as the things they did to him were just because of rumors, it would be true with me. Wouldn't it?

"...Look...I gotta go.....I sister wanted me to do something for her today...."


"....It's okay....I will call you later...."

I didn't even hear the last thing that he said as I ran from his apartment. What I said was all I could muster out as I ran from out of his room and his apartment. I had done the one thing that I said that I would avoid. I went to far. I forced him into doing something that he didn't want to do. I'm some kind of pervert. I'm not even sure if I ran all the way back home or not. I just needed to get to the safety of my room. I was sure that if someone would have looked at me, they would have known what I had done. I don't know if I ran all the way home or not, but I knew that I was tired.

I made it home and ran right to my room. I didn't come out again that night. My sister did poke her head in the room after she closed up the shop for the night, but I told her that I was alright, and that I had already eaten, that I was gonna turn in early today. She had a look on her face, but she let it go, and told me good night and closed my door.

While in my room that night, I realized that what had happened was a big mistake. Should I have stayed there with Seth. I don't know, and now I would never know what would have happened. I chickened out. I didn't want to be Greg. I didn't wanted to be totured and beaten. So many things were going through my mind, but one thing was definately there. One feeling that stood out above all others. Fear. In the end I was nothing more than a scared little boy sitting in his room worried that the world would spurn me for being different.

That night I had another dream. It was different than the dream I had before. I walked into the shop. No one was there. Not Laura, not Martha, not Jake, just me. I began to look around the shop for someone. I began calling out my sister, but I got no answer. I walked all over the story. The only sight that could be seen was the sun shining through the windows, and the dust in the air. The place was dead silent. I began to get worried right away, where was everyone. Then as I turned around, I saw a boy, about my age standing in the middle of the work floor. He had his head down and didn't say anything. I didn't recognize him right away. I began to walk toward him when I heard him speak.

"...this should be you....."

"...what did you say..?"

Just then the boy raised his head and I could see his face clearly. I could see the bruises on his face. I could see the blood running from the corner of his mouth, his eye swollen. I recognized the kid right away, it was Greg. I stopped short and gasped at the sight, it frightened me to the core. For a few moments there was silence, then he spoke again.

" will be you....."


" will be...."

"...why are you here?"

" know why I am here......"

"...I can't be you....."

"...but you are....."

I could do nothing but watch as he turned and walked away. What happened next was no better. I turned around to see my sister and everyone that I knew looking at me. They all were angry and yelling at me. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I could make out some of the things that they were saying. I woke with a start that morning. Everything was so messed up.

It has been about two weeks since I last saw Shane. He didn't come around the shop anymore and I did everything that I could to avoid the building in which he lived. He called a few times, but I didn't talk to him for long. Just told him that I had something else to do, or I asked my sister to tell him I wasn't there. It was clear that I was trying to avoid Shane. Not that I wanted to, but I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to handle this. The fact that me and Shane didn't run in the same circles made it easy for me to avoid him. When he did start to come to the shop to look for my I would just go in back or something. Or run to help a customer to act as if I was too busy to talk to him.

But it still weighed heavily on my mind. Martha and Jake did notice that I wasn't my normal self, but they didn't press the issue since I didn't seem to be suicidal or anything. I was really quite at the dinner table, answering all of there questions with a simple nod of the head or to shrug my shoulders at what they said. I would just moap around the shop, like in a daze. I thought about approaching Shane and telling him that I didn't hate him or anything, that I was just scared....but every time that I even came close to doing that I would chicken out.

I was working the shop on a Saturday with my sister. She handled the register while I handled the floor. Not many customers, which suited me just fine, because I didn't feel like talking much anyway. Then in walked Shane. Just seeing him made me want to run up to him and hug him. Tell him how I really felt about him. But then the fear caught a hold of me and the first thing I wanted to do was to get out of there. He didn't see me right away, but I saw him as soon as he walked through the door. I just hid behind a rack of CDs. I saw him look around the store, but he still didn't see me. I managed to make it all the way to the counter before he saw me. He called after me, but I just ran into the back. After about 10 minutes my sister walked in back and closed the door. She just looked at me really strangely.

"..shouldn't you be watching the front...." she asked

"..No....I'm just taking a little break that's all, why?"

"..when I see my little brother hide from someone by running to the back like a someone had lit a fire under his butt, it get's me kind of worried...."

She didn't say anything right away, but she did just stand there and wait for me to say something. It seems that now was gonna be the time when she wanted some kind of explanation as to what was going on.

"...So how do you know that kid...."

"...Just some kid from school...."

"...really....since when did you start going to Bedford Academy...."

"....I met him from the shop.....when he came in to by some CDs...."

"....yeah....he said that he was sorry.....when I asked him what for he said that you would know...."

"'s nothing....."

".....really...." She didn't sound too convinced by that, so she just continued to stare at me.

"...Seth....did that kid do anything to you.....try...something with..."

"...NO....I mean no...nothing happened..."

"...I see....."

" know Seth you can tell me anything that you want...I would never judge you. You are my little brother and I will love you always no matter do know that right?"


"....soooo...what happened.....if he didn't try anything...what happened....."

".....nothing....nothing...happened...I said that already didn't I...."

"....yes you did....but to be honest with you I am worried moap around when you are have been quite as a church mouse in the apartment...barely coming out of your room except for food, school, and the's like living with a totally different kid all of a forgive me if I don't buy into the whole nothing happened was good enough last time but not now...."

She had sat down next to me this time. She put her hand on my shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

I could see that she was really worried about me. Had I been acting that strange lately? I didn't think that my thoughts could be read so easily.

"...look's just me and you now.....I don't know if I could go on if anything happened to to me..."

I could see that she was almost in tears at that moment. I could see the love in her eyes.

"....umm...we...sort of...." This was hard.

"Sort of what....."


I could tell that she wasn't quite expecting that one. But she did smile a little.

"....that's it..?"


"...that's kissed him??..."


"...okay...did you want to kiss him....?"


"You heard me....did you want to kiss him?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I just told my sister that I kissed another boy and the only thing she could say is if I had wanted to kiss him. I just stared at her with amazement in my eyes.

"...look...i'm sorry Seth...I am not trying to be funny.....I can see how that might have freaked you out....but look.....if you want to talk some more about it we can...or we can wait until you are ready...but I just want you to know that no matter what you say...I still will love you....You are my little brother and I have to look out for you...just like you have to look out for me too....we are family....and we are all we have...right...?"


" do you want to talk about it..?"

I did talk to Martha, and true to her word she listened. We just sat there and talked. I told her about how I met Shane and how I think that I liked him, but I wasn't sure. She asked a few tough questions...some I wasn't ready to answer, some I could, but she didn't really push anymore, so it was easier on me to tell her. After all was said and done she gave me a big hug and said that she was proud of me and that I should never be ashamed of what I feel in my heart. 'Don't rush anything because of what that little solider of yours is telling you to do, but always, follow you will steer you right.' That's what she told me.

She told me how Shane had looked when he left the store. She also told me that I owe it to myself to figure out how I feel about him. That if I really did like him I would have to make a choice. If I didn't want to pursue this, that it is water under the bridge, and that I should just move on, but if I did want to...not to wait too long because I might just be too late.

I felt a little better after I talked to my sister. I did miss Shane. I missed his smile. I did think about him a lot. As a matter of fact, during my "blue" period I thought about him a lot. I think that I should at least talk to him....he must think that I hate him, and nothing could be further from the truth. I would go and see him tomorrow. Laura and Jake would be around to help Martha out with the shop and she wouldn't need me.

That night, as I slept I had another dream. It was quite similar to the one that I had a few weeks ago. I was back in the shop and everyone was around me, yelling at me. I could hear them all yelling. They were saying things like fag and queer boy. Everything else I couldn't make out. I tried to run from the shop, to get away from them, when they all began to surrond me. I had nowhere to go. I couldn't take it anymore. I just knelled down and put my head between my knees and covered up. I remember crying out to stop it. I didn't realize that all of the shouting and name calling had stopped. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I felt strangely comforting. As I looked up to who the hand belonged to with tear blurred eyes. I saw the faces of the two of the people that I loved most in this world. I saw the face of my parents. My mom lifted me up into a warm and tight embrace.

"'s okay....."

"...I'm sorry......"

"'s okay Seth...everything will be alright...."

" mom....I...."

"...I know....and we don't care......we still love you....Martha...she still loves you....."

"...and I still love you son..." I felt my father's hand rest on my back and him kiss me on top of my head.

Everything felt okay, it felt as if my parents were really there. I didn't wake suddenly this morning. I felt completely and totally at peace that morning when I awoke. I knew what I had to do. I knew that I had to confront Shane and let him know how I really felt. As I went into the kitchen I saw that my sister had already left to open the shop. She had let me sleep in today like she promised. I took my time getting ready trying to figure out what to say to him. I still wasn't sure about where I wanted this whole thing to go, but I knew that I needed to tell him that I didn't hate him. I at least owed him that. And if he didn't want to ever speak to me after that...I would have to deal with it.

After getting showered and changed, I looked at myself in the mirror to make sure that everything was right. I thought I might get him a present to smooth things over. If he hated me still he would throw in back in my face and that would be the end of it I guess. But what would I get him. I mean the kid had everything. I decided that since I worked in a CD shop, that I could get him a CD. I went into the shop to see Jake and Laura working the floor. Martha was at the counter. She just smiled at me as I came around to remove the alarm from the cd and put it in a plastic bag.

Once I got to his building, the door man was at his post as usual. I asked if it was okay for me to go up and see Shane. He told me to announce myself at the front desk and to go right up. That had to be the longest elevator ride I had ever taken at that point. Once I got to Shane's floor he was already standing outside his door, waiting for me. He didn't look like he was too happy to see me when I rounded the corner. He stood there in his Bedford Academy sweat pants and a wife beater. His arms were crossed. He looked a little pissed, but I could only sigh because he looked so cute. I smiled at him, but he didn't return it.

"What do you want?" he said. A little bit of contempt in his voice when he said this.

"To talk to you."

"About what?"


"What about us..."

"Look....I acted like a jerk...I am sorry."

"About what....I mean we were only just friends right?"

"Yes....yes we were friends...I mean we are friends....right?"

"That depends..."

"On what...."

"On why you acted the way you did!"

Now was the moment of truth. Did I tell him how I really felt, or because I was scared. I needed to tell him what I thought. If he didn't feel the same way, I would be crushed, but we didn't hang out with the same people, so it wouldn't my life. As far as I knew. But I need to tell him something. This might be harder than I thought.

"I got this for you....."

He took the package that I wrapped up in the plastic bag.

"What's this....a bribe?"


"Liza Minelli's Greatest Hits...."

He laughed. Good that broke the ice a bit.

"It's just that. I think that...Shane...what's going on between us?"

I think that I kind of caught him off guard. He wasn't standing as confident as he was. He just looked at the floor. Then he looked at me and grinned....

"What...I am asking the questions....besides...if you think that I am gonna let you off that easy, you are out of your why should I be your friend again? Because you bought me a CD" He said this with a smile.

"Look Shane, I am's just that I had a lot of things that I had to work out...but I am okay now....and plus that's a Liza Minelli CD...." With that we both laughed...until he got a little more serious.

"Did you ever think that I wanted to kiss you....."

"...I didn't think of it like that....I was just....I don't know..."



" was I....I thought that I was gonna die when I saw you in the lobby then..... and then the wrestling, I thought you felt me, because I was as hard as I have ever been when we were...."

"Look...can I come in...we can talk inside..."

"I don't know...."


"Okay." He said finally with a bit of reluctance.

Shane let me in and closed the door behind me, and locked it. I turned around and wham, right in my face. I mean almost nose to nose. We were staring each other right in the eyes. I could feel his breathe on my face. It smelled like watermelon candy, again. He didn't look mad or upset anymore, but I could tell that he was nervous. But he wasn't the only one. I couldn't move. He had me paralyzed with his gaze.


"...yeah......" he whispered heavly

" you want to talk......"

"...I don't want you to run away this time....."

" away from....."

Before I could get out the final words, he leaned in and kissed me. It was magical. Just like the time before, but the only difference was that I knew that I wasn't forcing him to do this. I was still scared, but somewhere in the back of my mind I allowed myself to enjoy this, and you know what? I did! It was such a sweet kiss. My heart was beating a thousand miles a minute. As he pulled away, I could do nothing but look at him. My eyes were wide and my mouth was open. Shane was looking at me for some type of response. But I could give none. I couldn't say anything. I mean I couldn't believe that Shane kissed me. Could he really feel the same that I do?






"..did you like..."

Now it was my turn to shock him. I didn't let him finish his sentence. I kissed right back. It was perfect. He was standing there with his eyes wide open now. We just looked at each other for a long time..

"Look, Shane....I like you....I like you a lot....but I am scared...I don't know how this is going to end up or what will become of us....I don't even know what we are supposed to do now....I just know that when I knew that you were unhappy, it made me unhappy..when you are happy...I am happy..."

"I don't know either Seth, I just know that the past few weeks have been really bad for me....I mean I have never felt this way about anyone before. I have never done anything like this with anyone before....But I am willing to learn with you...if you want."

"That would be nice...."

What followed was the real thing. Shane led me back to his room and we began to kiss and make out like crazy. It felt so good. To feel his body up against mine. The warmth was amazing. His skin felt like silk that was on fire. I know that I said that already, but it really did. His skin was SO soft! I couldn't keep my hands off of him. We explored every part of each other. when he grabbed my swollen cock and I sucked in air really quick. God that felt good. It didn't take me long to start doing what Shane was doing to me. I began to feel up his swollen cock through his sweet pants and got the same response from him. From what I felt, he was just about as big as me. 6 inches of glory! I could have stood there and made out with Shane forever. Just feeling each other up...grinding our privates together. Enjoying the feeling of each others warmth. Shane was the one who pulled away first. I was still in heaven...attempted to keep it going on.

"I want to see you naked...."

We began to do a slow strip in front of each other. My god, If I thought he was hot with clothes on, but when he began to take off his clothes, I saw I was in the presence of a thing of beauty. Shane had a perfect little body. He was not muscular, but by the way that he felt you could tell that he was firm.. He was hairless all over, as far as could be seen with his underwear on. I was about to pull off my underwear when I stopped.

"...what about you mom...?"

"...she won't be home for another few hours....."

" sure....."

"'s cool...."

With that we both came out of out shorts. My cock made an audible slap against my stomach as it was freed from my under shorts. Then I looked over to him, to see his. He had a small patch of pubic hairs above a perfect dick. His balls were drawn up very tightly. I have never seen many hard dicks before, but his looked just like the rest of him. Perfect.

" have a really nice body...." He said to me while moving closer.

" do you...."

We laid down on the bed. With him on top of me. He began to kiss me and we started the slow motion of jerking each other off. Shane took his hand off of my cock and began to grind his into mine. I felt all of him against me. Even his super soft pubic hairs. He leaned more into me, leaning down and kissing me softly on the lips. At first it was just a few taps on the lips, then his need became more urgent as we moved closer to our orgasms. I grabbed his ass as he ground into me. This got him to moan into my mouth. That was the last straw for me. I couldn't take anymore. I just exploded right there. Now when I say exploded, I really mean I exploded, I literly saw stars. After that, he stopped kissing me and began to kiss on my neck. This didn't help. He began to breathe heavy and then, he bit my neck. I could feel the hot liquid come between us as he came. Then he just collapsed right on top of me. After a few minutes he rolled off of me, still breathing heavy.

"...that was amazing...."

"...yeah....." was all I could get out.

" I guess you like me...."

"....not really...I was just horny...."

"...turd...." He said as he punched me in the arm.

We just lay there in his bed for a while. I looked down at myself. I saw both of our cum smeared on my stomach. I looked over at Shane and he was looking at me. Right in the eyes.

"...I love you Seth...I have loved you ever since I laid eyes on you..."

"...I love you to Shane...."

I don't know if it was true or not. I really didn't know the meaning of the word then. I knew that I liked looking into his eyes. I knew that everything about him turned me on something aweful. I also knew that no matter what happened from this moment on, things were definately going to be different from now on. But as happy as I was right now, I still was scared shitless about this whole thing....I guess that I would have to see how things went. I just knew that I was happy that Shane was by my side. To hell with society and it's rules.

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