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Luis, Gino and Me (Part #3)

"Something Alluring, Yet Unidentifiable"

By Paul S. Stevens


Last summer, my father and I worked on a project to build an extra room attached to the back of our house. Once it was finished, he informed me that it was meant for me. When I asked him how I came to be so lucky, he said he thought I might want some privacy now that I was 15 years old, but mostly, so he and mom could enjoy having some quiet time since I liked playing the stereo rather loudly most of the time.

Once I moved in to my new room, I set about furnishing it, upgrading it to a multi-purpose room. It was now completely transformed into a place suitable for everything from sleeping, listing to music, watching movies or even throwing a party. It housed my stereo and record collection, a small television and VCR that sat atop an old dresser, a convertible sofa bed with assorted pillows, some folding T.V. trays and a coffee table, all with plenty of room to spare. I also had an electric heater for those cold days, and a small one room window air conditioner for the hot ones. It had taken several months, but now I was ready to cut loose.

It wasn't long before I had all my friends trained to come around to the back were I had my own separate entrance from the main house. This meant I could technically have guests at any time of the day or night without bothering the folks in front. Since I was a fairly good kid, that is, rarely giving my folks any grief, I was allowed to do what I wanted most of the time, as long as I kept it mostly quiet and discrete.

This was truly a dream come true for me... a dream that just fell into my lap... a dream that held endless possibilities... a dream that would soon be put to the test.

It was now the middle of the winter season, and in our little neighborhood, my best friends Luis, Gino and I were all home for the holidays. We started making plans long ago for the two weeks we would be off for Christmas break. Other than our precious family time that we were committed to, we had a lot of free open time to fill up.

It was lightly raining outside on this, my first day of Christmas break. I was sitting on the porch waiting for my inseparable friends Luis and Gino to finish up their paper route, which they routinely did together at this same time everyday. As they came down our street nearing the end of their route I could see that they were not wearing anything extra to protect themselves form the rain.

"Why aren't you guys wearing your rain gear today?" I asked the pair as they came within earshot of me.

"Rain, this isn't rain," Gino said holding his hand out into the air pretending not to feel anything. "If you lived in Italy, you would know what rain is."

Gino was born and raised in Italy until he and his parents moved here just a few months before my family bought the house we now live in. That's when Luis's father asked Gino's family to come to America to help with their family business. That's how these two cousins came to live just a few houses away from one another on our block. I'm glad that it worked out that way since the three of us had became very close.

"Can you guys come over when you're done?" I inquired. "I'll turn on the heater for you and make it toasty so you guys can dry off and get warm."

"That sounds cozy," Gino grinned. "We'll be over in a few minutes."

"I can't," Luis interrupted. "I have to go shopping with mom."

"Okay, some other time then," I groaned and went back to my room to figure out what else I could do with the rest of my day.

Gino and Luis talked among themselves as they finished their deliveries. I was unaware of the conversation they had once I walked away.

"Randy sounded disappointed that we weren't going over," Gino said to Luis.

"Well, you could go over now and I'll join you when I get back, so wait for me there and don't do anything without me!" Luis said. "I think we're going shopping to buy your Christmas presents today, so you won't be allowed to come with us anyway."

"Alright then, I'll see you later," Gino said smiling as he rode away. Luis went home to join his mom on their shopping trip while Gino headed over to my place. He apparently disregarded the majority of what Luis had said to him and he just fixated on the part about the Christmas presents he was going to be receiving.

I was in my room straightening things up and not really doing much. I had just turned on my little heater, seeing that it was getting a bit chilly. I sat down on my couch and started daydreaming as I began listening to the gentle raindrops on my roof. A few moments later I heard a knock at my door. I answered it to find Gino standing at my doorway, wet from head to toe.

"Oh man, come in from the rain before you get sick," I ordered as I pulled him inside. "You've got to get out of these wet clothes now! Just lay them down over here near the heater and they should dry up in no time. I'll get you a blanket so you can cover yourself and warm up."

"I don't need a blanket," Gino insisted. "It's already warm enough in here without it, I'll be just fine."

Gino took off his shoes and socks and then stripped down to his underwear. He laid his wet things down near the heater as I suggested. I noticed that he had gotten soaked all the way down to his briefs because I was able to clearly see the well defined outline of his erection showing through the wet fabric.

"Those are going to have to come off too!" I said as I coyly pointed to his considerably noticeable bulge.

Gino started to turn a bright shade of red. A look came across his face as if he had just been caught naked at school. Gino, Luis and I have been naked together, seen each other naked and have done many sexually oriented activities together. Why he should suddenly become shy right now was a total mystery to me. Perhaps he had not intended for me to notice his boner, or maybe it was the fact that Gino and I had never done anything sexually without Luis being there. What ever it was, I started to remove my clothes too in an effort to put my guest at ease.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I thought you might be more comfortable if you weren't the only one naked," I said as I pulled off the last of my clothes revealing a full blown hard-on of my own.

Gino smiled as he took the last of his wet things off and the two of us flopped down our naked bodies onto the couch.

"Well, now that we're both naked, what do you want to do?" he said with an evil grin.

"I've got just the thing," I told him. "Stand over here for a second."

I went over to my dresser and retrieved my favorite bottle of lube and an old towel. I laid the towel down on the floor and had Gino sit on it across from me so we were facing each other. I had my back against the couch, and he leaned back against the coffee table. I had him rest his legs over the top of mine. We played around a little bit with each others semi-erect cocks to get them completely hard again. This didn't take very long at all since, at our age, just saying the word boner would cause you to get one.

Over the past six months, I had seen a growth spurt in me to where I had caught up to Gino, who had already gone through his growing stage last summer. Our cocks were now evenly matched at nearly six and a half inches. Like before, I was still a little thicker than him. Now that we were more evenly matched in size, I had something I always wanted to try that required a partner of equal endowment.

I reached for my bottle of ID Glide I had recently acquired and put a generous amount on my left hand. With my right hand I positioned our two cocks together, balls to balls, shaft to shaft and head to head. With my lubricated hand, I began to slowly stoke our love muscles together as one. After doing some slow stroking, I tried rubbing both of our cock heads back and fourth from left to right, focusing the stimulation on our opposing frenulum. We both started to moan as I experimented around with our cocks in this intimate position. Seeing Gino's uncut cock next to my circumcised cock gave me another idea. I gathered his loose foreskin and pulled it over my exposed crown to see what it would feel like to have that extra skin I no longer possess. Ripples of electricity shot up and down my body, and by the sound of it, Gino was experiencing waves of his own.

After having done this arousing foreplay, it was time to move forward with my idea to get each other off by using each others erection as the primary source of stimulation. After a short time, he started doing something unexpected. He began to raise himself up off the floor and back down again in a humping motion. I hadn't thought of it, but I was sure glad he did. This was bringing on an intense feeling. All I needed to do now was hold our rods together and let his pumping action do it's magic.

This spontaneous movement caused our balls to rub together and roll around each other. This sensation created a buildup of tension that brought on a certain kind of intensity, one that would cause my balls to tighten, and then pulsate in rhythm. I didn't even know my balls were capable of such a thing.

I soon started to feel my hips succumb to a similar involuntary thrusting. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep a hold of our two jousting sticks without loosing control, so I doubled my efforts and held on now with both hands.

"Look there," he pointed out. "Our dicks are fucking each other. I didn't think this idea would be all that much fun, but it's really hot. The feeling of having your cock up against mine like this is fucking wild."

He was right. I could feel exactly what he was talking about. In addition to that, watching our two cock heads bobbing up and down past my two fists was getting me hot too. I felt my cock throb with each thrust. I was observing my friend getting just as aroused as me. Each time he would thrust upward, his cock head would swell up, and in turn, I noticed that my cock was doing the same thing. Our pleasure poles were doing a sensual love dance, up, and then down, first him, then me. His breathing had quickened and his moaning increased. I could tell he was getting close to his climax. Witnessing this had only pushed me closer than I already was to my own orgasm, and then that twitch down deep in the center of my pulsating balls signaled the coming of what was sure to be an explosive finale.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum now!" Gino blurted out between his quickening breathes.

"Let's do it," I said as I anchored myself closer to him.

Gino's actions were getting more aggressive now. The announcement of his impending eruption was all it took to send me over the edge and we both arrived at nirvana at the same time. With my two fists locked together, I began to stroke our pistons up and down like a two-cylinder engine. Gino's eyes locked onto our bobbing rods to witness first hand the fireworks display about to begin. He arched his back, and his body stiffened, which caused him to push the coffee table back several feet. Gino and I had always been very much in tune with one another, our rhythms often linked together. He was the perfect partner for me.

I watched intently as the two of us mutually arrived at our combined summit. Then, with all the power of an erupting volcano, several volleys of hot boy cream flew in every direction. Because our cocks were so close together and we were both firing at once, I could not discern who was shooting what where. My body was now in the throes of a full-on orgasm that had me twitching and moaning. It was almost impossible to continue to keep a hold of our two cannons as we both were wildly thrusting and squirting again and again. Even so, I managed to hold on. With my dick still in direct contact with his, I could actually feel the surges of both our semen coursing past the shafts of our shooting cocks as our thick white nectar catapulted into the air.

As our pyrotechnic display was coming to an end, the last few drops of sweet boy juice slowly drained from our limp bodies. I released my grip that I had been continuing to hold on our softening pistols. We then collapsed, landing flat on our backs. We marveled at the many pools of hot male milk that had accumulated on both our chests, stomachs, arms and legs.

"What a wild ride man," Gino beamed.

"Shit yeah it was!" I said. "And you were awesome too."

"You're the one who kept us together," Gino praised. "And I was really pumping hard there towards the end."

"Yeah, and look what happened," I said as I pointed to the two of us. "We creamed enough to make even a porn star proud."

That statement had a ring of truth that made me get all tingly inside and swell up with enough pride for the both of us. We took a few minutes to recover from our extremely memorable and physically exhausting encounter. Then it was time to do some clean up. I took several tissues from the Kleenex box and then handed the box to Gino.

"I wish I had a camera to take a picture of this. I'd want Luis to see it!" he boasted as he took several tissues from the box and began to dab and wipe at the warm seeds we had just planted on ourselves.

After the two of us finished our cleanup, we continued to lie naked on the floor just resting from our exercise in ball busting bliss, not really wanting to get dressed yet when suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Oh shit," Gino whispered as he frantically looked around the room for where he had laid out his wet clothes.

"Who is it?" I called out.

"It's me, Luis," the voice answered back. "What the fuck are you guys doing in there?"

It was Luis alright, I recognized his voice. "Hold on," I said as I got up and walked my naked body over to the door and let him in.

Luis was a bit more aggressive than either his cousin or me. He had a tendency to speak his mind. He also got into a bad habit of overusing four letter words, more than any kids our age really should. His ideas about sex were more liberal as well, which always made for a unique, if not scary experience whenever he took charge.

"Oh fuck!" Luis bitched as he came into the room. He looked around and then locked the door behind him. "You pricks didn't even bother to get dressed." He looked over at his cousin who was still lying naked on the floor and said, "I'm going to have to fuck you now!"

"Me?" Gino complained. He sat up off the floor and then pointed in my direction, "why not him?"

"You didn't wait for me," he scolded. "I told you I was going to come over when I got back. Randy didn't know that, but you did and you probably didn't tell him either. As your punishment, I'm going to fuck you for not waiting for me," he stated plainly and dispassionately.

Gino paused for a moment, then a smile slowly crept across is face. "Okay, I guess I deserve that," he agreed.

"Fuck yeah you do!" Luis stated, grinning from ear to ear as he started to strip naked on the spot.

The three of us have had many unique sexual experiences in the past year and a half but I had never witnessed a real ass fucking before today.

Was he really going to do that to Gino? Had they done this before with each other or possibly with someone else? Personally, I was not ready to try this sort of thing myself but I had absolutely no problem with watching the two of them do it!

Luis finished undressing as he pulled off the last of his pants and shorts. We could see that he was already sporting a full blown hard-on. He was unquestionably ready to begin dishing out the pseudo-punishment he had promised Gino. Before the two of them began their private floorshow, we moved the coffee table out of the way so they could have all the room they needed to move around. I sat down on the couch, eager to expand my education. With great interest, I witnessed the two of them prepare to begin.

Gino got into position first and knelt down on all fours in the middle of the room. Luis spied my bottle of lube that was still lying on the floor by the corner of the couch. He applied some of the lubricant on his six inch cut cock and then slid a generous amount on his cousin's back door. Luis knelt down behind Gino and lined up his erection with Gino's anal rosebud. Then without warning, he plunged his dick all the way into Gino's hole. Poor Gino let out a respectable yell as Luis's hips slapped against his cousins butt cheeks like a thunderclap.

"There, now that the painful part is over, you can start enjoying my hot cock," Luis said slowly drawing his joystick in and out of Gino's freshly plowed hole.

Luis's forceful and aggressive personality frequently made him look like an ass but Gino didn't complain past that first initial shock. I was now witnessing my very first live, up close and personal ass fucking right in front of me. I have to admit that just watching it was much more than interesting, it was a considerable turn-on. I started to notice just how hard my cock was getting, and I wasn't even touching it. I realized I had become very aroused. I felt my heart rate increase, and even though I had just finished emptying a huge load with Gino just a little while ago, I could hardly keep still in my seat.

"Don't just sit there Randy, my cock needs some attention. Come on over," Gino said with pleading eyes.

As fate would have it, I was no longer going to be just a passive witness. I had been drawn into the action and I couldn't be more excited to join them. I got up off the couch and grabbed one of the couch cushions and slid it under Gino. I propped my head up on the cushion and assumed a 69 position under him. I guided his slightly soft dick into my mouth and it instantly came to life, bringing new meaning to the phrase `popping a boner'. He immediately returned the favor and drew my ridged cock into his mouth and started sucking me in a way that only he knew how to do. I went into high gear and relentlessly nursed on Gino's un-cut plaything, swirling my tongue in and around his foreskin and around the backside of his enlarged cock head. I slid my tongue into that small slit at the tip of his throbbing mast causing his body to shutter with pleasure.

Even though I was making Gino squirm while he expertly sucked me, the real drama was unfolding just five inches away from my face. I could very clearly see with extreme close-up clarity, Luis's beautiful six inch boyhood gracefully flowing in and out of Gino's gateway. His balls were gently swaying with each pass and caressing Gino's balls as they so delicately touched each other in a testicular ballet.

Another factor in this multi-sensing experience was the sense of smell. The close proximity of my nose, inhaling a mixture of sweat, lube and assorted body parts was intoxicating. And there was something else there too, something alluring yet unidentifiable. Even though each one of us was experiencing something totally different, we were all barreling headlong into the same direction.

The combination of what my eyes where feasting on... coupled with the various smells... plus having a six and a half inch throbbing cock in my mouth... not to mention the attention my own cock was receiving from Gino's exceptional fellatio was bringing on that familiar feeling of an oncoming climax.

As Gino was working on my plump pole, he started breathing more heavily and began some unintended vocalizations such as moaning and trying to speak words like `Oh My God', even though his mouth was otherwise occupied. These sounds, as they resonated in the back of his throat acted like a vibrator on my cock adding a whole new level of stimulation.

Now, Luis began increasing the speed of his thrusting. I began to notice that each time Luis would slide his cock into Gino's accepting tunnel, he must have been brushing up against Gino's prostate. This maneuver was causing Gino's cock to swell up and release a slightly sweet pre-cum that drizzled into my mouth. I then decided to apply some extra suction to the head of his prick each time it would swell up to see what would happen.

Well, I guess that started a landslide of cause and effect because when I applied the extra suction to the head of Gino's cock, it caused his sphincter muscle to squeeze Luis's cock... which in turn caused Luis to pound Gino's ass harder and faster... which in turn caused Gino to moan louder... which in turn caused extra vibrations on my cock... which in turn caused all of us to ignite into an awesome three way cum-fest.

Gino replaced the blow job he was giving me with a hand job so he could turn his head back towards Luis and speak to him.

"Keep fucking me, I'm going to shoot it," he encouraged his cousin. "Don't stop, Oh God, don't stop!"

I slowly pulled Gino's swollen cum filled penis from my mouth. Not because I have any problem with swallowing Gino's sweet boy juice. I just really wanted to watch him shoot his load all over me. While being this close to the main event, I was in for a rare treat. I then proceeded to stroke him mercilessly until he unloaded his prize onto my chest. I was close enough to be able to see Gino's urethra swell as his semen rocketed its way to its final destination. Wave after wave of thick ropes landed across my body as I watched him empty the contents of his balls all over me. Even though Gino had surrendered a giant load earlier, his offering was still quite considerable. Each burst of cream that shot from his cock caused his sphincter to grip Luis's cock as he pumped Gino's ass. This sensation sent waves of electricity through Luis's body, carrying him over the edge and passed the point of no return.

"Alright boys, watch how fucking a real ass can make you cum big time!" Luis bragged as he pulled his dick out of his cousin's carnal canal. "Okay Randy, prepare yourself to get covered in my fucking hot cum!"

Gino immediately moved off to my left to position himself into the perfect spot to witness his cousin's promise to bathe me in his fertile male offering. As Gino settled into place, he continued his hand job on me without missing a beat. Falling to his knees and maneuvering himself over to my right side, Luis unleashed a torrent of cum like a geyser. The first gush of his `Old Faithful' stretched across the entire length of my torso as he screamed with pleasure. That first blast was followed by seven smaller yet impressive servings of his spewing spunk. Luis's breathing slowly returned to normal as his cock dribbled the last few drops of cream onto my cum soaked frame.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," Luis said admiring his contribution to the glistening ponds of cum that now accumulated across most of my upper body.

Luis and Gino both slipped down to get into a better position over my loins. Luis looked over at Gino's hand that was still pumping my granite column. He reached his hand in and joined forces with Gino to double fist my throbbing member. Now both my friends had turned their full attention toward getting me off.

"Now it's your turn Randy!" Luis said with anticipation.

"Yeah Randy, cum for us, Shoot that load!" Gino commanded.

I felt like a love slave, totally giving into my masters. I closed my eyes and let my arms fall helplessly down to my side. Gino and Luis had taken full control of my body now. I had two clenched fists slamming my hard-on in unison. I felt a gentle but firm kneading and tugging of my balls, and then suddenly something completely unexpected. One of them had slipped a finger into my virgin hole. I didn't think I was ready for that, but now that it was happening, it was surprisingly good, great in fact. Now I was beginning to understand the major role the anus plays in adding to the overall sensation of sex as I was being taught first hand. All this attention I was receiving along with the multiple points of stimulation started bringing on that familiar swelling of my fertile juices.

With my eyes still closed, I didn't know who it was who was doing the finger rumba in my backside but whoever it was had discovered my prostate button and started to play it like a Piccolo Pete. The head of my cock swelled up each time he brushed it as it sent waves of tingles coursing through my body. I was unable to control the oncoming orgasm that was building inside me. Sensory overload thrust me into a full blown supernova. I unsuccessfully tried to speak.

"Cuming... now... can't... oh fuck... don't stop... FUCK!"

I was talking like a robot with a malfunction. Even though I had emptied a full load earlier with Gino, I somehow felt that this one was going to be even bigger than the last.

"Shoot it Randy" Luis ordered.

"Yeah... shoot it for us... come on now... show us what you've got!" Gino said trying to spur me on as the two of them mercilessly pounded, stroked and poked me.

My reward was coming to a speeding apex. I opened my eyes to watch the approach of the multiple comets I was about to unveil. Now that I could see who my `finger man' was, it came as no surprise that it was Luis. He apparently had quite some knowledge and expertise with the subtleties of pleasuring the back side. I was now at the hands of two experts that were showing me no mercy.

With no way of staving off the inevitable, I arrived at my intended destination hard and fast. My orgasm was so powerful that I felt several contractions of my ejaculating muscles pumping inside me before any sign of semen shot out. Then two small jets of watery juice burst forth. My two handed cock pounders started to slow their relentless milking.

"Is that all you've got?" Gino said with disappointment.

Was that all I had? No, wait, I still feel like I haven't really cum completely yet.

"Don't stop... I'm still cuming... I'm still..."

My two tormenters resumed their rhythm and before I could finish what I was saying, my real orgasm gripped me unexpectedly hard. My pulse started racing, my body stiffened, I gasped for air and out came eight long shots of thick white cum. I was shooting my load like I was a full grown man. I suddenly felt a hot flash grip me as a shot of adrenaline got pumped into my body. I emptied the contents of my balls all over myself adding to what Gino and Luis had contributed earlier. I was now completely covered in the rewards of everyone's labor.

"You're the man!" Gino said, complementing me on what he had just witnessed.

"You ARE the MAN!" Luis reiterated with more emphasis.

With the praise I was receiving, I was beginning to feel like I was `The Man'. As my head drifted down from out of the clouds, I observed a brief period of euphoria. I thanked my two wizards for the magical journey they had just sent me on. I started to reach up to show my gratitude.

"Hold on there Tiger," Luis said pushing me back down to the floor stopping me in my tracks. "Let's get you cleaned up before you start hugging us and shit."

Gino grabbed the Kleenex box, and passed it between the two of them. I continued to lay there on the floor while the two of them dabbed at the handy work we had created together.

"This one here was me," Gino said tapping at one of the many gobs of goop on my chest.

"No, that was me," Luis corrected. "This one over here was you," he said, poking at a different spot on my chest.

"No, that one came from Randy," Gino snapped back.

"Well, all of this over here was Randy," Luis pointed out.

Listening to the pair of them attempt to identify and claim ownership of each deposit of cum that had drenched the canvas of my body made me begin to loose my patience.

"Oh, screw it," I thought to myself and reached up and hugged both of my dear friends anyway, coating everyone with our combined sticky sap.

I had totally taken the two of them by surprise. The initial shock of this gesture got them both momentarily mad as hell, but their anger quickly turned to laughter and we continued to hug as we demonstrated to one another the true love we had for our very special friendship.

End of Part #3

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