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Luke & Loren

Chapter 2

Barnyard Buddies

Loren says I should be kinder, as if he's some kind of saint. You know, I read all these teen stories online and they must be by a buncha old peeps cuz they're all mushy about youth and stuff. I think old age and aluminum musta turned their memory to mush. Actual Teen Age is a deeply hideous experience. Enter my world. I dare you...

Home room and Richard The Pizza-Faced is chatting up Laura check-out-my-tits:

"Duy-hic! So whatcha doin' this weekend?"

"Ge-hic! Oh, I dunno," kick, kick. "How 'bout you?"

"Duuuh! Oh, I dunno. Seeya!" Christ. It's amazing the human race hasn't died out millions of years ago.

Now, in their sweaty little brains, he prolly brought her 10 dozen long-stems:

"Ach! Forsooth fair damsel! Where be-eth thou hanging this beautimus end-of-thy-week?"

"Mayhap at yonder Sonic Burger, fair Knight! I have, I must confess, another dozen zits to incubate."

Prolly both ran home and did themselves in the ecstasy of the recollection. Brings a tear to my eye.

My friend Dave in OC (Orange County) used to say that as girls got older, their clams began to look like a cross section of a roast beef sandwich. >From what I've seen, he's got it pretty much right. I am cursed with a very very keen sense of smell, and especially in Jr. High, before personal hygiene was invented, about half the girls had at least a touch of the old shrimp-forgotten-in-the-lunchbox, too. That's where the term "Surf & Turf" came from.

So there I am. Pizza Boy cruises off in his love mobile, Looky Tits sits down and starts digging in her pack, and none other than Sandy Hengler comes over and breathes on me.

"Hi Luke."  Ahhhh! I mean, we are talking Captain Kidd, here, on accounta she's got this sunken chest.

"Hi, Luke." Ahoy, Matey! Food particles, old before the plow was invented. Thought I'd come over and share with you, Luke.

"Oh, Hi, Sandy, Wassup?" Gggggh! Would you like to see my breakfast, Sandy?

"I was wondering if you guys were going to Danielle's party on Sunday." You guys? Party?

"Naah. She didn't invite me." You either, eh? Well no good hitting on "pink boy" to take you (Pink: fuck you, Loren. Tinky Winky!).

"Ohh! Too bad, sorry." Sandy, can you learn to say "Ohh!" While inhaling? If you must stink, please don't exhale.

"Why don't you check with Piz... Richard over there." Bet he's not tied up with, like bathing or anything.

Dream-boat Bobby glides by, trailing a cloud of taco-pits. Like the way you slept on your hair for effect, dude.

Ahh! A breath of fresh air: Loren. Recently bathed. Devoid of unsightly pustules. Able to walk erect.


"Ohh! It is?" He can kid. He has opposable thumbs.

"Yeah. You know what they say."

"They. No, Luke. What DO they say?

"A day without..."

"... Sunshine is like night. Luke. Get another joke. Download something."

"Fuck you! That piece of shit wireless modem of yours puked again."

"It's not mine and it's your freakin video drivers. NT's that way. Put the old ones back in. You did save them? No? ...Jesus, God! Luke, get an Etch-a-Sketch!"

Bastard! I know he did this to me on purpose so we would be offline and bored and he could seduce me that time.

"Did you get the math assignment? I gotta do it real quick."

"Yeah, here. Want the answers?"

"Yours? Naah, gotta get at least 10% right, keep up my grade."

Well anyway, the whole day progressed, one form of BO or brain infarct after another, until the non-existent bell (Forbidden by the zoning commission, in our honor. Why didn't they forbid, like, homework? Or Sandy Hengler?).

"So Luke: wanna swim?"

"Yowsa. Should I meet you there or... " Meaning did he want me to come over to his place and "change" there.

"Oh, no. I think you should change at my place so you'll have some dry clothes to wear. In fact, you wanna sleep over?"

"Sure! I'll ask. Your Mom's not fixing that fucking shrimp soufflé again is she?"

"I doubt it. We didn't exactly give her rave reviews on it that one time."

"Yeah, well sorry about that. Just, like, "Surf and Turf" on a plate, ya know?"

"Yeah. Mega-gak."

"Hey, whattya two queers doing this weekend?" Richard. Queers? Eat this!

"Figured we'd just rent a video and order your face in from Domino's, Richard."

"Fuck you guys!" Have a nice life, Richard.

"You going to the party, Richard?"

"Yeah! Hear you two butt-heads didn't get invited."

"Who you taking?"

"Sandy." Yay-ya! Haw, haw. Gotcha, Richard!

"Be sure to take your parmesan, Richard, maybe you'll get kissed!"

"You guys! Fuck you." Almost a whine. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Ain't youth wonderful!

By the time I got to Loren's, I'd had a boner for 4 hours just thinking of it. The minute I was in his door, he grabbed me with both hands, my dick & balls in his left, and his right probing my ass. I wiggled my ass in protest.

"C'mon you'll put ass marks on my underwear!"

" So: take 'em off. Let's go take a shower."


Loren went ahead and got the water going. By the time I got in, the place was all steamed up. It was a relief to get under the running water and be wet. Getting out, we both toweled off and got in front of the fan, to dry off the rest of the way. You know, so we wouldn't be too sticky to put clothes on... or whatever.

After that first time, I was pretty shy about it, but Loren basically took good care of me. That's a thing about Loren: he is actually a really cool friend, and very caring. I mean... what I really mean is that he is a cool person -- does cool things and stuff. He could really be a cocky asshole, if he wanted to, cuz he has a lot to be cocky about. But then he has this other side to him, sort of like... nurturing. And I don't really know why, but that is really important to me. You'd think that, having one of the few intact two parent families in this town, I would get all the nurturing I needed at home. And I guess I did, up until I started with the heats, as Loren calls 'em.

You know, when I first discovered how good it felt -- and especially after I came the first time or two -- I had this feeling like I had discovered the magic jewel in the dragon's lair. You know, this incredible treasure. And then I began to realize that it's like eating. I mean, eating is fun enough. But not eating sux: you get damn hungry, and that part's no fun. Well, sex is that way, too. Having it is fun. Not having it is... not just not-fun, it's un-fun. It's downright fucked. I mean un-fucked. I mean... you guys know what I mean. So there's this out-in-the-cold kinda thing. And that's where Loren has been such a comfort to me. He's there for the relief. But he's there for holding me and stuff, too. It's kinda hard to explain. Maybe when I'm older.

So, after the first time, Loren just put his arm over me to remind me that we were still buds. And to remind me that we were okay, and okay with one-another. I don't know: there was a lot said, but not a lot of words. It's that way a lot around Loren. In fact, now that I think about it, it was that way the very first time I met Loren. We sat there and didn't say anything for the longest time. He had a thing, with his grand-dad. They had these no-talk days. They'd go out shopping and go to Fry's and buy stuff and never speak. He explained it to me as having to do with breaking the internal dialogue, just to remind yourself that there is somebody home behind the yakk.

So anyway, Loren and I seem to say a lot, but we don't always talk, much. And Loren takes good care of both of us and it means so much to me. Ohh, God! He's gonna read this. Well, anyway, it meant a lot to me before we tried anything together, but it means a bunch more to me, now. Love ya, dude.

Then, after that, we did kinda the same thing a few times, and Loren was very kind and patient with me, while I sorted out how I felt about this. Well, I guess you can tell: I feel pretty good about it, now.

So anyway, we stood in front of this fan he has that can peel paint, although we didn't run it that high, and got all our parts and pieces dry, cuz it just feels better if you aren't so moist that your friend's fingers won't glide on your skin. And then we laid down on his bed and just ran our hands over each other, till we felt comfy doing it. Of course we were both boned to the max, what do you expect. Then, by some agreement, we just started doing what we call "tickling." That's when you just lightly run your fingers over his skin and try to give him the most pleasure you can. You can't really enjoy being tickled very much, while you do it, so we always take turns. And also, you can't really appreciate having your -- let's say your face tickled -- after he's doing your dick and stuff. So you have to save that 'till later on.

Anyway, Loren had me lie back on the bed and he straddled my body, just above... just, like, at my belly-button. And that felt really good. Cuz of his naked body against me, and his balls just barely touching me. And my dick was up against the back of his butt, as he had me close my eyes and tickled my face. At first, it's kind of scary. You get very self conscious, think you're ugly and ridiculous. And then you start to relax and then you worry that some fucked expression is gonna pop up and make an asshole of you. And then that passes, and you begin to let go and enjoy being caressed, enjoy having him touch you eyes, and run his finger along your nose and eyebrows. And then your lips...

I just had to open my eyes and look up at him. He looked so intent. So solemn and tender. I closed my eyes and felt my dick get so incredibly hard. That was the first time we kissed. I mean, I am very fond of Loren, but kissing just hasn't been how we expressed it, you know? But somehow, what he did to my face, the way it broke through all that weird mask stuff that's connected with your face... By the time he started to brush my lips with his fingers, my dick was about twelve feet long and I grabbed his fingers and started to sorta feel them with my lips. And that didn't do anything for me. They were just knobbly old fingers. It was Loren that was giving me these feelings. Solemn, tender, intent Loren. So I pulled him down onto me and kissed him. First just touching our lips together, then sorta feeling each other's lips by grabbing them. Then we tried touching tongues. The feeling was... extremely sexual. I'm not really sure how your mouth can be that sexual, but it was. And we forgot all about the tickling, as we kissed and kissed.

We ended up grinding together, as we kissed. But it was so different. It was long and slow and the feelings were so intense. And the hotter we got, the tenderer it was, until we both just trembled together and came. And it was the... sweetest sensation of my life. I have come before, and it was intense, athletic, powerful. This was an orgasm of exquisite sweetness, together. And I love you Loren. You mean so much to me. Happy Valentine's, dude.

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