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Luke & Loren

Chapter 3

A Different Space

My Aunt and cousin were here to visit. Our town is, like, the new age mecca for about half the world, and my mom's sister just had to come take in the vibes for a few days. My cousin had a few days off and needed the change, so she came along, too.

Kate's a Hollywood kid -- just turning 20, now -- but she spent her entire adolescence in the LA rave scene. You really wouldn't guess it: she hardly has any piercings -- just normal pierced ears -- and just a couple of discreet tattoos. But, anyway, ever since I've been old enough to remember, I've always had a special relationship with Kate. She's unshockable. She's had a tough life, had friends die in her arms of OD's and stuff like that. I guess anything short of suicide or massively fucking up -- like prison, or mutilation -- is a "Well Done," in her book, cuz she's seen the other side. So, I've always been able to talk with her..

Well, anyway, Kate quickly got bored with this hamlet and wanted to take a little cruise, while our moms did the catch-up yakk thing. I offered a few suggestions, along the archaeology and natural wonders line of things. I could easily tell that wasn't gettin' it, so I suggested this one town which happens to have this deep canyon full of cliff dwellings nearby. You do have to get out of your car, but you can see some stuff, without a major hike.

Kate looked slightly dubious about ruins, but the idea of exploring town -- any town bigger than this one -- seemed to appeal. After I insisted three times that she bring a real winter coat, not just a wrap kinda thing, we were off in my aunt's new SUV, a maroon Durango.

We stopped to gas up, grabbed some drinks and munchies, and started up the canyon. Kate's about 5'5", with a slender dancer's build, medium small boobs, greenish hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I think. It's been every color imaginable, ever since I can remember. At least, it's dark brown, these days. And a pleasant, narrow face, just plain enough to be wholesome. Since I had last seen her, she had adopted a Betty Page hair style, which gave her this perky 50's cheerleader look, which Kate regards as deep camouflage.

We were only a mile or so up the canyon, when she dug in her purse, grabbed something, and pulled over. She was in the middle of some story about her current boyfriend -- "The guy I'm fucking, at the moment," to be exact -- as she began loading this tiny pipe. She looked over at me, questioningly, and I just shook my head, slightly, as if  people offer me weed every day, and she carried on. After taking the first hit, she held it for about 5 seconds, and kept on talking in this little little, tiny voice that doesn't use any air, to speak of. Almost no smoke came out. She re-lit it, released the brake and pulled out onto the canyon road, still toking. After a few seconds, she lowered her window, said "Here," and had me hold the wheel, as she turned and tapped out the ash from the pipe, against her hand. In one motion, she exhaled explosively, put the pipe away, took back the wheel and rolled up the window.

"Thanks," she said. "Oh, and I did check -- no sparks." She knew how important that was to me.

"Sure." What she couldn't know is what it meant to me that she would smoke in front of me -- and that she had handed me the wheel, like it was nothing -- the way she treated me as if, of course, I was sophisticated and trustworthy. Just exactly what has been withheld by the older kids at school. That was a real high point for me.

"So: do you ever get high?" she asked.

"Naah, not really." I said, like we were discussing the weather, " I've tried it. It was pleasant, but I was stupid for 3 days, so I decided to keep it down to a dull roar."


"Oh. Well, meaning I don't really do it, but maybe I might, someday, when I feel like it. And I don't dis anybody else about it. I mean, if Luke started smoking, I might get pissed."

"Who's Luke?" Just like that. She was on me. What was I gonna tell her?

"Luke's my... um... best friend." I tried to keep it light.

"Pretty close." Yeah, it was, I mused.

"You guys are pretty close." She was looking at me, sharply, briefly. It hit me, in a rush: yeah.

"Yeah." Smiling.

"Happens a lot, you know." What? What's this?

"Hunh?" Getting flustered.

"Oh, c'mon, Loren. Guys your age. What are you, turning 12?"

"Pretty soon." Relieved to be on another subject.

"Loren, twelve year old boys... Either they're too immature to feel anything, or they chase girls -- a-and the funny thing is, the ones who do are usually these weird dorks -- or they pass through a phase of attaching to another guy, for a while. It's no biggie. Shows you have a soul, Loren. Shows you know about being alone. About needing somebody." I felt tears starting. She looked over, suddenly, sharply, before I could act to hide, then back at the road.

"Let me tell you something, Loren. We need to talk. But I don't expect... You... I guess you don't know me all that well, do you?" She slowed and pulled off. Oddly, she picked the one and only parking spot for the same rock where I first met Luke.

"When I was about six, my mom met this guy. We were living in Denver. And it didn't go all that well. I mean, he's still my step dad, but Mom and he... I don't know... sometimes they were very good together -- really funny -- and the rest of the time, they kept stumbling. Over the little shit. The phone bill. Locking the doors. Stuff like that. So there was always this... even when things were going well, there was always this knowledge that there were bad times ahead.

"Anyway, we ended up moving back to LA. Neither of them could make a decent living in Denver, and it was colder'n shit. So we moved back, and he came too, once he finished fixing up the house and turning it back over to my uncle. He owned it.

"And it didn't last, for them. He ended up getting this fantastic job, and it sorta swallowed him up. Mom got pregnant and had Lark -- she's my half sister -- and he ended up moving out and took her with him. Mom asked him to, but she was so mad at him. Still is. She's really mean, sometimes. Have you met Lark?"


"Well, she's a real bright one. And she's got the curse, too."

"Curse?" What's this, some sinister family secret?

"Yeah, early puberty. I had pubes at 7, Mom and Lark's dad both hit puberty at 10. You were, what?"

"Just turned 11."

"Yeah, well that's real early, for a boy. Kinda changes your perspective, doesn't it?"

"You have no idea, Kat. It's fucked. There isn't a girl in the whole school who will talk to me, even now. And it didn't help that I skipped fourth, so I'm off by another year."

"Yeah, it's pretty rough on the boys. Your sex drive is different. It's different for girls. A lot of girls go for several years just doing the posters and the teen idol thing. It's not so intense. It's more a thing about relationship."

"Yeah, well, for us its more about hydrostatic pressure. It's like being filled with lava." She liked that line. She had finished re-filling the pipe.

"Do you wanna know why I smoke?"

"I assumed it was to get high."

"Well, that's what I thought, for a lotta years. I started at your age. What it was is -- is, was? -- is that I have dyslexia, big time. I don't know if you ever knew any of this. As a kid, my whole world used to flip around. Going into my room, sometimes the closet door was on the right. Other times it was on the left. And I couldn't concentrate. When I found pot, I could finally focus, for the first time in my life. It wasn't until last year that I found out I was typical. The average person being seen for ADD -- something like 70 or 90 percent -- is self medicating with pot, by the time they're seen."


"By a shrink. Don't look so shocked. Most people think that shrinks do the leather couch thing. Well, maybe they used to. Now days, they see you for 15 minutes and prescribe pills. That's all the insurance will pay for. Upset? Take these. Lonely? Take these. Wonderful! In need of conversation? Sorry! Take these. Anyway, they tried me on a couple of things, but they didn't work for shit. Besides it's always been easier for me to buy pot than to get to the pharmacy. Cheaper anyway.

"So, I ended up dropping out of 7th, and then I was in this continuation school for a year, and by then we needed the money and I started dancing."


"You know. Topless? Bottomless?"

"No fucking shit!" Oops. "Sorry. Wow. How old were you?"

"Fourteen... yeah... No, I had just turned 15, when I got my fake ID."

"For 18?"

"For 21."

"No shit! I mean that's ridiculous. Nobody's gonna believe... ."

"Nobody wants to know, Loren. Fifteen year olds bring in big business. I did this thing for a while, with a little school-girl uniform. They made me drop that routine, cuz they were afraid of getting busted. But customers were fucking breaking down the doors to get in. I was bringing in five hundred, six hundred bucks -- cash."

"A week?"

"A night, Loren."

"Holy crap! I'll show MY tits for that!"

"Sorry, kiddo. You're worse off than me, in that department!

"Anyway, so I've pretty much seen the rough end of things, Loren. I've had friends die. I've seen kids ruin their lives. Get infected with AIDS the first time they ever had sex. Fry their brains huffing. Shit like that. Anything you do, Loren -- anything -- shy of that, it's all better. A better choice. It's your choice. I'll never judge you."

"Fuck, Kat, you've had a rough life."

"Naah. Not so bad. I'm back in school, now. I have mom to support, but I've put some money aside and I'm studying for my Real Estate license. Can't get it until I'm 21, but I can be ready."

"You said you have your mom to support? What's that all about?"

"Well, she's never really been self-supporting. We always basically lived off of Grandma. And -- she's such a bitch -- you know, everything had strings attached. She had the money, so she was gonna call the shots. So, once I was bringing home a good amount of cash, I think we both wanted to -- to tell her to fuck off, basically.

"You know, Loren, that's something. One thing I've decided. You can't let some other asshole tell you what to do. Who to be."

She lit the pipe, took the whole thing in one hit. Looking over at me, she tapped herself on the chest. In that squeaky voice: "You have to listen to the asshole in here." That cracked me up. How philosophical. Listening to your inner asshole.

"You should write a book, Kat, Listening to Your Inner Asshole."

"Scratch and sniff." Exhaling.

"Yeah, well, I'm glad you said that. Cuz you're still young enough to remember," I told her. "You know, kids like to dis the old folks for being so conformist. Shit, in junior high, YOU try stepping outta line. You'd better god Damn conform, or you will be punished. It just pisses me off and disappoints me."

"Yeah, I remember. So where does Luke fit into all this? I mean, besides being just your friend? Do you guys have -- you know -- a thing?" My heart stopped. I thought about what she'd said. About her friends dying and shit, and I knew this was nothing to her. Nothing. Maybe this was the only person I would be able to talk to about this, ever. And she was a girl. And she was experienced. And she cared. I mean she could look at me: 11 year old bird-boy. She knew I was a virgin, what the fuck would you expect? No secret, there.

"Uhh, yeah." I felt weird, like I was breaking through a film of Saran wrap.

"Well, are you good friends. Are you nice to one another?" My eyes started to well up.

"Yeah." It came out all husky.

"Is it okay? Are you sad about something?"

"No, it's... we... we're very close."

"Oh, cool! Man, you take care of that. You... I have a friend, Lara... You guard that Loren. I know we will be friends for life... you keep that friendship. Do you have any idea how precious it will be to you? To have somebody you have known since this age? To have no secrets? I know what Lara means to me."

"Did you ever... "

"What, go to bed with her? Sure! We really had an intense thing for a few months, but we're both with guys, now. I don't know, maybe it's easier for girls. But having somebody like that, in my life... It's done a lot for me. Being able to talk to her about what I'm going through. I understand myself a hell of a lot better than I would, without that. And let me tell you, as you go on through teen age... It may not seem like there's much to figure out, right now. Just wait. It gets really complicated. A lot of it hurts. It's confusing. Take my advice, Loren. Keep that friendship, whatever it takes."

We drove on for a while. I wasn't sure what to say. But I wasn't gonna get this chance too often. So I figured I'd be brave and just say all of it. "Well, I'm pretty confused."

"Yeah? What? About... feelings? Girls?"

"Both, actually. Actually, I kinda... I can tell I'm not gay. I have a strong need to... for... to have a girlfriend."

"Yeah. Nature kinda set it up that way. Guys have this... Both girls and boys have this place that... this itch... A girlfriend will do something for you that I can't describe. Just don't go throwing yourself at some cunt, just out of desperation. You know, they are just as confused as you are. And some of them... I mean they are the same age as you, right? Pretty close? A lot of them will be less emotionally mature than you. They will be trying various shit out. Dumping guys, all that shit. So be a little careful. Realize you are dealing with a child, really. But get out there and try stuff."

"Well, that's the problem." I told her about how the girls treated Luke and me. About the way we look, and all. She did a quick mental calculation.

"Shit, yeah! That would make your pool of potential girlfriends about 9. That sux. They aren't ready for anything much more than Pokemon." That was so right, I laughed out loud. We both had a chuckle over that. I almost wanted to ask for a toke, out of sheer camaraderie. But I didn't.

For me, for Luke, I didn't.

"So what's to be confused about?" Oh, well, here goes...

"Well, Luke & I have fooled around a little." There, I said it. I had to keep going, while the gate was still open.

"And, ummm... It's pretty intense, right now. And... ummm, I can tell I love him. Like, a lot."

"Does he love you back?"

"Yeah, for sure. We are real close. When I think about it, I have trouble breathing. About him."

"Okay. Well... " She looked at me with renewed -- something -- understanding? Respect?

"And is that a problem?"

"Well, no. I mean, yeah. I mean... I'm not sure."

"The parents don't... "

"Fuck, no! It's none of their fucking business. You aren't gonna say anything?" Her eyes got big. She looked a little alarmed.

"No. Fuck no! Jesus, what kind of a friend would that be? Fuck no. But I do want you to have my cell number. And I do want you to call me -- collect -- whenever you need to. And I just got e-mail."

"Oh, fucking cool. Will you teach me -- us -- about girls?"

"Now, wait a minute! You want me to give out the secrets?" My jaw must have dropped, cuz she cracked up.

"Actually, I got that from Steve, the guy I am fucking. Sorry. My 'boyfriend.' We were talking about what a rough time boys have with that. Understanding girls. The dirty little secret is that the girls don't have a clue, either. That's why we like boys."

"Hunh?" This was like a freakin' pretzel.

"Well, boys are so uncomplicated. They are open. They have... innocent souls. That's what makes them so adorable. And I mean it literally: adore-able. You can just hold them and adore them. And they are always so horny that they stick around and let you do it. And they do things to you, that feel good. And it's an all around good deal!"

"That's weird."

"Weird? What?"

"Well, I feel the same way. I mean, with Loren. He's... open to me. I feel like I'm welcome. Like we could become one being."

"Try it. Maybe you can." I musta looked at her funny.

"Well, it'd be a fun thing to try." Too weird, she was talking exactly about last time, with the kissing.

"Well, I think... " Naah, this was private. I was willing to tell her, but she didn't need to know. And this belonged to Luke and me. This was ours. Between us. For each other. "I think maybe you're right."

We had begun driving, again, a while back, and were nearing the sudden climb up to the highlands. We stopped talking about all that, for a while, and I showed her the sights, talking about the ancient sea, and the fact that we were climbing, underwater, toward the beach, at the top. She thought that was cool, and asked me if I wanted to have lunch, when we got there. We discussed what. Chinese or Olive Garden. She said she lived right near a Chinese take-out place in Vegas and right near both a Chinese and a Thai place in Hollywood, so Italian sounded like a nice change. When we got there, we were just early enough to miss the lunch rush.

She opened the door and said, "Fucking Brrr! Damn! It was 70 at your place." I explained about the adiabatic lapse rate.

"You'd better date a fucking geek-ette, Loren. The only thing worse than a guy who passes out right after having sex is a guy that puts the girl to sleep right before." We both chuckled, but it sorta stuck with me. What DID I sound like, when I talked to girls? And what the fuck did I end up talking about? Atmospheric thermodynamics? No wonder I never got laid.

"You know, Loren," she said, over lunch, "I hate to seem... I mean you know I like you a lot, and care for you?"

"Yeah... " Where was this going?

"Well, trust me on something? I'll even pay for it?"

"What?" Hunh?

"Lose that haircut, Loren. It's two thirds of the problem. With girls. It's a little boy cut."

"Oh? Yeah? Funny, I was just looking at it the other day and thinking the same thing."

"Will you get it done right now, if I can get an appointment?"

"Sure!" When else was I gonna get a make-over by a hot chick from Hollywood?

"K. Be right back."

Weird, she went over to the phone booth. She was standing there with the phone book, calling on her cell phone. That call was relaying all the way to LA, then roaming back here. And she was making local calls, standing in a phone booth. Must be that extra X-chromosome.

She was back in 10 minutes. "Shear Madness can take us in ten minutes. Can you get us here?" Showing me the address.

"Umm... " Then she showed me the directions. The cross streets. "Oh, sure. But it's ten minutes from here."

"K, let's git," she said, standing. The waiter, who had been hiding somewhere, suddenly grabbed an iced tea pitcher and scurried over, pretending that he had just been caught in the act of checking on us. Sheer coincidence. That the alien saucer people just happened to return our waiter, when we stood up to leave. Pesky critters, those aliens. We paid and headed for the hair place.

We spent about 10 minutes looking at styles. I was looking at this Eddy Furlong thing. I could tell that Kat didn't think much of it. She and the stylist started chatting. Naturally -- you come to expect this of Kate -- she knew somebody that went to school with this chick. Knew her in LA, before she came out here for college. Kate's always been amazing, how she can connect.

The two girls kept putting a brush through my hair, while they were talking. And the combination of the gentle brushing and their touches made me massively horny. I couldn't even hear. There was just this enormous hard cock sitting in the chair. I swear, another 5 minutes and I woulda gone over the edge. World's first hair styling orgasm. Hairgasm.

Anyway, they put their heads together and made a ruling. I was to become studly. That meant shut up and let us do you. I hadn't heard what they were saying, anyway. The stylist washed my hair. Extremely. Real hot water and about three washings and no conditioner. My hair fuckin' squeaked.

She had been cutting for 5 minutes, before I notice my trimmings, on the floor. The fuckers were 5, 6, 7 inches long! Shit, I was gonna be Mr. fuckin' Clean. Too late! What? Stop? I'll keep the left side, thank you? Oh, well. At least it grows back. And her hands were so gentle. I just closed my eyes and quietly oozed in my shorts. Fuck!

Then, just as I thought she was done, she applied hot cream to the edges and shaved me with a straight razor. Fuck, that was sensuous! It gave me goose bumps and made my balls scrunch so hard they burned. I wanted to take her right there! She wiped me off, threw in a little something that smelled good, and dried my hair. No brush, no comb, just her fingers.

She was done. She dried me, whipped off the cape and spun me around.

"Wow! Who the fuck is that?" His mouth moved in unison, with my words. "Whoa!" Turning my head, to get a look at the sides. She turned me 90 degrees and handed me this huge mirror. If anything, the side view was even better. God Damn! I'd go out with him! Look at those eyes, those white teeth! Damn, even the glasses were perfect.

"How did you do that?" Still stunned.

"How did you hide that, all this time, Loren?" It was basically just all standing on end. A 2" buzz cut. But it fit my head perfectly. And I looked masculine, aggressive, alert (Course! I was horny), cute. I leapt to my feet. Both girls immediately looked at the bulge in my pants and cracked up, turning to walk up to the front counter. I got things under control and followed. I started to feel sheepish, but then I thought, "What the fuck: I'll just brazen this out."

I joined them at the counter, feeling kinda horny and defiant. "Thanks," I said.

"Glad you enjoyed it." Smiling. "Here's my card. I hope you'll be back. And ask for me."

"You bet," I said, smiling. The two girls just looked at each other. Something. I'm not sure what.

We finished some shopping. By then it was really too late to explore much. I showed her the train station and the observatory, but we skipped the canyon with the ruins. As we were almost back down the main canyon, I asked her if I could treat us to some ice cream, maybe pay her back, some. She agreed, and we parked in front of the row of tourist traps. Going into ye ice creame parlour, we lucked out and there was no line. Kate asked for a sample and was very impressed. It's all made on the premises and they are not chintzy with the ingredients. At $2.75 a scoop they'd better not be. We both ordered sundaes. I flashed my "Locals Club" card -- gotta have something like that, in a resort town -- & got my discount.

I paid with a $100 bill. Kate looked a little surprised, asked me what I did for money, was it allowance. I told her that I did a little systems work, here and there. Since I'm just a kid and don't really have expenses, I only charge 25 an hour. Usually give one hour away, but I warn them first. Second hour costs. Otherwise they get weird. Like, "You know how to do all this, why isn't it free?" Well, cuz I have this bike, see, and these friends? And a childhood to enjoy. And I'm not your fuckin' drone.

Well, once they see the results, they are usually good for a couple of visits. Maybe a couple hundred bucks a year, each. So I have managed to put away a few thousand, like twelve, and a couple of sundaes isn't gonna hurt any. That's how I can afford my own computer habit.

We turned to bring our sundaes to a table, and I saw Timmy Johnson. He's kinda cute. I've had a few dreams about his ass. Literally. He had this toy digital camera and his dad had his laptop and they were trying to transfer the first 6 images to the hard drive so they could shoot more. Six images. Toldja it was a toy. Anyway, Timmy looked desperate and I wanted to help. But his dad was one of my clients, and I couldn't just do it for free.

So I said, "Tell you what. I'll fix it, but you have to give me your cherry." His dad looked startled, I looked innocent and Timmy was clueless. Soon, the token Maraschino was transferred to its new home atop my sundae, and I proceeded to reconfigure his ports, move his modem back to COM2, run the diagnostics and re-install the camera software properly. Good trick without the CD. I'll never tell. (Hint: he'd downloaded the update. He he.)

While I was fooling around, I looked up and saw this boy walk in. God, he was gorgeous. I mean like the movies. TV gorgeous boy. Maybe a year younger than me. He just looked over and locked in on me. I glanced up and saw him, stuck by the door, at the end of the line, and there was this brief, unspoken exchange. He liked the looks of (the new) me. I thought he was cute. But he wasn't EVEN innocent. He fuckin' knew he was really cute, and was shameless about exploiting it. Kinda female and catty. Sorry! Not my type. Cute, though.

Right then, who should open the door and step up behind him. One Luke Furlow. My best bud in the universe. My... what the fuck. My lover.

I guess my expression must have changed, cuz the catty-cute kid looked out the corner of his eyes at who this was. Luke caught one look at me and I guess he was going through this "No, can that really be Loren," thing. And he got this incredible look on his face, just as the flash went off and the toy camera caught the whole thing.

I still have the picture. The cat-kid is really cute, with his eyes all the way over to his left, as Luke's face is developing this look like Christmas morning. All full of love and stuff. I just pulled all those pics off the camera and unplugged it, as I gave Luke a big smile and motioned for him to join us. The cat kid sorta faded. I'm not sure where he went. Just then the line cycled and it was Luke's turn to order.

Kate was talking to Mr. Johnson. As I said, he's one of my clients. That means he's on wireless, around his office, cuz that's what I'm into. And his office is upstairs, next door. Which means I got the pic and e-mailed it to myself, before luke even got to the table. Shut down. Case closed. Here ya go. Thanks for your cherry.

"Kat, this is my best friend, Luke. Luke, my first cousin, Kate. We call her 'Kat.' She's here for a week with my aunt."

"Nice to meet you, Kat. Loren, you never told me you had such a cute cousin." See why I love him? What a shameless charmer. Kate immediately lost her heart.

"Wonderful to meet you, Luke. Loren speaks highly of you." She made it sound formal. Guess so he wouldn't suspect she knew.

"Oooh! Good taste, Loren," she crooned into my ear, making me blush. Luke saw this and understood instantly. To describe him as "pink," right then, would be... OK, then: "chrome pink." You coulda cooked pancakes on his cheeks. God he's cute!

Kate chatted on for a while, with Timmy's dad, and then they left. Luke told me how different I looked. I asked him better or worse, and he just rolled his eyes. Looked like a horse that sees a snake. Whew, I've never seen that expression before.

We headed back. Kate wanted to take a nap, and I wanted to get Luke alone. We went over to his house. His folks were down at the Racquet Club, doing their doubles match in whatever kind of league/tournament thing these tennis guys do.

After she dropped us off, Luke let us into the house. Nobody but us chickens.

"So what did you say to her, Loren?" He asked.

"Very little, actually. No details at all. Just... " I stopped. He couldn't hear it this way, as part of some story.

"What?" Looking into my eyes. "God, you look good, Loren."



"I just realized something, today."

"Un hunh?"

"I realized how very much you mean to me. How much our friendship means to me. How much I love you, Luke. I want this to be for our whole lives. Even if we both marry and have families. I want to be your best friend for the rest of my life. Can we have that?" It all came out in a rush. And I saw that expression for the second time that day. The love and joy rising to the surface, making me love him more than ever.

"Oh, Loren, yes! For the rest of my life. Yes! Through everything, Yes!" He really, really meant this, it was unmistakable.

I had to do it. It was written. I leaned in and kissed him, with our eyes open. The kiss intensified, and our eyes closed. I got really dizzy and sat us down on the TV room rug, kissing him, falling into him, falling for him. Deeply. Forever. Luke, my lover and best friend.

Being the private creatures that we are, we soon removed ourselves to the bedroom. The clothes came off, and I gave myself permission to truly look him over. Look at him, for the first time, with the eyes of a lover. God he was beautiful. All smooth and soft and perfect. From his face that I love so well, to his sturdy, boyish neck, where it joins his shoulders. Down across the chest, to his pink nipples, perfect and taut. Down across the graceful, perfect skin of his abdomen, past his waist, his innie, to the thing that makes him a boy.

Such perfection. Such a complex, detailed miracle there, between his smooth and succulent thighs. The cock hard, now. Up along his belly, the perfect sack beneath. Drawn up, in his arousal. Drawing up further, as I ran my hands down. From his face, down, down across his chest and belly, down one thigh, to come to rest and hold his perfect nuts, cup them. As my lips were drawn to caress his perfect cut dick. Engulf the chubby head, sliding down to taste him, to take him entirely in, to come to rest on the faint, early beginnings of his pubes. Fine, straight hair, above his dick, where his bush would be.

He gasped and whined, calling out my name, as I began to move. Knowing somehow, to move quickly, to maintain the thread, keep the trout line taut, moving him quickly, raising him, almost instantly, to a fiery climax, his moan becoming a shout, from the depths of him, as he clenched and throbbed and, sobbing slightly, fell back, still thrusting, thrusting, sighing.

"Oh, God. OHHH God! Oh God."

Pulling off him, "Oh, God."

There we both said it.

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