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Luke & Loren

Chapter 4

Open Country

Man! When I saw Loren, back there at the ice cream shop, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so weird: like finding a pretty rock, and taking it home, and washing it off, and discovering that it's a giant diamond, and you are suddenly a millionaire. That's how I felt, right then.

I looked across the room, and there was this boy. So familiar, but so... masculine. His teeth were flashing white, and he had these clear, aggressive eyes and... he was all boy and I loved him, instantly. Cuz I already loved him. Cuz it was Loren. MY Loren, and he looked like a million bucks. I couldn't believe my luck. My pretty stone was a freakin' diamond.

Somehow, I knew he had told her -- Kate -- by the way she looked at me, as she whispered. And by the way he blushed. He doesn't do that as much as me. Plus, he has that more olive kind of skin. Not really olive, but not -- okay, pink (asshole) -- so it doesn't show so much. Anyway, I could also tell, by the way she treated both of us, that she had a lot of respect for Loren and that she was fine with the two of us. I was still curious, though.

When she dropped us off and we were alone, I had to ask him, and things just... went from there.

You know, I've never been out of control of myself before, like that. It was so scary and powerful. And at the same time, it was okay, cuz it was with Loren. And he was taking this huge chance, loving me like that. So I let it go, and I don't mind saying, I lost myself, there, for a while.

You know, how you sort of sit in between, inside your head, making sure that you only act on certain impulses? Like, you don't just say any old thing, before you check? Inside your head, you sort of look back over your shoulder, before you pick your nose?

Well, that was gone. Down in flames. And it was direct: mouth to dick to heart, and my body and my voice and... everything... were just along for the ride. With me trailing along, far behind.

When that was done... I felt so small. Like a little... not a baby, but close. I just felt so vulnerable and tender and special, and cared for, and my heart was open, for Loren. And he crawled up and held me. And held his face near me. And our breath mingled.

You know how it feels when the dog licks your mouth? Except this wasn't gross? But it was electric-tickly and ecstatic and it invaded me. I had to either push him away or let him in, completely. Give up my last line of defense. And so that's what I did.

"Oh, Loren... ," it left my lips like magic syrup: "Kiss me."

He did. And it was like having him fuck my soul. I had no idea who I even was. Or how much noise I was making, there for a second, until I kinda came back and heard.

Loren was there, when I got back. Flashing teeth Loren. My fierce, masculine boy-Loren. Hard-dick Loren. Poor Loren! And I pushed him back and jumped on him. Sat on his middle, straddling his hard dick, and began to tickle his face. His eyes closed.

He had a little look of distress, for a moment. Guess he was a little too horny for this. But his face smoothed out, and he relaxed. And his eyebrows arched, a little. And his mouth fell open. And he stretched his head back a little and trusted. And I caressed his face, his cheeks, his eyes. The tiny valley, between his eyebrows, where all the worries collect. Back by his ears, and along the hairline, to the back of his neck. Pulling there, slightly, to relax him. Back to his brow, his eyes, his lips, again.

Leaning down to brush his lips with mine, I kissed his eyelids, each, and across his face to his ear, where I murmured, "I love you," making him moan, and down behind his jaw, to his tender neck. To the fine boy shoulder, the delicate collar bone and onto the smooth expanse of his chest. Speeding up, I mouthed his nipples, dry, making them perk, and down faster, to his belly. Hands behind his waist, stopping there, to enjoy his warm, smooth, almost glowing-perfect skin, and down the thigh groove, next to his dick, down to his perfect sack. Making him raise his legs, I crawled into place and mouthed them, all clean and tight and firm. Feeling the tender toughness, the special skin. That darling ridge down the middle.

I kissed my way back up his dick, to the head, just the bottom globes showing. Licked them. Mouthed them. Heard him inhale, "Uhhh!" Licked the head, turning to take it sideways, into my mouth, pulling against the force of his erectness, as I slid my mouth over it, and caressed it gently with my lips, adoring the first, few, soft beginnings of his pubes.

I laid down next to him, then, on my right, leaning up and hooking his penis with my hand. Bending it down and holding it, so my lips could love the head. The head, so wet and smooth now. So warm. So very tender. Loren trembling, beginning to arch from the bed, moaning, mouth open. Turning him, sideways, facing me, fucking me. My mouth taking him, taking him, taking him. Loren trembling harder now, his pushing sharper, almost desperate. A little "Oh," and a bigger "Augg, Ahhh!" Almost a cry of loss, repeated, louder, louder, "Ohhhh!" and his penis hardened, even the head, throbbing, throbbing, throbbing. A few tiny squirts. His movements jerky, ending with him giggling and pulling back.

Me, crawling up, beside him. To hold him. Running my hand through his gorgeous new hair. His eyes still closed, at ease. Kissing him, once, on the forehead, on the cheek, on the mouth.

Drowsy, we drifted off .

Waking, I heard the front door slam. Not really slam, but Dad's door noise. I got up and threw on my clothes. Found Loren's and piled them by the bed, hiding his undies. Looked down and saw him. So ripe and perfect. My heart tugged a little, as I smiled and turned to leave, closing the door, gently.

"Hi Dad!" I was glad to see him.

"Hey, kiddo! Where's your twin?"

"He's upstairs. He konked. They have relatives visiting and he had to sleep on the floor last night. He's passed out."

"Oh." He paused, sorting the mail, then looked up. "Your mom and I were going to invite you to a movie."

"Umm." Shrug. "How about you guys just have a date, for once. Maybe I could rent something."

"Umm, K." Looking up. "How was the users' group thing?"

"Basically sucked, without Loren there. He sorta holds it together. Without him, it's like Cub Scouts."

"How's that?"

"I dunno. He has this way of making people get serious and get stuff done. It's... I'll tell you exactly what it is. He sits there and only pays attention to stuff that has to do with the meeting. He doesn't get side-tracked into yakking. So they either get Loren the computer guy, or they get nothing. So they behave. Never thought of it that way, before. Wonder how he figured that out?

"Anyway, he was with his cousin, up the canyon, shopping, so the meeting was shit."

"Well, you know what they say... " I looked at him, guessing.

"Bummer!" we both said, in unison, grinning faintly.

"Okay, well I'm gonna go take a shower, scrape off the cheese. Remind me to leave you some cash. When Sleeping Beauty awakes, maybe you'll wanna order a pizza."

"K. Thanks, Dad."

So we did, and they did, and Loren called his mom and got the okay to stay over. We rented October Sky, and it ended the same this time as it did the last time I saw it. But it was still good. And Homer made me think so much of Loren. Loren liked it too. But he kept stopping it, and backing it up, and saying "Look! Look what they did right there! Isn't that cool?"

And I kept punching him and saying, "Quit it, asshole! Can I just see one whole scene, from start to finish?" And then smiling at him. Loren. Homer. Loren.

God, I love that kid.

Anyway, when it was over, we weren't really ready to go to bed. I showed Loren this silly thing you can do with matches. First you go get the fire extinguisher. Next, you put the nozzle on the hose and turn the water on. You do this outside, preferably on the patio. Then, what you do is wrap a tiny bit of aluminum foil around the head of a match. You set it on something, so it points up at an angle, and you cook the head with another match. Actually, we used one of those long fireplace lighters. After a few seconds, the match goes "fffft," and shoots off, like a miniature skyrocket. You do this near the hose. With the fire extinguisher handy. Anyway, the game is to see who can go the farthest and the highest, or build the weirdest multi-match rocket, or whatever. So we did that for a while, and then cleaned up all the spent rockets and threw them in the ash bin under the grill.

By then it was a little cold out, and I was all horny from watching Loren all night. So we went back in and kinda laid around, some more, with the TV off. Mom and Dad weren't due back for a couple more hours. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore. Loren was lying on his side, on the TV room rug, and I crawled over there and sorta laid against him. For some reason, I needed to feel him. I guess... I don't know exactly what he was feeling, cuz I snuggled up against his back and put my left arm over him. And I pulled one of the cushions off the couch and put it under my head, and put my right arm under Loren's head, and back up across his chest, and we just laid there, pressed together.

For some reason, that was really cool. I was hard as a rock, but it just felt so good to hold him. It was almost like... cozy... like snuggling under the covers or something. And Loren didn't say anything, just laid there, breathing.

He smelled good. He also felt good: all solid and "boy," and warm. There was a little draft along the floor, and his body was just so comforting. I gave him a tiny kiss on the neck, and brushed against his earlobe. It was so cool and plump and perfect (and Pink -- he he!), and I breathed into his ear, with my nose, giving him goose bumps.

"I love you, Loren," I said, softly.

He just nodded, a tiny, comfortable nod, and gave a tiny, comfortable, "mmm hmm," and I guess we dozed off.

Sometime later, I felt Mom throw my down quilt over us, just before the light went off.

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