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Luke & Loren

Chapter 5


When Luke moved away, I thought I would die. The day he came to me with the news of his dad's transfer, I was numb for a few seconds before the dread began to grow in my guts. I think I knew how bad the grief was gonna be.

Well, it was. I hope to God that that was the worst year I will ever have to live through. So much for fucking childhood.

Of course we stayed in touch by e-mail. Of course we made plans to visit. But, somehow, something always seemed to fuck up. I spent half my time having erotic dreams of him. Half my waking time.

It was June 29. The doorbell rang and I went to the door, expecting -- I don't know what -- UPS? I opened it:

"Loren?" A gorgeous boy. Luke's older cousin, maybe. A little taller. Skin just... beautiful and teeth, perfect.

"Hey, are you gonna just stand there and stare at me? Hey! C'mon, Loren! Man, don't cry. C'mon! C'mere, you!" Grabbing me: "Ta-Daa! I'm back!"

I was all mixed up and the joy and the dread and the grief -- I just knew he was going away again -- and there was gonna be the pain, again -- they were all mixed up, and I guess I musta looked sort of sick. What I should have felt was plain joy. What I should have shown him was a smile and a pair of open arms. Instead, I almost threw up on him.  He had to hold me, as whirling filled my head and then passed.

"How long do I have you... how long are you here f-for ba...L-luke?"

"I'm moving back... bay, bay... Loren." He teased, smirking slightly. Did I see tears in his eyes? I didn't know how to read it. Just that he was so blindingly young and lithe and tan and cute. And bigger.

I had no pride. I wasn't cool. He could have destroyed me with a word. I looked at him and I'm sure the yawning emptiness inside me must have shown for a moment, there.

Stepping to me, he rested his forearm on my right shoulder and cupped his fingers behind my head, "Loren, man, my life has been shit, too. I had to come out to my folks about us, so they wouldn't send me to a fucking shrink."

"I wen... went to one. What a fucking quack piece of crap. All he fuckin' did was make me realize how bad I missed you. And give me pills."

"Well? Did they work?"

"Actually, Mom gave me the bottle and... and I guess... I guess they kinda did: I poured them in the toilet and you came back."

Luke smiled and put the other hand on my chest. It felt intense, like love--sexual joy--was flowing right into me from his hand. I felt the healing start, right then: "You look... you... yer cute, you fucker! You really look good!"

"You're just horny!" I accused him, hopefully. The longing ached in me. And fear that he had put it all behind him. And longing for his heart and body. Fear that he had "outgrown" what we'd had together. Our e-mails had rarely been private. It had hurt so bad to make small talk online that the e-mails had grown less frequent with time.

"Well," he smiled a bit crookedly: "There is that!"

"You are so... Luke... Oh, God, I missed you. At first, I thought I was gonna die. Then that I wasn't gonna. After a while I kind of didn't care a whole bunch. I just sort of... dried up."

"Jesus! You never sounded anyway near that bad on the phone!"

"I couldn't get away. Get any privacy. And I didn't want to fuck things up by spewing shit at you. I just wanted to hear you. Needed to hear you."

"Well, I'm back! Well, I will be in about 6 weeks."

"Where you living?"

He hooked his thumb: "Same place."

"The same place? But I thought... But you guys sold it!"

"Yeah? Well they fucked up and lost it back to the bank. Dad bought it back from the bank and made $75,000 on the deal."

"Fuck! I sure wouldn't mind having 75 thousand extra bucks to mess around with."

"Me neither. Dad didn't end up with it either, though. Just took out a smaller loan for the house. I guess that means he gets to retire earlier. Or spend it all on me!"





"Fucking Ummm!!"

"Ummm of a Bitch!" When he said that, his eyes flashed all clear and intelligent and cute and masculine. My eyes dropped to his dick.

"I... missed you... " It started out normal and became a sort of croak. I was filled again with fear. Fear that he would be put off. Or joke and trivialize it.

"Your folks home?" he asked. He looked at his feet -- sort of pointedly -- and I realized he wanted to come in.


As soon as I said that, he crowded me and I backed up. He closed the door and pushed me up against the wall, coming into my arms, pressing his dick and his lips to me, cupping behind my head, tilting it and pulling my mouth forward. Connecting. Touching, only, at first. Breathing on me, softening his lips and engulfing my lips, holding my face, tenderly. Breaking and reaching forward to kiss again. Breaking and tilting the other way, for a fresh, trembly, tender, melting kiss.

I grabbed his butt and sank my bulge into his, moaning. It sounded like pain.

"God I missed you," he whispered, kissing me again.

I was light-headed. My skin chilled and burned. My heart reached right through... something and into him. Into a huge and tender and innocent and healing place that was the heart of Luke.

Something was fixed. Something was mended. Something was healed. Something was returned to me: I was made whole again. A part of Luke Furlow became forever a part of me, right then and there. I was so tender, so very grateful and so almost-hysterically horny. I dragged him toward my room.

"Wi-will... will... can..."


"Can we..."

"Yes," he interrupted, pushing me onto the bed. I bounced on my butt. He kicked off his shoes. I felt a rush of tingling in my dick.

He jumped on the bed and immediately put his hand on my dick, paralysing me. He started to undo the string of my shorts. I pushed him away and clawed at his zipper. He jumped up and slammed the door and locked it and fell on the bed and rolled on top of me and touched his cheek to mine, near my lips.

I moved my mouth over and kissed his lips, exhaling all trembly, moaning into the down of his face. I hooked my leg over his butt and pulled him to me bumping our bulges together, the joy of contact like a rush of electric bubbles, blanking my mind.

So good! Felt so good!

"Oooh! So good!" "Sooo good!" We moaned to each other, at the same time. "So good." Deep sex muscles twinging in crampy ecstasy.

"Let's suck!" he breathed.

"I want... So bad!" Scrambling.

At last I held his moist and tender treasure in my hand. My mouth was begging. His penis came closer to my face. Close enough to feel his heat. Close enough to smell the delicious light musk of his person. Close enough for me to reach forward and press my lips reverently to his taut boy sack, to his beautiful smooth clean boy balls. Close enough for the tip to slip so effortlessly past my lips, for me to take him gladly into me, for me to hold his beauty in me, for me to thrust him, deep, across my tongue, deep into my throat, deep, deep. To the very altar of my heart.

And I held him there, as I moaned and trembled and held him buried deep, deep inside me, until... it wasn't long until we both whimpered and groaned and gasped and sealed our bond in loving cream.

My life is back!

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