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Making New Friends chapter 1

Steven and Susan kissed. They did this everyday after school. Steven would walk his girl friend to where her mother worked in a nursing home. The two teenagers would walk into the woods where they would make out.

Steven had a boner from hell. It happened every time they made out. He reached down and felt the young girl's pussy over the top of her jeans as they shared tongues. He unsnapped the button of her jeans, pulled her zipper down and slid his hand under her panties where he felt the heat and wetness of her sex. He felt the soft fur of her pussy-mound and rubbed his finger up and down her slick-crack. But that was as far as she would ever let him go. The young boy took hold of her hand and placed it against his hard-on that wanted so badly to escape his jeans. She would rub his aching teen meat but when Steven tried to get her to put her hand into his pants and feel his dick, the little tease wouldn't do it. The boy would walk her to her mom's car where they would kiss again, then Steven would walk home alone with a woody.

"Fucking bitch won't even touch my dick." he thought to himself as he walked home. He put his finger to his nose and smelt the scent of her sex. Being the fourteen year old boy that he was, he wanted to fuck her so bad! But he could see that she wasn't going to let him.

As Steven neared the edge of the woods of the new housing development he saw Andy out in his yard playing with a garden hose.

"Hey Steven. What's up? Got any cigarettes?" he asked.

"Yeah. Here you little mooch." he told the younger boy as he handed him a Kool.

"Thanks Steven." Andy told him, as he lit the cigarette. The younger boy followed Steven into the woods. It was the way Steven had to walk to get home, a path through the woods.

Andy was a couple of years younger than Steven. They weren't really friends. They only knew each other because Steven had to walk past his home to go home himself.

The two boys stopped and sat on a tree trunk that had fell across the path and smoked their cigarettes.

"Fucking girls... I don't get them?" Steven said.

"What do you mean?" Andy asked.

"My girl friend. She lets me touch her pussy, but she won't even touch my dick" Steven told him. "I want to fuck her so bad! Even if she would just jack me off would be great."

Andy looked up with those kind of `sad-puppy-dog eyes`, "I'll jack you off if you want." he told him.

Steven looked at Andy and couldn't believe what he had said. "What the fuck? I'm not a queer you little faggot." he told the younger boy.

"Hey! Fuck you Steven. I only said, I'd jack you off if you want. Me and my brother do it all the time. It feels great to have someone else jack you off."

Steven thought to himself. He thought what it would feel like to have someone else jack him off. No one had ever touched his wiener since he was a little boy, when his mom would hold his peepee while he pissed into the toilet.

"I don't think so Andy. That sounds queer to me." Steven got up and stepped on his cigarette butt. "I got to go." he said, as he turned to walk the path through the woods home.

"Thanks for the smoke dude. I was only trying to help you out. See ya later." Andy called after him.

Steven thought to himself, "much later... you little faggot."

As the teen walked through the woods toward home he couldn't stop thinking about what Andy had said. He thought, "maybe it wouldn't be so queer for two boys to help jack each other off." Then he thought... "No! Fuck that. That's just queer."

Steven's thoughts went to what it would be like to have Susan jack him off. Then the thought of what it would be like to let Andy jack him off. Steven's mind was in a whirl-wind. He had a boner thinking about Andy jacking him off. He thought about what it would be like to touch another boy's dick and jack another boy off and watch him cum.

"No... no... no. That's just fucked up!" he thought to himself. He stopped in the path and looked around the woods, he didn't see anyone around. Sometimes other kids would use the path too. Steven's teen-dick was hard as hell. He walked off the path about forty yards behind a large oak tree. He just had to jack-off. His cock hurt, it was so hard!

He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his zipper. He pushed his jeans and briefs down low enough he could pull his dick out and beat his meat. He closed his eyes as he stroked his hard, five and a half inch teen-boner with thoughts of someone else jacking him off. At first he though of Susan jacking him, then his thoughts turned to Andy jacking him off. As he started to blow his teen-cum onto the oak tree, his final thoughts were of Andy. Andy was the one jacking him off.

Steven opened his eyes and watched as his boy sperm ooze down the tree trunk. He shook his dick and the last drop of cum stuck to the bark. It was a big load he thought.

"God Damn. That was Good!" he softly said to himself. He wiped a blob of cum from his finger onto his jeans then pulled his pants back up around his thin hips. He pulled his zipper up and buckled his belt. He walked back to the path and continued to head toward home.

On the way home he couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt when he had cum, thinking it was Andy that was jacking him off. His thoughts turned again to what it would be like to touch another boy's dick and jack him off jack and watch another dick shoot cum.

Before Steven made it home he had to stop and jack-off again. This time his thoughts were only of Andy jacking him off.

Again that night as Steven laid in his bed he jacked-off thinking it was Andy that was stroking him off.

In his sleep that night he dreamed that Andy was jacking him off. He woke out of his sleep to find out he had had a wet dream. His semen was all messy on the end of his cock and pubic hair. He reached down to feel his still hard cock. His dream seemed so real and it felt so good!

The next day was Saturday. When he woke up in the morning he had his usual morning-wood. His dick and pubic hair were all crusty with the dried cum from his mid-night wet dream. He pushed his under-pants down past his knees. He spread his thighs open and rubbed his dick, then started to stroke it up and down. Again his thoughts were that Andy was the one stroking his boner. He shot his teen-cream onto his belly once again. He smeared his thick boy-cum all over his dick and firm, teen-tummy and chest. Then lifted his hand to his nose and smelt his cum, then he stuck out his tongue and tasted his own semen. He had done this before. He liked the taste of it. He wondered what another boy's cum would smell and taste like? After he came down from his orgasm he went to his bathroom to take a shower.

After breakfast, Steven told his mom he was going to go to his friend Kevin's house that lived in town. He had no intentions of going to Kevin's house, he wanted to go find Andy.

As Steven neared the edge of the woods that bordered the housing development, his heart was pounding in his chest and he had a boner in his pants in hopes that he would see Andy. As luck would have it, Andy was outside shooting hoops by himself.

Steven whistled to the boy from the edge of the woods. Andy looked over to see Steven.

Steven waved for Andy to come to him. The younger boy made one last hoop shot and let the ball roll away and turned toward Steven.

"Hey Steven. Where are you going?" he asked.

"I came to see you. Here... want a cigarette?"

"Yeah... thanks. Me? What for?"

"Do you still want to jack me off?" he asked.

Andy laughed. "I got you hard yesterday didn't I?"

"Yeah... you little faggot."

"Fuck you Steven! Don't call me a faggot!" Andy threw his cigarette down and turned to walk back to his house.

"No wait. I'm sorry. I won't say that again." Steven told him.

Andy stopped and turned back toward Steven. "You know... you can be a real asshole sometimes." he told him.

"I'm sorry. Let's be friends."

"Okay. But just don't call me a faggot anymore!"

"Okay,.. I won't." Steven told him. "Do you and your brother really jack each other off?"

"Hell yes, we do it all the time. We even suck each other's dicks sometimes, but most of the time it`s me that does the sucking." Andy said with a chuckle.

Steven had never even thought about having someone suck his dick. He had heard about blow jobs but he thought that only girls sucked boy's dicks. His dick started to get hard again. "Will you suck my dick?" he asked the twelve year old boy.

"You have to suck me first." Andy told him.

In a drunken haze of raging hormones Steven agreed.

"Let's go over there." Andy told him. He took hold of the older boy's hand and lead him the way. "This is where me and Billy do it sometimes. No one can see us from here." he assured him.

Andy reached down to feel Steven's hard teen-cock through his jeans. Steven was so hard he could bust. Andy started to undo his own belt. He pushed his jeans and underwear down so his young dick was sticking out. Steven looked at the younger boy's little stiffy. It looked to be about three and a half inches long, kind of thin. He didn't have any pubic hair yet and he could see that Andy still only had small boy nuts in his smooth, hairless, wrinkly scrotum, about the size of a grapes.

Steven thought to himself, "My God this is just a little kid. What am I doing?" Even though Steven was only two years older, he thought of himself as a big kid, he had pubic hair.

"Suck me Steven." Andy ordered.

Steven reached out and touched Andy's hard little prick. It felt funny in a way. Steven had never touched another dick before. He liked how soft and warm it was. Steven could see small blue vanes run up the small, hard shaft. The crown of his dick was bigger then its shaft. The short shaft of Andy's dick had a slight bow upwards to it. Just as Steven's own dick had when he was hard. The boy was circumcised as Steven was.

"Come on Steven. Suck It!"

The older boy became lost in his own sexual lust. He knelt to the ground and looked at Andy's stiff, little, boy-dick, he had never looked at another dick so closely before. He studied it. It kind of looked like his, only smaller. Steven smelt the younger boys sex. It was pleasant to him, better then Susan's scent. Then Steven touched the hairless nut sack and felt the boy's small testicles move around as his fingertips studied their size and shape.

Andy moaned. "Go ahead Steven. Suck me!" Andy bossed him again.

Steven stuck out his tongue and tasted the young boy's dick. It wasn't as disgusting as he had imagined it would be. Actually there wasn't much taste to it at all. Just a faint salty taste.

"Go ahead Steven... suck it!"

The teen bent forward and took the boy's hard, little dick into his mouth. It was almost hot and hard, but smooth at the same time. Andy moaned, "Oh yeah. That feels good!"

Having never sucked a dick before, Steven was a natural. He bobbed his mouth back and forth on his young friend's preteen dick then reached out with his right hand and felt the boy's small balls in their smooth sack. They danced as Steven applied slight pressure to them. He stopped sucking Andy and started to lick his smooth scrotum and the under side of his short shaft, all the way to the tip of his dick. He licked up and down the boy's inter thighs. He liked how the boy tasted and smelt! He was so smooth. Steven went back to sucking Andy's kid-cock. He felt the shape of the little boy's erect penis with his tongue. He explored every part of it. Steven could suck all of the boy's dick into his mouth without gagging. He pulled Andy's groin tighter into his face, he suddenly wanted a bigger dick to choke him.

"Oh... Fuck Steven. I'm going to cum. Don't stop. Don`t stop!" Steven didn't want to stop. He wanted to suck Andy's dick all day. He liked it. It was so naughty and dirty to suck another boy's dick.

"Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck!" Andy squealed. "Oh Yeah. Oh Fuck Yeah!" Andy was a little monster. He humped and fucked Steven's mouth hard as his little nuts contracted and began to pump out the new sperms that had incubated inside. Andy shot a few squirts of his thin, watery, boy juice for Steven to enjoy. Steven got his first taste of another boy's sperm.

Steven's cock was as hard as it had ever been. He was so turned on by the younger boy fucking his mouth and squirting his kid cum in his mouth.

Andy backed away from Steven's sucking mouth. "Oh fuck man! You suck better then Billy does" For some strange reason, that made Steven feel good. He knew he had gave his young friend sexual gratification.

Andy pulled his pants and underwear back up. "Oh Fuck Steven that was great! My turn now." he told him.

Steven stood back up and Andy went down. He undid Steven's belt and zipper. Then pulled the older boy's pants and shorts down to his knees. Steven's dick popped out. He had a nice teen-cock, it was hard and engorged with blood.

Steven had a light patch of brown pubic hair above the base of his cock. His inner legs and nut sack were smooth yet, as well as his legs and upper torso. He was proud of his cock. He liked the looks of it. He thought it was the perfect dick. He had measured it just the other day, just over five inches Every time he measured it was bigger.

Steven almost fainted when Andy touched his cock. "Oh my god! I'm going to cum." he thought to himself. "No not yet!" he told himself. Andy took no time to start sucking Steven's dick. "Oh my god!" Steven moaned, as Andy took his ragging teen-cock into his mouth. The young boy's mouth was so warm and tight against his dick.

Steven started to hump the younger boy's mouth as if he were fucking. Andy gagged a couple times and pulled off bitching. "Don't choke me fucker!"

"I'm sorry." Steven told him. Andy went back to blowing the teen.

As Andy sucked on the hard dick he fondled Steven's balls. He felt Steven's cock swell in his mouth and then felt his nuts pull up tight under the base of the root.

"Oh... Oh... I'm going to cum!" Steven cried. Andy just kept sucking the older boy's dick. "Oh... Oh... I'm going to cum!" he cried out again. He couldn't hold back and let his nuts loose to fill Andy's waiting mouth and throat with his teen boy-juice. Squirt after squirt of his teen-cum filled Andy's mouth. The young boy hungrily swallowed Steven's spunk. Andy wanted more but Steven was empty for the time being.

The older boy had to push the younger boy away from his sensitive dick. Andy looked up at Steven, licked his lips and said, "Umm... that was good. Damn man you shoot a lot!"

Just then the two boys heard a twig snap. They both jumped and looked in the same direction. It was Andy's older brother Billy. He was Steven's age but they weren't friends at school. They really didn't know each other.

"What the Fuck are you doing to my little brother?" he screamed.

Andy wiped the last of Steven's cum off his mouth with his shirt sleeve. "Stop it Billy. Fuck you! I can do what I want to. I can find other boys. Fuck you!" Andy screamed back at him

Billy looked at Steven with his dick hanging out, going limp with a drop of cum hanging off the tip of it. Steven was awestruck, he didn't know what to say. He tried to pull his pants back up but his semi hard dick was in the way.


The following Monday morning, Steven saw Billy walking toward him down the hall at school. Steven felt so bad about what he had done with Billy's little brother. Steven buried his head in his locker to avoid Billy seeing him. Billy was pissed. No one fucked with his little brother.

Billy slammed the locker door on Steven's head and neck. "Hey fucker! Don't let me catch you around my little brother again!"

Billy hit Steven in the side with his fist as hard as he could. Steven lost his breath and buckled over. "If you want to suck a dick suck mine." he told him.

"Your brother started it" Steven gasped.

"That little cum-dog. He loves to eat my cum. I feed him three times a day and he always wants more. I'm sorry I hit you, it's just that I got so mad when I saw you fucking Andy's face. I don't want anyone hurting my little brother! I did get a boner watching him suck your dick though and it looked like he enjoyed your mouth as well."

"You watched us all the time?" Steven asked.

"Yeah. I saw you standing at the edge of the woods and Andy walk over and met you then the two of you walked into the woods together. I wanted to know what you guys were up to so I followed you." Steven blushed red.

"It's okay I guess. He told me he liked you and he liked sucking your dick. He told me you sucked his dick better then I do." Billy giggled. "It might be a good thing for you to feed him sometimes, it'll give me a break.

Steven was glad Billy was making light of the situation. He felt relived and was able to relax his face and grin. He was glad Billy wasn't going to kick his ass for what he and Andy had done. He took a first good look at Billy. He never really paid much attention to him as they passed in the halls at school. He suddenly realized that Billy was a cute looking boy. Billy was a jock and he wrestled on the school team. He worked out with weights and was well built for his age.

Billy waved his hand if front of Steven's face. "Earth to Steven." he said.

Steven snapped out of it. He had been day dreaming of what Billy would look like naked, what would his dick look like?

"I got to go... the bells going to ring. See ya around sometime." Billy told him as he jogged off down the hall.

Steven replied, "Yeah... Sure... Okay... See ya."


That day after school Steven met with Susan and told her he didn't feel well and that he was going to go straight home. Steven didn't have a belly ach, his thoughts were so confused he just wanted to be alone.

He slowly walked home, watching the cracks in the sidewalk in front of him. He was confused. He liked what he and Andy had done last Saturday and he couldn't stop thinking about Billy and what he would look like naked. But he knew from his upbringing that boys weren't supposed to play like that with each other. He liked Susan but she wasn't doing anything for him sexually. At fourteen, all a boy can think about is his dick.

As Steven approached Andy and Billy's house he became nervous. He didn't want to have to talk or see either of the boys. He was glad to see their garage door was down. That most likely meant no one was at home.

As Steven started walking across the corner of their driveway headed for the path in the woods, Billy came up behind him fast on his bike and slammed on his break and squalled his back tire.

Steven jumped. He held his hand to his chest. "You Mother Fucker!" he screamed. Billy started laughing. Steven reached out and tried to push Billy off his bike. "Don't scare me like that you cock sucker!" The moment froze between the two boys. Billy took it as an insulte. Steven knew he had used a poor choice of words. He saw the anger building in Billy's face.

"No. Wait. I didn't mean it like that." Steven tried to explain. "When I saw you at school today, I thought you looked pretty cute. I was glad you didn't kick my ass."

Billy giggled. "That's what I was going to do until I saw how cute you looked with all your defenses down trying to hide in your locker. You pussy."

"Fuck You, Billy!"

"No. Fuck you... Steven!"

Both boys laughed at each other. "Hey, got any cigarettes?" Billy asked.

"What? You smoke?" Steven questioned.

"Yeah. I like one once in a while." Steven reached into his shirt pocket and took out his pack of cigarettes. He took one out of the pack and handed it to Billy. Billy took it from him and quicky tried to hide it. He looked around to see if any neighbors were out to see him except the cigarette. "Not out here. Let's go in the woods to smoke. I don`t want anyone to see me. If Coach catches wind that I smoke, he'll kick me off the team."

Billy ditched his bike against the garage and the two boys walked through the yard and into the woods together. They sat on the same log Andy and Steven had sat on a few days earlier before they had their sex play.

Billy put his hand on Steven's thigh. "I jacked off that night I caught you guys. That made me so hard! I was mean to Andy that night. I made him watch me jack-off and I didn' t let him have it. I shot it into my dirty sock. After he thought I was asleep I heard him on the floor looking for my sock. He's such a cum slut!"

Steven's dick started to get hard. He looked at Billy's flawless face, he was so cute. His eyes scanned down the boy's lean body. He saw that Billy was tenting too.

"Andy won't be home until later. He went on a field trip today. We were late getting up this morning and I didn't get to feed him. But if I know that little whore he'll find a boy on the bus to suck." With all Billy's dirty talk, Steven had a full boner. He wanted to suck Billy's dick and he wanted to suck it now. He reached over and started to unbuckle Billy's belt.

"No. Not here. Let's go where you guys were the other day. No one will see us over there.

"Yeah." Steven thought. He had heard that before, just before Billy caught him and his brother sucking each other.


"Take your shirt and pants off and lay them on the ground right here." Billy directed. Steven shyly began to undress while Billy took off his shirt and pants as well. He layed his clothes next to Steven's on the ground. Both boys looked and staired at each other's teen-boners. They were both hard as could be. Billy's dick was thicker then Steven's but Steven's dick was a little longer. Both boys were circumcised. They each had about the same amount of pubic hair above their cock shaft but yet they didn't have any hair yet on their nut sack or on the insides of their legs. Really, neither teen had much body hair, just light peach-fuzz on their legs, arms and in their arm pits.

"Let's lay down and go 69." Billy said. Steven shrugged his shoulders. He didn't know what Billy meant. "Just lay down on your back." Billy told him.

Steven laid down as Billy instructed with his boy-boner laying tightly against his tummy. Billy crawled over the top of him with his head towards Steven's feet. As Steven lay on the ground on his back, Billy's dick was just above his mouth. Steven could smell the boy's sex and sweat from the day. Steven liked Billy's scent. He knew he liked it better then Susan's smell. Billy bent down and sucked Steven's hard, boner into his mouth. Steven moaned with delete.

Billy let his hips fall so his dick was touching Steven's lips. Steven opened his mouth and Billy's dick slipped through his pursed lips. The two teenagers sucked each other up and down. Billy stopped sucking Steven long enough to tell him, "Try to do what I do."

With Billy's dick still in his mouth Steven mumbled, "Umm... k."

Billy went back down on Steven's cock and used his tongue, rolling it around Steven's gland head. Steven's body jerked with the new sensations.

Steven tried to duplicate what Billy was doing to him. He liked the texture and shape of Billy's cock-knob as he rolled his tongue around the gland.

Billy worked his mouth up and down Steven's hot, cock then stopped at the end of it and poked at the pee-slit with his hard, pointed tongue then swirled the tip with his tongue around the soft, sensitive flesh.

Steven tried to mock the boy but he was cramped under him and had to cock his head off to the side.

Billy stopped sucking and began to lap at Steven's smooth, nut sack. Steven's hips jerked. He had never felt something so wonderful, he loved the new sensation Billy was giving him.

Steven spit Billy's dick out of his mouth and raised his head so he could also lick Billy's sack. He felt the boys nuts floating around inside. He liked the texture of the loose skin as he sucked some of it into his mouth and tickled it with the tip of his tongue. Billy let out a low moan.

Billy then took Steven's dick back into his mouth and started bobbing his mouth up and down Steven's young-boy meat while he massaged his nuts with the fingers of one hand. Steven went back to sucking Billy's dick and played with his nuts like Billy was doing to him.

It didn't take long of Billy's mouth sucking Steven's cock and he was ready to cum. He started to hump Billy's mouth with small pumps. Billy's mouth was so tight and hot around his dick.

Billy started humping into Steven's mouth as well. With in a couple of minutes both boys were squirting their boy sperms into each other's mouths.

Steven's body jerked as his orgasm overcame him. He had never experienced such great sexual pleasure.

Billy got off four, good, strong blasts of his new cum down Steven's throat. Steven choked at first, but soon learned to swallow the teen's seed while Billy eagerly ate Steven's teen-juice.

With the intensity of their orgasms ebbing they began to relax, their boners softening in each other's mouths. They each slowly sucked on the dick in their mouths like a baby would a nipple.

With the ends of their dicks becoming too sensitive to allow it, Billy rolled off of Steven.

"God Damn Steven... That was awesome!"

All Steven could do was softly moan, "Umm... yeah."

The two teens laid back and basked in the after glow of their orgasms. After several minutes Billy rolled over and kissed Steven on the lips. Steven could still taste Billy's cum in his mouth, Steven's tongue felt kind of numb.

"Damn, you shoot a lot!" Billy exclaimed.

"Yeah? Well you about drowned me!" Steven replied.

"I like your cum better then Andy's!" Billy told him.

"I liked your dick better then Andy's too. Your dick is a lot bigger!"

The two boys got up and put their clothes back on. "If you want to play with Andy... It's ok with me. Just save me some of your stuff." he giggled, as he toyfully licked his lips.

Steven smiled at Billy and nodded his head. "I have to go. I'm late." Steven said.

"Okay... I'll see you tomorrow at school Steven. Thanks for the blow job! I hope we can do it again."

"Yeah... I liked it too. See ya tomorrow."

As Steven walked home alone he could still taste Billy's cum in his mouth.


The next day after school Steven told Susan he had to go straight home, that he had to watch his little brother because his parents wouldn't be home until late. He lied to her. He was hoping he would get to see Andy again.


As Steven walked down the block that Andy and Billy lived on he saw Andy riding his bike. Andy rode his bike to meet Steven. "Hey Steven, your early today."

"Yeah... I didn't walk Susan to her mom's car today, she was sick today at school." Steven lied again.

As Steven walked, Andy got off of his bike and walked along beside Steven as the two boys talked.

"I liked sucking your dick the other day Steven!" Andy told him. "Billy told me you guys 69ed with each other yesterday in the woods. How did you like Billy's dick? Big... huh?"

Steven's face turned red.

Andy giggled that little, naughty giggle of his, "Billy won't be home until later and I'm hungry."

Steven started to bone up.

"No one's home at my house. Want to come inside and see my room?" Andy asked.

Steven was in no hurry, he hoped maybe Andy would suck his dick again. "Yeah... Okay. Sure." Steven replied. Andy smiled. He wanted to milk Steven's cock again.


"This is it. Like my Super Man poster?"

"Yeah. That's cool." Steven told him.

"Check this out." Andy undid his belt and pushed his jeans down. Andy was wairing Super Man undies.

"Yeah... those look cute on you." Steven told the younger boy.

Andy had a little boy-boner under the thin colored cloth. Steven's dick started to get hard looking at the young boy in his underwear. Andy kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants all the way off. He jumped up on his bed and told the older boy, "Come on Steven. Take your pants off too."

Steven became drunk with teen lust. He did as the younger boy told him. He kicked his shoes off then took his pants and white jockys off. He had a full blown boner. Andy smiled. Steven crawled onto the bed with Andy and laid down beside him. Andy was quick to touch Steven's dick.

"Damn. You're bigger then Billy. I like your dick Steven!" Andy bent over and took Steven's teen cock into his mouth. Steven was overwhelmed with Andy sucking his dick.

Steven had had a boner all day hoping he could have sex with Billy or Andy again.

Andy played with Steven's balls as he sucked the older boy's cock. He sucked up and down, stopping every four or five pumps to roll his tongue around the head of Steven's dick.

Like most young teen boys Steven quickly felt his orgasm begin. His nuts drew up close to his body. He pushed his hips forewards against Andy's sucking mouth.

"Oh... fuck yeah... I'm going to shoot. Fuck yeah!" The crown of Steven's cock swelled in Andy's mouth as he began ejaculating his teen-boy sperms into Andy's hungry mouth.

Andy pulled back enough to take hold of Steven's dick and aim his strong streams of cum against the roof of his mouth. His mouth became full of Steven's cum. Andy savored the taste between his tongue and pallet then swallowed the teen's seed.

Steven had to push Andy off of his dick. "Stop! That's enough. God damn Andy... you don't have to suck one of my nuts out through my dick."

Andy looked up at Steven with a grin and licked his lips.

Steven laid back onto the bed to catch his breath.

With Steven's eyes closed, resting, Andy took off his undies and crawled ontop of Steven. He started to hump Steven's wilting sex. Andy had a cute, hairless boy-boner!

Andy humped Steven's body, scooting his naked butt all the way to the older boy's chest as he lay on his back. Andy strateled Steven's chest with his legs with his little, boy-boner just inches of Steven's face.

"My turn. Now you suck me Steven!" Andy told him.

Steven lifted his head, opened his mouth and Andy pushed his hard, three and a half inch stiffy into Steven's warm. tight mouth.

"Ummm. That feels so good Steven!" Andy moaned.

Even though Andy was still just a little boy and his dick wasn't very big, Steven liked the smell and taste of Andy's boy parts.

As Steven sucked the younger boy he reach back to feel Andy's soft butt cheeks. Steven rubbed his hands all over Andy's smooth, naked body.

Andy started humping Steven's sucking mouth. "Oh Yeah. That's so good. Suck my dick Steven!" he squealed.

Andy put his hands on the back of Steven's head and began to pump into his mouth harder and faster.

Steven felt the boy's dick get thicken and the crown of his cock swell. "Oh... fuck Steven. Don't stop! Oh Fuck... oh fuck!"

Andy pushed his boy dick as far as he could into Steven's sucking mouth as he started to shoot his thin boy-juice into Steven's mouth. Steven was looking forward to the new taste he was becoming to enjoy.

Andy's cum was thin and watery, not like his older brother's thicker, teen cum but Steven liked the taste none the less. Steven felt the boy shoot four or five times, hitting the back of his throat.

After Andy had spent his little nuts, he backed away from Steven's mouth.

Steven let the boy's sperm linger in his mouth as he swished the warm, salty liquid around before he swallowed the seeds.

"Damn Steven. That was Great! For being a straight boy you sure know how to suck dick." Andy told him.

Steven was supprised at what Andy had just said. It made him think, was he straight? Or was he gay? He liked kissing Susan and he liked touching her pussy but he truly enjoyed the new sex he was having with these two brothers.

The two boys got dressed and went back outside. "I better go now. I have to get home and do my chores." Steven told him.

"Okay Steven. Thanks for the blow job. I like sucking your dick!" Andy told him.

"I like sucking your dick too Andy!

Andy reached up and pulled the taller boy down by his shirt and kissed him on the mouth. Steven kissed the boy back.

"I'm glad we're friends Steven. I like you!"

"I like you too Andy. I have to go now, I'll see ya later."

"Okay Steven. Bye."

"Bye Andy."

Steven started his journey through the woods toward home.


The next day was Friday. Steven was at his locker between classes exchanging books when he saw Billy coming. The two teens were quickly becoming close friends.

"Hey Steven, how's it going?"

"Hi Billy, what's up?"

"Not much. I can't wait until after school." Billy told him.

"Why? What's going on after school?" Steven asked.

"We have a wrestling match against Copley tonight .We're going to stomp the shit out of them this time!" Billy laughed. "Want to come watch me stuff my guy? I'm pumped!"

"What time is it?" Steven asked.

"The match starts at four thirty. Come on... watch me kick this kid's ass!"

"I'll have to call home and ask first. How long will it last?"

"We'll be done by six o-clock, we can walk home together."

"I'll call my mom at lunch. I'll let you know in last period study hall."

"Okay Steven. See ya then."

"Okay Billy. See ya."


When Steven entered the study hall he saw Billy talking with his jock friends. They were laughing and bumping their chest together, giving each other high fives. Billy saw Steven, said good bye to his friends and went to meet Steven.

"Well... did you call your mom?" Billy asked.

"Yeah, she said I could stay and go to the match."

"Cool. I never see you at the games and stuff. Don't you like sports?"

"Yeah, they're okay. I just never really got into them. But I want to come watch you."

"Sweet... you'll like it!"

The bell rang and everyone started to take their seats. "I'll see you at the match Steven."

"Okay Billy. I'll see you there."


After school Steven met with Susan and walked her to the nursing home. They walked into the woods like so many times before.

It was the same old thing. They French kissed while Steven felt Susan's small tits and put his hand down her pants to feel her pussy.

Steven unzipped his zipper and worked his boner out of his pants with one hand. Susan hadn't seen that Steven had taken his dick out of his pants. Steven put his hand on Susan's hand and guided it to his crouch.

Susan expected to feel the cloth of Steven's jeans covering his teen hard-on. Boy did she get a supprise!

Susan felt the smooth warm texture of Steven's hard teen dick. She quickly jerked her hand away.

"God... that's Gross!" she squealed. "Why did you do that?"

"I want you to play with my dick and jack me off." he told her.

"No way! I'm not like that." she told him. "You're sick!"

Steven felt like someone had kicked him in the nuts. Not to mention his ego.

Susan turned away from him and started walking toward her mom's car.

Steven murmured, fuck you! He didn't even say good bye to her and started to walk back to the school.


Steven entered the gym and walked up into the bleachers. The match was just about to start. He looked down onto the mat and he saw Billy. He thought... "God what a hot looking boy!" Billy looked so hot and sexy in his tight wrestling outfit. Steven could see the outline of Bill's six pack and the nice ass the boy had. Steven strained his eyes to see the outline of Billy's cock, he had a boner. All the other boys were wairing jock straps under their outfits.

Billy looked up into the stands and saw Steven. Billy waved to Steven. Steven smiled and waved back. Billy beat his chest with his fists and threw his hands into the air.

The referee blew his whisel and the match started. Billy was set to wrestel the third match.

Steven watched as the first two matches took place. He didn't really understand how the game was played or how the points were awarded, but he like to watch the young boys in their tight wrestling outfits grapple with each other.

Billy's team mates won the first two matches. Now it was Billy's turn. He ran out into the center of the mat. He jumped up and down swinging his arms back and forth waiting for his opponent to meet him.

The two wrestlers met and shook hands. The referee blew his whisle and the boys went after each other.

Billy was fast and got the first take down. The other boy was squirming against the mat with Billy riding him. Billy used a half nelson and rolled the other boy onto his back against the mat. Billy cradled him between his head and legs. The other boy was fucked, he couldn't get away from Billy.

One... Two... Three. The referee slapped the mat with his palm. Billy made his pin within the first forty-five seconds. Billy jumped up, he was so excited! The referee held Billy's arm in the air to declare him the winner.

Steven was happy for Billy. His heart was racing. He had a boner from watching the two boys wrestle so hard. Grinding and rubbing against each other.

Billy caught sight of Steven in the crowd again. The two boys made eye contact. Steven gave Billy the thumbs up. Billy gave thumbs up back at Steven.

Billy's team mates came out onto the mat and picked him up over their heads and carried him back to the side lines.


On the walk home, Billy couldn't stop talking about the match. He was still pumped up.

"God Damn... my cock is so hard. I've been hard since three thirty. I always get a boner when I wrestle." Billy told Steven. Mom and dad and Andy went to my Aunt's house for dinner and a movie tonight. Want to come up to my room? They won't be home until late."

"Yeah... I can come in for a little while but I have to be home before dark.

Billy unlocked the door and the two boys stepped into the house. Billy took hold of Steven's hand and started running upstairs.


Once the two teens were in Billy's bed room, Billy quickly began to strip. Billy wasn't bull-shitting. His teen-cock was full!

Steven loved looking at the naked boy's hard dick. It was all red and filled with blood.

Steven had also experienced many boners during the day. Just a single thought of Billy and he'd get a boner.

"Hurry up!" Billy told him. "Take your clothes off."

Steven didn't have to be told twice. In a flash he was also naked. The two boys stood looking at each other's naked teen-bodies, their hard boners jolting forward.

"Other than Andy... you're the only boy I've ever messed around with. I like you Steven."

"I like you too Billy. I never even thought about fooling around with another boy until Andy said he'd jack me off, and told me that him and you played around. I'm confused... I mean, I've always been taught that boys don't suck other boy's dicks but I like messing around with you guys."

"Don't worry about it Steven." Billy told him. "It don't mean we're gay... well maybe Andy is, but we're just horny kids and girls won't suck our dicks. We're just buddies helping each other out."

Billy laid back onto his bed, his eructation tightly hugging his tummy. "Lay on top of me Steven and rub your dick against mine. Me and Andy do it sometimes. It feels wicked to rub boners together."

Steven slowly crawled ontop of Billy and started to hump their teen-boners together. The sensation of touching another boy's dick with his sent chills threw his young body. How could anything that felt so good be so bad?

Billy thrust upward as Steven pushed down, meshing their heated cocks into one another between their tummies as their tight, hairless scrotums mingled.

After only a few minutes of dry-humping, Steven lifted his body half off Billy's then took hold of both of their teen cocks with one hand and started to jack them off. They ground their nuts against each other's as Steven jacked their two dicks together.

"Oh... fuck Steven... I'm going to cum!" Billy whimpered. Steven felt his nuts tighten up even more and started to cum also. The two boys shot their young cum between their frenzied bodies as their bodies wreaked with orgasmic pleasure.

After their traumatic experience, with both boys out of breath, Steven rolled off of his friend and fell onto his back.

"Oh... fuck Steven. God Damn... that was so hot!" Steven just moaned in reply.

After the boys caught their breath, Steven noticed it was starting to get dark outside. "Sorry Billy but I have to go. It's starting to get dark out."

"Me and Andy are going to camp in the woods tomorrow night. We have a big tent. Can you sleep out with us?" Billy asked.

Steven thought... "Hell yes!" He'd love to spend the night in the woods with these two horny, sexy brothers.

"I'll have to ask my mom. Steven said. "She don't let me do much stuff. I was supprised she let me stay to watch your wrestling match. I'm sure glad she did! You were hot out there."

Billy blushed a little. "I did it for you." he said.

"What do you mean... Billy?"

"I like you. I wanted to win for you."

Steven was awestruck! Billy fought so hard to win for him. Steven smiled, Billy smiled back.

"Look. I really have to go. I'll call you tomorrow." Steven told him.

"Okay. If your mom wants to talk with my mom... tell her to call her.

Mom and dad will be home all night, but we'll be camping in the woods. After dark, we can have fun! Andy will suck our dicks all night. "


Steven started out with a fast pace. He saw the day light getting away from him and he had to get home. He started to run, he didn't want to make his mother mad by being late.


Steven burst threw the door. "I'm Home!" he called out.

Steven's mom was sitting at the kitchen table. "I was starting to worry." She said.

"I... know... I know, but Billy wouldn't shut up about winning tonight. He made me late. I was so proud of him. He kicked that others boy's ass... right fast!"

"Steven. Don't you talk like that!"

"Sorry Mama. But Billy is strong and fast! He put a hurtin on that boy today!"

Steven couldn't shut up. "You should have seen some of those other boys too! Mom, I want to wrestle too. Can I do It? Can I Please?"

Before Steven's mom had a chance to answer his first question he asked her another.

"Billy asked me to camp with him and his little brother in the woods by their house tomorrow night. Can I go? Please Mom. Please?"

"I'll talk to Billy's mom and see what she says. If she doesn't care, and you boys will be near their house, I don't see why not."


Steven's mom hung up the phone.

"You can go camp with Billy and Andy tonight. But I want you to be good and don't get in any trouble!" she told him.

"Thanks Mom. What kind of trouble can we get into? Not like were planing to go rob a bank." Steven laughed.

"You know what I mean. I know how you boys can be. Playing in fire and broken arms. I don't want a call to find out you hurt yourself."

"We'll be good... I promise." Steven assured her.


In the morning, Steven called Billy on the phone. "Hi Billy... Mom said I can stay with you guys tonight."

"Cool. Come over around six o-clock. We can set up our tent and stuff before dark."

"Okay. I'll be there at six."

"Okay Steven. See you then."


Andy watched and waited for Steven to walk out of the woods into their back yard.

When Andy saw Steven, he ran to met him. Andy was excited, he would have two teen-boy dicks to suck all night. He was such a cum hog! Billy had convinced his little brother a couple years ago, that the more cum he ate, the more cum he could make. So Andy ate as much cum as he could muster. Which meant, Billy got his dick sucked at least three times a day. Now, Andy had Steven's dick to suck also.

Andy ran and jumped on Steven, grabbing him around the back of his neck, knocking him over backwards with Andy on top of him.

Andy laughed, "You're not so big. I can kick your ass if I want!"

"Get off me you little fucker... or I'll kick your ass!" Steven told him.

Andy was a little bossy and hard chested. He took after his older brother. The two boys wrestled around on the ground. Andy grabbed Steven's dick and squeezed it. Steven scolded the younger boy. "Stop it Andy! Not out here in the yard."

Billy heard the commotion and look around the corner of the house to see Steven and Andy on the ground. "Get off him Andy!" Billy yelled. "Or I'll kick your ass!"

Andy let go his bear hug against Steven. The two boys stood up and brushed the dirt off themselves.

"Come on Andy. Help me get the tent out of the loft." Billy told him.

The three boys gathered up the tent, along with some other camping supplies and put it all in a red wagon. They were off to the woods to set their tent.


Andy continued to grope Steven as they tried to set the tent up.

"Go ahead Steven... feed him. He won't stop until you do. Then we can get this tent set up before dark."

Andy looked into Steven's face and smiled as he reached for Steven's belt. Andy was quick to unbuckel Steven's belt and unzip his jeans. He knelt to the ground and pulled Steven's pants down along with his underwear, exposing his young, teen-meat for the little cum sucker. Andy had been waiting all day to eat Steven's cum again.

Steven wasn't even hard yet and Andy sucked his limp boy-dick into his mouth like a wet noddel. Andy moaned as if he had just put a spoon full of strawberry shortcake in his mouth.

Just as soon as Andy closed his lips around his dick, Steven's penis started to swell into a teen-boy's cock. Andy played with Steven's fertile nuts through his hairless nut sack as he rolled Steven's gland in his mouth with his tongue.

Within seconds, Steven was at full staff with Andy bobbing his mouth up and down his hard, teen-cock. Steven wanted to pump his hips and shove his cock down Andy's throat but he knew not to choke the younger boy or he'd get mad. Steven let the boy milk his dick as the boy pleased. It pleased Steven. Steven had a nut full of new cum for the lad.

"Oh yeah. That's it! Oh Fuck. Oh fuck yeah. Eat my cum kid!" Steven let his nuts loose and filled the younger boy's mouth with his teen seed. Andy savored the taste of Steven's semen as he swallowed the thick, boy-juice he wanted so badly."

When Steven opened his eyes he saw Billy standing with his pants down jacking off.

"Here... you little bitch!" Billy ordered his younger brother as he motioned him to suck his dick. Andy knew his gesture all too well and turned to suck his brother's hard cock into his mouth. In less then a minute, Andy was getting another load of big-boy sperms to eat.

This was going to be a night the three boys would remember for the rest of their lives.