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Making New Friends chapter 2

Camping With The Boys

"Are you happy now? You little whore." Andy looked up at his older brother with a smile on his face, licking his lips and nodded his head.

"Okay then. Let's get the tent set up before dark." Billy told him. The three boys set their tent and laid out their sleeping bags on the floor.

"I'll be right back." Billy told them, as he walked off into the woods. When he returned about five minutes later he was carrying two bottles of homemade wine. Good wine his dad had made. It was twice as strong as the stuff from the store.

Andy got a big grin on his face. He liked how drinking the wine made him feel. And it even made him hornier. If that was possible.

Steven didn't have much experience with alcohol but he also enjoyed the feelings from it.

"Sweet dude!" Andy told him when he saw Billy holding the two bottles.

"We're going to have fun tonight!" Billy told them. "Here... taste this Steven. This shit is good!"

Billy handed one of the bottles to Steven. He took the bottle from Billy, unscrewed the cap and smelled the vapors from the wine. "Smells Good!" he said, as he lifted the bottle to his lips and took a small taste. "Ummm... that is Good! he said. "That's sweet. Not like that bitter shit my mom drinks." He put the bottle to his lips again and took a bigger pull off it. "Ummm... damn. That is really Good!" he said.

"Yeah. Just wait till it kicks in. Andy told him with a snicker.

The three boys sat in front of their tent and passed the bottle around. It didn't take long and they were feeling the affects of the wine. They started laughing and giggling. Andy wanted to wrestle with the two older boys but Billy told him to stop, that they needed to get a fire started.

Billy started a fire and the boys roasted hotdogs and ate potato chips. After their dinner Andy said, "Okay... I'm ready for desert!"

Billy just laughed. "You little cum hog."

Steven took out his cigarettes and passed his pack around. The young boys all smoked cigarettes.

By this time it was starting to get dark. The boys, with their bellies full and still buzzing from the wine crawled into their tent. Andy didn't waist any time getting undressed. "Come on guys... get naked." he told them.

Steven looked at Billy and Billy just shook his head. "He's always been like that." Billy told him.

"Maybe a quaalude would mellow him out." Steven said.

Billy broke out laughing. "You silly fuck. I'm not giving my little brother drugs!"

"Come on. I was just joking."

"I know you were. But my little brother isn't going to do drugs! Right... Punk?" Billy punched Andy in the chest.

"Ouch... you fucker. That hurt!"

Billy didn't care. Billy knew Andy was on the wild side. It was Billy's job to keep his little brother in line, even if it meant kicking his ass when he needed it.

"Stop being a dick Billy." Andy told him.

"Yeah Billy. It was just a joke." Steven told him.

"Okay. I'm sorry."

Andy started to play with his dick. "Come on guys... let's do it." Andy was a little sex machine. He couldn't help himself, he was addicted to sex.

Billy reached out in a loving way and choked his little brother. "You little bitch. I love you." he told him.

Andy pushed his brother`s strong hands away from his throat. "Yeah. Yeah. Enough of the sappy shit. Show me your dick." Andy told him.

Steven couldn't believe how the two brothers talked.

Billy looked at Steven and started to take his clothes off. Steven followed suite, and in seconds the three boys were all naked sporting boners.

Billy laid beside his little brother while Steven laid on the other side of Andy. Andy was in heaven. He had two hard, teen boys to play with. One on each side of him.

Andy cherished the boy's attention. Billy and Steven worked Andy over! Licking and touching the twelve year old every where they could. The older boys took their time loving the younger boy. Billy and Steven shared the little, boy's soft body.

Steven licked Andy's face and neck as Billy licked and sucked Andy's hard, little nipples.

The older boy's hands rubbed all over Andy's hairless body. Steven licked his way down to the boy's chest, where he found Billy sucking Andy's tit.

As Billy rubbed his brother's smooth, firm tummy, Steven put his hand on Billy's hand.

With the dim light coming from the fire, Steven and Billy looked at each other and smiled.

The fourteen year old boys held and squeezed their hands together. They tugged at each other's hands as if to pull the other nearer to one another. Their bodies loomed over Andy's body and the two teens kissed. They placed their hands that were touching Andy's body around each other's necks and pressed their lips together tighter. Their tongues found each other's and they explored each other's mouths. As they leaned tightly in their embrace, their hard boy dicks rubbed against Andy's sides.

Andy reached out to take a boner in each hand and stroked the older boy's cocks as they kissed. "Hey... I want some too!" Andy exclaimed.

Steven and Billy broke their kiss and both leaned down to kiss the younger boy. The three boys shared a sloppy wet kiss as six hands roamed naked bodies.

After a minute of trading tongues and spit, their three way kiss was broken. Instinctively Billy and Steven continued to lick their way down Andy's little body.

Andy's hard, little wiener was sticking straight up in the air.

The older boys adjusted themselves and scooted their bodies down alongside Andy's body.

Steven placed his hand on the inside of Andy's groin and rubbed the inside of his hairless thigh. Andy opened his legs to give Steven better excess to his sex.

Billy rubbed his hand down his brother's torso to find his small nuts in their hairless sack.

Steven and Billy both leaned in to lick the boy's cock. As they licked Andy's twelve year old boy dick, their tongues touched again. Andy's prick was locked between the two teenager's mouths.

Steven and Billy tried to French kiss each other with Andy's dick between their lips as they continued to let their hands roam the little, boy's body.

Andy started to make little humps into the teen's lips as they pressed tighter together.

Billy and Steven's tongues danced across and around the young boy's cock as they tried to find each other.

"Oh fuck guys... oh my God... oh shit! Oh fuck yes!" Andy squealed in delight, as he wiggled his body under the two older boys.

He continued to hump his little dick between the fourteen year old boy's lips. "Oh yeah... oh fuck yes. Umm... ah... ah... ah!" he cried out, as his little body trembled and shook while his young nuts exploded.

Andy had a great orgasm. Steven and Billy kissed again and shared the taste of Andy's semen as he lay still on his back. Soon he fell asleep in the arms of his brother and his new friend.


"That was fun!" Steven whispered. "That kid thrashed around like a fish out of water."

Billy laughed. "Yeah, he's something alright. He'll sleep for ten minutes, wake up and want to do it again."

"I have to piss." Billy said.

"Yeah... me too." Steven replied. He reached over Andy's sleeping form and brushed Billy's neck with his fingers. Billy's insides tingled. He felt a rush of excitement. Billy was liking Steven more and more as their friendship grew. Not to mention their young cocks.

Billy started to get up. "Shush!" he whispered. "Let's let him sleep."

The two teens went out of the tent to piss.

As the boys stood at the edge of the fire light pissing into the dark, Billy asked Steven, "Get any pussy from Susan?"

"Fuck no! he exclaimed. "That cunt called me sick, because I wanted her to jack me off.

Fuck Her! Besides... I like hanging out with you and Andy more."

Billy smiled to himself. He liked Steven. Maybe, even loved him.

While the two boys piss into the darkness, Billy said, "Some of the guys on the team are giving me shit because I don't have a girl friend. I know I talk like a bad ass in front of you guys, but I'm a wimp when it comes to girls. You're the only other person I have had sex with... other than Andy. No one knows what Andy and I have done... other than you."

Steven though to himself. No one knew what he had done with these two brothers either. Each time they got together it was always something new and exciting. Steven liked his new found interest with these two brothers.

"Yeah I know." Steven told him, as he shook the last piss drops from his dick. "I'm done with Susan. Fuck her!" "I've had more fun with you and Andy in the last two weeks, than I have with her in a year."

The two teens walked closer to each other and hugged. They both felt each other's body heat. Bare chest to bare chest, they hugged. Their mouths found themselves and they kissed with tongues again. They both reached to grope each other's young, stiffing cocks.

They learned each other's bodies with their other hands as they played.

The two teens began to grind their hard cocks against one another as they kissed.

Steven pulled Billy's body even tighter to himself. Steven held Billy's firm ass cheeks with each hand, feeling how soft his butt was. He worked the crack of Billy's ass with his fingers while Billy moaned. "Oh... Steven... I love you!" he whispered.

Did Billy just say he loved Steven? He did, but he meant to say, I love it!, it just came out, I love you.

"I want you to put it in me!" Billy told him.

"What do you mean?" Steven asked.

"I want you to fuck me" he whispered.

The thought of putting his dick in Billy's ass had never accrued to him. It seemed so dirty and nasty, it excited him.

"Come on Steven. I want your cock in me... so bad!"

Billy turned his ass to Steven and took hold of Steven's boner and rubbed it up and down his crack. Billy moaned with pleasure as he felt the heat of Steven's dick-head brush against his virgin hole. Steven liked the heat of Billy's boy-pussy too!

"Let's go in the tent. I have some lube." Billy said, as he took hold of Steven's hand and lead him into the tent.

"Shush!" Billy whispered. "Let's not wake him up yet!"

The two boys stepped over Andy's sleeping body and laid down together on the soft sleeping bags facing each other. They kissed some more.

Billy rolled over and pushed his butt against Steven's hard, hot boy-meat. He reached over into his gym bag and found the hand cream he had brought, hoping he would get to use it.

Billy had never had a dick in his butt, but he had inserted things into his ass before.

He liked the feeling. Billy had read on the internet about the male prostate and had experimented with things like a hair brush handle and the narrow end of a pop bottle.

Billy opened the tube of hand cream and squirted some onto his fingers. He rubbed the slick cream onto his ass hole and pushed his finger into his ass. He pushed his finger in and out of his boy hole. He found his prostate and pushed against it. He moaned.

"Here Steven... put some of this on your dick." he said, as he handed Steven the tube of hand cream.

Steven was very excited. He couldn't believe he was about to fuck another boy in the ass.

When Steven had lubed his cock, Billy pushed his ass against Steven's cock again.

"Put it in. Just go slow." Billy coxed him.

Steven took hold of his raging boner and slide it around Bill's ass crack till he found the boy's opening. As Steven pushed forwards, Billy pushed back against him. Steven's glan-head pushed through Billy's ring. God, Billy's hole was so tight and hot around his dick.

"Oh... Stop!" Billy wimpered. "Wait!"

As the slight pain of being entered subsided, Billy told Steven to go in farther.

Steven slowly pushed his cock into his friend's ass-hole until he was all the way inside and stopped. "Are you Okay?" he asked.

"Yeah. Go ahead." Billy assured him. "Fuck my ass!"

Steven slowly worked his hips back and forth, pushing his meat in and out of the tight boy-hole he was in. "Oh... fuck Billy. Your ass is so tight and hot!" he slurred.

"Oh Yeah Steven. Fuck me!, Harder!" Billy grunted.

Steven found a rhythm and really started to fuck his friend. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes Steven. Harder... harder!" Billy begged.

The feeling of Steven's hot cock in his ass was almost too much for Billy. This was nothing like the hair brush or pop bottle Billy had used to masturbated with before. This was a real boy's cock in his ass, and it felt so good!

Steven was fucking Billy with all his might. The grunts and groans of the two teenagers fucking woke Andy.

"Hey... what are you guys doing?" Andy asked. Neither of the older boys said a word. Steven just kept humping his cock in and out of Billy's hot, tight, ass-hole.

It didn't take long and Andy figured it out. "Hey... you guys are fucking!" Andy said with excitement.

" Ah... ah... ah... yeah!" Billy managed to grown.

Andy got up on his knees and bent over so he could watch his brother getting fucked. He could barely see as Steven's dick went in and out of his brother's ass. "Hey, I want to try it!" Andy pleaded.

"Later." Billy grunted. "Suck my dick. Now!" Billy told him.

Andy laid back down on his belly and took his brother's hard cock into his mouth and started sucking.

"Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah. Oh fuck!" Billy squealed.

Between having his cock sucked and Steven pounding his ass, Billy was about to cum. "Ugh... ugh. Yeah. Oh fuck yes. Oh fuck!" Billy gasped.

Billy blasted his cum into his little brother's mouth. Shot after shot landed in the back of Andy's throat as he sucked the teen's throbbing cock.

As Billy had his orgasm, his sphincter tighten around Steven's dick. "Oh yeah... Oh hell, I'm cuming!" Steven cried out.

Steven's cock exploded into Billy's hot, ass-hole as he push in as deep as he could. He shot seven or eight times into Billy's gut.

"Oh... God damn! That was awesome Billy. I never thought it would be like that" Steven said as he panted for breath.

"I know Steven. I never thought your cock would feel like that inside of me. That was sooo, hot!"

"My turn! My turn!" Andy cried.

The older teens were too tired and weak to help the younger boy. Their dicks were spent for the time being.

"Come here and lay down Billy told his little brother."

Andy crawled closer to Billy.

"Here, hold your legs up like this." Billy told the boy as he lifted his knees towards his chest.

Billy took the tube of hand cream and squirted some on Andy's little, butt-hole. He moved his index finger all around the boy's hole and slowly pushed his finger in.

"Oh... oh... yeah... yeah... that feels good Billy!" Andy cooed.

Billy found the boy's small, hard prostate and massaged him there. Andy started to buck his hips against his brothers probing finger.

Andy's hard little cock was about to explode. "Steven, suck his dick!" Billy told him.

Steven was quick to follow Billy's orders. He took the little boy's cock into his mouth and started sucking him.

This was just too much for Andy to take, as he started to shoot his boy cum into Steven's mouth. Steven was beginning to enjoy the fruits of his labor as he swallowed the boy's seed.

When Andy had spent his nuts, Billy took his finger out from his little brother's butt hole.

"God damn guys. That was Great!" Andy said once he regained his breath.

The three boys all giggled. They all cuddled together, with Andy in the middle. They all drifted off to sleep. But only for a short time.