Marek and us  


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"Will I find a believer. Another one who believes. Another one to deceive. Over and over down on my knees. If I get any closer. And if you open wide. And if you let me inside. On and on I've got nothing to hide." - FF

story codes: (b/b, t/b, oral, anal)


Marek and us 

Part 1      

   Our tiny village was situated near the frontier between Poland
and Germany. Twenty-three souls inhabited the cozy community of 
which only three were children: me - an adventurous boy of twelve 
with round glasses - Oskar, a rambunctious red-haired six-year-
old and his brother Julian, age eleven, a redhead as well.

During the summer, the grown-ups went to work to the city of 
Szczecin. As a result, we nearly had the whole place for a 
playground. Our favourite spot was the pond beyond the chapel.
We considered the area, sheltered by leafy shrubs and pine
trees, a quiet haven. Most afternoons, you would find us there,
skinny dipping under the scorching sun.

Oskar did not venture very far in the pond. The scrawny tyke 
preferred to wade about along the shore, avoiding the middle
where the bottom dropped six feet deep. As for Julian and I, 
twice his age, we certainly didn't suffer from the same phobia. 
We ran screaming and dove gracefully in the cool water.

Ever since my last birthday, my friends' bare asses and 
exposed genitals were responsible for many inner turmoils. My 
life as an innocent blond angel had ended with the onset of 
pubescence. It was especially troubling when I ruffhoused with my 
freckled-faced mates. The contact of their silky skin against 
mine inevitably roused my penis from its limp state. Sometimes, 
the damn thing wouldn't go down. I bore the brunt of the little 
one's mockery.

   "You've got a stiffy!" Oskar would point out, giggling coyly.

To which I would respond by swaying my slender hips, making 
the rubbery tube wag up and down like a dog's tail, much to
the amusement of the inseparable duo. 

Puberty seemingly hit me overnight. I looked at myself and 
realized my hard-ons were five inches long. My shoulders had
broadened and my voice cracked. The brothers' parents were 
concerned that their beloved sons hung out with a big kid. But 
the two boys basically had no other options in order to elude 
long bouts of loneliness. Thus, they continued to play with me, 
despite their parents' admonition and despite my tormenting.

For I was very imaginative in devising elaborate games but
also in finding ways to assert my status as leader of the pack. 
I shoved them in the mud, pushed them down a hill, whipped them 
with a branch. The resilient brothers submitted to my torture 
without shedding a tear and always remained loyal to me. Often, 
Julian formed an alliance with me. Poor Oskar became the target
of our cruelty. We peed in a glass and forced him to drink it. 
We coerced him into licking our dirty feet. We put him through 
numerous bondage games. Good unclean fun.

None of us had been born in fortunate families. The only 
things we could claim ownership of were a few toys and the 
clothes on our back. Then again, we cavorted shirtless most of
the times. In our world, pebbles were diamonds. A piece of wood
became a sword.

When we weren't skinny dipping, our trio devoted a lot of 
efforts in discovering Pirter Schouten's hidden treasure. The 
legendary tale was a fixture of our village's folklore for over 
three centuries. Apparently, the famous Dutch pirate had 
concealed a great treasure somewhere in the vicinity. 

We dug holes and searched for clues. Our primary terrain of 
exploration spanned the zone surrounding a peculiar stone with 
an X etched on it. Sadly, it never yielded anything of interest. 
Weird tombstones in the old cemetery attracted our attention, but
we couldn't figure out if they were important in our quest. 
Usually, after hours of unproductive investigating, we'd resort 
to playing naughty games in Mr. Matejko's hangar.

Oskar's favourite naughty game was the 'hot dog in the bun'. A
silly invention of mine. It consisted in wedging a raw wiener 
between his buttocks and have him run around. Julian and I chased
the giggling tyke, telling him that if he dropped the sausage, we 
would spank him. The little scamp waddled awkwardly, clenching his
asscheeks, fleeing our menace. Of course, I generally caught up 
to him first and devoured the wiener. For some reason, the 
idiotic romp turned me on. 

Oskar reacted well to our intimate play. So that day of July, 
in the middle of a summer that would be life changing, I decided 
to do another version of the game. One more daring. I warmed the 
wiener in my hands and approached the naked butt of the small boy. 
The pliable tube of meat bent and threatened to break open as I 
endeavoured to insert it in his asshole. The brothers snickered
when they understood where it was headed. 

I slithered the hot dog in carefully, examining all six inches 
disappear into the pink orifice until the very end was poking 
out. The giddy demon squealed and wiggled his toes. It was 
probably the raunchiest thing in his six-year-old mind. After 
all, you are not supposed to have something from the table stuck 
up your fanny.

I knelt behind him and extracted the wiener out of the tight 
confinement with my teeth. "You taste sooo goood!" I exclaimed in
between bites. Julian observed attentively how I munched on the 
sausage straight out of his little brother's ass. "There's more!"
I said after chowing down the last chunk. My tongue plunged into 
Oskar's hole as I made it seem to him that I sought the residual
bits. The youngster cooed and pushed his lil' white melons back to
help me out.

The new variation of the game titillated us. My penis hardened
in my shorts and Oskar's tiny pricklet as well. Immediately after
I pulled away, he extended his neck, "Noooo! Don't stop! Do it 
some more, pleeeeeze!" 

   "OK, but just this once." I sighed. For a good while my jaw
stayed sandwiched between in his buns. I licked his poophole well, 
perhaps atoning for the bad things I'd done to him in the past. 
Using long swipes, I lapped up the smooth crack, from the nutsac 
to the tiny indentation. My saliva gleamed in the valley. Oskar 
moaned, undulating under my chin. I slipped my whole tongue into 
his anus, driving him mad.

At this point, everyone in our group was horny as hell. I 
grasped the tyke's wrinkled nutsac and the randy little redhead 
humped my hand instinctively. From the corner of my eye, I 
watched Julian strip completely. In a snap, I rid myself of my 
shorts and undies. My stiff pecker jutted from the bald slope of
my pubic mound. I wrapped my palm around the crying organ and 
flicked my wrist, doing what Julian had already commenced.

   "Do like this!" We instructed our naive partner.

Oskar aped our actions, tugging on his teeny hard-on with two 
fingers, dragging the foreskin back and forth on the rosy head. 
All of us exchanged knowing glances, silently sharing the 
wonderful feelings of a boyhood wank.

We had acquired of knowledge of sex the old-fashioned way. By
watching the adults. The three of us were incorrigible peeping
Toms. Occasionally, we'd peered into the houses at night and
see the rustic women of our village accomplish their marital
duty. Stray dogs rutting were also a source of information.

But between us, sex was limited to masturbation and dick 
sucking. I initiated the party, crawled to Julian and suckled his
little penis. Oskar, who never wanted to be left out, gobbled up
my dick. After a while, I called a rotation, this time making 
sure everyone had a boner in his mouth. It didn't cross our minds
then, but it would have been really embarrassing if someone 
stumbled in Mr. Majetko's hangar and discovered us sucking our 
peters in a daisy chain.

We traded blow jobs for long minutes. There was nothing else
better to do. Once in a while, the pile of naked bodies shifted.
I got on top one of the redheads, then under the other one. Butts,
stiffies and hairless scrotums flashed in front of my face
throughout the rearrangement of our entwined limbs.

As it was usually the case, the brothers took extra care of
my dick, maybe because it was the biggest. Side by side, they
kissed and licked, slobbered all over it. While one bobbed his
head on my erection, the other one chewed on my balls and vice 
versa. I groaned, staring at the fiends' dedication to my
happiness. They seemed to read each other's thoughts and knew 
exactly when to alternate.

Julian, who had been wanking the whole time he worked on my 
dick, came first. "OHHHHHH!" He cried out, holding on tightly to 
his quaking penis, drawing our attention to the dry orgasm 
wracking his skinny frame. Oskar awkwardly yanked his small peter,
eager to reap the same reward.

   "You gotta do it fast!" I said, pinching his penis between my
fingers and pulling on it roughly. His short legs stiffened. He 
looked down at my ministrations, moaning from the mounting 
pleasure in his little peg. I toyed with the delicate morsel, 
enjoying his smirks of enchantment. The tyke's breathing 
intensified and his tiny boner twitched under my fingertips. 

   "Oh! This one was good!" He stated, grinning from ear to ear.

I returned to my aching erection, fisting the throbbing shaft. 
My jiggling balls were boiling hot, ready to explode. The 
siblings' climaxes had aroused me tremendously. I didn't need to
manipulate my dick very long before it spit out timid globs of 
milky boyjuice. Both redheads thrust their noses in my lap to 
study the spurts with an inquisitive eye. Privileged to be the 
only one able to ejaculate, I flaunted my shooting canon and 
exhibited the small puddles on my belly.      

to be continued...     

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