Marek and us  


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Marek and us 

Part 2      

   Every evening, once my mother snored, I'd sneak out of my bedroom to search for the treasure in our sleepy village. Owls hooted in the nearby forest. A sweet summer breeze swirled under my nightgown, caressing my legs. I squatted underneath the opened windows of the residents, eavesdropped on their conversations, hoping they would supply leads on the treasure, but mostly I heard the latest gossip. 

Sometimes, I would see Marek skinny dipping in our pond. The teenager of seventeen was an intimidating figure in our village. A tall chap with a buzz cut hairdo and piercing gray eyes, whose personal training to become a soldier had chiselled his body like a Greek sculpture. Us pre-teens were scared of the young man ever since we had witnessed him slaughtering a pig with an axe. 

Hiding behind a tree, I spied on the older boy out of his overalls. His silhouette glistened beautifully in the moonlight. My curiosity slanted towards a certain part of his anatomy. I thought my male attributes were large, but his were absolutely huge! Marek's penis and testicles dangled heavily from a dense patch of curly black hair like that of a bull! 

Perhaps, the well-endowed boy held crucial information concerning the treasure? I mused. He had been in our village much longer than us. One evening, I gathered the courage to join him. After all, I was twelve, not a timorous little kid anymore. Marek smiled warmly to greet me. I removed my nightgown and jumped in the water next to him. 

   "Too hot to sleep?" He asked candidly. 

   "Yes." I retorted, dissimulating my unease under a layer of cockiness. 

We swam nonchalantly for a moment. Marek staggered out of the water and lounged on the grassy shore. I followed him, stretching beside him under the flickering stars. The sound of our beating hearts and crickets chirping calmed my nerves. A minute or two later, I turned to him. 

   "Is it true that there is a treasure here?" 

   "What treasure?" 

   "The treasure of the Dutch pirate!" I chanted enthusiastically. 

   "Oh. Yes. That one." Marek replied, then whispering he added, "As a matter of fact, I know who has the treasure map..." 

   "Tell me Tell me Tell me! Pleeze!" 

   "No way!" Marek snapped back. "If you wanna know, you have to earn it." 

I laid my head back on the ground, wondering what he meant with the last sentence. His stubbornness angered me but I kept my mouth shut, concluding that I shouldn't alienate him. Unable to restrain myself, I peeked at his impressive flaccid appendage. The teenager noticed my admiring gaze and grinned. 

   "I bet you've never seen a man's cock?" He asked. 

I shook my head. 

   "My dad used to say I frightened the horses!" Marek boasted. "C'mon look at it, you know you want to, sissy faggot." He insisted, seeing my eyes had drifted away from his crotch. 

Out of the blue, he pounced on me. I managed to push him away, escaping the initial attack. But he was right on my tail. I ran ten feet before he wrestled me to the ground. In lieu of the brutal beating I expected, he tickled me. A melodious refrain of shrill giggles soared from my throat. I trashed, kicking him and laughing. Marek lunged like a snake, poking me everywhere until I coiled into a quivering ball of shrieks and hiccups. 

Against the sturdy Titan, I didn't stand a chance. I let him overpower me. The rugged boy straddled my chest and pinned my wrists down. Oddly, I relished our physical interaction. No one had ever subdued me that way. His beefy penis rested limply between my pecs, the bulbous circumcised head touching my chin. 

   "Get a good look... it don't bite." Marek said. 

I stared at his penis, mesmerized by its size. The tall lad loosened his grip on my wrists, smiling over his triumph. Our confrontation had triggered my erection. I blushed beet red. 

   "Get up, I'll take care of you." Marek announced. 

I rose to my feet. Before I got my balance, he had already grabbed my butt and dragged me to his face. His lips nibbled my balls. My boycock brushed against his nose deliciously. "Oh shit!" I blurted out, contemplating the kneeling teenager stroking his hardening monster prick. 

His mouth let go of my dangling jewels. With his tongue he teased my glans. The fuzzy hairs on my neck stood on end. My mind reeled from the turn of event. Everything was happening so fast. I scanned all around, checking if someone was watching us doing this out in the open. Marek didn't express the same apprehensions. He took my stiff penis in his mouth and sucked it fast from the getgo. 

   "Oooooooooooh Ugghhh" I lamented, overwhelmed by the surge of pleasure. A rabid urgency best described Marek's suctioning. He bobbed his head furiously, engulfing my entire dick. In his sustained fervour to get me off, he bumped against my hairless groin and my wet balls bounced on his chin. 

The crazy teen masturbated with the same frantic compulsion. His hand flew on his nine-inch-cock. I melted from his frenzied sucking, propelled to the point of no return. "Annghh Angghhhhh Angghh" I hollered, struggling to delay my climax and savour the euphoric stimulation of his sliding lips. 

   "Slower!" I exhorted him. "I I I'm gonna squirt!" 

His hungry mouth unfastened from my dick. "Okay, do it to me then." He scowled. 

Prostrate at his feet, sitting on my heels and holding his fat cock in my fist, I knew it was the ideal situation to get what I wanted. 

   "Go on!" He urged me. 

   "You promise you're gonna tell me who has the map?" 

   "Yeah, SUCK IT!" 

The organ's rigidity corresponded to that of a steel pipe in my hand. The peehole was slightly open, as if staring back at me. I stuck my tongue out and licked up the bloated shaft, from the base all the way to the knob where pre-cum oozed on my tongue. For a while, I lingered on the head of his cock, licking around it, hearing him hum. 

   "Put it in your mouth and SUCK it now." Marek requested. 

I went down on the thick pole. The vibrant organ throbbed between my lips. I lowered my head as far as I could, desirous of pleasing him, but could barely accept a third of his immense penis. My lips stretched in a wide "O" as I slurped noisily, making the tall boy huff and puff. 

In the same manner, Marek had done it to me, I began to bob my head up and down his erection, loving the feel of his hard flesh filling my mouth. For a novice at sucking manmeat, I thought I possessed an exceptional talent. Nonetheless, Marek turned aggressive on me, grasping locks of my blond hair and pulling my head on his engorged member. I took it like a trooper, afraid to disappoint him. 

   "Yeah, that's soooo good. Eat my dick!" He grumbled, putting his hand on top of my head and pushing my mouth down further on his humongous pole. I nearly gagged when the plum-sized head pressed against my tonsils. The bulge in my throat constrained me to breath through my nose, and I could continue my oral deed. 

Marek shut his eyes, enjoying the feel of my greedy lips milking his cock. I got a good rhythm going and slid up and down again and again, faster and faster. "Ohhhh get ready to eat my load." He declared. 

I stopped abruptly, releasing his penis. 

   "No, that's not part of the deal!" I protested. 

   "Yeah it is! If you wanna know who has the treasure map, you gotta swallow." 

   "ORRGHHHH!" I roared. 

It dawned on me that I should leave him there with blue balls. But I pursued the blowjob, taking his huge phallus again in my mouth. Marek's moans of joy were getting louder. I sucked him ravenously, sensing his impending climax. When his cock shuddered, I didn't back off. The first wad went straight down my gullet. The pulsing organ slipped away from my lips and blasted a shot of semen in my glasses. 

My vision blurred, I groped for his cock, aiming the thick jets of hot cream at my opened mouth. The eruptions flooded my oral cavity. I gulped down the copious flow, tasting fully the salty substance. Marek grinned wickedly, looking down at me swallow the last of his cock sauce.

to be continued...     

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