Marek and us  


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Marek and us 

Part 3      

   The land of a thousand holes. That's how people started to 
designate our tiny village. In our desperation to uncover the 
treasure of the pirate, Julian, Oskar and I punched a countless 
number of holes around town, turning the place into a giant piece
of Swiss cheese. After all this unfruitful labour, we finally 
caught a break. 

My pride forbade me to confess to my friends that I had sucked
Marek's cock and swallowed his load. It was a pathetic story 
anyway, considering he did not divulge the slightest clue as to 
whom owned the treasure map. In retrospect, I reckon I should 
have been smarter. But at least the encounter, albeit humbling, 
proved to be worthwhile. I felt I was getting closer to the 
treasure and gleefully told the brothers that Marek spoke to me 
of a map.

We tailed the teenager, scrutinizing his every move for any 
hint that would tip us in the right direction. Treading warily, 
making sure our bare feet didn't smack on the ground, we lurked 
behind him. Three amateur sleuths in short pants. During our 
snooping, we learned that he lived alone with his deaf 
grandmother. That his discipline was unswerving.

Marek's daily routine began at 9 a.m. He did one hundred push-
ups on the porch clad in underwear. Then, he put on army 
camouflage pants and strolled to the general store to buy a pack 
of cigarettes. The village folks seemed to treat him as a 
prodigal son. They patted his shaven head and enjoyed lively 
chats with the future soldier. This clashed with the image we had
of him.

One evening, the three of us stood outside the seventeen-year-
old boy's window, peering inside. Marek stripped naked. His 
rock-hard nine-inch prick swung left and right as he fetched a 
jar of petroleum jelly from his nightstand and hopped on his bed.
Julian and Oskar gawked at his nudity, their grubby mugs frozen
in shock.

The teen positioned his body in front of the wall, resting on 
his back. His feet climbed on the wall until he was almost upside 
down against it. Then he let his muscular legs keel over. Bent in
two, with his big feet beyond his head, his pole hovered above 
his face.

The limber contortionist barely had to raise his neck to reach
his goal. He opened wide and engulfed a good portion of his 
monster prick. While he slurped on his own thick cock, his right 
hand groped on the mattress for the jelly. He scooped a gob of 
grease with his middle finger and index then introduced them in 
his arsehole.

We choked at the sight of the obscene boy playing with his 
neither region. The teen's firm buttocks were parted and we 
could clearly see the anal ring strangle the invading digits. 
Marek moaned sensuously, burying his fingers deep in his rectal 
opening. For ten minutes, he finger-fucked his asshole, sucking 
on his cock, stopping at times, to lick the mushroom head. 

I squeezed my dick discreetly through the fabric of my shorts. 
My body was alive, from my little toes to the lobes of my ears. 
On my bare chest, the two nipples were hard as pink erasers. I 
cursed the damn boy for making me horny. 

After a few minutes of oral stimulation, Marek gripped his 
cock and tugged on it over his opened trap. I figured immediately
that he was primed to unload his sauce. The knob swelled and 
vomited ropes of cream. The viscous goo gushed into his mouth 
from the gravity. 

Marek's slick hairy asshole winked with every jolt his ecstasy. 
He swallowed the mouthful of his jizz in one big gulp. Us 
youngins glanced at each other while the vile teenager cleaned his
cummy dick, erasing all traces of sticky semen with his tongue. 

Needless to say, I attempted to copy the acrobatic feat in my
bedroom. But my lips didn't even come close to the tip of my 
penis and I settled for a good wank, however this time sticking
a finger into my anus. The pain wasn't significant enough to
dampen my pleasure. The two blended strangely.

In fact, the stimulation of my asshole seemed to accentuate
the blissful sensations. I rubbed my peter, fingering my asshole 
at the same time. My legs jerked. My body wasn't mine 
anymore. In the throes of a premature orgasm, I grunted, staring 
at my penis squirt in the air.


   From then on, I pestered Marek on the identity of the owner of
of the map. But the teenager stood his ground, refusing to 
disclose the valuable information, arguing that I was too young, 
that I shall earn it. To us, it meant that the treasure was really
stupendous. Gold coins or silver coins. Precious artefacts from a 
Spanish galleon. Something worth over a million zlotys!

I decided to defy the teenager and walked straight into the 
modest home. His grandmother didn't notice me and continued to read. I entered his lair.

   "What the hell are you doing here?" Marek snarled, shoving 
me on his bed at once, nearly knocking my glasses off.

   "Wait, Marek! Wait!" I screamed. The big boy encircled me 
with his arms and legs, like a spider seizing its prey. "You're 
an obnoxious lil' fuck!" He barked, twisting my nipple.

   "OWWWW! I want the map!" I insisted. The musky aroma 
of his armpits and cheap cologne wafted up my nose. He 
crushed my neck in the V of his muscular arm.

   "You have to earn it!"

   "How can I earn it?" I asked him.

He leaned over and whispered softly the answer in my ear. It 
must have been really funny to see my eyes bulge out of their 
sockets after what he told me.


   "Let's play the hot dog in the bun again." Julian and I
suggested to Oskar in Mr. Majetko's hangar.

The little red-head chuckled and quickly removed his shorts 
and undies, presenting his butt. I dipped between his round 
asscheeks, darting my tongue right away at his minuscule anus. 
The imp popped a boner, which he fondled while I wet his hole 
for what we had planned. As with every time before, Oskar 
giggled loudly when I snaked my tongue into him and wiggled it.

   "You didn't bring a weiner!" The tyke remarked all of a 

   "Yes, I have this one." I said, pulling out my boner.

   "You wanna put it in my butt?"

   "Yeah, it's just like the weiner." 

The proposal did not deter Oskar's zeal. He went into another 
fit of high-pitched squeals and glanced at his brother for his
approval. Julian nodded. I positioned myself behind the naive 
child, intrigued by the idea of slipping him my penis up the ass.
Marek's explicit admission of what he wanted to do to Julian and
I had disconcerted us. And we thought it would be best to try it
on our favourite guinea pig.

   "Tell me how it feels!" I said.


The pre-cum leaking profusely sufficed to stick my dickhead in. 
Oskar let out a 'Ouch' then giggled some more. With precise 
probing, I wormed in the hot tunnel, deflowering the tyke. My 
boyish erection may have been long, but it had not began its 
expansion in thickness. I plunged easily to the hilt in the 
elastic ring. The narrow opening strangled my penis in a most 
enjoyable way and my balls were comfortably nestled between 
the plump buttocks.

   "Ooooooooouuuhh" Oskar wailed. "It's bigger than the weiner!"

   "No it's not!" Julian butted in.

I knew bloody well the key to getting an orgasm was a vigorous 
stimulation of my dick. So, I bucked my hips, sliding my rigid 
boycock into the constricting hole to summon the similar 
tingles of a good wank. 

   "Uhhhhhhhhhh" Oskar exhaled every time I buried my whole 
dick in his bowels.

   "Is it, nice?" I asked tentatively.

   "My poophole tickles." He responded.

Holding his slim waist, I gave it to him good, delighting in 
the intense pleasure of my first coitus. It was all too clear to 
me why Marek yearned to do the same thing to us. The slippery 
friction was fantastic! 

Julian touched my shoulder, requesting his turn. I rolled aside
and watched him mount his kid brother. Once he had firmly 
embedded himself, the eleven-year-old boy moved his pelvis like 
an agitated puppy. His short stiffy kept popping out of the hole 
but he re-inserted it again and again.

I crawled under Oskar's tummy and sucked his pricklet while
his brother fucked him, estimating the impatient tyke might grow 
tired of this new experience sooner than later. "Ughhhh 
ughhhhhh ughhhhhh!" Our little partner whined from the double 
stimulation. He remained still, granting us plenty of time to 
molest him.

The squishy sound of Julian's penis sliding into Oskar's 
asshole excited me. I couldn't wait for him to be done with it and
take his place in the warm innards of his little brother. But
Julian seemed to enjoy very much the activity. He banged 
Oskar's butt steadily.

Finally, I heard him emit a loud moan. He disconnected himself,
smiling grandly. I scooted closer to examine Oskar's dilated hole.
The red orifice glowed between the white cheeks. I plunged into
it again. Oskar grunted, gyrating his hips to the rhythm of my
incessant stabbing inside his rectum. I shoved myself into his 
little ass harder and faster. A few more thrusts and I reached the
threshold of my climax. My yelp of bliss echoed in the vast 
depot. I pulled out of the clingy hole and sprayed my little 
pal's back with boyjuice, exceedingly satisfied but somewhat 
ashamed to have used his butt for my own selfish gratification.

to be continued...     

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