Marek and us  


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Marek and us 

Part 4      

   The curtains were closed in Marek's bedroom. I unbuttoned 
my shorts nervously. The teenager had already stripped from the
waist down and lubricated his cock. The sheer sight of it made 
me squirm. I couldn't fathom how the immense pole would fit 
up my twelve-year-old butt without causing excruciating pain.

Julian sat in a chair, fiddling with his toes, oblivious to my
anxiety. After a lengthy discussion with him, we had come to an 
agreement. There seemed to be no other avenue to obtain 
the map of the treasure but to sacrifice our asses. We had 
played 'Rock, paper, scissors' to determine who would go first. 
I had won the dubious honour.  

My underwear off, Marek bent me over, poking his greased 
fingers rudely into my virgin anus. I cringed and tried very hard
to relax. "Stretch over here - raise your knee - higher!" The 
teen directed me on the bed. 

Resting on my flank with my leg in the air and Marek behind me,
I awaited the pain. It came fast.

The robust cockhead pushed against my reticent hole. 
"AWWWW! AWWW!" I screamed. The pressure abated 
and returned. I flinched every time Marek attempted to 
penetrate me. At the moment I figured he would abandon, his 
fat cock surged inside me. My entire body stiffened. Tears 
sprung to my eyes. "AOOOOWWWWWW!" I yelled. My 
asshole smarted from the blunt widening. As much as I wanted 
to sob, I could not let Julian see me break down, convinced 
he would chickened out of our deal if I manifested openly 
how agonizing it truly was. 

   "Yeahhhh, I'm gonna fuck your lil' ass now." Marek 
mumbled, holding my leg securely, lunging at me, sliding his 
cock in and out of my ass. "It hurts! Please! AOOOW!" I cried 

   "You just wait a while." Marek whispered in a warm tone. He 
touched my deflated penis to divert my attention from the pain 
and resumed the sodomy with gentler strokes, lifting my upper 
cheek to look at his cock tightly gripped by my asshole. I didn't
budge, taking it in the ass, grinding my teeth. The minutes passed
slowly. When the huge log pulled out of me, I breathed a sigh of 

   "Are you done?" I asked.

   "Nope. Get on your back and raise your legs."

I obeyed the command, humiliated that he wanted to take 
me like a girl in front of Julian. The strong teen lifted my 
legs, placing my feet on his shoulders then he leaned forward, 
planting an elbow on each side of my head. "Put it in." He 
said. I had gone too far to back out. I reached down, took 
his penis in my hand and poised the head against my quivering 

Marek sank into me. In this position, he almost plunged his 
entire cock in my upturned behind. I whimpered and squirmed 
again. However, this time the swollen tube of flesh grazed 
my prostate and my dick sprung to life. The teenager's 
muscular frame crushed me. He had absolute control and began 
to fuck my ass fervently. I gazed at his swollen penis slamming 
into my asshole, holding on for dear life to my sanity.

   "Take my cock. Awww FUCK yeah! Your ass feels sooo 
good." The big boy raved, driving his fuckstick again and again, 
really hard. "UGGHH! UGHGHHH! UGHHHH ARGGHHH!!!" I yelled. So loud that I thought his deaf grandmother would hear 
me. There was still some pain left. Thankfully, tingles of 
pleasure made it bearable. My dick rose to the occasion. My 
glasses steamed up.

I wanted to jack off, but opted to lay like a wet noodle 
underneath him, feeling the violent thrusts of his ramrod into my 
rectum. "Ohhh yeahhhh! Take my cock in yer ass! Yeahhhh 
ORRRHH" Marek ranted, focused on his efforts to fuck me. The springs of the mattress creaked every time he descended in 
my guts. Brand new pleasures emerged as my asshole accepted 
the intrusion. Just as I was beginning to appreciate anal sex, 
he pulled out and motioned to Julian to take my spot.

We traded places. I trudged to the chair, happy but with a 
sore butthole. A certain sense of achievement lifted my spirit. I
beamed, ready to witness if my younger friend would be man 
enough to take it up his lil' ass without crying. Julian 
clambered on the bed. His bubble butt was so small. I expected 
him to squeal. "Are you gonna do it hard like the last time?" 
He asked Marek.

'last time'? I repeated in my head. What? Had he done this
before without telling me? How many times?

   "Even harder." The teenager responded. "I'm gonna really nail

   "Oh." Julian peeped, bowed forward and hoisted up his 

Marek applied more grease to his cock. He approached the 
little redhead on all four and squatted to align his tool with 
the kid's pucker. Unlike my penetration, it went smoothly. Marek buried the end of his huge phallus on the first try. 
"OOOOuhh Ouuuhhh!!!!" Julian hissed, tilting his head back, 
going weak all over. For an instant, I thought he would forfeit 
and wreck our pact.

But the boy got back up, sniffing up his tears, clutching the
bed sheets. Marek grasped his shoulders, sliding his teenage cock
firmly. "ORHHHH, you're such a tight fuck!" He muttered. From where I was sitting, I had a perfect view of his fat cock 
splitting open my pal's bony ass. The obscene spectacle got me 
hot and I played with my dick.

   "Yeahhh take it some more..." Marek said, thrusting deeper. 

   "ANNGGH!" Julian yelped, absorbing another inch of meat.

   "Yeahhh That's it! take it some more..." Marek reiterated, 
thrusting deeper. 

   "ANNNNNNGGH!" Julian hollered, absorbing another two 
inches of meat.

I watched intently as the dilated ring swallowed more and more
cock until Marek crammed all nine-inches into it. At this point,
Julian supported the full weight of the teenager on his knees.
His freckled face was covered with the sweat from his forehead.
I felt some compassion for the poor kid. He was doing it for me.

   "Ohhh yeah! Get ready for the FUCK of your life!" Marek 

What ensued left me bewildered for days. It could not be 
compared to the playful fornication we had coaxed Oskar into. 
Marek began to fuck Julian gently, then quickly sped up, 
jamming and ramming into his anus. I stared at his huge cock 
vanish completely between my pal's white buns, squinting in 
utter disbelief.

   "Anngghh angghhh angghhh!" Julian grunted, elevating his butt,
receiving the piston like a good slut. Marek's hipbone collided 
with the boy's little ass. His pendulous balls began to slap 
on it, as if he was spanking the child.

   "YEAHHH FUCK! FUCK YEAH!" The teenager roared, 
smothering Julian and driving his fuckstick deep into his 
rectum. At times, he paused, waiting for the pleasure to 
decrease. Then he pursed to bugger Julian with the same 
unbridled passion. Even the dogs I had seen copulate many 
times were not that excessive.

Julian's skinny body shuddered with every gigantic thrust. He
wasn't big for his age. A real throwabout. Marek took advantage
of his vulnerability and banged his butt ruthlessly. I was amazed
by Julian's docility. Whenever he fell from the relentless 
hammering into his butt, he got back on his hands right away and
spread his knees wide to enable the teenager to fuck him some 

For longer than I had anticipated, he got pounded in the ass,
cooing like a wounded animal, jacking off once in a while. Marek
eventually extracted his pole out of his butt, inch by inch. I
got a good look at my pal's red-rimmed anus before it was 
inundated with spunk. Marek gripped his cock and groaned. His
thick white jizz gushed out repeatedly in the gaping crater.

   "Oh shit! That was great!" He said in the end, getting off the
bed and strutting to his clothes.

I waited for him to reveal to us who owned the treasure map, 
praying that we had not been fooled once again by the big lad. 
Marek put his underwear and his army camouflage pants back 
on, taking his time. I certainly didn't expect him to express 
remorse for the fact that he had fucked us, but I had presumed 
he would at the very least, be amicable.

   "You gotta tell us now!" I begged. 

"Mr. Pulaski has the treasure map." Marek said. "The old 
kook hides it somewhere."

to be continued...     

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