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90 per cent of the following story consist of imagination ( unfortunately ). The story tells about me <Tom and <Marty a friend of mine, both of us being 14 at that time. The persons and scenes are authentic, only the plot escaped from my imagination.
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Marty and Tom

(by Thomas Schild)

The Beginning

"Okay, who have we here? You are Thomas, you are visiting the eight grade and your friends call you Tom, am I right?"
There was a boy in front of the teacher, although only 14 years of age, his height was 6'2'', even taller than the teacher himself.

The boy was wearing a white T-shirt and runner-shorts.
Being the sports teacher he knew that Tom attended the swim-class and was a runner too, besides Tom spent a lot of his time at a gym for six months now.

One can see that, thought the teacher by himself, brawny arms, through his T-shirt you can notice his broad back and his strong upper part of the body.
There would appear a washboard belly too if he wouldn't stop to workout.
And his legs, long because of his height but well occupied with muscles too.
At the last weigh he brought 190 pounds on to the scale.
He had dark brown, shortcut hair above his suntanned face and blue green eyes. The girls from school would like him definitely.

Tom didn't see himself as attractive but he would get that realization sooner or later.

"Tom you will run versus Martin. Martin come on over here! All right then, on your marks, get set, GO!"

Tom has been looking forward to the final sports-lesson all day long. Every sports-lesson was an excellent opportunity for him to let off steam. Now he was running the 5 miles cross-country-distance versus Marty so.
Marty himself was a good runner too and two years ago he had been able to beat Tom in any case. But he had given up the stamina training five month ago and switched into Bodybuilding at that time, consequently he slowly lost breath after about 2/3 of the distance.

As he arrived at the finish he was 27 sec. behind Tom and had to sit down, there was something more to do he noticed, it was time to have a piss.
The sports grounds of the school were situated at the outside of the village and surrounded with bushes and trees. It was usual not to run to the toilet in the sports-hall if someone had to relieve oneself but to do it behind the bushes ( the teacher shouldn't catch you there ).

So Marty walked behind one of the bushes. Tom have had the same idea a little earlier, as Marty took place next to him behind the bush his youthful curiosity awaked. He glanced at Marty while that one took out his dick and started to piss.
That's a beautiful cock Tom thought by himself, the skin of it isn't very dark, it is uncircumcised and certainly 4 1/2 inches in it's limp state.

All of a sudden Tom felt his own "friend" begins to stir. That was the lighting spark that woke up Tom.
Tom was shocked then as he realized that he took pleasure in viewing Marty. Soon he would get a even better opportunity to see Marty absolutely naked, because they went to the shower now.
Tom himself always had been a little bashful at having a shower ( probably because of the strict Catholic upbringing by his parents ).
Now as he knew that the sight of Marty turned him on, it was even worse to get undressed for Tom.
Because of that he took one's time at getting undressed and glanced over at Marty.

Why didn't I realize how good he look like

Tom thought to himself,

For five months he went to the gym with me now, and his muscles are now well trained. His muscles are growing faster than mine, maybe because of his lower height

In contrast to him Marty's height was only 5'6'' but his weight was 180 pounds already ( and there was no gram fat to much at him).
Tom looked at him more precisely now: Marty's skin was yet in the summer as tanned as his own was. Marty's hair wasn't as dark but as short as his own, he had hazelnutbrown eyes, strong neck-muscles, his V-shaped lats, on his hard chest he had two darkbrown nipples each about as big as a quarter. On his belly there was an enviable six-pack. A thin waist turned in to the wider legs, bursting with muscles ( slightly O-legs but that lent him a sexy walk ). Tom's look slid back to Marty's middle of the body, there it was the magnificence, he could see Marty's balls too, well situated in a nest of darkbrown hair, hanging further down then his own pair. What Tom pleased most of all was this little tight ass he caught sight of.


The sin

Just arrived at home after sports Tom reflected upon what's going on with him. He knew, rather he thought, it wasn't right to follow boys with his eyes. Because of that he was quite confused and tried to beat this thoughts out of his head ( figurative spoken ).
The next day in the classroom however he wasn't able not to watch Marty. Sitting there at the row in front of him in his 501 jeans, which were fitting so tight one could make out the lines of the briefs Marty wore. But there wasn't a contour you could see.

Think of something else

Tom said to himself, but it was getting worse and worse and worse. Day after day he day-dreamt even more about his friend and felt more and more guilty by think of something wrong.
That wasn't as good for his marks, he always has written good marks like B's but now this has changed completely, he slid down to marks like D and F. He couldn't concentrate as before. Damn! What would his parents tell if they hear of their son will have to repeat the grade. Tom was getting more and more into a depression and he saw no way out of it.
Often Tom met Marty after school. They played soccer, trained for the outstanding school-marathon or Tom walked over to Marty and they played on his PC. In former times it had been great for Tom to be with his Friend now he was uneasy about that. On a hot day in August Marty's father asked them to dismantle the old rotten treehouse in the backyard because of being to dangerous to step on it. They decided to start the work after lunch. So Tom left home right after meal and walked over to his friends house which was only three minutes away if he walked by bike. Both of them wore old and worn-out clothes because it would be a dirty work. He wore a old cutoff jeans and a washed out T-shirt. I have no idea of which color it was in former times Tom thought to himself. Marty wore shorts too, no jeans however but one of his older running-shorts and a white muscle-shirt. The sun was pitiless burning down on that day, every physical exercise made one sweat more. For that reason Tom took of his T-shirt in order to cool down. After they had emptied the treehouse they started to dismantle the roof. For this Marty climbed the tree a bit higher in order to come near to the roof. Marty noticed that he had to lean out very far if he would grasp the boards.

"Hey Tom help me with that! I'll get out of balance if I try to lift this boards. You best hold me by my leg so that I can't slip off".

"OK., I come up to you"

The Air was hot and Tom was hot too, to HOT!. As he touched Marty a shiver went trough his body, feeling this warm, soft and bathed in sweat skin with only a few thin hair on it was good, was great, was FANTASTIC. Suddenly Tom asked himself if Marty would wear a brief, in the past few weeks he had noticed that Marty doesn't wear underpants as often as possible. Marty was diverted at the moment and his shorts had quite wide openings at the legs. Tom let wander his look up the leg of his friend, and in fact HE DID NOT WORE ANY UNDERWEAR. Tom wasn't able to see Marty's dick instead he was able to see two wonderful balls hanging down there. Tom's little "friend" started to grow as so often before,

what if Marty would notice that?

Tom thought to himself. It went on even "worse" ;-) Marty had taken so many boards at once so that he feared to fall, in spite of his friends helping hand.

"Tom, these boards are too heavy you have to hold me further up"

"Ugh ... hmm ... OK Marty I'll try to"

Shit! I shall hold him further up, I can't stand this much longer.
He pulled the rest of his courage together and grabbed one leg at the thigh. He realized to late that he had grabbed the thigh up to far, his hands were situated within the slacks.

"Whoa, that's high enough"

Marty said and tried to outlever the boards.
As Marty stood up Tom noticed suddenly that there was something that touched his hand. What was it? Again he looked up into Marty's shorts. He nearly let Marty go by shock, hanging down there over his hand were Marty's balls, that was a thrill, didn't Marty notice anything? It nearly looked like he didn't, because of he didn't say a word. They had to work on the treehouse until in the dusk. It was an terrible time for Tom, first of all he had to hide his hard-one and then he felt more guilty then ever too. WHAT COULD HE ONLY DO!.

It was at 4 PM, the sports-lesson had just finished and Tom was the last one at the shower. He felt horrible, that day his homeroom teacher had told him that he might not pas the graduation this year and had asked him to tell his parents. Moreover there was this unbelievable yearning after Marty. Since the afternoon at the treehouse Tom didn't dare to speak to Marty any more, out of the fear to get lost of himself. But now he realized that this wasn't a settlement at all. Tears run down his cheeks, he wasn't able to see a way out any more. Slowly he crouched himself into the corner of the nearly dark shower-room. Water pour over him and blended with his tears. The room was getting dark slowly and the golden colors of the sunset were reflected by the tile.
Suddenly he was grabbed by two hands and pulled up.


The avowal

What's the matter with Tom? Marty was wondering about again and again. Tom had been standoffish since the summary of the treehouse. He didn't speak with him anymore and even kept out of his way.
Have I done something to upset him? No, I haven't, not intentional anyhow. At first he felt guilty himself a little bit but day after day he was getting more furious, he had done nothing wrong, so what does this fucking guy want. He would take to ask him on next occasion.
The occasion came to at the last sports-lesson. Marty was there waiting for Tom who had to come out of the hall. As he didn't see Tom after some time he went into the changing room. Tom's clothes were still there, so he still had to be under the shower. Without thinking about it long Marty stormed into the shower and towards Tom ( The fact that that one was down on the ground he realized until later on as he knew already everything else ) and pulled him up.


he yelled into Tom's face. In the next moment he had a feeling as if Arni Schwarzenegger's fist had hit his stomach. Something was wrong in here? The "big-one" was crying like a baby. Had he touched him to hard? Marty relaxed his hold -

"Hey Tom, come on I didn't mean it this way. I'm sorry if I hurt you."

This situation overtaxed Marty temporary, the only thing he could do was to take him into his arms. There they were, two young guys standing under the shower, with their arms around each other, the one totally naked, the other in wet clothes, and it was absolutely quiet.
Slowly, very slowly Marty led Tom out of the shower into the changing room and set him at a bench. It seemed as if Tom came round. Now everything that he had kept back till now broke out of him. What Marty heard now, wrapped him like a fog. Tom the grade B student should be supposed to repeat a year, he should be hot for guys - for HIM, this rock of a man thought about suicide?. Something have to be done here, fast.
First of all he saw the still confused Tom home and let him make a promise to grind for school with him, starting tomorrow. The next few days and weeks became hard, every day they crammed additional three hours after school in order to catch up the whole subject that Tom had missed. Hour after hour, day after day, week after week went by, the examinations were getting close and closer and ..........
Tom DID PASS them all!



The reward

Peculiar that was a day to celebrate, for that reason Marty and Tom met at Marty's home in the afternoon. They saw some videos, drank some beer, joked and laughed. Suddenly Marty changed the subject.

"Tom, do you remember what you have told me once in the changing room?"

"You mean the matter with my grades, don't you?"

"That and something else"

Tom lowered his look and was getting red

"Uh....hmm....yes....but you know, that...."

"Hey, stay cool. One can talk about everything, can't one?"

Surprised Tom lifted his look. A broad grin flitted over Marty's face

"For the celebration of the day" Marty said and started to unbutton his shirt "and as a little reward for the whole work"

"B..b..but Marty are you sure about what you do."

"Hey Tom, I have broken my head thinking about it by myself since that evening, you know, how are my feelings about you and about all the other things. Every day we studied together I was watching you and I realized more and more that you pleased me, or better that you made me horny. So what's up now, do you want me to do anything by myself?"

Now it was Tom's turn to grin

"No, certainly not"

With that Tom knelt down in front of Marty, pushed Marty's hands away and began to unbutton the last of the buttons. He pulled the shirt out of Marty's jeans and under the shirt he ran his hands up over Marty's hot body. He took his head in both hands, got closer to Marty's lips with his own and kissed him at first gentle but then he shoved his tongue trough Marty's lips. He searched for Marty's tongue and then slid as far into Marty's mouth as it was possible for him. Tom went on, kissing from Marty's neck over to his shoulders, his biceps, than he licked at one go over Marty's chest on to his nipples. Whoa, this full hard nipples were worth to get some more attention. So he rotated with his tip of the tongue round one nipple then round the other. Sounds of lust came out of Marty's mouth. Tom looked up, Marty's head leant back on the backrest, his eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open, a view of pure lust. Tom turned on to Marty's nipples for a while and went on to the belly then. At each of the six muscle-bulges he left a kiss behind.

"Ooooooh yeeeeeeaaaaaaaa, go on Tom don't stop it" Marty whispered.

Now Tom had reached his goal of dreams, never he would have dreamt of getting Marty's fuckrod into his fingers. Slowly he clenched the already rockhard penis, with three fingers he shoved back Marty's foreskin, let it slit back again, shoved it back for the second time, with his tongue Tom licked over the piss-slit then let the foreskin slide back this time over his tongue too. Now he rotated his tongue round Marty's glans.

"Coooooooome ooooooooon Tom, I caaaaaaaaaaaaan't stand it much longeeeeeeeeeeer"

Marty's wish was Tom's command. Tom didn't wont to waste any drop of the "champagne", so he took Marty's cock into his mouth and sucked it down his pharynx as far as hi was able to. At the same time Tom scratched gently Marty's balls with one hand. Marty lay down at his side. That made it able for Tom to ran his hand over the sensitive line between the balls and anus, on trough the crack between the asscheeks, until he was with his entire arm through under Marty and ran his nails with lust over Marty's back. Tom's shoulder massaged Marty's asshole. A tremble ran through Marty's body, his cock started to dance in Tommy's pharynx, and than it was time, splash after splash of Marty's boycream poured down Tom's mouth and Tom swallowed it all, only one drop found his way over Tom's lips and got caught on the chin.
As Marty recovered again, he looked in Tom's eyes, smiled and said.

"There is something at your chin, wait I'll help you to clean up"

He leaked the drop away with his tongue and found his way to Tom's lips then. Marty threw his arms around him and kissed him tender. Marty asked Tom:

"May I.. uh... fuck you? Have you ever thought about that?"

"Yes, of course! wait here I go and get us some Vaseline"

Tom said and ran upstairs into his room. As he didn't come back after two minutes Marty went upstairs too. He found Tom sitting at his bed, a lonely tear ran down his left cheek.

"What's up, is there another problem?"

Marty asked softly, sat down next to Tom and threw a arm across his shoulders.

"No, there isn't another one, I was just thinking about, that this is the best day of my life. Marty? - Yes - I love you. - I love you too my big-one"

They kissed again, then Tom opened the lubricant and rubbed some onto Marty's fuckrod ( hard again ), then he rubbed another load around his asshole.

"Lay down on your back Marty I want to sit down at your Willie."

No sooner said than done, Marty lay himself on his back, Tom knelt down above him and came down at his candle. The first shiver went through Tom as Marty's glans touched his ring. He tried then to sat down a bit lower, slowly Marty's cock penetrated him and shoved into him. As soon as the glans was in, Tom had to take a rest, his hole felt like it would tore up, but that feeling went away slowly, very slowly. Inch after inch he sank down at Marty's lust-bolt. That feeling how Marty's tail shoved up slowly and filled him up gave him the hardest hard-on he had ever had. In order to help him out of his fix, Marty grabbed it and jerked him off. During that Tom started to glide slowly up and down. With his hands he kneaded Marty's chests. Both of them were getting closer and closer to their orgasm. And then they came. Tom could feel every single spurt that Marty shot into him. One, two, three, four, five, six, six times although it was his second orgasm in twenty minutes. But there wasn't so much time to count, his own prick with a great hullabaloo brought itself back to mind. With great pressure Tom's semen poured over Marty's belly and chest and it hit him in his face too. Both of them had to laugh at this.
After that they only just made it to the shower ( maybe another story if I get some little reaction to this ;-) ) and to tidy up a bit before they went to bed. They lay down in a wonderful spoon position ( I don't know if that's the right translation but I think you will get the right idea ) Tom at Marty's back. One last kiss. "Marty I love you" - "I love you too Tom, undying"

Marty and Tom

Part II

(by Schild Thomas)


The shared shower (review)

Still be a bit shaky, Marty and Tom only just made it to the shower. They were covered in sweat and there was cum at various parts of their bodies and orifices. A shower was the only thing they needed now.
Marty turned on the water and climbed into the shower.

"Ahhhhh this is wonderful! Come on in Tom, I think you need a shower just like me".
"That may be true but my hair is certainly not as messed up as yours"

Said Tom and entered the shower.

"That's right, you really are a bad guy. As a punishment you will lather me now."

Marty handed the soap to Tom.

"Yes, mummy!"

Tom lathered Marty's shoulders first. Tom ran his hands gentle over Marty's soft skin. He let his hands wander over Marty's back, the soap seems to strengthen their skin-contact even more. Tom noticed that his cock started to move again, as he reached Marty's firm bottom his cock stood nearly vertical upwards. He kneaded the two buttocks tenderly, roamed the side of his hand trough the crack between them and massaged Marty's slightly pink opening with his fingers.
Afterwards Tom turned Marty and started the same game all over again. This time he kneaded Marty's breasts, tickled his nipples and armpits. He lathered Marty's washbordbelly, which let swell his penis nearly to explode.
Up to now Marty hadn't said a word. But now as Tom suddenly grasped his brick and nuts with his whole hand, a low and long sound of pleasure escaped from his mouth.

"Mmmmmmmh Tom you are fantastic."

He put his arms round Tom and pulled him up to him. Marty's cock touched Tom's cock.
So they stood next to each other for a while. They started to rub their bodies up each other,
their fuckrods huddled together, pressed against their navel. The wonderful sensation of water and soap, that surrounded both of them, and their movements brought them quickly to a new climax.
Tom was the first to start moaning loud, Marty didn't take much longer. As the well-known feeling flow through both of them at the same time, their legs gave in and they sat down at the tub.

"Phew! Tom, I think I couldn't feel better than today. Your soft skin, without any hair on it, even your balls don't have any, this feeling is simply brill. I wish I hadn't yet as many hair as I do have."

A grin whizzed over Toms face.

"You have to know Marty, there is a reason for that. Shortly after I entered the swimming team
I discovered that the other boys would shave their legs and arms and sometimes even their back
and thorax. They say that you will be faster some tenth of a second if you do so. So I tried it out too.
The soft skin I had afterwards only felt so good, that I thought to myself what a feeling it would be if I shaved myself everywhere. You should try it too, I would help you for the first time if you want to."

"That would be great. Let's do it now. I have a wet shaver right over there at the mirror."

Marty got the shaver and some shaving gel. Tom took the gel and rubbed it on Marty's testicle and cock.
After that he took the shaver and started to remove Marty's black hairs, things came easily to him, that was because of Marty's "lout" being still half-hard. After work Tom looked at his work.
He laughed and said:

"I think I will have a lot of fun with this."

After that they went to bed together. Tom at Marty's back huddled together like spoons.
They fell asleep soon in this wonderful warm Friday-night.

The excursion

On Saturday morning Tom's father John came back from night shift. On the way home he had already
asked himself if his son would have passed his final examination. He wanted to ask him immediately
but Tom's room was empty.
Well! I suppose he spent the night at his friends place
He thought to himself than he went back to the kitchen. He found a message from Tom there,
it confirmed his opinion and much to his pleasure Tom informed him about passing the exam too.
Thank goodness!
Not long ago he was very worried about Tom. His son had became more and more quiet,
had cut himself off from society. John reproached himself. Had he neglected his son too much?
Just now that his mother had died half an year ago, he as his Father should have taken
even more care of him. But shift work hadn't made it possible for him to concern himself with Tom
for a long time. As Tom isolated himself even from his best friend Marty some weeks ago
and as he seemed to suffer dreadfully, he even thought about to give in his notice. With great relief
he had noticed that Marty came up again and that he helped his son with his homework.
Fortunately Marty was extant.
John had taken the next week off. In case Tom shouldn't pass his exam he wanted to be at home
in order to stand by him. Now as this fear was taken away form him, he had an great idea.
He would drive to their forest hut in the Alps with Marty and there they would spend a
Father-Son-Week together.

As Tom arrived at home and as he saw his Father's car standing in the driveway already,
he was suddenly hit by a thought. How should his future with Marty look like? He wasn't able
to tell his Father easily what the two of them had in common. He was pulled out of his thoughts
as his Father left the house and took some things to the car.

"Morning Dad!"
"Good morning my lord. So have you both celebrated yours passed exam."
"Yes, I stayed straight overnight at Marty's home, you don't mind don't you?"
"Of course not, I'm glad that you both get on well with each other again."
Better than ever. Tom thought to himself.
"Tom, I thought about a trip to our hut over next week, what do you think?"
"Sounds great for me."

Following a sudden notion he appended:

"Could Marty come along with us? His Mother will drive to her aunt tomorrow anyway, and she
would be glad if he will not be alone the whole time. We would definitely have more fun too then."
"OK I tell you something, you get the remaining things together that we will need and I will call Marty's Mother and ask her for permission. Is that a deal?"
"Super I'm already gone Dad"

Actually John would only take Tom with him but Tom was certainly right, three of them would have even more fun. The phone call at Marty's Mother wasn't a problem. Susan and John had met
long before and she was glad about being able to drive to her aunt without any worries.

"We should get together once again too Susan. We hadn't often seen one another since Maria's death."
"Sure John, when I will be back we could eat out."

After she had put the phone down, she had to remember how very much John had helped her since the death of her husband and how much they had got closer even closer than she had ever
thought about. She told Marty that he would spend next week with Tom and his Father and after that she started her own preparations for the trip.

Tom was very excited while he packed. He could hardly wait for the trip. As his Father had told him what he had in mind, Tom had a sudden notion that there at the hut would probably arise the best opportunity to be completely open with his Father. To have Marty with him at the trip would be a big support. It will have to work out all right.
It was in the afternoons already as they went on to the about three-hour-long ride.
When they arrived at the hut it was already dark. Fortunately the hut had a small generator
that provided it with electricity. The hut was built of wood, it wasn't as small as one could suppose, there was the kitchen - which was although the sitting room at the same time, a bathroom ( without heated water ) and two bedrooms. Therefore the lack of sleeping potentialities was the only problem they had. John intended to share the bedroom with the two beds in it with his son, while he allocated the other one to Marty. All three of them were tired of the ride, so they dropped everything and went to bed.

A day full of fun

Tom was the first to woke up the following morning. He quietly slipped out of the bedroom and in front of the hut. The sun was just rising and the birds were starting their morning singing. There was a little lake close to the hut, Tom ran down to it. It was wonderful, at the opposite side of the lake there was still some mist between the trees, the sun gave off a orange-golden light through it. The lake was still entirely calm, the water was black but clear and smooth like a mirror in which trees grew seemingly.
A swarm of midges hovered at one point above the lake, they seemed to shine at their own accord due to the special lighting by the sun. How long he hadn't been in this place, he seemed to see everything in a different light now. Slowly Tom went back to the hut. A warm draft came towards him, a wonderful day was supposed to begin.
As he reached the hut again, he went to Marty's room first. He quietly opened the door.
There lay his friend, smiling softly in his dreams. His strong shoulders stuck out of the white cover.
Suddenly Marty turned round. Quick but quiet Tom pulled the door and went into the kitchen.
He would see if he could sizzle some eatable things.
Shortly afterwards Marty came into the kitchen, he hugged Tom affectionately and sat down at the table.

"Well, what delicious things will we get for breakfast."
"Oh!, a "Morning mist-egg-bacon- and honey-surprise" à la Tom."
"A wonderful good morning boys. Ahhhhh there's a delicious smell in here. Well then let's dig in."

They ate like horses.

"Boys, mmnnn...., afterwards I will have to drive to the next village where I have a few things to do. So you will have to do something by yourself for this day, is that a problem for you?"

Marty and Tom looked at one another and grinned.

"Nooo not at all, you just drive Dad. We will find something to pass the time."

So John left the hut shortly afterwards.

"How about go swimming after we will have our things stowed away."
"Sounds great Tom, let's get going then so that we will be ready soon."

Marty was the first of them being ready with his work. He quickly put on a pair of swimming trunks and ran of to the lake. The water was now about midday already pleasantly warm. Marty decided to cross the lake once and take a look at the small isle at the back which was surrounded with rocks.
As he returned from the exploratory tour, Tom was also ready to plunge into the wet element.
He just came out of the hut as Marty looked up to it. Amazement could be seen on Marty's face,
Tom didn't wear a pair of trunks, indeed he didn't wear anything at all. His dick swung loosely to
the rhythm of his movements.
Just like a young god from a legend Marty thought to himself.

"Hey didn't you forget something."
"No, certainly not. You don't say that you wear trunks here in this wilderness.
Well, so it's time to do something against your shyness."

Suddenly Tom dived and before he knew what was happening to him, Tom had pulled his trunks down to the knees. Now he didn't want to refuse any longer too. The feeling of freedom and water down there was far to great so that he never wanted to miss it again. Quickly he took the trunks completely off and threw them to the edge of the lake. He then tried to catch Tom in order to get his own back on Tom for the little fright. In this way they scuffled around in the water for a whole while. As they were getting cold at last, Marty made a suggestion.

"Let us swim over there to the isle. When I had been there once today the rocks round it emitted a pleasantly warmth."
"I don't mind. Let's go! The last one will be bitten by the dog."

Puffing and panting they reached the isle. Marty had been right. If one lay down on the rocks
( heated up by the sun ) one was warmed up immediately. After some time Tom dozed off. He started to dream. In that dream he had a young dog. Tom being naked romped around at a meadow with the dog, until he had had it and lay down on the grass. The dog got closer to him and licked his face.
But not enough with that the young grayish-white Husky licked his entire body. All of a sudden
the dog started to lick Tom's "rod" and finally took it into it's muzzle. The heat that surrounded
Marty's dick then was going hot and hotter. There it was when Tom waked up and to his surprise
the heat stayed. As he looked down he saw Marty. He was voluptuous busy with Toms hard-on.
Tom just lay there and closed his eyes.

The certainly warm but hard rocks had become uncomfortable fast for Marty. As he lay there and
watched his seemingly sleeping friend he had a idea. Slowly he bent over Tom distributed some
tenderly kisses over his face. After that he started to lick up the last few drops of water at Tom's skin.
While doing so he realized the tenderly salty flavor of the skin. It gave Marty an appetite for
something that would taste more salty. Therefore he began to work with his tongue on Tom's soft penis.
Finally he took it all into his hungry mouth and sucked a little bit. Tom's pecker was getting hard
and harder, until it was totally erect. Slowly Marty moved his head up and down. Tom moved slightly, but seemed to be still asleep. Marty's movements got faster. Then it seemed that Tom's hard-on got even longer and thicker. Marty knew what would happen next, he could hardly wait for it. Tom's nuts contracted and with a loud moan from Tom a huge splash of semen poured into Marty's throat.
Tom decided to pretend to be asleep. He would keep his chance for later. After a while he stretched, yawned and sat up.

"Ahhhhh this is great, to rest simply here in the sun. How about a opulent supper now?"
"Sounds great for me. Though I don't have as much hunger at the moment."
"Just wait until the smell of grilled sausages will get into your nose."

They swam back do the edge of the lake. Both of them left their clothes lying around - whoever
should pass by - only Tom put on a barbecue-apron because he didn't want to burn himself.
Toms rear view had another stimulating effect on Marty.
The meal was excellent and Marty was hungry too once again, like Tom had told him. The sun started to say good bye, it was getting chilly as well. The couple decided to went into the hut. Marty just picked up his clothes at the edge of the lake. In the kitchen they played a game of cards for some time, but soon both where tired - be out the open all day took its tribute -. As Marty was about to enter his bedroom suddenly Tom stood behind him.

"What's up, buddy?"
"I think you owe me something"

Tom answered with a broad grin at his face.

"Or did you think I really had forgotten how you took something away from me not long ago at the isle that doesn't belong to you."
"You wasn't asleep. Oh, you malingerer."

Tom pushed Marty back, until he landed on the bed.

"It's time to take revenge."

Tom knelt down in front of the bed and set to work. Like he had done last time he played with foreskin, as he rolled it over his tip of the tongue and licked Marty's glans than. Tom pressed Marty's chest back onto the bed. Caressed Marty's breasts, chest and tummy with his hands. Marty started to moan.
He wanted to spoil Tommy just the same way. So he pulled him onto the bed. He laid down beside Tom in the 69 position and started as far as he was concerned to suck at Toms' testicles. After that he took care of Tom's fuckrod. This time he wanted it as far down his throat as it would be possible. He grabbed Tom's buttocks and pulled them up to him until he could feel Tom's cock at his throat.
In this stage he dwelled on in order to find a rhythm. He made it to get air even then when he let
Tom's penis slid down his throat. For Tom it was the best feeling he had ever had. In this way they enjoyed them for a long time, then Tom felt that Marty's finger entered his hole, this took him over the edge. A shower ran over him, he got a goose pimples. And then he shoot his hot load into Marty's throat. Marty swallowed as much as he could and there was little that escaped. There it was again this salty taste. Marty sucked passionately every drop out of Tom's cock. Afterwards he gave back anything he had got. Spurt after spurt gathered in Tom's waiting mouth.
They laid down out of breath.

It was already dark as John came back to the hut. He went into his bedroom. Tom wasn't in his bed yet and John had seen a light out from Marty's room.


Marty and Tom

Part III

(by Schild Thomas)

Hiking and Camping

John opened the boy's bedroom door, and there they laid on the bed playing cards. John walked in.

"You should go to bed now boys because we will go hiking tomorrow and you will need all your power for that."

The boys consented.

"We just will finish this game, OK dad"

John went back to the other bedroom.

"Phew! that was close Marty. Yes it definitely was, I hope he didn't realize my hard-on. I don't think so but you know sooner or later he will have to know about us. I couldn't live with such a secret all time long. Yes me not either. Hey! maybe we could talk to your dad on the hike. We'll see, good night my love."

Tom gave Marty a little kiss and went back to the other bedroom. His dad was in bed but still awake. Tom got undressed to his underwear and jumped into bed.

"Well it seems that you have had a nice day, hu? Oh yes, a great one and I can't wait on tomorrow. Where will we hike to? Not very far, you remember the dragonsrock? underneath we will set up our camp for the night and the next day we will come back to the hut. Sounds great dad. Yes Tom, but go to sleep now I don't want to carry you on my shoulders tomorrow. Hey! we'll see which one will need a helping hand dad."

Next morning the weather was just as beautiful as the day before. After the breakfast the three had packed their backpacks and now half the way laid behind them.

"What do you boys think about a break and lunch? We are as hungry as lions dad. OK then we'll stay here it's a good place as there is a camping site with folding tables right over there."

They sat down and started to ate.


Steve? who the hell is Steve?

Not far away at the other side ( a remote section ) of the camping site young Steve, dressed only in a tank top and an old pair of levi cut-offs, walked along a well used trail. As he came around a corner, there about 20 feet away and coming straight toward him were 3 older boys, probably about 18 or 19 years of age.

Steve didn't want any trouble and would have quickly turned away, but the boys were just to close. Steve tried to avoid direct eye contact with the boys, hoping they would just quietly pass on by. But just as Steve stepped aside to let them pass the boy in the middle said

"hey pretty boy wanna join us for some fun?"

-At 15 Steve was about 5' 8", 140lbs, and had nice brown hair. He was a very striking boy physically, one that most people would give a second look to.- Not wanting to offend them Steve started to say thanks for the offer but he had to hurry and get home. Before he could finish the sentence however the boys, as if by some preplanned design, grabbed ahold of his arms and carried him about 50 yards off the trail. Steve tried to plead with the boys to please let him go as he had to get home or he would be in bad trouble.

The boys just laughed and told Steve that if he just cooperate with them he wouldn't get hurt and would soon be on his way. Well there really wasn't anything poor Steve could do, as there were 3 boys and all older and bigger than him. The boys all had similar builds, about 5' 11", around 175lbs. and all had a kind of sandy blond hair.

"Hey you wanna go home fast heh, then do what we want you to do. Guys will we humiliate this little babyface at first?"

Fear was rising in Steve's eyes as he saw the three boys pulling out their cocks. The one that seems to be the leader shouted on Steve to came closer to him

"See this? You will have to please it or I'll beat the shit out of you. First you will gently grab my nuts, ohhhh yeah, take my dick into your hand and then jack me off. Oh, ah, yeah but I know something even better, you will suck on it now, yeah take it into your mouth babe."

Steve didn't know what he could do to get out of this so he took the forehead into his mouth and tried to suck on it. The boy however wanted more and shoved his now hard 8 incher back Steve's throat. That was to much for Steve, he gagged at first so the boy pulled back a little bit. Slowly Steve got used to it and was now able to swallow the whole thing. The boy humped his face faster and faster. After some time Steve realized a spasm in the penis and than another and his fear came true a salty taste ran over his tongue and down his throat, the boy squirted his cum into Steve's mouth. After he had finished this one the next came closer and wanted the same treatment. After the third time Steve was able to do good blow jobs.

"Now let's see what we will find under your shirt babe. Hey! can't you hear! throw it away. OK. but that's not enough you know, what's about your pants, let them go too."

Steve didn't want to do this at all so he writhed against the boys for the last time and tried to escape. But he wasn't fast enough and the three where even more nasty now. One of them pulled down Steve's pants.

"Look at this guys, babyface doesn't wear underpants."

Sexually Steve was a little immature, he still had almost no body hair with the exception of a nice little bush above his penis.

"You know what boy, you looks like a fag for me and we'll have to prove this, so bend over and let's see your ass hole. Grab your ass cheeks with your hands and pull them aside. Ah looks like I was right, isn't it guys. You know what we do with fags boy? No, how could you."

A fiendish grin could be seen in there faces. Without any advance warning they pulled out their cocks again and started to piss over Steve. Hot liquid ran down Steve's back through his ass cheeks and over his legs.

Steve was very frightened by these things and was afraid the boys would cause him some bodily harm, he was very frightened.

One of the three jerked him around by his hair and forced him to the butt hole of the other.

"Lick it you little bastard, you will lick all three of us don't you?"

Steve wasn't able to resist he was to weak. He would have to do what they want him to. He put his nose between the cheeks and liked round the hole, the guy moaned. The taste wasn't as bad so Steve decided to shove the tip of his tongue even deeper into the boy. After a while of this the next boy wanted to be pleased and so Steve did all three of them. He thought they would let him go now, but he was wrong there. Again he was told to bend over and this time he felt something against his own hole. At first he thought that someone would lick his ass now but then he felt a COCK! entering his tight ass. Steve screamed in pain that got him a even more painful kick into his back so he had to suppress the pain. That wasn't as easy as the guy was very rough with him and pulled his cock all the way out and then pushed it back in, over and over. Steve could feel the pubic hair at his skin every time the other was completely in and their thighs were touching. The other two stood aside waiting for their own chance while they stroked their meats.
As the third one entered him, something surprised Steve, the pain he had felt at first wasn't so hard to suppress indeed he felt something like pleasure now. Maybe he really did like getting worked over like this. Questions ran through his mind as he lay there, sore, drained and dripping with the cum of the others.

His martyrdom wasn't over so soon, two of the boys entered his ass again so he had a total of 5 loads of cum deep inside him.

"See what you have done, you will clean our dicks or you will never find the way home again."

Steve thought they wanted him to clean their cocks with his T-shirt.

"No, you little idiot you will lick them clean, and do well or....."

Well, Steve did and then the boys left him alone. Steve gathered his clothes and got dressed. Then he sat down and leaned against a tree trunk.

There is nothing better than to have someone who stands by you and knows your feelings

After lunch John decided to have a little constitutional. He walked over the camping site and thought about how nice the weather had been the last two days and that they would have a great night together only the boys and him. So he was on his way as something pulled him out of his contemplation. He had heard a sob, very faint but noticeable. John followed the sobbing. After he had turned round some corners he saw a boy sitting on the ground, head down between his knees and slightly shivering. The boy looked a bit dowdy. John stepped closer to him. As the boy became aware of someone else he stopped sobbing and lifted his head. Tears had formed welts trough the dirt in his face, a pitiable sight. John crouched down beside the boy.

"What's your name boy? Steve, sniff! Well, Steve what happened to you? Have you lost somebody? No. Did you have an accident? No, just leave me alone OK!"

The boy seemed to have a bigger problem. John decided to take Steve with him, as he thought that boys at the same age like Tom and Marty, would find a easier way to open a boy's soul.

"Get up Steve, my son and his friend are on the other side of the site, maybe you will talk to them if not with me. You can't sit here all day long."

Steve really needed someone to talk to, but to whom could he talk about what had happened to him? John was very friendly so he decided to go with him, he still could say that he had to get home if he wouldn't take the man's son into his confidence.
Marty and Tom were still at the table as John got back with Steve. John let Steve sit down and took Tom aside.

"Tom I found that boy in very sad conditions it seems that something happened with him but he wouldn't talk to me either. Maybe you and Marty could find a way to talk with him. I will leave you alone for a while and will try to find his parent's perhaps the campsite attendant do know Steve. We will stay here that night so put up our tents while I will be away.
It's okay, dad we will manage that."

"Hey folks does anybody want a drink, Marty? Oh of course give me a coke, please. Want something too Steve? Er, okay give me a coke too, please. Well Steve will you stay here for longer. I..I..I'm not sure, I live not far away from here and with my bike I would be there in 15 minutes. So you are a native, heh?"

Tom gave Steve a smack on the shoulder.

Oh, I'm sorry Steve I didn't want to hurt you.
It's okay you couldn't know that a smack would hurt me there."

Tom couldn't make Steve out. So he thought it was time to put up the tents.

"Marty we will have to put up the tents now. Steve if you want to, your help will be welcome too.
C..c..can I just sit here for a while.
Sure take your time. Okay let's see where we will find the tent pegs."

Steve sat at the table and watched their activities. He noticed that the boys often touched each other but thought nothing of it as it's quite normal among good friends. As Marty and Tom had finished the second tent, they went in to roll out their sleeping bag. Steve thought it was time to leave now, so he went to the tent and opened the entrance. He froze, what he saw confused him, the two boys sat in there and they kissed each other on the lips. Was this real? could he trust his eyes? Marty and Tom jumped, their secret - uncovered! They had to do something.

"Hey, Steve, stop! don't run away! We can explain it."

Steve stopped but didn't turn round. So Marty and Tom got closer to him. What was that!? The boy wept. Marty started to say something.

"Don't be scared Steve, it's only .... well, we... we love each other. You mustn't like that but please don't tell anybody.
NO! you don't know anything! You wanted to know what happened to me! I'll tell you!
Calm down Steve, you mustn't if you don't want to.
I must, it would kill me otherwise.
Okay then let's sit down again. What is it?
I walked over the campsite earlier that day, and .. and then ... there had been this three guys.
Did they hurt you?
Yes b..but there had been more, they ... they raped me.
Damn! that's terrible, we're so sorry for that Steve can we help you?
Well, I think I'm over this but I do have a bigger problem now. During the rape I realized that ....
That what Steve?
Well, I got used to it, I even enjoyed it at the end. I didn't know what to do and then I saw you and how affectionate you treated each other. I wished I would have someone who stands by me and knows my feelings too.
You do have us. I don't know if it's a great idea but if you want to we could show you what a wonderful thing love between male can be.
Would you? Really?
Yeah, you can watch us without any commitment to do something by yourself. Come on into the tent."

The three boys entered the tent and closed the zipper. Steve sat down aside and Marty and Tom knelt down in the middle of the tent. Tom hugged Marty and kissed him. He then pulled the T-shirt over Marty's head. He kissed Marty's shoulders, neck then his collarbones and finally his breasts. Marty let him fall on the sleeping bag and raised his hip. Tom pulled Marty's shorts down over his knees and about his ankles, he then took off his own T-shirt. Steve couldn't believe what was going on directly in front of his nose. Tom went back to Marty's breasts now, he suckled at his nipples and let his tongue circle around them. Tom loved the goose pimples Marty got every time he did so. Well Marty loved that feeling too and started to moan. Tom lowered himself between Marty's legs now. He kissed Marty's ribbed tummy and put his nose into the little depression of Marty's navel. Shivers went trough Marty's body as Tom licked over his shaft and then over the perineum back to his hot and waiting hole. Steve succumbed to the temptation. He started to massage his growing pecker through his shorts. Tom let his tongue tickle Marty's butt hole before he pushed it up through the tight ring of muscles. Marty gave a loud groan, as he opened his eyes a little he saw Steve pumping his boner. With a smile in his face he gave him a sign to came closer. Steve couldn't resist. Marty told him to spread his legs over his face and as Steve did so, Marty grabbed his testicles and squeezed them slightly he then took Steve's hard-on in his mouth. That nearly brought Steve over the edge, what a feeling, Steve shoved his cock deeper into Marty's throat.
"Ohhhhh boy! you can't dream about such a pleasure."
Marty knew what he meant as now Tom did the same to him. Tom let wander his hands over Marty's washboard belly and then he shoved his middle finger up Marty's butt.
"Can you do that to me too?"
Steve whispered into Marty's ear. Not able to say a word Marty just nodded a bit. He hold his finger up to Steve's face and instinctively Steve licked it to get it moist. While Marty shoved his finger up Steve's butt hole Tom shoved a second one up Marty's. He turned them around to stretch Marty's hole a bit.

Marty and Tom

Part IV

(by Schild Thomas)

The discovery

John had had no luck finding Steve's parents on the campsite. After he had searched for them for some time he decided to go back to their own place . As he got closer to the table he could see the two tents but not the boys, only one tent had trebled slightly.

John didn't want to disturb the boys, especially since he could hear giggling from the inside. "Seams that Marty and Tom where able to cheer Steve up" John thought. He got curios now, so he got closer to the tent and tried to spy trough the wire mesh.

What he saw was the biggest shock in his life. His son, down on the ground with Marty's pecker in his ass, groaning and writhing with pleasure. Steven was beside them playing with his tool. That was to much.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! OUT! Everyone out here!"

John opened the zipper and grabbed the first arm he got grip of and pulled the boy out the tent.

Johns hand hit Steve's face. The boy landed on the ground where he stayed. Meanwhile Marty and Tom had left the tent too.

"No dad, pleeeeeease! it isn't his fault" but John wasn't able to hear his son "You! Into my tent and stay there till I come!" he shouted at Tom and then to Marty "Back into your tent and stay there!"

The boys knew that there was nothing they could do at the moment so they did what John had told them. John lifted Steve up and carried him to the car and locked him in. Suddenly his first anger blew over and he realized what he had done. He was sorry now for Steve but..... his son.... no that couldn't be reality, not his son. What should he do now, he knew that every thing he would do next was more important for their future than anything ever before. No, he wasn't able to look into his son's eyes now.

Marty, Marty always used to be the realistic one. Slowly he went to the tent searching for the right words but he couldn't find any. He entered the tent. Marty sat in the corner, tears all over his face and fear in his eyes.

"WHY!" was all John could say "Why, Marty, why!" John lowered himself in front of Marty. "I don't know what to say Marty. Please explain this to me. Someone forced Tom into this didn't they?"

"No! That's not right. You don't know much about Tom because you work so much.". "Then help me Marty. What happened?". "Well *sniff* I can only tell you what I know" Marty started to tell John the whole story, about their problems, their fun and ....... their love.

After he had finished John shook his head. "I still can't understand it Marty. It's wrong, a sin."

"Stop that, it's not and you know it." Marty got angry now. "Didn't you say that racial discrimination is wrong. Didn't you say that people should understand each other. And didn't you say that the Gay Games have it's right to be as well as the Olympic Games. Where are your convictions now?". "But what shall we do then?". "YOU ask ME what to do, I can't tell you, you are the adult here." Marty was right and John knew it. He had to find a solution now. First of all he would talk to Tom.

John went back to his tent where he expected to find Tom. But the tent was empty and no Tom around.


Run away

Tom entered his dad's tent. Only one thought in his mind, that it was all over now, that his dad would separate him from Marty, that the joy of the last few days would never ever be with them again. He was sure that he couldn't survive that so he decided to run away. The only option he was able to see in this very moment. As fast as it was possible Tom packed a bag with things he thought he would need. He peeked out of the tent, he could not see his dad, so he started running, he ran over the side, ran across the street, ran into the forest. There he stopped, his hart was thumping wildly. Where to now. Two miles away there was that little village Tom knew. There he thought he would get a bus and then, well, he would decide what to do later. Tom chose the short cut through the forest.

Marty stood behind John. "Where is Tom?" "I don't know, let's try to find him, maybe he is by the car." But he wasn't there. John let Steve out off the car. Steve ran over to Marty because he was afraid of another clip round his ears from John. "I'm sorry that I hit you Steve, I wasn't aware of myself, please forgive me will you?" Steve nodded his head. "Steve did you see Tom during the last few minutes?." "Yes I saw him as he ran over to the forest. Why, is something wrong with him" "I fear he ran off." Marty said. After a short time John had an idea. "If he ran off then I think I know where he will try to go to. Can you remember the little village not far away. The only point where he will find a bus to leave, is in that village. If we go by car we will be there long before him. Come on boys! into the car."

John was right, as they arrived at the bus station there was no Tom. "We wait for him over there" John said. They parked the car nearby and waited. John bought them some food in the gas station, the only shop in the whole village. After an hour John got nervous. "Only two miles, even in the dark he should be here now.

Half an hour later they decided to go and search Tom. At first they scoured the main way from the village to the camp side. As they couldn't find him there, John remembered that there was a short cut. In the dark the way wasn't save but John knew it good enough so he was the leader of the three. After about one mile John stopped. With his flashlight John pointed at the edge of a slope. "Be careful boys, it is more precipitous than it looks like". Carefully they started to climb down the slope. It was very slippery as it had rained some days ago. Finally they reached the end of the slope. Just as they started to continue their search, something white caught their attention, it was nearly invisible between all the scrub. They got closer. They found Tom, but he didn't move. Then John saw what was wrong, his son's head had hit a stone, there was some blood on the stone and blood they could see under Tom's nose and in his ears.
"NOOO!!" John screamed. He fell onto his knees beside his son, carefully he hold his sons head and stroked his hair. He picked Tom up, his son hanging lifeless in his arms. So he carried Tom back to the village.
Steve staid with John while Marty called the ambulance.
Five minutes later Tom was in the ambulance and his father followed it with his car, Marty and Steve on the back seat. His son wasn't dead but the emergency doctor had told him that he had heavy head injuries.
Tom was carried directly into the operating room. John, Marty and Steve had to stay in the waiting room. John was walking up and down, it was impossible for him to just sit and wait. Minute after minute passed by, hour after hour came and went off. After the fourth hour a doctor entered the waiting room. Immediately he was surrounded by the three. "Well mister Harrer,  this was a difficult operation, your son has a skull fracture. We where able to fix it, but he still is in a coma and we don't know when he will wake up again. The next few days he will be under observation in the intensive care unit. You can visit him for a moment now and if his condition stays stable untill tomorrow you can stay with him as often as possible."
Hard days followed. John, Marty and Steve took turns in visiting Tom. Meanwhile  Steve told his parents about the accident but not about what had happened to him. After the sixth day Tom was brought into a normal sick bay. John called Marty's mom and explained the situation to her, of course she allowed Marty to stay there and she would try to come by on the weekend.
On the eighth day, it was a Saturday and Marty's mom stayed in the hospital, Marty couldn't sleep, it was already 11P.M. He decided to take over from his mom. When he entered the sick bay, there sat his mum in the chair fast asleep. He walked over to Tom's bed and gave his Love a kiss on the forehead.
He always talked to Tom when it was his turn to stay in the hospital, so he did now. He talked about their love, the fun they had shared only two weeks ago. He suddenly felt like if someone was watching him.
He looked over to his mom and saw that she was awake. A tear ran down her cheek but she smiled.


Marty and Tom

Part V

(by Schild Thomas)

My Son

Marty's mom woke up, she needed some time to realize where she was. Then she saw her son at Tom's bed, talking to him. She felt proud having a son so thoughtful and with so much helpfulness. She watched her son stroking Tom's hair and listened what he had to say to his friend.

Slowly she got aware of the words sense. Unlike Tom's father she wasn't very surprised. Nobody else knew about the secret she and Marty's father had kept. Marty's father had been gay, he had told her this a year after Marty's birth, and she knew that it was possible for her son to take after his father. At first this thought frightened her but it was no must and the more she knew about it the more she got used to it. Then in the kindergarten, Tom and Marty became friends, in the following years she realized for herself that something - bigger grew between them. If at all, Tom should be the one she wanted to be Marty's boyfriend. Now it was clear that this had happened, a tear of joy ran down her cheek.

Don't cry mom, please I thought you were sleeping, don't cry.

Marty ran over to his mom and fell into her arms, starting to cry by himself.

It's okay son, it's okay, I knew it for some time, don't worry I'm glad that it is out now and I'm glad that it is you and Tom.

She rocked her crying son in her arms. After a long time Marty stopped crying and then felt asleep. Susan sat there, thinking that she had now two sons, one in her arms and one over there in the bed, so badly injured. She prayed that he would live, would recover, would be with Marty again. She new how much Marty needed Tom, couldn't live without him now. This and many other thoughts ran trough her mind till sleep took over her and only the life-saving machines made a noise in that otherwise quiet night.

When she woke up again her son was gone. The sun looked through the window into the room, a new day. Marty's mom stood up, her back was hurting from the long night sitting in the chair.

Suddenly a alarm started to brake the silence,

it was one of the life-saving machines.

Tom's body was tossed and turned by a heavy epileptic fit.

A nurse came into the room only to turn around and run to get a doctor.

Marty's mother felt like in a trance, she didn't know what to do.

Then the nurse came back and the doctor was shortly behind her.

Some other nurses and a second doctor also stormed into the room.



frantic activity,

nervous nurses.

Then ..........there was that horrible sound from the heart-monitor.



Four weeks later

Marty couldn't belief it at first, but when he had been in the hospital, in front of the empty bed, he had known that it was over, that everything was over.

Now there he was, in the bathtub, the razor and the blades beside him, waiting with closed eyes for what should come next.

Although the water in the tube was warm his body shivered when he felt someone climb into the tube and sat down behind him. It felt so good when the other one put his legs over Marty's. Then the other person from behind threw his arms across Marty and stroked across his stomach and down between Marty's thighs. Marty felt so good with him, especially after all what had happened. He shivered again when the one behind him kissed his shoulders and then licked on his earlobe. Marty turned his head and their lips touched followed by a long passionate kiss. "Hi love" he muttered while he opened his eyes. He saw a big smile on Tom's face. The look of the hairless head still frightened Marty but a look into that beautiful face and everything was good. The shaved hairs would grow again soon and he had to admit that in some way he liked that 'outfit'.

Now Tom slid his hands under Mart's legs and lifted him up, Marty ended up sitting on Tom's lap. Tom stroked with the backside of his fingers across Marty's chest and nipples, down the sides of his body and finally he took hold of the very hard pecker that stuck out from the water. Again he let his tongue wander across Marty's shoulders and neck. Tom got a boner himself and he felt it enclosed by Marty's buttocks, in that tight crack.

"Would you do me a favor and turn round? Sit down at the other end of the tube. Yes, and now go down a bit." finally Marty reached the position Tom wanted him in. Tom lay his feet on Marty's hard-on. His sensitive soles felt every single vein in Marty's flesh. He stroked softly up and down Marty's pecker, while pressing it against Marty's belly. This was an incredible new feeling for Marty he started to whimper and then he let out a loud groan of lust. Tom grabbed Marty's fuckrod with two toes and pulled Marty's foreskin back until it slid completely back over the glistening head. "OOOOOOhhhhh, that't hold back much longer Tom...........uuuugnnnnnn. Tom shoved one feet down under Marty's eggs and further back so that he spread apart Marty's buttocks and his feet touched the hot back entrance. He rubbed it back and forth. This took Marty over the edge. With a deep groan, spurt after spurt of white and hot boycum shoot out onto his belly, chest and even onto his chin. They rested in the tube for a while till the water felt a little bit too cold.

"Come on, let's get out of the tube and ready for the party"

Saying this, Tom left the tube. Marty grinned, he turned around until he was laying on his belly again. Only his chest and his marvelous, wet glistening bottom looked out from the foam. A few times he rose and fell his brill ass.

"And you are sure that you don't want to stay in here a little longer"

"Yes I am" said Tom, and both started to laugh.

Marty climbed out of the tube and they began to dry each other.

Marty leaned against Tom's back and dried his lovers chest with the soft towel. First the chest then the tummy. In the meantime he kissed Tom onto his shaved head and then his neck.

After that he rubbed down Tom's pecker and nuts, he pulled the towel through between Tom's legs. As he pulled on both ends of the towel it slid between Tom's buttocks, gentle he pulled it back and forth, this time Tom got hot.

Marty told Tom to sit down, and started to rub down Tom's legs. Marty enclosed one leg with the towel and his hands, he started to rub down at the feet, then he got higher and higher until he reached Tom's nuts, played with them and went down again.

Instead of drying Tom's feet, Marty grabbed one by one and licked several times with his tongue across the sole. Afterwards he licked on each toe and sucked on them. He let his tongue dance under Tom's toes.

Tom started to breathe faster, he felt the tingle starting in his feet, going higher, reaching the center of his body, he hold his breath, he was close to shoot his seed. Suddenly Marty stopped his action and with a big grin in his face he said:

"Not now Love, not now. We have to wait till your 'second' birthday party is over. Your father did a great job to make it the best party you ever had, so we better don't let him wait too long. I wished I still had a dad, a dad like yours. It sure was a big shock for him to find out about us but he never went crazy, he listened to my mother when she told him about what she knew and he talked with me about everything too."

"You know Marty, I think there is something between your mom and my dad."

"You mean......."

"Yeah, maybe, who knows" Tom smiled.

A second Birthday

Marty and Tom went down the stairway, Marty covered Tom's eyes with his hands. From the corridor they went over to the living room. Marty took his hands away and Tom opened his eyes.


There they were, his father, Susan and all his best friends. The room was colorful decorated and on one table he saw a tower of presents. Tom just stood there, overwhelmed by his feelings, finally Marty pulled him into the room and the party began.

They chatted, laughed, ate cake and drank wine, from time to time when nobody looked Marty gave Tom a kiss, they all simply had fun.

Then somebody asked to open the presents, so they sat down and Tom began to open his presents. Tom was the happiest person ever but when there were only two presents left he got a puzzled look in his face, where was the present of his father.

John grind, "Well son, if you look for a present from me, then I have to tell you that there is none, HA look at him, don't look at me like that son, I have a present but it's not visual right now and it is not only for you but for Marty also." Now he got two strange looks.

"Well, our last trip ended very soon and without lot of fun and you had not very much from your vacation. So my present is a boat tour along the Greek coast and around Crete only Marty and you..."

John waited a second to see a big grin grow in two faces.

"....and me."

It was hard for John to hold back and not to burst out with a big laugh when Marty and Tom blushed.

The party went on and there were two who already started to make plans.

Finally the party found an end and the guests left, only Susan, John and there sons stayed back.

"Well you sure have some ideas about our trip, there are some things I have to tell you now. There will be not only we three, Susan will come with us too. I also want you to do a good job back in school this semester." Both boys nodded.

"Ok then, we have a lot of time till your next vacations so you can make your own plans about what you want to see and what else to do in Greece. For now you better get ready to go to bed

because I want you to help me tomorrow with some work."

When both boys turned and started to go upstairs John wanted to stop them, he still had some doubts, but Susan stopped him.

"Let them go John, you now that they are in love and as long as school has not started we should give them some time to be together."

To be continued...

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