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Subject: 1st time: a young romance


Disclaimer/Warning: this story graphically depicts sex among males. If You

are underage to read this where you live, or offended by the idea of This,

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This story is a complete work of fiction.

It contains however much autobiographical aspects.


This story is about boys in their teens







1st TIME: A Young romance


It was the first day for 12 year young Matthew to go to high school.

The slender, blond angel finished his elementary school and after the holidays his first day at the new school had arrived.

The small boy was 12, but his looks were still much younger.

As every normal schoolboy he had to take his bike to make a trip of several kilometers to the nearby town for his new school.

After getting out of his bed he took his time in choosing clothes and finishing his half long, blond slightly curling hair.

He was aware that the first impression you make at a new school was very important and he knew to be sure that his looks

shouldn't differ to much from the average fashion of youth.

Since he was an enthusiastic sport bike rider he liked himself to dress in tight, to small shirts or a lycra suit,

but now he took care not to look to childish.

So the lycra underpants and tight Tshirt was well hidden under his `normal' looking clothing.


The night before he already finished in preparing his schoolbag and take away lunch.

When it was all packed on his bike and the farewell and good luck kisses were done he joined a pack of old schoolmates,

heading for the nearby town.


Arriving at school alone, after the old schoolmates had split up in several directions,

he felt unsecure and more nervous than he would admit.

Seeing the billboard in the hall he soon found out where to go for his first introduction lessons.

It happened to be in the math class and the math teacher was gonna be his next year tutor.

Matthew started to study his next year classmates, trying to estimate his chance to make new friends.

Although some girls already showed interest in the frail, handsome boy, the boy himself looked for boys who could become friends.

Not realizing or being aware of his special interest in boys Matthew saw a few boys who did fulfill his taste,

noticing their clothing, hair and looks.

He was an ignorant, sexually naf boy, who always thought that sex was something for grownups, like alcohol.

At least, it was what his parents had told him often.

When his friends showed dirty sites at their pc he disliked the naked, screwing girls that much that he hoped that

becoming that adult should last a little while.

Still new strange feelings of some excitement were creeping up his body. That unfamiliar feeling made him

seeking how and where to enjoy it.


When math teacher Alex introduced the math tutor system, older students entered the class.

They were 4th graders who had to help the newbie's in their first year with their math.

The school system provided a way of independent learning with the help of older students.


Eagerly Matthew looked around who was gonna be attached to him.

Because some of the boys met Matthew's taste very well, the new strange feeling of vague expectations entered his body again.

The boy seemed to gloom up examining the new arrived.

And then he saw him, the athletic build boy, with a nonchalant look being annoyed with this ritual.

He was looking around the babies he had to work with next year, but his look changed when he noticed the glooming Matthew.

He was certainly not blind for little heavenly angels and from then on he kept looking at his new prey.

Both boys were gazing at each other, enjoying seeing the other.

Hope and expectations were building up. The new strange feelings overwhelmed poor Matthew.


The children were appointed now to their tutors by teacher Alex.

When his name was called, Matthew raised his finger as asked, but almost pointed it at his `wish' boy.

The math teacher saw the boy pointing and was puzzled seeing the boy gazing at Sam, the good looking 4th grader.

Since Alex was well experienced in boy love, he realized that a fresh romance was flowering before his eyes.

Immediately he shifted some names on his list and declared Matthew as new student for the 15 year old beauty Sam.

He enjoyed the surprise look on both boys faces. He even told Sam to teach Matthew all important facts of enjoying math on all spots.

Of course Matthew didn't think much of this remark, Sam though giggled, knowing his teachers love for certain spots,

since leaving the class he had experienced more than often a secretly stroke or punch from his favorite teacher.


Matthew couldn't wait for the first `quality' time with his new tutor, scheduled in the afternoon after all other lessons.

The new feeling had invaded him now all day, he attended all the new lessons with half ear, dreaming of Sam, his new tutor.


Back in the math room after lunch Matthew almost jumped when the older boys entered.

A quick instruction was given and all tutors and students left to look for places in the school to work together.

Sam put his arms around his new toy boy, directing him to their special place.

Being keen, he'd already reserved some work area where they could sit rather isolated.

Their first activity was to getting to know each other, by telling about their family, address and the exchange of MSN and mobile numbers.

Then a math working schedule was to made.

Sam told Matthew that if they couldn't finish the work in school time, his help could also be given at his or Matthew's home.

With gleaming eyes Matthew told Sam he wanted him to teach everything possible, which was agreed with a special smile.


During their talk Sam's fingers touched now and then the boy teasingly, meanwhile fingers of the other hand touched more firmly

the boys legs under the table.

It made poor Matthew tremble, his strange feeling which was so new to him, took over his whole body.

He felt like he had to throw himself on his new friends lap and cry for joy.

Sam talked a lot, helping his newbie loud and clearly, so it looked like a normal tutor relation,

but his busy doing was covering his secret agenda: steaming up the boy for more adventure later.

When he talked like he had a secret to tell, his lips came close to Matthew ear.

When the boy felt the lips touching it, his boner jumped up even more.

Sam's clever hidden hand noticed it too and gripped it to find out it's length.

He even complimented the boy with the size, a sign from him for telling his interest in it,

but Matthew thought that it was a common thing to talk about when you're at high school..a welcome to the world of teens!

Even the finest hours have their ending.

Happily for the boy, more lovingly attention from his new friend would have been disastrous.

When Sam left the boy he seemed to have lost all interest in the little angel.

Without a word he left him when the bell rang and was invisible.

Puzzled Matthew figured out what and where to go next.

But since school was over he left the building like all other students did.

Outside the bike area the students assembled to form groups to return home to their different places.

When some boys and girls from Matthew's village invited him to join, the boy still was far from the world to respond.

Remembering a forgotten bag he told them to go, since he had to return in the school.

It was an excuse, he wanted to see Sam somewhere again.

No luck though and slowly and reluctant the boy started his trip back home.

To his surprise he saw Sam a few streets away from the school.

Sam laughed at the boy, who stepped down as fast as he could.

Sam explained he had been waiting there for his new little friend.

He told Matthew that their friendship was `private' and no one at school should be aware of their bond.

To keep it a secret they would enjoy it better without jealous competitors.

After all everyone wants to be friend with Sam, he said.

But he thought: everyone with a little love for beauties in his body would love to seduce the sissy princess Matthew.


Matthew hoped that Sam would ask to invite him at home.

Sam had told that his parents worked long days and he was most afternoons alone at home.

By asking again his address Matthew tried to seduce his friend to invite him along.

Of course he knew that address by heart already, may be even backwards...

And a simple phone call home would explain his anxious mother that he already met new friends and his homework tutor.

Easily he could explain coming home later and since his parents both were running a busy company they wouldn't mind it at all.

Of course was the next target Sam's house, none of the boys had doubts about that.

Joyfully they proceed cycling towards a new adventure.


The neighborhood where Sam lived was a very rich one. His house was even one of the bigger in it.

Matthew gazed at the big entrance door and left his bike in a huge garage.

He also noticed some smart racing bikes and squads. Money doesn't seem a problem for Sam's parents.


Telling about his love for sport biking and smart lycra bike suits- Matthew followed the lucky Sam.

In the kitchen the housewarming party started with coke, some chips and a tickling wrestle game.

Matthew noticed that Sam had switched the heating up, but it was so warm already.


While playing with all the games possible on the huge TVmonitor the heat was getting to much.

Sam's simple reply was to remove his shirt and also his pants. He always liked to do the same, so he said.

Matthew did hesitate for a moment, but then realized he had one of his finest lycra underpants and a sharp tight Tshirt.

He expected Sam to like it too like he did.

And he was damn right. Sam almost choked when he saw his new toy so sexy dressed.

He could resist to admire those underpants and stroke it to feel the smooth fabric.

Matthew reacted again with a staggering pole, not to his surprise, neither of Sam.

Overwhelmed by all this new experiences and new feelings now Matthew didn't hesitate

to jump in Sam's lap and to get himself all wrapped up around his new friend.

Sam laughed and rewarded the love jump with all his hands and fingers massaging the little faun in his lap.

The small face, deliciously surrounded with the blond curls came close to his face.

With his hands around the beautiful head he slowly bought their faces together, waiting for Matthew to take the initiative.

His experience had learned that wrestling, caressing little boys was an easy game to reach, but kissing had to be seduced and not forced.

So was Matthew, new in this game, starting with soft cheek to cheek,

then a light kiss but when Sam turned his lips closer he was all in the mood for exploring the taste of Sam's tongue and more.

Never done such a thing before, his need for lovemaking exploded in a breathtaking wild deep kiss.

At last his strange feelings were responded. At least in the top, because in lower regions other new feelings were boiling now too.

Sam's hands expected that that area needed attention and moved his hands down on the zones where Matthew felt a whole new world rising.

Slightly Matthew realized that this was sex and became aware that his love object now was a boy.

But this boy was so fantastic and his hands did make him enjoy the best he ever experienced.

He didn't care a bit as long as Sam didn't stop. But he worried: if Sam was a hetero just being nice for him,

it was possible that he soon was gonna stop?

So Matthew decided to kiss even firmer and let his hands search the prick of Sam too .

Finding the swollen lovetool was a clear sign that Sam must enjoy having sex with boys, Matthew concluded soon.

And Sam was surprised Matthew reacted also by massaging his prick.

Mostly his little boys loved to be well treated from top to toe, but weren't too eager to do the same treatment with their big friend.

Sucking, rimming wasn't their first thing, being spoiled much more.


Now it was time for telling each other their love and the most: the promise to keep their play a secret for everyone.

Sam told Matthew that he had friends who also love playing with little boys and one day they might come to join the party.

Because with more boys you can do more tricks.


When Sam took his shirt off, Matthew followed it, also when Sam took his pants down.

He gazed with open mouth seeing the well build Sam and his stiff .


Matthew asked his friend what they could do next now together to have sex.

He surely was green with no idea what fun two boys can have.

As your tutor, Sam answered, I'll have to teach you math on all possible spots.

Matthew remembered the remark from the math teacher about that and giggled.


So Sam started the spots called tits.

Matthew never realized how hot this playing his tits felt.

He enjoyed it almost as if it was the best part of having sex!

Giggling, loud cries in a high pitched voice, he showed himself like a real sexy boytoy playmate already!

It made Sam hot to listen to the vocal result of his work.


It became worse when Sam lowered his kissing and biting slowly over his belly till the root of his love tool.

His massaging tongue around Matthew's sack made the boy scream from joy.

Yelling how lovely it was, not to stop now and whispering Sam's name.


In the end, as a lame bod, he gave himself totally to all the tricks Sam played with his tongue when that ended up in his arse.

Sam was careful not to play to much with Matthew's prick in the beginning.

Prolonging boys hot feelings was one of his specialties, they came to soon so often.


But the now crying boy, asking for more, more, more he was soon ready for his first being sucked.

So slowly Sam started to treat the boys prick with his tongue, ending in taking the still, little but a so stiff dick all in his mouth.

His tongue and lips made the best of it and it didn't take long before Matthew showed his first, still dry ejaculations.

Seeing his surprised reaction he hadn't had done it much to himself.

Matthew sighed and whispered that is was his greatest good thing he ever felt.

And pleaded for going on, doing it again.


Sam, knowing that little boys can do this a dozen times when they want, told him he was gonna do other tricks for more fun.

Again his tongue reached into the glory hole of the slender buttocks, while asking the boy to take a doggy position, his knees together.

He crept over the boy, pointing his dick under that hole and started to kiss the boys' neck and hair in it.

Meanwhile his prick enjoyed the tightness of Matthews upper legs.

Biting the boy's ears, pulling the hair, Sam showed the movements of a new play under that virgin arse later to be performed inside it...

His finger started to play in that boy's rear end too.

Meanwhile hs prick though was ready for another play.


Now Matthew helped himself yerking it, while Sam started the next episode with two fingers in the arse.

Soon he took some gel, and massaged the interior, knowing that the warm gel also made the muscles to relax.

Experience is the way to reach you goal, after all.

Still he didn't want to put his dick the first time in the boy, some new experiences had to be left for next meetings.

When he reached the boy's gland, not to deep inside the little virgin fun tunnel, Matthew cried loud his songs of enjoyment.

Sam planned to record this songs some time, it could be a hit on the internet to share with his friends.

It makes you hotter than hot, he concluded, feeling his loins boiling more than ever.


Once more the two new friends crept in each other's arms.

Wild movements of Matthew's lower half showed second and third dry cummings.

Exhausted the little boy came to rest, while Sam still had his great need for his seed to flow.

Time to explain the little boy that his cumming was gonna be a fountain of love juice

The more and stronger it was showing, he explained, the better lover Matthew had been for his new friend.

It made Mathew curious to see what happened, when Sam started jerking himself Matthews little hands joined him.

Also his little angelic kisses covered Sam's face.

Now Sam moaned his nearly cumming song with words like `Matthew is the best screw party in the world'.

Then his fountain of love was enormous indeed, not only Matthew's belly was covered, it even reached his face.


Sam told also that other friends love to taste his cum, so if Matthew liked to try it...

Matthew wanted to fulfill all his new friend's wishes of course and licked the cum from his lips.

Although it was unexpectedly salt, he said he loved it and wanted to suck Sam's lid or clean it now.

Cleaning and sucking Sam's paralyzed lid for quite some time made a new erection soon follow, to Sam's surprise.

It wasn't since his childhood that his little toy reacted so fast for new actions.


Both exhausted they played their stiffs long before cumming again.

More quietly, but still enjoying it tremendously.


Never ever before Sam met such a devoted new little lover, it made him consider to keep his love live now reserved for this boy only.

He realized he'd never been in love so much, he realized that he never met such a lovely looking angel and such a committed little friend.


Again laying together on the couch looking to the wide TVscreen they made promises to be together and become friends for life.

Many adventures they would make together, like biking and camping, like going to the cinema, like finding new exiting friends...


It was almost dinner time when the boys said farewell, promising to meet that same night to chat from their rooms.


Matthew drove like a new, older teenboy now back home.

The food his mother had made was a welcome source of energy he needed after his awakening hours that afternoon.

He never stopped talking about his new school and all the new impressions.

He even mentioned his new tutor and how lucky he was to have the nicest, smartest and funniest boy he'd seen in the school that day.

The parents were happy to see their new, grown child being happy in his new phase of his life.


That new, grown child couldn't wait to experience the new life over and over.

He chatted all night long, looking at some hot pics Sam had sent him of hot adventures in the past, resulting in a worn out little love tool.

He knew for sure that the next dasy many more new things were going to happen with his tutor Sam.


Learn about it in the next adventures of Matthew!