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Subject: 1st time: a young romance t/t lycra


Disclaimer/Warning: this story graphically depicts sex among males. If You

are underage to read this where you live, or offended by the idea of This,

what are you even doing here? Go!


This story is a complete work of fiction.

It contains however autobiographical aspects.


This story is about boys in their teens



12&10 Young couple -.


It was since 3 weeks that Matthew experienced fun playing with boys.

He loved it so much, that he didn't skip a day to enjoy the lessons of his new math tutor stud Sam.

He learned in one week more than a lot of the boys in many years.

And I don't mean math.

He was trained at Sam's house, trained in his own bedroom and even on a warm day out in the fields,

during a bike tour both dressed in their sexiest lycra suits..

Yes, Sam knew his way to make each date an exciting tutoring.


And he promised many more new tricks, like inviting other boys and have a club orgy.

Although Matthew hadn't a clue what such a thing meant, he got tuned up already fantasying how it could be.

When he'd seen it on xtube sites, he imagined it in his wild dreams with several boys he knew.

Boys from school, boys from baseball, boys that always had extra something Matthew never realized.


He also remembered one baseball friend Youri who always was around Matthew and often invited himself to come and play.

But the dates were boring, since the boy didn't want much to play, but just liked sitting close to Matthew on the couch watching TV.

Now Matthew remembered the boy's rubbing with him on that couch, the boy's whispering voice asking other play to do.

Matthew remembered his gazing looking at him and his hesitating leaving.

It was sure to plan a date now for 'another play to do', Matthew realized.

And maybe Sam could do his way of math teaching for Youri too...?


But the surprise was closer by.

That was Davey, a tough little ten year old neighbor.

A chubby little fellow with a thick head of brown hair.

Hair that golfed in his neck, crying to be touched and cuddled.

His prying eyes made the boy loved by aunts, uncles and teachers.

He didn't speak much, but his standard phrase he used to say was : `I know', or even `I know, long time'


Matthew used to play oft at their homes with their Lego, they both owned a lot.

He hadn't seen his old playmate since his new adventures as the fresh sexy teenboy, and wondered if the Davey had missed him.

Matthew realized that maybe he had become jealous seeing Sam visiting Matthew so oft.


Time to make up and extend the play with good old Davey, he intended.

Seeing himself already playing new games with the tough little guy made him shiver with lust already.


When the weekend started Matthew ran to his old pal and invited him to spend the afternoon together.

They agreed to do `something' after their baseball matches and to meet each other after the shower time at the club.

Matthew expected that his `I know it already' little friend might be interested to share his new knowledge of a more thrilling life.


Not being bothered by the looks of others, Matthew decided to wear his favorite tight shorts, to small and tight , thus shining showing his secret tool inside it.

Anyone interested was welcome to ask.


It did raise some eyebrows indeed, not at the least with the young new referee that day.


When the boys stand together in the shower Matthew decided to start making remarks about sex life.

He put the question how often they loved to jack off each day.

He was surprised how many answer he heard.

From 1 to 10.

It was clear not all the boys knew where he was talking about.

But `I know' Davey told that 3 times was the least.

Others, like Tommy, seemed to enjoy it to.

But little Dylan looked like he'd no idea what it was about.

Since Matthew liked the handsome 12 year old he teased him,

asking his favorite way to jack off.

It was clear he was not knowing anything about jacking off and to scared to ask.


Also it was clear that the boys never had done it together like Matthew and his tutor Sam.

He fantasized having Tommy, Dylan and Davey doing it all together at Sam's place...

Getting horny, the poor Matthew had to hide the growing element in his towel fast,

before the boys would laugh at him.


After the shower Matthew helped his first prey little Davey combing his thick hair.

Especially combing in his neck Matthew could have spend a long time.

Wild dreams came to his mind by rubbing the chubby cheeks in front of him.

When they were all finished at last they decided to go to Matthew's house..


At home his parents were preparing themselves for shopping and even looking for a new car.

But Matthew wasn't interested to join them, to their big surprise.

But they agreed with Matthew staying at home or at the neighbors as long as he could entertain himself alone or with Davey.

They told Matthew not to expect them to come home till the end of the afternoon.

Matthew couldn't agree better.

When his mother suggested to go biking she mentioned that one of his bike suite could fit Davey, since Matthew had grown out of it.

She shouldn't have said that, it was the perfect excuse to start a whole new game with Davey, as Matthew had dreamt of.


Davey was rather enthusiast, being given one of the sharp bike suites of his big neighbor friend, he admired so long.

They couldn't wait to finish lunch and try that suit on.


Also Matthew decided to put on his newest suit when Davey tried his.

Matthew advised to take all clothes of before putting it on, in fact, he was waiting to see Davey's `outfit'.

He wasn't disappointed seeing the chubby boy naked.

And his little fun handle, still slack.


After dressed, both boys now were showing their outfit.

Since Matthew had raised some more volume in his crotch already,

he pointed at it and asked if Davey felt comfortable on that spot.


Davey giggled, being chubby it was indeed rather tight around his willie.

Saying to make it feel more comfortable Matthew stroke over Davey's crotch,.

But the smart boy intended to see the lid growing.

After all he knew now exactly how to raise a lid.

And right he was, instead of comforting, the little snake stiffened his way down the leg.

Davey looked worried, but when Matthew said it was a common real boys thing, he felt



Matthew also showed his bubble and shifted it upwards to feel more comfortable.

Before Davey could do the same Matthew put his hand in Davey's suite

and shifted the lovetool himself upwards.

Of course it was accompanied with a stroke and a squeeze.

Davey, mister `I know it a long time', remembered the feeling since his playing with it a long time.

Driven by upcoming lust, he joined Matthews hand, processing the good feeling.

After all he'd already said he liked to jack off a few times a day.

And since Matthew had asked it at the club, he didn't mind doing it at Matthew's place now too.

It was a boy's thing, he understood after hearing all the boys telling their numbers doing it.


Mathew saw his chance and proposed to jack off their dicks now together.

Davey just nodded, being attached to his game already.

Both boys now were playing with their thing.

It showed through their suites like megapoles.

But Matthew understood that Davey didn't expect doing it to each other.


What to do for a next step Matthew wondered, and proposed to compare their lengths

by putting them together, still hidden in the shiny outfit.

Closer the boys now stand together, pointing their bellies till they touched.

With a slight up and down their lids joined.

Of course Matthews pole was longer, but it wasn't much difference.

So close together, Matthew started to let his lid violently rubbing along Davey's.

He reassured the boy that by doing this their willies could grow longer.

Davey just agreed, after all he is a `I know it' boy.


Matthew asked his little friend if he'd ever done IT with somebody else before.

Davey told he plays every night alone with his thing.

Never done it with another boy, he added.


He said ` he knew of course' that it should be more fun with two,

so if Matthew agreed he'd like to do it now with him.

Matthew couldn't believe his ears.

He started rubbing his little pal's rod now faster and faster.

The little boy was already gasping, ready to have the first explosion already.

Young ones always have first cummings quickly Sam had told Matthew,

when his outburst was shortly after the first play started.


Time to learn Davey lesson one, Matthew thought.

He lowered Davey's suit and start sucking the ailing lid.

It must have been new for the little, but knowing it all he didn't show surprise,

but seemed to enjoy this new feeling.

His body started to tremble and made odd movements, while his gasping became wild little screams,

then at last his dry bursting came with a loud calling yes yes yes...

That noise made Matthew cum almost too.

He worked his both hands towards his captured lid and made it come too,

while joining the songs of heavenly pleasure with Davey.

He restraint though his high pitched voice he knew Sam liked so much, that he even recorded it for friends...

He stroked the little boy's thick hairs and mumbled his thanks to the little toyboy

after his turn for exploding had arrived..


But when he put a kiss on Davey's cheek, the little boy reacted suspicious.

He didn't expected to be kissed by a boy, he mentioned.

He wasn't gay, for heaven's sake.

Slightly disappointed Matthew told him that cumming and kissing feels so much hotter.

`I know it' Davey thought about that and when Matthew explained how hot you can get

he was ready for one `little' try.


Matthew immediately started lesson two: where do kisses feel hot..

He started kissing and biting Davey's ears and the little stud already had given up his resistance.

It became worse when his tits were worked over.

He cried loudly when Matthew's experienced tongue reached his ballsack and started to explore the little glory hole.

What a luck the boys had a shower just before.


It was clear that Davey didn't want to stop this new exciting experience,

so Matthew figured out that a firm tongue kiss wouldn't mind.

And right he was.

First the lips found each other, and slowly Matthew's tongue worked itself in.

Soon their tongues played hide and seek as if they've been doing it for years.

Little Davey kissed like he'd never done else in his all `I know' life.

Now Matthew also had full access to stroke his new love thick hair, he'd always loved.

After a while the boys looked very bewildered, but it didn't seem like they were to stop their play already.

They stripped each other in a wild wrestle play while squeezing and kissing was part of the sport.


Since Davey knew it all already, he asked next if his willie would fit in Matthew's ass.

Gladly surprised Matthew prepared himself to open his recently initiated glory hole for his little pal.

It was clear that sissy Matthew was bound to be a bottom, the role he loved best.

But Davey, as young as 10 wanted to be the strong fucker on top of his conquest subject...


Matthew smeared Daveys little stiff with gel, a trick he learned from Sam.

Also he filled his ass too, knowing the pain Sam caused in the beginning.

But he demanded also that he was going to put his dick in the chubby little buttock later.

Davey reluctantly agreed and looked rather scary at the question.


Matthew spread his legs, lying on his back, and guided his friends little thing towards his target.

Davey understood perfectly the proceedings and also helped to enter his thing in the awaiting hole.

Since Matthew slowly was deflowered by Sam, his hole had become used to receive a hot guest.

The little penis of Davey was an easy seize for him.

By holding his buttock firmly Matthew guided the new player to fuck.

The little boy's head now rested on Matthew's breast, the thick hair all over his face.

It was a dream come true for Matthew.


The little prick felt rather comfortable in his anus, more relaxed then Sam's of course.

He managed now to help by milking the little lid by moving and tension.

Little Davey enjoyed it clearly, his actions became wilder again

and not long after that he showed signs of another outburst.

When he laid to rest, leaving his thing in the lovetunnel, he started to kiss his old friend.

He realized their friendship was now firmer than ever before.


Matthew now said he was going to put his dick in the chubby little buttock.

Never being before in that position he'd liked to experience it in the chubby cheeks of Davey.


Slowly Davey was turned around and felt his back and rear end massaged and kissed.

Matthew took time to prepare his little vulnerable toy boy to his first introduction of being screwed.

He remembered his deflowering to well and didn't want all that crying now.

Starting pushing his fingers first he told the boy under him to relax it.

The special gel he used himself now was smeared deep in it.

Then he raised the ass up and asked Davey to rest on his knees while his head stayed down.

So was the first time Sam had deflowered him too.


The sight of the tiny boy pointing his warm ass up, ready for it, made Matthew tremble.

He sure wanted to go ahead being very hot again.

After the tip entered the first part Matthew shivered, feeling proud to be the master himself this time.

Despite Davey's growing protest he pushed it further and further, waiting every next centimeter to make more room,

waiting Davey to restore his breath and relax.

Still careful he started pumping slowly his lid up and down, when the little faun moved in funny rhythms.

Matthew didn't stop now enjoying the new feelings being the intruder.

Due to his strong pushes the poor little Davey felt over, but even on their sides Matthew managed to perform a great screw.

He cuddled his new capture to relax the boy, his stiff still being wrapped warmly in the extraordinary fluffy soft buttocks.

Both boys were totally worn out and they laid almost paralyzed in each other arms for quite a while.

Three times a day doing it this way...a place in heaven.


Slowly little Davey came alive and started commending Matthew to turn around.

The tough little boy wanted to be in control again and played like a victor, as they played with their pirate lego men.

Matthew loved to be told what to do by the little boy as he always did.

Thinking he had to be nice for younger boys he followed his instruction carefully.

But now he felt different being told what to do, like he did with Sam also.


Davey started even telling that he thought Matthew was a naughty boy since he did a horrible thing.

His punishment was gonna be beating Matthews ass he declared.

This was a new game for Matthew, not realizing that Davey had seen quite a lot video's on his pc.


Matthew realized how being beaten up gives another new feeling, and hot indeed.

Davey didn't stop till he saw how red Matthew's back became

and as a wild animal he started to put his still stiff in it again.

Now he raged violently in it, causing Mathew to feel almost the same as big Sam doing it.


Not any longer restraint, both boys made their yells of pleasure,

wilder then Davey ever watched on a sex site before.

Being hot, hotter, hottest both boys again made the best of it.

Davey had another burst in the welcome hole of his friend, while Matthew jerked himself.

His gland now being so violently attacked, Matthew even had some result in a few little drips coming out.


Although a little, he tasted his first seed, proudly smiling.

Davey `I know', knew what it was and didn't hesitated to taste some other drips.


It took some fresh coke and cookies to revive and at last the lego was in sight.

But their lego games never would be the same anymore from now.

Dressed again in their new bike suites, they couldn't resist to stroke the half swollen bubbles in it.

And the peace after the war between their pirate ships was sealed with another deep kiss.


Matthew knew now: boys games in secret were the best.

Davey agreed, their secret was theirs.

He wasn't a homo and nobody was gonna know how lovely it was to screw his girly hot neighbor Matthew.


Wait till you've been playing with Sam and the other boys, Matthew thought, you'll love to screw boys I bet!

Tommy, Sam, Dylan, Youri and Davey: one day...


End of the second new adventures of Matthew's young romances.


Tell whatever you like to see happen more....



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