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Subject: addicted young romances


Disclaimer/Warning: this story graphically depicts sex among males.

If you are underage to read this where you live, or offended by the idea of This,

Leave this.

This story is a complete work of fiction.

It contains however much autobiographical aspects.


This story is about boys in love in their teens




Entertaining 10&12


Matthew was a slender, blond 12 year old beauty.

He was discovered by his math tutor at high school, 15 yr old stud Sam.

The tutoring had awakened the potential gay feelings of Matthew.

Not only that, but the pleasures of acting it fully made his day since!

Not a day passed now without a screw or two.

As if he had to overtake the time he had lived in ignorance,

Matthew couldn't stop enjoying the hidden pleasures of his body.


Not only Sam had become his daily lover, whenever and wherever they could,

also his little 10 yr old neighbor Davey was initiated in the real life of teens.


And young Davey also couldn't get enough of climbing on his slutty `big' neighbor.

A day without a screw on Matthew was an unsuccessful day, he concluded.


Being spoiled so often made Matthew addicted to the new game.

It seemed like his prick was almost stiff all day long, seeing chances come by.


Sam and Davey had become addicted as well,

having the opportunity making love on this wonderful little slutty sissyboy.

When they see each other, Matthew always started his seductive girlish way of talking as an invitation.

Also their pricks hadn't a day without one or more activities.


Being the subject toy for the boys,

Matthew still was in charge of organizing meetings to be spoiled by them.


Often he told Sam about the fun little Davey gave him,

but he'd waited a while before he decided to ask Sam to entertain them both.

He invited Sam though to watch them playing in their baseball team.


When Sam had attended that baseball game and had seen the little tough Davey,

He became so hot that he pleaded Matthew to introduce little Davey that afternoon.

Seeing Matthew teasing more boys called Tommy and Dylan opened for him perspectives

for a future pleasure time with a hotclub of little beauties.


Since some time Matthew had become curious what Sam could do with them together.

He had heard Sam telling what fun he had had once with 6 boys doing it...


That same afternoon was gonna be the start of their secret boys games club.


Of course little Davey was happy to join his friend in playing with his `old' friend Sam,

he'd heard Matthew telling about so often.


At Sam's house, being alone since his parents attended their shops on the busy Saturday,

it was a quick zip of coke before the play they came for.

Sam, as older experienced boy seducer, admired the two jewels in his room.

With their gleaming eyes, thick lips and blushes they showed their lust for sex.

Expectantly the two little boys waited the actions of their tutor.


Making love with three was new for them and they didn't know where to start.

Although Davey always reacted `I know it already', he didn't seem to know this.


Sam guided them to his room.

It was a huge space, with a lot of things to see and to do.

Among all those things there were some quality camera's.

On the wall some poster prints of pics made by him.


Seeing the shyness of the boys, he didn't really expected,

he decided to turn on the pc and showed them some games,

well hidden on a stick, he'd once played with other boys.

It showed Sam screwing with 3 older boys in that same room.


Open mouthed the boys watched the hot scenes.

Meanwhile Sam cuddled them, stroking their great hair, both being gifted with.

Slowly his hands examined their willies reaction and lowered their pants also.


After seeing the variations the boys on the vid had shown,

Sam asked with what game they`d seen they want to kick of.


Now the boys didn't wait to take of their Tshirts also and jumped in the arms of Sam,

falling on his huge bed.

Davey seeing for the first time a real big prick started touching it to feel its length.

Knowing that jerking makes it grow, he didn't hesitate to do so.


Matthew, surprised by the quick actions of his little friend, stood waiting for some attention.

Since Sam and Davey were strong lovers, Sam pulled his loveboy close

and started kissing his one and only love,

while little Davey made a good work of having a good feel down under.


Sam told Matthew to show how deep throat he could suck his prick.

Doing that, little Davey started to suck now the same on Matthews prick.

Sam pulled the little legs of the tiny, tough little fellow and took his willie in his mouth,

- forming a triangle 69 -meanwhile starting to open up the boy's tiny tight ass.


Secretly he pushed the button on his remote,

knowing that the hidden camera was gonna capture another great play.


Davey also tickled Matthew's hole, he'd been in before so often.

And he changed his sucking to Sam's prick and balls as well.


Now Sam pulled his lover boy's leg too and played with the two little pricks in his mouth.

A new experience to him.

Especially when they were close to an first ejaculation already.

The boy's hips were dancing on his face, both fighting to get the best suck of their great friend.

They both sounded very excited, Sam loved to hear Matthew's song when he had a cumming.

So high pitched, whining pleading , made him hotter than hot.

Davey didn't want to stay behind and jelled some nasty sexy phrases as well.

Only the sound on that film...

When both boys had had their finest hour of lust drink in, they calmed down on Sam.

Turning around they struggled to kiss the big fellow at their best.


Sam asked the boys to show their playing together, so he could watch and enjoy.

Davey, always initiator showed how he had conquered Matthew's ass,

plunged in it without any preparation.

Matthew still lying on Sam's belly let it happen, now he could kiss his friend alone,

while his gland was spoiled by the tiny little intruder.


It seemed that Davey could satisfy himself quickly again in this new position.

Sam told the boys that now Matthew had to come also in Davey and pulled the little on his back,

raised his legs and started helping Matthew to enter his little playmate.

Being settled he came behind his little sissylover

and after massaging the glory hole he entered also Matthew.


Matthew sandwiched now both ways, Sam told him the nicest way to be screwed and screw.

Happily Matthew enjoyed his new position.

It took some time to find the right rhythm to stay in all two,

but in the end they worked perfectly together.

When they became hotter and hotter, Matthew bowed close to Davey's face,

kissing him while also Sam came close to their faces.

Still pumping Sam kissed his two little dirty sluts and rubbed his nose through their hair,

sniffing that special odor of sexy boys' in it.


Before they had another strong cumming Sam made them change positions once more,

the little Davey all curled up under his two attackers was shifted on his side and

Sam made the little boy's hole ready for a visit from his great lovetool.

Seeing the tough little boy's butt he couldn't resist entering it.

He knew it was a first big one for the little boy, but it was too hot to let it be idle.


Preparing it slowly deeper and deeper his well greased fingers in it,

he asked Matthew to comfort their little new toyboy.

In front of the crying little Davey Matthew started to kiss and comfort the little's willie.


After his fingers had slowly widened Davey , Sam's lid entered his tight funtunnel.

The little boy seemed to relax more and more and enjoyed the big intruder.

He also took Matthew's prick in his mouth when Matthew sucked his willie.


Sam's hands worked also on Matthew's back and massaged deep in his hole to stimulate his gland,

his awakening juice factory.

Again the little boys came to a final spurt,

Matthew now had even more sweet semen cumming in Davey mouth.

Sam, never seen Matthew wet cumming,

hastily joined also the boys kisses and tasted the fresh new juice of his lover.

It made him hotter than ever and in his love for his only best little love,

he congratulated him for this wonderful new phase.

Time for the boys to drink the next boy's cumming,

both little ones sucked their big friend's rod, curiously waiting his fountain of boy's juice.


Two little sucking mouth, four jerking hands was too much for poor Sam,

he treated the boys with such strong juicejets,

never produced before.


For the next half hour they kept cuddling and kissing,

touching all the hot spots before they decided to take a bath to get cleaned.


In Sam's house nothing was small, the wealth of his parent was seen everywhere,

also the bathtub wasn't an ordinary little one, but a huge round whirlpool.


The little 2 boys enjoyed of course all the little secrets of such a thing,

but most loved was the opportunity to sit in it all three.


Of course cleaning their pricks was the main game to play now,

and Davey couldn't resist to have another cumming being worked over.

Also they fitted once more their pricks in each other's bottom,

relaxed in the warm water it fitted wonder well easily.


And as normal boys their next game was playing the Wii, till it was time for Davey to leave for home.


Sam and Matthew went back to play together once more, after all, the two boys were strong lovers.

They enjoyed screwing with everyone, but their secret bond of love was stronger than ever.

Looking at the new film they'd just made that afternoon, they sealed once more their love,

exchanging their best juice.


It was a good thing that Matthew as an excellent math student,

so that his tutor Sam could spent all time to teach other things.


End part three




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