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This is a story about three brothers, and myself. The brothers are Robby (14), Ricky (12), and Ronny (10). The brothers are all sandy blondes with blue eyes. This story sprung out of my head when I was reading another story in the archive, but it does contain some elements of my memories of this time in my life as well as some wishful thinking, (then and now).

Robby and I were on the junior high swim team. We were in the same grade and homeroom. One day after practice the school bus had had a problem so we were a bit later than usual. We all lived in the same neighborhood and I usually went home with Robby and we did our homework together. I lived two streets over and at the other end of the block. When we got to Robby's house Ronny was watching TV. We went upstairs towards the boy's room. The radio was on semi-loud and the door was partly open. I looked thru the door, as I was about to push it open and saw that Ricky was lying on his bed reading on his back with his head on the pillow facing towards the door and his feet propped on the footboard. He had stripped down to his briefs and appeared to be asleep with the book lying tented across his chest. Robby and I went over to the desk/table, put things down, removed jackets, kicked off sneakers, and sat down to start working.

As we progressed thru the books we moved our chairs together and our upper legs were touching. As I read something out loud or pointed to something my other hand would touch his leg and soon I just left it there. Robby and I had jacked off each other and our own selves together before, so he knew where we were headed eventually. The front of his jeans was now tented just like mine were. As we finished one story my hand drifted up to the top of the ridgepole of his tent and lightly stroked my fingertips up and down the ridge.

He shuddered and gave a quiet moan, "Hmmm! Do that again!" he moaned/whispered. I did it a little harder and slower. "Uhhhmmmmm! Damn that feels sooo good!" Using my other hand I caught his and pulled it to my tent. He followed my direction and did several excellent strokes.

"OH God that does feel good!" I moaned. I reached up to his zipper tab and pulled it down slowly. As his came down so did mine. There we were with our tent liners coming thru the zippers because of too much tension from the poles. We once again used finger strokes to get and give that almost hurting pleasure / pressure its full growth. I reached up and pulled the snap open and he did too. Neither of us wore belts, so our tents pushed up a bit further. Even though I am slightly older than Robby his dick is much longer than mine is. But he had one of those "pencil dicks" about 7 inches long but I could get my thumb and forefinger around it with some overlap. My dick at that time was only about 4 inches long but filled my fist when I stroked it. Both of us had entered the throes of puberty but so far had just a few course pubic hairs. Robby's were almost invisible unless you were up close to his crotch.

A few more strokes and that feeling down deep under the balls started to make itself felt. Those warm luscious feelings as your balls begin to draw up into you. I reached my fingers into the belt loops of his jeans and tugged them out and down. He did the same for me and we shifted until our jeans were down past our knees to our ankles and kicked them off. We then reached under the legband of our briefs and brought out our dicks and balls. I began again to stroke his long slender rod with just the fingertips and thumb then shifted down to the palm as his prick lay to the side pulled by the legband of his very tight briefs.

"Ooohhhh that feels soooo gooood!" I noticed a small pearl of pre-cum had oozed out of his piss-slit and I caught it with my finger and spread it on the underside of his tool and resumed my massage. He reached down and pulled his briefs down and off his legs. Now his long slender dick was lying flat against his belly pointed at his chest. I moved closer to him and as I moved to resettle myself he quickly pulled my briefs down and off too. I started to massage his dick again with one hand and his balls with the other. His sack was tightening up and his moans and groans were getting louder. More pre-cum oozed out making a growing spot on his belly.

"I'm getting close! I can feel it! Uhhhmmm!" I could see his cockhead getting bigger and turning dark purple. "Ooooohhhhh yyyyeeeessss!" I suddenly felt running thru my fingers that throb that comes just this side of the edge of ecstasy as a warning of what is about to blow!

"OOOOOHHHHHH YYYEEESSS! here it comes! here's my wad! Don't stop! It's here! I'm cccuuummmiiinnnggg!" I felt another pulsing throb and then out of the tip a jet of pale almost clear boy-juice spurted in a long trail up onto his chest. I kept on rubbing hard but slower to draw out the pleasure as long as possible. His muscles tightened up. He kicked his legs out straighter. His hand on my cock tightened around it.

"I'm shooting! OOOOHHHH GOD! This is SSSOOO GGGOOOOOODDD! Slower but don't stop yet!" Another spurt came out that this time went all the way up to his chin. Another spurt came out that went just to his belly button. "Yes that's it! Don't stop!" As I felt the pulses I increased the pressure and stayed up closer to the head. The next spurts just oozed out. I felt the pulses traveling up the shaft of his cock and they were beginning to weaken. "Ooohhh yyyeeesss!" he hissed in a long drawn-out sigh. After another two or three pulses that just oozed boy-juice they stopped and I slowed to a stop with the massage on his shaft.

"Careful! It's way sensitive!" I moved my hand away as his once steel-hard cock began to soften. He took his fingers and began to massage the spent boy-joy-juice into his skin at the base of his shaft. "It makes my cock hair grow longer." So I began to help him too. He began to harden up again. He looked down at my "short piece" and said "Hey now it's your turn, Dude!"

"I certainly hope so!" I mumbled with a grin. While I had been rubbing in the joy-juice with one hand I had reached down and begun to stroke my own dick. He reached down and replaced my hand with his. He gently fisted my hardened prick several strokes and then pulled me to my feet with my "handle." He guided me to his bed and made me lie down. He sat down beside me and began to massage my steel point chisel. He also reached with his other hand and began to roll my small nuts around in his hand. Stretching the tightening sack and letting it rebound.

"UUUHHHMMM! Oh yeah! That's it! Pull the sack! Stretch it! Let it go! Touch under it!" His fingers began to drift up towards the bottom of my ass-crack and into it. He flexed around in the valley of pleasure until he found the puckered pleasure spot.

"Yes! That's it! Right there! Don't stop! Easy! Use your cum to make it slippery." He still had some joy-juice on his belly, so he gathered some on his finger and put it back in my crack. Now he began to stroke me again as he pressed his finger to my rear door.

"Oh God! That feels so damn good!" His finger slipped in slowly. Then he found my joy-buzzer. He continued to stroke my shaft and massage my prostate. I could feel my cum building up at the base of my cock. My balls were pulled up inside me.

"Oh Yeah Robby! I'm almost there! Don't stop either hand! It's right there!" I reached over and began to stroke his now hardened cock.

"Oh yeah! TC! Tighter! Harder! This has got me so hot I'm almost there again!" He let a little of the pressure off of my cock as I fisted his hardon harder. "OH YEAH! I'm there! Cum TC! Do it NOW!" He tightened his grip and in two strokes I was there too.

"OOOHHH YYYEEEAAAHHH! here's my wad now! I'm cccuuummmmmmiiinnnggg!" My breath went out of me in a long sighing moan as I felt the first pulse travel up my short cock. Out of my cock-head spurted a glob of pale thin almost clear boy-juice. At the same time I felt Robby throb in my hand and my arm got wet.

"OOOHHH GGGOOODDD! That's so gggooooooddd! UUUNNNGGGHHH! It's sssooo damn gggooooooddd!" Our pulses went in sync. One spurt came out then another and then another. Since my cock was pointed almost straight up in the air, my juice were landing right back on my cock and balls making them slicker. Robby's strokes on me went a little faster. I thought heaven had arrived!

"Robby! Don't stop yet! Just slow it down! here's another shot! OOOHHH YYYEEEAAAHHH!"

"Don't you stop yet either! One more Shot! YYYEEESSS!" We each had two more pulses that just dribbled cum and then we were done.

We both laid back catching our breath when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over at Ricky. He was awake, very awake. His hand was a blur on his hardened shaft. Then he pulled his hand up to his mouth and spit onto it then returned to his purple headed cock. He looked up and saw I was watching him. He didn't even slow it down. He just grinned and went back to watching himself.

"Oh Man! Feels sooo good!" Ricky's cock was a shorter version of Robby's. It was darker too about 4 inches long. He had no pubic hair. He certainly seemed to know what he was doing though. His breath was coming in gasps. His fist was changing rhythms. He went faster then slower. He stayed up near the head then went all the way down to the base. Then he opened his fist just using his thumb and the first two fingers. The head got bigger and darker.

"UUNNGGG! Oh Yeah!" I could see he was close.

"Do you shoot anything yet?" I asked.

"I haven't yet." He gasped out.

"Beat it, Bro! Maybe it'll squirt this time!"

"YYYEEEAAAHHH! There it is! I'm shooting!" I saw his cock pulse once, twice, three times then twice more. He slowed his fist down. I saw a small drop appear on the piss-slit. "Robby? Did I just cum? Is this cum?"

Robby didn't answer at first because he was milking his own prick. "Maybe!" he grunted as he fisted faster. "Taste it and see!"

"EEEWWW! Yuck! No way!"

"It'll help your prick get bigger and your hair to grow. Okay so put it on your finger and see if it's sticky." He touched his finger to the drop and as he pulled it away it formed a thread. "Yeah that's cum! You did it Ricky! You never had this before?"

"No. I always just get that good feeling when my dick throbs and the head gets real dark. But no juice like I've seen come out of yours before."

"When before? Before today?" I asked. I was massaging my own prick now too. This talk was turning me on again. I had gotten hard again like Robby had. Robby was getting into getting off again. And so was I.

"Lots of times at night when you think I'm sleeping. I watch you jerk off 'til you shoot your wad onto your stomach and then rub the jisz into your skin at the bottom of your prick and balls!"

"Doesn't that hurt rubbing so hard and so much?" It was Ronnie standing in the door.

After a couple of startled seconds we all looked at each other. We just shrugged and we kept up slowly stroking. "No it really feels good! Come on over and we'll show you!" I said. "Here you do it and see."

"Sure? I won't hurt you?" He asked as he slowly walked over to my side of the bed.

"Not if you do it right. I'll show you how! Give me your hand." I took his hand in mine, opened up his fingers, and put his hand palm open onto my straining prick. Then I slowly closed his fingers around the shaft. "How does that feel?"

"Weird! It's hot, smooth, hard and soft at the same time and so big! "

"Yep. And it feels so good to me! Now just slide your hand up and down slowly. UMMMPH! That feels good! Squeeze a little tighter! That's it! AAAHHH SSSOOO NNNIIICCCEEE!" I hissed / moaned. I was getting close again now that I had this little boy working my dick.

"Here try that on Robby's thingie with your other hand!" he reached over to Robby but it was a stretch for his short arm so I helped him get up on the bed between us. Robby flopped back with a groan as he took him in his hand.


"Did that hurt?" he started to pull his hand back but Robby grabbed it and put it back on his prick.

"No. It felt so good! The feeling surprised me! Don't stop doing that! It really feels so good! Squeeze a little tighter! UUMMHH!"

"Don't forget about your other hand too! My thingie likes it too! How 'bout it Robby? Getting close again like I am?"

"Oh yeah! Almost there! Don't stop either hand Ronnie! That's it! A little tighter! Slow it down just a little too! All the way to the bottom and top! OH YEAH! Just like that! TC! I'm gonna shoot it again! YYYEEESSS! There it goes!" His prick head got real dark and the slit opened up! A small jet of cum spurted up into the air and came down on his belly. "Don't let go yet Ronnie! UUNNGGHH! SSSOOO GOOD!" One more blob on his belly. The next two pulses just oozed out. "Ok Ronnie stop sliding your hand on it! Just hold it tight! YYYEEESSS!" One more pulse oozed out. Then he was done. He slowly eased Ronnie's hand off his wilting prick. "AAAHHH! EASY! That was great! But it gets real sensitive after I shoot like that! Thanks, Ronnie!" Then he shifted his attention to me. He was still stroking me gently.

Watching him work on Robby brought me to the edge. "Squeeze a little tighter and slide a little faster! That's it! YES! I'm shooting!" I flopped back and arched my back up into his small tight little fist. "OOOHHH YYYEEEAAAHHH! DDAAMMNN! SSSOOO GGGOOOOOODDD! Slow down a little bit. YYEESS! That's the good little boy! OK! Stop sliding and just hold onto it! YEAH! UUUNNNGGG! AAAHHH!" As I was telling him how to do it. My prick got harder and darker. The piss-slit opened up and a spurt of boy-juice erupted up onto my belly. Then my dick pulsed once then another and then twice more. The last four pulses just oozed cum out onto my dick and his hand.

He had stopped moving his hand like I told him to do and was just gently squeezing my prick as it continued to dribble cum out. "That was GREAT! Thanks Ronnie!" I said as I reached down and gently took his hand off my slowly softening and now quite sensitive dick. I put his hand on the skin at the base of my dick and slowly worked the cum into the skin and then onto my very shriveled ball-sack. "Careful! It's very sensitive right now!"

"What about me?" Ricky asked. He had gotten off his bed and was standing next this bed with his engorged prick in his hand. Ronnie reached up and began to massage his dick with his cum slicked hand. "That's right! You learned good working on them. A little tighter! A little slower! YYYEEESSS! That's it! Don't stop! I'm close. It got me all ready to shoot my wad again just watching you guys! Yeah! Keep it going! Don't stop yet! All right! That's it! Now! There it goes again! I'm shooting again. AAAHHH! Just hold it! YYYEEESSSSS!"

"Look! His thingie is getting bigger! It's getting darker too! Just like you guys did!" His prick swelled more and the piss-slit cracked open. Then his dick pulsed once then again and then twice more. As the last couple of pulses throbbed, a small blob oozed out of the piss-slit.

"I came again! See Guys? OH GOD! It feels so good when it does that!"

"Yes it does!"

"Um Ronnie? How would you like to feel a good feeling too?" In all the activity Ronnie had moved around a lot and his shorts were all bunched up on his waist. This had turned him on and he didn't even realize it.

"How can I do that? Mines so short!"

"I know. But you can too. You want us to show you? You'll really like it!"

"Can you show me? I want to try! It won't hurt will it? . He kicked them off.But I want to try it anyway!"

"No, none of us will hurt you, I promise. I doesn't hurt. It only feels good! We'll only help you feel real good just like you helped us! Now let's help you take off your stuff. So you can be just like us. It helps make the good feeling better."

He sat up and I reached over, grabbed the bottom of his sweatshirt, and pulled it up over his head. he had no undershirt on. He grabbed his shorts and pulled them down to his knees and they dropped to his feet. He kicked them off. He didn't have any undershorts on under them. He had a beautiful little 3 inch cocklette that was stiff and hard and dark red. it pointed straight out. He reached down to massage it. His sack was small and had his two little marble sized balls in it up tight to the base of his little boy dick. I patted the bed beside me so he came up on it and layed across the bed. I reached over to his dicklette and told him "Since you're still small all you need is your thumb and first two fingers to make you feel so good." as I began to demonstrate 'the grip'. I slowly wrapped my thumb and first two fingers around his cute little shaft at the bottom just above the base. Applying pressure and began to stroke up and down his shaft. He mo aned and purred.

"Ummmm! Uhhh! That feels real cool, TC! You can keep doing that to my dickie!"

"Just wait a minute or so. It'll get even better as I do it more!" I gripped a little tighter and began to speed up the strokes a little. He was softly moaning and grunting in time with my strokes. I kept this massage up for another 2 minutes or so. He had started out just laying there on the bed but now his butt was squirmming around and his breathing was getting shorter and almost gasping as the waves of good feelings began to take over! I began to slow down and speed up my strokes and vary the pressure a bit switching from the fingers to the thumb! He bgan to thrust his hips up into my fingers so I knew he was getting closer to the edge! He was grunting ("UH! UH!") as he began to fuck my hand! His back began to arch up off the bed!

"Wait TC! UH UH! Stop! I gotta pee real bad!"

I kept stroking as I told him "Don't worry! You don't have to pee. You're just getting close to that 'tickling feeling' behind your balls right here!" I reached with my other hand to begin to rub his ball sack which was drawn up even tighter to his dickie! In fact I could see his little balls were trying to climb up each of the sides of his little dick! The little pouch was all tightly wrinkled up against him.

"Are you uh uh sure TC I won't piss on Robby's bed?!?! UNGH! ... UNGH! ... It feels too goooood to ... ungh ... to stop! Please don't ... ungh ... stop!"

"See I told you! You're almost ready to cum! Just a few more strokes and you'll be there, Ronny!" He thrust up a couple more times and then pushed up with his entire body arched from his shoulders to his heels as his first orgasm began to pulse thru his entire little boy body!

"UNGH! YYYEEESSS! OH GAWD!! Feels SO GOOD! <groan> Don't stop it, TC! OH WOW! YYYEEESSS!!!" He grabbed my hand to make sure I kept holding him. I wasn't even sroking him anymore! He was using my grip as a pussy and fucking up into it! His little dick went from dark red to purple and I could feel it expanding. I felt several pulses cum up thru his little pricklet as his balls tried to squirt out that precious boy juice that they weren't making yet but would be someday soon! He gave up four ecstatic pulses with him grunting lustily with each one! After the forth one he slowly began to relax back down onto the bed. He held my hand quite still and then slowly pushed it away from his spear! It did not get soft but I had felt it shrink slightly after his last pulse. "That tickles too much! Wow that was so awesome TC! I want to do that again!"

All of us laughed at that. "Don't worry Ronny! You can do it again over and over again as much as your little friend will let you. He is real sensative right after you cum." That got me a real quizical look at that word. "Oh yeah 'cum'? That's what some guys call the feeling you got with your dick throbbing or pulsing and your muscles all tightened up and your back arched. You may want to put something slippery on your fingers and prick like hand lotion or even soap if you're in the bathroom when you're jerking off or jacking off (that's what they call rubbing your dick like we all have been doing). That way your prick won't get sore from doing it too much! And now that we've shown you how to do it you can do it anytime you want to do it, but you really only want to do it when you're alone like at night in bed or in the bathroom when you are taking a bath or shower or a shit/piss or with other guys who you know who do it and don't mind if you do it or even do it with them. It's not something you really wanna share with everybody especially girls or your Mom! They really don't understand and never will, that it's just a guy thing."

"You guys are all hard again so are you going to do it again?"

"Silly question. As you can see we all are already beginning to rub our hard dicks again because watching you cum so hard made us horny again." That look again. "Horny? It's another way to describe how a guy feels when his dick is all hard and he really needs to jack off or jerk off (some guys say JO instead) because that's the only way to make it get soft again especially if it's been hard for awhile especially when you get to be our ages. Let's see who can cum first!" I laid down beside Robby and left Ronny across the bottom of the bed. Ricky jumped up on his bed and sat up with his back against the headboard. Robby reached over into the drawer and got out a bottle of hand lotion put some on his hand and asked if anybody else wanted some? I grabbed the bottle and took some. "Here Ronny try this on your dick. He reached out his hand and I poured some on his hand. "You don't need too much or else you will make a big mess all over yourself and the bed sheets."

Robby said laughing "You're gonna make a big mess anyway!" We all laughed at that then.

I tossed the bottle over to Ricky for his use. "Throw me the top too, TC." I did. Then we all got down to the business 'at hand'.

I began to stroke my own dick up and down grasping as tightly as possible with my thumb and first three fingers and making sure I passed my fingertips over the head of my dick. I began to breathe harder but in gasps as my climax began to build behind my balls.

As i stroked I watched Ronny play with his new found toy. The expression on his face was of intense concentration as the newly discovered feelings began to overwhelm him again. Ronny looked up to me once and smiled a slight smile to me, a cheeky smile that showed he was feeling those good feelings again and enjoying them greatly. Then he looked over at Robby.

Robby was flogging his stiff staff by his usual method of an open palm pressing his dick up against his lower belly. Robby was gasping for breath as he approached his climax too. His eyes were closed tightly and his face was scrunched up in concentration. As I had seen him cum many times before when he begins to climax his eyes open wide in a look of astonishment as though surprised at how good it feels to be cumming again. Then he gets this beautiful lusty lascivious leering grin as his climax descends on him and he slows his flogging down as he fills his inny belly button with his warm sticky almost clear cum. He was approaching that now but his eyes were still closed. Ronny's breathing was growing more ragged as he was getting closer too.

I looked over at Ricky. Now he was really flogging his shaft. His pencil dick was long enough so that he could use his whole fist to fuck himself and he certainly was doing it for all he was worth! I could see the tip of his purple headed dick appearing and disappearing at the end of the fist, in the hole that was formed by his closed fist, in a blur as he flogged away.

The sounds coming from all four of us as we kept getting closer and closer the edge of ecstasy groans moans grunts and sighs of pleasure! As I suspected would happen Ronny let out a massive (for his little boy body) grunt and shouted "It's gonna ...ungh... happen again ...ummm... just like before ... OH YEAHHHHH!!" his back arched up from his shoulders to his knees. His hips thrusting up hard into his fingers and thumb. I could see his little pencil dick get real dark purple and swell just a bit as he grunted out his orgasmic pulses "UNGH!! UNGH!! UNGH!! UNGH!!" as he finished off the last pulse " ... Oh!! ... Yeahhh!!" in a sigh as his back slowly sunk back to the bed. He looked over at Robby as he started his finish.

"OOOHHH YEEESSSSS! ... UNGH!" His eyes flashed open wide as his first squirt of boy joy juice left a trail up his breastbone to right under his chin. I hadn't seen him do that in quite awhile. As he grunted out loudly "UNGH!!" with each of the next four pulses they began to ooze out and fill in his belly button and the pool around it! With a final "OH yeah!" he slowed his stroking to a stop and just cuddled his slowly softening dick gently squeezing it!

Both Ricky and me started to blast at the same time. Well I blasted! Ricky just oozed! We both took deep breaths and then slowly let them out as we both pulsed just three times before settling slowly back down on the beds again. "God that was good!!!" I sighed out.

"Well this has been a lot of fun but I've got to get home for dinner. Ronny I know you had fun too. If you want to we can do this again."

"That'll be fun. Do you guys do this stuff every day?"

"Each day by ourselves? Yep, or at least I do, usually 2 or 3 times a day! <chuckle> But together not usually. Although Robby and I do it together after we get our homework done most days (sometimes while we do our homework), this is the first time we've done it together."

"Can I come up here and do my homework with you guys too and when we're done we can play together?"

"Sounds like a plan, but we actually do have to get our homework done too. <grin> Hmmmm? Don't you sometimes have a couple of your friends over after school?" He nodded. "Do you think any of them would like to have fun with us or even just you?"

"Maybe?... Jimmy likes to take his pants down and look at each others dicks. So does Pete."

"Sounds like either one of them might just like to have fun with us. We'll see the next either one is here when we get home from school after swim practice. Ok?" He nodded and grinned. I stood up and began to pull my pants up. "See you guys tomorrow." I finished getting dressed picked up my books and headed out the door.


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