Memories family tree

as of Chapter 24

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A few of you have expressed concerns over keeping track of who belongs to who and who is dating who. I created this chart from my working notes to assist you in keeping track of the pairs. As new characters are added into the story, it will be updated occasionally to reflect the major changes.

Teri Short
             Cory Short
                       Timmy Short
             Sean Short
             Michael Short (Deceased)
             Adam Short
             Tyler Short
             Aaron Carter (Unofficial Family Member)

Dan Richardson & John Martin (& Sharon Richardson - Deceased)
             JJ Richardson
             Kyle Richardson
             Sammy Taylor
             Sebastian (Jeffy) Taylor

Chip Dodds & JC Chasez-Dodds
             Justin Dodds
             Jamie Stewart
             Jacob Stewart
             Aaron Carter (Ward of Chip and JC)
             Mark Owens (Employee)

Brian Littrell & Dylan Waters-Littrell
             Robbie Miller

Nick Carter & Ashley Angel-Carter
             Johnny Carter

Cecil & Angela Evans
             Andrew Evans

Justin Timberlake & Jason Mitchell-Timberlake
             Rusty Miller

Helen McCarthy
             Kelly McCarthy
             Alec Saiz
             Travis Saiz

Dr. Austin Michaels & Carrie Michaels
             Gabe Michaels


Kid Couples:

Cory Short & Sean Short

Tyler Short & Kyle Richardson

Adam Short & JJ Richardson

Timmy Short & ????

Mark Owens & Zac Hanson

Jamie Stewart & ????

Jacob Stewart & ????

Justin Dodds & ????

Aaron Carter & David Gallagher

Johnny Carter & ????

Andrew Evans & ????

Robbie Miller & ????

Rusty Miller & ????

Sammy Taylor & ????

Jeffy Taylor & ????

Kelly McCarthy & ????

Alec Saiz & ????

Travis Saiz & Gabe Michaels