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This piece is selected re-written excerpts from,


Middle School Years by Larkin


My Mother was highly feminine, flamboyant and impossibly difficult. It is an explanation enough for my Father to put geographical distance between us. Her whole life was a show of what she thought other people thought was important. She was full of pretentious opulence and false glamour. Like a Siamese cat, I was her ever present familiar. When I was too young to protest, she dressed me to match her outlandish outfits and drug me around as if I was her toy poodle.

Fortunately by the time I started school, she had quieted down and taken an alcoholic lover. It was then that she finally let me begin to lead a normal life. Of course all of these early excesses had a lifelong lasting effect on me.


What is the matter with my Mother?

She chortled in a sing song voice, "Carter, school will be out soon so I got you some summer clothes because everything was on sale!"

She dropped all the bags on the floor and commanded my full attention. Rummaging through, she handed me set, cotton shorts and a matching shirt.

I looked at her and cried, "Yellow?"

"Oh, come on, Carter, go in the bathroom and try them on and let me have a look at you."

I pulled on the tight cotton shorts that looked no better than underpants and looked at myself in the mirror on the bathroom door. I couldn't believe it. You could see everything. My balls were two little bumps and my penis was a longer lump that stood up in the middle. 
You could even tell that I was circumcised.

"Come on, let's see how you look."

She was sitting there smoking a cigarette. When I came out, she pretended not to see, but she did blink.

"Carter honey, where are you underpants, those shorts need underpants?"

I shrugged my shoulders. The tee-shirt had a sailboat on it.

"Turn around honey, let me see the back of you."

The tight yellow cotton shorts had found their way up into my crack. 
I'm sure it made my behind look two large eggs round as could be. 
I really think she thinks I'm a girl.

"Here honey,"

She hands me a stupid looking hat. I give her a disdainful frown.

"Go on honey, it's a sun hat to keep the sun off. You know you have sensitive skin."

I put it on to please her and then ripped it off my head.

My Mother handed me another outfit. This time it's a blue and white sailor outfit. It is only a slight improvement. Once back in the privacy of the bathroom I pull the tight yellow shorts off of my behind and look at it in the mirror. If I look between my legs, I can see my butt hole. I suddenly think of David with his broken front tooth and Tommy pushing their big boners at me. I look at myself in the mirror and stick out and wiggle my tongue. I have given myself a very stiff boner.

"Carter honey, hurry up, I have other things to do."

I answer her. "Wait a minute, I have to pee."

With my yellow shorts pulled down to my ankles, my tee shirt tucked under my chin and my penis sticking up, I try to pee. I peed straight up into the air and it came down all over the seat. As pees go it was spectacular.

I tried on the sailor suit. White shorts and a white shirt with blue trim. My boner did not go away and it made a wet spot in the front of my shorts. My Mother pretended not to notice. I decided that time for my Mother to have her head examined by experts.

The boy part of me hated all these clothes mostly because they were so stupid looking. However, there was another part of me that sort liked them. I liked how they suggested how I would look if I were naked. I liked how you could not only see if I had a boner but how they displayed my boner and little balls for all to see. I wanted David to see me like this.

David, with his sly look and his chipped front tooth, is all boy and his clothes are all boy and sometimes he's dirty and smelly like boy sweat. If he sees me wearing these tight yellow shorts he'll see my boner. If he sees it, it will be sure to give him ideas.

David and Tommy are the ones that taught me how to suck cock and now I can never be un-taught. I'm always going to want to do it now. Sometimes I think a stiff cock belongs in my mouth. It's like it's suppose to go there. Maybe my yellow shorts are sort of advertisement for hard cock?

My Mother has gone off somewhere, who knows where and I am lying on my bed.
I look up at my feet in the air above me. 
The yellow cotton shorts are stretched between my ankles. I decide that's how they look best, pulled down.

When I go over to David's house and we are in his messy room with the door locked. He climbs on me when I'm like this and sticks his cock in my mouth. Sometimes we're alone and sometimes Tommy is there watching us.

Tommy is waiting for his turn. He says he wants to fuck me up my butt. I told him, maybe, but not yet. At home here alone, I think about it. I imagine it happening. I finger my butt hole. I decide the next time Tommy asks me I'm going to say yes. I'll be sure to be wearing my new yellow shorts.



I left my homework till Sunday and now I had to get organized. I sat at my desk in my bedroom and looked out the window then down at my work.

Hmm, let's see, vocabulary. Ok, here's the word, now define.

"Awesome, .....overwhelming, grand, splendid."

"Instigator, ..... ringleader, mastermind, troublemaker."

"Surreptitious, ..... furtive, sneaky, sly."

All three of these words made me think of David. In my imagination, I can see looking down at me with his chipped front tooth. I liked how ruled over me. It made me feel so good inside. He just decided that he owns me and he can do anything he wants.

A boner magically forms. I rub it and stick my hand down in my pants. I open them and let my boner stick out.

"Dictator,.... tyrant, despot, ruler."

I gob lots of spit on my fingers and then put is all over my cock. It makes it so stiff and it stands up so straight. Its feels good.

"Vanquish,.... conquer, subjugate, defeat."

"Conspiracy,.... a plot or a scheme, a plan involving more than one person."

At first I resisted David. He was selfish, pushy and persistent. I had to give in.


Library Study:

David didn't exactly look at me but he said in a low voice, "Carter, what's your next class?"

I said, "Um,..library study."

When I did, he looked at Tommy and smiled. Tommy took two of my cheese doodles and chomped them at once. I drank some of my milk careful not to spill it down the front of my shirt. Tommy silently watched me. I gathered all my re-claimable on my tray and got up to dispose of them. David and Tommy got up too.

"Hi Miss Cruller."

I thought all three of us walking in to the library together looked suspicious but she didn't seem to notice. I put my backpack down and went towards the isles of books. David and Tommy were right behind me. How could I be so stupid? I knew what was going on but I was pretending it wasn't. I disappeared behind a row of books and so did David and Tommy. David came up to me and he was grabbing his crotch.

Looking right into my face, he whispered to me, "Come on."

I looked at him and said, "What?"

Tommy was at the end of the isle. He was pretending to be looking at a picture book. 
He had really stationed himself as a look out.

David said, "Suck my dick like you did on the bus."

He pulled it out and I looked at it. It was four inches and already very hard. He had his hand on my shoulder and he was pushing down on me.

"Come on, do it."

He pushed harder. "Come on!"

I resisted and then, I just sort of gave in. I got down and he stuck it in my mouth. He started a back and forth motion. I heard him sigh. I had to cross my eyes to see it going in and out of my mouth. Then I looked up at him. He was holding onto my hair with his hands. Tommy made a noise. David quickly stuffed his cock back into his pants and I pretended to be lugging a very heavy book from the bottom shelf.

"What are you three boys doing back here?"

David said, "We're working on a report together."

Ms. Cruller said, "Well, what's the report on?"

I blurted out, "Fossils!"

She said, "Well at least you're in the right section."

With that, she marched back to her desk. Tommy signaled when it was safe.


These were excerpts for Carter's Middle School Years. The entire story can be found here.

copyrighted by Larkin 2006, all rights reserved