This story involves graphic depictions of consensual sex between two young friends, plus descriptions of erotic events involving urination, as well as descriptions of incest between brothers. If this story isn't to your liking, or if it's illegal for you to read such things wherever you are, then stop reading and move on. The people and events herein are based on actual people and events. I know, because I was there.

Mike and Me -- 2

Chapter 2 -- Things Heat Up

After what turned out to be a whirlwind sexfest at Mike's the night before and that morning, I had a rough time getting to sleep that Saturday night. I was definitely missing that big red-haired kid's cock. Even the fact that my big brother had giving me a good, sound 20-minute fucking, after a good half hour of me giving him some serious oral stimulation, and that he had essentially fucked the cum out of me, didn't make me sleepy enough. I must have jacked off twice before finally falling asleep. I even dreamed about him fucking me again, just before I awoke Sunday morning. I got up with a raging little boner, which took several minutes to subside before I was able to take a much-needed piss. I knew that it would be sometime after noon that day before I'd see Mike again. His grandparents were devout Catholics and Mike had been raised a Catholic all his life, which meant Sunday morning Mass. I knew just enough about Catholicism to know that confession was a big part of it. I laughed to myself thinking about the look on the priest's face if Mike dared confess about the wild sex he had with me that weekend. That Sunday morning dragged on for what seemed like days. Finally, at about 1:00 that afternoon, I asked my mom if I could go over to Mike's. I leaped into my shoes and coat the instant she said yes, and to be home by 5:30 that afternoon.

When I got there, Mike and his folks had just gotten home from having a lunch out, and Mike was still wearing his "church" clothes -- a light blue button-down shirt and tie, dark blue dress pants and dress shoes. He seemed happy to see me and invited me inside. His grandmother reminded him to hang up his dress clothes before doing anything else.

We went up to his bedroom and as soon as we got into his room, he said simply "Strip down, boy!"

"Yes, master!" I squeaked with a mile-wide grin.

Mike chuckled lightly and I quickly removed my clothes -- all of them. I looked up at Mike, towering a good foot taller than I and he was looking down at my lithe naked young body. He seemed to be looking right at my fully-erect boy-dick.

He grinned and said "Your dick is hard already. Why is your dick hard, slave?"

My automatic reaction would simply to have said `I don't know' but hearing Mike call me `slave', I jumped into character and said, "I'm hard, Master, because I'm hoping that you'll allow me the honor of sucking your big dick!"

Mike's eyes and his smile instantly widened as he said "Good answer, slave-boy! Take my tie off."

I nodded my head obediently and removed his clip-on tie, then took it across the room and very carefully laid it out on top of his dresser, then walked back and stood in front of him, awaiting my next command.

"Unbutton my shirt, slave!"

I again nodded obediently and slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, gradually revealing his smooth, muscular young chest. Since he had not told me to actually remove his shirt, I let it hang free, after having carefully pulled it out of his dress pants. My nostrils flared slightly as I caught a whiff of his Old Spice. My dick throbbed at the sight of his slightly exposed chest.

"Take my shirt off and hang it up on that hanger over there." he commanded, pointing toward his open closet door.

I nodded and carefully removed his shirt, my small hands making close contact with his upper chest and shoulders as I slid it off of him. I walked over to his closet and lovingly hung up his shirt, buttoning every other button. I had to get up on the tips of my toes to reach up high enough to hang it up on the rod. I could feel Mike's eyes looking over my naked body, particularly looking at my smooth thin little butt. I walked back over to him and simply looked up at him, grinning slightly as I awaited his next command.

"Kiss and lick my nipples" he said, barely above a whisper.

"Yes, Master!" I exhaled.

I started alternately kissing and licking both of his nipples, which were just about mouth-level for me. Without thinking, I put my thin arms around his waist as I pleasured his fully-erect nipples. After a few minutes, and more than a few soft moans from Mike, he raised his arms up and clasped his fingers together on top of his head.

"Now lick my armpits, boy!"

I was closest to his left armpit at that moment and shifted around, craned my head upward slightly and started licking his left armpit. He had just a trace of light red pubes under his arms, and it didn't taste like he'd used any deodorant that morning. After a couple minutes, a moved around to his right side and licked his right armpit, which seemed to be somewhat moist from perspiration, and had a slightly muskier smell to it.

"Now undo my belt and take it out of my pants and lay it on the dresser next to my tie."

I nodded and did as he said, feeling his eyes all over my naked young body the whole time.

"Undo my pants, remove them and hang them up with my shirt, boy."

I nodded, unable to hold the wide grin that appeared across my face. I glanced up as I started to undo his dress pants and he was smiling widely. I removed his pants and took them over and neatly hung them up, again having to reach up on my tip-toes to reach the clothes rod on the closet door. When I returned to standing in front of him, I couldn't help but notice the impressive ridge in his bright-white briefs. I unconsciously licked my lips as I stared as his bulge.

"You want to suck my dick, don't you, boy?" he asked, barely above a whisper.

"Oh yes Master! I would love to suck your dick!" was my quiet response.

"Okay, take my underwear off, but kneel down behind me while you take them off," barely stifling a giggle.

I nodded and went around and knelt down behind him and then carefully removed his underwear. I looked up at the milky-white globes of his muscular 13-year-old butt.

"Before you can suck me, you have to lick and kiss all over my butt, okay?"

"Oh! Yes, Master! Thank you, Master!" I replied quietly.

He giggled audibly and I immediately went to work -- licking, kissing, and sucking all over both cheeks of his butt. I easily spent more than five minutes doing that.

"Don't forget the hole, boy!"

"Mmm, Yes Master!" I was sure he could hear me smiling broadly.

I put my hands on the cheeks of his ass, still somewhat moist from my oral ministrations and started licking all up and down the crack of his butt, and firmly driving my tongue into his sweet, slightly musky asshole. Mike bent over slightly to give me a little better access. I could hear him moan every so often as I lapped hungrily at his hole.

"Go lay down on your back" he commanded, gesturing toward his bed.

My dick was starting to ache just slightly from being hard for so long. I watched Mike walk toward the foot of the bed, his big throbbing young cock leading the way. My mouth watered in anticipation of getting it into my mouth. Mike grabbed my ankles and easily pulled me downward, putting my head flat on the bed. He then got up onto the bed, crawled up over my head, purposely making me think he was going to put his big hard dick in my mouth. Instead, he moved up even more and squatted down over my face, putting that sweet luscious ass of his right down on my mouth. I tilted my head upward, quickly hooked my hands up over his upper thighs and went back to hungrily licking his asshole. After a few minutes, he got up, spun around over me and essentially sat right back down on my face. I again grabbed his hips and wildly licked his ass for several more minutes. My tongue and jaw were starting to ache from licking his ass steadily for so long, but I really didn't care. I loved doing it, and I knew that he really enjoyed me doing it to him. He finally got up and told me to move, at which point he lay down on his stomach on the bed. He spread his long legs apart just a bit, and simply looked over his shoulder toward his beautiful young teen butt and then gave me a quick glance. No words were needed; I quickly positioned myself between his legs, leaned down, spread the cheeks of his butt apart and drove my tongue back into his ass again. After only a minute or so, he rose up, pushed a folded pillow under his lower abdomen and lay down on top of it, giving me even better access to his sweet hole. I also licked his crotch while I was at it

"Sit up," he said before he turned over onto his back. "You wanna suck my dick now boy?"

"Yes Master! I'd love to!"

"Well, eat my ass some more first!" grinning widely as he pulled his long legs up into his smooth muscular chest.

I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I'd be by being denied his cock again as I truly did enjoy eating his ass. I dove down and wildly licked his ass and crotch again.

After only a couple minutes, he urgently pushed my head back and quickly lowered his legs.

"Suck me!"

I quickly got his big throbbing cock in my mouth and started sucking him like there was no tomorrow. Within seconds, he was holding my head firmly with both hands, thrusting his hips upward, shoving his cock in and out of my mouth. Barely a minute later, he blasted a big hot load of his young sperm into my sucking mouth. I eagerly swallowed it and leisurely stroked a few more precious drops of his sweet cum from his cock, gently licking them up until he suddenly reached down, grabbed me under my arms and pulled me up on top of his naked body. Before I realized it, our lips were pressed together, our mouths open, and his tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth. Not only did it not seem to bother him that I had not only been licking his ass for quite some time, and had just took a full load of his sweet young cum into my mouth, he seemed to be actively seeking out some essence of the tastes I had in my mouth. His big young hands gently caressed my smooth back and butt as we made out passionately for what seemed like a very long time. Without barely coming up for air, he skillfully rolled both of us other so that he was on top of me, his hands under my shoulders, my small hands caressing his smooth muscular young body. I instinctively pulled my legs up as well, wrapping them around his waist while we continued kissing deeply. I soon noticed that his big cock was rubbing against my crotch as we made out.

Suddenly, something occurred to me and I mumbled "Shit!" into his open mouth.

"What?" he giggled.

"I took my KY home with me yesterday." as I rolled my eyes in frustration.

"Yeah, so?" he asked, with a sly grin on his face.

"Well, if you had any plans of fucking me with that big dick of yours, we're going to need it."

"Oh, I am going to fuck you, boy," which prompted a somewhat alarmed look on my face, and then he smiled and said "but don't worry, I got my own."

I didn't bother asking when or where he got it as the simple fact that he said he had some was good enough for me.

"Oh, cool!" and then I grabbed him around his neck and pulled him back down to me and started making out with him again.

"In fact, I went to the mall last night and got a few things you might like." He said after making out with me for another minute or so.

He got up and went over to his dresser, opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a number of items, including a brand new tube of KY jelly -- and a large tube at that. He returned to the bed with a couple handfuls of items which he dropped on the bed beside me. I looked at the items and several of them appeared to be wide leather watch bands. Before I got a good look at the stuff though, he went to the foot of the bed, grabbed my ankles and pulled me toward the foot of the bed, my legs spread apart so that they were at the edges of the bed, very close to the footboard. He picked up two of the watchbands -- each about two inches wide, made of rather cheap brown leather. He fastened one to each of my ankles, and then fastened the other two to each of my wrists. I noticed at some point that each watchband had round metal rings around them. As Mike worked, his big cock, which hadn't lost much, if any, of its stiffness since he came in my mouth a short time ago, seemed to be getting harder. When he got the last watchband on my right wrist, he pulled my arm up over my head and toward the head of the bed, and reached down toward the floor. He seemed to be doing something with the watchband, but I couldn't really see from my vantage point. It soon became apparent what he was doing, after threading a piece of clothesline through at least one of the metal rings in the watchband, he pulled the rope through, securing my right arm to the headboard of his bed, tying it off to keep it from pulling back through. Suddenly, when I realized I was being bound to his bed, my dick became as hard as a rock. Mike quickly came around and secured my left wrist to the headboard, and then secured both of my ankles to the footboard, my arms and legs spread apart across the bed.

"Try to get free," he said, with a broad smile.

Of course, I really didn't want to, but I tried nonetheless, but it was futile. The best I could manage was to slightly twist my body one way or the other, but the bindings were very good.


"Huh-uh!" I said, shaking my head.


Mike crawled up onto the bed, straddling my thin smooth chest. His big young cock was sticking straight out from his lean young teen body, his big smooth balls hanging low beneath it. Of all the boys I knew back then, Mike's balls hung lower than anyone's. When lying on his back, his ball-sack covered nearly half of his crotch. Mike crawled higher over my upper chest until he was squatting over my face. He looked down as he lowered himself and draped those big balls of his right into my eyes, then slowly pulled them downward over my face. Of course, my mouth opened and my tongue came out and I managed a quick lick of his balls as he passed them over my mouth and over my chin. I didn't even know until much later in my life that there was an actual name for what he was doing. I'm pretty sure he had no idea there was a name for it either, not that either of us would have cared anyway. Mike tea-bagged my face several times before he started rubbing his big thick young leaking cock all over my face. I wanted so badly to grab his cock and pull it into my mouth, but I couldn't move either of my arms, or my legs for that matter. I managed to get a few stray licks on his cock, but it definitely wasn't enough. I also started to wonder how he was going to fuck me, with me tied to his bed, on my back. He taunted me with his cock.

"You wanna suck me?"

"Yes Master, please let me suck you!"

Mike leaned over my head; his cock aimed at my open mouth and let me suck him, for all of about two seconds before he pulled it back out, and then quickly rose up, spun around and gently lowered his ass onto my still-open mouth. Of course, I hungrily ate out his sweet ass, and had to trust that he wouldn't literally sit down on my head and smash me. He let me eat his ass out for much longer than he let me suck him. Mike then got up, spun around again, dragged his big balls across my face a few more times before he teased me with his big hard dick again. He finally let me suck his cock. Again, without the use of my hands, I had to trust that Mike wouldn't purposely try to choke me with that big dick of his. In fact, Mike was so aware of the size of his cock that he seemed to be a bit more conservative than he needed to be, prompting me to occasionally raise my head upward a bit to get more of his cock into my mouth. Before long, he started fucking my face, which he kept up for a few minutes before he rose up and crawled off to one side and simply looked down at my naked young body, sprawled out and securely bound to his bed. He smiled as he visually took my pulse by watching my throbbing boy-dick.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he said as he reached over and gently squeezed my boy-bone.

"Yes, Master! I really am!" I moaned.

"No, really -- do you really like this?" he said after giggling at my response.

"Yeah, man! This is cool!"

"Yeah!" he agreed, with a mischievous grin.

He got up off the bed and untied my ankles, holding the ropes that had been secured to the straps around my ankles. He managed to pull both of my legs up over my body and secured each ankle to the headboard, with just enough slack in the ropes to allow my knees to bend slightly. My smooth little boy-butt was just about as prone as it could possibly get. Mike got up on the bed and, without saying a word, squeezed some KY into his finger tip and started working his long index finger into my hole, first just the tip of his finger, then up to the first knuckle, slowly working it in all the way. He then worked two fingers into my ass, spending far more time than needed simply to grease up my ass. He seemed to actually enjoy sliding his fingers in and out of my ass. And I had to admit, I really enjoyed it when he fingered me like that. Before long, he was sliding three of his fingers in and out of my ass, stretching my tight little asshole open for the assault that he would soon be giving it with his big cock. He finally slicked up his big dick, wiped his fingers off on an old hand towel and then got into position to fuck me. He put the head of his cock up to my waiting asshole and pressed lightly until just the tip of it started to penetrate my ass.

"You want it, boy? You want my dick up your little butt, boy?"

"Yes, Master! Please fuck me, sir!"

Mike barely managed to stifle a giggle, I suppose from the way I eagerly nodded my head as I answered him, and then got a rather serious look on his face, glanced down at his cock, poised at the threshold of my ass and then, without warning, he thrust the entire length of his cock into my ass -- going into me so quickly that his big balls slapped against the cheeks of my butt. I groaned and writhed around under him, not from any real pain, but more from the surprise of being entered so suddenly. Mike held his cock all the way inside my ass for several long moments and looked down at me.


"Fuck yeah!"

He flashed a quick grin in response to the wide grin on my face and then slowly withdrew his cock from my ass, all the way, and then poised the head of his cock at my ass again. I clenched my fists just as he plowed his entire cock into my ass again. I instinctively groaned and wiggled about under him. He didn't hold his cock inside me nearly as long this time, but I saw him glance down at my face. He (correctly) assumed from my ear-to-ear grin that I was okay. He pulled his cock out of my ass again, put the tip of his cock up to my hole and then paused; noticing that I'd again clenched my fists.

"Relax your hands; I'm not quite ready yet."

No sooner than I opened my hands, he rammed his cock back into my ass again, eliciting yet another boyish groan from me, as he chuckled lightly. I wondered how many more times he was going to do this to me, part of me hoping it would be a lot more. He again yanked his cock out of my ass, quickly took aim and rammed his cock into me again. This time, he pulled out quickly, right away, and then did it again. Before long, he was actually fucking me like this, quickly ramming his cock into my ass, yanking it back out, and quickly thrusting it back into me again. As Mike built up the momentum and speed at which he was doing this, my fists were alternately clenched and relaxed, often not in time with when he was thrusting into me, and my head was thrashing about on the bed, like a blind piano player. I wasn't actually keeping count, but I guessed that he did this like 25 to 30 times before he finally leaned over me slightly and started fucking me in earnest. At his specific angle of entry into my ass, the head of his cock rubbed against my prostate, making my throbbing-hard boy-dick pulse uncontrollably. Precum oozed from the tip of my dick and dripped onto my lower abdomen. I didn't know the anatomy of it all at the time; hell, I didn't even know I had a prostate, let alone what or where it was. All I did know was that in this position, getting fucked felt better than I'd even gotten it before. And with regards to the precum, it was all my prepubescent body could produce at the time. But it seemed to be working overtime to produce it then. For nearly 10 minutes straight, Mike alternated between passionately slow-fucking my ass, and pounding his meaty cock into me. He finally looked down and noticed the drops of clear, slick fluid on my lower abdomen and sunk his cock deep inside me, holding it there, smiling up at me. He took his finger and scooped up the first big drop that he saw.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, boy!"

He smeared the slightly salty liquid onto my extended tongue. I drew my tongue back into my mouth and tasted it.

"Mmm, tasty!"

Mike giggled lightly and then slowly withdrew his cock from my ass. He sat back and squeezed some more KY into the first two fingers of his right hand and easily slipped them into my ass, sliding them in and out slowly. The fresh grease on his fingers felt cool at first, easing the heat that had built up from him fucking me. At one point, after he had turned his hand upward, one of his fingers hit something inside me and I groaned and squirmed slightly under him.


"Uh! I dunno, but you touched something inside there that felt... good!"

I didn't have any idea how to explain it any better than that, but apparently it was good enough. Mike found it again within a few seconds, making me groan softly and making my dick flex and jump slightly. Mike quickly figured out where it was and started rubbing it with the tips of his fingers. Within seconds, I was driven to the brink of sexual overload. I groaned and writhed about on the bed, my fists and toes clenched tightly as wave after wave of unspeakable pleasure racked my naked young body. Mike abruptly stopped, removing his fingers from my ass. He chuckled lightly to himself as he reached up and pushed upward on my chin with his greasy fingers to close my mouth. Mike then had what we both must have thought was an absolutely brilliant idea. He crawled up, squeezed himself under my right leg and squatted down over my head, slid his fingers back into my ass and resumed manipulating my butt-button. He noticed that whenever he hit it just right, my throbbing little boy-cock flexed uncontrollably and precum oozed forth from the tip. Moments after he started, he repositioned himself slightly and managed to get his cock into my mouth. At the moment his cock slid into my mouth, his fingers in my ass were idle as I eagerly sucked his slippery cock. But when his fingers gently rubbed my prostate, my entire body clenched up and I wildly sucked him. After only a minute or so of this, he pulled his cock from my mouth, shifted a bit and sat his asshole right over my mouth. Again, I started happily lapping away at his luscious asshole, only to grunt and groan into it, wildly stabbing my tongue into his hole whenever he hit my prostate. He kept that up for several minutes, by which time I was nearly exhausted. He got up, went back around and speared his big throbbing cock back into my wide-open ass and before long; he started thrusting into me at all angles. After nearly 5 minutes, he thrust into me at a particular angle that effectively rammed his cock into my prostate. When that happened, my entire body quaked in a prepubescent orgasmic fury. My cock flexed and started pumping wildly, totally untouched. Precum squirted out of my dick for the first two pumps as my sphincter clamped tightly around his pulsating cock. A split second later, his cock erupted, pumping yet another load of his hot young teen cum, this time deep inside my quivering ass. The sensation of him cumming inside me only served to sustain my orgasm that much longer. When he was finally done cumming, he slumped over me, barely holding up enough of his own weight to keep from crushing me. Both of us were panting heavily, his still-hard cock buried balls-deep inside me. He finally rose up and smiled at me. I smiled back and suddenly started sobbing -- and laughing -- at the same time. He got an alarmed look on his face and yanked his cock out of my ass and quickly started to untie me.

"Fuck! I'm sorry Chad! Fuck! Fuck! I'm really sorry! Fuck!

I kept shaking my head no, but for some reason, I couldn't even speak. I finally managed to grab his arm with my right hand, just after he freed it from its bindings.


He froze.


I shook my head hard, swallowed hard, and finally managed to say "I'm okay! Really! I mean, I don't know why I did that, just that I've never felt so good in my life, man! It was incredible! Beyond incredible!"

He looked at me, a look of uncertainty and worry on his handsome young face.

"You sure?"

I nodded my head vigorously and said "Absolutely!"

He noticed that I was smiling and cracked a grin.

"Man, you had me scared there! I thought I hurt you or something!"

I giggled and wiped the tears off my face, feeling somewhat foolish about the whole thing and said "Nah, if you ever hurt me, you'll be the second one to know!"

"Who'll be the first?" he asked, with a puzzled look on his face.

I rolled my eyes and said "Me, silly!" and we both laughed.

He finished untying me and I helped him take the straps off my ankles and wrists. By then, we were both spent and went into the bathroom to wash up. When we came back into Mike's bedroom, he slipped his briefs on and straightened up his room a bit, putting the wrist and ankle straps away and concealing the ropes tied to his bed. I slipped my underwear on as well, and helped him straighten things up. When we were done, he scooped me up in his strong arms and dropped me on his bed, then quickly pounced on top of me. I was already laughing when he suddenly put his lips to mine. I instantly stopped giggling and we made out for a minute or so.

"C'mon, let's get dressed and go outside for awhile."

He got up and easily pulled me to my feet. We quickly got dressed and went outside. It was a rather cool day, late in November but it was football season and soon we were throwing a football back and forth to each other. Mike taught me how to catch a football the right way. Prior to that, if I caught a pass at all, it was simply luck. We had a lot of fun and I realized then that we didn't have to have sex to have fun. After an hour or so, we went into his garage, which had a small extra storage area built onto the side of the garage, right at the back corner of it. It was about the size of a large walk-in closet, but with no door. Various yard and garden tools hung around its periphery, and there was ample room to move around in the center of it. Mike turned away from me and appeared to be doing something in front of him. After a few moments, he turned around, his jeans still buttoned at the top, but the zipper was down all the way, and his semi-flaccid cock and his balls were protruding from the front of his jeans. My eyes widened when I saw that, and I couldn't get over how erotic it looked. After staring at his cock for a few moments, I looked up and smiled at him.

"I figured you'd be thirsty by now."

"Out here?"

I glanced around the garage, as if to see if anyone was looking. Naturally, I was afraid of being caught.

"On your knees, boy!"

I had to trust that he knew what he was doing and quickly sunk to my knees. I suddenly realized that he'd said the word `thirsty' which he only used when he wanted to piss in my mouth. While I was pretty good at doing this; I usually only did it in the nude, and in some place where it wouldn't matter if some dripped out of my mouth and onto the floor. While it wouldn't have been a problem if some dripped on the floor, when that happened, it usually dripped off my naked body somewhere first. And as cold as it was, I wasn't about to strip naked right there in his garage. By the time all that went through my mind, I had already taken a deep breath and had barely held it when Mike's warm piss started to flow into my mouth. I started swallowing right away, hoping that he wouldn't go to fast, or too long for that matter. Mike seemed to know my concerns without me voicing them and kept a steady flow, and was done after about 20 seconds. I paused just long enough to catch my breath and then took most of his cock into my mouth and started sucking him. He was hard in a matter of seconds and indulged me for couple of minutes before pulling out and telling me to lick his balls. While I loved seeing Mike fully naked, there was something incredibly erotic about seeing him otherwise fully clothed, with just his cock and balls sticking out of the front of his jeans. I looked up at him and smiled, and then for some completely unknown reason, I panted like a dog for a few moments with my tongue out and then started lapping his big smooth balls. He noticed my little doggy act and it stuck in his mind. His imagination would soon run with the idea. I lapped at his scrotum for a minute or so.

"Suck me" he breathed out.

I panted for a moment before gobbling up his cock. This time, Mike put his hand on the back of my head and stroked it lightly as if he were petting a dog.

"Yeah, good boy!"

I sucked him with a great amount of urgency, hoping to get yet another load of that sweet boy-seed of his. I grabbed his hips and bobbed my mouth up and down the thick pulsing shaft of his cock. Getting another load of cum from him then just wasn't meant to be, but he indulged me for a few minutes before he finally backed off a bit and started to undo the button of his jeans in order to put his dick away.

"Oh! Wait a minute!"

"What?" he asked.

Without answering, I leaned forward and lightly kissed each of his balls, then kissed the shaft of his still-hard cock. Mike giggled softly.

"Okay, can I put it away now?"

"Okay, if you must!" I said in mock disgust and then laughed with him as I stood up.

Mike stuffed his big cock back into his underwear and fastened his jeans. We went back outside and started throwing the football around again, as if nothing had happened. Whenever I played Center and hiked him the ball, he made it a point to lewdly grope me. Then, he would throw me the ball, and then suddenly changing to defense as he easily caught me and tackled me, repeatedly. And of course, every time he tackled me, he took the opportunity to either grope my butt, or he'd make sure that the bulge in his pants came into contact with some part of my body -- and make sure that I knew it. At one point, when he was lying on top of me in his backyard, inconspicuously grinding his cock into my left thigh.

"What time do you have to be home?"

I glanced at my watch, which read a little after 4:00 and answered simply "5:30."

"Cool!" He suddenly got up, reached down and abruptly pulled me to my feet. "C'mon!" he said as we quickly went back into his house and on up to his bedroom, him leading the way.

As soon as he rounded the corner at the top of the stairs, he started peeling off his clothes, dropping them on the floor as he walked along. I followed suit, stripping as I quickly walked behind him. Mike was naked by the time he reached his bed and quickly lay down on his back, his long muscular legs spread apart. I nearly fell trying to remove my last sock.

"C'mon boy, get up here and suck me!"

"Yes, master!" I said, still trying to catch my breath.

I climbed up on the bed, got between his legs and quickly engulfed his cock in my mouth. He moaned softly and stretched his long legs out on either side of me as I sucked up and down on his big young teen cock, repeatedly tickling my own nose with his bright red pubes as I went down on him. Over the next several minutes, I sucked him, licked and sucked his balls, licked his crotch and asshole, before I made a quick return trip to suck him again. At that point, he handed me his tube of KY.

"Grease me up! I'm gonna fuck you!"

I pulled my mouth off his cock and couldn't help but giggle as I took the KY from him and squeezed some out on to my fingers. Before my hand reached his cock, he had already picked up the KY, pulled my body around toward him, and squeezed some onto his fingers. Just as I started slicking up his cock, his slippery fingers penetrated my ass. Within a minute, I was sitting all the way down on his big young cock. My own boy-dick was sticking straight out from my thin body and before long; it was bouncing up and down as I rode his cock. I rode him for several minutes before he told me to turn around the other way, but without pulling his dick out of my ass. It was a bit tricky, and not particularly comfortable, but I managed to do so and started riding him again, this time facing the foot of the bed. It was a bit more difficult this way, but I think it was mainly just from a lack of experience. Within a couple minutes, he reached up and pulled me down on top of his chest, pulled my little legs upward and started thrusting up into me. Even by the age of 11, I had been fucked countless times while lying on my back, but never while I was lying on top of the guy fucking me. After a few minutes like that, Mike sat up, sitting me up with him and managed to get me onto my hands and knees, facing the foot of the bed, with him kneeling behind me -- all without taking his cock out of my ass. He immediately started pounding his fleshy cock into my tight little boy-cunt. Within moments, he began fucking me at odd angles. Even though it hurt, to a point, I was unable to pull away from him as my instincts were trying to tell me. Instead, I rose up slightly, gripping the curved tubular railing on the foot of his bed tightly. This angled my body upward slightly and actually enabled him to thrust into me at even wilder angles. I groaned softly through gritted teeth as my head wildly thrashed about. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, and knew that if he was truly hurting me, I'd let him know. He pummeled my ass for several minutes like that, and then stopped suddenly, his cock still about halfway in my ass. He reached behind him for something, but before I could turn around to see why he had stopped, he picked me up, spun me around on the bed, his cock slipping from my ass, and tossed me behind him.

I caught a glimpse of a folded pillow in the middle of the bed which I quickly laid my lower abdomen on top of. Moments later, Mike was lying on top of me with just as much of his body weight as my small frame could take, his cock thrusting wildly into my little ass. It was only a few minutes after he started fucking me like this that I realized that the combination of his powerful thrusts, his weight on top of me, and the way my throbbing little boner was positioned on the pillow under it was about to make me cum. I tried to rise up slightly to prevent it, but Mike persisted, pushing down on me a bit more and fucking me still harder. Moments later, I let out a long, faint boyish moan as my slender body began to quake, my ass constricting around his big cock. He slowed his thrusts for a few moments.

"You okay?"

"Yeah! I just came though. Sorry!" I squeaked out, trying to look over my shoulder at him.

He giggled lightly and he said "You came? Cool!"

"Yeah, but I'm layin' on your pillow!"

"So?" and then he lightly rubbed one of my smooth firm butt-cheeks and said "Don't worry about it!"

Before I had a chance to respond, he started pounding his big cock into my ass again, even harder than before. My little dick, which was still rock-hard, was also hypersensitive from just having had an orgasm. I squirmed around for a minute or so until the sensitivity wore off a bit. Over the next half hour or so, he continued fucking me in a wild variety of positions. At one point, my thin naked body was draped over the back of the loveseat in his room, my legs dangling behind it, my head toward the seat. The back of the seat, and my little butt on top of it were the perfect height for Mike to stand behind me and fuck my little ass. I also rode his cock -- in both directions -- as he sat on the loveseat. At one point, I knelt sideways on his bed, my butt right at the edge of it. The only times he pulled his big young teen dick out of my ass were when we changed positions, but that served to keep him from cumming before he finally did. When he finally came, I was on my back with my legs wrapped high around his waist. Mike was lying on top of me, thrusting his cock deep into my well-fucked little ass. We were both sweating a good bit and his abdomen was rubbing against my throbbing little boy-dick. We were making out when he moaned softly into my open mouth. I felt his cock expand slightly inside my ass and then both of us started bucking against each other. I felt his hot young seed pump into my ass as my own dick pumped out another small load of my prepubescent boy-juice. When we were both done cumming, Mike put his head down beside mine, lying heavily on top of me, both of us trying to catch our breaths. After a couple minutes, he finally rose up slightly, his mostly still-hard cock still buried in my ass, and simply smiled down at me. I smiled back up at him and then he leaned down and kissed me passionately. After making out again for a minute or so, he rose up again and we smiled at each other. I had just gotten what was perhaps the most impassioned fucking that I'd gotten yet. It had been the perfect combination of wild, full-on sex and passionate lovemaking. I knew at that moment that I felt a certain way about Mike, a way that I never felt about anyone else. And I somehow knew that he felt the same way about me. For the three-plus years that we were together, we never once said the words `I love you' to each other, but he knew that I loved him, and I knew that he loved me. We made out a little bit more before we finally got up and went into his bathroom to wash up. We stood side by side at the basin, me washing the grease off my butt and crotch, Mike washing the grease off his cock, balls and out of his pubes. At one point, he looked down and patted me lightly on one butt cheek.

"How's your butt feel?"


He giggled and then leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. We finished washing up and then got dressed, by which time I had to go home. As much as I'd been fucked just that afternoon, I probably shouldn't have been able to walk at all, but I felt so great that I essentially floated all the way home, even if it was just around the corner and across the street.

Before long, we were all eating dinner. I usually sat next to my mom, Sam sat across from me, and Don sat next to Sam. My mom always seemed to enjoy some conversation during supper, and was usually the one who started it.

"Did you and Mike have fun this afternoon?" she asked.

I gulped a mouthful of food down, instantly recalling what all we'd done.


I quickly took another bite of food, hoping she'd talk to somebody else which would keep me from talking with a mouthful of food.

"Well, what did you two do?"

I nearly choked, but thought I managed to hide it pretty well.

"Oh, nothing much... We watched some football, and then went outside and threw the football for awhile."

I suddenly realized that we hadn't watched any football and I was sure she was about to ask me what game we'd watched. Thankfully, my oldest brother spoke up and said something that changed the focus of the conversation. The particularly-good blowjob I gave him later that night was my way of thanking him for getting me off the hook. I really don't think my mom was trying to catch me in anything; she was simply trying to make dinner conversation with her boys.

I started off for school the next morning and Mike was waiting for me in front of his house. He would have been waiting there anyway, as we'd been walking to school together every day for nearly two months. But things were vastly different between us that morning, including our conversation.

"Ya know, if you go to the board today, I'm gonna be lookin' at that little butt of yours."

I felt my little dick start to stiffen in my pants.

"Yeah, and when you're walkin' back to your seat from the board; I'm gonna to be lookin' at the big bulge in the front of your pants!"

We instantly looked at each other and burst out in laughter. Sure enough, I was called to go to the blackboard several times that day, and I could actually feel Mike staring at my little butt. And I made it a point to be looking at the front of his pants whenever he returned to his seat, making both of us do our best to keep from giggling at each other. Until that day, school days seemed to drag on forever, as if 3:15PM would never arrive. But for some reason, the days seemed to fly by after that. Before I knew it, Mike and I were on our way home from school, laughing most of the way home about what we'd said that morning, and how we'd had to stifle our laughter in class. One observation I'd made before leaving school was that Mike seemed to be taking particularly long drinks from the drinking fountain right outside our classroom that afternoon. But I thought nothing of it. And as we walked home, well, to his house, after school, he seemed to be walking rather quickly. With the long strides he was taking, it seemed that every so often, I had to break into a little trot just to keep up with him. Still, I thought nothing of either of these circumstances until we got to his house. I hung my coat up on the coat rack just inside the door, put my books on the counter and then followed Mike upstairs. He seemed to be in a hurry to get up to his room, and I was too. I just didn't realize the cause for his urgency until we got upstairs. I started up the stairs before him and as he closed the door behind us, he grabbed my arm, holding me on the steps

"Get naked as soon as you round the corner at the top of the steps." he whispered into my ear.

I just smiled and nodded my head and ran up the steps. Sure enough, as soon as I rounded the top of the steps, I quickly peeled all of my clothes off. He came around the corner and nearly stumbled as he tried to step out of his jeans. I thought to myself `dang, he must really be horny!' And in fact he was, but that wasn't what the sudden rush was all about.

"Into the bathroom! Quick!"

I still didn't have a clue, but quickly went into the bathroom and turned to face him. He roughly pushed me to my knees.

"Uh man, I gotta piss!"

He shoved his half-hard cock into my mouth. I barely had a chance to take a breath and hold it before he let loose with a torrential flood of his warm piss. I started swallowing instantly and had no problem keeping up with him -- for the first half minute or so. But by then, I was starting to run out of air and badly needed to exhale and then take another deep breath. However, the stream of piss flowing from Mike's big cock showed no signs of letting up anytime soon. I urgently held up my right index finger, trying to get him to stop for a moment.

"Hey, if some leaks out all over ya, tough titties!"

With that, my lungs were about to burst and I suddenly opened my mouth, exhaled quickly through my nose and then inhaled again. Of course, in the few short seconds it took to do that, my mouth overflowed and Mike's warm wet piss ran down the entire front of my body. For just an instant, I was actually upset about it, but I quickly realized how erotic it felt. I swallowed a few more mouthfuls of his piss, by which time the stream was subsiding. I quickly reached up and grabbed his dick around the base, pulled my mouth off and aimed the waning stream at my upper chest.

"Oh, you like gettin' pissed on, huh boy?"

I giggled as another squirt of piss shot from the end of his big cock and hit me right on the lips. I licked my lips and smiled up at him.

"Yeah, that felt cool!"

I quickly opened my mouth, his piss dripping from my balls onto the linoleum floor under me and some of it running down the insides of my smooth thin thighs, and started sucking him. He indulged me for a minute or so before pulling his cock from my mouth and slapping my piss-dampened face with his wet dick. He reached down and pulled me to my feet and handed me a washcloth.

"Wash up real quick!"

"Yes, master!" was my ever-obedient response.

I quickly washed his piss off my body. Mike grabbed a wad of toilet paper and wiped up the few drops that were on the floor and I quickly dried off. The moment our naked bodies landed on his bed, his tongue was exploring my mouth. I couldn't imagine Mike ever letting me -- or anyone -- piss in his mouth, but he seemed intent on at least getting an idea of what his piss might taste like by sticking his tongue into my mouth. Before long, I was lying on my back, sideways on his bed, with my head tilted back over the edge of his bed. Mike was leaning over me, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth while he held my thin legs way back with one arm and was deeply fingering my ass with his other hand. He quickly found my prostate and started manipulating it, making me grunt and groan on his cock while my own cock jumped wildly all on its own.  Each time his finger rubbed my prostate, I gulped on his throbbing cock in my mouth. Mike seemed to always know just how much of his cock I could take in whatever position he put me. He kept thrusting his cock into my mouth as he fingered my tight boy-hole, first with one of his long fingers, then two, and finally three fingers. After several minutes, he let his big young cock slip from my mouth and stood up on the bed over me. He reached down and grabbed my thin ankles, pulling my legs upward and spreading them apart, putting one of my legs between his, the other one out in front of him. He then pulled me upward, putting me on my shoulders and told me, "Try and hold yourself up like this." I braced my arms under my back to support myself, barely managing to keep my balance when he let go of my leg that he had between his legs. He lowered himself a bit, bending at the knees and somehow managed to get that big hard dick of his into my ass. It was incredibly uncomfortable for both of us, but incredibly erotic at the same time. Needless to say, he didn't fuck me like that for long. He pulled out and stood back up, and as he did, I let my legs back down onto the bed.

"Ow!" we said at the same time, making us giggle at each other.

He put his hand to his chin in a pensive manner and looked down at me. I sat up, looking up at him, trying to figure out what he was thinking about.


"Oh, I'm just trying to think of a good way to fuck my little slave-boy!"

"Oh! Well, Master, while you're thinking of a good way to fuck me, would you be so kind as to allow me the honor of sucking your big awesome dick? Please?"

Mike smiled broadly and even chuckled lightly at my request.

"Yes, my little servant, suck my dick while I think of a good way to fuck your little ass!"

I giggled at his reply and quickly knelt on the bed in front of him, sucking him as well as I knew how. The next thing I knew, Mike was lying on his back on his bed and I was sitting on top of his big young dick -- sideways -- riding him. This position wasn't particularly easy for me because I could only get one of my legs between his legs. My right leg was at a different angle, with my heel tucked against his side, my arms bracing myself behind me on his other side. Still, I managed to ride him like that for several minutes before he had me get up. He put me down in the middle of his bed and easily rolled me up onto my shoulders, putting my knees on either side of my head. It's amazing how flexible a young boy's body can be. Within seconds, his cock was buried balls-deep in my ass and he started pummeling my little ass right away. If my little dick had only been a few inches longer (nearly twice its actual length at the time), I would have been able to suck my own dick in that position. Just after Mike started fucking me, I managed to glance over at the clock on his nightstand and noticed that it was already after 3:30PM. At the age of 11, I was supposed to go straight home after school. But here I was, in Mike's bedroom, getting my little ass fucked. My mom had made an exception that one afternoon the week before when Mike needed help with his math.

Mike seemed to be fucking me with a certain amount of urgency and after only about 5 minutes, he suddenly pulled out of my ass, abruptly threw my legs down onto the bed, and quickly crawled up over my chest and jammed his big slippery young cock into my mouth. I immediately started sucking him and within a few moments, he let out a faint moan and pumped a full load of his sweet young teen cum into my mouth. The instant he was done cumming, he pulled his cock from my mouth and quickly spun around over me and lowered his smooth muscular young ass to my face. My tongue quickly found its target and I started licking his sweet asshole. Within a few moments, I felt a strange sensation as Mike leaned over me. His big young hand wrapped firmly around my throbbing boyhood and started stroking it. I soon realized that he had put some KY on his hand to make his hand easily slide back and forth on my small cock. Mike's hand easily engulfed the entire length of my dick -- and then some. Nonetheless, he was very effective in jacking me off. I soon found my hard little dick up into his firm grip as I hungrily lapped at his ass. Barely a minute passed before it dawned on me that I had never been jacked off before by another guy. Sure, a number of guys had held my dick before in some way, either holding it gingerly with a finger and perhaps a thumb to get it to the proper angle to suck, and some guys had occasionally grabbed my dick and squeezed it when they were fucking me. But no one had ever actually stroked my dick before. It wasn't long before that realization, and the sensations of Mike's slippery hand gripping my hard little dick and the taste of his sweet, slightly musky ass on my tongue sent me over the edge and I shot two healthy little shots of my thin preteen cum. My dick pumped numerous times after the first two pumps, but it was just for show. When I finally relaxed, Mike let go of my dick and briefly sat his ass a bit more heavily on my face and wiggled his butt. I giggled right into his butt, making him laugh out loud. Mike rose up, turned around quickly and shoved his tongue fully into my mouth. Although he was making out with me, it seemed that he was also trying to taste his own ass on my tongue and lips. After a few moments, he quickly got up and pulled me to my feet and led me into the bathroom where we cleaned up. I quickly got dressed and went home.

It was all I could do to concentrate on my homework, but I managed to get it done anyway, well before my mom got home. In fact, I was just closing my book when my older brother, Sam, walked into my bedroom.

"Where's Don?"

"Won't be home till about six."

"How do you know?"

"He left a note for Mom on the table."

Shortly before my ninth birthday, my brothers and I became sexually active with each other. Perhaps sexually "hyperactive" might be a better term for it. But about six months after the three of us started having full-on sex with each other -- primarily the two of them taking turns fucking me and having me suck them off, Sam became interested in music, and ultimately became interested in girls. While Don continued fucking me and letting me suck him off regularly -- and frequently -- sex with Sam screeched to a halt, albeit the occasional and rare moment when he would have me suck him off, or the even more rare occasion when he'd actually fuck me.


The next thing I knew, Sam had his dick out of his pants and he was pulling my head by the back of my neck toward it. Without hesitation, I opened my mouth and took it fully into my mouth. Sam grabbed my head with both hands and crudely fucked my face for several minutes before he blasted a big load of his cum into my mouth. When he was done cumming, he pulled his cock from my mouth, put it back in his pants and simply walked out of my bedroom and went back downstairs, without saying a word. It was as if I was just some sort of foreign, inanimate object that he'd used to get off with. While I would like to have had some kind of response from him, preferably a positive one, I was grateful just to get a load of cum from him. I got up and went to the bathroom, washed my face and hands, and brushed my teeth, and then took my books downstairs. Sam was in the livingroom, watching TV and barely acknowledged my presence, except for a slight grin when I walked past. By then, our mom was pulling up into the driveway. She came in and warmly greeted Sam and me, then checked on the dinner that she had put into the oven that morning. Don got home just as dinner was about ready. We sat at the table and again, my mom decided to start the supper conversation.

"Chad, did you come straight home from school today?"

I nearly passed out. I mean, she rarely asked me that, unless she had some good reason to believe otherwise. I felt my face go flush and I cleared my throat.

"Well, not quite."

Sam laughed at my answer and my mom frowned at me. I choked down a bite of food in my mouth.

"I stopped at Mike's for just a little bit. He needed some help with some math homework."

She remembered from the previous week that Mike was having a bit of trouble with the "new math" and that I was thriving with it.

"You're not doing his homework for him, are you?"

"No!" I said loudly, "I just explain it better than Mr. Varsen does, that's all! Once he gets it, he's on his own."

My mom suddenly smiled at me, leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.

"I'm very proud of you!"

Sam, who was sitting across from me mumbled "Suck-up"

I sensed sudden movement under the table and then Sam suddenly lurched forward.

"Ow!" Sam cried. "Mom, Chad kicked me in the shin!" he whined.

"No he didn't -- that was me!" our Mom calmly explained.

Don nearly fell out of his chair with laughter. I almost spit out a mouthful of food.

"If you need to stop at Mike's on your way home to help him with his math, it's okay with me, if it's okay with his grandma. But I want you home by 4:30, okay sweetie?"

"Okay, thanks Mom!"

"But no playing until after you're done with your homework, mister!" She added.

After dinner, my mom, Don and I sat around watching TV for awhile. Sam went to his room and was practicing his guitar. He was fully absorbed in music by then. All too soon, it was 9:00PM, my bedtime, and I went on up to bed. Don, who was 16 years old by then, didn't have to go to bed until 11:00PM. I know, it sounds weird, a 16 year old having a bedtime, but in those days, it seemed commonplace. Well, for Don it was mainly just for school nights. I went upstairs, washed up and got into bed, thinking about the day's events; the wild sex with Mike right after school, the good mouth-fucking that Sam gave me shortly before our mom got home. My dick was rock hard and I started to jack off, trying to do it the same way Mike had done that afternoon. It didn't seem that I'd been doing it for very long when I heard the door hinges squeak at the bottom of the stairs. I quickly pulled my underwear up and turned over onto my stomach. I glanced at the clock, noting the time and it wasn't even 9:30 yet. I could hear footfalls and the occasional squeak of the steps as someone came up stairs. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. It sounded like Don coming upstairs, but it was too early for him to be going to bed. I lay quiet for a moment and suddenly heard Don's voice, speaking just above a whisper.

"Chad, you awake?"

"No," I replied, then giggled.

Don chuckled softly and sat down on my bed and pulled the covers off me. I turned over and right away he grabbed for my groin. My dick was still hard.

"Oh, Chad's got a boner!" I giggled again and then started to sit up. Don pushed me back down on my bed and easily removed my underwear. I sat up again and this time Don grabbed me by the back of my neck and pushed my head toward his groin. Somehow, he'd managed to get his dick out and I went down on him right away. Don peeled off his sweatshirt and then managed to wriggle out of his jeans and underwear without his cock coming out of my mouth. He allowed me to suck him for a couple more minutes before he pushed my head off his cock. He got up onto my bed and lay on his back, spreading his legs widely. I knelt between my 16 year old brother's legs and started licking his dick and his balls. Within a few minutes, my tongue was working its way deeper into his crotch. Don moaned softly and spread his legs a bit more, and pulled his feet upward toward his body, allowing me just enough access to get my tongue into his musky teen asshole. I put my small hands on the backs of his thighs and pushed his legs upward even more and rimmed his sweet ass for several minutes. He moaned softly several times, and then I finally stopped licking his ass.

"Man Chad, you do that really good!"


And then I swallowed his cock whole. He moaned again, softly, and let me suck him for a couple minutes before he gently tapped me on the head. I lifted my head up and took my tube of KY jelly from him, opened and squeezed some out, fingering my own little ass while I gently licked his throbbing-hard cock. A minute or so later, I greased up his hard-on and then quickly got up, straddled his body and sat down on his cock, easily taking it all the way up my ass. Hell, after having Mike's much bigger cock up my ass so much lately, taking Don's cock all at once was easy. I rode Don's cock for several minutes, then got up and lay down on my stomach with a folded pillow under my lower abdomen. Within seconds, Don was laying fully on top of me, thrusting his big teen cock deep into my ass. A good ten minutes later, he let out a faint grunt and then I felt his hot cum pumping wildly inside my ass. When he was done, he lay on top of my body for a minute or so, his cock still buried in my cum-flooded ass. He finally rose up and withdrew his cock from my ass. Without thinking twice about it, I quickly rose up and spun around, grabbed his slippery half-hard cock and started licking it clean. Don tried to push my head away in protest, but I persisted and he soon gave up and allowed me to finish licking his dick and balls clean. He chuckled lightly and tousled my hair before slipping his underwear back on, and then he gathered up the rest of his clothes and left my room and went to bed. I wanted so badly to get fucked again, but it would have to wait until the next day.

I woke up the next morning with a raging little boner and quickly scurried into the upstairs bathroom with my tighty-whitey briefs tented out as far as my burgeoning 4-inch dick could push them. Once inside the bathroom, I quickly gave up on the idea of trying to pee standing up and chucked off my briefs, spun around and sat down. I leaned forward, forcing my boner downward. Moments later, the bathroom door swung open and my oldest brother was standing in the doorway with his briefs bulging proudly.

"Oh, sorry Chad -- didn't know you were takin' a crap."

Don reached for the door and started to close it.

"I'm not; I'm trying go pee." I said with a slightly strained voice.

Don pushed the door back up, smiling down at me.

"How come you're sittin' down?"

At that moment, my boner had relinquished just enough of its stiffness to allow my morning piss to begin flowing.

"Because I have a boner."

Don chuckled lightly to himself and scratched his nuts through his underwear.

"Well, try and hurry, I gotta go too!"

"C'mon in, there's room enough!" and then quickly held my mouth open wide.

Don chuckled again, then looked around almost as if to see if anyone else was around. He quickly stepped inside and closed the door, slid his briefs down his long hairy teen legs and took a wide-legged stance directly in front of me. Seconds later, his warm morning piss was flowing rapidly into my gullet as I swallowed as quickly as I could. I barely managed to swallow it all before having to quickly pull my mouth off his cock and take a couple deep breaths. Moments later, his cock was fully in my warm wet sucking mouth, his thick dark pubes tickling my nose as my little tongue worked its magic on his throbbing tube of man meat. I'd managed to finish my morning piss well before I started sucking him and by then I had my left hand on his smooth firm butt, and my right hand cupped his heavy teen balls. Before long, Don had both of his hands on my head, holding it firmly as he rudely fucked his little brother's mouth. His breathing became somewhat labored and before long he was letting out faint grunts of urgent pleasure. After only a few minutes, I could feel his balls starting to churn and tighten up in my small hand and I knew he was getting close. I sucked his cock as it roughly slid in and out of my mouth with even more urgency and barely 4 minutes after I'd started sucking him, he let out a restrained moan and tightly hugged my head to his groin. Cum streamed out of his 16 year old cock and pummeled the back of my throat. I nearly gagged because of where his cock was in my mouth and managed to back off just about an inch as he emptied the rest of his nuts into my nursing little mouth. His hands clumsily slid from my head down to my shoulders to brace himself as his knees wanted to buckle. I sucked the remaining cum from his cock and slowly pulled my mouth from his cock. I sat back slightly and looked at his still-rigid pole, glistening with my spit and his cum in the bright bathroom lights. He looked down at me with kind of a goofy grin on his handsome face.

"Whew!" was all he could say at the moment.

I smiled up at him, my soft red young lips glistening with the same mixture of my spit and his sweet teen sperm, and then I gave his teen bone a firm upward stroke, working my thumb from deep in his scrotum, sliding it all the way to the tip of his cock, causing a big glob of cum to ooze from the piss-slit. I leaned forward and gently slurped up his final offering.

"Uh fuck, Chad!" he moaned softly.

"Great idea, but I don't think we have time now!"

Don laughed out loud and tousled my hair.

"Yeah, maybe tonight!"

"Hey, what's this `maybe' shit?"

"Okay, okay! Tonight for sure!" he said with a laugh.

"Yay!" I said, clapping my hands in brief applause.

We both quickly washed up and got ready for school. As I slipped on a clean pair of briefs, I noted that my boner hadn't subsided much, if at all.

Sure enough, Mike was walking toward the end of his driveway when I approached.

"Hey, perfect timing!" he said.

"Yeah!" As we walked to school, he occasionally bumped into me, which for some strange reason turned me on. It was as if I realized that under his heavy winter coat, his long sleeve shirt, his undershirt, his jeans, shoes, socks, and underwear, there was a naked 13-year-old boy whose body was aching for the attention that only my naked young 11-year-old body could give it. For what seemed like the entire school day, my boner showed no sign of relenting. My horny young preteen mind was continually inundated with thoughts of Mike's big young teen cock sliding in and out of my warm wet young mouth, or his meaty cock pounding deep into my smooth little slut-ass. I was unsure of it was real or just imagined, but it seemed like every time I looked at the front of Mike's tight-fitting jeans, he was showing a bit more bulge than usual. I was convinced that he was at least half-hard for the whole day too. It was all I could do that day to keep enough of my mind on my studies to make it through the day. When the bell rang at 3:15 that afternoon, I nearly had an orgasm as I stood up simply in anticipation of what I knew lay in store for me when we got to Mike's bedroom. We walked quickly all the way to his house, nearly bordering on breaking into a full-fledged jog. We took our coats and shoes off as soon as we got into the house, gathered up our books and quickly went upstairs. With an armful of books, I still managed to undo my jeans and unbutton my shirt by the time I reached the top of the steps. Mike's jeans were already starting to slide down his muscular young legs by the time we got into his room and put our books down on his desk. I nearly ripped my undershirt trying to remove it so quickly and the instant that the last piece of our clothing hit the floor, I found myself on my back on Mike's bed, Mike's much larger body practically smothering me as we made out wildly, our young tongues eagerly exploring the insides of each other's mouths and our hands exploring each other's naked bodies. We rolled around on the bed, first him on top of me, then me on top of him, writhing around, our naked bodies rubbing feverishly against the other's, our lips barely parting long enough to take a breath of air. After several minutes of some of the steamiest making out I'd ever done, he pushed me up off his body with a sense of urgency.

"I have to piss!"

"Good timing -- I'm thirsty!"

We giggled at each other and quickly went to his bathroom. The first thing I noticed was that his bathroom seemed to be under construction. Part of the floor had been exposed and there were holes in the wall and floor. I didn't even get a chance to ask before Mike explained what was going on.

"Gramps is putting a standup shower in here for me, so I don't have to shower in the basement anymore."

By then, I was already kneeling in front of him and just said "Cool!"

A split second later, his now half-hard cock was lodged in my mouth and piss was steadily flowing from it into my mouth. About a half minute later, his cock was steadily getting harder as it slid in and out of my mouth. By the time his big young teen cock was fully hard, he ripped out from my mouth with a soft wet `pop' and then reached down and grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head and abruptly pulled me to my feet. I should explain that he didn't really pull me to my feet by my hair, but simply guided me along as I stood up on my own. He `dragged' me back into his bedroom by my hair and threw me into his bed, landing on my back. Mike quickly got up and squatted down over my face. My small hands instantly cupped the milky-smooth white cheeks of his perfect young teen butt while I slathered my tongue all over his hot puckered hole. He moaned softly and wriggled around on top of my head as I eagerly serviced his ass. My boy-boner was standing at full attention and already oozing precum as I hummed and softly moaned into his bottom. Mike lifted one of his hands off the bed and grabbed my rigid boy-pole and gently squeezed it and then gave it a few gentle strokes. I moaned more deeply into his ass. A couple minutes later, he got up abruptly, spun around and jammed his tongue into my mouth, licking my tongue as if he was trying to find out how luscious his ass really tasted. Moments later, he was kneeling over my head, his thick cock bobbing happily above my face. He slapped my face a few times with his big boner, and then slowly slid it into my mouth. I wrapped what I could of my left hand around the base of it as he started fucking my mouth. A few minutes later, I managed to get my right hand up to his big low-hanging balls and held them lovingly as he continued fucking my face. Barely a couple minutes later, he let out a soft but intense moan and then his cock erupted in my mouth, bathing my tongue with load after load of his sweet young teen cum. I eagerly swallowed his seed when he pulled his cock from my mouth.

He got up and grabbed my ankles, pulled me toward the foot of the bed and then pulled me up onto my knees. He slapped the cheeks of my smooth boy-butt with his still-hard cock a few times, and then opened the tube of KY and squeezed some out onto his finger and plunged it into my prone boy-hole. Within seconds, he'd found my prostate and started massaging it vigorously, sending waves of incredible pleasure throughout my young naked body. My dick oozed what seemed like an endless supply of precum, particularly when Mike shoved a second, and then a third of his long fingers into my most private place. I knew if I my hand got within an inch of my dick it would erupt instantly. I was literally trembling with excitement and knew I couldn't take it any longer without that big cock of his up my ass.

"Fuck me, Mike!" I gasped, barely audibly.

Mike just smiled that million dollar smile of his and pulled his fingers from my well-lubed ass, smoothed those same fingers up and down the shaft of his throbbing cock without adding any new lube to them and then speared his cock into my inviting boy-cunt in one swift smooth thrust. I buried my face in his bed and let out a long muffled moan as Mike held his cock deep inside me for a few moments. I could feel the heat radiating from his steely hard cock, his big low-hanging balls warming my crotch as my fiery ass engulfed his throbbing cock. Within moments, Mike had a firm grip on my smooth thin hips as his repeatedly slammed his big young cock deep into my bowels, his body slapping against mine. At barely 13 years old, Mike's sexual recuperative powers and stamina were already legendary. It had barely been more than a few minutes since he'd pumped a load of cum into my mouth and he was already fucking my little ass like nothing had happened yet. Mike stood at the foot of his bed, nailing my little ass wildly for several minutes before yanking his cock from my ass, turning me onto my back and then rolling me up onto my shoulders, turning me toward the side of the bed. He knelt on the edge of the bed, leaned over me and drove his cock down into me again in one full thrust. As I looked straight upward, I noticed that my boner was aimed directly at my face. Had it been as long as Mike's cock, I could have easily gotten the head and a bit more into my own mouth. As Mike continued to slide his cock full-length into my ass, my own throbbing young boy-dick continued too ooze precum at an alarming rate, and it wasn't long before it started dripping onto my face. After only a minute, several drops of my own precum dotted my face. By the time Mike pulled out, it almost looked as if someone had shot a full load of cum onto my face. If I were to be fucked in that same position today, I'd need to go into traction for about 6 weeks just to straighten my back out so that I could walk upright again. Mike pounded down into my ass, with my thin little body virtually folded in half for well over five minutes before he pulled out and threw my legs down. Seconds later, I was sitting down on that big boy-pole of his, bouncing up and down on it like I was on a mechanical bull ride. My downward thrusts of my ass on his cock were met with equally fervent upward thrusts of Mike's cock into my ass, giving me a bone-jarring ride. Always watchful of the time, Mike knew that he'd have to cum fairly soon in order for us to have time to clean up and manage to get at least a little homework done. Still, I rode his cock wildly for nearly five minutes, his legs spread somewhat apart and his knees draped over my ankles, effectively pinning my lower legs to the bed. Toward the end of my ride, Mike's upward thrusts seemed to be even more insistent and my own dick was sticking straight up. All of a sudden, a wave of heat brushed over my entire body. My throbbing little boy-cock flexed and then started pumping wildly, sending a few small squirts of my preteen boy-juice onto Mike's stomach.

As the orgasmic wave overtook me, my head went back as I boyishly moaned "oh oh oh!" repeatedly.

Just as my orgasm started to subside, Mike thrust so hard up into my ass that it nearly knocked me completely off of him. Luckily, he had such a firm grip on my thin smooth upper thighs that I certainly wasn't going anywhere until he was doing having his way with me. When I felt his hot jism pumping up inside me, my entire naked little body shuddered and quaked and my dick erupted again, squirting two more little squirts of my thin cum onto Mike's stomach. My ass spasmed around his pumping cock, milking his balls dry. With my tiny balls spent, I collapsed on top of Mike's muscular sweaty young body. His arms instantly embraced my naked young body, his cock still buried deep inside my cum-filled ass, and for several long moments, we simply lay there, trying to catch our breaths. I finally rose up and gently kissed Mike on the lips. Before long, we were making out deeply; our tongues entrenched in each other's mouths. After a couple minutes of intense face-sucking, I finally got up and extricated my ass from his cock. My legs felt like a couple of spindly rubber poles. They didn't hurt, really, there just didn't seem to be any strength left in them. I slumped off to one side and noticed the streaks of my preteen cum on his stomach. I quickly leaned down and started licking it up. Before long, I was licking his big dick and balls clean.

Mike indulged me for a few minutes, and then patted me lightly on the head and said "C'mon, let's get cleaned up."

I made a little whining sound and then we both giggled. We went into the bathroom and quickly washed up. He commented on the shower that was going to be installed and was excited that he'd have his own private shower -- one that both of us could use.

After we washed up, we came back out and quickly got dressed and then asked me a question about that day's math lesson. I pulled up another chair next to his at the desk as we opened his book. I started explaining whatever it was he was having difficulty with that day. We'd both heard the door at the bottom of the steps open, and then heard the footfalls on the steps. Moments later, Mike's grandmother appeared in the doorway, seeing Mike and I studying innocently. She had nothing but warm smiles for both of us. Of course, had she come up just 10 minutes before that, she probably would have gone into a full-on cardiac event, seeing both of us stark naked, and me bouncing my little ass wildly up and down on her grandson's big cock.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your studies, boys" she said in her soft Irish brogue, "Chad, my boy, would you like t' be stayin' for supper?"

"No thank you. I have to be home soon." I said politely.

"Then how about supper on Friday then -- assumin' you'll be spendin' the night with Michael Patrick again." She offered. I almost snickered when she called him `Michael Patrick'.

"Thank you, ma'am, but I'll have to check with my mom. Can I let you know tomorrow?"

"That'll be fine, my boy!" she said with a wide smile.

She turned to walk away, then looked over her shoulder and smiled back at us. When we heard the door close at the bottom of the steps again, Mike and I looked at each other, and then burst out in raucous laughter. We studied for a few more minutes. I wanted to make sure Mike understood what we'd learned in school that day and when he assured me he'd gotten it, I left and went home. Of course, Mike walked me out and with that million dollar smile, said he'd see me tomorrow.

When I got home, I learned that Sam was rehearsing with his band at one of the other guy's house and that Don was home from school already. I checked the chore list our mom left and saw that the only thing I needed to do, other than my homework, was to check the timer on the stove. A casserole was already in the oven, but I just needed to make sure the oven was set to come on at the right time. Everything checked out, so I headed upstairs to my room to do my homework. Don was watching TV and barely acknowledged my presence as I walked through. My homework barely took twenty minutes to get done. By then, the oven had kicked on and I could smell the casserole baking. I put my books away and got up to take a piss. When I opened the door to the bathroom, I was nearly startled out of my skin when I saw Don standing there. He chuckled and then I noticed that he was standing there with his cock and balls sticking out of his jeans. I giggled and then walked up to him, grabbed his mostly-hard cock and led him over to his bedroom. Within moments, he was laying on his back on his bed. I quickly stripped my clothes off and gave him a first-class tongue-job and blowjob, lasting nearly 25 minutes before he gave his little brother a big hot load of his sweet baby-batter. There really wasn't any reason for me to strip my clothes off, other than the fact that I loved being naked. Don pulled his shirt back down, put his one leg back into his pants and underwear and pulled them back up while I started to gather up my clothes. All of a sudden, Don leaned down toward my face. I thought he was going to kiss me or something, which I wouldn't have minded at all, but instead it sniffed a couple times.

"Wash your face -- it smells like my crotch."

I giggled and said "Oh, then it smells good then, huh?"

Don laughed out loud and said "Well, if you say so -- but wash your face anyway, Squirt!"

"Okay, okay." I said in mock indignation.

I got up and went into the bathroom, stark naked and washed my face and brushed my teeth. It wasn't that I didn't like the taste of my big brother's cum, but I figured if I was going to give my mom a kiss on the cheek when she got home, it would be best if my breath didn't smell like her first born son's ball juice. I went back into Don's room and got dressed. I went back to my room, gathered up my books and took them back downstairs.

Before long, my mom was home and not long after that, Sam had come home from rehearsal, just in time for dinner. We had the usual dinner conversation, during which Sam revealed that he had yet another new girlfriend. Of course, there was the obligatory volley of questions from my mom about who the lucky girl was. I silently figured that the chances of Sam sticking his dick in my mouth again anytime soon were somewhere between slim and none. After dinner, I helped my mom clean up the dishes, at which time I told her about Mike's grandma inviting me over for dinner Friday evening.

"Well, we'll see." she said in her usual non-committal answer.

Part of me wanted to beg and plead with her to let me, but I calmly reply with a simple "Okay!" and then kissed her on the cheek and finished drying the dishes.

About 15 minutes later, I came back out to the kitchen for a soda when I saw my mom talking on the phone. I loitered in the kitchen for just a bit longer than necessary, but it was long enough to figure out that she was talking with Mike's grandma. I sat back down in the livingroom with my drink and a few minutes later, she came in and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.

"I'm really proud of you for helping Mike with his math." she said, stroking my long brown hair. Apparently Mike's grandma had overheard just enough when she came up to Mike's room earlier to realize that I wasn't giving Mike any answers, rather I was actually teaching him how to find the right answers on his own.

"Oh, um, thanks Mom!" I said, not sure what else to say. "Um, does that mean I can stay over at Mike's again on Friday? Oh, and can I go over for supper too?"

"Why don't you take a change of clothes over to his house tomorrow morning. That way you can go right to his house after school on Friday."

"Thanks Mom!"

I popped an instant boner right there in the livingroom. I leaned over, grabbed our unsuspecting toy collie and hoisted her into my bulging lap to conceal my condition.

"Oh yeah, what time do I have to be home on Saturday?"

My mom thought for a moment, smiled and said "Well, I want you home by 4:00 Saturday afternoon, or before if Mike's grandma throws you out before that."

I giggled and just said "Okay Mom! I'll try not to get thrown out though."

"Good boy!"

I wanted to leap off the couch, run over to Mike's house and tell his grandmother that I'd be having dinner there on Friday, and then run upstairs to Mike's room and suck him off at warp speed, and return to my spot on the couch before my mom even realized I'd gone anywhere. I decided to stay put though, mainly because I hadn't yet figured out that warp speed thing.

When 9:00 rolled around, I went to bed, hoping Don would come upstairs and fuck me before long. I lay awake for what seemed like forever but ended up drifting off to sleep. I awoke a short time later, shortly after 10:00PM when I felt a slippery finger slowly sliding in and out of my ass. I looked up and saw Don sitting on the edge of my bed, smiling down at me. Somehow, he'd managed to completely remove my underwear without waking me up, and had gotten his index finger deep inside my ass.

Apparently, he'd been finger-fucking me for sometime because he said softly "I wondered when you were gonna wake up!"

I smiled up at him as I started to rise up and then he pulled his slippery finger from my ass. I grabbed his wrist and sucked his finger into my mouth. Don just chuckled lightly and managed to slide his underwear down and off. I soon took his finger out of my mouth and replaced with his big hard teen cock. I repeatedly went all the way down on him, occasionally keeping his entire cock in my mouth just so that I could smell his musky pubes. Don moaned softly as I kept deepthroating him. I reached for the KY, removed my mouth from his cock, slicked up his teen rod and then quickly straddled him and sat all the way down on Don's cock in one swift downward thrust. I didn't even stop to sit on him for a moment before I rose up and started riding him. A few minutes later, I was kneeling at the edge of my bed, my smooth little butt just over the side of it while Don stood beside my bed, both of his hands on my thin hips, pounding his fleshy cock into my boy-tunnel. Several minutes later, I was lying on my stomach with a pillow under my abdomen and Don was lying fully on top of my thin naked body, wildly thrusting his cock into my ass. I was thankful that my twin sized bed springs didn't make any noise, particularly with how hard he was fucking my ass. Don fucked me like that for nearly ten minutes before pulling out and rolling me onto my back. He quickly plunged his cock back into me. I reached down and put my hands on the fuzzy cheeks of his butt, pulling him into me. His stomach was just barely touching my throbbing hard little boy-dick and after only a few minutes, I clenched the cheeks of his ass, pulling him hard into me. My dick erupted, virtually untouched, and a few squirts of my preteen cum sprayed across my stomach and lower chest. My ass clamped down on my big brother's cock, making him groan softly and then I felt the jets of his teen sperm squirting into my guts. When Don finally came down from his orgasmic high, he slumped down on top of my body, barely holding enough of his weight off me to keep from smashing me to bits.

I whispered in his ear, "Wow! That was so cool!" and then I kissed him on the cheek.

The next thing I knew, Don's tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth, his still-hard cock buried in my cum-flooded ass. We made out for a couple minutes before I felt his cock finally starting to soften a bit. He rose up and withdrew his half-hard cock from my ass and sat back. As usual, I quickly got up, spun around and started licking and sucking his cock and balls clean. Don indulged me for a few minutes and I was sure his dick was starting to stiffen again. But, being the caring, big brother that he was, he got up and told me to go to sleep, at which point he got up, picked up his underwear and left my room, without even putting them back on. I wiped my greasy, cum-leaking hole off with a few tissues and rolled over and instantly went to sleep.

I got up the next morning, hoping to give Don another quick blowjob, but he had gotten up before me and was already downstairs. I easily consoled myself with the knowledge that I'd be with Mike that afternoon. I put a change of clothes in my gym bag, got washed up and went downstairs. I dropped off my gym bag at Mike's on the way to school, and told his grandmother that I'd be having dinner there on Friday.

Mike and I had yet another wild sexual romp after school that day. Within minutes of getting up to his room that day, Mike took a long leisurely piss in my mouth. That was quickly followed by rapid-fire blowjob, the result of which was him blowing a big load of his young teen cum into my mouth. After some serious snogging and me licking him all over between his legs, that big young teen cock of his plowed into my little ass, pummeling me steadily until Mike deposited another load into my guts. We made out again after he got done fucking me.

The shower project in Mike's room seemed to be progressing quite rapidly. Apparently the drain and supply lines were already in place. He guessed that it would be finished before that weekend. Sure enough, by Thursday afternoon, the shower stall itself was in place and all that was left was to hook up the fixtures, the showerhead and a few finishing touches, which was done on Friday.

Mike informed me on the way home that Thursday afternoon that we'd only have time for a quickie as a cousin of his was coming over for dinner. As usual, we started things off by getting naked and Mike taking a full-on piss in my mouth. Even that seemed rushed, and we quickly went into his bedroom. He glanced nervously at the clock on his night stand.

"Okay, your choice -- do you wanna suck me off, or do you want me to fuck your ass?"

"Both!" I said softly, with a wide grin.

Mike laughed, and then said "Seriously, we only have time for one or the other."

"Easy -- let me suck you real quick while I grease up, then you can fuck me, but before you cum, pull out and shove your dick in my mouth real quick and let me finish by suckin' you off."

"Great idea!" he exclaimed as he pushed my head toward his throbbing young cock. Barely 5 minutes later, he yanked his big dick out of my ass, threw my legs to the bed, crawled up over my thin chest and shoved his greasy cock into my mouth. My tongue barely touched the underside of it when it erupted. In what seemed like barely a minute or so later, we had both cleaned up, gotten dressed and were sitting at his desk. He was stuck on one little thing with our math lesson that day and we got through that in short order. I'd just gotten up to get ready to leave when we heard the door at the bottom of the steps open and we heard footfalls on the steps. A few moments later, a young man walked into Mike's room.

"Hi Mike! Uh, who's your little friend here?"

I snickered at him referring to me as Mike's `little friend'.

"Hi Tony! This is Chad -- he's in my class. Chad, this is my cousin, Tony."

"Hi Tony. Glad to meet ya." I said, holding my little hand out for him to shake.

He reached down and gently shook my hand. At that point, I made a few instant observations. First of all, Tony was huge -- at least to me. I surmised that tallness ran in Mike's family. Tony -- who I found out was barely 17 years old, was over 6 feet tall. His hands were proportionally big, as his hand easily swallowed my little paw. Another observation was that good looks apparently ran in his family as well. I also couldn't help but notice the rather impressive bulge in the front of Tony's jeans, which caused me to wonder if his dick was proportionally big as well. Of course, that thought caused my own dick to get stiff.

"So, you guys studying together?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, Chad's helpin' me with my math. He's a genius when it comes to this new math crap." Mike admitted.

I felt my face instantly go flush at Mike's compliment.

"You're a good man, Chad!" Tony said, patting me on the shoulder.

"Thanks." I mumbled, then cleared my throat and asked Mike "So you're cool?"

"Yeah, thanks man!" Mike said.

"Okay, well, I'd better get goin'. See ya tomorrow Mike. Nice meetin' ya Tony!"

"See ya!"

"Likewise." Tony said.

I looked back as I exited Mike's room and was looking at Tony's butt through his jeans. I glanced up and saw him looking at me and turned about 14 shades of red. I went down the stairs so fast I nearly fell.

I got home about a minute later to find Sam and his new girlfriend there. Don wasn't home yet, meaning that Sam and Audrey had been there alone for some time. I went upstairs and blew through my homework in about 15 minutes. I went back downstairs and Sam and Audrey had just finished making out. I put my schoolbooks on the bookshelf and sat down in the swivel rocking chair across from the couch. Sam got up and said that he needed to use the bathroom. He never bothered to introduce me to his girlfriend. The moment he left the room, there was a deafening silence. She broke the silence first.

"Hi, I'm Audrey."

I looked over and really looked at her for the first time. I wasn't really attracted to girls yet, but I had to admit, she was very pretty. Aside from that, her long wavy hair was the same color as Mike's -- bright red.

"Hi, I'm Chad -- Sam's little brother."

"You're really cute!" she said as she started to get up.

"Uh, thanks!" I said, blushing.

The next thing I knew, she had squeezed into the chair right next to me, and put her one arm around my shoulder and gently stroked her fingers through my hair with her free hand.

"So, do you like girls?" she asked.

Now, that question wasn't what it might sound like. Boys tend to think girls are `icky' until they get to a certain age.

"Sure!" I lied.

The next thing I knew, her lips were pressed against mine, and a millisecond later, her tongue was in my mouth. My head was tilted way back and I put my arms around her. Her mouth tasted faintly of apples and cinnamon. After who knows how long, she finally pried her face from mine.

"Whew!" she said with a wide smile, fanning her face with her hand. "You're a great little kisser!"

"Thanks! So are you. Um, I mean, you're a great kisser too." I stammered.

She giggled and started to get up. As she was getting up, she reached down and groped the boner in the front of my pants, softly saying "Oh!" with a grin.

I blushed again and quickly covered my lap with a pillow. Audrey sat back down just as Sam came back in. He never suspected a thing. She got back up and the two of them left. Sam returned from walking her home about 20 minutes later, meaning that Audrey didn't live too far away.

"Audrey's nice." I said to Sam when he came back in, trying to think of something to say.

"She's a tease." he said with a bit of (sexual) frustration in his voice.

That evening, our Mom went out for awhile after dinner. Not long after she left, Sam went to his room to practice on his guitar while Don and I stayed in the livingroom and watched TV. We were both sitting on the couch and before long; Don tapped me lightly on the shoulder. I turned my head to see what he wanted, only to see that his big teen cock and balls were fully exposed from his jeans. I smiled widely, leaned down and started sucking him. I don't remember how or when it happened, just that the next thing I knew, I was completely naked and Don's jeans and underwear were around his knees while I sucked his dick, and licked all over his big hairy balls. It wouldn't have made any difference to us if Sam did walk in on us as the three of us started playing around with each other shortly before I turned 9 years old. By the time I was 10 years old; Sam had pretty much stopped "playing" with us, becoming absorbed in his music. The recent activity between Sam and me was mostly a fluke, really.

I'd just gotten Don's jeans and underwear pushed down to his ankles, his legs raised up, and my tongue in his ass when, sure enough, Sam came out of his room, walked out to the kitchen for a soda, and walked right back through the livingroom. Nothing was said, other than Don's soft moans from having his little brother's tongue buried in his asshole, and my contented hums and the occasional slurping sounds as I sucked on his crotch. It was probably about 10 minutes later when Sam emerged from his room, just in time to see me laying on my back on the couch and Don kneeling over my head, my hand wrapped around the base of his cock as he squirted streams of his cum into my open mouth. Sam stood next to the couch, watching as his older brother shot a full load of cum into his little brother's mouth, his own jeans bulging. I looked up at Sam and let out a soft humming sound as Don shoved his cock into my mouth to allow me to finish sucking him off. Sam smiled down at me, rubbing the bulge in the front of his jeans. Moments later, Sam was sitting on the couch with his jeans and underwear at his knees, me kneeling on the floor, still completely naked, between his legs, his 14 year old cock fully engulfed by my warm wet little mouth. Some odd number of minutes later, Sam's jeans and underwear were only hanging on one leg while my tongue explored his young teen asshole. It wasn't long after I started lapping my older brother's sweet hole when Don knelt behind me and lifted my skinny little butt upward and then slowly slid his greased-up hard-on into my tight boy-hole. Moments later, Don was fucking me full-on while I hungrily licked, sucked, and kissed all over between Sam's legs. A good ten minutes after Don started fucking me; Sam moaned and grabbed a fistful of my long brown hair, pulling me head up to his dripping cock, urgently telling me "Suck me, Chad! Suck me!" I opened my mouth, extended my tongue and swirled it around the head of Sam's precum-laden cock, making his dick jump and pulse at the threshold of my open mouth. He moaned loudly and pushed downward on the back of my head and seconds after I sealed my lips around his throbbing cock, Sam thrust his hips upward into my face and hosed the inside of my sucking mouth with his sweet young sperm.

Don continued pounding his cock into my tight ass and when Sam's orgasm finally subsided, I immediately went back to work, licking his balls, crotch, and asshole. Several minutes later, as Don relentlessly fucked my little ass, Sam's cock was rock-hard and all the way in my mouth again. My own dick was drooling with my preteen precum, which Don was very mindful in wiping off the tip of my dick with his finger, then wiping it onto my own back and the cheeks of my smooth little butt. After all, it wouldn't look good if our mom came home and found spots of boy-precum on the carpet. Don seemed nowhere near his second orgasm and the next thing I knew, I was laying on my back on the floor. My legs were pinned under Sam's arms as he straddled my head, alternating between thrusting his hard cock into my mouth and stuffing his big fuzzy balls into my hungry little mouth. Meanwhile, Don remounted me, thrusting his big cock deep into my extremely prone ass. Several minutes later, Don let out a long, deep groan and then I felt his hot teen cum deep inside me.

Sam, who rarely made any comments of any kind when we were fooling around like this, turned his head back to his older brother and said softly "Yeah, cum in his little whore ass!"

The minute I heard that, I gulped on Sam's throbbing cock in my mouth and my own dick erupted, squirting out a small but still respectable load of my preteen dick-juice. Don moaned again as my tight little ass spasmed around his pumping meat, milking his spurting cock for even more of his cum.

"Oh man! Look, Sam! Chad came!"

Sam got up, letting my legs free and quickly looked down at the small streak of clear liquid sprayed out onto my lower abdomen.


Don withdrew his greasy cum-slicked cock from my ass with a clearly audible wet "plop" sound. Don grabbed my ankles, holding my legs high as he moved to one side.

"Sloppy seconds, Sam?"

Sam looked back at me, still recovering from my orgasmic haze and I simply grinned up at him and nodded my head.

"Sure, what the fuck!"

Seconds later, Sam's cock slammed into my well-fucked ass. Sam didn't even grease up his cock, though there was really no need. Don disappeared for a few minutes while Sam held my legs up so far that my knees were literally at my ears as he continually assaulted my little ass.

When Don returned, he said "Here, lemme give you a hand." as he squatted down over my head and took my legs away from Sam, spreading them as widely as they'd go without snapping off.

I moaned and grabbed Don's legs, pulling his hairy teen ass downward toward my face. My warm wet tongue quickly found its target -- namely Don's asshole -- while Sam wildly fucked my little ass. While my own dick had not gone soft after my orgasm, I could already sense that another orgasm was imminent. Several minutes later, Sam was sitting on the couch and I was wildly riding his cock, facing away from him. My own dick was sticking almost straight up, oozing out a seemingly endless supply of precum. Within moments of mounting Sam's cock, Don stood in front of me, pulling my head to his cock, which had quickly regained its rigidity. Sam put his hands on the cheeks of my butt, spreading them apart as far as they'd go as I repeatedly impaled myself on his teen fuck stick. Once again, I had one dick up my ass and another in my mouth at the same time. For nearly ten minutes straight, I bounced my ass up and down on Sam's cock while Don continually fucked my face. I suddenly heard Sam moan out as he grabbed my thin hips and roughly thrust my ass up and down on his cock while he thrust it in and out of me and then I felt his cock expand inside me. As soon as I felt the first blast of my older brother's cum spraying the inside of my rectum, I grabbed my own cock and squirted another small load of my boy-cum, this time into my own hand. A minute later, I was sitting fully on Sam's still-hard dick while Don wildly fucked into my mouth.

I heard Sam moan "oh fuck! That was great!"

I hummed an affirmative response and just then, Don forced my mouth off his cock. He couldn't quite muster up a third load for me -- not that I wouldn't have been happy to keep going until I got it. Sam finally pushed me up off of his now half-hard cock.

Both of them went "Whew!" at the same time.

My legs felt like rubber and my back felt a bit sore. I cautiously stood up, my legs wobbling under me, threatening to betray me and I slowly turned to face my two hot older brothers.

Don, always protective of me asked, "How's your butt feel Chad?"

I smiled at both of them and gave my usual response: "Empty!"

They both chuckled lightly and then Don noticed the time.

"Shit! You'd better get a bath and get to bed, Chad!"

I started to whine about it, but Sam chimed in and insisted that I take a full bath, rather than just cleaning myself up. I picked up my clothes and gingerly walked into the bathroom and took a quick bath. I emerged a short time later, wearing only my briefs and hugged both of my brothers, who had both gotten fully dressed again. I went to bed right away, and jacked off, thinking about the sleepover I was going to have at Mike's the next night and finally drifted off to sleep.

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