This story involves graphic depictions of consensual sex between three young friends, plus descriptions of erotic events involving urination, as well as descriptions of incest between brothers. If this story isn't to your liking, or if it's illegal for you to read such things wherever you are, then stop reading and move on. The people and events herein are based on actual people and events.

Mike and Me

Part 4


There, sitting forward on the loveseat in his bedroom was... Danny. It had been several weeks since I'd even seen him around, but he looked as cute as ever. My heart stopped, and then started to pound hard inside my chest. Mike gave me a light shove from behind and I started walking again, but in an almost robotic way. As I got closer to Mike's bedroom -- and Danny -- it dawned on me that he wasn't wearing a shirt. I hadn't seen that perfectly smooth chest of his since the previous summer. A couple steps farther and I noticed he wasn't wearing any shoes or socks either, and in fact, all he was wearing a pair of soft cotton gym shorts.

He smiled warmly at me and said "Hi Chad!"

I opened my mouth to reply and suddenly realized that my throat had gone drier than a popcorn fart.

"Say `hi' Chad" Mike said softly.

My voice cracked as I croaked out "Hi Chad -- um, I mean hi Danny!"

Danny giggled at my slip, and I heard Mike chuckle lightly behind me. I turned my head back to Mike, who had somehow managed to take his shirt off as he walked behind me. All of a sudden, I was feeling very overdressed. I glanced at the front of Danny's shorts and saw the bulge in them. My heart raced a bit and my dick started to stiffen. I was totally confused as to what was going on and Mike sensed it. In fact, I'm certain he planned on it. I really just wanted to have a lot of intense sex with Mike that night and hadn't counted on sharing our Friday night together with anyone else, even if it was the cutest 11 year old blond boy on the planet.

"Danny, weren't you just saying that you needed to brush your teeth?" Mike said, after clearing his throat rather conspicuously.

I was staring at one of Danny's nickel-sized and very erect nipples, but I swear I could hear Mike winking his eye at Danny as he spoke.

"Yeah, I'll do that right now."

Danny got up and walked right past me, actually brushing the back of his hand against the front of my jeans. My heart leaped into my throat.

As soon as Danny was in the bathroom, the door closed tightly, Mike smiled and, just above a whisper, said "Look, it's cool, man. He really wants to do stuff with us."

I gave Mike a puzzled, worried, happy, confused as all fuck look.

He chuckled and fake-slapped me on the head, and then said "Okay man, look, it'll be just like always, except we won't make out with each other, and we won't do the slave-master thing, okay?"

"Okay!" I quietly squeaked with a nervous grin.


"Hey Danny, you brushing each tooth, one at a time in there or what?"

Danny immediately came out of the bathroom and just said "All done!"

I smiled as I looked at him walking toward us. My god, he was beautiful. Danny was perhaps an inch or so taller than I, and he had longish golden-blond hair, dark rounded eyebrows and long eyelashes that highlighted what were quite possibly the most beautiful blue eyes I'd ever seen, and an adorable face, punctuated with the most perfect dimpled smile. His full kissable lips were a deep pink. As he walked past me again he put the back of his hand against the front of my jeans and purposely rubbed me there. My nose got a whiff of toothpaste and boy-god smell. My dick instantly went from whatever state it was in just prior to that to fully erect. He was one of the few boys I knew when I was a kid that had a distinctive `smell' about him. Bobby was the first boy I knew that had a certain smell. I suppose Mike had a certain smell to him too, but on him it was more of a wonderful but gentle teen muskiness. I particularly enjoyed the smell (and taste!) of Mike's sweaty armpits, and of course, his sweaty butt-crack.

Suddenly, Mike grabbed my shirt at the bottom and yanked it upward, pulling it over my head, holding it over my face instead of simply removing it. A moment later, another pair of hands was quickly undoing my jeans and pulling them down. Instead of struggling, which was actually my first instinct, I calmly allowed the two of them to do whatever they were doing, and in fact I assisted by raising my left foot first, allowing Danny to remove my shoe and sock, and my jeans from my left leg, then repeated the same for the right leg. A few moments later, Mike finished pulling my shirt off leaving me in just my tight white briefs. By then, Danny had stood up, still wearing his gym shorts, and I could see the waistband of his fruit of the looms showing just above the waistband of his shorts. Mike was still wearing his jeans, but had kicked off his house slippers, revealing his bare feet. Now, I was feeling a bit underdressed. I glanced down at the bulge in the front of Danny's shorts, but was trying to avoid actually staring at it. It looked a bit bigger than I thought it should be. After all, he was only six weeks older than me -- his dick couldn't be much bigger than mine, if at all. I was still at that point when I thought a boy's physical (read `sexual') development was determined solely by his age. Mike peeled his jeans off and then Danny pulled his gym shorts down his perfectly smooth legs. I could now see the bulge in his briefs. My mouth, which had moments earlier been completely void of moisture, now watered profusely just from the few quick glances I managed to steal.

"Big Time Wrestling!" Mike announced loudly.

This was years before the explosion of what was first known widely as the World Wrestling Federation, but we'd all seen more regional wrestling bouts on TV by then and it was gaining popularity. The next thing I knew, the three of us were on Mike's full-sized bed, wrestling around with each other. Danny and I first teamed up against Mike, who I'm sure let us pin him down and then Mike and I teamed up against Danny, who was clearly stronger than I was, but we still managed to pin him easily, and then the two Mikes teamed up against me. Of course, I was no match for them and got pinned with barely any struggle. It wasn't long before it seemed that all three of us were boned up, but then, we were three pubescent boys, wrestling with each other in just our underwear. With all that smooth skin rubbing against smooth skin, something was bound to heat up. We went another round, two teamed against one and then Mike had a brilliant idea -- since Danny and I were roughly the same size, he wanted us to wrestle each other. My heart started to pound in my chest again. I knew there was no way I could take him, but I didn't want to totally wimp out on him either. I put up a valiant struggle against Danny's superior strength, and after what seemed like several long minutes, Danny finally pinned me. I got the distinct impression that he wasn't trying quite as hard as he could have, and we did flip flop around a bit; I nearly pinned him at one point but he squirmed out of it and took over the advantage. When he did pin me, he was sitting fully on top of my upper abdomen, with both of my hands pinned to the bed above my head. It reminded me of that time the previous summer in my brother's pup tent in my backyard, but that time he was sitting high up on my chest.

Just as that thought ran through my mind, Danny slid upward swiftly, pinning my hands well above my head. The bulge in his underwear was within an inch of my face. I could smell his slightly musky boy-scent. I took a good, long look at his bulge. This close up, it appeared even bigger than before -- much bigger than it should have looked. I figured it was just an optical illusion or something like that. After all, he was only 6 weeks older than me; his dick couldn't have been that much bigger than mine. Could it?

"Oh, you're lookin' at my underwear, huh? Ya like what ya see, do ya? Maybe you wanna smell it, huh?" Danny said with a smile.

With that he leaned upward a bit and rubbed the ridge in his underwear across my upper lip, right under my nose. Of course, I inhaled deeply. Feeling his dick inside his underwear, rubbing my face, it even felt bigger than I knew it would be. But man, it smelled really, really good.

"You like the way it smells, huh?"

I sniffed his boy-basket again and nodded slightly in agreement. Just then, I felt Mike's hands grasp the waistband of my underwear on either side and pull them down over my butt. I unconsciously rose up a bit to help him and within a moment or two, I was completely naked. Danny looked over his shoulder and saw my boner sticking straight up behind him, and then turned back and smiled down at me.

"Well, if you like the way it smells so much, I bet you'll love the way it tastes. You wanna taste it, huh?" he said, almost tauntingly.

"Uh-huh!" I said softly, nodding my head.

Danny managed to get both of my hands pinned under just one of his hands and used his now-free right hand to pull the front of his briefs down. I audibly gasped when I first saw Danny's dick. It was just under 5 inches long and at least an inch thick (or about 4.5" in circumference). Of course, it was circumcised, and it looked absolutely perfect, not to mention delicious.

"Mmm" I hummed softly as most of his dick slid effortlessly into my mouth.

As he slid his big beautiful boy dick in and out of my mouth, I noticed that Danny had a faint trace of pure-blond pubes surrounding the base of his perfect dick. I nearly came just from the taste of his cock in my mouth, and the incredible essence of boy-groin that permeated my nostrils.

"Uh shit man; you're really good at this! Oh man!"

"Mmm" I hummed again as I swirled my tongue around the pulsing shaft of his boy-dick, my nostrils flaring each time he thrust it into my mouth.

Several long moments later, I suddenly realized that my hands were free. I quickly put them on Danny's hips and butt, gently guiding him in and out of my mouth. I boldly snaked my hands inside the back of his briefs and cupped the smooth bubbled globes of butt flesh.

"Mmm" Danny hummed out a soft moan, his dick flexed harder in my mouth.

I'd been so focused on sucking that most-succulent boy-cock in my mouth that I hadn't really noticed that Danny's position had changed slightly, seemingly leaned off to his left just a bit. I snaked more of my hands inside his underwear, sucking harder on the tube of flesh in my mouth, and then looked upward to see if I could get a glimpse of the expression on Danny's face.

"MMM" he hummed again, softly and when my eyes finally traced their way up his gorgeous young body, I nearly choked on his dick.

Well, not really, but I was shocked out of my mind when I saw why he was humming. Mike was standing beside the bed, holding Danny's blond head with one hand, guiding it up and down on most of the length of his big young teen cock. Danny's right hand was wrapped around the thick base of Mike's cock; his other hand was on Mike's hip. I wasn't sure whether to be jealous of Danny for sucking my boyfriend's -- oops, I mean my best friend's cock, or if I should cum from the sight of that adorable blond kid with his dick in my mouth, sucking that big teen dick. Needless to say, I opted not to be jealous. I also (barely) managed to keep from cumming at the very sight of Danny sucking Mike's cock. After several very hot minutes, Danny pulled his mouth off of Mike's dick, then (sadly) pulled his dick out of my mouth. Happily, it was mainly so he could get up and get his underwear off. And for the first time, I got to see Danny's bare butt. As gorgeous and sexy as I thought his butt looked when he was wearing clothes, it was nothing compared to seeing his naked butt. I knew he had a cute bubbled butt, but I actually squeezed my dick to keep from cumming just at the sight of it. I figured that Danny probably outweighed me by 5 or 10 pounds, and I think most of it was behind him, filling out that awesomely sexy butt of his. My overriding thought at that moment was how to get my face buried in that sweet butt of his. Again, Mike read my mind. Before Danny had a chance to get up on the bed, Mike stopped him.

"Put one foot up on the bed!" then turned to me and said "Chad, c'mere!"

I quickly got up and Mike pointed to the floor behind Danny.

"Squat down there."

I crouched down on the floor behind Danny, staring up at that butt and before Mike had a chance to mutter the words `Eat him!' my tongue was already hungrily lapping away at Danny's sweet pink pucker.

"Uhhh fuck!" Danny moaned softly as I put both of my hands on those smooth fleshy cheeks of his butt and wildly licked his butt like it would be my last chance. "Fuck man! You weren't kiddin'!" he mumbled to Mike.

The taste of his ass was beyond incredible and the scent of his boy-musk was intoxicating. I could have easily imagined spending the rest of the night, let alone the rest of my life, kneeling behind this boy, lapping away at his sweet hole. Sometime later, I'm not sure if it was seconds, minutes or hours, but most likely a minute or two later, Danny bent over, making that sweet ass of his even more prone to my tongue. I heard slurping sounds and my suspicions were soon confirmed.

"Uhhh yeah, Danny! Suck it down! Yeah man!" Mike moaned softly as Danny's full red lips slid up and down most of the length of Mike's big young teen cock.

Some minutes later, Danny reached back with one hand, grabbed my head and pushed it away from his ass, put his foot back on the floor and then grabbed me by the hair and pulled me around in front of him, guiding my head toward his big throbbing boy-dick. I hungrily swallowed it all, sucking it to the root, holding both cheeks of his butt. I managed to catch a quick glimpse of Danny sucking Mike's big cock. I wanted to reach down and jack myself off, but I couldn't seem to pry my hands loose from Danny's butt. I felt Danny's balls brush against my chin from time to time and decided it was time to check those out too. I pulled off his cock and got my first good look at his rather low-hanging balls. Totally void of any pubic hair, they looked good enough to lick. And suck. And then there was his crotch, which was ripe for licking and sucking on. I indulged myself on his crotch and balls for several blissful minutes when Danny suddenly grabbed my hair again, quickly sat down on the edge of the bed, and pulled my head into his dick.

"Suck it, man! Quick!"

I immediately swallowed his dick, sucking up and down on its entirety when he bucked his hips upward, slammed my head downward and then his dick squirted three healthy little squirts of the absolute sweetest boy juice ever. I was shocked at how much he put out -- after all, he was only six weeks older than me! As soon as I got done sucking him off, Mike, who had since sat down next to Danny, grabbed my head.

"My turn!" and pulled me over between his legs.

Danny sat up as I sucked Mike and said softly "Oh man, he's suckin' all of it! Damn! He's got the whole fuckin' thing in his mouth! Fuck, man!"

Danny had this somewhat raspy, but very sexy voice, and hearing him cuss, specifically uttering the word `fuck' in any form, made my dick drool. Several long moments later, Mike pumped a full load of his hot young teen sperm into my mouth. The contrast between their cum was stark, but I couldn't say I preferred one over the other; I simply wanted much more of both. A lot more!

Just as Mike's orgasm subsided and I hadn't yet pulled my mouth off his cock, I heard Danny ask him "You cum in his mouth?"

Mike breathlessly replied "Uh, yeah!"

Danny just moaned "oh fuck yeah!"

My dick flexed hearing Danny say `fuck' again. I absently wiped my precum from my dick to keep it from dripping onto the floor. I lifted my head off Mike's cock, swallowed the last mouthful of his cum, and then gently coaxed a bit more cum from his still-hard dick, licking it up. Danny watched as I slurped up Mike's cum and then whispered something in Mike's ear.

Mike replied "Sure! I mean, I don't care if he doesn't!"

"Oof!" was the only sound I could make as the two of them suddenly reach down, grabbed me under the arms and dragged me up onto the bed and put me on my back.

Mike was lying beside me right away, rubbing my thin smooth chest.

"Mmm!" Danny hummed.

I felt a warm wet sucking mouth around my dick. I looked down and saw Danny's blond head bobbing up and down on my short, thin boy-dick. The very idea of Danny sucking my dick had never entered my mind. Aside from that, he was doing an incredible job of it. It was obvious that he had some experience, and more than just the bit of sucking he'd done on Mike's dick earlier. I was overcome with a flurry of sensations, the visual of Danny sucking me, the physical sensation of his warm wet talented mouth hungrily slurping on my boy-bone, the lingering taste of Danny's butt, his cum and Mike's cum in my mouth. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, especially if he kept sucking me like he was. At that moment, he pulled off my dick, pushed my legs farther apart and started licking and sucking my balls. Again, he obviously knew what he was doing. He looked up at me at one point, his dark pink tongue fully extended from his perfect mouth, planted against my hairless nut-sack. When he saw me looking down at him, he managed a bit of a smile -- with his tongue still on my balls -- and even winked at me. I moaned and closed my eyes for a moment. He lowered his head a bit and started lapping away at my crotch. My dick throbbed, belching up a big glob of boy-ball slime. And then, the unthinkable happened. Danny pushed my legs upward and without any inhibition whatsoever, firmly pushed his tongue into my ass, humming into it as he licked away at my fuck hole. Mike was alternately rubbing my nipples and my belly, all the way holding my arms so that I couldn't jack off. Still, I was somewhat known for being able to cum -- untouched -- and I was definitely on sensory overload here.

Just when I thought I couldn't hold off any longer, Mike's voice said softly "Think you better get back to it, Danny! Hurry!"

At once, Danny dropped my legs, and his mouth fully engulfed my pulsating boner. When I felt his tongue press against the sensitive spot, my dick erupted. My entire body stiffened up as if rigor mortis had suddenly set in, followed almost immediately by orgasmic convulsion, the likes of which my young body had never experienced. I felt my eyes roll upward into my head. My hands clutched at the bedding as soft grunting groans emanated from somewhere deep inside me -- a place that, until then, I didn't even know existed. I knew I still couldn't cum very much, and not nearly as much as Danny, but everything that my little nuts managed to produce since the last time I came squirted out of my dick and into Danny's mouth. To that point in my life, it was undoubtedly the hardest, most intense orgasm I'd ever had. When my dick finally stopped pumping -- after what seemed like an hour-long orgasm -- Danny lifted his mouth off my dick, and smiled up at me.


I managed a weak grin as I tried to recover to some level of coherence.

Mike asked (as if he didn't know) "Did he cum?"

"Fuck yeah!" Danny said, enthusiastically.

My dick flexed hearing Danny cuss and then Mike got up and went over to turn the TV on.

When he did, Danny crawled up and whispered in my ear "Never licked nobody's butt before, but I like yours. A lot!"

I was still trying to recover and breathed back my response, "Thanks! Yours is the best I ever ate though!"

Danny giggled and said "Thanks! You're welcome to it anytime ya want!"

I saw him glance over at Mike, whose back was still toward us, and then he flashed a sexy dimpled grin at me before he kissed me lightly on the lips. My dick jumped and I quickly returned his kiss. We giggled and got up.

"And what are you two giggling about?" Mike said with a mock-authoritative tone.

Danny and I giggled again and we both shrugged our shoulders. Mike smiled warmly at the two 11 year old naked boys in his bedroom and sat in the middle of the loveseat. Danny and I quickly joined him on either side while we watched a bit of TV.

My perpetually horny nature wanted to resist this little break that Mike was imposing on us, but I went along with it without complaint. Some 20 minutes or so later, as "The Brady Bunch" was coming to an end, Danny stood up.

"I gotta pee." he announced.

I couldn't help but look at Danny's dick. Even flaccid, it was gorgeous.

Mike quickly said "Yeah, so do I!" as he stood up.

I glanced up at Mike with a hopeful look on my face. Surely, he'd know what I wanted.

Danny asked Mike, "You wanna go first?"

Mike said "Nah, we can go at the same time."

Mike gave me a quick wink and with a quick nod from me, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my feet, guiding me toward the bathroom. Danny followed us with a decidedly confused look on his adorable face.

As soon as I stepped into the bathroom, Mike said "You know what to do boy!"

I quickly got into the shower, turned and knelt down all in one smooth motion. Danny had this priceless look of shock and wonderment on his face as Mike stuck part of his big half-hard dick into my mouth and then let out an audible moan of relief as his piss started to flow into my mouth. I had already taken a deep breath and held it just before he started to piss and started swallowing right away. I could see Danny's face as I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of Mike's warm teen piss.

After only a few seconds, Danny said "Man, you ain't really peein' in his mouth, are ya?"

He barely got that question out of his mouth when Mike pulled his cock from my mouth, which I kept open while the deep yellow stream of Mike's urine flowed steadily into my open mouth. Of course, swallowing a mouthful like that closed the back of my throat long enough for my mouth to overflow and some of his piss gushed from my open mouth and down my chin, neck, and chest.

"Oh fuck, man! Hey, can I do that too?"

"Of course, in fact, whenever Chad's around, you're not allowed to piss anywhere but in him."

"Cool, man!" Danny said, then added "Hurry up, man! I gotta go!"

Mike finished pissing, but not before pissing into my face, which amused the hell out of Danny. When he was done, he stepped aside and Danny stood in front of me, barely able to contain the giggle that was inside him. I quickly caught my breath and got Danny's dick into my mouth. His piss was remarkably different-tasting than Mike's, but every bit as good in a different way.

"Oh man!" Danny said as I began swallowing his awesome-tasting piss.

Well into his piss, he suddenly pulled his dick out of my mouth, his warm yellow urine stream splashing into my face and through my hair. The giggle that Danny had managed to stifle until then came out, which of course made his dick jiggle, making his piss stream even more erratic, making him giggle harder. Before long, he got his dick back into my mouth and let me swallow the rest of it. I was amazed at how long he pissed and started to wonder if it just seemed like it lasted longer because I was enjoying it so much.

Mike nixed that idea when he said "Damn man, you musta really had to go!"

Danny giggled as the last few drops of piss dribbled from the end of his dick and said "Nah, you should see how long I go when I REALLY have to piss!"

My dick started to stiffen at the very idea of him pissing longer than he just had.

Then Danny asked "So, what happens when Chad has to pee?"

Mike smiled down at me and said "You gotta go too?" I looked off into space as I tested my groin muscles and realized I indeed had to piss and then looked back into his sparkling green eyes.


I quickly got onto my back on the floor of the shower. Mike grabbed my lower legs, folding my lower half over my head and then he grabbed my half-hard dick with his other hand. Danny crouched down and watched with a mile-wide dimpled grin on his face as my bright yellow stream of piss streamed right on target into my open mouth. I swallowed as much of my own piss as Mike would let me have, making sure to douse my face and head with whatever he didn't aim into my open mouth. Danny giggled and moaned alternately, and stroked his now hardening dick. When I was done, Mike let my legs back down gently, then pulled me to my feet, dripping with piss.

He handed my piss-towel to me and said "Here, wipe up, will ya?"

"Thanks!" and dried myself off quickly and then joined them on the loveseat.

Danny was still hard, occasionally fingering his dick to keep it that way. Mike's dick remained half-hard, but it was stiffer than it had been prior to going in for a piss. We started to watch "The Partridge Family" but before long, I found my head being pushed into Mike's lap, my lips encircling his cock. I alternately sucked the two of them for the rest of the half hour. When the show ended, Mike got up and turned the TV off while I stayed kneeling between Danny's legs, sucking up and down on his big young boner. I still couldn't get over how much bigger his dick was than mine. Suddenly the door at the bottom of the steps squeaked open. I knew what was about to happen and calmly kept on sucking Danny's dick. At the sound of the door hinges squeaking and the call of Mike's grandmother, Danny practically jumped out of his skin.

"You boys go ahead and get your showers now and get ready for bed!"

"Okay, Gran!" Mike called back.

I sat back on my heels and giggled at Danny's startled reaction and wiped some of my own spit from my chin.

"Yeah, you need a shower, Chad!" Danny said, leaning toward me and sniffing loudly, adding "Ya kinda smell like piss."

"I do? Geez, I can't imagine why." I countered as I stood up. Mike was already setting the water temperature as Danny goosed me on the way over to the bathroom. We determined that Mike's brand new shower was easily big enough for the three of us. Within minutes the three of us were giggling and happily splashing about in the shower. We actually did wash up, and in fact we all took a turn at washing each other's special parts. Of course, there was a lot of grab-ass going on, accompanied by a lot of giggling. There was also a good bit of rubbing wet stiff dicks on each other as well. It was only after we got out that I realized I hadn't sucked either of their dicks in the shower. We quickly dried off and brushed our teeth.

"Take Danny in, get on the bed and start sucking him." Mike commanded.

I nearly bit my tongue to avoid my usual response of `Yes, Master.' Mike followed us in and stood next to the bed as Danny lay down on his back. I quickly knelt between Danny's legs, pulled his mostly hard dick upward and quickly got it into my mouth. Mike got a tube of KY from his night stand and then knelt behind me and started working his long fingers inside my butt.

Danny saw that, rose up onto his elbows and asked "Whatcha doin' Mike?"

My dick throbbed, not so much from Mike fingering my ass, or from sucking that sweet tube of boy meat in my mouth, but just from the tone of Danny's sexy raspy voice. To me, Danny's voice just oozed with sexiness.

"Lubin' him up, of course!"

"What for?" Danny asked in that sexy young voice of his.

Mike answered him, sounding very matter-of-fact as he explained "Well, ya can't just shove your dick up a guy's butt without greasin' him up first."

"Huh? What are ya talkin' about? A guy can't stick his dick up another guy's butt." and there was a slight pause as Danny must have formed a visual in his head and then asked "Can ya?"

Mike chuckled, and I groaned softly, as he worked a third finger into my boy hole and then said "Sure! Just wait till you see how great it feels too!"

Danny's dick throbbed a bit in my mouth as he asked "Me? You mean you want me to do it?"

Man, the more he spoke, the harder my dick got.

"Sure! In fact, I'm gonna let you go first!"

Mike got up and handed me the tube of KY. I reluctantly pulled my mouth off Danny's dick and quickly lubed him up. The grin on his face was priceless. I got up, straddled him and lowered myself down until I felt the head of his big young dick pressed against my pucker. In one swift plunge, my slippery boy cunt swallowed his cock whole.

Danny moaned softly "Ohhh fuck! Ohh fuck! Fuck!" as I started riding him almost instantly.

Danny quickly grabbed my thin hips, guiding me up and down on his rigid boy pole. I continued impaling myself on him for several minutes. It was the first time he'd ever had his dick in someone's ass. In fact, and somewhat unbelievably for someone from our neighborhood, he hadn't really even heard of `buttfucking' before. Or, maybe he'd heard the term, but simply couldn't visualize what it meant. Luckily for me, it would be far from the last time that Danny's dick would be up my ass.

After only a few minutes, I got up off of him and quickly found myself on all fours, my butt at the edge of the bed and Mike standing behind me. Danny watched closely as the big red-haired teen speared his big thick cock into my smooth boy butt. I let out sustained groan as a good 6 inches of hot teen meat plunged inside me. My perpetually stiff boy dick flexed and precum oozed forth from the slit. I instinctively wiped it from the end of my dick and put my finger to my mouth to lick it up. Danny watched closely as our older friend repeatedly plowed his big thick cock into my little ass, as if it took several minutes of seeing it in order to believe that a big dick like Mike's could not only fit in my ass, but not split me in two. When Danny had seen enough of Mike fucking me, he got up, went around to the other side of the bed and got on all fours in front of me, but facing in the same direction, which put his silky smooth bubbled butt right in my face. Danny spread his knees apart, crouched down over his upper legs and then backed up to my face, the pink pucker of his ass lewdly exposed for me. I put both of my small hands on the smooth cheeks of his white boy butt and hungrily jammed my tongue into his hole.

"Umm! Fuck yeah!" he moaned softly as my warm wet tongue continuously swirled around the rim of his virgin boy pussy and as I repeatedly probed the pucker with my tongue.

I alternated with long, slow, full-tongued licks, starting at the base of his scrotum and licking upward through his smooth hairless crotch, across and into his asshole and finishing at the very top of the crack of his butt. I lavished both of those smooth globes of flesh with my tongue and lips until Danny's entire butt glistened with my saliva. Danny's ass was such a feast for my tongue and lips that I was nearly oblivious to the steely rod of young teen meat persistently plunging into my ass.

As I continued to lavish Danny's sweet boy butt with oral attention, I silently wished to myself that he would soon wind up sitting atop my face, grinding that sweet ass of his into my mouth.

Shortly after that thought entered my mind, Mike yanked his cock from my ass, gave my one butt cheek a light slap and said "Rollover!"

Danny quickly moved out of the way as I flipped onto my back and automatically drew my legs upward. Moments later, Mike spun me 90 degrees, my body now parallel with the edge of the bed, and got up onto the bed and propped my legs on his shoulders as he slid his cock into my ass again. I'm not even sure if anyone said anything to Danny, but moments after Mike got his cock up my ass, Danny was squatting over my head, facing Mike. I quickly grabbed Danny's hips and pulled his butt against my face, practically smothering myself as I wildly licked at his boy hole. A minute or so after I started licking his ass again, Danny reached down with his right hand and started to gently squeeze and stroke my throbbing boner. A few minutes later, Danny's position changed and I had to struggle to keep my tongue in his ass. I soon realized why he'd changed positions when I felt his warm wet mouth on my dick. I was rapidly entering sensory overload, between jamming my tongue into Danny's sweet butt, Mike ramming his big young teen cock up my ass, and Danny's warm wet mouth bobbing up and down on my boner. I hummed, grunted, and moaned into Danny's butt, bucking my hips upward into his face, and trying to get still more of Mike's cock into my ass at the same time. I lost track of time as my mind spiraled to new orgasmic heights. As it turned out, it was barely two minutes after Danny started sucking me that I squirted off in his mouth. He slurped it up, and swallowed it down, and then sat back up and wiggled his butt, grinding it into my face before he got up, leaving me with my tongue hanging out like a panting puppy dog. Mike managed to survive the spasms of my tight boy-ass around his cock without blowing his load inside me, but he pulled out and then Danny took his second turn at having his big boy-dick in my ass. Just looking up at his adorable face, that cute yet determined look on his face as he repeatedly thrust his bone inside my ass kept my dick rock hard. I gently caressed Danny's sides and the cheeks of his butt as he alternated between slowly sliding his cock in and out of my ass and pounding it in hard and fast. I soon found myself slurping on Mike's greasy cock, but not until he had wiped his slippery cock all over my face before jamming most of it into my mouth. Mike was obviously turned on by the sight of Danny fucking me and kept urging the younger blond boy on. After nearly 10 minutes of Danny fucking me while I sucked on Mike's big bone, I sensed that Danny was in urgent need of release, but needed something to push him over the edge. That's when Mike, who had been making hot comments the entire time Danny's cock had been in my ass, said something that made Danny moan out.

Mike said softly "Damn, I would love to see you fuckin' Tim like this!"

Tim was Danny's younger brother. Danny actually had two younger brothers, Tim, the next younger and Steve, the youngest. All of them were strikingly adorable, blond hair, crystal blue eyes, and identical dimpled smiles. Had it not been that they had all been born almost precisely a year and three months apart, they might have been able to pass for triplets. Tim had turned 10 years old just a few months before and was the spitting image of Danny when he had been 10 years old. And Steve, the youngest version of Danny, had just recently turned 9 years old. As I gulped more of Mike's throbbing cock into my throat, I instantly visualized in my mind what it would look like for Danny to fuck his younger brother's ass. I imagined Tim's dick being rock hard -- as hard as mine was as Danny fucked my ass -- and figured it'd be not much smaller than my dick. I imagined Tim's blond head rocking back and forth on the bed, clutching at the bed covers as his big brother's big dick plunged mercilessly into his tight little boy ass. I could hear Tim hiss through clenched teeth `Uhhh yessss!' and then realized that it was Danny's voice I heard, mindlessly revealing an until-then unknown secret desire of his.

Mike added fuel to the fire, allowing Danny to imagine that I was his younger sibling, saying "yeah Danny, fuck Tim's ass! Fuck him hard, man! Shove your dick all the way up his little ass!"

"Uhhh fuck!" Danny groaned out softly and then I felt his cock squirt and pulsate inside my ass.

My dick rose up on its own, imagining Danny breeding his cute younger brother's ass, and I started to imagine Tim's little boner in my mouth when my dick flexed and squirted a few drops of boy-ball juice onto my stomach.  My sudden orgasm resulted in the sudden rhythmic spasms of my ass around Danny's spurting boy meat, making him grunt and then he seemed to have a second consecutive orgasm. I gulped hard on Mike's thick meat in my mouth as he stroked my cheek. Mike had been lying, more or less on his side, beside me, my head turned on its side with his cock in my mouth while Danny had been fucking me. When it was obvious that Danny's orgasm had finally started to subside, Mike pulled his cock from my mouth. I turned my head to look up at Danny and the next thing I knew, he was laying fully on top of me, his still-hard dick still buried in my ass. The next thing I knew, Danny's lips were pressed firmly against mine, and his tongue was trying to force its way into my mouth. He shoved his hands under my shoulders as I wrapped my arms around his upper body and eagerly opened my mouth to his. And Mike had been worried about him and me making out in front of Danny. Danny and I kissed deeply for a minute or so when he rose up a bit, looked down at me with a goofy grin on his face, which suddenly turned crimson red from embarrassment.

"Um, sorry about that." Danny said softly, with an almost mortified look on his face.

I glanced up at Mike, who had a broad grin on his still somewhat surprised face and then looked up at Danny and said "Sorry for what?"

"Well, for kissin' ya like that. I'm not a fag, ya know." Danny explained.

"Yeah, I know that. Me neither. We're just sorta like practicin', ya know, for later on, when we have girls. It's cool."

Danny smiled, then blushed again and asked, almost under his breath, "So um, you didn't mind?"

I figured he meant about him kissing me and just said "Nah, `course not." as if it was something that boys our age did all the time.

It was all I could think of to say without saying what I really felt about it, which was more like I wanted him to keep his cock up my ass and his tongue in my mouth for the rest of our natural lives. But if I'd said that, it might have sounded kinda gay.

Danny grinned and just said "Cool!" and then rose up a bit more, as if he was about to pull his dick out of my ass.

Suddenly, he leaned back down and jammed his tongue into my mouth again, kissing me even more passionately than he had the first time.

After another minute or so of making out with this blond boy-god, he rose up, smiling and said breathlessly "How am I at it?"

"Great!" I breathed back.

We both giggled and then Mike cleared his throat and said to Danny "Um, unless you want my dick up your ass, you'd better move it, because it's my turn to fuck him now!"

Danny yanked his cock out of my ass, still quite erect and glistening with KY. Moments later, Mike had my legs folded into my thin bare chest, ramming his huge young teen cock down into my ass. My head thrashed around like a blind piano player.

It was the hardest Mike had fucked me in Danny's presence and Danny asked me "Man, doesn't that hurt?"

My verbal skills had been reduced to a rhythmic series of grunts and gasps, but I managed to shake my head `no' and reached down and grabbed Mike's firm muscular ass-cheeks, pulling him into me even harder. Danny chuckled lightly and watched as our older buddy rammed my little ass, casually stroking his still-greasy dick. Danny looked around, as if looking for something.

"What?" Mike grunted at Danny.

"Um, got anything I can wipe my dick off with so I can put it back in Chad's mouth?"

Mike grunted and growled "Shove it in his fucking mouth the way it is!"

"But I just had it up his..."

Mike cut him off and angrily said "Get up and shove it in his fucking mouth! NOW!"

Seconds later, Danny straddled my head, shoved his slippery dick into my mouth and a minute or so later, my lower legs were securely tucked under his arms, leaving Mike's hands free as he plowed my ass.

At one point, Mike reached up around Danny and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my head upward and grunted "Suck his dick, boy!"

I hummed on Danny's throbbing boy-bone and hugged Danny's body against my face. Danny moaned when I hummed on his cock and it flexed harder inside my mouth. I continued grunting in perfect time with every one of Mike's powerful inward thrusts of his big thick cock into my little ass. Mike was fucking me with such bone-jarring thrusts that my own throbbing dick bounced up and down in midair, without every touching my lower abdomen. I had been staring straight ahead at Danny's almost hairless pubic area as his big boy-dick slid in and out of my mouth. I managed to slowly look upward over his smooth, tanned, well-toned body. His abdomen flexed with his thrusts, showing the hint of a six-pack in the making. His chest showed just the beginnings of some definition and his nipples appeared as erect as his cock. I continued suckling on his boy-meat as my gaze went higher, slowly drinking in the beauty of his chin, his full red lips, his cute button nose, his dimpled cheeks and finally those piercing blue eyes -- eyes that were peering right back into mine. For a few moments, I was almost totally oblivious to the fact that Mike was pummeling my ass with that big thick young teen cock of his. I kept staring into those blue eyes of Danny's, my mouth seemingly permanently attached to his cock and he kept moaning softly. Every so often, Danny would lightly lick his lips, or tuck his lower lip under his upper teeth. Every little thing he did, even the way he would slowly blink his eyes, turned me on more than I ever thought I was capable of being turned on. Our eyes were locked into each other's as I sucked his throbbing boy bone. I wasn't sure if it was just my imagination, but his cock seemed to get even harder in my mouth as we stared into each other's eyes, as if it was turning him on just as much as it was me. It seemed that Mike was fucking me with even more intensity as well. After what turned out to be nearly ten straight minutes of this, Danny reached down with both hands and put them under each side of my head, pulling my head upward to his pubic bone tighter. He broke the gaze we'd locked with each other a few minutes before when he closed his eyes, licked his lips again and then let out a soft, steady moan that ended in a sharp grunt, timed perfectly with when his cock erupted inside my mouth. Danny's body quaked over me and I hugged his body as tightly to my face as I could, squeezing his chest between my lower legs, which seemed to extend out straight above him all on their own. Mike was panting and grunting as his steely-hard cock continually rammed balls-deep into my ass and just as the first healthy squirt of Danny's sweet ball-juice sprayed the back of my throat, my own dick lifted upward and started to pump and pulse, totally untouched. Through the orgasmic haze that quickly clouded my young mind, I heard Mike groan as my ass muscles spasmed around his big slippery cock, coaxing it into a thunderous orgasm of its own. I had just enough boy-juice left in my nuts to squirt a little bit onto Danny's back and what little was left after that first powerful little jet dribbled onto my own stomach. Our simultaneous orgasms all subsided at about the same time.

Danny leaned over my head, holding himself up with his own arms and moaned softly "oh fuck!"

A second later, Mike -- his cock still buried in my cum-filled ass -- moaned softly "uh fuck!"

Not to be left out, right afterward, I mumbled "umm-phumck" around Danny's dick, which was still in my mouth.

They both heard it and Danny giggled and then slowly rose up and withdrew his cock from my mouth. Mike chuckled lightly as well, slowly taking his cock out of my ass.

Mike noticed the wet spot on Danny's back and said "Wait a second!" and wiped it off with his finger.

Danny turned and looked at Mike's finger and asked "What's that from?"

Mike grinned and said "Chad's dick -- he came when both of us did."

Danny grinned and asked "You were jackin' him off when you were fuckin' him?"

Mike shook his head and said "Nope! He did that all on his own."

Danny had a puzzled look on his face and said "But I could have sworn both of his hands were on my butt when he was suckin' me off."

"They were!" Mike answered, "Chad's dick squirted all on its own -- without anybody touchin' it."

"Really?" Danny said incredulously, and when Mike simply nodded, Danny exclaimed "Cool!"

I slowly lowered my legs, stretching them out as Danny rolled off and sat to one side of my head. Mike crawled up and sat next to him, on the other side of my head. I rolled up onto one side and started licking Mike's big thick cock clean. Before long, I was sucking on it, and he was mostly hard again. I pulled my mouth off Mike's cock, turned onto my other side and started licking and sucking Danny's dick, which was about half-hard when I started, but gradually rose to its full glory. The whole time, the two of them were talking to each other, almost as if I wasn't even there, mostly about how much fun we were having.

Danny absently put his left hand on the back of my head as I went down on him, moaned softly and said to Mike "Man, I wish I could get Chad to teach Tim how to suck my dick as good as he does."

My own dick flexed to rock-hardness, just at the mental image of Mike's younger brother sucking his cock.

Mike calmly inquired, "So, how would you have Chad teach Tim to suck you better?"

Danny pushed downward on my head slightly, urging me to take still more of his cock into my mouth and said "Well, Tim needs to know what it feels like to get sucked the right way, so I'd have to get Chad to suck Tim's dick so Tim could get a good idea of what it's supposed to feel like."

Again, my dick flexed -- this time with the thought of me sucking Tim's sweet little boy dick.

Mike just said "oh" in response and at this point, I couldn't stand being left out of the conversation anymore.

I pulled my mouth off Danny's dick and looked up into his blue eyes and asked "Um, just curious but I noticed that you seem to know how to suck really good and, well, why don't you just teach Tim yourself?"

As soon as I said that, I could have kicked myself in the ass, thinking somehow I had just talked myself out of any chance in hell of ever sucking Tim's dick.

Danny grinned and chuckled and said "Um, you got two older brothers, right?" I nodded, wondering if either of them would noticed if I brought my own foot up to my own ass real hard and then Danny said "Do either of `em ever suck you?"

I was a little taken by the question but said "Well no, of course not! I mean, they're my older brothers!"

Danny nodded and said "But if either of `em wanted you to suck them, you'd drop to your knees in a heartbeat, right?"

"Sure, uh, I mean I guess, um if they wanted me to." I said.

"Right, so now you know why I can't teach Tim to suck me." Danny finished.

"Oh! Yeah, I see your point." I said, then added "Well, if I can help, just let me know."

I started to go back down on his dick when he grabbed my head and said "Wait! You serious?"

"Sure!" I said with a smile, and then quickly swallowed his cock whole, making him moan.

"Oh man! That'd be so cool! Hey, I mean, really, if you're serious, I'll set it up, okay?"

"Mmm-hmm!" I hummed on his cock and swirled my tongue over his smooth nutsack, the head of his cock flexing in the back of my throat.

Danny moaned softly and his big young boy-dick flexed harder inside my mouth. I suddenly thought of something and pulled off his cock, which was a bit difficult as Danny was still trying to hold my head down on his cock.

"Just one thing -- if I teach Tim how to suck you, promise you won't forget about me and Mike here, okay?"

Danny smiled widely and said "Oh man, no way!"


And then I gave his throbbing boy-dick a long lick before rolling back over and taking most of Mike's big thick young teen cock into my mouth.

As I rather lewdly slurped on Mike's big thick cock, the two of them talked back and forth about how it might work out to get me together with Tim to teach him how to suck. As I half-listened to the conversation, I began to wonder if it would ever really happen. After a few minutes of sucking Mike, I pulled my mouth off and turned over to suck Danny again. Danny suddenly rolled onto his side facing away from me, reached back and grabbed my head, and then pulled it into his smooth bubbled ass. I quickly parted the fleshy cheeks and jammed my tongue between them, blindly searching for my target. My warm wet little tongue darted about the crack of his gorgeous butt and after several moments of seeking, it found its target. I hungrily lapped away at Danny's sweet musky boy-pucker, his soft moans timed perfectly with my eager hums. I barely noticed the bed move when Mike got up and walked around to the other side of the bed, leaned over and slid his big mostly hard cock into Danny's warm wet sucking mouth. Danny hummed softly on Mike's big thick cock while I slurped and hummed with my tongue in Danny's sweet hole. I had my hand between Danny's legs, gently stroking his big young boy-dick as I ate out his ass.

Suddenly the door at the bottom of the steps squeaked open and Mike's grandmother called up "Time for bed, boys!"

All three of us virtually leaped out of our own skins.

`thump!' as Mike banged his ankle against his night stand. "Ow! Shit!"

"What'd you say?" Mike's grandmother called up.

"I said okay Gran! G'night!"

"Goodnight!" Danny and I called out in unison, stifling our giggles at Mike almost getting caught cussing.

"G'night boys!" She called back up and then closed the door.

"Ow! Fuck!" Mike cursed again as he hobbled back around to the other side of the bed and got in.

Danny rolled back over onto his other side as I crawled upward.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Banged my fucking ankle on the night stand." Mike said quietly, rubbing his right ankle.

I crawled around and took a hold of his ankle and saw where he was rubbing it. There wasn't even a red mark or anything but I leaned down and gave it a little kiss.

"There, I kissed your boo-boo. All better now?"

Danny snorted out a laugh, trying to keep quiet and Mike chuckled lightly and fake-slapped me on the back of the head. Somehow I got lucky enough to wind up in the middle of the bed between them. We lay awake for some time, just talking about nothing and next to nothing.

"So how come I never hear "I'm Your Captain" on the radio?" Mike asked.

"Um, maybe because it's like 10 minutes long?" I said, half-sarcastically. "Either that or maybe you should get a radio that picks up FM stations. I think they play that on WMMS."

I got a fake slap for that and Danny giggled. Mike was a big Grand Funk Railroad fan.

"Sucks that the Beatles broke up." Danny commented.

"Yeah, man. Hope they get back together soon." I lamented.

"It'll never happen, man. They're history." Mike prophesized.

The hushed conversation went on for a bit, changing from one basically meaningless topic to another, but we really thought we were discussing things of great importance. And really, we were -- at least to us, at that time. After a little while, there was a pregnant pause in the conversation as I suspect all three of us were thinking of what to say next. I wanted to ask Danny about sucking his younger brother's dick -- um, I mean teaching his younger brother how to suck Danny's dick by demonstrating how it's supposed to feel. I was searching for the right words to bring it up when Danny broke the silence.

"Um, so Chad, um, so are you, like, serious about teachin' Tim how to suck me?"

"Sure, man! Just set it up and let me know when and where!" I answered, trying not to sound too enthusiastic.


Danny scratched his big young smooth nuts absently and then grunted softly and said softly "Gotta pee!" and got up from the bed.

I never realized that he'd grabbed my wrist, but he came close to pulling me off the bed. I managed to catch myself and followed him into the bathroom, with Mike following close behind. Danny went first this time, pissing at least as long as he had the last time, nearly twice as long as either Mike or I went. I toweled off and then used the toilet before joining them in bed. We chatted about this and that for maybe 5 minutes, but we all got an awful case of the terminal yawns and before long, the three of us were sound asleep, and still very naked. I was lying on my side facing Danny, Mike lying on his side behind me, spooned against me, his big young teen dick pressed into the crack of my butt, my face in Danny's armpit, his left leg draped over my right leg.

They say the adult urinary bladder is designed to hold about 12 fluid ounces. In my teen and early twenties, I could sometimes fill up a 16 ounce bottle, and still have a bit left over. At age 11, I think Danny's bladder held nearly a quart. Okay, probably not, but it sure seemed that way. He did have what was probably about 8 ounces of water before bed, but it must have replicated inside him overnight. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining -- no sir -- not one bit. I happily swallowed as much as I could of it, and proudly wore what I couldn't swallow. Mike went next, his piss stream much stronger, his piss a bit more pungent, and after all that, I REALLY had to go. Danny got to hold my dick this time, guiding the stream all over my face, hair, neck, upper chest, and of course, into my mouth. And by the time I was done peeing, I had to use the toilet. I flew solo on that one. I gave birth to something horrendous and had just flushed it out of existence when Danny burst into the bathroom, holding his gut.


I quickly got up and Danny sat down, just as I closed the door. I went back to bed and Mike was lying on his side with his big young teen cock sticking straight out. I dropped to my knees on the floor beside the bed and quickly went down on him, instantly realizing that his dick was already very wet with spit. I smiled to myself, knowingly.

Danny came out a few minutes later and Mike said "My turn!"

As soon as Mike closed the bathroom door, Danny said "Hey, take a quick peek and make sure I got my butt hole clean, will ya?"

I was still kneeling on the floor and Danny turned away from me, bending over slightly at the waist. I spread the cheeks of his butt and without looking, or even thinking, I jammed my tongue into his sweet tender boy-hole. Danny jumped when I did that and said "Hey! I just wanted you to look!"

I grabbed his hips and pulled him back to me and said "I looked... sorta..." and then shoved my face back between the cheeks of his butt, lapping all over his crack and his asshole.

"Uhhh! Man, I love it when you do that!" Danny moaned softly, reaching back to hold my head to his ass.

Neither of us paid any attention to the bathroom door opening, then closing again.

Mike cleared his throat and then said "Hmm, good idea!"

A few moments later, I was hungrily lapping away at Mike's freshly wiped ass. I don't think I would have ever done that -- with either of them -- if I'd really thought about it first. Thankfully, I never gave it a thought.

Moments later, the three of us were on Mike's bed, all of us boned up to the max. I sucked Danny, then went down on Mike. While I was sucking Mike's big dick, Danny pushed my hip to one side and the next thing I knew, my throbbing little boy dick was fully engulfed in his mouth. Damn, he really knew how to suck too! I also sucked Danny's dick while he sucked Mike, and then both of us licked and sucked on Mike's big thick cock at the same time. I gave them both a good licking and then, while my face was buried in Danny's sweet ass, Mike grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulled my face from that beautiful place and grunted something that vaguely resembled the words `suck me'. Seconds later, a big blast of Mike's hot young teen sperm bathed my tonsils. I was nursing the last few drops of cum from Mike's big dick when Danny grabbed a fistful of my hair (and I wonder why it's so thin back there now?) and made the same sort of grunt before shooting a tasty wad of his boy cream into my mouth. Though not nearly as bountiful as the load Mike gave me, it was relished just as much.

"Your turn!" Danny said as he turned me onto my back and got between my legs.

I knew this wasn't going to take long. He lowered his head toward my leaking boy-bone and made eye contact with me just as he started to open his mouth. I could almost feel his warm wet mouth around my throbbing dick before it got there. And that cute dimpled grin, looking right into my eyes as he was about to swallow my pride. I could feel the boy-cum churning in my nuts already.

"Breakfast in 10 minutes, boys!" Mike's grandmother called up.

We all leaped out of our skins, and then giggled hysterically. We quickly got up and rushed into the bathroom to wash up and then got dressed for breakfast -- with two loads of boy cream in stomach. Breakfast was another feast. I'll never understand how that woman managed to fix so much food so early in the morning, and seemed happy to do so. We monopolized the couch and watch cartoons while our food digested a bit.

"Bugs Bunny is the best, man!" Danny commented at one point.

"Nah, Foghorn Leghorn is!" Mike countered.

"Wile E. Coyote!" I offered.

"They're all great!" Mike said, settling the debate. Of course, he was right. The Warner Bros / Looney Tunes were the highlight of just about every kid's Saturday morning back then. By the time they were over, our stomachs had settled enough and our boners had returned. Of course, part of that might have been that during the cartoons, we kept grabbing each other's dicks. In fact, at one point -- during a commercial break -- Mike grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed it into his lap. At some point, he had managed to get his pants open and his big dick was sticking out of them. I sucked him for a few moments, only to do the same to Danny before the cartoons came back on. Fortunately Mike's grandpa had gone down to the basement to do something in his workshop, and his grandma was downstairs doing some laundry. I had just pulled my head up from Danny's lap -- for the third time when Mike's grandma came back upstairs. Danny quickly hid his boner and managed to button up his pants long before she came through. A few minutes later, the ending theme of the Bugs Bunny / Roadrunner Hour played.

"C'mon man, let's go upstairs!" Mike said.

My stomach churned with anticipation. Danny definitely needed his dick sucked again. So did Mike. And they both really needed to fuck me. A lot. We ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. By the time we rounded the top of the steps, we started stripping our clothes off. I went first and by the time I got to Mike's bed, I was naked. I turned around and saw Danny hopping along as he nearly tripped getting his underwear off. Mike was about three steps behind him, his shirt and pants already off, and his underwear was sliding down his long muscular legs. Danny finally freed himself of his briefs and abruptly pushed me into my back on Mike's bed. A split second later, my dick was engulfed in Danny's warm wet mouth.

"Uh man! That's so fucking good!" I moaned.

The next sound I made was a long soft hum as Mike's big mostly hard cock slid most of the way into my mouth as he straddled my head. I had one hand on Mike's butt as he slid his big dick in and out of my mouth and the other on the back of Danny's blond head as he sucked me. It wasn't more than a few minutes before my legs stiffened up and I groaned on the fat cock in my mouth. Danny knew enough to figure things out and planted his tongue in just the right spot on my dick. I really wasn't accustomed to someone sucking me off, so when it happened, it was like a pleasure overload. I gulped and slurped lewdly on Mike's cock, practically choking myself in the process as my hot load of thin boy-cum squirted into Danny's mouth. It wasn't until well after I'd stopped cumming that I realized that Mike's dick didn't seem quite as hard as I thought it should be. As soon as Danny pulled his mouth off my dick, I started to wonder if it could be because... And a few moments later, I was kneeling in Mike's shower again. Mike went first this time and then I just pointed my dick upward as I drank Danny's warm boy-piss and gave myself a golden shower while I swallowed most of his. He didn't piss for nearly as long this time, but it was still at least as long as Mike had gone.

"Here, piss-boy!" Mike said, throwing my towel at me.

"Thanks!" I said as I quickly toweled myself off, wondering how Mike was going to explain to his grandmother why one of his towels smelled of piss.

"Hurry up! We got some serious fuckin' to do, man!" Mike said as he left the bathroom.

"Yeah!" Danny agreed as he followed him back to the bedroom.

I joined them in a matter of moments and was quickly placed on my back in about the middle of Mike's bed. Danny quickly got up, straddled my face, facing the foot of the bed and he didn't have to say a single word, I grabbed his upper thighs and pulled him down onto my face and jammed my tongue into that sweet boy hole of his.

"Uhhh fuck! I love when you do that man!" he moaned, grinding his sweet ass into my mouth.

Mike walked over to his dresser and opened the bottom drawer. He returned a minute later and I felt him putting the leather bands on my ankles.

"Whatcha doin?" Danny asked.

"You'll see!" Mike said as he came up and took my hands off of Danny's hips and put a band on each wrist.

Of course, I already knew what he was going to do and my dick throbbed in anticipation.

"Get up." Mike told Danny.

Mike reached down and easily flipped me onto my stomach. Within a few minutes, I was securely bound to Mike's bed, spread-eagle. Mike folded a pillow and shoved it under my lower abdomen, pushing my smooth little butt upward.

Danny slid his hand between my body and the pillow and felt my dick and said "Man, he is HARD!"

"Yeah," Mike said, "He loves bein' tied up!"

For some reason, having that little tidbit revealed about me to Danny made my face go flush, but it seemed to go unnoticed.

"So, what are we gonna do now?" Danny asked.

Mike said "Well, anything we want, since he's tied up, but mainly we're gonna fuck him some more."

"Man, as much as we fucked him last night, you'd think he'd had enough."

"Nah, he can't get enough of it," Mike said, adding "Can ya, Chad?" as he gave me a light slap on the butt.

Danny giggled as I answered "No way! C'mon guys! Somebody do me!"

Mike told Danny to get up and kneel between my legs and said "Here, slide your finger up in here with mine." as Mike slid one of his long fingers into my ass.

"Um, I don't know if I wanna put my finger up there, if it's all the same to you."

"C'mon man, if it was gross, do you think I'd do it?" Mike countered.

"Yeah, I guess so."

Danny tentatively slid his finger into my ass along with Mike's. Within seconds, Mike found my pleasure button and pushed it.

"Uhhh!" I moaned, thrusting my butt upward toward their fingers.

"Here, put your finger where mine is." Mike instructed. I felt Danny's finger inside me, searching for Mike's finger.

"Feel that? That little bump there?"

"Yeah" Danny mumbled, sounding a bit grossed out.

"Rub it like this." Mike said as he rubbed my prostate.

"Uhhh God!" I moaned again, writhing around.

Danny giggled nervously and tried it himself. Feeling a different, slightly smaller finger rubbing my prostate nearly sent me over the edge.

"COOL!" Danny exclaimed, seeing my reaction, and asked Mike "What makes it do that?"

Mike's answer was as good as any to an 11 year old boy, simply making a sound that resembled `I don't know' and shrugged his shoulders. A few minutes later, I had the business end of a miniature replica baseball bat nearly 7 inches up my ass. Danny managed to squeeze nearly another inch of the small baseball bat into my ass before I assured him under no uncertain terms that I'd reached my limit. Mike had a ruler handy as Danny marked the place on the bat with his thumb as he withdrew it from my ass.

"7 inches!"

"Wow, man!" Danny exclaimed.

Danny was amazed. So was I. For the next hour or so, Mike and Danny took turned sliding their big hard cocks into my ass, and my mouth. Barely 10 minutes after we started, while Mike was pummeling my ass really good, literally fucking my dick into the pillow under me, I had my next orgasm. Danny realized I was cumming just by the way I was sucking his dick. I think it had something to do with the way I was trying to actually swallow it. Whole. At some point, about halfway through, I was untied long enough to be turned over onto my back, my arms and legs both bound to the headboard. At one point, Danny was fucking me while Mike was sitting on my face, allowing me the honor of hungrily lapping away at his hot teen asshole. Danny saw that big stiff teen dick of Mike's bouncing around from the thrusts he was putting on my ass and leaned over and got at least half of Mike's dick in his mouth while he was fucking me. When he did that, his belly was pressed against my throbbing hard cock. Danny's angle of entry changed just slightly, and just enough that his dick was consistently hitting my pleasure button. Between Danny fucking me like that, Mike grinding his luscious teen ass into my mouth and Danny's loud slurping on Mike's cock, I had another orgasm. I think something squirted onto my stomach at that point, but it couldn't have been much by then. Danny gulped and grunted as he wildly stabbed his cock into my spasming hole and started to cum. Danny took his mouth off Mike's cock as soon as he started cumming and Mike just watched the show -- Danny coming inside me while my own dick rose up and pumped madly, completely untouched. Danny slumped heavily over my trembling naked young body, his big young dick still planted in my ass, our heaving chests together, his face actually buried in Mike's groin -- but only for a moment until Mike rose up off my face. Danny quickly grabbed the back of my head, grunted something unintelligible and then jammed his tongue into my mouth and sought out my tongue, fresh from Mike's hole. We made out for a few moments until his spent dick slipped from my very well-fucked boy-cunt. Seconds later, Danny's cum-slicked cock was in my mouth, and Mike was nailing my ass like a jackhammer. Before long, Danny half-rolled off my face, his cock still barely within reach of my mouth and decided to urge might on a bit.

"Yeah man, fuck that ass! Hey, I know, how about this? How'd you like to see Tim suckin' my dick, huh Mike?"

"Uhhh yeah man!"

"Yeah, and how about this? How about me fuckin' Tim's ass! And while I'm fuckin' his ass, he can suck your big dick!"

"Ohhh fuck yeah!" Mike groaned.

The mental image of Tim sucking Mike's big cock while Danny fucked him nearly drove me to the edge again. Moments later, Danny sealed the deal.

"And Chad'll be suckin' Tim's dick the whole time, and when I shoot my wad up Tim's ass, Chad can lick it out of him!"

I groaned and lurched my head toward Danny's dick, swallowing it whole. At the same time, I did my best to thrust my own ass toward the steely-hard young teen cock that was plowing into it incessantly. The mental image by then was too much -- for both Mike and me. My dick started to rise up on its own and just as I was about to dive off "Boygasm Cliff" Mike's cock erupted inside me. Within seconds I was reduced to a convulsing, quivering mass of goo. Mike slumped over me afterward, his cock still buried balls-deep inside me. Danny managed to pry his dick from my mouth, watching the two of us recover.

"Man, that was fucking amazing!" Danny said, as Mike finally extricated himself from my posterior.

"Yeah!" Mike and I quickly agreed.

Mike finally got up and untied me and undid the straps from my wrists and ankles. By the time lunch time rolled around, my jaws ached, my back and legs ached, and I couldn't have been happier about it, though I was thankful for the break. After lunch, we went outside and tossed the football around for awhile, which for the most part was purely innocent boy-play. Of course, when I was playing center and had to hike the ball, whoever I was hiking it to was groping me like crazy. And if I got tackled, by either of them, there was some groping going on their too, and even an occasional rubbing of groin parts on my face -- covered groin parts, but still. By the time 3:30 rolled around, it was getting close to time I had to be home. We followed Mike into the garage and within seconds, I was on my knees, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of his piss. A minute or so later, I was finishing up swallowing Danny's piss, and in another 15 minutes, I'd managed to suck them both off. Mike came first and then I sucked Danny off. When he came in my mouth, he sort of leaned over my head, hugging my head to his groin as his big young sweet dick pumped wildly in my mouth, my nose buried in his ever so slight pubes, and with the first squirt of Danny's thin boy cream into my mouth, I proceeded to cum in my own underwear. I had enough time to go up to Mike's room, get my stuff and go home. I hoped there would be many more weekends like that, and thankfully, there were.

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