Mike and Me -- 5

Chapter 5 -- Hot Stuff in the Middle of Winter

I bid Mike and Danny farewell that Saturday, and went home. I wouldn't see Mike until the next day, for sure, and I wasn't sure how soon I'd see Danny again, though I was sure it wouldn't be soon enough. Despite the many orgasms as I'd had that day, I was horny again.

"Hey Squirt!"Don, my oldest brother said, and then tousled my long brown hair as I walked past him.

I gave his groin a quick, inconspicuous grope and said "Hi Don!"

I heard him gasp softly and he muttered softly "little fucker!" with a slight chuckle.

I was hoping that I'd get my 16 year old brother's cock later. I giggled and went up to my room to unpack. I took a quick piss in the upstairs bathroom and then washed my face and brushed my teeth. Until then, I could still taste the boy-piss and boy-cum that I'd just drunk. After all, I wouldn't want to kiss my mom with my breath smelling like piss and cum.

I went downstairs and was just passing my older brother's bedroom door when I heard "Chad?"

"Yeah, Sam?"

"Can you come in here?"

"Yeah, gimme a minute though."

I went out to the kitchen to see my mom. She was on the phone and preparing stuff for supper and I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and she told whoever to hang on a minute.

"Did you have a good time?"

"Yeah! Can I, um, I mean may I stay over at Mike's again next Friday?"

"We'll see!" and then added "but more than likely."

I hugged her and said "Thanks!"

I went back through the living room where Don was lying on the couch on his stomach watching TV. I grabbed Don's butt and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Little fucker!" he said softly, squirming just a bit.

I went in and rapped on Sam's door and said "Sam?"

"Come in!" he called out. Sam was sitting on his bed, shirtless, playing his guitar.

"Yeah, Sam?" I said as I closed the door behind me.

"Hey, Chad. Check this out." And then he started to play something on his guitar.

I was always amazed at how talented my older brother was at music, particularly at a young age. He played the rather intricate guitar part to a rock song that was popular at the time and I was really impressed.

"Wow! That's great, Sam!" I exclaimed.

I think Don was pretty impressed with Sam's talent too, but Sam knew he had a more enthusiastic audience in me. A couple years or so before that, the three of us started fooling around, which we did quite often over about a six-month period, but Sam immersed himself in his music, and renounced having `gay sex' with his brothers. Well, mostly. There were some rare occasions when hormones got the best of him and he allowed me to suck him off, and some even more rare occasions when he'd sink his hard young teen dick deep into my little boy-ass. But those occasions were too few and far between as far as I was concerned. I think he knew something sexual was going on between Mike and me, and maybe that was working on those adolescent hormones.

"Play something else!" I begged, beaming proudly up at my older brother's talent.

Sam grinned and asked if I knew some song or other -- the title of which now long escapes me, but whatever it was, I was familiar with it at the time.

"Yeah!" and then knelt down on the floor in front of him and sat on my heels, looking up at my older brother as he played whatever song it was almost flawlessly.

I let out a little round of applause when he was done and he just grinned down at me. He slowly put the guitar down on its stand next to his bed, and then pulled the front of his gym shorts and briefs down, exposing his half-hard dick to me. Not a word was said between us, I simply leaned up and took the length of it into my mouth and began sucking him. An almost imperceptible moan escaped his lips as he leaned back a bit, and allowed me to pull his shorts and underwear down a bit more. I skillfully worked my mouth up and down on the shaft of his throbbing young teen cock and then licked and sucked his fuzzy balls, buried my tongue in his sweaty, teen-musk laden crotch before going back down on him. Before long, both of his hands wound up on my head as he thrust his hips upward, humping up into my face. I knew he was getting close and did my best to get my tongue onto that sweet spot on his dick. Moments later, he groaned softly, tightened his grip on my head and then his cock erupted in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed every drop his teen balls provided and managed to nurse a few more precious drops of teen-seed from his cock before he put his still-stiff dick back in his shorts and picked up his guitar and started playing again. I sat back down on my heels, wiped my lips of any evidence of sucking him off and listened to him play some more.

Less than a minute later, Don pushed the door open and said "Sam, Mom wants you."

Had he done that just a minute sooner, he would have seen his me sucking off his younger brother. Not that it would have bothered Don any, but I'm pretty sure Sam didn't want Don to know he was still getting blowjobs from me.

"Did ya forget how to knock on someone's door, or are ya just fuckin' stupid?"

"I didn't forget, so I guess I'm just fuckin' stupid." Don countered as Sam pushed his way past him.

"It's Gus, sweetie" Mom said, handing the phone to Sam.

Gus was one of Sam's band mates. Gus was almost 13 years old, but he could play keyboards better than a lot of pros already. Besides that, he was fucking cute!

"Hang on" Sam said to Gus, then turned to our mom and said "We're rehearsing at Gus's tonight, can I spend the night there?"

"Sure, honey! Be home by noon tomorrow though, okay?"

"Okay! Thanks Mom!" Sam called back, then told Gus "Yeah, it's cool." "Yep, see ya!"

I was happy about that when I found out because it meant that since our mom was going out with some friends of hers that night that it would leave Don and me home alone for the night. Or, so I thought. I watched some TV with Don until supper was ready. That's when I found out that Don was having a few of his high school buddies over that night. Our mom was cool about stuff like that, and had already gotten a case of beer, with Don's money of course, and gave him the usual safety lecture: no one leaves the house, no loud music, don't burn the house down, etc, etc. Apparently the news that Don wouldn't be alone with me for the evening showed on my face.

"Everything okay, sweetie?" my mom asked.

"No, you and Sam are leaving and I wanted to have lots of hot gay sex with Don tonight, but I can't because he's having his stupid friends over!" Okay, I didn't really say that.

"Yeah, sure!" I said, trying my best to conceal my disappointment.

I knew two of the guys Don was having over that night, one of which was Kevin, Don's best friend, and Craig, a dark-haired guy that was really good looking. Both of them were a bit taller than Don, Kevin was easily 6' 2" tall, and Craig was just less than six foot. There was mention of a guy named Bob, or "Greasy Bob" as Don called him, and I didn't recognize the name. Apparently our mom knew who this guy was and it seemed okay with her. As soon as supper was done, I helped Mom clear the table and even helped wash the dishes before she got ready and left with her friends. I tried to keep up a cheerful front, but I was really wishing that I'd be able to have some hot sex with my big brother. Sam left before our mom did, Kevin and Craig arrived together just before Mom left. Kevin was classically handsome, even at 16 years old -- tall, square-jawed, handsome features, longish light brown hair. Craig was apparently of Latin descent, olive-toned blemish-free skin, brown eyes, black hair, and handsome features. High school girls of that era would have referred to either of them as a `fox'. Don and Kevin had been best friends since grade school, Don and Kevin met Craig their freshman year.

It was warm in the house so I changed into a tee-shirt and a pair of my skimpy gym shorts and resolved to watching TV while my teen-aged brother and his friends got shitfaced. Then this Bob guy showed up about 15 minutes after my mom left, with yet another case of beer. He was good looking, maybe just in inch or so taller than Don at about 5'11" and had long bushy sideburns. My first impression of him was something like `who does this joker think he is, Elvis?' He looked at lot older than 16, which probably explains why he was able to buy his own beer. Back in those days, checking ID's for buying beer was a rarity. I found out that his nickname of "Greasy Bob" came from his love of working on cars, something Don shared a love of. He came in, handed the case of beer to Don as they all said their greetings to each other.

"So, who's the little shaver?" Bob asked when I came out to the kitchen to ask Don for something to drink. I noticed that he seemed to look me over pretty thoroughly.

"I don't shave yet." I announced, a little indignantly.

"Oh?" Bob said, smiling broadly, "I was sure you would have been shaving for some time by now!" he added.

Okay, maybe this guy wasn't so bad after all. It's the same old thing, when you're a prepubescent boy, especially with older brothers, you can't wait to grow hair "down there" and start shaving. And of course, as soon as you've had that hair "down there" for awhile, and have been shaving daily for awhile, you realize what a pain it all is. But when you're 11, and you think no one in the world takes you seriously, this guy seemed to be alright.

Don asked what I wanted to drink and Bob answered for me, telling my big brother "Give him a beer."

There were some chuckles amongst the older boys and Don just looked at me and asked "You wanna beer?"

"Sure!" I said, eager to fit in with the older boys. It wasn't my first taste of beer, but I still wondered what guys seemed to like about this stuff. I mean really, it didn't taste all that good, kind of bitter actually. But I also liked the way it made me feel all fuzzy when I drank one. My previous disappointment at not having an evening alone with my big brother started to fade as he and his friends actually did their best to treat me like one of their peers, rather than just a pesky little kid.

I didn't rush to finish my beer as I was sure it would be the only one I'd get, so when I was finished, I got up to take my can in and rinse it out. Don was building a wall of empty beer cans along the one wall in the basement, so we didn't throw any of them away, but my mom insisted that they be rinsed out first.

Bob saw that I was heading for the kitchen and said "Hey Chad, while you're getting yourself another beer, grab one for me too, please!"

I turned and looked at Don and asked "Can I?"

"Sure, Squirt! Have as much as ya want!"

Wow! This was cool, not only could I have a second beer, I'd just been given the green light to have more than that. Of course, I already knew that I wouldn't be able to handle much more because it made me feel funny. I was already walking a bit funny when I brought Bob's beer in and the guys chuckled amongst themselves about it. Alcohol does strange things to an 11 year old's brain. After finishing my second beer, I stumbled to my feet, causing the guys to laugh some more and I played off of that, realizing that I was entertaining them somehow. I got myself a third beer and was probably halfway through it when I found myself in the breezeway with other guys. Somebody lit up a smoke, but it was a hand-rolled cigarette. It also smelled really strange. And instead of puffing in some smoke and letting it out right away, they were holding the smoke in their lungs.

Don grabbed my arm, squeezing it tightly until it almost hurt and said "Don't you dare say anything to Mom about this!"

"No way, man!" and suddenly it was my turn for a puff.

Bob leaned down and said "Puff in some smoke and inhale it, but hold your breath for as long as you can."

I nodded my head and took a hit. I'd tried smoking cigarettes less than a year ago, so I knew basically what he meant by `inhaling'. It smelled very strange, and I didn't even realize what it was yet. But after more than a couple beers already, I was pretty much up to anything. The smoke tried to choke me and I wanted to cough it out of my lungs, but managed to hold it in about as long as the others were. I took a second hit, this time holding it in a bit longer. Suddenly, my entire world started to spin. I felt really lightheaded and wanted to lie down right there. I saw the others were still standing and laughing and carrying on, so I swallowed a mouthful of beer, which suddenly tasted pretty good and it brought me back a bit. I declined a third hit, mainly because I had no idea how to puff on what looked like a glowing ember in an alligator clip. When the joint was gone, we went back into the living room. I took note of the time, for some reason, seeing that it was just a couple minutes before 9:00PM. I took another long swig of my beer, which tasted great, and seemed to quench this dryness my mouth had suddenly gotten. It was also suddenly very warm in the house, which was strange as it was the middle of winter. With barely any inhibitions left in me, I mumbled something about it being hot and took my shirt, socks and gym shorts off, leaving only my tighty whitey briefs on. I looked around the room slowly, staring at the bulges in the others' pants. They were starting to talk more softly amongst themselves, or at least that's how I perceived it at the time. I finished my beer and before I could manage to try to get to my feet, Craig took the empty can from me.

"You want another?"

"Suuure!" I slurred. He laughed and returned in what seemed like a split second later with another cold beer.

"Hey Chad, let Craig sit there. Come over here and sit." Don said.

"uh, okay!" and struggled to get to my feet.

I heard laughter and realized some of it was mine. I staggered the few feet across the living room to the couch and plopped my underwear-clad butt down on the couch between Don and Bob. I took the beer from Craig and drew another long swig, swallowing several mouthfuls in succession. Barely more than an hour ago, I was sipping and wincing as I drank my first beer of the night. Now I was drinking it like a seasoned sailor on shore leave.

Bob ran his fingers through my hair and said "How do ya feel, Chaddy?"

In my best Tony the Tiger voice I replied "Grrrrreat!"

They all laughed out loud and I laughed with them. I took another drink of beer and said "Man, my mouth seems awfully dry all of a sudden."

There were some more chuckles, though I didn't see what was really funny about that.

And then something occurred to me and I unashamedly announced with a giggle "Ooh! I got a boner!"

Bob reached down and rubbed the ridge in the front of my briefs with the back of his hand and said "Yep, you sure do!"

I heard Craig from across the room say "Really? Let's see it!"

I fought to my feet and then with absolutely no reservations whatsoever, I thrust my briefs downward, fully exposing myself. I even turned toward Kevin, who was sitting forward in the chair he'd been sitting in all evening. He smiled warmly at me. Gosh, it was hot in there that night.

I felt a hand on my hip turning me toward Bob. I caught a glimpse of him rubbing the front of his jeans and when he saw my boner he just smiled up and said "Nice one!"

"Thanks!" I said and then sat back down. Don handed me my beer and I said "Man, my mouth is dry!" and took another swig.

They laughed again and then Bob said "Well, there is something you can do to help the cotton mouth..."

I looked at him as I swallowed again and said "Really? I'll do anything! What do I have to do?"

Bob nearly choked at my response and he put his big hand on my thin thigh and said just above a whisper in my ear "Well, you'll have to suck our dicks. That'll help your dry mouth."

I nodded my head and said "Cool! Who's first?"

I glanced up at the clock, sure that many minutes had gone by, and thought the clock was wrong when it only indicated 9:03PM. I then looked down and saw Don rubbing the front of his jeans.

"Why don't you start with your brother's?" Bob suggested.

I nodded my head and eagerly leaned my head toward his lap. As I leaned down, Don quickly opened the front of his pants and pulled his underwear part way down. I quickly swallowed his cock and heard both moans from Don, and indistinguishable murmurings from the other guys. Don's cock flexed in my mouth and oozed precum which coated my tongue. Suddenly, my mouth wasn't as dry as it was before, so I sucked him a bit harder. Don moaned softly again, guiding my head up and down on his cock. It didn't take long for his buddies to notice that I was sucking the entire length of Don's cock into my mouth. Don's dick was a good inch and a half thick, and just less than 6 inches long, so it wasn't huge by any means, but to a bunch of teen guys watching me suck him, it must have been intriguing to see this little 11 year old boy easily deepthroating his big brother's cock. Don's dick seemed to be producing a good bit of precum, which continuously coated my tongue, thus treating my cotton mouth effectively.

I heard someone say "Oh man! I can't wait to get my cock in that hot little mouth." It seemed as though I only sucked Don's dick for a minute or so, but when he pushed my head off his dick, I glanced over and saw it was about 9:15.

"Go suck Craig now!" he commanded.

I slithered onto the floor and crawled on all fours across the living room and eagerly sucked Craig's cock into my mouth. It was about as thick as Don's but just a bit longer.

The first time I lowered my mouth all the way on it and buried my nose in his jet-black pubes, Craig moaned "Oh fuck! He's suckin' it all! Fuck yeah!" and put his hand on the back of my head.

It wasn't long before I was getting precum from Craig and kept sucking him for more. Suddenly, though nearly 10 minutes later, I was crawling over to where Kevin was sitting, his long legs spread widely, his jeans and underwear already to his knees. I crawled up between his lowered jeans and his body and leaned down to start sucking him. I gasped when I saw the size of it. A good bit thicker than Don's and Craig's cocks, it was a good 2 inches thick just under the bulbous head and widened out to a good 2 inches thick at the base. What struck me first was its length -- measuring almost 8 inches.

"Holy fuck! You're huge!" I mumbled as I opened my mouth and took nearly half of it into my mouth right away.

Kevin moaned softly and said "You don't have to try and take it all, buddy, just do the best you can."

He meant that sincerely, and he was just trying to be encouraging with me. But my fucked up brain took it as a challenge. I shifted around a bit, inadvertently pushing his jeans and underwear over his knees, which then fell to his ankles. I opened my throat and went for it, figuring if I could deepthroat Mike's cock, this was only about an inch longer. Okay, so it was a good bit thicker too. Suddenly the mushroom-shaped head of his cock popped into my throat and I instinctively swallowed.

He groaned and then moaned "Oh fuck! Fuck!" as I buried my nose in his thick bushy pubes.

It didn't seem like it was nearly 10 minutes (apparently at least one of them was more or less timing this thing) but after repeatedly deepthroating Kevin's monster, I slid my mouth off his long fuck stick.

I drunkenly grinned up at him, smacked my lips and said "Yummy!"

He laughed and said "Fuck, Chad! That was great!"

"Thanks!" I mumbled and crawled backward, stumbling over his pants around his ankles and sprawling out on the floor. We all laughed at my clumsiness.

"Man, look how hard his little dick is!" I heard someone say.

I managed to get back up onto all fours, by which time Bob had gotten one of his legs out of his pants and underwear. I crawled up between his knees and grabbed what felt like a warm fleshy beer can between his legs.

I looked down and muttered "Wow!"

Bob's dick was barely more than 6 inches long, maybe 6 inches long, but it was nearly as big around as a beer can. I was going to have to really open wide to suck this thing. And that's precisely what I did. I barely managed to deepthroat him, simply due to how wide-open I had to get my mouth, but after a bit of determination, I did have my nose in his thick dark pubes.

"Ohh yeah, Chaddy!" he said as I slurped lewdly on his obscenely thick meat.

Bob also won the contest for the most amount of precum produced. It almost seemed as though he was slowly pissing in my mouth as I sucked him. But I knew it wasn't piss; yeah, I knew the difference all too well. After what seemed like not enough time, I was pushed off Bob's mega-thick cock and started to crawl between Don's legs again.

Don held my head at bay and said "I have to pee first."

I smiled up at him and giggled, sat back on my heels and said "Okay!" and held my mouth open.

Everyone laughed and Don said "Okay, but not in here!" and the next thing I knew, I was kneeling in the bathtub with four guys, all naked from the waist down now, standing in front of me.

Craig said "Go ahead Don! I ain't gonna believe this until I see it!"

I leaned forward to take Don's dick in my mouth but he started pissing before I got there and I swallowed several mouthfuls, open-mouthed before he finally got it into my mouth. The guys could clearly see my throat moving as I swallowed. I already had some piss running down my chin, neck and chest when Kevin stepped up, slung that long thick cock of his into my mouth and let loose a torrential flood of teen piss. It was gushing from the corners of my mouth almost as fast as it flowed down my throat. Craig was next and pissed for so long that he was barely more than halfway through when I had to pull off and catch my breath. He kept right on pissing though, and I guided the stream all over my face until I was able to hold my breath to swallow the last waning streams of his urine. Bob was last, his cock barely half-hard by then, but still incredibly thick. I likened his piss stream to that of water coming out of a garden hose with the faucet about half open. Before he was done, he pulled his cock from my mouth and aimed his stream right at my throbbing little boy-dick. I leaned back slightly to watch him piss on my dick when a stream of piss from my own dick shot forth, arched upward and got me right in the face. I opened my mouth and swallowed several mouthfuls of my own piss, before my stream lost some of its steam and I finished my piss, squirting it all over my chest and stomach, much to the delight and amusement of my big brother and his friends. As I quickly rinsed myself off, I overhead the guys talking to Don about me, and heard the words `fuck' and `ass' several times. I heard Don saying something about okay for him and Craig but he expressed concerns about Kevin's length and Bob's girth.

I stood up to get out of the tub, hanging my towel over the shower curtain rod and said "Ain't a one of ya fuckin' me until I suck you all off first!"

Don leaned down and whispered in my ear "I think Kev and Bob might be a bit too big for you."

"Bullshit!" I said and pushed past all four of them, turned around in the hallway and said "Well, you guys comin' or what?"

I heard mumbling and some unknown number of minutes later, after sucking Don's cock, licking his balls and crotch, and hungrily eating out his musky teen asshole, I got what I'd worked for -- a huge load of his hot teen cum. One after the other, going in the same order as before, I sucked them off, all with full tongue jobs. Bob in particular had a rather thick mat of hair on his ass, but that didn't stop me from jamming my tongue into it. Kevin's orgasm seemed to last the longest, not that the length of his cock had anything to do with it, but Bob easily came the most. His balls were huge compared to everyone else's, and they weren't just for show.

By the time Bob unloaded in my mouth, Don's cock was like blue steel again. He wasted no time in getting it into my tight little boy-cunt. Bob's massively thick cock quickly recovered at the sight of Don buggering his little brother, especially when Craig knelt down in front of where I was kneeling on all fours and shoved his cock into my mouth. Kevin took a turn at fucking my face while Don pounded away on my backdoor. And Bob got his thick meat into my mouth while Don fucked me.

Don pulled out and said "Fuck him, Craig! I need a break!"

And thus set up a routine in which all four of them took turns fucking me for a good 10 minutes or so before switching off. Kevin was rather tentative about feeding his long thick cock into my tiny asshole until, after barely getting 6 inches of it inside me, I reached back, grabbed his hip and lurched backward, taking the final two inches of his thick, nearly 8-inch dick inside me. From then on, he had no reservations about nailing my little ass. Bob's cock was a bit of a different story. Kevin's had been the biggest dick up my ass yet, and while Bob's wasn't nearly as long, his was thicker. As Bob's cock started inside me for the first time, I moaned out loudly, muffled by Don's cock which was in my mouth at the time.

Don stroked his fingers through my long sweaty hair and asked "You okay?"

"Mmm-hmm" I hummed.

And then I reached back, just as I'd done with Kevin, grabbed Bob's hip and thrust my ass backward, instantly taking all of it inside me. It suddenly felt as if someone had literally set my asshole on fire. I moaned again and wouldn't let Bob pull out any, not right away. Moments later, he was slowly fucking me and within a minute or so, he was ramming that super-thick cock into my ass. The next round of fuckings were about 5 minutes for each before they switched off, and I nearly always had a cock in my mouth while another was up my ass. Before long, I was kneeling in front of the couch where someone would sit while I sucked them, and someone else knelt behind me and fucked my ass. It was more than an hour and a half later by the time Bob, the last one of the last round, pumped a huge load of cum into my very well-fucked ass.

I don't remember anything after that until I awoke the next morning, in my bed, still naked, with a skull-crushing headache and a feeling that someone had scotch-taped my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I slowly sat up, groaning in pain from spending so much time on my knees the night before. My dick was hard and my bladder ached with the need for release. I slowly got up, feeling my heartbeat in my forehead and stumbled off toward the bathroom, not bothering to find a pair of underwear. As was getting customary, I sat down on the toilet, leaned forward and pushed my dick downward toward the bowl.

The bathroom door eased open and Don's head poked in and asked "Poopin'?"

"Nah, peein'" I answered.

"You okay?" he asked with a slight grin.

I nodded my head, which reminded me that it hurt, and I just said "Headache!" as I winced.

Don chuckled and asked "Um, you thirsty?"

I knew exactly what he meant and nodded my head again and said "Always!"

He smiled and came inside, stepped up in front of me and put his big half-hard dick in my mouth. I took in a deep breath through my nose and just as I held it, Don started to piss. I swallowed every last drop of Don's morning piss, by which time I'd long since finished pissing. I quickly caught my breath and sucked my big brother's big teen cock to the root. Don moaned as he slid his fingers through my hair and his cock instantly got hard in my warm wet young mouth. He indulged me for a few long moments, actually fucking my face as I sat on the toilet and had just pulled his cock from my mouth when the door slowly opened.

I turned my head blurted out "My dick was too hard, so I had to sit down to pee."

Greasy Bob stood there with a shit-eating grin on his face, lewdly scratching his nuts with his super-fat dick flopping around. Geez, even flaccid, his dick was thick.

"Well, you don't have to explain anything to me, but unless you'd rather I take a wicked piss in your mouth, you might wanna get up."

Suddenly memories, cloudy as they were, of the previous night fluttered through my sore young brain. I was sure he'd pissed in my mouth at least once the previous night. Didn't he? Did he forget already? Or was he just giving me a choice to either drink his piss or let him go in the john? Apparently the thoughts didn't make it through my brain quite fast enough and the next thing I knew, I was looking up at him.

"Guess you want it in your mouth then, huh Munchkin?"

I mindlessly nodded, my brain was too fried to think of anything clever to say and as I took the head of his fat cock in my mouth, I inhaled sharply and another thought entered my head. `Munchkin? Did he just call me munchkin?' I started swallowing mouthful after mouthful of Bob's strong morning piss and wondered why I suddenly had piss running down my chin, neck and chest. I could hear piss dripping from my smooth piss-drenched balls into the toilet and realized I wasn't swallowing fast enough. I quickly realized that I was swallowing as fast as I possibly could. The problem was the rate at which piss was exiting the tip of that horse dick in my mouth. From the corner of my eye I could see that Don was still standing there, watching the show.

"The little fella seems to like piss, huh?" Bob commented as calmly as he might have rattled off the spark plug gap on a '68 Chevy Nova.

My big brother -- always the one with a clever response -- gave his big hard dick another tug and said "Yep!"

By then, it seemed I'd swallowed enough piss that I had to go again myself. I pushed my little boner downward and started pissing again just as Bob finished up. I didn't go all that much and as soon as I caught my breath, I engulfed his fat dick with my mouth. After a minute or so, Bob extracted his meat from my mouth and let me up off the toilet. I wiped his piss off with a dirty towel and led them both back to my bedroom and gave them a nice, leisurely morning blowjob. Don came first and his first load of the day was impressive. It was next to nothing compared to the quart and a half of cum that Bob's huge nuts gave up. Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but Bob did shoot a HUGE load into my very grateful young mouth. And unlike his piss, I did swallow ever last drop of it. The two of went back to Don's room. It would be a couple hours before Kevin and Craig showed any vital signs, so I didn't get to do anything with them that morning.

I wanted to go back to sleep, but I was too restless. I was also hungry. I got up, slipped on a pair of whitey tighty briefs and went downstairs. My mom was sitting at the table having a cup of coffee and reading the paper. She grabbed me around the waist as I walked by and kissed me on the cheek, then patted me on one of my butt-cheeks as I went into the kitchen.

"You want some breakfast, honey?"

"I think I'll just have some cereal."

Then I smelled it. I'd smelled it before, countless times, but this morning it meant something different. I grabbed a cup from the dish drainer, put it down on the counter next to the stove, picked up the coffee pot and poured myself a cup of coffee. A teaspoon of sugar and a splash of milk, and I was set. I made myself a bowl of cereal, took it into the dining room next to where my mom was sitting, went back in and got my coffee and sat down next to her.

"Can I, I mean may I have the comics please?"

The newspaper rustled loudly as she found the comics and handed them to me, and then she froze for an instant.

"Is that coffee?" as she nodded toward the cup in front of me.

"Yeah, it smelled really good this morning."

She laughed out loud and simply shook her head. I finished my cereal and my coffee as I read the weekly comic section, then rinsed my dishes. As I passed my mom on the way out of the dining room, she snagged the waist band of my briefs, halting my forward progress as the elastic stretched, partially exposing my posterior.

"Are those underwear clean?"

"Uh, I think so."

Something told me she wasn't asking for a critique of her laundering skills. She suddenly let go of the waistband of my briefs, making them snap sharply just above my butt.

"Well, one of us needs a shower, and I don't think it's me."

I leaned my head down and sniffed at my shoulder, suddenly realizing that I hadn't actually washed up after getting a bunch of Bob's piss on me.

I blushed and said as calmly as I could, "Must be me then. I'm off!"

I scurried into the bathroom and took a quick shower. After all, I couldn't go over to Mike's smelling like a urinal before I got there, even if he was going to turn me into his personal urinal anyway. Sunday morning television fare back then was like slow torture for a kid, but I helped my mom clean up the living room a bit.

A while later Bob and Don came downstairs and I heard Bob ask "Um, coffee, perchance?"

I knew my mom had just made a fresh pot, after hearing noises from upstairs and knew they'd need coffee too.

I motioned toward the kitchen and said "Mom just made a fresh pot."

"Thanks, munchkin!" Bob said as he walked by.

My mom looked at Bob with a grin and then looked at me and asked "Munchkin?"

I just grinned and shrugged my shoulders. She chuckled and shook her head. Before long, Kevin and Craig came downstairs. Craig looked like death, warmed over. Kevin was bright-eyed and cheery. The four of them took over the dining room for a bit, laughing, carrying on like teenagers do. Craig kept holding his head in agony as he downed three cups of coffee. The color finally started to return to his face after a little while.

I was out in the breezeway when they left and Bob hung back after Kevin and Craig -- who'd come together the previous night -- left the house.

Bob leaned down and held my arm gently and said into my ear, just above a whisper "Thanks, Munchkin! You're somethin' else!"

I smiled up at him and "Thanks, man! So are you!" and gave his thick meat a quick grope through his jeans.

He gasped softly, then chuckled and gave my little butt a little squeeze.

I went back into the living room, where Don was watching TV. He had it tuned to one of the UHF channels, which at least was airing something tolerable, compared to the usual horrendously boring local/network Sunday morning fare. I sat at the one end of the sofa, Don at the other. We could hear the water running in the kitchen sink and I looked over at my big brother during one of the commercials, gave him a sly grin, and then quickly leaned down as I yanked the front of his sweats and underwear outward and downward, gobbling down his half-hard cock at once. He jumped, at first, and then let out a very soft grunt as I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and gulped more of it into my mouth. It quickly rose to full staff and after only a few moments, he pushed my head off and shook his head `no', but grinning widely at the same time. I smiled and just shrugged my shoulders.

"Little fucker!" he mumbled under his breath.

"Big fucker!" I said back under my breath, as I quickly groped his big hard teen dick through his shorts.

Don jumped again when I grabbed him and laughed, pushing my hand away. I sat back, looking at the black and white TV screen. I'm convinced that we were the last ones on our block to wind up getting a color TV set back then -- and it wouldn't be until I was almost 13 years old. You could have asked me right then and there was show was on and I wouldn't have had any idea. My mind was already thinking about the upcoming week -- Thanksgiving week -- three days of school, and then four glorious days off. I was thinking, in general, about how much sex I could cram into those four days, and who I might get to have sex with. I was hoping for another round with Danny, and maybe with his younger brother Tim. I was also hoping to get together with Bobby, and his younger brother Davey. More specifically, I was thinking of the myriad of sex acts that I wanted to do, and with whom. To say that I thought a lot about sex back then would be a vast understatement. Sex consumed many of my waking thoughts, and a lot of my dreams as well. Our mom joined us in the living room after finishing the morning dishes, and the phone conversation she'd been having at the same time. I redirected my attention to whatever was on TV and before long, my bone-hard dick deflated. A commercial came on and had some big red-haired kid in it and that reminded me that I hadn't asked my mom yet if I could go over to Mike's house that afternoon.

"Mom, can I go..."

"May I..." she immediately corrected.

"Sorry, may I go over to Mike's this afternoon?"

"Yes, you may -- and be home by 5:00"

"Thanks Mom!"

I managed to focus -- at least somewhat -- on whatever was on TV. A little before 11:30 that morning, a car pulled up in the drive and we heard two car doors shut and a few moments later, Sam came in, followed closely by Gus -- his keyboard player. Did I mention that Gus was really cute? As I recall, at that time, he would have been just a couple weeks shy of his 13th birthday. He wasn't as tall as Mike -- probably 5 feet 3 inches, with a slender but somewhat defined build. He had this angelic face, a wide bright smile complete with double dimples and a mane of shoulder-length golden blond hair that sometimes effortlessly covered his face and was just as easily whisked away from it with a simple snap of his head. He also had a magnificent butt that just screamed "KISS ME!" when he walked by. To this day, Sam still raves about how massively talented he was at playing keyboards.

"Oh, hi Gus! How are you?" my mom asked.

My head snapped around, practically giving me whiplash. When I looked toward Gus, he was looking right at me. I felt my face instantly go flush as he smiled over at me. I tried to look away, but he was just so gorgeous. I sheepishly grinned back.

"Just fine, Mom!" Gus answered. Everybody called our mom `Mom' then. "Just going to see if I can tune that old upright of Sam's a little bit."

Not even 13 years old, and he knew enough to tune a piano? This kid was something else. Gus looked back in my direction and smiled again. My gosh, those fucking dimples of his.

"That'd be great! Thanks Gus!" my mom said.

Gus followed Sam into his room and I swear he looked back at me before he entered. Moments later, there was some clamoring coming from Sam's room and we could hear the tone of certain piano strings changing slightly as it the keys were repeatedly struck. I imagined Gus kneeling up on the ledge above the keyboard, leaned way over, his gorgeous butt sticking outward. I nearly came in my underwear just at the mental image. As whatever show was about to end around noon, I got up and went to the bathroom for a much-needed piss. I barely got in front of the toilet and opened my jeans when the door swung open and Gus popped in, quickly closing the door behind him.

"Mind if I join ya, man?"

"Sure! C'mon in and take a piss in my mouth!" Okay, I really didn't say that, but it was the exact thought that popped into my head at that moment. I think my actual response was a feeble "okay!"

By which time Gus was standing right next to me in front of the toilet and already had his jeans open. He pulled the front of his underwear out and down and out flopped his dick. I gasped as soon as I saw it. No, it wasn't enormous or anything like that, but it instantly reminded me of my dad's dick, which I'd seen very rarely, the last time when I was about 8 years old. My dad's dick still had its foreskin, and so did Gus's. I just barely noticed a nice tuft of light brown pubes crowning the top of his beautiful dick. My eyes were transfixed on his piss-tube, which he clearly skinned back, exposing the deep-pink head, even after he'd started to piss. Hearing his stream hit the toilet water suddenly reminded me why I was there in the first place and I started to pee. I tried to look away, at least from time to time, but I kept looking back at his dick. It was the closest I'd even been to an uncut dick.

"I still have my foreskin" he said, barely above a whisper, obviously noticing my constant staring at his meat. Man, even his voice was sexy. "Most boys get theirs cut off at birth."

"Looks cool!" I said softly, having no clue what else to say and instantly thinking even that sounded totally lame.

"Thanks" he said with a cute grin, then barely whispered "Yours is too."

"Thanks." I breathed as my piss stream started to wane.

His did too and he pushed the foreskin back over the head of his dick, while he was still pissing. The stream got distorted and then finally stopped. Wild horses couldn't have pulled my eyes away as he pulled his foreskin back again after his stream stopped, exposing the piss-soaked head of his dick as he shook it off. I wanted to drop to my knees and swallow it whole. I felt my dick start to stiffen and quickly shook it off and stuffed it into my underwear, covering it up just before it went fully hard. I glanced up at him and he had been looking over at mine and had a wide grin on his face. I blushed deeply, and then watched him put that beautiful thing back into his underwear. I reached over and flushed, gave my dick a tiny squeeze just before he turned to leave the bathroom. I followed him out, staring at his beautiful ass (screaming KISS ME!) the whole time. I almost followed him into Sam's room, but veered off toward the living room at the last second. I went out to the kitchen to see what I could get myself for lunch, barely able to keep my mind on what I was doing. I mean, from the first I'd seen and met Gus, I'd wondered what his dick looked like, how big it was, and all that. Not in all my imaginings had I thought he'd be uncircumcised. As much as I had thought about sucking him before, I had a feeling that thought was going to consume me -- well, at least until I got Mike's big fat cock back in my mouth again. As I made myself a sandwich for lunch, I thought to myself that if I could suck Gus's dick just once, I'd die a happy camper. For now, I'll just say that I'll die a happy camper. I got myself a glass of milk and sat down to eat my lunch.

"Hey squirt! What did ya make me for lunch?" Don asked as he walked past.

"Same thing I made you for lunch yesterday." I said flatly.

"Smart ass!"

I felt a light slap to the back of my head and Don went in and started making his own lunch. Just as I was finishing up my lunch, the phone rang.

"Get that, will ya sweetie?" my mom called in.

"Hello?" ... "Oh, hi Mike!" ... "Huh? Sure, man! I'll be over in a few minutes. Just finishin' up my lunch here." ... "okay, bye!"

I looked across the table at Don and he was making lewd gestures at me, moving his closed hand back and forth toward his mouth as he repeatedly pushed his tongue into his cheek, mocking me by illustrating me having Mike's big dick in my mouth. I glanced toward the living room to make sure Mom couldn't see me and flipped Don the middle finger -- with a grin of course. He smiled and then pushed his index finger through a hole he made with his thumb and forefinger on his other hand, basically saying he knew Mike was going to be fucking me too. I just smiled and nodded my head. It was as close to a blatant admission to my brother that I was having sex with Mike without actually coming right out and saying so. Of course, my brother knew me pretty well and knew that Mike and I were virtually inseparable. Just then a car pulled up in the drive and a horn blew. Don had already finished his lunch and had gone out to the kitchen when Gus walked through, slipping his coat on. He gave me a broad smile, which I nearly missed because I was staring at the front of his jeans.

"See ya Chad!"

"See ya Gus!" I croaked, trying to make eye contact, if only for an instant.

I got another good look at his butt as he walked out into the breezeway and disappeared outside. I didn't even realize that Don had leaned down behind me.

"Little slut!" he whispered

"Yeah, so?" I whispered back, making him chuckle.

Don messed up my hair and went back into the living room. I stood up, adjusted my boner and cleared my lunch stuff from the table. By then, my mom had come into the kitchen.

"Did you guys save me any food?"


She gave me a playful swat on the butt, making me giggle.

"I'm going over to Mike's now! See ya later!" and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Okay! Remember, home by five!" she reminded

"Okay! Bye!"

I leaped into my shoes and slipped my coat on and shot out the door, making a beeline for Mike's house.

"Oh, hi Chad! Mike's upstairs." Mike's grandma said as I walked in.

"Hi! Thanks!" I said, kicking my shoes off and hanging my coat on the coat tree.

"Did ya have your lunch, laddie?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am, thank you!" I answered as I walked through the kitchen on the way to the living room where the door to the upstairs was.

I took the stairs two at a time and practically ran into Mike's bedroom. He was sitting on the loveseat wearing just a pair of sweat pants -- well, and briefs -- but no shirt or socks.


"Hi Mike!" I said, excitedly.

He flashed that wide bright smile of his and motioned for me to sit next to him. Within moments, I was half-laying on my back, looking up at him. His arms were around me and we were in a terminal lip locking, tongue-wrestling, spit-swapping kiss. At some point, and simultaneously, we hummed softly into each others' mouths. After seeking out each others' tonsils for a few minutes, he broke off the kiss and simply smiled down at me.

"How ya doin'?"

"Great! I'm here with you now!"

The instant I said that, I thought it sounded corny. Or mushy. Or maybe just stupid. Before I had a chance to make a retraction, Mike smiled again and gave me a soft, quick kiss on the lips, and then ran his fingers gently through my long brown hair.

"Me too!" he said, answering my unasked question about how he was doing.

In my heart, I knew that this was the `real' Mike. I had one arm around his back, the other around his neck. I pulled myself upward and gave him a kiss on the lips. He smiled again and hugged me tightly to him. I know that my dick was probably rock-hard right then, but my heart felt like it was about to explode. He loosened his embraced so that he could look at my face again, then leaned down and gave me what seemed like a thousand little butterfly kisses all over my face. Of course, this made me giggle, which made him laugh too. But before long, our tongues were firmly lodged in each others' mouths again. Again, we hummed into each others' mouths again, simultaneously, as if our minds were just as connected as our mouths. I wasn't even sure how long I'd been there, and really didn't care. I knew that eventually we'd be having sex, but it really didn't matter to me that much at the moment. For maybe the first time, I wasn't in such an all-fired hurry to bury my face in his groin. I think I would have been just as happy if we'd spent the entire afternoon just making out.

We shifted around a bit and Mike got his hands up under my shirt, caressing my bare skin under it as we made out some more. I did the same with him, rubbing his smooth muscular young chest, feeling his firm nipples, caressing his back too. At some point, my shirt came off, but we continued sucking face. I don't even recall when or how my pants came off, but I suspect my underwear and socks went with them. I was once again lying across his lap, on my back looking up at him as we made out. He was still wearing his sweats but I could feel his big young teen dick inside them and it was hard, but even knowing he was hard was secondary. The fact that I'd been fucked into oblivion the night before, the blowjobs I'd given to Don and Bob that morning, and even the sight of Gus's awesome uncut dick were forced to the back of my mind. My entire focus was on the pair of lips pressed to mine, the tongue in my mouth and the mouth that my tongue was protruding into, the pair of hands caressing me, and the body that my two hands were caressing. That was all that mattered to me then. Ultimately, it was me that shifted the focus to Mike's hard dick, but even after I started caressing it through his sweats, we kept making out, but one of his hands had moved from my lower back to my smooth little butt, rubbing the hairless mounds, sliding his fingertips up and down the crack, brushing against my hole. At the time, my torso was twisted so that my lower body was on its side, but my shoulders were more or less flat against his lap. Mike grabbed my rock-hard boner and gave it a few short strokes. I moaned into his mouth and my dick belched up a couple finger-fuls of my precum. Mike pulled his hand upward and put them between our two mouths and we shared a bit of my precum between us.

"Mmm!" he hummed softly, making me giggle softly.

Mike grabbed for my dick again, giving it a good yank, which made me instinctively roll over onto my side completely, closing my legs so that he couldn't get to it, giggling all the while of course. I rubbed the side of my face along the thick firm ridge inside his sweats. I looked up at him and he put his index finger into his mouth, getting it good and wet, then reached down and poked his slippery finger into my tight little hole. I let out a grunt and again rubbed my face along the length of his cloth-covered cock. Mike was wearing a rather loose-fitting pair of sweats, loose enough that I was able to pull the waistband of them outward and managed to get most of my head inside them. I put my face against the ridge in his underwear, noting that the spot where the head of his dick was was rather wet with his precum. He chuckled lightly seeing me with my face inside his pants and pushed my head lower as he spread his legs a bit. I shoved my face lower still, putting the top of my head almost straight down, my face toward his crotch and drove my nose into his crotch, inhaling deeply. Mike giggled, and then nearly jumped off the loveseat when I wildly shook my head between his legs. We both laughed as he pulled my face out of his sweats and kissed me again. A few moments later, he was completely naked and I was kneeling sideways on the loveseat, licking and sucking on Mike's throbbing bone while he repeatedly drove two, and then three of his long, greasy fingers into my ass.

At one point I pulled my mouth off his cock, pulled his left leg upward so that his heel was on the edge of the loveseat cushion and then shoved my face as deep between his legs as I could. He shifted his position slightly and I soon had my tongue in his luscious sweet ass. I hummed contentedly as I tasted his hole, and he moaned softly, driving his three fingers still deeper into my fuckhole, which caused me to groan softly into his ass. My rigid boy-dick flexed every time his fingers hit that magic button inside my ass and I knew I had to get that big young teen dick of his inside me. I rose up and smoothed some KY onto his thick meat and then got up and straddled him to sit down on his cock. He stopped me and motioned for me to turn around. I turned around and lowered myself backward, trusting that he'd guide his cock inside me. Moments later, I was sitting all the way down on his cock. I brought my feet up and put them on top of his knees and then he pulled me backward, leaning me against his chest and started fucking up into me. Using his strong legs as support, I even pushed myself upward and downward on his cock as he fucked me. After a couple minutes, he turned my head up toward his and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I swung one arm up, pulling his head toward mine and shoved my tongue into his mouth. I nearly came right then, but somehow managed to hold off.

A few minutes later, Mike pulled his tongue out of my mouth, lightly patted me on the butt.

"Turn around now!"


I got off his cock, turned around and quickly bent over and swallowed his cock, sucking it to the root in my mouth for a few moments. He moaned softly and slid his fingers through my hair. I pulled up and then straddled him again, lowering myself down onto his cock and riding him slowly. Seconds after I started fucking myself with his big dick, he pulled me to him and started making out with me again. It didn't seem to matter to him that my lips had KY jelly all over them, or that my mouth had just been on his cock, which had just moments before that been up my ass. A few minutes later, one or the other of us -- or maybe both of us at the same time -- shifted our position ever so slightly. I was still riding him, and he was still thrusting his cock in and out of my ass, my ankles were still pinned under his strong thighs. But whatever happened, it had the profound effect of sending the head of his cock right into my boy-button -- repeatedly -- and often. We were still in heavy snog mode, but with each thrust of his cock inside me, I trembled slightly and whimpered softly into his mouth. My thin arms were locked behind his neck, his hands firmly but gently gripping the cheeks of my butt.

"Oh!" I whimpered softly into his mouth and tried to back away so that I could at least get my right hand around my ready-to-erupt dick.

Mike gripped me tightly around the middle of my back with one arm and held my face against his and moaned as he thrust his cock into me again.

"Uhhhnnmm" I moaned into his face and virtually went into convulsions as my boy dick squirted its little boy load all over his chest and stomach -- completely untouched.

When my orgasm finally subsided, he pulled his face back from mine for a moment and smiled at me.

"Yeah, man!" he moaned softly, and then looked down at his chest and belly where my thin cum streaked upward from where my dick was still bouncing. "Seems you made a little mess on me!"

"Uh yeah! Sorry, man!"

"That's okay -- you can clean it up!"

I shot up off of his cock, squeezed my feet out from under his legs and stood between his knees. I bent over and with my tongue fully extended, I took two, maybe three licks to get my cum off his chest and belly. Mike sat up suddenly, grabbing my head with both hands and shoved his tongue into my mouth, purposely tasting the little bit of cum that remained there.

"Mmm! Tasty!" he said and then pulled me back down onto his lap.

I started riding him again right away, figuring he'd want me to ride him harder and faster so he could get off. He grabbed my hips and purposely slowed me down, then pulled me back into him so we could make out some more. It occurred to me that whatever I might have imagined about how hot this particular afternoon might be with Mike, it had already far surpassed anything I could have dreamed of. Once again, the head of his cock was rubbing my prostate and I sensed the rising of another orgasm. Before that happened, he managed to pry his lips from mine.

"Whew!" I gasped, catching my breath.

"Lock your arms behind my neck. I'm gonna stand up" he said softly.


I braced myself and with a bit of effort, Mike managed to stand up with me still very much impaled on his big young teen dick. He took a couple steps toward the bed and then stopped. We managed a few thrusts of his cock in and out of my ass as he stood there, and then carried me the rest of the way over and put me down on his bed on my back, giving me a soft kiss as I drew my legs up around his waist. He fucked into me slowly and deeply as we went back to some serious tonsil hockey. At one point, he kept pulling his cock completely out of my ass and then shoving it all the way back in, without having to guide it back in. He kept that up for a good minute or so, bringing me that much closer to cumming again. Although my arms and legs had both been wrapped around him since the instant he put me on the bed, at one point and for some unknown reason, I took my arms from around him and simply stretched them out above my head, as if giving myself to him completely. He took both of his hands from under me and gently stroked them upward from my hips, along both sides, slowly up the length of my arms and then clasped his fingers with mine. It was when he swirled his tongue around the inside of my mouth that I came again. He firmly held me down on the bed as I writhed around under him in an orgasmic fit. I had barely started to recover when Mike rose up rather suddenly and yanked his cock from my ass quite abruptly. He spun me around on the bed, putting my head over the edge of the side of his bed and then leaned over, sliding the full length of it into my mouth. It took only a few thrusts of his cock into my throat before I got my breathing timed right and I let my arms hang down over the edge of the bed. He pulled my legs up and shoved two of his long fingers into my ass, found my knob and started rubbing it incessantly. He managed to pin my lower legs under his arms and grabbed my dick with his other hand while he deep-dicked my throat. I sensed by the increasing stiffness of his cock, and the more urgent thrusts that he was getting close. Barely two minutes later, he hit just the right combination of fingers on my prostate, hand on my dick and his cock in my throat and I burst into my third orgasm of the afternoon, gulping his cock into my throat.

He grunted when my throat closed around the head of his cock and I felt the first squirt of his hot young load squirt directly into my throat. He jerked backward to cum in my mouth, but jerked back just a bit too far. The second blast of his cum streaked across my face before he managed to reintroduce his spurting meat to my mouth. I'm not even sure if anything came out of my dick that time, but by the time we both regained our senses, I for one was exhausted. Mike withdrew his cock from my mouth, pulled his fingers from my quivering ass and let go of my dick and my legs at the same time. My lower body and my legs immediately slumped to the bed. I had just enough energy left to scoot myself upward so that my head was on the bed instead of hanging over the edge of it. Mike sat down next to me and smiled as he looked down into my eyes. He reached down and gently lifted my head with one hand and used his finger to scoop the streak of his cum from my face and fed it to me. He leaned down as soon as I sucked his finger clean and shoved his tongue into my mouth. He had to have tasted his own cum on my tongue, but he seemed to like it. He rose up after only a few moments, allowing us to catch our breath, but we kept simply looking at each other the whole time.

"Wow!" I finally muttered with a mile-wide grin on my face.

"Yeah!" he said, and then followed up his response with another long deep kiss.

Before long, Mike had moved and was sitting up with his back against the headboard. He was cradling me in his arms and we had launched into what seemed like -- and what I hoped would be -- an endless make out session. I really had no idea how much time had passed or even what time it was. I could have simply stayed in Mike's arms, my arms around him, our lips locked together for all eternity. Finally, after what was most likely a good 15 -- 20 minutes of practically non-stop snogging, he lifted his face off mine and opened his eyes. I opened mine as well, and we simply smiled at each other.


"Did I ever tell you that you're a great kisser?" he asked with a little wink.


"Well, lemme tell ya, you're a great little kisser!"

I giggled and said "Takes one to know one!" and then leaned up and kissed him again.

He returned the brief kiss and then pulled me into a close hug against his smooth strong chest. Tears instantly welled up in my eyes and started to stream down my face. I had no idea why at the time, and thought my reaction was really bizarre, seeing as I couldn't remember feeling any better than I did at that moment. I wasn't opening crying, really, but I couldn't seem to stop the tears. I finally managed to free one hand and wipe the tears off my face so that he wouldn't see them. Of course, he did see them.

"What's wrong Chad?"

"Nothing! Absolutely nothing!"

I looked up at him and it appeared that his eyes were a bit wetter than they had been a few moments ago.

"You sure? It looks like you're crying. Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh! No way, man! Really, I don't know why the tears, I guess I just felt so good like this, ya know?"

He flashed a quick grin and just said "Yeah, I know!" and then kissed me softly.

He grinned down at me and then asked with a sly grin, "Thirsty?"

"YES!" I said excitedly.

He chuckled and we leaped up and went into the bathroom. I was on my knees in the shower before Mike could say `gotta pee'. And Mike didn't waste any time in getting his half-hard dick in my mouth either. I eagerly drank the slightly pungent liquid from his dick, and happily wore what I wasn't able to swallow. Mike pulled his cock from my mouth when he was done, and then surprised me by squirting a healthy stream of his piss right at my dick, making both of us giggle.

"You gotta go too?"

"Yeah" I answered as I started to roll onto my back.

Mike picked up my feet and nearly lifted me off the shower floor, practically standing me on my head.

I laughed and said "I can't go like this!"

Mike chuckled and said "Sissy!"

He knelt down on shower floor and put my back on top of his thighs, my legs going around his chest. Moments later, he had a hold of my dick, guiding the stream of piss from my dick into my own mouth and all over my face. Apparently I had to go more urgently than I originally thought. I was completely drenched with my own piss from the neck up. My piss stream waned and finally stopped. I'd gotten quite a few mouthfuls of my own piss and by the time I was done, my dick was mostly hard. But Mike wouldn't let me up -- in fact, he was actually stroking my dick.

"Uh, I'm done Mike."

"Yeah, I know."

"Well man, are ya gonna let me up?"


"C'mon! Let me up now!" I whined.

"And what are ya gonna do after I let ya up?"

"Um, anything you want me to?"

Mike laughed out loud, saying "Well yeah, you woulda done that anyway!"


He finally let me up and handed me a towel to wipe up with. As I dried the piss off myself, it occurred to me that I really had no idea what time it was. I knew it wasn't time for me to go home yet, but I had been so in tune with what we'd been doing that I lost all track of time. I got done drying myself off and followed Mike into the bedroom and finally saw what time it was -- around 2:15. I remember getting there just after 1:00 and realized that we'd spent a big part of the previous hour making out with each other. It was an hour well spent. Mike stopped in the middle of his bedroom and looked toward the loveseat, as if he was thinking about something.

"You wanna go outside for a little bit?" I asked.

He gave me a mock-disgusted look and said "What are ya, stupid? We can't go out in the pouring rain."

"Huh? It's raining out?"

"You can't hear that?" he asked, pointing to the ceiling.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Man, it started raining a few minutes after you got here!"

I just shrugged my shoulders, and vaguely remembered that it felt like it was starting to sprinkle when I got to his house.

I blushed slightly and asked softly "Okay then, want do you wanna do?"

A split second later, my head was tilted back sharply and off to one side, and Mike's tongue was back in my mouth again.

After sucking face for a good minute or so, he pulled back and asked "Any objections?"

"Fuck no, man!"

Both of us giggled and got back onto his bed and for the next 15 minutes or so, we simply rolled around on top of each other, making out and groping each other. Suddenly he put his hand on the top of my head and pushed me downward over his sexy naked body. Seconds later, my mouth engulfed his throbbing boy-bone.

"Uhhh! Fuck yeah Chad!" he moaned as I loudly slurped on his meat.

I sucked him for a few minutes, then spent a good long time licking and sucking his nuts, his crotch, and his ass. I got so into licking out his ass that I got up and sat on my folded legs, propping him up on my thighs much like he did with me in the shower when he was directing my piss. Instead, I was jamming my tongue into his ass, and lapping all over his crack, his butt cheeks, his crotch, anywhere in and around his hole that my tongue could reach. After several minutes of steadily licking him, my tongue felt like it was about to fall off. So, to give my tongue a brief rest, I planted my lips in the inside of his butt cheek, just to the one side of his hole and sucked -- hard.

"Oh fuck!" he moaned softly.

I did the same to the other side, and then put my lips directly on his sphincter and pressed my tongue into it as if I was trying to French kiss his ass. I'll admit, it was much easier to push my tongue into his mouth, but this was quite interesting in its own right. A few minutes later, he pushed my head out of his ass, an act that I actually resisted.

"Come around this side, man! I wanna do something a little different."

"Okay!" I said and crawled around to where his head was.

"Go ahead, lean over and eat me out some more like you were."

"Oh! Okay!" and I leaned over, doing my best to avoid getting my groin too close to his face.

Apparently he had something quite different in mind. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him and just after I resumed licking out his hole, I felt his mouth go around my dick. I gasped into his ass and my dick flexed wildly in his mouth. He pulled and pushed at my hips, trying to get me to fuck his mouth, which I did, while I was tongue-fucking his ass. A few minutes later, he pushed me off of him and rolled over onto his side, pulling his upper legs to about a 90 degree angle from his torso. I crawled up under him, so to speak, and managed to squeeze my head between his strong thighs. I got his cock into my mouth and sucked him for a couple minutes as he occasionally squeezed my neck between his legs. I managed to pull free and then turned over onto my other side and started licking his ass, his butt crack, and his crotch again. Soon after, he pushed his dick and balls between his thighs and I licked them too. Before long, my entire face with moist with my own spit from licking him so much and rubbing my face all over between his legs. He finally sat up and just looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Do you want me to fuck ya?"


"Then say it, man!"

"I want you to fuck me, Mike! Please!"

He chuckled lightly and the next thing I knew, I was on my back again, his cock was buried in my throat and he was sliding his long fingers in and out of my ass again. I really didn't think he needed to grease me up or open me up all that much again, but he did seem to enjoy fingering my ass. Besides, he knew right where to find that magic button inside my ass that drove me wild. In fact, I nearly came again while he was fingering me that time. He pulled his fingers out before I did, put some lube on his cock and then put the head of his cock up to my ass and just held it there.

"Ready?" he said with that devilish grin of his.

I clutched at the bed covers and gritted my teeth as I nodded my head, fully expecting him to ram his entire length inside me all at once. He pressed forward and I felt the head of his cock penetrate me. I grunted in anticipation of receiving the rest of his steely shaft all at once. He slowly pressed forward, inching his cock inside me slowly, gently. Moments later, he was fully on top of me, but not smashing me in the slightest. His hands were under my shoulders, my lower legs draped over his shoulders, my small hands on his powerful hips. He slowly slid his cock in and out of my ass. For the next full hour, we slow-fucked, making out almost constantly as we rolled around on the bed, his cock barely leaving my ass for more than a moment, and even then unintentionally. I got fucked on both sides, on my back, and I rode him, and we faced each other the entire time. I had two more orgasms, the first of which was maybe 15 or 20 minutes in, while I was slowly riding him, hunched over his body with my arms around his neck, my throbbing little boy bone lightly rubbing his stomach. The second was just before he came inside me. I knew he was getting very close and he was lying on top of me again, my legs wrapped around his waist. It was also one of the few times that we weren't making out, but he was looking straight down into my face, holding himself up, his hands pinning my wrists to the bed just above my head. His stomach just barely touched my throbbing dick every so often, but it was just enough to send me over the edge. Just after my orgasm started, he groaned and lay down on top of me and pumped his hot young teen seed inside me. We lightly kissed each other for a few moments as we recovered. Then he leaned down and put his head next to mine and inhaled sharply. He rose up and grinned down at me.


"You sorta smell like piss" he said, very matter-of-factly.

"Oh I do not!" I denied, with a grin.

"Do so. Smell like a fuckin' urinal, ya do!"

"Maybe you should hose me down then, huh?"

"Don't think that'd help. I think that's how ya got to smell like that in the first place."

"Then what do ya suggest, Matey?" I asked, trying to sound just a bit Irish, but not doing nearly as well as Mike was.

"I think ya need to be gettin' in me shower and wash up so when ya go home, yer mom doesn't think I've been usin' ya for a piss pot" he said, in a much better Irish brogue than I could muster.

"But ya have been usin' me for a piss pot!"

"And I shall again! But that doesn't mean yer mom hasta know, do she!"

By that time we both broke into a giggle fit and got up. We both got into the shower, and Mike stood with his back toward the water stream.

"Oy! Piss-pot! On yer knees if ya want me to piss ya up again!"

"Aye!" I replied as I dropped to my knees, giggling a little bit.

When he was finished, Mike pulled me to my feet, tilted my head back and jammed his tongue into my piss-soaked mouth for several long moments. We washed each other up then and carried on like a couple of middle school boys. By the time we got out of the shower and dried off, I still had a good hour before I had to go home. We got dressed and turned the TV up (it had been on all afternoon) but we ended up spending most of the time we had left making out. A few minutes before I had to leave Mike cleared his throat.

"See if you'd be allowed to go over to Danny's on Friday -- say about 10:00."

"What for?"

"For a few hours. I'm watchin' `em while their folks go shopping."

"Would I be allowed?"

"That's what I'm telling you -- see if your mom will let ya!"

"No, I mean will I be allowed to be over at Danny's while you're supposed to be babysittin' `em? That is, would it be alright with Danny's folks?"

"Don't worry about that -- just find out if you can come over. Friday, 10 AM!"

"Okay, I'll ask!"

"Cool! Now, c'mere!"

"What?" I asked as I slid closer to him.

"This!" and then he locked his lips on mine again.

Again, we hummed softly into each other's mouths at the same time.

"Uh! I gotta go!"

"Okay! See ya tomorrow!"

"See ya!"

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