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Chapter 1


It was spring and Peter's grandmother took several pair of his old jeans and cut the legs off. Short shorts were in style at that time, so she would make them as short as she could, then unlike other boys wore, she would hem them up so the legs wouldn't fray. She did his old shirts the same way, cutting the ruined bottoms off at the stomach. Then he would have to try them on and show them to his parents and grandfather for their approval. Of course they always loved how grandmother dressed him. He was cute, and the clothes accented his looks.

Of course back in the early sixties boys wore tight clothes. Most of the summer was spent with boys and girls wearing as little as possible. The heat was unbearable and most could only be outside an hour or so at a time, depending on the parents. The area had low humidity so dehydration could set in fast, causing illness and sometimes death. Then on the other hand a lot of humidity could cause the same thing in other areas of the country. When they would go out to eat, or visiting relatives, walking shorts and polo shirts were the acceptable garb. Of course they wore sneakers and socks. Flip flops were only acceptable at the pool, lake or at home playing.

Not everyone dressed the same, but it was the style at the time, in the big city at least. After Peter did his imaginary runway walk for the family and they approved of his new outfit, he begged to go to the Saturday afternoon matinee at the local theatre. They would have serials each week, and to miss one meant missing a lot. After the serials they would have two movies suitable for young adults. Parents could spend the afternoon without the kid, or kids if they had more than one.

Peter had a bath first. His grandmother ran the water for him and tested it as he undressed, "I will get you a towel and washcloth." She smiled as she patted his behind. His almost black hair covered his eyes, and the baby-blue-eyes slowly sunk into the hot water. Other than his hair being long in the front, the rest was a normal short haircut worn by most boys at the time. His grandmother sat on the stool talking to him and then helped him wash his back and behind. Satisfied, he washed his own legs and feet.

He got out of the tub and she dried him gently telling him how cute he was. Peter was used to that kind of talk from his parents and grandparents, but to him, he looked no different than any other boy.  He sure wasn't cute like Stevie or Joe, but then they had bodies that looked like fat pasta. Peter on the other hand was tight and even showed muscle, especially on his legs and bubble-butt from riding his bike all the time.

His grandmother helped him get dressed. She put fresh underwear on him making sure he looked as good as possible. After all someone would see him at the theatre and she wanted him to look as handsome as she saw him.

When he came out of the bathroom his father told Peter that he could go. He told the boy to jump in the car. Since he was already dressed for it, his father drove him the four blocks to the theatre, and gave him extra money for candy, popcorn and pop. Peter stood in line and waited like everyone else for the theatre to open. He was unaware that two older boys were watching him. They were watching him look at other boys. The boys were not brothers, but they fooled many people. They looked very similar to each other. Both had longer hair than most boys, and golden colored skin, and like others, they wore tight jeans and t-shirts.

Peter was not aware that he was actually looking at other boys, but he was. He was looking at their muscles and their boy package, not staring, just glancing. The older boys knew what Peter was looking at. They had seen him every weekend for months, and he had become more interesting than the matinee to them.

Peter was lightly tanned. He did not have the golden skin of his two admirers. The admirers, Ted and James were actually getting too old to be at the matinee. Once they caught sight of Peter almost a year earlier, they continued going. James had even followed the boy several times. They knew his name, where he lived, what school he went to and who his friends were. In their own selfish way, they were watching out for the boy they admired. At least that is what they told themselves.

When Peter got to the ticket window the girl was chewing gum, she got sharp with him, "You have an adult or older brother or someone with you?"

Peter was used to this. He sighed and pulled out his school ID, "You know it's a kid's matinee, I bet you don't look at everyone's ID.

The girl frowned, "I don't believe you are that old." She sold him a ticket anyway.

Peter smiled and went into the building. One of the ticket takers knew Peter and smiled, "Have fun and don't eat too much candy this time."

Peter grinned because he had puked from the balcony one time. Luckily no one was below him to catch the mess.  He went to the concession stand and made his order. As usual the place was packed with middle school kids and older. This always made Peter grin because they were the reason he wanted to go to the theatre in the first place, of course there was the movie too, and after the lights went down, that is all there was to see. There was adults at the theatre with younger children too.


Two years before Peter had his first sexual experience. He had no idea it was a sexual experience, it was something that just happened. Since that day, almost every day he had the same experience. He never told anyone about it because he knew he was broken between his legs and no one could ever know.

They were over at his grandparent's house that day. It was cold outside so he spent most of the day watching the black and white television, since all anyone had was black and white, he was lucky. He was naked under his terry cloth half robe. His grandmother made it for him so it was special. He loved wearing it whenever he could.

As they sat to eat dinner, Peter had to go to the bathroom. His father nodded and Peter went in and sat to do his business. He wasn't paying attention to the business at hand. He was focused on the new toilet paper with pictures of flowers on it. He wondered what his grandfather thought of it when he wiped with that paper. Peter giggled about it.

Then it happened. There was movement and it started to come out. Peter immediately went for his dick to push it down before it could pee all over, which is what would happen as soon as his bowel movement was over. It wouldn't go down. Peter looked between his legs and saw it staring up at him, the top almost purple. Now Peter didn't think of sex, and actually had no clue about it. Yet as that turd came out, Peter's body shook and convulsed and once he heard the plop in the stool he fell back against the toilet seat exhausted.

Frightened and worried, he knew he did something terribly wrong. He didn't know what it was because it felt good, but anything that felt that good had to be wrong. He sat there and shook in fear, still looking at the happy dick between his legs. After he settled some he went about his business wondering why he didn't go pee. After five minutes his father knocked on the door, "Are you all right Peter?"

"Yes dad, it just took longer than normal."

"Okay but your food will get cold if you don't get out of there."

Peter wiped and stood up. Now that he was standing the protrusion was sticking up to his belly button. It was throbbing. He had no idea what to make of the thing. Sitting down it was between his legs, unknowing to him the movement of his legs on it intensified the feeling he had down there. He frowned, put the robe on and went into the kitchen. He sat at the table looking peaked.

"Are you okay Peter?" His grandmother asked.

"I don't feel good, can I go lay down?" He answered.

His father was a little upset, "You need to eat your dinner. Grandmother worked hard to feed us. If you don't you do not get dessert later."

Peter stood and went to the guest bedroom and laid down. He didn't care about dessert; he felt guilty and didn't want to tell anyone. Not only that his body seemed tired. Even though he could still feel the throbbing, he turned on his side and fell asleep

The rest of the week was normal at school and at home, until the weekend. He took a comic book into the bathroom, after all his father took part of the newspaper in there all the time. He did his business, and the same thing happened as it did the week before. He sat there a few minutes this time. He knew he was weak and tired. That dick wouldn't stop throbbing, and he was scared half to death of what it could mean, but he would die before he told anyone what was happening.


Peter paid for his pop, candy and popcorn and carefully made his way into the theatre seating. He found a row near the center where no one was at and took the center chair. A few minutes later two boys, one on each side of him took a seat. He looked at them wondering why they didn't sit together since they had to be brothers. They smiled and introduced themselves as James and Ted. Before the movie started they made small talk and finally got Peter to start talking to them.

Peter liked them. They were funny, good looking and older than him. It never occurred to him to ask why they sat on each side of him. They watched the movie together chatting once in awhile, or at least making comments about some of the scenes. They had Peter grinning and giggling most of the time. Someone behind them told them to be quiet. Ted turned around and looked at the guy, "You better shut up yourself before I stuff that cigarette up your ass!"

This was a kid's theatre on Saturday mornings, there it was loud all the time, and kids cheered for the good guy loudly when something happened. The kids didn't mind the smoking so much as long as the adults and big guys left them alone. After the shows were over the three went to the bathroom, and then went outside. Peter had to wait for one of his parents to pick him up. So as Peter waited Ted and James stayed with him, telling him they were looking out for him.

Peter didn't know exactly what they were looking out for, but it sounded good. When Peter's dad drove up, the boys introduced themselves and told him they had been looking out for Peter. Peter's dad smiled and thanked them as Peter sat in the car. As Peter's dad put the car in gear Ted and James smiled and waved, "Maybe we will see each other next week."

Peter looked at his dad, "They are nice."

"They seem like very nice young men. How did you meet them?"

"In the theatre, they said they saw me alone, and I shouldn't be alone so they were going to watch out for me."

"That really was nice of them then."

At home the story was retold to Peter's mom who insisted the boys come over for dinner the following weekend, so she could meet them. His dad pointed out that the older boys may have their own plans. After all, many went to the drugstore and had ice cream, hamburgers and other things that didn't include adults or little kids. Peter's mother smiled, "Well it won't hurt to ask them will it?"