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Chapter 2


Peter, Travis and Paul spent the following week after school, building their fort. The fathers got together and loaned them the tools, and gave them drawings of what it should look like when they were done. Each evening before dinner one of the fathers would come out and inspect the work they did for the afternoon. It was to make sure it was being built according to plans. The boys wanted to do it on their own, but the fathers were worried naturally, and had to inspect constantly.

They had planned to work on the fort over the weekend but Travis and Paul had to be with family out of town. Friday after school Peter went to his grandmother's house as usual. His parent's did not get home from work until after five and his grandparents looked after him. After kissing his grandmother, Peter went outside looking for his grandfather. The old man was working sharpening the blades on the lawnmower. It was an old push more with several blades on it. It wasn't motorized and sometimes Peter would push it for awhile. It made him feel stronger and his grandfather would let him cut part of the yard. The lawnmower was not easy to push. It was heavy, even for an adult, so when the old man thought Peter had enough, he took over.

As grandfather would push the mower he and Peter would talk about the day. Peter talked about getting one of the new organs for Christmas. They were expensive, but they folded up and you could carry them around. Peter of course did not know how to play the organ, which his grandfather pointed out. Peter grinned, "Then I will have to have someone teach me."

The old man nodded, "Let me see what I can find out. I will have to talk to your mom and dad and see what they say too."

Peter was ecstatic over a good reception to his idea. When the lawn was finished they went inside for iced tea. Grandpa told grandma about Peter's idea and she thought it was a great idea. Peter had been taking dance lessons and singing lessons for a couple of years. Adding a musical instrument, other than a guitar, was a fantastic idea in her mind.

Peter's mother picked him up and they drove home where he did his homework. Homework was a must before he could play on the weekends. He didn't tell her or his father about the organ. He knew that grandma and grandpa were better at such things and he would get his way much easier. He finished his work and took his bath. He was allowed to stay up till ten on the weekends. Usually he watched wrestling or boxing matches on television, with his father, until he fell asleep out of boredom.

Saturday morning came and Peter was excited about going to the theatre. He took his bath, only calling his father in to do his back. The problem with his father is that the man tickled him half to death instead of washing him like mom and grandma did. Grandpa only washed him when no one else was around, which wasn't often. Peter was old enough now that he could wash everything but his back and he liked that. He got some attention from the family, alone time, and it made him a happier person.

Peter dried himself off and ran down the hall into his bedroom. His father followed, wanting to see the boy's expression when he saw what was on the bed. In the 60's clothes were packed in boxes and wrapped. On Peter's bed were several boxes of new clothes. Peter looked at his father, "For me?"

"Well you are outgrowing your clothes according to grandma."

His mom came into the room, "You are still naked?" she laughed, "If there is anything you don't like I will exchange it. First we have to see if everything fits."

The first box had several pair of dress gym shorts. Without underwear Peter pulled the first pair on and looked at his father for approval. His father rubbed his chin and looked at his wife, "They show as much if not more than his short shorts."

"Yes but for dress up he wears long socks with them, they are knee high and cover most of his legs."

His father grinned, "It was not his legs I was thinking of covering."

Peter lost his smile, "You don't like them daddy?"

The man grinned, "They look very nice on you Peter. I am just jealous because I couldn't get away with wearing them. I have seen other boys in them and they are sharp looking."

Peter began smiling again and opened up the rest of the packages. There were dress shirts, fancy t-shirts, socks and more. The t-shirts were too small, "Mother can we get really big t-shirts? You know like daddy has. He said I look cute in them."

Peter's dad frowned, "Well I meant you look cute in them at home, the way they fall off your shoulder, I wasn't thinking of you going out of the house with them."

Peter's mother grinned and looked at her husband, "Sometimes you are a prude, and I have no idea where that comes from since your mother and father dress him as cute as they can." She kissed him on the cheek, "I will take these back, and you can go with me. You can pick out the ones you like, but only a couple of those really big shirts, we don't want your father to have a heart attack."

The boy's father sighed, "Well when you get dressed up come downstairs and let me see. I think I will leave since I am not as fashion prone as your mother."

Peter and his mother laughed as his dad left the room. Peter finished dressing and his mother squatted to pick up the boxes. She looked up and could see Peter's business. She sighed and stood up, "Peter to keep your father happy, I want you to wear underwear when you are wearing these shorts. You can see everything, and he won't approve, although I am sure your girlfriends will enjoy the view."

Peter blushed, "Mom!"

"Then you will wear underwear?"

"Yes okay I get it." He went to his chest of drawers and pulled out a pair of fresh underwear. He pulled his shorts off, put on the underwear and pulled the shorts back on. "How do I look?"

She cocked her head, "Well you look cute of course, but something isn't just right, but I can't put my finger on what it is. Now let's show your father and get back to Woolworths."

James looked at Ted, "How long will it take you to get ready?"

"I am not taking that long." Ted replied.

"You have been standing there naked for half an hour just combing your hair." James shot back. Ted ignored him. James grinned, "If we want to get girlfriends, going to the kid's matinee is not the way to do it." Then he sat and watched Ted a few minutes more, "You are not getting all fixed up so girls can see you are you Ted?"

Ted looked at his friend through the reflection in the mirror, "What do you mean by that?"

"You are all hot for that little boy. I should have guessed it when you wanted me to find out where he lived and his phone number and his friends. God am I stupid, you are gay Ted." James sighed.

"I am not; wouldn't you like to fuck him?"

James thought a minute; this could be a trick question "Well if he were a girl sure I would. He is too cute and those blue eyes of his sparkle."

Ted turned around, "Shut the hell up! You would fuck him and you would love it and you would do it as much as you could."

James didn't answer but thought `yea I probably would until I found a girlfriend.' He cleared his throat, "What makes you think he would let you do it, or that he is even gay?"

"It's just a feeling I have."

"He doesn't act like a girl, and he doesn't look like a girl." James replied as he crossed his legs.

"He doesn't have to be gay and neither do I. I don't know if he would let me fuck him, but I plan on finding out." Ted swallowed hard, "What is it to you anyway? You just called me gay."

"I don't think you are gay, but sometimes you make me wonder. Cassie said you like to fuck a lot, so that means you have done it with her plenty of times." James sighed.

Ted in fact did screw Cassie anytime he could. Since they hit puberty Cassie and Ted did the deed as often as they could and still did it at least once a week. Ted walked into his bedroom, "Peter is different. He isn't just a fuck until next week thing."

James stared at his friend, "If you say so. I know you are not gay, I think you are just trying to see if that boy will let you do it. You don't even care about him."

Ted shrugged, "Maybe I do, maybe I don't but I will need your help to test him. I don't expect you to screw him or anything."

James smiled, "You want to see if he can get turned on enough to even consider it?"

"Something like that." Ted answered as he finished dressing. "Let's go to the drugstore and get a soda." As they rode their bikes Ted thought about a lot of things he was doing. He didn't even know exactly what he was doing, but he knew he wanted that cute boy Peter. Of course after he got him he didn't know what to do either. He didn't even know if he would really fuck the boy either, he just wanted the boy around, well maybe that is all he wanted. It did bug him that Peter gave him a hard on just looking at him, where Cassie had to play with him awhile.

The boys rode to the drugstore and parked their bikes. Upon entering they saw the entire counter filled with girls. They looked up and Cory was standing there talking to the girls. Cory was a menace to the school. He was only thirteen, but he was cute, had muscles all over, and was one of the coolest kids around. The girls loved him. Cory did not look like a soda jerk by any means.

Most of the boys at school were jealous of Cory, which led to fights. The fights always ended with Cory winning, because of his size he was picked on a lot and took it in stride until he was called out. Then he beat the hell out of the guy that did it. Cory was not a mean kid or a bully; he just didn't back down from anyone. There he stood washing coke glasses and flirting back and forth with several girls. The pharmacist walked over to the soda fountain, "If you girls are done, you need to leave, we have other customers."

The girls had to have money for the matinee, so they whined and most of them left. James and Ted took two of the seats, Cory looked at them, "What will it be gentlemen?"

"I just want a chocolate coke." James answered.

"Just a cherry coke for me Cory, thank you." Ted answered.

James always wondered if Cory took any of the drugs that he delivered, "Cory you have to deliver any prescriptions this afternoon?"

Cory frowned, "I don't deliver anything on Saturdays, just during the week after school."

"Who delivers them then?"

"Terry, he is an older black guy that drives a truck, you've seen him around." He changed the subject, "You guys going to the matinee?"

Ted nodded, "Yea we told Peter we would watch him so no one hurts him."

Cory frowned, "Ya right, you may be cute Ted but you aren't going to protect anyone. I would call you pretty wimpy."

James giggled, "Where is that fat fuck that normally works on Saturday?"

"Billy? He is sick today. You shouldn't really call him fat, that is mean." Cory grinned thinking it was funny.

"It's because he eats more ice cream than he sells." James laughed.

Cory sighed, "Actually he has been that way since the first grade." Cory looked up to see if Mr. Johnson, the pharmacist, was watching, then he whispered, "He steals it and then he goes to the basement and eats it."

"At least you have a job, I can't find one." Ted said, "Maybe they will fire Billy and hire me."

Cory grinned, "Sure as soon as you get enough muscle to ride up hill without stopping let me know."

King hill was not a mountain but it was a steep paved road, very steep. Everyone knew that only a handful of boys could do it, Cory was one of them. To get a job at any of the Grocery stores or Pharmacies that had to deliver goods, you had to be able to ride up that hill without stopping.

James grinned, "I bet that kid Peter can do it. He may not have any muscles in his arms but he has some power in those legs."

"Peter Soral? Yea he has a tight ass. He and Travis go up and down that hill all the time just goofing off. I would lose my job if the two of them wanted this job."

Ted choked on the pop and spit part of it out on the counter. James patted him on the back, "Are you alright?"

Embarrassed, Ted nodded, "Yes I just couldn't believe what Cory said."

Cory was already cleaning up the mess, "The tight ass thing? Well he does have one. Anyone that rides a bike as much as he does will have strong legs and a bubble butt. He really has some lower body muscles. My brother was saying how in gym he does as well as some of the athletes. No one makes fun of him that's for sure."

"Anyone in their right mind wouldn't make fun of you either." James added.

Cory shrugged as the other boys stood to leave, "Don't forget to tip the waiter."

Ted turned around, "You are killing me." He said and threw a quarter on the counter.

Peter told his mother that they were running out of time and had to go to grandma's house.

"What for?"

"I want her to fix my new shirts." The boy answered.

"But you said they were exactly how you wanted them!"

"Yes but they are too long. Come on mom."

She drove the few blocks to grandmas and watched as Peter ran into the house with the shirts. She followed the boy in as the older woman looked at a shirt Peter put on, "Right here below my ribs grandma, please?"

The woman looked perplexed, "Well put it on exactly how you want it to look."

Peter pulled the collar off his shoulder so it hung down. He then looked in the mirror, and adjusted it, "That is how I want it but the bottom has to look right."

His grandmother looked at Peter's mom, "You know he wants me to cut this and hem it up right?"

"I gather that, go ahead, let's see what it looks like."

His grandmother started putting pins in the flimsy t-shirt. It helped that she had retired from a major clothing factory. She retired early because they hired Chinese workers. She didn't retire because they were Chinese; she retired because she was the floor manager and had no idea how to talk to the new employees. Now the woman sewed custom clothing for the sophisticated women in the city, and of course her grandson, who knew what quality, was. After she was done pinning, she turned the boy around several times to make sure the bottom was even.

"I am just doing this one, you can come back and get the others later this week when I have time to work on them."

Peter kissed her cheek, "Thank you grandma."

She sat at one of her sewing machines and began. Five minutes later she was done and cut the threads. She looked at it and turned to Peter, "This will never do."

She stood and went to another machine. She changed the thread. While she did Peter ran into the dining room and checked the time. It was one forty five, so he would barely make it to the theatre on time.

He ran back in and saw the grey thread. He was puzzled that she would use grey thread on a red shirt. She didn't look at him, "Before you say anything, I am putting a fancy edge on the sleeves, collar and bottom. I think you will like it."

"I hope its not flowers." Peter said.

His grandmother laughed, "I have a pattern here of unicorns, you can tell everyone they are dragons. They are only a half inch wide, but it will look nice."

Peter put his head on her shoulder and watched carefully. Peter actually knew how to sew. Not as fancy and formal as his grandmother, but he knew a lot of things even girls never thought of. The shirt was finished. Peter stood up as she cut the excess threads off. Then she turned and pulled it over his head. He grinned and walked over to the full length mirror. Peter adjusted the shirt so the collar fell over his shoulder. He was beaming, "I am going to show grandpa!"

He ran outside to the barn and found his grandfather working on an old bike wheel from one of Peter's bicycles. The old man smiled but pretended he did not see the boy. Peter walked completely around the man saying nothing. When his grandfather didn't respond Peter sighed and just stood there, "Grandpa how do I look?"

The man stopped whistling and looked up, "You look like dinner for a bunch of girl friends. They are going to eat you alive dressed like that."

Peter giggled, "I hope so I could use..." He frowned at his grandfather, "That is not funny! But you like it?"

"It is no worse than wearing your short coveralls without a shirt, they are just as sexy." The man grinned and hugged Peter.

Peter stepped back, "What is sexy?"

The man smiled, "Peter sexy is when you are dressed up really cute looking for girls. That is how you dress all the time."

Peter didn't lose his frown, "Well I am not trying to get attention or be sexy. I just want to look good."

"You look cute and handsome and any girl would love to kiss you."

Peter was still frowning, "That is so gross. I am going to go tell grandma you like it though." Peter turned around and grinned wide. `Yes he loves it.' The boy said under his breath and then he ran into the house and hugged his grandma and told her how great the new outfit was.

"I take it grandpa approved?" Peter's mom asked.

"Yes but he said weird stuff. I learned a new word, `sexy' that's what grandpa called me, and he said all the girls will want to kiss me. I told him how gross that was."

"You think it is gross when I kiss you?" Both women asked at the same time.

"That is different. You are not trying to eat my lips or face and that's what girls will do to you when you are young. They say things like `You are so cute I could eat you.' Then you disappear and no one ever sees you again."

Grandma made a mental note to scold her husband about teaching the boy about the sex word.  Peter grabbed his mother's hand and pulled her out to the car. She drove the impatient boy to the theatre. She made him kiss her in front of at least one hundred other teens and children and then he jumped out of the car. He almost forgot the money and his mother called him back. She gave him two dollars, and told him he better give her the change when he got home.

He was late, and the line was long. Ted called out to him, "Peter over here, we saved your place for you."

Peter looked at the line and saw James and Ted. He ran over to them and they pushed him between the two. James looked at his outfit, "Gawd you look hot."

Ted noticed as well, "We need a blanket to cover him up." What was needed was a blanket to cover Ted's throbbing member which was tenting his shorts. When they got to the window Ted paid for the tickets. "Three please."

"I could have paid for my own." Peter said, "Thank you though."

Ted smiled and touched the boy's hair lovingly, "From now on I will be paying for you to get in."

Ted led them to the concession stand and ordered two cokes, a medium popcorn and a large box of Junior Mints for him and Peter. James was in another line.  They came away from the stand and made their way to the theatre itself, "Not many sit in the balcony. Why don't we go up there where it is quieter?"

Ted grinned liking the idea, so they sat in the back row center of the balcony. From that vantage point even if someone tall were to sit in front of them, the screen could be seen in its entirety.  They put the pop in the holders and Ted announced, "We have about thirty minutes, let's go to the bathroom before the show starts."

Peter stood up and put his popcorn in his seat. The older boys did the same. Peter realized that they were both going to sit on each side of him. He thought it was cool as they went to the balcony restroom. He pulled his shorts down and they fell to his knees. He looked down at them and giggled, "I didn't know my underwear were that loose." He said scooting up to the urinal.

James checked out the stalls to make sure no one was in them. Ted had shorts on and pulled them about half way down. James wore jeans and pulled them down right below his ass. Peter did his business and announced it. Then he looked down at the older boys and saw they were not done. James was pulling on his dick and moaning and he turned to Ted and looked down and he could see everything. Ted had four fingers under his dick and his thumb over it, pulling the skin back and forth. Peter thought how big and pretty the large dick was. He could see Ted's full length, the mound with hair on it, and James muscles contracting, and his behind pushing back and forth.

Peter was mesmerized by what he was seeing. He had never seen anyone pee like that. He watched the beautiful boys and they pulled, occasionally looking at their faces. He didn't pull up his shorts. He forgot about them completely watching the two older boys. While he was watching Ted, James whispered aloud, "I'm gonna shoot!"  James pulled up his t-shirt, and pushed his body into the urinal as deep as he could. His hand was moving faster than Peter had ever seen a hand move, it was a blur. James body became stiff and Peter turned to Ted.

Ted was moving slower, but Peter couldn't take his eyes off the engorged dick. Ted was looking at Peter's tight plump behind. Peter didn't notice, he was enthralled by what Ted had to do to go pee. James dick was huge and pointed straight out while he went. Ted on the other hand had a dick that stood up, it too was huge, but it was much prettier to Peter for some reason.

Peter watched the red top turn a deep purple and then still at the slow speed, Ted pushed into the urinal, "Oh my god that feels good."

Looking at them both on each side of him Peter smiled, "That was cool you guys, but I've never seen anyone pee like that." He said as the two boys tried to catch their breath.

Ted pulled up his shorts and covered his still throbbing member. James did the same, but Peter didn't notice. Ted looked at Peter and bent down to pull the boy's shorts up and kissed his behind as he lifted them. Peter giggled, "That tickles."

Ted got to the boy's penis and smiled, "Someone has a stiffy. Did you like to watch Peter?"

For some reason Peter was not ashamed, "That was great you have to teach me to pee like that." Down deep in his subconscious he knew they were not exactly peeing. He just had no clue as to what they just did.

They went back to there seats and sat. There were only a few younger kids in front of them on the first row. The kids turned around and looked at the three, then back at the screen while they talked.

"Did you like what you saw?" James asked.

"I couldn't see yours very well, your hand was in the way. But I saw everything Ted did. It was super cool." Peter giggled. What Peter didn't realize he thought it was cool enough that his behind was burning and his growing dick was stiff as a board. That sort of embarrassed him but the two boys with him did not tease him about it.

The commercials began to play and Peter relaxed. He felt the other two touch him. They put their hands on the inside of his bare thighs. Peter grinned and liked it because he knew they liked him a lot. After the three cartoons the first serial came on. As usual Peter was enthralled with the masked avenger going after the bad guys. He had no idea the other two had been feeling his legs and rubbing them during the first few minutes. Peter's dick was stiff and throbbing, his behind was boiling for attention.

Ted and James paid no attention to the screen. Their eyes were focused on Peter. When Peter would look up at them they would smile and Peter would go back to watch the screen.  Ted leaned over and whispered in Peter's ear, "When you go to the bathroom like that it feels really good. I am going to make you feel really good too while we watch the movie." Peter didn't take his eyes off the screen, but he smiled and nodded.

James looked at Ted, "Are you sure about this? What if he tells?"

Ted pointed to Peter's legs. The boy's legs were spread out as far as they could go. His dick was throbbing, "Feel it." Ted said to James.

Carefully and slowly, James put his hand on Peter's crotch. He felt the hard and hot member and then pulled his hand away. He looked at Ted, "He didn't even notice!"

Ted leaned over and whispered to Peter, "It is too hot in here for your big dick. Mine too. I am going to pull my shorts down, you enjoy the movie and I will take yours off too, okay?"

At that point something happened on the screen and Peter yelled out with the other two hundred kids. Ted pulled back. The younger boy scared the hell out of him. After Peter settled, he looked at Ted, then pulled his own shorts down and kicked them off. He turned his attention back to the screen. James looked over at Ted and shrugged. Without even whispering he smiled, "How the hell you do that?"

Ted shook his head, "I have no idea."

James kept rubbing Peter's thigh until the boy's legs spread as far apart as they could. Ted on the other hand was rubbing Peter's dick gently. Peter felt it all, but he was more interested in the movie than what they were doing. They just wanted to play with him and he was alright with that.

Ted looked at James, "I am going to try it."

James looked frightened, "If he yells out, we will be in prison a long time."

"I will tell them it was just me, but James I have to!"

Peter looked up at the two, "Will you guys be quiet it is hard to hear with you talking!"

Ted had a finger between Peter's legs, rubbing the hot spot he found which made Peter wiggle. The palm of his hand was rubbing on Peter's throbbing dick. Peter seemed oblivious to it all, but several times he whimpered. Ted had to get up the nerve to do it. He looked at Peter's beautiful lips. Ted was breathing hard. He was going to slip his finger into Peter while he kissed the boy. With the shock of the kiss he hoped Peter didn't even realize he had been violated.

Ted took another deep breath and whispered in Peter's ear, "I have to kiss you now, a real kiss."

Peter did not look at Ted, but he grinned. He knew Ted was teasing him and thought nothing of it. James looked over at Ted, "We are dead meat."