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Chapter 3


Ted grabbed Peter's crotch and balls tightly in his hands. He leaned over and touched lips with the boy, and stuck his tongue into Peter's mouth. It got Peter's attention. The wide eyed boy felt the tongue moving in his mouth. His attention was so much on that kiss he barely felt the finger enter his bottom, but soon as it was past the first knuckle; it was a familiar feeling to Peter. His behind started wiggling in circles as the finger went in and out.

Peter was breathing heavily. He stopped trying to pull away from Ted. Peter's hands grabbed Ted's hand so Ted could not pull out of the boy.

Ted's dick was leaking all over his stomach and some of the precum was running down his side. He was beyond hot. His throbbing member wanted to burst, and he wasn't even touching it. His eyes watched Peter squirm and wiggle in the flashing lights of the movie screen. Then Peter stiffened. When Ted felt Peter's behind clench, Ted creamed himself. He pulled back a little from Peter, "Well? Are you okay with this?"

Peter's head and eyes were blurred. He would not let loose of Ted's hand. James looked at them both, "You just finger fucked a boy. And he liked it."

Ted kissed all over Peter's face, waiting for an answer. Peter whimpered, "It was great but don't take your hand out of me and move your head so I can see the movie."

James and Ted both grinned. James sighed, "I guess you were right." He whispered to Peter, "You want him to do that to you more?"

Peter frowned because his movie was being interrupted, "All the time, but let me watch my movie!"

Ted looked at James, "I need toilet paper. I have a mess."

James almost laughed and went to the restroom to help Ted. Ted started kissing on Peter's stomach and slipped the boy's dick into his mouth. He sucked hard but Peter didn't seem to notice, but his behind was still wiggling on Ted's hand and finger. Ted smiled and wondered if he would ever get to do this again. A few minutes later James came back with toilet paper just as Peter had another dry orgasm.

James sat in his seat. Ted sighed, "I have to clean up my mess, to do that I have to pull out."

Peter stopped looking at the screen and answered, "No."

James was about ready to faint. Ted swallowed hard, "We can't stay like this for long, the movie will be over and the lights will come up for intermission."

Peter said nothing but his body released the finger that was inside. Ted cleaned up his mess and whispered to James, "What took you so long?"

"I creamed my jeans watching the two of you. It was hot. I had to clean up too."

Once Ted finished he found Peter's underwear and pulled them up on the boy. He did the same with his shorts. It was just in time. The movie ended, the big Intermission sign came up, and the lights came on.

"That was awesome!" Peter stood up. "Did you see that monster it looked real!"

James and Ted looked at each other, their eyes wide. James grinned, "Unbelievable."

This time when the boys went to the restroom all three actually peed. Peter was a little disappointed. Even though he got to see their big equipment, they weren't throbbing and sticking out like before. When they were walking back Peter had a big smile on his face, "You are going to do that to me more right?"

"If you want." Ted grinned and looked at James.

"I want you to do it all the time."

"We can do other things too if you want."

"As long as it tickles you can do anything you want to me." Peter replied.

James said nothing but he couldn't believe what he was hearing as they sat in their seats. The boys talked for a little while and James stopped them, "I know I can't do the stuff that Ted does, but I don't want to be left out. Can I at least watch?"

Peter grinned and kissed James cheek, "Of course, who else is going to hold me down so I don't fall out of the chair?"

Ted looked at James, "You were holding him down?"

"Yes, if I didn't he would have ended up twelve rows down." James turned to Peter, "It was hard to tell if you liked it or not."

"I want to watch the movies. That is why I come here. You two want to watch me squirm. That is okay too, but you need to let me do what I want too. Of course now I like to watch you pee like you did when we got here. Not like you just did though, that is boring."

James looked at Ted, "I think he means he wants to see us jack."

Ted nodded and looked at Peter, "You are not going to tell anyone about this right? Especially don't tell your family or friends."

Peter got a mischievous grin on his face that both the boys saw, "Well I don't know. If you stop doing it to me I will have to tell someone."

Ted and James looked at each other and smiled. Ted promised, "Anytime we are alone and can't get caught we will do it."

Satisfied, Peter pulled off his underwear and shorts as soon as the lights dimmed. James raised his eyebrows and looked at Ted, "I hope you have a lot more in you because he wants it now." James already knew that Ted could do it for hours but he couldn't help himself. He could do it for hours too. Three times in a row was nothing to either boy.

As James kept massaging Peter's legs, Ted's horny dick started leaking. That dick knew he was getting extra attention and he wanted it all. He wanted to get put into something and he knew the owner was ready too. Ted kept cleaning the pre cum off and used his finger on Peter's hot spot, pushing it in little by little until Peter was just as hot, wet and moist as Ted was.

Peter, although he wasn't really showing any interest in what they were doing to him was squirming and wiggling. He may not have heard them whispering, but he felt everything being done to him. Ted whispered into Peter's ear, "I want you to sit in my lap. Maybe my dick can slip in you. Would you like that?"

Peter grinned as he watched the movie and nodded. Ted moved Peter between his legs and helped him settle down on the end of his rigid hot dick. "Don't scream if it hurts, just pull off."

Peter doubted if it would hurt, but he knew it would feel good. Peter nodded as the end of Ted's juicy red bulb pushed through and stopped after reaching the first knuckle. Peter gasped. James quickly sat next to Ted and covered Peter's mouth, until the boy settled down. Peter looked at James and grinned, "I'm okay." Then Peter began wiggling and squirming as he filled up with pre cum and started sliding down on Ted's thick throbbing monster.

Ted was whimpering and James kept warning him to stop because he was getting too loud. Ted had a hard time whispering, "You have no idea how tight and hot he is and he is wiggling and squirming all over me."

Peter tensed with another dry cum and stopped for a minute to catch his breath, but the actual wiggling didn't, it was just for the minute that his muscles clenched around that juicy dick inside him.

The tightening and squeezing of his thick hard member made Ted feel everything from his tip to his pubic mound, he was not new to sex by any means, but he had never felt anything like this before. He wondered if Peter could feel him growing inside as Peter squirmed uncontrollably while he watched the movie.

Ted could not handle it any more. His balls were full and he could feel the cum running through them, his dick enlarged even more and his bulbous head expanded to twice its size. After twelve dry orgasms, Peter still felt the big dick growing in him. He knew Ted couldn't help himself. This time when Peter tickled, he squeezed Ted tight and let the boy shoot his cum into him.

Ted had wrapped his arms around Peter's bare stomach and held him tight. James didn't have a chance to pull his dick out of his pants and for the second time he creamed his jeans. The three boys didn't move, they panted and just sat there. Peter had not stopped wiggling but he knew the fun was over. He felt wet between his legs and he would have giggled if the movie wouldn't have been so good.

This time James had toilet paper for them all. However when Ted started to push Peter off, Peter squeezed for all he was worth, "Don't even try it, when it is ready to come out it will, but don't you make it come out."

Ted blinked and looked at James. James was watching Peter's face. He turned to Ted, "Shit, he is serious. Heaven help you if you pull out before it does it on his own."

Peter could feel the dick getting smaller until it finally slipped out. He took a deep breath, saddened that it did that, but he was happy. He watched the rest of the movie while the boys cleaned him and themselves up and dressed him. Peter sat back in his chair and held their hands. When the movie was over the three went out into the lobby and down the stairs into the main lobby. They stood outside and waited for Peter's mom. "Did you guys have fun?" Peter asked.

James nodded, "Yes I had fun but not as much fun as the two of you did."

Peter grinned slyly. "No one did that to me before. I feel like rubber and I am still tickling."

Ted wanted to hold and kiss on Peter day and night. He found it wasn't easy keeping his hands off the boy, "I hope you want to do it again soon."

"Mom wants to meet you both. She wants you to have dinner with us tonight too." Peter thought for a minute, "You know, we could go camping and fishing and other stuff and have a lot of time alone."

Ted grinned and looked at James, "I would like that Peter."

"Good, we can go camping tonight if you ask my parents nice." Peter decided.

James looked at them both a little worried, "I will always be able to go with you guys, right? After all Ted is my best friend."

Peter turned around, "That is stupid, of course you can be there all the time."

James let out the air he was holding, "Let's call your mom and see why she is running late. We can get a malted while we are over there."

Inside the Pharmacy Ted ordered a chocolate shake for Peter and a Sundae for himself. James ordered a malted. Peter came back over, "Grandma said that mom was running an errand and would pick me up soon. She said I was supposed to stay with you guys until then."

Peter sat at the counter with them and noticed Cory. Cory smiled, "Hi Peter. You're looking as cute as ever."

Peter blushed, "I know what sexy is and Fuck and a few other new words Cory."

Cory looked around quickly to see if anyone heard, then bent over the counter, "Don't you ever say those words again, even if the big guys do. Men don't talk like that Peter, and you are a man. Don't be like those punks."

Peter glared at James and Ted, "Did you hear that? No more bad words. I am serious."

They both stared at Peter then turned to Cory who was also glaring at them, "Don't teach the younger ones your foul mouths. Don't you even test me on this."

Ted raised his hands, "All right we get the idea already!" He turned to Peter, "No more bad words, from us or you."

"How did you meet Peter anyway?" Cory asked.

Ted wanted to tell him it was none of his business, but held his tongue. James answered, "He was always alone so we decided to take care of him at the theatre."

"Mom wants to meet them and they are coming over for dinner tonight." Peter grinned.

Cory had no problem with Ted or James, but they got out of hand sometimes. They didn't pick on anyone and they were good kids. They just played too hard and scared people. "It's good you made friends Peter. If these guys ever give you grief let me know."

"Oh if they don't do what they are supposed to you will be the first I tell." Peter winked.

Ted especially and James looked at Peter questioningly. There was no doubt in their minds of what the other boy meant by `if they don't do what they are supposed to'.

Peter's mom came into the store and the whole group talked for several minutes. She already knew Cory because he was Travis' older brother, by ten months. He was five months older than Peter. Peter's mom extended the invitation to dinner again. Both boys had to call their moms right away, but it would be great. She promised them fried chicken, whipped potatoes, peas and a great desert.

Since the three boys were together, she told them it would be okay to walk to the house. She went ahead and drove home while the three boys walked. James and Ted pushed their bikes. The conversation was partially about the movies they missed, but mostly about how much fun they had. The older boys didn't say any bad words, and Peter got an earful about how a dick was better than a finger because both parties had a lot of fun. One thing was for sure. Peter now knew he could tickle more than one way, and he didn't feel so bad since the other two were saying how great it was.

All three boys would begin making plans for their first campout while eating dinner. All three were smiling happy, cordial, and at their best behavior when they sat down to eat. Peter's mom and dad took to the boys quickly. They were a little older than Peter, but not old enough to worry about.

After dinner Peter's dad told them he was taking Peter to the music store and the boys were welcome to join them. Peter became overly excited and as usual tried pushing everyone into the car. Once at the huge store Peter's dad asked about portable organs. He had never heard of one before, and he secretly hoped that their existence was in Peter's imagination.

That didn't pan out. The store had two of them. One was a Farfisa and the other was a Vox. The salesmen played both so they could hear what they should sound like. Peter admitted to the guy that he didn't know how to play. The man started talking about lessons that were given in the back of the studio, and the kind of money Peter could earn just part time if he were to learn. "Within a few months, just part time you could pay for your own instruments."

Peter's dad wasn't convinced, but it did make him smile. The salesmen went on to say how cheap these portables were compared to having his father spend several thousand dollars on a full organ that couldn't be moved. He would end up buying a portable sooner or later. Peter's dad was convinced. It was better to have a little beginner's organ and take it anywhere than an organ that would cost thousands and sit at home collecting dust.

Ted and James were looking at guitars the entire time. Neither knew how to play but that doesn't keep one from looking. The salesmen then went on to talk about amplifiers. They were heavy. He showed them a Marshall base amplifier, which had just come out in the United States, and a Vox, the same company as the organ they were going to buy. Both amplifiers were relatively new. The Vox was cheaper for a beginner, and Peter was convinced to go with that.

Ted and James looked over the equipment with Peter as Peter's dad paid the purchase. Then the salesman went over to a rack of music and started pulling down several books. The lessons were five dollars an hour, but he would need books to learn. Peter's dad started to cancel the check, when the salesman grinned, "They are on the house." Then he nodded to the boys, "Are all three yours?" Then he called for a floor man, "Get a Vox Combo and a Vox AC30 and head."

Peter's dad smiled, "They are three good looking boy's aren't they? But no, only Peter is mine. Those are a couple of his friends with us."

"I have a feeling that before long they will be buying guitars." The man said.

Peter's dad smiled, "What makes you say that?"

"When we were setting a time for Peter's lessons you were both figuring out how to get dance and voice lessons all in the same day. Those boys will want to get in on the action. I have a feeling Peter will have a lot of action in the music business." That is what the salesman said, but he was thinking that Peter would have a lot of action on several levels.

Then the man said, "The equipment is all boxed, and wont fit in your car like that. So I will have a driver follow you home, set up the equipment until it is right and he will teach Peter how to assemble and disassemble it." He then walked over to the microphones. He looked around, looked back at Peter and smiled. He opened the case and pulled out an expensive microphone. He walked over to the cables area and got a cable out for it, then picked out a boom microphone stand, "These are on the house Peter. You will need them for singing."

Peter and the boys were in awe. Peter never expected anything like that. The salesman showed Peter that there were several switches on the microphone. One was a standard amp switch and the other was for professional sound boards. "You will use the normal setting most of the time, but if you get famous, chances are you will be using the pro setting. When you do that you will have to come in and buy the right cable. Just use the normal mic jack for your amplifier, for now."

The man took the stand apart and the boys put it and the microphone in the car. A truck pulled around to the front and waited. The salesman, who was actually the owner of the store, shook hands with everyone and walked them to the car, "If you have any questions night or day call me Peter." He handed Peter a business card.

In the car Peter's father got kisses and hugs but then pulled back, "What I just did cost you cutting the grass at our house and grandpa's house all summer long, besides keeping your room clean."

The boys in the back giggled. Peter turned and looked at them, "I can barely push the mower, so you guys get to help."