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Remmy Meggs

Chapter 4

The conversation Ted and James were having was different. James was walking backward. He was in front of Ted, "Well how was it?"

"I have never done anything that felt so good! It was hot, tight and I shot everything I had into him. Peter just wouldn't hold still, it was good you were holding him down he would have flown off like a rocket. I can't wait until we are camping out tonight. I could tell he liked it and I bet he wants more." Ted replied grinning from ear to ear.

James grinned too, "Oh, he wants more, even though he didn't make a mess. Did you feel how often he stiffened up? It was hot watching the two of you. He just didn't seem that interested, but I could feel him all over you. I did think he was going to fall off though. But Ted you make too much noise, you are going to get caught."

"He was wiggling all over me. I thought his butt was going to squeeze my dick off when he tightened up like that. I couldn't control myself. He emptied me more than once. My cum was oozing out of him. It was just too hot James. I had my hands on his waist and He just kept going up and down as he wiggled and squirmed that tight hole up and down my shaft." He looked at James, "You're going to run into a tree..."

It was too late. James backed into a tree and hit his head, "Ouch!" He rubbed it, and then they continued, "Tonight I will have my clothes off; I do not want to mess in my underwear again. It feels weird all that hot stuff running down your leg like that."

"Messy too I bet. I do hope he lets me put it in again. I hope he doesn't want to stop, I have never felt that good, even with girls." Ted grinned happily.

James sighed, "It can't be better than girls."

"Girls mostly lay there, well at least so far. I am not giving up on them, but I need to find one as hot as Peter." Ted was beside himself as they entered the house. "Mom I am home!" Ted yelled. "We are going camping. Is there any food I can have?" He picked up a bag of potato chips and a box of cupcakes as well as the precooked items from the freezer the boys could just heat up and eat.

She told the boys there was food and what to get. They got a six-pack of soda while they were at it. Then set everything on the front porch and went for James' belongings. It didn't take long for James to get his things together, although his mother was a bigger bother to them than Ted's mom. She made sure he had his father's tin cooking gear, vegetable oil for cooking, three small steaks, a potato for each boy and a can of vegetables. She also included a canteen of water, they didn't need pop.

Then out of the clear blue she told them they had to take a shower, to make sure they had clean clothes and swimwear, 'just in case'. Parents never told you what 'just in case' meant, but it was their rule. The two boys went to James' room, undressed and jumped into the shower together. "You could hear your bodies smacking together, I thought for sure those kids on the front row would hear everything. If they did they didn't say anything, but they did turn around and look several times." James whined.

By the time they finished their shower both boys had raging hard-ons. Ted grabbed James' shoulders, "Listen we have been friends since we are kids and did nothing like this. I don't want it to stop James, so no matter how you feel about it, please don't ruin it for me."

James grinned, "Then you make sure you do everything you can to get Cindy to do it with me. I think she is hot and I know she wants me."

They shook hands, "Deal, anything you need you just ask." Ted replied.

The two dried off and dressed. James put shorts and a t-shirt on, since that is what Ted was wearing. He guessed that Peter would be wearing even less. They did put their tennis shoes and socks on. They went downstairs and packed James' backpack, until it could hold no more.

With a full backpack, sleeping bag and tent, almost forty pounds of luggage, she sent James and Ted on their way. On the way back to Ted's house, Ted thought he should get more cooking gear and food at least. A weekend was a long time. He hoped Peter would want to be with him all weekend.

Ted pulled out his father's old backpack and loaded it like James did. James had to help him get everything in it. Although Ted's backpack weighed more, he didn't have to carry the tent. They would have to share in that duty. As they walked to Peter's house they wondered if Peter had all the equipment he would need for the weekend.

When they rang the doorbell, it was Peter's dad that answered. He invited them in, and gave them the second degree talk. About where they were going to camp, which would be at the back of their property near the pond. They had to have enough mosquito spray for the three of them. That was something Ted and James forgot. Peter's father knew they would be wrestling like most boys do, so he told them to be careful with Peter; after all he was smaller than them. Then gave them a whole list of rules he had written.

Peter was in the bathtub, and Ted offered to help Peter get ready. He went upstairs and surprised Peter while James stayed downstairs looking at photos and family pictures. Peter almost jumped into Ted's arms kissing him like Ted taught him. Ted instantly grew hard with the naked body against his. "We have to get you dry and dressed, we are ready to go." He stumbled over his words.

Peter grinned, slipped down and went into the bedroom followed by Ted who watched Peter's tight round hiney the entire time. Ted could feel his dick head start to leak pre-cum. Peter looked in his chest-of-drawers for the perfect shorts, they were not too loose because he did not want to wear underwear. He put on a normal t-shirt and his sandals.

Ted watched the entire time almost swooning at the sight of the naked boy he wanted to pound. Ted swallowed hard several times. He didn't think he was in love. It was more that he wanted to keep Peter all to himself. Yet every time Ted thought of Peter, his own dick reacted violently, wanting attention, and it seemed to want attention constantly for the last year. If it was love that Ted was feeling, to him he had never felt anything as good before.

Peter came out with shorts and a t-shirt, and a full brand new backpack of his own smiling from ear to ear. There was nothing used in Peter's camping outfit, and it was packed with food. His father said they probably wouldn't wear much clothes, so his shorts and swimming trunks were enough. With that information, Peter led them out the back door to the tree line back to the pond. The pond was artificial and had its own water pump. The pump only worked if the water level fell below what it should. Feeding the pond was a small waterfall, and the entire area was man-made but beautiful. The area also had its share of flies and mosquitoes. The boys put down their packs and together they began a fire and put up the pup tent, it was plenty big for the three of them.

James said they should begin dinner before it got dark, but he was lured by Peter and Ted to go swimming. Peter undressed and ran into the water naked and stood there waiting for the other two to get in. He had his purpose. He wanted to see their dangling bits from the front as they entered the warm water.

The problem was that neither James or Ted were dangling, they both sported raging boners. It was safe to say that although Peter would have rather seen their dangling bits, he was just as pleased by seeing their wiggling stiff willies as they got into the water. Peter wished he had a camera to take a picture of them.

It took seconds for Ted to grab onto Peter and begin using every tactic man had ever thought of to touch someone else. Peter enjoyed it and laughed the entire time. James got into the action too as they both secretly rubbed their stiff cocks anywhere they could get them on Peter. They thought Peter was unaware of what they were doing. They were not as sly as they thought they were. Yet Peter had fun making the two of them so hard, and he loved the attention.

When Peter had enough water he asked if they could eat and get a drink. James and Ted wanted to get Peter in the mood. They immediately agreed to Peter's request. They put the potatoes in foil and set them in the fire. They prepared their utensils and Ted opened three bottled colas, although warm, still tasted good to the boys. Both Ted and James kept getting hard, and then it would subside, only to come back when they glanced at Peter.

Later, James poured a bit of vegetable oil in his pan and put in the green beans and steak. He purposefully kept it from getting too close to the fire. Learning from James, Peter and Ted did the same thing. When James thought everything was cooked, he removed the potatoes from the fire. He carefully unwrapped them. He put the contents of each wrapper into the plate of the others. When the vegetables were cooked, he pulled his pan out of the fire and let it sit to cool. Ted and Peter followed his actions. The steaks finished cooking as the pans cooled.

They ate and talked. "Peter did you even like what you and Ted did at the theatre?" James asked.

Peter had his mouth full of potato. He nodded, "It tickles a lot and its fun. Are we going to do that again?" Peter asked as he looked at Ted.

"That and more." Ted grinned, "You already have me excited wanting to get into you."

Peter grinned mischievously, "I think that is where that big thing belongs." He licked his lips, looking at Ted's leaking red top.

Ted and James both took a deep breath as their bodies shook from just the look and implication of what Peter said. Peter however went back to eating and looked back up, "Camping is fun. I hope we can do it all summer. The food is a lot better at camping than eating at home or a restaurant. Do we have anything for desert?" He asked looking at James' hard-on."

James fell off the stump he was sitting on, almost losing his food. "Do you want to suck them Peter?"

Peter grinned, "I don't know. They probably taste nasty. I will have to think about it."

The thought made pre-cum flow more than usual for both the older boys. Both had to reach down and rub the fluid all over their protrusions just to keep it under control. "I think I will finger you and get you ready like before, maybe I will finger you until you beg for me to get in you." Ted grinned. In the back of Ted's mind, he was jealous. He wondered if Peter would actually suck James.

Peter stopped eating and looked up at him. He swallowed hard and whimpered, "You would do that for me?" Peter had finished eating and put down his tin plate.

James grinned at Ted. He knew they had the boy where they wanted him. Peter would be helpless, and love whatever they did. James got Ted's attention, "I will bring the sleeping bags and blankets out here. Don't you think you should oil Peter down and let him oil you down?"

"Well if Peter wants to that would be ok I guess." Ted replied.

Peter looked at them both, "Why do I need oil on me?"

"So Ted has more fun tickling and so will you." James grinned.

Peter was not so sure, "Well okay I guess that would be alright."

James disappeared into the tent, and Ted looked around in the packs for the baby oil. Finding it he grinned, "I will put it on you first. Then you will get the idea of what it is like. Then you can do it to me if you want."

Ted began putting the baby oil on Peter. Peter was standing up at the time while Ted massaged the boy's back, neck, and arms with the oil. James pulled out the sleeping bags and put towels over them so the three of them could relax without being on the dirt. Once finished, Ted had Peter lay down so he could massage the rest of him. Peter started to get the idea and Ted rubbed his chest and nipples, then down his stomach to his groin.

Before long Peter was moaning and Ted had not even come close to Peter's privates. Peter's hands were grasping at the grass as he saw Ted's manhood rise to the occasion, sticking up like a rocket ready to blast off. It was all Peter could take. Once Ted started rubbing between the boy's thighs, Peter started moaning and wiggling as he licked his lips looking at Ted's throbbing member.

Peter looked at Ted as he whimpered, "I think something already wants to get in me."

Ted grinned as he massaged Peter between his legs, "Well I thought you might like this. Yes he wants to get in you as soon as he can. I just wanted to make you feel special before I do put it in you. You keep looking at him and licking your lips while you moan, maybe you would like to taste him, even suck him."

Peter didn't answer. He felt Ted getting between his legs, massaging his muscled behind and Peter's wiggles became a wiggling gyration of muscled hot flesh. Ted was ready to pass out thinking of what was going to happen in just a few minutes. James on the other hand watched closely, his own boyhood rising to the occasion. James wouldn't touch himself. He knew as soon as Ted mounted Peter his own member would start leaking. That is when it would be time to take care of himself. For now he would do his best not to go that far. It wouldn't be easy. With Peter moaning in loud abandonment, the excitement was getting to be too much. He knew that Ted was going to get Peter to suck his dick, he could tell by what Ted was doing. He was making sure his throbbing boyhood was as close to Peter's face as he could get it.

Ted used more oil and slid it over Peter's thin three inches of solid hot dick. He rubbed it in gentle, making Peter feel something he had never felt before. His other hand was in Peter's crack and the boy was lifting his behind in the air trying to get enough pressure to feel Ted inside him. At the same time he kept watching Ted's penis throb, oh so near his mouth. Without warning Peter climaxed. His body went stiff and his hard-on raged. It would be the first of many that night.

Ted was a little taken back, but he knew he was in control of the younger boy. Yes, he would get it all tonight and hopefully until early in the morning. He had to have Peter. He wanted him more than anything. Tonight he would make Peter his, and not a word need to be said.  He wanted to finger Peter, but he knew if he did Peter would start begging for his dick to go in, and Ted was far from wanting to shoot his load so fast. He wanted to enjoy controlling Peter and loving on him, until the boy couldn't take it any more.

Again Peter climaxed, this time his back and behind both lifted off the blanket and his hand clenched the grass showing his bare underarms to the world. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawed yessssssssssssssssssss." He screamed as his throbbing dick flailed out of control. Ted took the few moments of Peter's ecstasy and knelt between Peter's legs and started kissing his thighs, legs and around his stiff little penis. Never kissing or licking Peter's boner. He lifted Peter up a little more and kissed around his anus not missing a millimeter of the boy's body.

Peter's chest was redder than his tan would allow. Ted let the boy relax, for a few minutes. Peter was out of breath, and his muscled arms were shaking along with his legs. It was beginning to be too much for the younger boy. Peter laid there and whimpered and moaned, and didn't take his eyes off Ted's throbbing manhood. Knowing this Ted smiled, "Do you want to put it in your mouth? Maybe you can suck on it a little and get it wet so I can put it in you?"

Peter, out of breath, grinned, "Let James do it first. I want to see how it's done."

James' eyes about popped out. Ted looked over pathetically at James.