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Milkshake Chapter 5

By Remmy Meggs

Garrett seemed a little upset to the head coach, "Garrett I noticed that Peter wasn't here today for practice. Is everything alright?"

Garrett had brown hair, but it was cut in a `butch' style, so you could barely make out that he had hair at all. His muscles rippled as he looked around the gym at the other boys.  "He is my best student," The eighteen-year-old stated. "It is not the same without him, and he has never missed a Saturday."

"Gymnastics is not for the faint of heart. Peter does well, and so do some of your other students. You have the eleven and twelve-year old classes anyway. I think Peter is in the thirteen year old group now, isn't he?" Mark asked. Mark was in his late thirties and ran the gymnastics team for the school district. Like most boys into gymnastics, by the time they were ten or eleven they had the body of Greek gods.

Mark had seen plenty of boys come and go, and their trainers as well. Garrett was a great trainer, but he especially put a lot of pressure onto Peter. The pressure came from the fact that Peter was Garrett's cousin. This was not good for either of them. "No not until next year. I wanted Peter and Rafe to practice on that routine you wanted volunteers for. They are the best in my class. I think they would love it," Garrett smiled as one of the boys came up to him.

"Coach, it's time to go home, and I am not going to take a shower naked with all the weirdo's, so come on!" Timmy yelped.

Mark grinned, "You better go Garrett and don't worry about Peter, maybe he didn't feel good, or decided he needed a break. When you see him, give him room and try not to be pushy."

Garrett nodded as several boys pushed and pulled him to the locker room.  Some of the older boys were getting ready to go upstairs for their session, while the youngest boys had begun dressing to go home. That left Garrett with his forty-five eleven and twelve-year olds to deal with. They were actually a lot of fun. When they got hurt they didn't complain as much as the little ones and they weren't as belligerent as the thirteen and fourteen year old classes.

The boys had begun their showers, and some of the younger ones kept looking back at Garrett to make sure he was watching out for them. Timmy and two others were not actually eleven yet, but their friends were in the class and they wanted to be with them. Sometimes the older boys teased a little too much. Garrett dutifully watched them from his desk as he called his aunt, "Aunt Lee? Garrett here, do you know where Peter is at?" He listened to her talk, "He should have called me. He has never missed a session before and I have been worried. Camping? You think he would mind if I joined them?"

Garrett saw one of the younger boys smack the behind of one of the older boys. Garrett yelled out, "Enough of that Greg, and you wonder why they pick on you!"

"Fourteen year olds? Fifteen?" He said into the phone. "I will get my gear and come over as soon as I get the other kids to their parents," Garrett set down the phone and watched the naked Adonis's play while they washed, "Don't be all night, I have better things to do than babysit a bunch of poop machines."

Rafe, still drying off from his shower ran up to Garrett, "Where was Peter? You said we would practice on..."

"Yes, but I thought he would be here. It seems he went camping," The boy shook his wet hair off. Garrett glared at him, "You should dry and dress before you come over to my side."

"Well where is he?" Rafe demanded to know.

"He went camping with some boys. I am going out there to see what was so important that he had to miss something he loves to do," Garrett stated.

"I will go too then."

Garrett looked up at the boy, "Your parents don't even let you out of the house, and I don't remember anyone inviting you to go camping either."

Rafe frowned, "If you tell them you will be there they will let me go, and when Peter didn't show up to work together that was my invitation to go. You said buddies should stick together!"

Garrett stood and clapped his hands loudly, "Okay everyone, shower time is over, get dried and dressed. Your parents will be waiting for you." He turned back to Rafe, "Get your butt in gear and get dressed. You can't run around naked all the time."

"I am not naked any more than anyone else is. Please take me with you. I have never been camping. With you and Peter to camp with it would be a lot of fun," Rafe pleaded.

"Yes, fun for the two of you beating me up with your Karate and Judo," Garrett frowned.

"You are a second degree black belt, I am a green belt and Peter is a red belt. I doubt if we even hurt you," Rafe pouted.

"Alright, I will ask them. Don't get upset when they say no. Promise?" Garrett asked.

Rafe jumped up and down, "Yes! It doesn't matter if I go. What matters is you care enough to ask them if I can go," then he ran off to get dressed.

Garrett looked after him, wondering what that was all about. He didn't care if he actually went, as long as Garrett asked if he could go. There had to be some element growing up, that Garrett missed, because he didn't understand the logic behind the boy's excitement. Garrett ushered the boys outside where most of the parents were actually waiting. Goodbyes and hugging followed with a few words of encouragement. Garrett also had to make small talk with some of the parents.

Rafe stood at a car talking to his mother impatiently waiting for Garrett to get to the car before he lost his battle. Satisfied all the boys were where they were supposed to be he walked over to the car Rafe stood at, "Hi Mrs. Andrious, Peter and I would like to know if Rafael could go camping over the weekend with us. I would have him back Sunday night," Garrett explained.

Rafe's mother sighed, "He has never been camping Garrett. He does not have the equipment for it. With his father out of town, I think it better until they can make plans for something like that. Maybe he can do the next time."

Rafe had already started whining when Garrett nodded, "I understand. Camping equipment is expensive and needs to be picked out by someone older with more experience. It is just that Rafe has never been at all, and well, some of the other boys might get the wrong idea."

Even though the insinuation was lost on Rafe, the boys' mother definitely knew exactly what Garrett was getting at. She looked closely at Garrett, "I know I am being hoodwinked here. If I say yes, how much will it cost for his camping equipment, and will you take him to get it?"

Garrett quickly pulled out a pen and a notepad writing everything down, including the sleeping bag, cooking equipment, canteen and backpack. He added food and a medical kit and handed her the list. She frowned, "What does he need an axe and a knife for? He is only twelve-years old!"

"Well he will need to cut wood for the fire like everyone else. He will need to be able to strip green wood for use with cooking. There are a lot of things he will need them for," Garrett smiled.

She was thinking, `yes like cutting his boy parts off by accident; running and falling and stabbing himself in the eye. Cutting the tails off cats; murdering me while I am asleep;' She nodded and took her pocket book out of her purse, "There is more than enough to cover what you have," she handed Garrett cash and then she grabbed Rafe's t-shirt, "You behave yourself, don't get hurt or your father will go insane on me. I want pictures too, so take your Instamatic with you."

She turned to Garrett, "Don't try and pull this stunt again on me. It won't work twice, and every boy in school better know he went camping with you boys."

Garrett nodded, "I understand."

She kissed Rafe, let them get back on the sidewalk and then she drove off. Rafe looked at Garrett, "How did you do that so easy?"

"I pissed her off," Garrett replied. "It won't work again so you better come up with your own ideas in the future."

They got in Garrett's car and went to the mall for Rafe's supplies. It took longer than Garrett expected, but they succeeded and loaded the car. They headed to Rafe's house where his mother had already gathered clothing, supplies, and hygienic products as well as food. She gave Rafe and Garrett the third degree about safety and finally they got out.

Garrett headed directly to his aunt's house. His aunt and uncle already knew Rafe, and welcomed him to their home. After pleasantries they sent the two boys out to where Peter and the others were camping. The walk was long, but unlike James and Ted, Rafe was more physically developed for endurance. They took their time, watching the rabbits and squirrels as they walked, barely saying a word between themselves. Rafe, never out in the open before, was not as quiet as one would want and that is what scared up the rabbits and birds.

"The idea is to sneak up on them Rafe, not scare them to death," Garrett laughed.

Rafe sighed, "How can you sneak up on them if you can't see them until they move?"

Garrett raised an eyebrow, "Actually you are right. I have no idea how the cavemen could do that. The Native Americans set traps and caught them. I have tried that too, and it didn't work." Garrett smelled the smoke from a fire and stopped Rafe, "Let me go ahead and check out the area Rafe. I was thinking maybe we could camp away from the others."

"I want to be with Peter, Garrett. That is why I came out here," Rafe whined.

Garrett heard sounds that unnerved him. Whatever the others were doing he wanted to be sure it was safe. Maybe they were just skinny dipping in the water, but maybe it was something else, "Alright, but I want you to walk quietly and not say a word. Maybe they are running around naked and we can catch them. They could be just skinny-dipping though."

Rafe looked around and saw several stumps. He correctly surmised that the few tree stumps he saw had been cut down so a path could be through the thick undergrowth. The path they walked had not been used much, he could tell by the undergrowth growing up around it. He guessed that they used some type of large weed eater a couple of times a year to keep the weeds, thickets and grass down to a manageable level.

Garrett led the way, walking slowly, listening for voices and any sound that Rafe would make to warn Peter of approaching company. Rafe was enjoying it. He would get a chance to sneak up on his best friend and scare the hell out of him. He took each step carefully. He really had no interest in seeing Peter naked. Peter was always naked in the locker room. Of course, it could be fun to run around naked in the forest but he knew Garrett would have a fit. Then again, maybe he would allow it since he just mentioned Peter maybe doing it already. The idea was exciting either way.

Garrett turned quickly to Rafe and put his forefinger to his lips, so Rafe would not say anything. He pointed the same finger to a tree stump and motioned for Rafe to sit on it. Rafe wanted to go after Peter but thought he better sit and be quiet. The stump was still in the forest where the forest opened up to a clearing. There in the clearing sat a two-man pup-tent and a fire.  Nearby was a pond with a nice size waterfall to play in. It could have even been a water slide, but you would have to be closer to it to find out. You could barely hear voices at that distance, and you couldn't see anyone. Rafe was excited and just wanted to go see Peter. He would have fussed about it, but Garrett gave him one of those `you are dead meat if you make a sound' looks.

Whatever Garrett thought he was doing he was intent on it. He had his right ear pointed to the campsite, and he looked intense. Rafe put his elbows on his bare knees and put his head in his hands, trying to hold back that part of him which wanted to run into the camp and surprise Peter. Finally Rafe whispered, "Are we just going to sit here all night?"

Garrett glanced over at him, "If you go over there now you better be naked, and I don't think you want that. We need to wait awhile," he whispered back.

Rafe frowned and sighed. After setting a couple of minutes more, he started thinking about what Garrett said. He didn't know if Garrett was teasing about being naked. He wasn't sure why Garrett thought he should be naked. You couldn't see Peter, or his other friends, so he wondered what Garrett thought they were doing.

Maybe Garrett was daring him to strip naked and go into the camp. Rafe sure wasn't ashamed of his muscled twelve-year old body. Yet if that were the case, Garrett would have made it clearer. Another ten minutes went by and Rafe was tired of waiting. He pulled his backpack off and set it to the side of the stump. He pulled his shirt off and stuffed it in the top of the backpack, followed by his shorts and underwear. Garrett hadn't even noticed.

He stood and pulled his back pack up and wore it, then looked at Garrett, "Well, are you going to get naked or just sit there all night? I am going into the camp. I am hungry and I want to see Peter, and I am not waiting any longer."

Garrett looked at Rafe and sighed, "All right naked boy, but you are probably going to see something you wish you never saw, and hope you never see again." Garrett stood and undressed. Being eighteen, he of course was more developed than Peter or Rafe, and he had pubic hair. On the other side, Rafe was well-developed for his age, but still had a bare pubic mound.

Garrett still had them walk quietly into the camp and they rounded the back of the tent. Rafe started smiling and became excited, grinning from ear to ear. That is until they rounded the front of the tent. The two stopped dead still and took in the site. Garrett thought it may have been something like this. That is why he was holding Rafe back. Garrett wasn't ready for what they were both looking at. Both boys stood with their mouths open, they couldn't talk. Even if they could talk, they had no idea what they would have said.

Rafe blushed profusely he wanted to leave right away, but then what he was seeing shocked him and made him inquisitive. Garrett's mouth became dry. There was nothing he could think of to fit the situation that he was seeing. There was his little cousin and two other boys naked, touching each other and having fun. Rafe was too excited to leave. He quietly slid the backpack off and set it on the ground. He took his sneakers and socks off. Still the other three boys had not noticed the two had entered the camp. They were too excited about what they were doing to worry about anything else.

They listened and watched unseen. Again Peter climaxed, this time his back and behind both lifted off the blanket and his hand clenched the grass showing his bare underarms to the world. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawed yessssssssssssssssssss." He screamed as his throbbing dick flailed out of control. Ted took the few moments of Peter's ecstasy and knelt between Peter's legs and started kissing his thighs, legs and around his stiff little penis. Never kissing or licking Peter's boner. He lifted Peter up a little more and kissed around his anus not missing a millimeter of the boy's body.

Peter's chest was redder than his tan would allow. Ted let the boy relax, for a few minutes. Peter was out of breath, and his muscled arms were shaking along with his legs. It was beginning to be too much for the younger boy. Peter laid there and whimpered and moaned, and didn't take his eyes off Ted's throbbing manhood. Knowing this Ted smiled, "Do you want to put it in your mouth? Maybe you can suck on it a little and get it wet so I can put it in you?"

Peter, out of breath, grinned, "Let James do it first. I want to see how it's done."

James' eyes about popped out. Ted looked over pathetically at James.

It was at that point little Rafe's sweet little penis stood up against his stomach, he whimpered quietly. Garrett heard the whimper and looked at Rafe, and then down the other boy's body. He sighed and grinned realizing Rafe had never even dreamed of anything like this. On the other hand Garrett had, he was just never in a place to do anything that he was witnessing.

Still the two stood silent without moving; except for Rafe's excited boy part. James and Ted were deciding if James was gonna suck on Ted's leaking monster of a dick. Peter said nothing, his back was in the air, his legs were spread apart and the soles of his feet were firmly planted on the ground. His hands still grabbed for the grass as his midsection gyrated and squirmed, wiggling and throbbing in the air waiting to be mounted.