Mind Games

Mind Games!



Disclaimer: There is no explicit sex in this story, so it should be safe for everyone! :)

Drew sat quietly in the back of his seventh grade math class, his head down on his desk, his mood as glum as his face.  His mousy brown hair hangs in front of his eyes so that the desk was all he can see.  But that's OK. That was all he wanted to see.  He couldn't think of anything past the end of his desk worth paying attention to, or anything past the current moment to look forward to.  If a meteorite took out the classroom, or even the whole school, his would be the one body that wouldn't be missed.  He knew that each of the other kids in class would have gobs of relatives and friends sobbing behind the yellow tape that marked off the disaster, but there would be no one for him.  Well, his mom would be there: and, when he thought about it, his dad would be there, too.  And they would probably drag his little sister along as well.  But, no one else, that was for sure.

Drew's life was over; there was no doubt about it.  It actually wasn't that bad at the moment, but it was all just a matter of time.  The awakening that had happened for Drew would soon spread around the school; there was no way to keep it quiet.  In fact, once it started, everyone else would know in two minutes what it took Drew two years to figure out.  Ever since fifth grade, his friends had begun to notice girls, then to talk about girls, and now to talk to girls.  Drew had tried to go along, but the attraction just wasn't there.  No, that's not right; the attraction was there, but Drew's attraction was to the other boys.  As his friends discussed the way the girls were developing, Drew thought about how the boys were developing.  As they talked about tits and asses; Drew thought about pecs and... well... asses too; just not the same asses.

Drew still did all he needed to in order to fit in.  He listened and pretended to be as interested in girls as the rest of the guys. He even flirted with some girls, as long as he knew it wouldn't turn too serious.  But that's not where his mind was, or his heart.

His teacher, Mr. Kaczynski droned on about set intersections and unions, the whiteboard full of circle diagrams, but Drew was a million miles away.  Why worry about it when he couldn't even imagine being alive for the next test?

Drew's mind wandered in the usual weird directions as he wondered if there was any hope.  He thought more about the meteorite and thought that might be his best chance.  What if he were the first to discover it and to warn everyone in the school, racing up and down the halls, spreading the word, calming panicky students and teachers, and pointing the way to the closest exit?  Drew could even imagine himself learning that the headcount on the PE field wasn't right and risking his life to race back in to save...to save...hmm...who would he race back in and save?  Usually, in a story like this, he would race back in and save a girl, but Drew didn't want to save a girl, he wanted to save one of the boys.  But, Drew couldn't imagine any of the cool guys cowering under their desk in a classroom while everyone else fled.

Hmm...instead, what if, as the whole school body fled, they suddenly realized that they'd never get far enough away to survive the blast?  And, what if Drew suddenly discovered a superpower?  What if Drew suddenly sprang up into the air and blasted the meteorite into tiny pieces just as it was about to hit!

Drew began to push his pencil to the top of the desk and watched it roll back down, his mood as low as ever.  A superpower, he thought, yeah right!  That was realistic!  Might as well just accept his fate, Drew was about to become a school pariah.

Still, if he was going to have a superpower, what might it be?  Flying around and punching meteorites back out into space was already done.  Drew would need something new.  Being invisible was kind of cool and Drew already had a lot of fantasies about being invisible.  Most of those involved sneaking into the houses of some of his friends in the evening and watching them in the shower.  Sometimes he even imagined watching them going to bed and doing nasty stuff with themselves before falling asleep; the very same things that Drew, himself, did.  No, that would be fun, and Drew knew he wouldn't pass up on invisibility if it was offered to him, but he was looking for something a bit more unique, something that hadn't been done to death.

Mind control!  Now that was an interesting one.  What if he could control what others thought and did?  He could do quite a bit of evil with that one!  A slight smile crossed Drew's face as he imagined the possibilities.  Not only could he use it to make sex slaves of the hottest guys in school, it would also be a great tool for revenge.  And, if used carefully, Drew could even make sure he never got caught.  Hmm...mind control!

Caught in the spirit of the moment, Drew stopped rolling his pencil and cast about for a victim.  There seemed to be plenty to choose from.  Howie Kennedy sat at the front of the row, right in front of the teacher's desk.  I could make him pick his nose, Drew thought.  No, no challenge there; that was just a matter of time.  To his right sat Allison Reyes and her posse.  She was such a stuck up bitch!  No end of possibilities there.  But, Drew was looking for something different; a challenge that would also bring him some personal satisfaction and an end to his misery.

Then it struck him; the row to his left about four seats up, Zack Gordon.  Perfect!  Zack was gorgeous; the sort of kid that everyone loved to stare at.  Zack was a tad shorter than average but had a strong athletic build.  He had dirty blond hair that looked perfect, even when it was mussed.  Best of all, he had soft blue eyes, a sincere smile that made you have to smile back, and a disposition to match.  Zack never put on airs; he would say "Hi!" and talk to anyone.  And, when he did, he seemed genuinely interested in what you had to say.  Zack was a natural athlete and was usually one of the first picked for teams.  But Zack was also a great student, nearly as good as Drew.  In fact, as Drew looked around, he realized that Zack was about the only kid in class paying attention.

Drew had been stuck on Zack ever since last year.  In fact, Drew had been so in love with Zack, it made him sick.  This year was only slightly better and that, Drew thought, was because he went out of his way to avoid Zack.  Zack seemed to make friendly overtures a couple of times last year, and Drew was desperate for that friendship.  But, that same desperation also drove him away.  He felt tongue tied in front of Zack, felt like everything he said came out dorky, even though Zack laughed as if Drew was telling the best joke.  But, mostly, Drew avoided him because it hurt so much to be around him.  It hurt to have this perfect boy just inches away, listening intently to what Drew had to say, yet not being able to reach out and hold, or, even better, to kiss him.  Yes, Zack was perfect for Drew's experiment!

Drew didn't quite know how this superpower worked; I mean, exactly how did one implant thoughts in someone else's head?  Besides, he was in class, and that was going to limit things.  He certainly couldn't, for example, extend his arms and wiggle his fingers at Zack like he was a sorcerer, and he certainly didn't have a wand to work with.  Finally, Drew decided just to look and to concentrate.  So he did; staring at the back of Zack's neck, willing his way into Zack's mind.

Zack sat watching Mr. Kaczynski, occasionally taking notes.  Drew stared and concentrated.  And, for a long time, things stayed just like that.  Then, suddenly Zack looked down and shook his head quickly, as if clearing the hair from his eyes.  At the same time, his hand came around and rubbed the back of his neck, almost as if something was tickling him.  Then, just as quickly, Zack turned and looked at him.

Startled, Drew sat up quickly in his seat, fast enough that a few of the kids glanced his way.  Drew, in turn, glanced up at the board and then down at his paper as if he were taking notes.  He stayed that way for a moment or two until the panic passed.  That was too weird, Drew thought.  He stole a quick look over at Zack and saw that he was concentrating on Mr. Kaczynski once again.  Drew was shaky, he was breathing fast, and his palms were sweaty.  He couldn't tell if it really worked or not, but it seemed to.  Then he stopped and laughed at himself.  What a ridiculous idea!

He dropped his head back down and started rolling his pencil up and down his desk once again. That was certainly weird, he thought.  For a second, he even had himself fooled.  But, you know, it was possible.  Drew was certain that paranormal shit happened, like ghosts and all that, so why not?  Why couldn't he put thoughts in people's heads and make them do stuff?  Well, there was only one way to know, for certain.  So, Drew decided to give it another try.

Mr. Kaczynski was asking a question about the elements in a union of two sets.  Drew knew the answer but kept quiet like everyone else.  Mr. Kaczynski waited patiently for an answer, but Drew knew that was a waste of time.  In fact, everyone knew that was a waste of time.  What tweener was going to show any interest, let alone offer an answer, in seventh grade math?   And so Drew decided it was the perfect test of his new ability.  Once again he stared at Zack and filled his mind with one word.  He repeated it over and over, almost yelling it to himself, saying it so loud in his head that you would almost think someone would hear.  Then, suddenly, Zack spoke.

"AND!" he said loudly.  Kids around the room turned and looked, as startled by the outburst as Mr. Kaczynski, who stared at Zack with his mouth agape.  The room was deathly quiet except for a few snickers.

"No, Zack, the answer is `or'," Mr. Kaczynski said quietly, still taken aback by the outburst.  "The elements in the union of two sets are those that are in either set A `or' set B."

Zack, clearly confused, gave a shrug and sank down in his seat, then suspiciously cast about the room as if looking for a culprit.  His eyes locked on Drew who was too shocked to avoid his stare.  Then regaining his wits, he smiled at Zack and shrugged.  Zack, still looking suspicious, turned back to his notes and to Mr. Kaczynski.

Shit!! Drew thought.  I can't believe it, it really worked!  Drew knew he should feel elated, but instead he was frightened.  No, more than frightened, Drew was downright scared.  He did it, he really did it! But, what if it got out of control?  What if every little thought had kids stripping off their clothes, jumping out of windows, or tripping down the stairs.  It wouldn't take long for people to figure out that Drew must be responsible.  He'd be the only sane one left.

Drew spent the rest of class trying hard to stay focused on Mr. Kaczynski and not let his mind wander, but it was impossible.  The harder he tried not to think about this new power, the more he did exactly that.  Yet, somehow he kept it under control and there were no more incidents.  That should have given Drew some relief, but it didn't.  Drew wasn't exactly sure how he made things happen and so he was at a loss to figure out how not to make things happen.

After school, Drew locked himself in his room, afraid to be around anyone, coming out only for dinner.  He tried to get his mom to bring dinner to his room, but she just gave him the same indulgent look she so often did recently, and told him to come to the table.  Still, he carefully avoided looking at his family, so he didn't accidently do them harm.  His parents just figured he was in a bad mood; his sister took delight in trying to get him to look at her.

Lying in his bad that night, waiting for sleep, gave Drew just the chance he needed to really think things over.  By now the initial shock had worn off and Drew felt like he could think straight.  It seemed pretty clear that he really could make people think and do things.  I mean, the first time could have been a fluke, but that second time??  Drew had made a couple more attempts with his dog that evening, but it didn't work.  Still, that wasn't really a good test.  No, Drew needed another good test, just to be sure.

Drew thought about it for quite a while, tossing and turning the whole time, then, it came to him.  In fact, what started as a simple experiment; became quite an elaborate plan.  And, if it worked, Drew would have the time of his life.  Best of all, there was really no risk.  I mean, how would anyone prove Drew was controlling their mind?  With his plan complete, Drew hoped he would be able to fall asleep, but he was too excited.  He also felt truly content for the first time in a year.

School the next day was torture.  Each period seemed to take twice as long.  Drew should have been grateful as it gave him more time to rehearse his plan.  Still, it seemed so simple, how much rehearsal could it take.  One thing Drew was very careful about was to not to put any thoughts or suggestions into anyone's head, or even to imagine them doing anything unusual.  There were a couple of times when he let his mind wander and weird things happened in class, but weird things were always happening in class, and Drew couldn't be sure that he caused it.

Finally math rolled around again.  Drew rushed down the hall from social studies and settled in quickly.  He actually pulled his textbook out of his backpack and flipped through the pages, but he didn't really read any of it.  It was all just part of his cover.  Instead he watched for Zack to come in, and, when he did, Drew almost panicked.  But, then he reminded himself that he really couldn't get caught.  There would be no evidence that he did a thing, and, if anyone accused him, it would be easy to shrug his shoulders and deny it all.

As soon as Mr. Kaczynski began, Drew began, staring discretely at Zack and concentrating on just one thought.  Over and over, Drew repeated the single idea.  For a long time, nothing happened.  But, at the same time, Drew wasn't sure anything would.  This wasn't like yesterday.  If his mental suggestion took, Drew wouldn't necessarily see any sign until the end of class.

And, so, when it did happen, Drew was as shocked as he had been the day before.  Zack, who had been following the solutions to the homework problems Mr. Kaczynski, put on the board, suddenly sat up and turned and looked right at Drew.  Drew, who should have expected this to happen, was caught by surprise, and, for a moment, their eyes locked.  The moment seemed to last forever, although it was really only a few seconds.  Again, Drew just shrugged and turned his attention back to Mr. Kaczynski.  Zack did the same, but Drew would have sworn that he looked a bit pale.

The hour seemed like two, but finally class ended.  Drew felt like he should just throw things together in a pile and rush out with the rest, but, for some reason, he dawdled.  Zack seemed to make no better progress than Drew, constantly shuffling his books, one on top of the other.  Finally, Drew decided to push past.

He watched Zack closely as he approached and Zack appeared to give no notice as Drew moved to the door.  Then, just as Drew was about to step into the hall, Zack spoke.

"Umm...Drew," he began, hesitantly and then stopped.

Drew knew he was close to falling apart and wanted nothing more than to rush out the door, pretending he never heard but he forced himself to stop.  "Yes?" he replied.

"So...umm...are you doing anything tonight?" Zack continued.

Despite all of his plans, Drew was dumbstruck.  He struggled for something to say, but nothing came to him.  He stared at Zack as Zack stared at him.  Finally, Zack continued.

"It's Friday night, and I was wondering if you wanted to come over."  There was a pause, and then Zack said, "I was wondering if you wanted to spend the night?"

Drew felt the blood rush from his face and felt himself go dizzy.  He knew he should say something but he couldn't.  Drew couldn't help but notice how pale Zack was, and that his mouth seemed dry, and, somehow, that gave him the courage he needed.  "Sure!  Sounds great!" he answered.  Then he bolted out the door.

And so, about 10 hours later, just after midnight, Drew stood at the door to Zack's bedroom.  The evening had begun awkwardly, but the two boys had quickly settled in.  Zack, it ended up, liked many of the same movies and games as Drew.  And, Drew found that they shared many of the same opinions about the other kids and the other teachers at school.  In fact, Drew soon found himself feeling more relaxed than he had in years and rolled about the floor of Zack's den as if it were his own.  Zack, in turn, seemed to grow as comfortable as Drew, and, before long, it seemed as if they had been friends forever.

Now Drew felt the desperation return.  He had grown so used to being here, he had forgotten all about his plan, about all the mind control he was supposed to be using to make the rest of the evening go right.  Now he wondered if it was too late.

"Umm...there's only one bed." Zack said a bit sheepishly.  "I guess I could sleep on the floor, if..."

And, with that, Drew felt a bit of control return.  "I think it looks plenty big enough." he asserted.  "But, if anyone should sleep on the floor, it really should be me."  Yet, as he said that, he put a picture of Zack and he in bed together into his mind and pushed that out in Zack's direction.

"You think so?  I mean about the bed being big enough?" Zack answered brightly.  "I'm cool with that if you are?"

The two boys pushed into the room and began to get ready.  It took awhile and came with a share of laughing and some shoving back and forth.  Drew tossed his stuff in one corner and the two headed into the bathroom to brush their teeth.  Having a toothbrush in his mouth gave Drew an excuse not to have to talk and so he concentrated on the next part of his plan, picturing him and Zack in bed.

Back in Zack's room, both boys began to move slowly.  Drew slowly stripped off his jeans; then began to fiddle with his overnight bag.  Zack kicked off his shoes and socks; then got up and pushed clothes around in one of his dresser drawers.  Both glanced at each other shyly.  Finally, Drew pulled out a pair of sweatpants and began to pull them on, all the time waiting to see if his latest mental suggestion had worked.

"Is that what you usually wear?" Zack asked.

Drew looked up and realized, for the first time, that Zack had stripped out of his tee shirt and jeans and stood facing him in nothing but a pair of boxer-briefs.  He was gorgeous.  His body was small, but sinewy; his muscles clearly defined.  For a moment, Drew couldn't answer.

"Drew, is that what you usually wear?" Zack repeated.

"Umm...no, not usually, but...I thought...," Drew stuttered.  Then, after a deep breath and looking away from Zack, he added, "I usually just sleep in my underwear, but it just felt kinda weird, so I brought these along."

Drew was dangerously close to being hard and that terrified him.  He took a moment and bit down hard on his lip, being careful not to look Zack's way again.  But, then, he decided to go for broke.  If he didn't do it now, he reasoned, he didn't know if he'd ever be able to again.  So, as he slowly stripped off his shirt, he conjured up one more vision, and, using all his energy, he sent it Zack's way.

"Hey, that's cool," Zack said.  Then, hesitating, as if the thought just occurred to him, he added, "It's just my mom and me, so I usually just sleep...you know..."

"Really!" Drew exclaimed, surprised, yet not surprised at the same time.  The he added hesitantly, trying not to sound too eager, "You know, it's your house and I wouldn't want you to do something different just on my account.  You know, I could too...so...you know...you wouldn't feel too weird."

"Cool!" said Zack.  Then in one fluid motion, he stripped off his boxer-briefs and raced to the bed, where, just as quickly, he pulled the sheet back, jumped in, and covered himself.

Drew was dumbstruck.  It was the most incredible thing he had ever seen, but it had all happened too fast.  He desperately replayed it in his mind, trying to make it go in slow motion so he could see it all better.  He had seen enough to know that Zack's skin was bare of any pubic hair.  But, what really stayed with him was the smooth firm muscular butt.  He was struck with the irresistible desire to run his hands over each of the delicious mounds and to run his fingers gently through the crevasse.

Drew was full on hard now, there was no stopping that.  As quickly as he could, he sat down on the edge of the bed, his back to Zack.  Then, he yanked off his sweatpants and briefs and slipped under the covers.  He enjoyed the feeling of the cool air stirred by the cover as it slowly settled, and he felt the soft sheet fall gently to embrace his bare skin.  That brief pleasure passed quickly, however, and a panicky Drew then found himself with new dilemma.  He couldn't lie on his back, as that made his excitement painfully obvious, yet to lie on his side facing away from Zack seemed rude.  And still, to lie facing Zack seemed to Drew, I don't know, just a little too gay.  In the end, however, he settled on that as his best choice.

As Drew turned he found himself face-to-face with the most beautiful boy in school.  And, Zack's soft smile and twinkling eyes told him he hadn't made a mistake.  At first, Drew struggled to think of something to say.   But, after a moment, the feeling passed, and he felt himself smile back; a smooth natural smile that came with no effort.  He could feel Zack's soft breath on his face and enjoyed the fresh aroma.  He could feel the warmth of Zack's body under the sheet, just inches from his own.  Mostly, though, he felt Zack look deep into his soul and to accept everything he found there.  Drew sighed with contentment.

Without thought, his hand slid forwarded and encountered Zack's making its way toward him; their fingers intertwined.  And, as their hands came together, Drew, who couldn't imagine ever getting harder than he was right then, felt a new surge of blood enter his groin and felt the irresistible tingle that went with it.  Then, they both closed their eyes and brought their lips together at the same time as their bodies. They pressed together with both passion and gentleness.

The half hour that followed was a mixture of sights, smells, and tastes, but mostly of touches.  Zack and Drew embraced in all ways imaginable.  The heat of their bodies soon produced rivulets of sweat that made their bodies' slick and sheets became hopeless tangled about them.  Both mewled desperately in between ragged breaths.  Their lips only parted in order to taste and experience new body parts.  Each, in turn, reached their youthful crescendo; Zack's marked only by a passionate cry, Drew's by a few watery drops.  Then, after some soft laughs and a sustained hug, they fell completely asleep.

It was full morning when Zack woke, the sun already warming his bedroom.  He carefully untangled himself from Drew and from the bed cover.  Drew slept soundly; his breathing deep.  Zack was content just to lay there and watch.

He marveled at how well his plan had worked.  He was amazed that it was just two days ago in math class that he discovered his special power.  He was proud about how quickly he mastered it and admiring the cute boy lying nude beside him, he realized how lucky he was.  He had been trying to get close to Drew since last year, but seemed to make no progress.  Drew just didn't seem to be interested.  If he hadn't caught Drew looking at him in class, he might have just learned to live with the fact that his life was over.  And, it was in the desperation of that dark time that he stumbled upon his ability to control what other people said and did.  Well, at least to control what Drew said and did.

He had been trying hard to pay attention to Mr. Kaczynski, but he couldn't.; his mind was always on Drew.  It bothered Zack that Drew sat behind him and that he couldn't watch Drew the way he wanted to, but math was the only class he had with him.  He found himself thinking of Drew and imagining Drew, his head down, slowly rolling his pencil down the length of his desk.  He could even hear the pencil as it slowly rattled its way down and then was pushed back up.  He was so mesmerized that it wasn't until the sound stopped that he realized it had been happening at all.  Drew had been doing exactly what Zack had imagined him doing!  Zack sat up suddenly and shook his head to make sure he was really awake.  Then, without any thought, he spun around and looked at Drew.

Drew was sitting upright staring right back at Zack, and Zack knew why.  Controlling Drew's mind and getting him to roll the pencil back and forth must have made him think about Zack.  There was no other explanation!  Zack faced front again and pretended to listen to Mr. Kaczynski, but he just had to try again.  And so he again imagined Drew rolling the pencil on his desk.  And the sound, when it started, gave him chills.

Now Zack began to really plan.  He wondered about the extent of his powers; exactly how far could he make someone go.  The thought gave him a thrill.  What if he could make Drew like him, and what if he could make Drew come over to his house, and, what if he could make Drew take ALL his clothes off, AND...

Zack suddenly realized he had spoken out loud and that the other kids were snickering.  How much had he said?  Mr. Kaczynski seemed to think he was answering one of his questions, so maybe it was OK. Still, Zack could help himself and had to spin around to see Drew's reaction.  Drew looked pale and seemed upset, although he shrugged and tried to act casual.

And so Zack's special power, his ability to control minds, led him here.  Drew lay quietly beside him, still sound asleep.  Zack studied the beautiful boy and the beautiful body he had grown to know so well.  He still remembered the critical moment in bed last night when he used his power to get Drew to roll over and face him, and the moment he made Drew reach out and take Zack by the hand.  It was easy from there.  Wherever he imagined, Drew touched him, and whatever he wanted, Drew did.

Whatever doubts may have remained about Zack's power were gone.  The final piece of evidence was right in front of him.  He had been picturing Drew with an erection, and, when he pulled back the covers, there it was.  I mean, Zack always woke with one, but what were the chances that any other guy did?

At that moment Drew began to stir.  He seemed confused, at first, until he saw Zack smiling back at him.  He was surprised, and a bit embarrassed to be caught lying there naked and with his usual morning woody, to boot.  But seeing Zack lying there beside him, naked as well, and excited, as well; Drew couldn't think of a better way to start the day.  And, he knew his super power had done its work.